Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 9, 1948 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, September 9, 1948
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Make Plons Now to Attend Third District Livestock Show in Hope September 20-25-Six Full Days Our Daily Bread Sliced Thin by The Editor - Alex. H. Washburn Adult Classes WEATHER FORECAST *.., j Arkansas: Cloudiness, thtmdejf* /! showers in south portion Urn nftt-H noon. Cloudy tonight, Fiiday. Cooler in south, central portions this afternoon, tonight. Warmer in north portion Friday. 49TH YEAR: VOL. 49 — NO. 282 Stor of Hope 1899; Press 1927 eonsolidaicd January 18, 192V Proper Function of a Democracy Yesterday's announcement of an adult training course at Hope High School this school year represents a timely advance lor tile people of a democracy. Locally it might be "said to be the equivalent of the extension courses which the great universities otfcr by mail throughout the nation, or the technical courses which are provided by some well known correspondence schools. Like the university systems, the local program is paid lor largely by public funds— tree 10 ex-service men, but open to non- jCamiguin island as veterans for a small tuition fee. .deadly acidic ash Such lees are cnargcd by thc.Mt. Hibokhibok. national extension services, too. I The volcano has been erupting ' But the main point in this JKincc Sept. 1. and 30,000 of the lit- I development is thai the aduJt;tle- island's population already had 1 school idea represents a logical , been removed. extension of public services lor | Subsequently the eruption quiet- HOPE, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 1943 (AP)—Mcons Associated Press iNt'A)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. Manila. Sept. 0 — i/?| —An urgent radio appeal was broadcast tonight to all ships within call to remove ihe remaining 15,000 population from volcano - ravaged a shower of spewed from Berlin. Sept. 9 —(/Pi—- Russians Arkansas.' That was the attorney to I'd her. Friday. Yesterday the of a soli-governing i ec1 ' bl 't a new, acute emergency The radio appeal was broadcast developed today. 'Ji l .1 • the benefit people. The United Siaics was founded as a republic whose people , . . ... were supposed to keep inlormod ' °- v Arturo Alcaraz, Philippines about tneir government and its ! wca! 'icr bureau volcanologist, oficlials, which meant that the I , m , a , oai ' d a Philippines navy- people had to be able to read, paTU ' 01 boat off lhc island. H was heard here by globe wire- ana write and understand something of the abstract principles which form the pattern of a successful republic. This, in turn, meant that education had to be universal—and the founding fath-|' m 'a crs set up the initial machinery to make education universal and tree. In the economic tug of war which represents the lifetime of every man or woman it is not unusual for time to run out on a less. I The broadcast said: i "To all ships at sea: acute I emergency at Camiguin island, available boats needed for ass evacuation. Guinsilioan and Bmonc designated embarkation points. Binone top priority to ships. "Rain of acidic ash, probably! one of halogens, has occurred. <• "Order is being maintained." ! Guinsiliban and Binone Hasher inherits $30,000 From • Hot- Springs Woman Edmond. Okla., Sept. 0 —f/T) — Mrs. O. L. Dean, the reslaruant cook, was working her way through the noon hour rush of short orders when the lawyer walked up to her. "Arc you Mrs. Dean?" he asked. "That's me," said the harassed woman. "Well, in that case I think you've and Communist-controlled German inherited $30,000 in Hot Springs, police fired on Berlin anti-Communists tonight after the crowd stoned a jcepload of Russian soldiers just inside the Soviet sector. Part of a crowd of 200,000 Germans who took part in a massive anti-Communist demonstration just inside the British seeitor surged toward the Soviet area as the mass meeting ended. At the Brandenburg Gate, inside Soviet territory, the crowd attacked a jeep bearing five Russian soldiers, and stoned and beat its occupants. British sector police attempted to keep the crowd from entering the j Soviet zone, fearing incidents might provoke shooting. At least one German anti-Communist was seen to have been hit by the fire of the Russian sector German police. Associated Press photographers on the scene said they believed Russian military police who rushed up aimed their fire high in order Prize f or o Queen legacy was confirmed. Mrs. Dean, 39. is the sole heir of an adoptive mother she had not seen since she was a little girl of eight. The estate was left 2 1-2 years ago by Mrs. Crawford Priddy of Hot Springs, who legally adopted Mrs. Doan when she was two. Later she gave custody of the child to another couple. The two women wrote occasional letters, and it was through one j of these random notes that the ' estate attorneys traced Mrs. Dean to Edmond. And what is the heir going to do? She's going back to the restaurant stove tomorrow and start cooking short orders again. I fellow before he has had all the j _ formal education he wanted or • small towns on the southeast co'ast could absorb. That's where the ]of the island, which is' in the Min- adult education program becomes jdano sea only a dozen miles north effective—the answer to man's ot the big if land of Mindano constant thirst for information. } The halogens are a family of And it's a mighty good thing that j chemicals such as chlorine, bro-I we have this program available '.mine. Ilourinc and cvanogcii. I Alcarax several days earlier lhad warned of the possibility of right here in Hope. U. S. Can't .'Afford, Like GBS, To 'Drop Apparently Dead' By JAMES THRASHER The lung and generally pleasant relationship between George Bernard Shaw .and sonic of his American admirers Js in danger. For the distinguished Irish playwright has come out in favor of liver injections, Henry A. Wallace ana five o'clock shadow. The first of '.'these has got him in Dutch with the Vogetavian Party, just when it's trying lo ' get its first presidential candidate into the White. House. The second has irked the Democratic deadly gases from "the volcano. The acidic ashes presumably would create such gases. and Republican Parties, who also have candidates in the field. And .•the third 'has- not endeared nun Lander, Wyo., Sept. 9 —ivr-)— Gov Ben Laney of Arkansas doesn't know yei what he'll do about a proposed special session of the Ar- Dip- Kansas legislature to set up the slate as a railroad owner. . ., -- --- Laney, here to hunt antelope, to the razor people who sent the said last night in reply to qiics- bcarded Celt a sample ot their lions that he hadn't given any product and received, with his .refusal, some explicit comments on the utter senselessness o£ shaving. We should hate drastic happen. Americans have Shaw's books. Hundreds of thou- thought to suggestions that he call such a session. The legislators would be asked to authorize purchase of the idle IVIis- io see anything If 011 " and Arkansas railway, which Thousands ( ,f' nas been ordered abandoned by the enjoyed Mr Interstate Commerce Commission. . reds of thou- rho suggested procedure would be sands have enjoyed his plays. And' 10 lc '? sc the road to private inter- surcly millions have been delighted by the movies made from them. The pleasure was mutual, since all this brought the author a lot of American dollars. And few men of his distinction have ever owned up lo a more unabashed fondness for folding money. His three new endorsements arc further examples of Mr. Shaw's famous nonconformity and pcr- vcrscness. Those qualities even show up in his brief encounter with the liver injections. He wrote the Vegetarians' candidate for vice president that he tried some- injections 10 years ago to cure an attack of pernicious anemia. "Result— I dropped apparently dead twice," he reports, "and have not since had any injections." Yet Mr. Shaw hedges enough in this vegetarian message to gest that, at 92, he is beginnin to mellow a little and admit that there can be other ways of thinking and doing besides his own. He confesses "that he is still a practicing vegetarian. But he doesn't claim exceptionally good health, nor credit his long life ests for operation. The Arkansas governor said he would "look into" the matter and confer with members of the legislature. He added, however, ho wasn't "very strong on property ownership by the state." sorrowing to By CHARLES MALONY By EDWARD E. BOMAR Washington, Sept. 9—Idiomatic auhorities indicated growing concern today over possible early collapse of east-west negotiations for EI Berlin agreement. Although no official would comment on the status of the four- power talks, there were increasing signs that the Western powers look for the Kremlin to flash a red light on further parleys on the blockade dispute. Diplomats here speculated that Moscow may use the Communist- inspired disorders in the be leaguered German capital as an excuse for such a stop order. Secretary of State Marshall pointed up that possibility at news conference yesterday. to his diet. His forebefirs meat eaters, he says, and lived a long time, too. As a practicing socialist, Continued on page two \Vashington, Sept. 9 —Oil- rowers may find it tougher .money from the banks'as the ,_ sug- | suit of a new federal reserve board action aimed at cutting down on inllationary lending. At least FRB officials hope so. Yesterday, in an effort to make lending funds scarcer, they ordered their member banks across the nation to put another Sl.ilOO.OUO.OOU into reserve vaults— at it. Marshal! charged that the lin city hall demonstrations and kidnpaing of Western sector policemen were aimed, at least in part, at disrupting the week-long parleys by the four military governors. He said specifically that Communist elements outside of Germany had a leading role in inciting the riotous acts. The current disturbances, plus other Soviet unity-hampering tic- lics, have deepened -supsicion among diplomatic authorities here that the Kremlin has decided to wind up with a loud "no" the negotiations over uniform currency and the Berlin siege. This, in effect, would serve as fresh notice that Russia is as determined as ever to force the United States, Britain, and France out of the German capital. Reports from Moscow last night indicated there will be no further talks there for the time being on the Berlin crisis if the foreign minister council meets Friday in Paris to discuss disposition of Italy's pre-war colonies. I The United States has agreed to Bor- I the council meeting, making clear, to get ! however, that it feels such talks .. j Continued on page two to disperse the demonstrators. I By EDWIN SHANKE Berln. Sept. 9 — i.?) —Russian fighter planes stunted and djived high above the American sector of Berlin today, leaving vapor trails reminiscent of the war days. The Russians broke no regulations, but excited the German population in jthis jittery four-power city. The maneuvers, duly announced in advance, were staged against a somber background of big power tension. The Soviet commandant in Berlin, Maj. Gen. Alexander Kotikov, had just told the Americans "not to interfere in matters which don't concern them." This was the Russian answer to a protest by the American comman d a n t, Col.' Frank Howley. against an inva- jsion of American offices in the city hall Monday in which 19 western sector police were carted off. The Russians also have turned down a French demand for the rc- i lease of another 19 western sector his |police who were kidnaped :>y So- jviet sector police Wednesday f, The Third District Queen's Contest was Rodeo officially Ber- ] morning . while traveling r-n a -i- a Russian safe-conduct guarantee. closed September G, with a total ol sixteen entries. The following local young ladies have entered and are being sponsored by the civic organizations: Miss Arthadale Hefner, Lion's Club; Miss Melba Jo Kimberly, Kiwanis Club; Miss Mary Lou Moore. Rotary Club; Miss Betty Lou Roberts, American Legion'; Miss Patsy Jo Roberts, W.O.W.; Miss Peggy Marie Pentecost, V.F.W. The contestants, along with ten o'iier girls, representing seventeen counties ot the third district, will compete September 20 through the 23rd, for the title of Rodeo Queen, and for the above pictured horse and western equipment. The winner of this contest will represent the third district in the state show at Little Rock,. October 4. In addition to the first prize being offered, each contestant will be presented with three pair of 51 gauge, 15 denier nylon hose. The hose will be given by Hope merchants. A parade prize will be given each day for the most attractive contestant in her western costume and for the best looking horse and wstcrn outfit. .Local jewelers will present these parade prizes. Dozens of boosters from over the Third Livestock district will journey to Springs tomorrow to extend - an;A,i$ invitation lo Governor-elect ®d>, ""I McMath to attend opening of " ' ' district show here Monday, ~ All local persons planning join the caravan are asked meet at 12 noon on South Wa^ Street. Magnolia and IVxarka; boosters will join Ihe gipup h< while Mena. DcQueen and Na ville representatives will rjk_ them at the race track at -Bt8 Springs. Additional poisons \fflt join the group at Pie&cott Vi Gurdon. In all about 30 cailoads are- pcctcd to make the trip La\ trucks will transport about $Q Ja< ses. The parade will tormlafcV Spa race track and parfe?e Arlington Hotel where theyp>il greeted by Mayor Kix ang ^ McMath, who will be pre&e'n with a new hat, and a lea ingravcd schroll inviting hi the show. Mayor Lylo Broft' County Judge Fred A Lu take part in ceremonies,.' Everything .ban. been vvr?,a,« in order to give Hope football* plenty of lime to get ba ' for the football.game 1^ , to make the trip please C. A. Armitage at Hope i of Commerce by 10 a rn morning. Wti$, •££r .wEMCisti t is M V-ntirl b6MjjJ New Governor Atlanta, Sept. o — f/P)—Gov, M. E. Thompson conceded the (t^vernorshi-p of Georgia to KU- About 12 Russian Yak fighters H" Talmadge today, ending a roared over Berlin early in the day. Later there were two more- groups, one of five planes and one do "/'district a,?' Americ'n Zel r£i> u ' luary lnal gavc •'""maclgc a clou distiict. an Amenean icsi- |p 0pular lead ot 271,515 to 240,005 '""'and truggle for months ago. power °'n ' h ' .„ ga i'C that began is of • 20 div- dential section, stunting, ing and leaving vapor trails but remaining a't altitudes of from 25.000 to 30,000. This an American spokesman said, was not a violation of four-power flight regulations, which apply only to flights of 10,000 feet or loss. The Allies said nothing unusual, thus far, had occurred in the air lift corridors to interfere with the massive Allied program to supply the blockaded city. The U. S. Spokesman, Lt. Col. B. E. Stcadman of the U. S. Military government's armed forces division, added: "However, I can understand the Berliners' interest, especially over the vapor trails. They know those well from the days of wartime- bombing." Danish naval authorities in Copenhagen reoorted that at leas; 50 Soviet planes violated Danish territory today in flights off Born- Continued on page two were where borrowers can't they That Man May Soon Travel to Work in Jet-Propelled Buses Is News for SFROTHs But the officials are not highly optimistic. They said the banks, lor the most part, can raise those extra reserve' funds by selling government bonds, leaving other lend-j on jet-propelled able assets intact. -While there is no guarantee tUyt the banks will tighten up on lend- in-, officials said they probably will do so a little, at least for psychological reasons. By inducing banks to lend less, tile F1!B hoped to put a damper on buying and thus relieve some of the upward pressures on prices. . . Its new action, using anti-infla- Four i tionaiy power voted by the special of congress a month ago. raised tin- amount of moiu-y banks , rl 1T -, , ... . ,, . . , • "'U:;l have in reserve bv'an acl- The United States. LriUnn. and ; ditional two per cent on'checking accounts anil 1 1-2 per cent on savings deposits. As a result: 1. New York ami Chicago bank.s must keep as nnn-leniUtbk- re- per eeiii of their check-/ -- or Russia Seeks Meet of Ministers Paris, Sept. 9 — l-Vi— Kussia posed today that the. I'.ig lorcign ministers meet here tornor-1 session row to discuss the future of former ' Italian colonies. France have accepted the eall for the meeting, and Frencli oiuciah 1 said it actually may .start tumor- 1OW. British Foreign .Secretary Ernest Bevin and Uusuan iMiieiiin Minister V. iVI. iVIoiotuv both eoald reach Paris by air in time. Secretary of State Marshal! could hardly get here in time-, but ):; might tieputr/.e Ambassador Jetlerson Cal'fery or Ambassador Lev, :.s \y. By HAL BOYLE New York —</P) —The possibility that man soon will travel to work buses is great news for all "sfroths." Are you a si roth? Sl'rolhs are members of the "Society for the Return of the Horse." It's an unofficial nrgani/.ation, but there are thousands of us, and more every year—people who 'relieve man's greatest moral mistake was abandoning his age-old friend, the horse, for that treacherous ally, the machine. The prospect of jet-propelled buses was announced the other day by Sidney II. Binghiim of the New York City board of transportation, an expert on traffic problems, li is therefore no idle dream. It sound.-, mure like a nightmare'. Presumably the bi'.se.s will be equipped with maxim silencers before being put :nlo .service. as tin:- jet-propelleU airplaoe ot to'iay -s Ihe .-kv \vilh the Jlers a rh:s!er ol' je'.- a rolling I'nunderbolt. about us. Why do more and more people yearn tor pensions and p'ot their lives so early'.' Because they they can can't retire stand a county unit vote margin of olB to 86. This was from 1,399 of the^ state's 1,703 precincts. Talmadge, m e a n w h i le, was ready for a special legislative session to install him in office early in November, imincdialely after the general election. Thompson said he would cooperate with the plan if the state's attorney general ruled it was legal. "The people givcth, the people takelh away," Thompson added. "Blessed be the name of the pie." Staking his campagn on a fight against President Truman's civil rights program, Talmadge led from the beginning of the count in yesterday's primary. His county unit strength, traditional in Talmadge campaigns, seemed insurmountable. Only 200 units are needed to win under the poo- i Columbus. O., Sept. 9 —(XP) — The wju qf. ii^ter .Malloy, Ohio Bell Tclephone.'com'pany assl's'tant general manager, filed today in probate court carried a poetic lilt combined with some sage advice. Malloy who died unexpectedly last Tuesday at 65, made his wife, son, daughter and a neicc the principal beneficiaries. The total estate was not listed. Insurance came to $73,000. The will, in part: Preamble: My mind is sound, my heart beais true, And, realizing what I do, I take my trusty pen in hand So probate courts throughout the land May, after I have passed away And faced my God on judgement day, Know my desires, and see to it My will is carried out, to wit: The home is in my good wife's name And I request it stay the same, But she may do as she sees fit, 'Tis my advice, get rid of it And move into a co/y flat To cut expense; thal'se-ltlcs that. inauguration sought revenge son, with whom he the governorship for 07 days year. The first act opened with a death scene in December, 19-t(i. Eugene Talmadge, Herman's acid- tongued father whose magic with rural voters had elected him gov- Conlinued on page two he thought of riding to and from work in crowded, ear-shattering uncomfortable- machines. Today only hunger and their wives' tongues drive many men from their quiet homes to risk life, limb and peace ol mind on subway, bus or motor car. It wasn't thus in the good old days. A man walked to iii.s place of labor or rode behind a safe, friendly horse, and arrived fresh and eager ol spirit. What does a man do with the time he now S'lVes bv using fast modern hide:,? He uses it to go to ... doctor win is treating him for aniknov inripien'i nervous breakdown. with liecenly I rode in an elevator '.-.•|ii;.-e- joi-ki-y said tho vertical life i was ".(.-tting him down. I "U'hy don't they make elevators ! more liveable'. 1 " hee asked v.'ist-I system, similar to the national ^o" 1 ' 1 . s'^'ive my loving spouse electoral college. I " ol< ," le , '" ' Hl1 ' ' and and ''"«se For the 35-year-old Talmadge, a J, w ' ' lhat ' when I ve run my race, special legislative- session and M yl'"y and girl shall share- the quick inauguration would bring c ,, p V'',''' •„ , long sought revenge over Thump- : Should cither one desire to live contested for Iu ltlc llo 'ne place, then they must give Unto the other, what .seems fair. To purchase outright their half share. 1C I'm possessed of surplus cash, A strange thing though it may be, I^will my wife shall have it all For bills or doctor's fee; I give her title to all funds In savings or in check And a;;!-; that she pay all the debts So I'll be .square, by heck! Personal Estate: Now any other worldly goods That I have- laid away, Will turn up in the safety box And this is what 1 say: Miss Kansas Contest Czech Consul in U. S. Quits Post, Won't- Return Home Chicago Sept. y — (UPi—• The Chechoslovakian coii-sul at Chicago, Ladislav J. Krno announced last I My wife shall have the whole ct night that lie had resigned from tale his olfiee and will not rclurn to As long as she may live his native country. ! To spend, to hoard! to dissipate, Krno said he had expected lo be \ To share, to .save:, to recalled to Czechoslovakia, "where I probably would be accused u!' ve- jnon-i.'ornplKince with the present Ihe [government." The consul was i to have been dissatisfied tho Con imuni si-govern me ill's supervision of his olfiee. /ou Lo arrives. eminent. Robert aei;ng loreign m sit for this count) The U. S. Slate declared the propaganda i/.e on repor western i-,:wi Vue euloines. Bui came vesu The 'former ' ^ L'i'itrea imcl Sum j'ica. BriU:in eonui i:ig the war and them. A united lion showed the Schedule for Draft Funeral Services for Mrs. McClam Set for Friday Funeral service;: lor Mrs. Will MeClain, <;H. who died Wednesday morning will be held Friday morn- at ten o'clock at Hop-,-' <Jos!vl T;.ben:.-H-!. with the KeveleiKl if l':".il Holdridue in chai-i'e Buri,"! W'M be in the K,,se 11,11 remote,y. Mrs. fvleCh.'in was a nu-n.-'jer of the Hope Go.vn.'l Talr-rnade. fur the past several years. She i>; survived by two daughters. Mrs Putin:,n of H.-r, v . f\|,-. s ('. J. Spi-;.id!in of Ki!:;oi.-. 'JYx;;. sm.s. Fred anil William o[ 01 \\. j But when death's angel beckons ; her l What ever may remain j Shall go unto my children ! In this manner. I'll explain: i fn equal par!:; to f'el'.y. John, j O)' should they not sn-vive. Apportion 'ni'Higol their children Who may yi l remain alive. I Of course there'll be other small I trinkets j That naturally -o to my boy, | Then:'s my watch and my ring, in ! fact everything By HARMAN W. NICHOLS Atlantic City, N;..J. Sept. 0 (UP)— I'd sure' h'at»'"Vo -trade. ; '-slides with, the 11 judges who have to picK Miss America. There'd be a hung jury because I love 'cm all. Miss Alabama to Miss Wyoming, inclusive. Last night the kids hit the ramp at Convention Hall in the preliminary skirmishes v/hich will wind up on Saturday night with a new Miss A. There's a pot o£ gold at the end of the rainbow, too. Scholarships, a new car and a lot jpore prestige than you get from naming Mrs. Gush-Gush on a radio giveaway program. Even pageant-wise Bob Russell, the curly-haired old master of many a ceremony of these things, was wearing a set of goose pimples in front of' 0700 people. Bob's the kind of a guy who wants to tell the people every contestant is wondertul. He put in a jull evening. One was just as wonderful as the next. — in Bob's book and everybody else's. First they had the preliminaries of the swim suit contest. of the swim suit contest. The girl:; walked flown a rmn> that reminded the bald-headed set ol a night t>nt at Ihe burlesque. And then — with the judges on (he spot — the announcement at t he- press tables of the winner, Miss Kansas. As if I didn't warn 'ern she'd win a couple days ago. Miss Kansas, Vera J. Ralston of Wichita, a light-brownettc with blue green eyes, 3V bust and size Continued on page two -- o -Dove Season to Open Noon Friday Game Warden Earl Barham to- j day announced that Dove; Season will officially open at 12 o'clock noon, 1'Yiday, Septenibi-r 10. and warned hunters that the bag limit is 10 birds. Squirrel season does not open until October 1, and continues three months, to January 1, 1U49. Another Tennessee Attorney Quits High Post nphio, Tonn.. Sept. 9 — MV~ in W. O'Hearn, assistant i't Attorney General for two , announced his re;>ignaiion rday to enter private law ice 1 . He .said lie ha'l been con- ng the move at least six is am! said it was not con- fl '.vilh tlji' ri'coni announce- by ))ist. Any. \Vill Gerber, L'.id he would" ruiig:i before r^ ,0 n- . $rt DeGoyllists^? Ask *& Paris, Sept, 9 — (/?)•lists .demanded today a t the French constitution price- for support of a eabj Korvative Hoanri Qu;uiUc(fi form. : • ' The followers bt'Gcn Gaulle, -the wartime- Fiee leader and first provisional '•p dent, after' the. G'-imans chas«d out,,'ate rightists Paul ' l-ordyce Mem Takes Over Hope Beverage Co. A. 1. Page, a resident of Fordyce. has taken over the Hope H. verage C'o. here aiul will oper- <>'<• it pel sonal'y. Mr. Piige will move to Hope y. ilii his wife and 3-year-oia d.mghter, Martha Jet::-., ill :.i fv-.v t.K'a*J\..„.„.,... ., aww . HW , slsied on (flections next <i<uiuu the council of. the republic, the „.«,- cand French charnboi, ,•• -' He and other Do GnuUi«4 talke-TS with Qucuillo last night. He gaMS;t® no detail of the exact changes Di^ti Gaulle want in the charter, but ths'-i* general has said, often the chief ex.- 1$ ccutivo must have more power.- M Queuille is trying to form the 14th <i French cabinet since thp war. KQ- <§ bert - Schuman's government re-<% signed Tuesday after 04 hours iiaj office. - ' ', ,i Queuille immediately ran'into-j Socialist opposition when he iiv- -< formed them of Do Gnnllist de-i'™^ mands. He has said ho cannot forca >: a, cabinet without Socialist support ,\ He scheduled anothei meeting wlfll i Socialists later in the day and prQ- ' bably will tell Prcwdf-nl VniceK* r: Auriol afterwards whether ttt, ' thinks he can form a stable govern* 4 ' ment, excluding Communists. ; At an early morning ne\\:, cor- ,; fercntx- after consultations with " liadtcul Socialist . p.irtv leaders, > ueuille declared that the evei- r ' moiintini! inflation and othoi fjnan- cial problems were, the giavcst fac- • ing the nation. i "The financial Mtmtion," he J said, "is such that it makoa neccs- : sary a quick vote on financial law? t capable of maintainin < the valuo >* of money. They must bt! voted with* t . out. delay." , A ' Almost as he spoke the dollar-,, . reached an all-time- high of 400" * francs on the black market a* J Frenchnien tried to put their irion- -^ ey in a stable currency •>; Strike May *j Leave Many ^, j Cold Homes *i Washinnlon. Sept 9 — (UP) r~«j Governinent fuel o.peiti. said to-V <lay then- may be nt<mv colci*^ homes acro:;s the nation this wm» * ter if the West Coa,t oil stiike"; ; lasts another two uctl-b 01 longer. ^ , • They Kind the- r.i* day old stritej * at five hn»e West Ct ast le-fmetiss ; already has cut deitilv into f^os,*). "' line supplie.; and fuel oil piot}ue-< i lion. "i By Fri'.l;iy. they sutd thy West' i Coa;;', will have tu s 1 irt imptittjn? ': supplies for both mil nry and cf vilian use from ;il|i n-j\ [i^iij SUI^ *; plies of East and Cult Coast ie~ ' finerieLi. ' And in another two weeks achied. the fuel situation v>il critii-iil. ! expec'e;! nrotJuiMton th.ough >ut flii -5 tii.-.n niU-qua'.e- to rn t_t h<it\i.st s?a-,** ;so.'i flen-jai'il-i for n oli'u niid tl^a •; ;luel ol! demands of un*i_r '• I'o'.ri'leum <-:-:;>i.-r(: ] iiu -uul it is • liiKp-.s^iiik- at this t !"„ to i^timal* ' ! iu:.' how rr.uch il;e Wu-.t Cuait w^l ; bo, ioreed to draw honi Edit an*1 ! Gulf .supplies t-houia the »irii•> j Continue. ,; i The s'lU'.-'; jjl-'in' if count f o > '; ininr;- thai) i-.alf of the Wi—t Cua^i : j The bulk of iv. !iUi!\ aviato >S : mainline: te-r ihipm i' ibi'-'i 55. i manufactured on tl We.,1 Coast H l<-s aro son-.e oibt-i mi i'try lu^t • !o:!s I-..'!.;! ;.'a.-:o!J;ies. Mai^ Ui« 3(? Slip j i-r.es ciiin-.cjl be e'vntu'on Hip i«iiv» ; '. : i>r jiyri novv may ! a\t tu b? i .clr.i.v, from Ka.-st and Gult COC«* ; Ire-fincries.

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