Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 8, 1948 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, September 8, 1948
Page 3
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fV/ednesday, September 0, 1948 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Phone 1268 or 1269 Between 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. *-" Social Calendar (Wednesday, September 8 vThc Girl Scout Community Com- IrniUuc will meet Wednesday al 1U . in the City Hall. •Wednesday, September 8 I There will be a Bible Study at •the First Presbyterian church to- jnight. at 7: HO o'clock. Everyone lis urged to attend. .ursday, September S The Biifine.ss and I-'rofc:;.sinn;i] Women's Club will meet Thursday, Soptrjinbor !) at 7 p.m. at Hie Hotel Barlow. All members are Urged to be present. tars. W. W. Duckctt Entertains Circle 1 frirst Christian Church . Mrs. W. W. DuckcU was hostess to members of Circle 1 of the Women's Council of the First Chris- jian church, Monday afternoon al .",„" ) with Mrs. Fred Yocom co- ll'ostess. The meeting was called to order by the chairman, Mrs. W. L. Carter who presided over the business session. Mrs. Elm or Anderson, proijram chairman, presented a very interesting program. Mrs. W. 1'. Hal-degree gave the devotional and others on the program were Mrs. Ernest Graham and Mrs. George Dodds. The meeting closed with the Missionary Benediction. .'he hostess served a delightful dessert plate to fourteen members. Circle ?., Women's Council First Christian Church Meets Circle Two of the Women's Council of the First Christian church met at the Fellowship Hall of the church Monday afternoon at 3:30. for the regular monthly meetin::. Mrs. George Wright, vice president, called the meeting to order and presided over the short busi- incss session, SwTrs. C'lino Kranky. program chairman presented Mrs. Robert Kider. who gave a very interesting devotional. Mrs. Carl Smith gave a short talk on Courage and Change by Carl W. Rabson. Mrs. Franks concluded U 1(J program with a tall: on ".Baptism in China". Mrs. George Wriuht served templing refreshments to eleven members. Coming and Going "Mrs. Virgil Hall. Mrs. Arther I Baker, Mrs. Claudia Pratt of IStamps. and Mrs. Ida Andrews of ISipe Springs, Texas were guests lot Mrs. E. J. Raker Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Homer I Ball ay silent the Labor [days with his parents I Mrs. Henry W. Taylor. Taylor of Day holi- Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Haworth land sons. Robert and Charles, re- Iturned Sunday from a ten day visit ijr Galveslon. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Walker and daughters, Judy and Carol, of Pine Bluff, left Wednesday after a visit with Mrs. Walker's parents Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Jones. •.;. Busier Rogers and Fred Rus- S.ell, Jr. left Tuesday night for Pampa, Texas, where they are employed, after spending Labor Day holidays with relatives here. jjss Beryl Henry _has returned iiom a weeks business trip in Dallas. Melvin Thrash has returned liom a vacation visit in War- rt n, Arkansas where, he was guest of Mr. and Mrs. Dowcy Self. ITCHING, STINGING MISERY OF HERE'S WHY Mtxsana gives ainazinj; relief through 'Sorb- Shicld action, which helps ahsorh irritating excess moisture, then forms shield on skin •ag.UHSt painful rubbing. Mtxsana, the orig- iiml bc,il tioii'ilcr, is medicinally textured for long-clinging smoothness, to give you |pnf;-!a5tinp; comfort. Checks burning torment of heat rash, chafe, prickly heat. Grand for baby's tender skin, helps prevent diaper jasU. Costs little. Tor all the family buy MEDICATED POWDER Hospital Notes Branch Admitted: Miss Noliie Mac Browning, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. Frank Yarbron,i;h. Hope Mrs. II. U. Wilson. Little J-Iock. Josephine Mr. and Mi's. J. D. Gardner. KHI-l E. Hrrl St., Hope announce the arrival of a dauyhter on Se;.'t. 7. Admitted: D. C. Rogers. Hope. Mrs. J. b. Gardner, Hope. Julia Chester Admitted: Carolyn McKi:;saf:k, Ut. 1. Rosston. J. E. Underwood, Hope. Discharged: Donnie Lloyd, m. ;j. Hope. Reginald Boarden, I.-'.lDorudo. Anne Jeffreys Seeking Divorce From Hubby Detroit. .Sept. !! ~-i/)v~The ing Michigan skirmish between Kend DeiiiocTa;* forecast presidential Holy Grove fo Ho3«S Sen/sees Sunday P. M. Holly Grove Methodist Church will hold afternoon services at 3 o'clofk Sunday, (he Kev. C. V. Mashburn announced. The public is invited to attend Sunday School at the hour announced by Die superintendent, Mrs. Maude Elliott. Children Should he Immunized as Protection Against Disease BY EDWIN P. 'JORDAN, M. D. Written for NEA Service The advice of the physician who takes cure of the; child" from birth should be followed when it comes to giving protective vaccinations or inoculations against infectious diseases. Vaccination against smallpox is essential, and is usually given within three months after birth, After this vaccination fwhich should be and almost always is a "lake" at. that age), immuni/.alion ••gainst diphtheria and whooping cough is usually desirable. These are most often r;iven between (i and !) months old. The inoculation against diphtheria consists of a "ioxoid" which protects the child against diphtheria for several years. Whether this protection is still good e;-,-, 1 JL ' checked by a Snick 'test of the skin at or about the time of. entering school. Can be Combined The injections against \vhoopin,'.; cough can be Riven about the stme lime and sometimes can even be combined with the diphtheria" injections. Injections against tetanus, or lockjaw, can also be combined with the diphtheria "lox- oid." Between the a-res of 1 and 2. the possibility ol inoculating streptococcus toxin, in order to build up immunity a;;ainst scarlet fever, should be studied. This is the only one of the inoculations which may produce painful reactions. Some hesitate because of that. Sometimes other inoculations arc considered. Among these is typhoid fever, which is a disease usually contracted from contaminated water, milk, fruits, or vegetables. If the child is going to some part of the world whore the sanitation is poor, these inoculations, too, should be taken. , today a hot-worded campaign. PM-.'iidenl Truman and Ffarold K. Slasscn. a substitute GOP opponent, handed out some tough political talk ;u (he.j r "kickoff speeches in this industrial heart ol Aimvica. Batting f,jr Gov. Thomas E. I.'ewey. the Republican nominee. hta.ssi.-n Ured a salvo of critical words at Mi-. Truman Jasi night Dowcy ap|)rovcd (he jibes in a telephone, call from Albany to Stass.-n here. The former Minnesota governor said the president had made "a record of failures'—failures at home and abroad." He called Mr. Truman "a complaining candidate" who used "an extreme demagogic appeal" and who was trying "to benefit polillli- eally bv deceiving labor." He said the president had followed Henry A. Wallace's economic theories, adding: "Wallace leilowcd those who had no laiin in America and the American people suffered an inflation. "With a record of little judgment and less faith." Stassen thundered, "He (the president) once again sets himself up as a prophet ol dc;orn and allcmpts lo arouse in America an unreasoning, nameless Icar of future depression, unemployment and chaos if he is not returned lo office. 1 ' Slassen was answering seme pretty blunt language used about the HepuHicaiis by Mr. Truman in Labor Labor Day appearances in Michigan and Ohio. Slassen said Mr. Truman had set oil mlliilion by removing controls Ihe president has been talkin" j about "Republican high prices." ° I Mr. Truman told labor that it had better watch out for more re- strielion:! if the Republicans are , elected. Slassen said labor hn-, jdone better under the Tuft-Hartley j/H't than under Mr. Truman's po- | licies. Stassen charged thai Mr. Truman's agreement;; with the Rtis- isians at Polsdam had proved "a ' colossal failure for the United j States." He complained that Mr. Truman failed to take Senator Arthur VaiKlonberg i R-Mich) along to i that .meeting. i Vadclcnberg—praised by Mr. 'Truman at Grand Rapids 'as "my 1 good friend"—got into tho fray | via a telegram read at the Stassen meeting bv Senator Home gtison (R-Mich). Vandenberg said: "I deeply believe victory is necessary next Novem- l 'jer for the sake of American Eta- San Francisco. Sept. 7 — f/T) — [Movie Actress Anne Jelfivys says ;'ner marriage in HMfi to air force! |C;;pt. Joseph i;. Serena. ;',•!. • Yvn.sh'ngton. D. C.. was never con- jsummated, and she wanted an annulment. : In a suit filed in superior cnur! j ; yes'erday. the 1'fi-year-old actress I !i-|iargeri Serena with fraud by re-1 fr.sal to perform his marital obligations. The suit said they wore ! separated May 10. !!>-i;i, two nontbs after the marriage. Season _DOROTHY DIX Cultivaiing Charm Page Thre« Tit- ow can a wo- attraetive per- Tic kefs Now on Sale th on Bobcat sale and Season tickets to home games are no should be purchas-'d before /lame- time Friday. Gate admission to tho (i homes- games will be $(1. Season tickets will sell for SS.iiO. They are now on sale at Jack's ftewssland, .Kirs I National and Citizens banks. Hoy Anderson's office. Slewart's Jewelry and at the High School. Actress Seeks Annulment 1 of Marriage Los '\ngelc-s. Kept. !i — (/T)-- Former Actress Lita Grey, onetime wife of Charles Chaplin, is suing to divorce her third husband, Arthur F. Das-, Jr., 33, an aircraft technician. In her suit filed yesterday, Miss Grey charged cruelty. She' asked that day be given the custody of their son, Robert, seven. Miss Grey, now a night club singer on lour in the Midwest, is the mother of Chaplin's sons. Charles, Jr., 23, and Sidney, 22. She and Chaplin were divorced more than 20 years ago. r Miss Dix: man cultivate an 1 sonalily'.' A GtHL Answer: To acquire a pleasing personality that will make her perrona grata wherever she goes, a woman must begin by making horst-lf as easy en the eyes as possible. ,She need not be a beauty. I'll 1 - she must, always be good- looking, which is to say, well- dressed and well-groomed. Clollies are the homelv woman's salvation, for. like the'mantel of chanty, they cover a multitude of sins in the way of physical blemishes and defects. If a woman has a iMetiy frock and a becoming hat. nobody notices the color of her hair or her complexion. Next, the woman who wishes to develop a pleasing personality must acquire a friendly manner. She must, wear the smile that won't come off. She must show interest in other people and she must loan, to listen sympathetically u-hile they tell her about their babies. their baby-sitters, their servants, and their aches and pains and surgical operations. She mustn't be afraid to show people that she likes them and enjoys them. We all are instinctively drawn to those who show that they admire us. prone to make sarcastic speeches. The woman who is sweet and Jfriendly and cordial is always popular, and any woman can be that. Steps to Wee Hours of Morning Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Sept. !I — i/iv— Princess Mavgaret danced into the wee hours (his •-no! ning at an Amsterdam nil/lit eluij. Her partners included Prince I Bernhard, consort of Queen Juliana: Prince Aschwin, iiis (brother: Crown Prince Olav of i Norway and Crown Prince Jean of Luxembourg. The royal party. which went dancing after a stale concert on happy Pleasant Remarks 'J. he woman who wishes to be popular must be amiable and good-natured and given to saying only pleasant things to people. Nobody likes a woman who is sour-faced and malicious . and Doar Miss Dix: I am engaged to marry a doctor, and i" love him clearly, but I cannot stand the thought of women going to his office. I always have heard that women are attracted particularly to doctors and this thought is on my mind constantly. Do you think I would be j married to this man? I MATILDA H. | Answer: I certainly don't. I | don't think you wotild be happy married to any man if you are going to be filled with jealousy and suspicion of every woman he meets and with whom he has business. More than that, you will ruin the life and wreck the career of the doctor if you marry him. Instead of trying to keep women out of his office, you should shoo them in, for on them depends your prosperity. Have gumption enough to realize that a doctor is in no more danger of having affairs than any other man. It is all in the man himself. If he wants to philander, he can find plenty of women, no matter what profession he follows. But, unless you can change your attitude toward your fiance's work, you had better break off the engagement, otherwise both of you will be perfectly miserable. (Released by The Bell Inc.) Syndicate, Virtually the Whole Globe Tremendous Upheaval By DcWITT Mnr-KENZIE mpheavnl which is going places. AP horcign Affairs Analyst However, we might not be Jar out ours is the (in concluding that the global polit- weird mixture of cal trend is towards a middle-of- This old world mell ; .M«-j)i>i for a humanity. I've jusi been studying headlines in the day's newspapers and most of the accounts point in the same d i r e c I i on. Everywhere forces of the "left" and of the "rigiil'' are at each others throats while unhappy "centrists" battle to keep the pendulum from swinging too far in cither direction. It, needs only a quick appraisal to make it clear that virtually the .the occasion of Queen .Juliana's on- ! llhronomcnt. included Princess Martha of Norwav. lobe Ibilities i the life at this critical of the nation. moment in If we lake the truth to the people I have no fear of the result." I In his telephone call to Stassen after the Jailer's speech, Dewey'on the air. commented on the eiilhusias.m of the crowd of 3,000 which only part" ly filled a 4.500 seat hall. "Walter Tibblas, radio man, had "warmed up" the crowd before Stassen went By Elswyth Thane Copyright by Elswylti Than-—. Distributed by NEA SERVICE, INC. Note: Dr. Jordan is unable to answer individual ciuestions from readers. However, each day he will answer one of the most frequently askcl questions in his column. QUESTION: Can anything be done for an oily sc.ilp. and falling hair? ANSWER: This is y,robab!y a condition of the scalp ci-llocl oily seborrhea. The oiline:;:; i.s Ireak-d by skin specialists \vilh i-jtion-; or ointments. If carefully followed, this treatment will probably delay the falling of the: Irur. Taxes—A Matter of Dimes ^Ml. Carmel, III. — i/i'i — M. T. Coiner's lax duplicate this year was marked "paid" —with 1.U10 dimes. Coiner explained h • mako.s ;i hobby of saving dimes just for Iiis taxes. THE STORY: Hilary Shonslonc, British secret agent, re-:,':lls lying wounded in the Indian desert beside a crashed plane, after completing a clangorous mission. lie remembers feeling a desperate need to return to England and Nuns Farthing, his famil, 1 '-; coun- | try house. (He doesn't know that j the house has been let and that i dreamy. 17-year-old Sabrina, whom he has never met, has adopted his old room and eagerly awaits his return.) Next Ihing Hilary is aware of, ho is !I;-CK in" London dropping in al his club. But no one seems conscious of his presence;. Hilary learns that his brother, George, has been culling in with Alice, Hilary's fiancee. He thinks it's all a dream until be overhears a report of his own death. Shocked al first. Hilary later decides to enjoy the situation', Next day he visits his mother's town house, learns about Nuns Farthing, evesdrops on a love scene between George and Alice. He goes lo Nuns farthing. Mrs. I'lllon, the housekeeper, lets him in. "So you've come back at last," she says Cjiiietly. involve:! in a tre- upheaval. It takes mendous social a great deal more study to enable one to hazard a guess as to where we arc headed. What set your correspondent off on this speculative line of thought was (lie ascension of the Netherlands lliume by Queen Juliana in place of her mother. Queen Will- belmiiiii. who abdicated because of Ihe weight of years after half a .century's reign, [t was a moving ceremony, in the presence; of European royalty — and it undoubtedly was surrounded by the deep respect and love ot the Dutch people as a whole for their royal house. Well now, how does Dutch royal;y (or any constitutional monarchy, for tha'. matter* fit into the dertook to bark at him in hi7o^ ^'ciui'f for^e. oi house because his presence there unn-sl ii "oelh'in • in outraged its common sense. "Let rich'Easl Inrlies some olwhid 4vh-u n i y u Ut , U "' Say wnnt compile severance from r-hirl, 1 ,-rr ""o y ° U S ?, w - ""•• molhcr country. That being so, chicled Aunt bffic, gathering Bella our suestion calls for a doublc- into her arms. "There's nothing barrelled answer there, you foolish girl! See, Ann- If the Dutch themselves want r? , : V !",. (as lho - v dnl a constitutional inon- I'rom the shelter of Auntie's 1 archy with a parliamentary sys- protective clasp, Bella gave scv- i to in. there is no clash with democ- eral more sharp, high-pitched | racy in in thai. Parliament rules, barks, and the study door opposite However, the time is rapidly pass- the stairs opened abruptly. ing when a nation can impose its "title, what on earth ails that | rule on people of another race, dratted dog?" demanded Father i Empires aie on their way out — from his Uiroshhold. land fast. Thus Queen Juliana "I can't think!" said Aunt Effie iconics to her throne al a .'nomenl apologetically, making ineffectual jwhen her empire is breaking up. Perhaps the Fast Indies may be- the-road set-up in which all winds will get a fair break. Ueweyto r m Albany, N. Gov. Thomas his campaign Sept. 20 with Moines, The Y., E. for a Iowa. Republican ve sines Sept. 8 — (/PI — Dowcy will open the presidency speech in DCS FEATURES —2 - 3:53 - 5:46 - 7:30 - 9:29 FILMED IN CINECOLOR "THE VIGILANTES RETURN" WITH • JON HALL ® M A RG A R ET L I N DS A Y • ANDY DEVI ME PLUS — NHWS — MARCH OF TIME XVI11 "1 can't see you Master Hilary, but 1 know you'n.' there. I've jell you horning ever since nifhl- fall." Mrs. Pilton closed the door and locked il a'-.ain, without once in his direction, and re- attempts to soothe Bella. "I was just coming clown from Sahrina's room, and Bella got some sort of fright. Our little invalid has gone off to sleep nicely, Alan, I'm sure sheMl be all right tomorrow." "That's good. But a man can't hear himself think." The study door closed again. What dreadful people, thought j Hilary, mounting the stairs. I can't i have this. They must go. I'll see to! that. " j He reali/ed that the dog Holla ! come part ol a Dutch coinmon- weallh of nations, but their days as colonies certainly are finished. That same thing can bo said of Britain. She herself has rocog- ni/.i-d the changing times and has- granted both India and Hurina Ilieir independence. She retains colonies, to be sure, but they will become independent in due course. Meantime, however, Britain herself likes her royal house, which thus far hasn't "prestnled wuul;! make it ridiculously "easv. I2' lv . ideological problem A few judicious appearances " at l Sc ; l ;! :ll! - Kl "'"Vernmenl. night — a few unaccountable oc- '. ()l L> ourj;e royalty and currences — a slight pollergeist atmosphere — they would go fast enough, and then Ihe " house .- . , , . -- , would be closed again, and he turned to her chair and look up her would be left in peace amour- his kmUing. "You'll find things just as own belongings, lo work out whatever lime -— endless time — would bring to him. •t il Ihe Hills w< Ml I; d Having conic to tho top of the first flighi, he found himself pausing before the closed door of the blue room — the best guest room —-the room Alice uhvay.- had wlien she came to visit. Obedient tci some irresistible necessity, careless of consetiuenci'S. he turned the knob noiseli's:,!;, A night-light bui'iu-' by the bed. where a asleep, her lashes pale cheeks, her Jinr i'. little drawn, her liL'htly f!o.-cd, at; tho slumber she was bes mehiidlike worry. He '.'null) ol lu-r, from Di termined chin to the and went in. or] (l u . (able girl-child lay dark ag-iin:-:t ;;olden 'brow.-; wide mouth ugh oven in t by sonic saw by the e si|ii;,re. de,-mall mound FEATURES — 2:33 - 4:00 - 6:44 - 8:43 The Howling Broadway ' Cyclone! MONA FREEMAN • EDWARD ARNOLD ings just as you left them upstairs." she added, her eyes on her busy needles. "Thank you. Mrs. 1'ilton." He lingered a moment hopefully. "Can't you hear me'.'" he ventured at last. She made no answer. A moment more he ;;lood looking al her Lent head, the small click ul her needles audible in the stillness. Well, she bad spoken to him. was semi-thing. She, out of all .•>irld. wa.s aware of him and lid llol rese:,l his presence, u-r Mendip breeding, re lull of gho.its, Ihev .<-sts. lie was able lo word, not. Kdlcd 1: still li'u- divi agging ;,! him ainl the liiint; .> \ery elo.-.c n under hi.; han I ihe dour into the ].anu.y and pats- ; above her bead, and Ihe iiamrai | ed ihiuugh ii mlo ihe dai keii> -d ; silk of her fair hair. ; i 'hmn,; M.,.MI ,,11 hi.-> u ;, v \<j ihe ; Ka:-,einaU ci, ;,iiot!u.-(i. and pus- [ ::'airs. v.ji,iiu-iug uack. I,.- sav, 1 :u-r .-e;-.-:ed by a deep euuienln u-nl hi: j ; ri.v I., eiesi- ihe panuy door idt- : had never kno-.vu before, hi hi..,-,:. 1 '• i ! > '" '""'I i!l| n- ever Ibe bed watching hi.-r breath ; ! A -' ' iL ' I'-aehed Uie dimly h'.'.hu-d ; come and go as she ;-!epl. lutmilely ': ; '''''II whi-i-,. ihe i.l;,ir.-j v.vie, a helnlc:-s she looked In liirn-"(ie- .' j mu!(iie-;,:'. L -d v.-o:i,an \vilh fluffy ' fe>i..;i i,-ss. iroubled. anj pitiuilly 1 : ^•' : -- > hair and umocenl blue eye-, : yeiing Sabrina, liie invalid, v.'ii'o i ! Wa.. e.il-,lie.; (li,V.-|l the tleOS. A : hi.d gl.lse ofl 10 sleei; .- I, nil.'. 1\'. .' i .-'"'-.d! Il.t dii.i' i.i.'i i-ii ahead u! KLI' ; In her sleep she stirred ' an-t i ; -('"t !'i;.ni, -ti it.-... If in i;ii- imdcile i)l • Moiled, and groped '.vilh n;u- l!n'u ' : thi.-^-ai p-. i I,,(ii: him. m a ii.ri.aa.j : hanil i..r Ins. v. lii-re it n...:t,-il en : "' ''.'•'• '.er leal ,..ark''.'v.. 'tiie jiillov. 1 as he bio I al.-.vi- h-r. . : ".'-3el!::. for ^, ..'dru-.s' sal'e. .'.b:.l Jncri duJou.-.! ••• he f,,lt ih,- v .-.,n,.:h I is UV cued Aiin! Kliie. i ,-i |;er cli!i;'.h:n lingers. fUit how I "Soul ii;j. vim ml:,.' i,,.'a.-i." L,ai..l I,-, ilhi-i- hunger nor fatigue ' 1'i.H evc-l 'ah i;.;ei]iL-.--::l i.lii:.;, ;mdi He iJ.eil b(-;.itii- Hi!- i/e'i. lie;' i .'ts'ji.iament.:! ii;:Uia,-!s :;!:..[ r. u u:e ' t To lie Continued.! i for her alist government. (II course royally and the extreme political left don't mix. We saw what hapiiened to young King Alihai of Horuania when Ihe Communists gained conlrol of his country. They ousted him. Here it may be said Dial a totalitarian party can be. quile as oppressive as an absolute monarch. However, both Ihe Netherlands and Hritain al htically close- lo Ihe middle-rjf-tiie- road. and liny iind no inconsistency in mainli.'iaing royal houses. J he same is true of most of the other consliuitional monarchies of Kurope today. The anlocrncies have been ditched. This tieiiil among tl lioiird n,',na rchies naturally can't be lal--'.'n as conclusive ot what Ihe tuture- will jjroduee. The one tiling presidential nominee s campaign manager, Herbert Brownoll, Jr., said in 'announcing this today that Ihe address would be delivered at Drake Stadium. The subject matter of Dcwey's first speech was not disclosed. The New York governor will speak from f! to P,:30 p. ,m., Con tral Standard Time. The address will lie broadcast over the CBS and Mutual networks. Devvoy's campaign opener will take him into Iowa just two days after Mr. Truman's appearance at a farm outing near Dexter, Iowa. The president will make a major farm address there Sept. IS. Dowcy plans lo leave Albany for Dos Moines the evening of Sent. 19. ho will travel by train James C. Hagerty, Dcwey's press secretary. . said information on tho rest of the governor's itinerary might be announced later today or tomorrow. Indications arc that Dewey will continue to the West Coast. After West Coast appearances !ie is expected to make his way back across the country in easy stages, in which he probably will deliver a number of major addresses. Meanwhile the GOP candidate's campaign strategy on four top issues became apparent after Harold t,. Stassen's speech in Detroit last night assailing President Truman's record. The issues: Labor, high nriccs, communism and foreign policy In his Detroit address, Stassen sketched a Republican blueprint known to have had the advance approval of Dowcy. Friends of Dewev said he would nil in tho piculro during the campaign on each of the issues pointed up by the former governor of Minnesota. Herbert C. Hoover swept the border states and dipped into the South in lUL'K when he licked the late Alfred E. Smith. Republicans count tonnessee as a possibility Mis year because that state's Democratic primary exploded last month ni defeat of Boss K H Crump. If the- /] ! n ,.. ,„ ---- explosion damaged po- the tcnnessee Democratic party badly enough, Dewey would have a chance there. Virginia is a tra- ilicnally Democratic state in which the Republicans will put on a major campaign. FD.H carried Virginia against IJewey by a count of 242,000 to constitu- : 1-15,000 four years ago. But this time there will be four candidates on the Virginia presidential ballot: JruiiK'.n; Deivoy; J. Slroin Thurmond, Dixieerar. and Wallace Kidnapping Virginia from the Democratic rnaehiiu.- run by Son. .- shall - is that the of a social this simply great to relieve 'PERIODIC' with uncomfortable fuflness Are you troubk-el by dl-stn;S3 of fe- iiialu luucuuiu.t inonUity disturb- uiicijV Uor;; tills; make you suiter /roiii piilii. fi-i-1 K.J ncri-ous, ix-stlci,.'j, cr;iul;y, wc-^k-ai such Hir,L-aV Then lo try fanuias Lydia K. piukiirnn's \i'getubl-; Cuuiijouucl to rtlluvo fcut-r; ayiiiptuuiG ! In u I'L-ivt-iii im-iUcnl test tt proved J-fciuarfcublj- helpful to women troubled tii'.i vr.iy. You owe it 10 yuiirscl/ to try It. ^ Pinkluuu'.'j CtjiupuunU Is \vh:it iJOCtor.-; call 14 uu-rhit- tt-d.'itlve. Jt has u Ki'uud i-.uuthiti.', elieet on onri oj woman's ino±i im.:jo/-Ia/i!. onjizns. Tiikc-n retriilrirly—plnkluun'i; Compound helps build xip ro^i^Laiice UHulust Kllrh (ItsttCES. AlSO a lil'UUt btoinachio toutcl ^()Tl•:l Or »uu iiiny |,ref*r I.YDIA K. J'l.NKIlAM'b •I'AHJ.KJri wiilj a.ide.1 l,uu. Lydia E. l^iiikham's VEGETABLE COMPOUND County Health Unit The Garrclt Chapel Maternal and Child Health Conference will meet •it tho courthouse September 10 at 1:30 p.m. Dr. Lewis will be the examining physician. All expectant, mothers and children under six years of ago are invited to attend. Harry F. Byrd would appear to be impossible but for the fact that Byrd and his top politicos are no! enthusiastic over Mr. Truman. But if the Truman-Barkley ticket must carry Virginia to assure that Democratic candidates for local office ; shall win, too, it is likely that Mr [Truman will win the state, If not Mr. Truman is likely to lose it Crippled Children's Clinic The Diagnostic and Chock-tip Clinic will be held at the Methodist church in Texarkana on Sept, . 0 from 8 a.m. to 12 noon. Alt I children from Hempstend county j who have been invited to this clinic and who do not have trans- ; portation. please meet at the I Health Unit located in the courthouse. Transportation will be, furnushed to and from the clinic. Cemetery Working Plans have been made to clean the old Bright Star Cemetery on the Columbus road on Tuesda>, September 14. AH interested persons are asked to come and help. .M. September 9th Admission 30c and 60c HUSO DULY OVER (MOID STATION K W S H SNREVEPOBUH. M5 S 8-30 ».H. STARS OF RAOIOf STAGE fi RECORDS ROB8SON S Daytime casual at a definite.saving. Notice the new slant to a fall : fashion that's cute as a button, its only ornament. Skirt is straight in front, softly pleated in back. Rayon Calcutta in luggaqe, ted, bright green. Junior sizes 9 to 17. SADDLE 'CRAYON •^STRUTTER \ SKIRT 5.98 Just rhe skirt to go.with your blouses and sweaters to make o real costume. DONOVAN of Dallas buttons it to the side, puts one big patch pocket at the other side. In brown, navy, beige, or green. Sizes 22 to 32. We Give and Redeem Eagle Stamps GEO. W. ROBSSON & CO. "The Leading DepartmCT.v *'i v -x- ;/ HOPE NAs

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