Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 7, 1948 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 7, 1948
Page 6
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Poge Six HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKA May Spew Poison Gases Manila, Sept. G — (/T 1 ) — Rescue efforts on Cnmiginn island in the southern Philippines were spurred today by a warning thai fiery Mt. Hibokhibok—erupting lava for tho six h day—may spew poison gases. _,Thc? Philippine naval patrol to, rtighuin an urgent appeal for food 6ttd clothing estimated about 10.- OflO o( the population of some 4o 000 i-emaincd on Camiguin. The Others have fled by sea since tho vtileano rumbled to life Sept. 1 after 7 years of inactivity. Two ships left Manila laden with food and medicine for the refugees. The Philippine conslbulary reported five perr.ons buried " alive under the scalding ash and molten rock. A sixth escaped with severe burns. However, the government was warned of an ever greater menace to the Filipinos huddling under the sulphurous smoke on Camiguin's coast. Dr. H. Otley Beyer of the University of the Philippines said the volcano might soon generate deadly chlorine gas. Forecast for September: DRAFTY Israeli Source Says Arabs Fired on Settlement Jerusalem. Stlept. (j — (IP)— An of' ficial Israeli source said Arabs opened fire today on the Ramath Rachel settlement, adjacent to the newly demilitarized Red Cross zone at the south of Jerusalem. The Jewish settlement was reported attacked'with three inch mortars and light and heavy ma- ehinesun fire. No casualty was reported. Those born in 1922 after Aug. 30 register now Those born in 1923 register on either day Those born in ' 1924 register on z'lthsr day Those born in 1925 register on either day Those born in 1928 register on cither day Those born in 1929 register on either day j InToll coses, register between 8 AM and 5 PM TSitfso born in 1930, before Sept 30, register on tiitjer day Those born on or after Sept. 19, 1930 register within 5 days after 18th birthday STOMACH GAS k£j 30.8 R FOOD TflSTE ~K ACID INDIGESTION Do you feel bloated and mleerablo after every .meal, taste oour, bitter rood? If Hef Irom this nervous distress Eycrytime food enters the Ktomnch a vital gastric juice must flow normally to break-up certain food particles; else tha rood may ferment. Sour food, acid mm. fcsUon and gas frequently cause a mor- oiu, touchy, fretful, peevish, nervoua condition, loss of appetite, underweight, restless sleep, weakness. "i."*. Tp Bet real relief you must Increase the flow of this vital gastric Juice. Medical authorities, In Independent laboratory tests on human stomachs, have bv positive proof shown that SSS Tonic is amazingly effective In Increasing this flow when It Is too little or scanty due to a non-organic stomach disturbance This Is due to tho ESS Tonic formula which contains special and potent activating ingredients. Also, SSS Tonic helps build-up non- organic, weak, watery blood in nutrl- " tlona! nnomla—so with a good flow of this gastric digestive Juice, plus rich red- blood you should eat better, sleep better feel better, work better, play better. Avoid punishing yourself with overdoses of soda and other alkalizers to counteract sas and bloating when what you so dearly need is SSB Tonic to help you digest food for body strength and repair. Don't wait! Join the host of happy people 8SS Tonlo h'^ helped. Millions of bottles sold. Get a bottle of BBS Tonic from your drug store todav. 8SB Tonic helps Build Sturdy Health •» This calendar shows when registration for the draft will take place, and who must register on thos° dates. All men who have passed their 18th birthday, but not vet reached thrir 2Cth beKin reeh tl-auon on Aug. 30. Men in this country Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and S Virgin Sds X register, according, to President Truman's proclamation. Favors Placing Rights Issue on Ballot Little Rock, Scp! | gressman Brooks Ha •• >•• favois placing Pi hts Democratic ticket on the f il s general election ballot j n ! \, , nibti— "but not UK an in- ] M unic.nl of the Democratic party! 'il /) <\ in is." ' j I ih i- ttle Rock district repre- s ntitu, n sunportcr of President Truman and his Democratic parly i li rMjrs.5,.,-1 his feelings on the i in ci y sterday, after being iold 11 '''t have slates' rights op- pi il on lliutin < thai sneh opposition miy be for;hc'..ming was Amos Gutli- i ]i <1 UK m'M-r of the bor-"d ,,i r|j. ] rectors of the Arkansas Free Kn- 111 'I"" < md one of Hays' eo-del- | rites i.o the Arkansas 'Democratic ( i in nlion here Sept 93-2-1 f.uil 11 Ife, ;i Little Rock f'virni- i n t d( ilti. sairi ihe States Rights j Democrats would have a .slate of ni' dr Hi il electors on the No- fii neral election ballot. it is not beyond the realm 1 lily thai one of [hem may to run for Congress from tiict against the Trumrm- H iys ticket." Guthridgc BCQADCASTIM SYSTEM Mother of 2 usband :dded in statement. •o Wallace to Make Another Campaign in the South One Missing as Military Group Leaves for U. S. Wednesday, Wednesday meet at 2:30 Mrs. Harold Washington, Sept. G —(.I 3 )— Progressive party officials said today Henry A. Wallace will make another campaign excursion into the South this fall. • „,, ,, ,. ~~~~ rm m, • , „ ' The Methodist flic Third Party presidential ' at Ihc church at candidate will visit Texas in the course of a swing across the continent to the West Coast, it was said. Schedule for the trip Is still tentative. Although Wallace was pelted with rotten eggs and overripe tomatoes several times on his Southern swing last week, his advisers held Ihc Soulhern lour a success. Sept. 8 B.i'j;;e Club will iiio home oi October Hock. Three new choir :30 p. meet C. E. 14-1(3 in North Little members. Madams I Rome. N. Y., Scpl. G —M'i—One- man was missing when they called 'he roll of more than 2.lion'service I personnel, leaving Griflis Air base! today for Eu'-ope. j Rut (ho military police knew! ".'here to look. Acting on a I in ! ihev opened the trunk of an auto-! mobile, driven by a woman as it ! WPS leaving the depot, and ther-j tomict her husband— the missing man. • An officer at the air base said 'he enlisted man, whom lie de- "iiiud to identify, joined his buddies and Mi.rted on the trip over- Tuesday p.m., Sept. 7 5:00 Mei-l's Hecord Session— M Superman — M Adveniure ) J aradc— M Tom Mix— M Rhythm & Reason News. Fivx- 'Mar Final Gulf Sports Parade News Comment — M Fulton Lev.-":. Jr. Mysterious Traveler— M Official Detective— M .Billy Rt,Kc--i'I Gabriel Healler— M Mutual New«'-<>el — M Lone Wolf— M Bill Henry, News — M Roger Kilgore— M Billy Bishoji's Oreh — M All (he News-M Barclay Allen's Oreh — M Tony Pastor's Oreh — M Mutual News— M 5:15 5:30 5:45 (i:00 l>: 13 fi:L>5 6:30 (i:45 7:00 7:30 7.T). r > «:00 f>:15 11:30 Philadelphia. Sept. (i — (UPi — A young mother of two baby girls was held on a murder charge to- oay m the shooting of her sailor husband whom she suspected of molesting her teen-aged sister. i Mrs. Dorothy K. Reeves 20, ladmihed fatally shooting her hus- ibani.1. Leslie, 20, when "he eame ihomc at dawn yesterday after being out all night with her 18- year-old sister, icclivcs said. Reeves, a chief in air, look the girl the naval hospital Tuesday, September 7, 1948 Daughter of Actor Succumbs to Polio Los Angeles, Sept. G — i/I'l— Tin- daughter of Actor Reginald Dennv Mrs. Barbara Denny Simmons, :i2 became the 57th polliomyclitis vie-<._ lim to die in the curreiu Los An- " 'gcles county epidemic. i Mrs. Simmons, wile of .lames W. 'Simmon:;, airline publicist, died [yesterday at general hospital, whore she had been a patient lor two weeks. Mills, do pharmacist's to a movie at Saturday cve- When they failed to return night. Mrs. Reeves became jlhat worried. "I couldn't go to sleep," she said in a statement to detectives "f was convinced that Los was up tn his old tricks." She said she heard her band's car stop at the house yesterday morning. When .saw her sister "narrving shoes and straightening jtol range and attempted to attack I her. •[ fought him until he stopped," her statement said. Then, it continued, Reeves: bought a half-gallon jug of wine' and drove through city streets for about six hours during which time he continued attempts to molest her. , hus- earfy she her her gner. P. A. Escarrc m. There will he clioh pr,the Presbyterian churdi p.m. There will be. prayer scrvici the First Christian church at p.m. Bride of 4 Months Charged With Trying to Slay Husband Pine Bluff, Sept. G —(7!')— A 24- year-old woman today was charged with assault with intent to kill her husband of four months, former Pine Bluff night club operator Jack Oaks. Information accusing Mrs. Virginia Oaks of firing four shots at her 48-year-old husband early ycs- •erday was filed in municipal court by Prosecutor Carleton Harris. Her bond was set at $11.000 and hearing was scheduled for Sept. 22. Meanwhile, Oaks, who was struck in the chest. and an arm by two ntllcts., was remained in a serious condition. His physician, however, said Oaks is expected to survive. Police Chief Met Gallighcr yesterday quoted Mrs. Oaks as saying year theme is she had shot her husband during a| Mrs. Wat \V scuffle at their home. There will be a prayer sc;-v:c at the First Baptist eh'..iri.:h 7:30 p.m., choir practice at ii:15. : Gould Wilson were welcomed into i the union. 1 Mrs. Sam O. Logan, program chairman, gave an inspiring' talk on beiii;< co-worker with God. Fol> lowing this she explained Ihe five point program carried on by the Arkansas WCTU. | At the close uf the meeting the j hostesses served iced punch, sand. wiehcs and cake. AP Editor of Las Angefes Succumbs 0:00 0:30 !0:(KJ 10:15 10:30 10:55 11 -n f ' Wednesday a.m., Sept. 8 15:58 Sign on Hiilybilly Hoedown Bargain Rounriiij) News. First Edition Four Knights Market Reports Farm Breakfast Program Melody Boys The Devotional Hour Musical Clock News. Coffee Cup Edition Sunrise Serenade Boli Pooic's Show-— M According to the Record Cecil Brown— M Faith in On-.- Tip-..- _ :VT Say it With' MiVsi"c— M of Holland— M Passing Parade--M Victor H. Lindlar— M Hearl's Dcsirc—M Kate Smitu Speaks— M Kate Smith Sines— M U. S. Marine B::nd--M G:00 6:25 0:30 C:4(l 6:55 7:00 7: 15 7:30 7:45 7:55 8:00 B:30 8:55 9:00 9:15 9:.'iO ^ dicss. the statement continued. thought that what I feared all along had happened." She went upstairs to her bcd- ro.om. took a .32 caliber lugcr pistol from a bureau drawer and re turned to tho kitchen. She kept Die gun pointed at the kitchen floor, and when her husband op- eiied it. fired once at close range. I he bullet pierced Reeves' chest He died a half hour later at the np"al hospital. The couple's two children Jcanette, one and Beverly, three were asleep in an upstairs bedroom at the time of the shooting Mrs. Reeves broke down at a police station later. "I'm sorry I killed him," she cried. "I guess I should have given him a chance to explain out at the time I though only ot \vlnt had happened to my s'stcr " Miss Mills was taken to St. Agnes hospital where an examination showed that her sister'- fears were unfounded, detectives said A statement given by the girl to rle;ectives said that after the movie Reeves drove her t. o a pis- - "Saved my A God-send for GAS-HEARTBURN" When pxcrw stomach nrld ciHDcf pnhifuj pufTornN Inn BIW, flour stoni.'U'li uncl hrurtburii. ilnctun iMimlly i iirwcrllic tho fn.«ti»t-iirtliiK iMMllrliii'fl known [or tt'inntntmitlcmirf — RKfllrlnralllcrthuxRln Hi'll-an* TntiM.s. NM l.ixntlvo. I),-il-:inn hrlniiH cuinfnrtlii n Jlfly or return bnttlu ti) u;i lur ilmilile money Imrk. © BELL-ANS for Acid Indigestion 254 . . Wednesday p.m.. Sept. 8 Thursday, Sept. f) The wedding oi' Miss Marie Harrell and the Rev, James Edward Christie of Benton will ho soleiia!- I ized at 4:30 in the Fir.;l. Mel.h-jdisl church. A reception wil the home of f!ev. ana .vi Hozendorf. follow in ;. C. Ray The Woman's Christian Temperance Union hold the first meeting ot the year Thursdav, Sept. 2 at the home? of Mrs. D. !,. McHae Sr. Her asaisthig h:iile;;.sej were Madams C. If. 'Tnmpkins, S. T. White, Sr., R. B. iiardey and Viek Scott. The newly-elected president, Mrs. D. S. Jordan, presided. Officers and committee reports were heard. j Ti, T1 , . .,.,, „ .,-.••. .j...,-.. i nuaputu. wuere o.\ i ilie i-leasant Hill Home Demon- ^en resuscitation attempts failed slrauon Club met on the lawn of Joining the As;=ociatfd P-x^s'in Mr. and Mrs. Purifoy. August 27' 1 "-<2. Lindsley saw extensive «erv- : at 0:.it) p.m. for their recreational ' meeting. A picnic lunch was served to -Hi guests. Also present were Mr. and Mrs. Cap Dean and son Irom Texas who were visitin ; the home of Mr. and Mrs. j 'lyree. I After lunch an old fashioned spelling match started off the excitement of the evening after which- a large variety of games and other entertainment was enjoyed by all. g in Ira ice PS war correspondent in the Pacilic. He was in on the Marines invasion of two Jim a and Okinawa and later stationed in Tokyo. He was born in Chicago." Survivors include a brother Cmdr. Chester M. Lindslev, Patuxent. Md. o— 3:4.1 4 : 01) The program committee dislri- buted year books for 1 '.)•'!!-':.!. Th:: •Working Together.' - White was elected delegate to the state convention venence compartment, plenty w" ice cu-c:i, ir.i."o cold and dry-cold Servel Gas Refri The circle of the Woman's Auxiliary of the First Presbyterian church met Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the home of Mrs. T E. Logan with Mrs. Max Brvant co-hostess. Mr.;. Guss McCaskill, co-chairman, opened the meeting with prayer and presided over the bus] 111'SS Poles Disclose Split in Party Ranks l 1 al YRI-S.-UV. Sf 'l }1 - ° — 'UP) — The I olisn Communist party disclosed today ihnt a .split wiihin it.s r-. ln ks y.'as broader than the mere slrav- iru; of its secretary general lYoni the parly line. The Communists made public a )•)!)» resolution rl e alin.g with the ouster from the office of secretary ,$?' '^noii Buchanan gave Ihe j wncfaL^ vlcelSer ^T^ stuc,.> Jhc Prophets Point thef'" ( "r lor recovered territories Way' m an mspmng talk. She ! The government said he would ix" .u.,0 gave Ihc survey article ''The j tain his ministerial portfolios ^rogreV" "' ^ Pr °3™m of .n .oue ol the attempts to AH I-' make t.-,c course of Comrade Go- AHer Ine program there was an mulkn an accidental slipoiiv th exchange of gifts from the -Sun- furthci " sli:ne Basket. llhat if During the social hour the circle celebrated the birthday anniversary of Mrs. T. C. MeKae Jr. Airs. McRae was presented a b"au- i- - - -- !:''iil pink birthday cake V 'ith ! u ' a! ' d ;.',!ov.-ini_'. candles. Mrs. Bryant also j P i "' t J pinned a lovely .shoulder corsage of course of events prove 1'iiiiL u was not an isolated inei- jclent," the resolution said. the period of ihe Yugoslav Comrade Wicsknv C v. , "In crisis. j pressed a consiHntory (he Yugoslav attitude to- Communist pu;!: roses on Mrs. MeRae Happy Birthday was sung by as to the the lee cream and cake were s-r- veal to Mrs. McKae, Mrs. Vernon nuchanan, Mrs. Allen Gee Sr '" Tlie referem sion of the Y Marshal Tito Jn.'orm. rom the . Guss McCaskill, Mrs. W JiMiisber;:. Mrs. S. O. Losan Mi",' H. 1.!. Hartley, Mrs. ]). L. McRae' I •Sr, l\lrs K. L. Cass. Mrs. Menrv i Muore. Mrs Mary Muntiru-nery ] Mis. Tommy Grayson. Mrs. Toin llenns. Airs. D. L. McKae Jr I Airs. II. P. Hamby and Mrs V'' i K. White. ! Mr. and Mrs. Tliiirman Dewoorly n'-il :-on C;eur,4e have relumed to Ji-:lahoin:» Caller a visit with Mr! UK. Mi'j;. Tom Uewoociy, Itoule 'J.. News. Home M;irl;el Time .Son,;.' of the Day Pf/lka Interlude Farm Fair Checi;erboard Jamboree Queen for a Dav Golden Hcroe Chest—M Alo'.-io Matinee—M V,'(jod;>- ^ Virginia—M Carnival of Music Robert Hurleigh— M The Johnson Family—M Meet the Band Two-Ton Baker—M S'vii:;- Time here's to Veterans Men's Record Session—M Super man—M Advenlm-e Parade—M Tom ?-!ix—/,{ The Inside Story Nc\vs. Five-Star' Fin Gull' Spoils Parade News Comment—M FuKon Lewis. Jr. Special Agenl--i\I lligh Ad\- i :nuir l - ; —M GaiJKiU HeuiV: r—j\i Mutual NTewsi'L-el—H Erskin Johnson's Stor.\—M 15:11 Henry, .\eu-j—M ' Opinion Aire—M L i one I H.-i m :i [an —?.£ All ih.e News—Al Billy Bishop's Oreh.—M Tony Pastor's Oreh.—M. Mutual News—M Sign Off Over-Rich in Monuments Paris —(/IN— France has more historical monuments than she knows what to do \vMli. The Education IXIinh'try has classified 12 CM cathedra I.---, chateaux, etc. a's historical monuments. Many ers'v/liile rich Fn-nclm-.i-n now fallen upon hard times, have been oi'lerin;; ihe'r aneiini houses to tin; governmenl, v.'h;i-h has beei" liirmng them ckn.vn for lac!-: of them L;p. Let ouv experts look it over. We Guarantee DEPENDABLE SERVICE Mo tor 6:1)0 6. -I.) Ij : j.j 6:30 6:45 7 : HO 7. •.':.') Said a lady across the back fence "There's a way to avoid much expense. Buy your children the best Brand of shoes ... I suggest RED GOOSE 'cause they're built with good sense!" 11:00 By Dc.WITT MACKENZIE AI J Foreion Affairs Analyst d"i'l'i ii '' sons liavi' ri'turned fr.jm a vaca- Come i fcrent, sir system there no machinery to make IKVJC! it's the fa- ' !01 ' nlollu ' r ' Ml ' s - 11()1 ) Stev.-arl. niousServelGasHernge-a^or. ' : \j,,,., lll; | un U;ll .;' i: . ni)V ,, .,, !,„„„. i l"''i"ci''nV"h'.' ^ . , sons have returned from a v:ica-'"" v - one o! Ru:-;.,ia's bii; ihree an. 1 : \Ve.o, ,-., ,'..,,',„•",.'.••,(' ; ,.-'" -inr, yi.r ', C in today and dh>cov,r iho ruo <\ : ,t- • l!u " '" ( -''' ; "'^'voi\, Michigan. ^'.V'';.' 1 ';''. i!, 1 '^ 1 :') 1 '^ ; '\. l'" : ' K ''"''-' \ "ov vas a"bi'j..- :„,'.",,; the den'o! , simpler refrigerator. \\\ iui f:cci'.inn; :\l;ss l.oyee Stewart of Little chief "i'.i V.iaie /'''"' '' - '' '" ''-^ ' ( .'.' | ^ c jy' n '^ ^''^ ' '^ Al;ir:,h;.ll Plan n there are no moving par::; :o\v;-ar, I-'x.'ii \\-a.s ihc v.-eel; c-ntl ciu-Kt of : ^'iil;:i!'/\- i-,!!:; had been a puv/er-' ,\\[ .;,.,,...",.,,.,.',!,','' •'.,,',"' '"V,' ' '- ' ' ' ' d for frosh .'w.ii.i. £oc ilia -' i; ^ l^'ayc Ah-Kae has return- 1 ' '" Ul i"'' 1 ', ' ! '"' 11 - :;lj >' o'.iier dy- •.<•.',••..'.',,'-,'•.' iterator today. l ll "' , !u ''' ll "» ! >' "' '--iiili> Rod. afu-r ' V-^i'.'.^V t ." 1 ,'' : ' ;; i;L ' , lu ' Vl '.'' h:icl IKS:-',;,.,. a visit \vilh Mrs. Macy M<inl.'.oin- • „'.)•• , "-;}•""'': <i-"^.- ; ie pn>jH,;Mls : . M ,i I: .., r .i ,.„,.-_-,, i ' i h- ; ' caiver Such w:::- iiis a'ivlL-e in i' v "',,, ,'i!.. ^^ji^'^'"'!lk ' .. ^ lr - ;""} ;v - i ' s - 1Ii ; )il '- v . n -'v;" v . •";"•"' lau'i'M" \^l>'^' p, 1 ;.^ 1 ,''.. "'I-,'?,:!; "'"- i: " ! ' ^f^c;.i"J'!-ir4:-' : .»i"AV?. :'-•',--'.!.-'" ' ''' ' u '" 1 ' lri :! ^' >'"-i i'-^l'.v. At, re ,':s:.vnn; ; - 'i,,',' ''' L W^&*-%*^^i r /:1S ,, hl - s '-',': >Ii; U 'I''"''''.!.;; "f '!"• -- ' X'-.d::,,.- '$jtijjj^?\ y &-^ . iUi - '•'• |i '' n-'va s-.as reusrn,-d:';;;;'I'" 1 ;,,; 1 ',";:"";,..'•,:; (1 ';L, ^'i'/: 1 ';' 1 ": 1 " ! '- ; |ffell|f;Wl| t $$? ,-^k:iV- \^ E"?, 1, x!j >'ii>"^) As shown in Sizes 121- to 3 5.95 As shown in Sizes Si to 8 4.50 As shown in Sizes 8; to 12 4.95 Sizes 12J- to 3 5.45 Your youngster gets better fit, greater comfort, longer wear, smarter style. Come in and see our selection. Let our children's shoe experts fit your youngster right in our extra value slices . . . Red Goose Action Shoes! We Give and Redeem Eagle Stamps GEO. W. ROBISON & 'The Leading Depaitment Store" HOPE NASHVILLE

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