Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 7, 1948 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 7, 1948
Page 4
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Page Four {CLASSIFIED Ads Mast Be In Office Day Before Publication of One Three Six One Day Days Days Month .45 .90 1.50 4.50 .60 1.20 .75 1.50 HOPE STAR, HO .Words 1ft. to 15 16 to 20 21 to 25 26 to 30 Sltq.35 BGt<i40 41 to 45 46 to 50 .90 1.05 1.20 1.35 1.50 1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 2.DO 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 C.OO 7.50 9.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 Rates are for Continuous Insertions Only • All Want Ads Cash in Advance • Not Taken Over the Phone For Rent FURNISHED APARTMENT, PRI- vate entrance. Modern. Phone 685-W, 321 S. Bonner St.. 2-61 THREE - ROOM APARTMENT With private bath, electric refrigerator. All bills paid. Pnono 587-J. 4-3t THREE ROOM UPSTAIRS FURN- Utilities paid. ished apartment. Phone 088. 7-3t TWO ROOM FURNISHED APART- ment, with bath. Utilities paid. 712 East Diivsion. 7-3t VACANT SEPTEMBER 15, 8 room house on ; Highway No. 4, Close in. R. N. Mouser, Phone 1212-J. 7-3t • ROOM HOUSE CLOSE IN. Lights, water and pasture See iE. V. Juris. Phone 1101-J. 7-3t Services Offered SEPTIC TANKS CLEANED. GET yours cleaned before bad weather begins. Phone 689, J. M. At- 1 kins. 26-1 mo SANDING AND floors. Householders Notice GRAVEL weather NOW BEFORE THE gets bad. Phone 1045-.T. G-nt BEGINNING OCTOBER 4Tff, I will conduct night classes in shorthand for a limited number of .students. If interested please get in touch with mo immediately. Clarice aCnnon. 7-,'it wanting floors sanded or finished, call Vernon Osburn, phone 960- W. • __ _ _____ _ 2 ' 3w _ For Sole USED ADDING~^MACHiNE AND cash register. Gentry Printing Co. Phone 241. 2-20-ly THOROUGHBRED POLANrTcHT na pigs, big type. Gordon H. . Smart, 7 miles out on Highway 29 - __ l.fit 1 LARGE WATERMELONS 75 TO 110 pounds. Corner Hope Furni, ture Company. E. H. Hubbard, : Patmos, Route I. 7-Ct 1946 PLYMOUTH TWO^DOOR DE luxe sedan. Can be seen at 1011 W. Sixth St., or phone Sam Huckabee, 1049-J. <l-3t CLARINET IN EXCELLENT CON- cution. Alice Lile,phone 173. 4-3t ; i " — ~—. — torcycle. 74 O H V. Good condit- Says Russia Greatest Peace Danger Seattle, Sept. 7 — (/P)— James F. Byrnes told the lawyers of America last night the "greatest danger in the world today is the danger of continued aggression on the part of the Soviet Union." The former secretary of state, addressing the American Bar Association convention, accused Russia of "violating nearly all" the agreements concerning eastern Europe. But, he told the delegates, "as long as men confer with their pioblems, even if their language is profane, there is always hope of agreement," He said America was united in its opposition to aggression, but: "It does not help us to move towards a more peaceful world to speak or act in terms that might give out the false impression that we arc only concerned with an all- fy.it uower struggle with Soviet Russia." Byrnes said he did not agree with people who contend "we cannot build one world but must have two worlds. 1 do not abandon i hope. Before this wo have seen governments change policies. I "We can he pertain the people of Russia, like the people of the United Slates, do not want war " Referring to acts before the war's end, and specifically to the lalta agreement Byrnes said: 4u-" T '}? r F is nothir >g wrong with' this Yalta agreement—the trouble was that the Soviet government later made a mockery of that agreement." He asserted the these war agreements stacles that they had nearly all of them" in their expansion policies Europe." It has 'been these violations Byrnes said, which have made up (he basis of the protests sent to Moscow by the Western powers Sonny Griffin Junior Winner of Store Skeer Shoot Sonny Griffin of Hope won the Junior championship in Ihe state skcet shoot at Stuttgart yesterday breaking 95 of 100. Walter Burroughs of Little Rock also broke 95 of 100 but wns disqualified due to age. Youni,' Griffin is only 11 yours old and wns runncrup in ins-. year'-; mod which was held here. Tuesday, September 7, 1948 Leaders! the Major Leagues By The Associated Press American League Batting—Williams. Boston Boudreau, Cleveland John L. Lewis Please Note .367 .370; Runs Batted In—Di Maggio, New York 12B; Stephens, Boston 121 Runs — Henrich, New York 108; Di Maggio, Boston 104 Hits—Boudrcau. Cleveland 173' Mitchell. Cleveland 169 Doubles—Henrich, Nesv York 37- Priddy St. Louis and Williams, Boston 33 Triples—Stewart, Washington 13- Henrich. New York and Di Magfiio, New York 11 Home Runs—Di Maggio, New York 33; Stephens, Boston 27 Stolen Bases — Dillinger, St. Loins 24; Coan, Washington 18 .Strikeouts — Lemon, " Cleveland .127; Brissie, Philadelphia 124 n P |t chmg —Kramer. Boston 36-4 • COO; Raschi, New York 18-0 National League Batting—Musial, St. Louis .750 Slaughter, St. Louis .335 .3G3; Runs Batted In — Louis 111 Runs Mixe, New Musial. St. Musial, St. York 107 Louis 113; Lockman, New York 103 Hits — Musial, St. Louis 193: ion. Cheap. See Howard phone 901-JV Cobb, 4-3t SEVEN-FOOT CROSLEY SHEL, vador in good condition. Phone : 5 89-J. 7-at Soviets found such ob- to violate pursuit of in eastern Wanted to Rent- YOUNG COUPLE WOULD LIKE to rent one or two bedroom house. No children. Good care- talcing of yard and house. Phone 1224-J. HOUSE High kins. 2 OR School Phone 4-3t 3 BEDROOMS TO Coach 994-M. Jack Hop- 7-3t Wanted I'f.NEW OR RENEWAL SUBSCR1PT- ions to any magazine. Heynerson, Phone 28 or Chas. 3M-W. 21-lm LET FOY DO IT • Level yards • Dig Post Holes • Plow Gardens o Cut Vacant Lots • Also custom work. HAMMONS TRACTOR CO. Phone 1066 8. Walnut 8t. BABY CHICKS W<2 will have a shipment of High Quality Baby Chicks Each Wednesday Beginning September 1st. HOPE FEED CO. "Your Nutrena Feed Dealer" Call 129 or 806 (nights) House Wiring, Repairs or anything Electrical. See us first. Allen Electric Co. Next Door to Saenger Theatre Phones 129 or 806 Special Notice For the Best in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning repairs Call 1230 Nights and Sunday 1231-J The Brewster Refriyeration Service has had 22 years experience in all types Commercial and Domestic Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. No Job too large or too small. BREWSTER REFRIGERATION SERVICE 119 Edgewood Ave. Phone 1280 "We Go Anywhere Any Time" It the agreements were concessions or gifts by Churchill and Roosevelt to the Soviets, it is rather peculiar that the Soviets had lo violate them." Although he admitted the norce- ments reached with Soviet Russia miring the war "wore not perfect" Byrnes added: . "It is a grotesque distortion to picture these agreements on out- part as the naive action of President Roosevelt trying to play the part of Santa Claus." A realistic conclusion , he argued, is that the war agreements gave the Soviet Union very Mtle that it was not in a position to take without agreement. Byrnes insisted the United States must continue a bi-partisan foreign policy and that the leaders of the party out of power must be advised before policies are determined. Slaughter, St. Louis 1CS Doubles — Musial St nnis, Philadelphia 35 Triples — Musial, St Hopp, Pittsburgh 12 Home Runs -'- Kincr 38; Musiall, St. Louis ' New York 34 Stolon Bases — Ashburn, Philadelphia 32; Rojeck. Pittsburgh 19 Strikeouts - Brecheen, St. Louis UO, Blackwcll, Cincinnati 114 Louis 38; Louis In; Pittsburgh and Mixe, Legal Notice NOTICE OF SALE — GOVERNMENT SURPLUS FARM LAND SOUTHWESTERN P R 0 V I N « GROUND, HEMPSTEAD COUNTY ARKANSAS. Notice is given thati the following property classified agricultural is now available for disposal under the Surplus Property Act of 1944, as amended, and Wai- Assets Administration Regulation e P J '°P er .ly consists of about Bobby Ellen. Hope lad who is ( Etartin;.; his coaching career at Dc'Quecn this season, will bring the Leopards here Friday nig>t for a game with the Bobcats.' The f^eopards will outweigh the Bobcats about !) pounds per man. Their line averages 182 pounds the back-field 174 and the team 179—a hofty outfit in any man's backficld. Nolen Toilet!'s backficld will tip the .scales at 1C7,- (lie line at 374 and the entire team at 170 pounds. The local backfield is made up entirely of experienced men and the line is composed mostly of last season's reserves who arc unnroven but anxious—in fact the spirit of the entire squad has never been better. Friday night the mentor will probably start Hammons and J. Russell or I. J. Button at ends-' McCargo and Garrett at tackles; Dulfic and Westbrook at guards: Wilson at center: LaGrono or Huddleston at right half; Britt at Fullback; Sutton at Left half; Bearden or Neal at quarterback. The visiting eleven will, bo made up entirely of experienced men. In fact the same Leopards licked the pants off a favored Hone team last season. Starting 'for DeQucen will he: Hcndrix and Hcnson at ends; Smith and Edwards at tackle; Williams and Lovell at guards 1 ' ; Trower at center: C. Wilson at ! quarterback; Bell at fullback- ;«EHiolt at Left-half and Pickens nt. riPht-haU. It looks as if Hope may have selected a "hot" one .-for the i opener. Although the Bobcats arc I picker! by some around the state ! as District 7-AA favorites local i fans and the conches are not counting' any "chickens". Every team in tho district will be pointing for the so-called favorite and every one has the stuff to do it with. De'- Ouocn will be a good test but only the first of twelve. More will be known about posxibilitics of both elevens after Friday night. look the very models of modern They iuu w uiu very moaeis ot modern major generals Tn" SS i a "ii C0 '' 11 /™' nt i rS sporting Uloir now miners' uniforms, acco'rd- mg to the ofncrul Soviet picture agency caption on this photo Ihey arc Ivan v"o of-ura, left, whose team recently mined 1007 tons oi coal m Enakicvo during one shift and Alexander Tyuren- KOV, whoso Gorlovka team mined 1069 tons. U. S. Nermen Too Much for Ausfralians Forest Hills, N. Y., Sept. 7—(/P)— After one of the most devastating exhibitions of power tennis in Davis Cup history, Ted Schrocder was on his way back home to Los Angeles today. Ted loft his refrigeration business only long enough to come East and help squelch the Australian challengers again. Frankic Parker, the other Californian who almost equally covered himself with tennis glory in the one-sided, 5-0, rout of tho Aus- sies, is staying on to play in the national championships. Schroeder, who could "make" the national championships if he were willing to play in them, was a ring-tailed wonder in his 0-2. 6-1 G-l victory over Billy Sidwell the first of yesterday's cup matches. He served with rific power whipping nine tor- aces past his bewildered little rival and Now York. Sept. 7 — CUP) — Slnid old Boston, celebrated for its patriotism and propriety, celebrated both the Braves and Ret," Sox instead today with a frenzied enthusiasm that tranr.formr'd the hub into the baseball capital of the country. Principal reasons for the furore in Boston were the twin triumphs turned in by both the Braves and Red Sox yesterday. The Braves '] jstretched their National League load to four games as they defeated Brooklyn. 2 to I. in a H-inning opener am! 4 to 0 in an abbrevi- hitting a score of others "that Sid" i iltl%cl sovon -' nnin « nightcap, well only just managed to get his I Southpaw Warren Spahn scat' -- " ' ' " : - Dodger hits in Ihe racket on. The match lasted only 57 utes and must have been one the shortest in cup history. To an idea of the near perfection' Schroeder's touch, he hit shots into the net in 22 gam Parker had everything he needed to subdue Adrian Quist, G-2. G-2. 0-3, yesterday. tered five game while hurling his first v i c ~ of ve iiie of Joc if .By Huiih 8» Fullcrton. Jr. New York. Sept. 7 — i/P) —It's generally agreed that ther-'f; no standout, blmv-em-down ball club in either major league this season, so what happens if a key player on any of the contc-ndini? clubs gels hurt. . . .All tho clubs Florida Pilot Sets Record in Thompson Classic Cleveland, Sept. 7 — (/Pi— Anson L. Johnson of Miami Springs, Fhi.. tory. The Craves manufactured winning run off relief Pitcher .._ „_ Hatton on Clint Conatser's it only Ifl }yaik with two out followed by Earl) Barnes | I orgeson'.s 375-foot double. Johnny j Sam also held the second-place Dodgers to five hits in the second I game as ho scored his lllth .tri- jumph. Boston clinched the nightcap in the first inning by tallying three runs off Harry Taylor on'two jsingk-s. Jeff Heath's triple and Bill Salkeld's single. ,, Tno Kctl Sox 1 two victories over Washington gave Boston a game- ancl-a half lead in the American League over the second place Yankees, who split a twin-oil! with . , , ,. -,-....„„, „ the Athletics. Southpaw Mel Par- pinched himself today and looked ."ell. backed by a nine-run attack '•'•"' to- prove that i ln the fifth inniny. beat the Senin (he first game to decision. Handsome i for a $18,500 ciic I he had won the j world classic of Wins Team Shoot- ofr Sfrafre Meet- nnn 34,800 Top Radio Programs By The Associated Press Central Standard Time Coming up tonight: NBC 8 political address of Harold E. Stasscn Tr,,m f" T "i r ° p k to ^resident li-Vn A i S r M°, r Day t;llk; NBC li.30 Ait Lmkk'tter returning from vacation with his People Are Funny at a new time. ,., *-•— > — •••«-«-»« n j') I J>] 13C- , «j L -, lorme show; 7:30 Carmen i-'ivanero concert; i) Meet Corliss rv^'V 0 ™ 5 Morton Downey song. CBS-7 Mystery Theater; 7:30 Mr and Mrs. North; 8:30 Hit the Jackpot; 9 Cabin B-13 drama; (I-so Jack 1'ina Orchestra; 10:15 Walter Radius in "Report on Danube Conference." 7:30 America's Town . Congressional Spy Investigations" 8:30 Chamber Music 8-SO Th fend- Traveler; Public De- REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWJ ^ and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Dial 3-7623 (phone collect) It No Answer Dial 3-5770 FOR SALE My five room, newly decorated home, near grade school. Fleas° P SCe 3t ™ PAXTON JORDAN FLOOR Sanding and Finishing u LINOLEUM Asphalt Tile * Rubber Tlla ROY ALLISON Phone 280 ELECTRIC MOTORS REPAIRED and REBUILT Complete Stock of Parts. Berwick's Electric Service Phone 413 Hone Ark REFRIGERATION SERVICE acres of Southwestern Prov- \ving North of Wash,-,-• , --;-- Road in Hempstead County Arkansas, being all or parts of Sections or Fractional Sen- Oons 28, 20, 30, 31, 32? 33 and 34 Township 9 South, Range 25.West of the Fifth Principal Meridian; Sections 25, 26, 27, 34, 35 and 3B lownship 9 South, Range 2G West- oc ™°r f Townshi P 10 South, Range 10 We , st - except Sections 1, 2, 12 13 and 24; Sections 1, 2 11 12 13 ""d 24 Township 10 South,'Ranee M West; Sections G, 7, 17 18 'l9 01 1 ixi'. To , wnshi P 31 South, Range 24 West; Sections 1, 2, 3. 4, 5, 9 10, 11 2. 13, 14, 15. 10, 22 and 23 Township 11 South, Range 2-i West 1 also about 108 acres in Sections 8 and 17 Township 12 South Raiv'e 24 West. All subject to reservation of fissionable material as directed by Executive Order 9908, dated December 5, 1947, and subject .to existing easements, leases, outstanding mineral rights, if any in third parties, and reserving all chain link fence, telephone lines wires, cables, poles and equipment, buildings, structures, facilities and improvements constructed by the Government, with the continuing right to enter mid remove. the same. The land was formerly used by the War Department as an impact area for proving and testing ammunition, was subjected to contamination by uncxplo.dcd anc 1 dangerous shells and explosive material, is potentially hazardous and is offered for sale at the purchaser's risk. The Corps of Engineers, Department of the Army, has certified the land cleared of all explosives ~ - • reasonably , visual inspection and recommends 2_,800 acres thereof for any use fur which the same normally is suited, but the remaining 12,000 acres, namely. Sections 4 and 5- liast Half of Section 7, Section a and 9; Southwest Quarter of Section 10; Northwest Quarter of Sec- and explosive objects possible to detect by VoSs Seem to Have Found Twin Bill Key apparently have made the most what bench strength they had I stay wn.il Dcncn .strength they had to I , , -' ILILL K" 1 '- was uecuii stay in the race. .'. Take'out say I*'-' 1 "'!! high man in the annua Al Dark, Joe DiMaggin Junior I sk . oct shoot concluded here Stephens. Stan Musial" Lou Eon- aLUl ' Julius Petty, also of Sti dreau or Ralph Kiner airl where , won n dls P«ted victory in t By The Associated Press Apparently, the Mcmohis Chicks have lost the combination of how to win both ends of a doubleheader, while the Nashville Vols to have found the key. would their clubs go?. . . .Only Brooklyn seems to nave adequate re-placements for the Dodgers strength l.ies in numbers rather than individual strength. seem For the second the Chicks split a Vols won twin bill and straight night pair while the suit the Vols lead the Association by one and games. Nashville won two tanooga 10-2 and 7-fi phis split with Little Chicks won the first later in the nigh G-3. as a re- Southern one-half from Chat- while Mem- Rock The G-0 but lost Atlanta drooped its second consecutive doublehcader to Birmin"ham 5-2 and 43 and New Orleans lost a pair to Mobile 4-0 and 3-2. Charlcv Workman of Nashville t his '10th homer of the year and ran his nms-baUod-in mark to IGfi both figures just one shy of Southern records. Dick Conger pitched a six-hitter in the opener. John Perkovich gave up three hits in the first Memphis game but in (lie late game Little Rock came back with a 15 hit barrage which cinched the game in the fifth inning. No games are scheduled tonight. Secret Weapon Although Southern Methodist's Doalt Walker has been getting most of the rave notices in Southwestern football this season (and even his opponents say it couldn't happen to a nicer guy) a tip from Texas is to keep your eye on another SMU boy, Gil Johnson. . . "He doesn't do anything but pass. but, brother how he does that," says our informant. 0{ | Stuttgart, Sept. 7 — UPI —Leavell i Smith, StuttKart. was declared ov- nnual state today, Stuttgart, „ -n the all- bore event. | Petty wound up with a score of 197 out of 200 in tho all-bore event i — one more than recorded by Smith and Lester Little, El Dorado. However, a protest was lodged nvr-v pMiv'q sfore, tournament officials disclosed. They said Petty fired out of or- only J Thompson trophy, tators. 14 to (i. ii if closed course air 'notch his I21h d Jack Kramer yielded „...., tour hits in the nightcap to defeat Was-hinglon. 2 to I. Bucky Harris' Yankees ran their winnint; streak to nine games by beating the Athletics, (i to 4, in the first game and Philarlrlph'-j then snapped its eight game losin" «»|streak by taking the second game,' R Vic Rashci registered his lf;th victory iu the opener while relief pitcher V.'ally Holborow was the loser. Cleveland';; third place Indians spilt /i doubJeheader with the ; racing. j Johnson's surprise was shared jby 80,000 persons at the final dav of the National Air races. The National Air Lines pilot didn't know until he was on the ground that lie had won. His average speed was 383.707 miles an hour, computed from elapsed time of 46 minutes 54 see- !<> U onds for the 300-mile run around the 15mile rectangular course It was more than 12 miles an hour below the record speed set a vear Unfair Tactics One of the best sport;; events around Greensboro, N. C., this summer has been the baseball series between Mace Brown's Red Sox and George Fen-ell's Cardinals. . .The- Red Sox are "managed" by Al Brown, 12-year-old son of the former major league pitcher and Fc-rrell I brother "of dcr during tho doubles. The safety catch of his gun was on and h^ missed tho first target, but broke the second. It was contended that [he should have fired his first shot at the first "bird" instead of at the second. The protest may be car- i ried to the national rules commit- i tee. Smith was high man of tho tour- inament with 480 out of 500 targets j The Columbus, Ark., five-man iteam won the team event with 47 9 i out of 500. Hogan Adds Another Win fro Long List rjono, Nev.. Sept. 7 - iTP) -Ben nogan. who has been winning golf tournaments with almost monoto- ,ncms regularity, has added the tested that Feriv.li was using a j * Kn"'^^""^' 30 " to nis lisl ' it yesterday the more famous Wes anrl Kick) also _ has a son to pilot the Card's. . . .The series nearly went on the rocks recently when Brown Herman R. Salmon ot Van Nuvs Calif., won the $7,000 first prixe'i'ti the Goodyear trophy race for midget planes. The winning speed was icn.fi miles an hour, a new record by four miles an hour During the day the air force announced that its F-liG North American jet fighter had averpged GG9.48 miles an hour in three timed passes over the world speed record course on Sunday. No record \\lute Sox, Chicago taking the first game 3 to 1 and Cleveland the second, i to o. Joe Haynes oulpitchecl Gene Lcarden in the opener while Boo f-eller, chalking up his 15th victory. prevailed over Randv Gumpert in the was cnllod at the nightcap which end of seven in- set because needed. four timed passes Both Scotts Are Nursing Injuries at FayetteviHe Cotton States Leaders Meet in Greenwood, Miss., Sept. • An inter-state fracas j Cotton States baseball 1S14K pennant will open night. Greenwood will face Springs Bathers in the ries id the Shaughnc'.ss.v Two games Then the will be played here, clubs move lo H-it -. c , . Uon IH: South Half of Section 20: I Brings lor a pair. The series will South Half of Section 21 Section 22- be eomploted in Greenwood if West Half of Section 20; Southeast tllc P^iyoff extends beyond Quarter of Section 27; North Half of Section 28: Section 29; South Half of Section Township Sections 34 and Township 10 South. Range 25 West playoffs, while "flol Spriue< and tne West Half of Section 1; rubbed out the Clarksdale M "s Mnn'fn" V'T- 13; East, Half of Sec- club's pennant hope. ' " i 4i Sections 11, 12, 13 and 14; 0 - •imcs. Last week nnled Natchez. Greenwood climi- Miss.. from the igs and the Northwest corner of Sec- Li 011 ,,, 23 ' Township 11 South, Range 25 West and Southwest Quarter 'of section 7; Southeast Quarter air! the West Half of Section 18 and .Northeast corner of Section 1!) township 11 South. ttaime 24 West are recommended by it, and accordingly offered for sale for surface use only. PRIORITIES: Th" proporty is subject to the following priorities in the order indicated: (1) Government agencies, i'2> Slate, political subdivisions, municipalities and taxsupported institutions to ac- fimre ail-port nroDertv under Publi,- I,aw ,'HS). Kiuii ConjM-ess, apornved Julv 30, 1947, (3> State and local Governments. <•}> Former ownoi s, <:» tenants nf a former owner (li> Veterans and tho spouse or ehil-jl.- aren ol deceased servicemen. (7) Owner-operators. and (Hi Non- Profit Institutions. P1UO1UTY PERIOD: Tin- time for exereisin- prioi-itie-; shall with resneet u> nri- orities U>. <2i am! (3> be a ,, 0 rio,t of ten i 10) davs. eommeneiM'' J'Hv 7 1948. and emliir; at inid- nmht. July Hi. 10-18, ami win, n>- ">ect i.i nrioriii-.s (-!i, r5i. nil <(> Mild i«i shall be a period nf '90i (lays. .-,>-,:mrni'ip«.' Julv Fuibright Moy Not Support Continued Help to Europe Rome. Sept. 7 — i,V) -Sen \Vil- 'iam .1. Fnlbriuht iD-.Ark), said to<lay he may not he able to support "lie iMiropean Recovery Program m the next session of Congress un- ; less "there are concrete results " | He is ;i member of (he U.S. dele- i gallon to Ihe 37th conference of I union Ihe i n t e i-parliamemary here. Fulbright said he 'considers ! western Kuropean unity the basis' ol I'.uropean locuvery. | '-' "U seems to be iliat the linu-j,!",', up the with a '-(i!), nineteen under jiar h"le.--. The victory was worth S3,- ; 'l.O lirst wrixe monev. plus addi- '.n;nal cash for leading the first and third rounds as well as being the P. G, A. champion. ^ 'Ihus far this year Hogan has '•oJiected a total of S31,347 in tour- 'lamr. nt winniilgs. He is still be- nmd Lloyd Mangrum of Niles, 111 . . n), former U. S. Open champion, tied for second yester- 'lay to c-arn S2.fi<10 and Ixjost his rear .s tola! to SX'^lo-l.Sf). md Dick Mel/ of Vir- Va., trailed Hogan Fayetteville, Sept. 7 — I/I-'} —The Scott boys — Clyde and his brother, Tracy — have turned up with injuries at the University of Arkansas football training camp Tailback Clyde suffered a hip injury in scrimmage last Saturday. Wingback Tracy is on the sidelines with a pulled thigh mus- The Razorbacks held a five- hour drill yesterday and to observers, the squad appeared in excellent physical condition and lucrative ahead of last year's team in score of | training. This is because the for 721 squad is divided into offensive and defensive departments. This permits the 'inys to concentrate on then- specialties and Ihey can learn their assignments twice as quickly. John Barnhill's b"i<r>de looked good in punting, with Harold Cox, portside booter: Louie Schaul'ele and Gordon Long the passing man, getting off creditable kicks am'rum ginia Beach jv t«-o t : i,-,,! carding 271. n ilu' uf Oklahoma JiHiurnini. 1 . tin ie.ne hum stale teaclu :• couldn't inafrii weekly to nl;iv \\\ in a dance b.-nui ill football plained. . . .1) t elyling musii'ia C'hii-iigo i 'em a !el Met/, sank a 15-foot nal t'reiMi to tie Man. U was a S300 putt, making niT/e $;) ij()0 also. U Vic Ghe/./i of Englewood, a lormer 1>. G. A. title winner, charged in with a final day '<•>. seven under par and tving the competitive course record"The 67, lolled Ghe/./.i into )>ieee of change. giving loin- round total of 273 a nice him a worth Bosebol! M o n d n y Matin c j *-: £ '" "I.'. 1 -'!-' 1 - ' 1 - 1 lime Politically process of justilieation for American t.) Ivirojje i.< thai it result in .• unity, nuiking for a body co\ild di.-tend and support it- ]')48. tober -1. -' :• urio -s te 'iii AND "•ins and Hope Transfer Company Moving and Storage Office Phone 314 Residence Aligns . . . 231-J . r>i-ii)'-'t:i-.s and siii- A!' 1 • • i». . v ".i- . 1 1. July 6, 20, An;.; 3. Sept 7 "1 am gum" to find it very >iard, personally, to support F.KP m the next session of Congress unless there are eonerete results." Fulbright may make a post-con- terenee irip \\ith Sen. Scott \V Lueas iD-llli, u-ntatively P:'U.-stine, Yugoslavia, r -ii!U eastern and we.stern Catch was Not Fishy Cairo, 111. -»-':»- A small I thought lie had u whopper on fishing line but havik-d in a hand truck. The catch piqued t:u: curiosity of tile police and they went liblung too. They pulled in a erae ed KifVc'. Il liad lleeu since a $400 safe burglary at ; firm several days before By The Associated Press National Leanue ' SI. Louis at Pittsburgh (nighn ;-!'.-w York at Philailclnliia a 'Only games scheduled). American LCMCILIP No games scheduled. Yesterday's results. National League Pittsburgh 2-4 St. Luuis 1-1. Ion 2-4 Brooklyn 1-1) (first M innings second 7 in- York 4-3 Philadelphia 3-Q gaiiit' l.'-i inniiigs; second i ' innings, darkness) innali '!-2 Chicago 1-li '(see- i mie 7 innings, darknesst. I American Leapue 1 New York ti--> "Philadelphia 4-G n 14--J Washington (i-1 iJetroii ,"-10 St. Louis 1-11. hieaao 3:10 Cleveland 1-1 isee- :-;a.'ne 7 innings, darkness i. Ihe quick-kicking department is a question-mark— the chore probably will fall on Clyde Seott, but whether he can do as well as the departed Aubrey Fowler, is some- tiling to be determined. Kay Parks' passing and Buddy Uogers' running— sophomore tailback—were delights to watch double- and the in the first was decided when hit his 38th homer nings because of darkness Home runs by Pat Mullin. Bob Swift and Dick Wnkefield helped the Detroit Tigers to an (i to 1 vic- ory over the St. Louis Browns in the nrst game but the Browns refunded tor an 11 to 10 verdict in the second game. Pittsburgh'climbed to third place m the National League by two percentage points over the ' Cardinals when the Pirates took ; header from St. Louis. 2 to 1 and D n • , oh Cnc -w limited Redbircls to seven hits ' same which ^ .' IH.I ... v , J10 ,jt>uj uujiivr with one on in the fourth off Murry Dick.son Chunky Vic Lombard! doled out only five hits in the nightcap while the Buccaneers collected 12 off George Mungcr, Ted Wihcs and Alpha Brazle. The Giants climbed to within two games of the fourth place Cardinals by defeating the Phillies 4 in a . 13-inning opener and 3 '-" (I in the second game, called at the end of seven innings because of darkness. The Cubs hold seventh place bv ic percentage point over the »eds by splitting a doublehcader •vith Cincinnati. Johnny Vander '•-cer yielded only four hits to beat he Cubs in tho opener, 3 to ! Hank Sauer\s:«Jth homer with one on in the eiKiilh decided the outcome. Bob Rush defeated the m the nightcap. Roy - . , -- run with two on -; ; sixth spelled defeat for Cin- Smalley's n finn ali. Spare that Phone! Missouln, Mont. -f/P)_ Unable to yet a call completed on a oav telephone, an unidentified man pul/d out a gun, f ire d three .shots into the booth and walkcc? Ambassador HORIZONTAL 1 Pictured ambassador, Vladimir • - 1 . 8 Merged ...... 14 Pried 15 Scanty 1C Location 17 Forefather 1 Memorandum '•* ^'-^ SApud (ab.) 6 Trial 7 Mine entrance 8 Employs 'J Notary public (ab.) 10 John (Gaelic) 11 Horse's gait 12 Italian city ,-.. ARISTIDE M.QlRj ERIANDIECI Association w (j-.-j IJttle Rock <J-(j. '2-',i 1 jinnin-'hani 5-4 Chattanooga 2-0 0-2 jVJo'jilc- 4-,'j. . reveyort 10-4 San Antonio 0-7 JD Fi.u-i U'uJ'lh 2. City 2-0 Tulsu 5-17. The human body contains ap. ni-o.virnatL-l.v 35.000 miles of capil- i's. the smallest vessels used by ciix-ulatury system. 20 Goddess o£ ' infatuation 21 Certify 23 Sculler ' -•1 Symbol i for tin , ". r > Alleged force '~1 He is Czech ' -- to tiie • United States 30 Window parts 34 Row 35 Interpret 3(J Change . 38 Guide 39 Thus 40 Exists 41 Dance step 44 Secret 4'J Wine vessel f'2 Fish sauce f-4 Speed conK'St' r.O Ardor . r )ti C\ ! lonize 58 Bulwark tiO Pesters til Revolts VERTICAL 1 Bones - Integral part 3 Carry (coll.) 4 Fish eg^s 18 Musical note 21 An '2.'2. Spinning toy li« Short barb- 27 Greek letter ;?8 Nothing 29 Veteran (ab.) 31 Born 32 Dutch city 33 Indian weight 37 Sinbad'sbird 38 Be seated •17 Unbleached. 48 Harvest 49 Exclamation\ 50 Female horse 241 Painful spots 41 Time gone by 51 Social insects 53 Courts (ab.) ' :idc 55 Hoof /inial •/ 57 French article 45 Native metals 59 Written form -JG Virginia (ab.) of Mister 4-'On the shcOlercd 43 Bristle 27 3'i f,0 37 7 38 SO 35" 13 33 50 51

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