Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 7, 1948 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, September 7, 1948
Page 2
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Pdge HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Tuesday, September 7, 1948 'I Truman Has Ballot Trouble in the South i'Sy CHARLES BARRET ,'Atfanla, Sept. 7 ~ M — States Rights Democrats are building a new political obstacle course for President Truman in Dixie: Bal-| ItMktrouble.. I mr. Truman npparentlv has boen j eliminated from the ballot in Ala-1 b&tna and is a doubtful starter in I Georgia and possibly other Souther)! states. Ar survey showed today that i States Righters, on the other hand, i .have made a clean sweep in all ! f'*-.e stPfes thnt have decided their j November election role. States Wants Democrats already h^ve WPft a chance at the polls in Alabama Mi -s a i s si p p i, Louisiana, South Carolina and Virginia. Mr. Truman, at the moment, cnn count full slates of presidential c-lectnr-candidst'>s only in North Carplina and Virginia. 'fnere's confusion, however, over the States Rights motion for di' vprcc in the Sough's 50-year marriage with the national Democratic party. And many states have yet to unravel the tan,Ve and decide jus' who will appear on the ballot and how. Mr. Tinman's biggest hurdles may 'to Mississippi, South Carolina and Alabama. All regular Democratic presidential electors in those spawning grounds of the SButhern-revolt are pledged to skip ' '" ' s' migh.ts:;,Candid"ate .Strom Chute Fails to Open, Scientist Falls to Death Three Is Very Definitely a Crowd H .In-i'Alabama. State Senator Joseph,- Langan of Mobile said he has given-tip a/scrap to pet Truman electors on >he ballot. His-!asl re- .«<*r* he "siid. wil' be a'court suit to force Democratic electors to adhere to Mr. Truman. , The president can get a crack at Mississippi,voters merely by certifying electors-to the secretary Of state; South Carolinians who want t to stick with 1 Mr. Truman must'cirulate 'trreir own ballots at fivery precinct. : 1 Georgia's Democratic presidential electors are yet to be named, but the state executive committee which will select hem has been overwhelmingly .anti-Truman in the past. Mr. Truman's forces could get on the ballot with 00,000 signatures to a petition. But the question is'whether they will have time to meet an Oct. 2 deadline, after the cdmmittee finally gets around to selecting electors. There is double trouble for the president in such states as Tennessee, and " possibly Louisiana. Both states' righters and regular democrats already have certified presidential electors in Louisiana. But there is talk that some of the Democratic' electors, if ,they win, will vote-for: the states^ rights ticket instead 'of-Mr. Truman in the electoral college. Thus the president could lose electoral votes in a state he carried, Irj Tennessee, • at least three of 12 regular Democratic electors ;ate : -out in the open for Thurmond. States' Righters, missing no bets, are planning to name a,- full slate 61 their own electors anyhow. .Three of eight Democratic"elec- t6rs in Florida. avowedly"are anti- Truman. ' At the moment no one else — Montgomery, Ala., Sept. 7 — 'UP)—A University of Chicago scientist fell to his death yesterday when his parachute failed to open after he bailed out of a burning B-2!) superfortress. Three other passengers jumped to safety before the pilot flew the flaming plane to a safe landing at Maxwell Field here. The body of Hfwnrd W. Baldw n member of the University of Chicago staff, was found near Sanding Hock. Ga. An unopened - pra- chute was strapped to his back. Maj. Kicharct Baker of Inyoken, Cal., flying scientists from Inyoken to Washington, ordered his pa? senders to bail out when the plane caught fire about 90 miles from here. Chuck Dodge of Chatham, N. J. physical scientist of the Office of Naval Research; Sgt. John Mort of AHoona, Pa., and Rarnuld Anthony of the naval ordnance station at Inyoken. all reached the ground safely. Mort suffered a broken ankle and the others were unininrcd. Baker took a chance on reaching the huRo air university field here and made it. Ground crews put out the fire. The plane ran into trouble over LaGrange, Ga.. and Baker turned back toward Maxwell field after his passengers jumped. The surviving chutists landed near LaGrange and checked in at a hospital there. When Baldwin did not appear, a party of soldiers from Maxwell set out to search for him. They found his body late yesterday afternoon and took it to a LaGrange funeral home. State Delegation in California Touring Los Angeles, Sept Arkansas Hood-will >7 headed by Gov. family visited here Gov. Laney, wlio to hunt antelope in 7 —(/P) — An delegation of Ben Laney's today. left the parly Wyomin; i '• ( \pcctod lo rejoin the tourists in <vo days. In the meanwhile, his \ ife, Mrs. Lucille Laney, and sons. I David. 17, and Philip. 14 were i doing the "diplomatic" honors. / Mi itarv 'When Mrs. Rene Gagne, of San Francisco, had her own set of triplets, she decided that some day she'd give a party for other threesomes in the Golden Gate area. After four years of planniri", _the gaia day name—and. with it, five sets of cake -and-ice-cream-gobbling triplets Left to ri"ht' front, are Jimmy, Robert and Francis;. Dpherty, and Kathleen, Michael and Patricia Grady rear' Janice. JoAnn and Judy Cardinale; Richard, Gerald and Adrienne Gagne, and Frederick, Ediia and Edward Fellows. The all-Jewish city of Tel Aviv, capital of (he new Jewish state, has a population of 200,000. except Republicans — con got on the Florida ballot, but there is growing talk of a special legislative session lo open the ballot to straight slates for all factions. A court suit seeks to force Democratic electors to vote for Mr. Truman. A ballot tangle is already in North Carolina courts. Slates' Righlors suffered a setback when the state elections board denied them a place on the ballot. Bui a circuit, court has reversed the board. It's up to' the state supreme court now, and if a decision doesn't come in lime the States' Rights Democrats will win on the basis of the circuit court ruling. With a big bloc, for the south, of 23 electoral votes, Texas is ready for a showdown Sept. 14. A slate convention will decifle whether Democratic electors line up with Mr. Truman or Thurmond. The loser probably will put up a slate of "independents." Virginia's 13 Democratic electors are considered safely in the Truman fold, but Slates' Righters have turned in 1,715 signatures on petitions to qualify for the ballot, too. In Arkansas, Oct. 13 is the deadline for putting electors on the ballot. If regular Democrats remain loyal to Mr. Truman, States' Right, ers can get before voters by pre- isenlihg a petition with only ' 50 'signatures. if). DISTINCTIVE SHIRTS Rombro of California styles a quality sport shirt in the inimitable California manner. . . with a smartly designed convertible collar and excellent tailoring. A shirt you will be proud to own or give as a special gift! 6.95 to 8.95 Herbert: Burns THE STORE FOR MEN AND BOYS SECOND and MAIN Grafemvoehr. Germany. Sept. 7 I/P)— Some 20,000 American soldiers rolled out of their tents at dawn today and deployed through rough mountain terrain in the big- 121; gest mock bailie since the real' ' thing ended. Thousands of jeeps, weapon car- ST LOUIS LIVESTOCK National Stockyards 111., Sept. 7 — i/P)-— Hogs, 9.500: bulk good and choice \vOO-2GO Ibs 29.00-23; lop 29.25 Ibs 28.5-75: 170-19 Ibs 27.25-8.75; mostly for 200-220 Ibs few 270-280 130-150 Ibs 24.25-26.50; few 20.75 400 Ibs down lew 2ii.7:) HP 21.50-24.25; sta Cattle, 7,500 . mosllv 24.25:) npa\-""- weights s 17.50-20.0. calves, 2.ouO; sev- riers and tanks rolled from this eral loads and lots medium to high reservation soon after sunup on the ; choice first ood steers 26.50-34.50: with lew . _ _. steers 35.50 medium to maneuver on a grand scale j good heifers and mixed yearlings ever planned by American armed 24.00-30.00; few common "and medium beef cows nors and cutlers forces in Germany. While the generals insisted there was no political significance some cognizance of the tense world situation was taken. For example, the army for the firsl time discarded the time worn system of calling two teams in any maneuver the "reds" and "blues." In the exercise. to last weeks, it was decided to have an "aggressor force" and a defender to be known as "U. S. armed 17.50-20.00 can- fairly active at 14.00-17.0; medium and good bulls 21.00-23.00; good and choice vcalers. 20.00-30.00: common and medium 16.00-25.00. Sheep, 5,00 ;no early sales or bids. . o — GRAIN AND PROVISIONS CHICAGO, Sept. 7 —(/P)— Brisk opening buying of September corn ave the market a boosl at the the forces.' This was done, it was ex- jBoard of Trade today. After „.„ plained, so that the people would I first demand was satisfied prices not think the "reds" meant Soviet j drifted lower. Russians. j Commission houses wanted corn In the "aggressor" force was i at the start ot trading but as sooir the U. S. constabulary-police force as a good volume of corn receipts cf occupied Germany—plus about from ihe country was announced two dozen fighters, bombers and what was fairly steady at the start some tanks. The "defenders' but after a mild opening advance prices backed. During the first hour wheat was unchanged lo 1-2 cent lower, September IJ2,06; corn was 1 1-4 higher Every gun was loaded with'i to 1 ' 8 lower, September $1.63 3-8, were essential Paris of the only division the U. S. has in Europe the First Infantry. Thursday 1 and oals were 1-4—5-8 lower, Sep- were un- Novcmber i$2.49. Spol change'l wheat today wilh Saturday's trade: basis stca .dy; receipts 38 cars. Corn was un- 1 changed io four cents higher has- i us unchanged lo two cents lower; 'ono'dnt's 100,000 bushels; shipping blank ammunition. By ^ „,.,, morning, after a day and a half' trmbcl- - - 71i Soybeans of tactical tricks, it should be es-! ?. hallgcd to 1 ' 2 lower, U'blished by special umpires whether Ihe aggressor has nunched a good hole or Ihe defender has beaten off the attack. Actually, the aim of the whole job is to show whether the first division can function as a unit. The problem being simulated \<i simply this: can a division hold back an attacker all the way from the hills of Franconia in a delaying fight to such n bulwark as the Rhine river? The division involved in the nhony fight is Ihe same first infantry that chewed through Nort'i Africa. Sicily, Italy. France anrl Germany. Instead of the slul?l-le- ! boarded veterans of those d'avs. i however, now there aro pink- 1 checked 10-year-olds in the front I lines. Overseeing the whole iob is Lt. Gen. Clarence R. Huebnor, armored warfare expert, who ranks second to Gon. Lucius D. Clay. American military held about uii- when compared Continued From Page One ibido a protesting American officer and dragged off 19 western German police in handcuffs and chains. A towering Russian major ordered liaison officers of the hroe Western powers to leave the J i building. The Western officers refused and the Russians did not press their demand. In their invasion of the U. S. office, the police looked through filing cabinets but did not take any- •Ihi'iC. I Soviet-licensed German po- ', i licemon were taken to criminal po-j iice headquarters for a "thorough < "xarninalion." Hourly Ihe prospect grew thai fin"! dvision o f Bo'-lin into two cities soon would follow. Forced by Communist-led demonstrators to ibandon their chambers, the anti- Ccmmunist city council met yesterday in the British sector. Against this background of Communist strong-arm methods the four military governors were meeting in the Allied control building. A f( or a week of negotiations they s'ill were seeking to find a solution to the 76-day-old Soviet blockade of Berlin. Two Toughies : Continued From Pane One and asked to give up. The car they took from Jackion had a flat tire, but there w-,r- jnlenty of gasoline in the tank. !Simpson said they bought gasoline | in Brittan}-, between New Or- j leans and Baton Rouge. There j was a bullet hole in the back of ! ihe automobile, and Simpson .said | the ear was hit as they fled from i New Orleans yesterday afternoon. i Bloodhounds and airplanes were ji-n-oufht in 1 o service in the search j for the pair. I l->i-lier Ascension County Slier- jiff Hickley Waguespack said one jof his men spotted a car near ' Gonx.ales, La., south of Baton Rouge. He immediately deputized 100 men. who joined peace officers closing in through lush marshlands toward 'he spot whore Dale Simpson and H. E. Miller were bei'fved holed up. Waguespack said he doubted the I killers could escape without rimming a roadblock. Stale troopers from New Or- j leans sped to join the searchers I moving in ov»r the cow trails I that serve as the only roads in the j backwoods area. Both posse and | fugitives were ready for a duel to i !hf death. i The officers, armed with dou- ible-barrellcd and automatic shotguns, had orders to "shoot to kill and don't take a chance." ! The huge manhunt followed the j'-"ost r>mazing series of events in i New Orleans police history. The plot and flight of Simpson. 26, and Miller, 23, was dotted with Hashes of brilliant planning and pointless inconsistencies from beginning to end. The whole situation was made Wallace— Henry A. Wallace, the| C | OU bi y strange because Simnson • Progressive Party presidential j r,,. st i lacl Miller jailed on a theft candidate, said in New York that j complaint and then was willing to do murder to got him out. Record Crowd Attends Labor Day Games New York, Sepl. 7. — (UP I — fi ne inflation election year or in- tci national crisis Americans still go for their sports in a big way. According to a United Tress sur\i\ 1.084.342 sports-loving fans •A\ irmed to baseball parks, race U icks and other centers of athletic activity to spend their Labor iDi\ holiday. The total was slighl- | h higher ihan the 1.012.263 who '•nlcliod similar major sports I events on the same day last year. I' iscball attendance slumped -omcwhal from last year — from 300.825 to 244.0U3 for the eight m nor league cities. The American l(ieuo enjoyed an increase of lil r )75 from the 124.492 that turned out last year, but the National League dropped off to 102,- ifd compared lo crowds of 170.333 on Labor Day, 1947. The Yankee SI irtium had Ihe largest crowd norday—- 72,859— for the Yani s-Athleties double-header. Horse racing also noted a decline, although the attendance and inutuel figures showed the sport still enjoying prosperity. Crowds Methodist I numbering 241.433 jammed 13 "ion Circuil•'tracks throughout the country and ir-: ol 1 a hvoibcl a total handle of ?! 1,225.968 Sep-i compared to the 303,433 fans who vilh Rev. j wagered $12.!)54,569 at the same ill. doing jnumbcr of tracks last Labor Day. in;;;in«. i . "0 Unite : Europe has a total population ol about 500 million. One Star of Hope 1899; Press 1927. Consolidated January 18, 1929 Published c-verv wr-ekday afternoon bN STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. E. Palmer, President Alex. H. Washburn, Secretary-Treasurer at the Star building 212-214 5outh Walnut "Street, Hope, Ark. Alex. H. Washburn, Editor & Publisher Paul H. Jones, Managing Editor George W. Hosier, Mech. Supt. Jess M. Davis, Advertising Manager Entered as second class matter ot tht Post Office at Hope, Arkansas, under the Act of March 3, 1897. (AP)—Means Associated Press. (NEA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Association. Subscription Rates: (Always Payable Ir Advance): By city carrier per \vcc-k 20c per month 85c. Mail rates—in Hempstead, Nevada, Howard, Miller one LoFayette counties, $4.50 Dor year; else where $8.50. National Advertising Representative — Arkansas Dailies, Inc.; Memphis, Tonr. Sterick Building; Chicago, 400 North Mich iqan Avenue; New York City. 292 Madisc.. For quick, delightfully comforting help for aches and pains of Rheumatism, Arthritis, NeurU.ls, Lumbago, Sciatica, or Neuralgia try Romlnd. V/orks through the blood. First dose usually starts alleviating pain so you can work, enjoy life and sleep more comfortably. Qot Remind at druge'sl today. Quick, com- plcie satisfaction or money back guaranteed. to '••I to control Con- (iminiKt ration, li'v among or- ni.'.s lo get an Nowinbm- 2. He perfectly willing rqilcM. ill d b% i it- vibralions IT'S TIME TO SHINE WITH SELF-POLISHING LIQUID WAX SHOE POLISH BLACK BROWN TAN BLUE OXBLOOD Ave.; Detroit, Mich., 2842 Granr Blvd.; Oklahoma Ci*v. 31 A Terminal Bldg New Orleans, 722 Union St. Member of the Associated Press: Th. Associated Press is entitled exclusively t( the use for republication of o'l the loco news printed in this newspaper, cs well a' nil AP news dispatches. r. Stassen Set Continued From Page One Other Labor day speeches and political developments: every worker should support his party. Both Democrats and Re- j sales 20,000 bushels; receipts'375 i )^ bli , cans ',, h " sai , d ai ' e lryi "p, , 1 ?- ' ears, oats were lower with'the fu- .^onlus^ the: ^rkm^ n-i-ut^l tures market; basis unchanged to •! eent les.s: shiooin" sui s <:.j ^ m bushels; receipts 64 cars. Sy- beans receipts were 21 cars. NEW YORK COTTON lore the convention of Electrical was some (CIO). by ri United ! There '< ;hl-wing fans ' Miss America Continued From Page One Memphis, was chosen Miss Ame union members bill Wallace drowned them out. GOP campaign— Rep. Everett Now York, Sept. 7 —(.'I' 1 )— ColtonlM- Dirkscn, .R., 111., went lo Sae- fnlure.s moved lower ioday on ramento. Cal., to noln GO;' vice scattered commission house' and I presidential nominee Earl Warren New Orleans selling. Trade de- ( prepare eampaisn .-:p>.,.rlies. Later mantl was light. There was a good i'1° W 'H »° *-o Albany, N.Y., to serve : Sunday in Asbury •'leal ot evening-up operations prior! 011 C!ov. Dowry's campaign staff.'north on the New to the second government crop Communists — Attorney General Tom C. Clark, in a Labor Day foiecasl lo be released tomorrow. The trade looked for a figure of TrxHii unchanged lo slightly higher < Hn th Congress failed 'in! then the official August 1'forecast ! the nation's security of 15,lli(/.00() bales. 'his i-epealed recommendation.^. ica. Mrs. Hummel, the retirin,", fjiieen, will take a prominent part in the pageant until her successor ; is named Saturday night. ! A Mrs. America contest, i'eatur- : ing 30 housewives, will lie hel'i Park. 100 miles Jersey shore. ! Preliminaries to the Miss Amer- j icn contest began yesterday. "Miss Oklahoma." in the per- j dise to this functional 'middle-age' cause? Arc you 'nut, \vc-nu Uie iu;es 38 nnd 52 :iml!',oi:>-: uu-ou^h that, trying functional 'muUiU'--.i:;e' period peculiar to \vnmi-:!'. 1 DiM-s Oil:-; make you suf- lUislira, l't'i-1 clammy, irritable, v.'eak? Then , irritable, v.'eak? Then i !. !•!. Pinl-mm's Vegotablo to reii'-yc Mich aymp- [_ . for Li-era he; r.(:n\ I'.'V Lytlhi Compound s for this! M;my v:i;,i; 'nildclU-uao' women tci!-:o Pinklram':; Compound regularly to help iniilct up resistance ayaln.'U, this cH.iirc-ss. 1'Hikhnm'K Compound contains no oplau .-; -~iu» habii-i'orniin^ dru^s. It helps nature (you know whfit we me;tn!). This great medicine also has what Doctors cnll a stomachic tonic effect. NOTK: Or yon may prefer I.TOIA E. PIMillAM'S TAHI.KTS «llh uclileil iniii. He governor, Germany. _ „.. „ Tied iii with the whole maneuver i The spol cotton markets were -said many of the Communists th is a British battalion of 1.000 para- quiet. And lieding selling was light. Republicans want deported came troopers, none of whom evor made i Futures closed 30 to 70 ct-nts u 'into the country during Republican a jump in action. They earne from Palestine eager to jump, out the chances are thev will be deprived bale lower than the previous close. rw.« u;,,l. 'Jn (VJ 1..... >)(\ or: I....* < of that opportunity in this exercise i Det ' ' " ' ' Jjn Oc'. high 30.93 30.ii Uot'f (i low 30.85 — last 30.7!) — low It is purely a ground forces lest. ITU Government Charge 30.68 — 30.51 — 30.2;") — 29.12 — 30.li!l-70 off 13-14 Mch high 30.60 — low 30.5-1 oil 9 .May high 30.33 — low 30.25-26 off 9-10 Jly liigh 2U.1U — low 29.13 off 9 Oet high 20.71 — low 26.56 - 2G.60 off 6 Middling spol 31.83N off 4 N-iu:minal. NEW ORLEANS COTTON in a speech at Des Moines, la., said the o strenL'llion ! sun of Donna Briggs, of Tul^'i. ar- laws despite ; rived by air. Her" pilot drew the mos-l attention, however, from police, spectators and cameramen. Mrs. R. C. Banfield. of Tulsa, a grandmother who will eliap- administralions. ! eron Miss Briggs throughout tin McGrath — Democratic Nation- '.contest, uiloted al Chairman .1. Howard ' McGrath j lanlic City. hist said Ihe failure of any prominent ! ' — i Reoubliean to address Labor Day' the plane to Al- last'rallies is a sign lhal union jnem- ibers "are aware that ihe Kenu'ili- lastlcan parly is implacably hostile to last |-lli; U. S. Slanclards 30.45 cu lusl i receipts 3!!; dirties 35 checks Washington, Sept. 7 — iVPi —The i Orleans, Sepl. 7 — (/T) — 1 current 32.5 NEW YORK STOCKS New York, Sepl. 7 ~- '.1'i —Demand for steels and motors pulled the stock inarkel higlu r today aft. . ,..- . -i .,„•„ ui.^ui:,, oepi. , — ,..,-, _,<-•'• »" indecisive start. : Inlernaliona 1 Typographical Union : c\)lton futures declined here today ! Must pru ' ( ''- , U '' ! 'V ;lt ',''' n , L ' in ' j odav denied a government charge • llndei - long liquidation in prepara- lne ' r l "' JS lor tne da - v al lhe closo .that it violated a lederal court in-:tiun for the government's crop es-"* linialo tomorrow. Closing prices were steady 15, • , eents lo 45 ceiils a bale lower. i k al . u , , Ocl high 30.88 — low 30,80 — close 30. !H Dee high 80.7-1 — low 30.64 -- clote iunction by atteiupiin.t; to negotiate union security contracts with j newspapers publishers. ' The iniiinetion, uranterl bv Judge Luther M. Swygert in Indianajiol- I is last March 27, forbid lhe union: Iron) insisting on elused shop con-' jdilioiib 1 . The T.-it't-'IIarlli'V ,-u't outlaws the ; closed shop by which only union ' inember;; may be eniplnved. Tlie union fiK-d its answer in i\-d- : eral eouil in Indianapolis te.iiav. It 1 ivplkd to a petition o! General : N. Ueiiliani of Kt-lat'ums H was insisling in vi.ihnion of and the iniiiMeuon .ui't to i equirv ihe .ayiiiL: siril-.e iu-ne- prinlers who have bcun .U (Miicago and H.-iin- .d j Counsel Hobort 'National Labor It'ial UK' union itorn! contracts ; Taft-Iiarlk-y act | It a-;!;ed the e. | I'liioti lo .stop i I I'its to tiic i on strike 30.65-67 Mei) high "0.53 3(1.53 May high 511.53 Olv iiigh 2'J.15 •:.'SI. 10-11 - low 30.47 — — low 30.22 — low 29.07 -•- elols! of trading Leadership was provided by U. S. Steel and Chrysler which round a point or better. Bethlehem. Republic, General Mo- jtors anil Htiuiebakk-r added i lions. j Other sections also Jiinr : but rails ivmaiiK;! spott\' soft areas appearing iu 'there. transaeli-i's (or tin irac- [^OULTRY AND PRODUCE ni-wspypi-i :ist |niond, in;!. | NovembL-r. ! Tiie answer, filed bv Henry Kai- jser. Gt.rliard P. Van Arkel and Ku! !,;ene Cre.s.srnan, a!) of Washiiu'ton Uiiid^ riai aiiec ](. ;\lariin ,. • apoli;,, u.-oii-d all ul lhe ei j VJuiatiO!!. rope h; C'iiica;;o. Sept. 7 — I'/Pi — Live putiltry: Kinn; 1'eCeipls 33 true prices unchanged to a Cenl a pu.iiui hi;;iiei': lob: l-'owl 35; hern tuwl :-'-2 roasters 3U-4U; Iry- eis and bruilers 38--12 old rousters .23 fob wholesale market: Duck- 'i;iL's 3~' .'Haw ducks 2o : ducks 20. r'utUT weak: receipts (two days' 512.448; prices 1-2 to 3 1-2 cents a pound lower 93 score AA i 72 1C A 71.1; 90 B 6(5.5; 89 C 03; . c;.is: U OB 07.5 89 C 04.25. i Kg^s weak: receipts Uiwo days' 1 i 17.1GG: prices unchanged to 1 1-2 ceii'.s a do/en lower U. S. extras >',"J pel :md up A 49; O'O-u'9.9 pet A $100 Offe M outer ey cat in the S!00 to tin- in. He's a la sc en in tlur cattieJiu-; .-.late bc Daily Bread Continued From Pace One lem in \vhicli I?ussia is involved. The closing of lhe Danube presents one of the major problems in the economic field. And while there was little likelihood that Russia would retreat by agreement from a position that she had taken by force, a small hope remained until it was erased by the Belgrade fiasco. Now one of the main east-west arleries of European commerce is definilely and officially shut off. The act is bound lo have a M-- rious efl'ecl on Europe's heallh and recovery. Tlie continent has n<> such railway network as lhal of' the United States, which includes almost 100.0(10 more miles than lilt- whole of Europe. Closini' t'-ic Danube to non-Soviet iiiternaiio^i U traflie shuts one of the most i:n- •lanl doors between ihe industrial west and agricultural east. This will undoubtedly show \H, rupean recovery and nu^; 1 .- :1 n.Mji-e dilficult. 11 will put a. i:i..i- tinuin.g burden oil tile l;::ili-d Slate.--. That is the goal ih'il Ru.;- sia \\'as aiming for. But obvi-.ii;.- 1\ lhe hardship will work bnlh -vav-. Russia and lhe Balkan eoiii.i/'-, have a problem of recovery, loo. They need machinery and ai! sorts, of rnanufaclured j If tho process of genii) becomes slower and ir.ore co.-,'.!y because o!' this latest Soviet slra- lageni, Mr. Stalin may fii'.d t'n.it he has cut off a good cliun':--. ol his o\\'n nose lo spite iree Kuri.*..^-'.-, lace. Snakes do not have luryp.us, <. r vocal chords and r! A' a ET' tii soun OTM is the word for tiri ['ncivic Bus Lines . Yc-.i r'c-f smooth, friend- V;CL:. You :jot- a smooth, i;J:j ihai you will like. ;hu L;res :irc smooth, soft v-/, \viiri no high-priced us Lines •or^U'AMilj^Ml SAMPLE LOW From Hope to Texarkana San Antonio Nashville, T. . . Little Rock Houston Memphis St. Louis Chicago New York l-os Anyeles Dallas Detroit Plus 15', Fedei FARES 75 .. .. 8.50 ... 8.50 . 2.50 6.15 .. . 5.15 8.35 12.85 19. 8^ ....29.90 4.35 15.50 al Tax TICKETS — INFORMATION MISSOURI PACIFIC BUS LINES TICKET OFFICE

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