Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 6, 1948 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 6, 1948
Page 3
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Movlny, Sepfembcr 6> 1943 BLONDIE OPE STAR, HOPS, ARKANSAS By Chief; Young OZARK IKE Pugs Threa' COULD YOU ) DIRECT ME •/ i\ T^lSt : "" I'M LLICKV x J,. PLCMPlE DIDM'r ./ 'i' ilK •;HO WAS THE ) I GIRL r SAW ^ « . WAS UPON,) ;•.;''• THE EIGHTH ) x-Ti & FLOOBOF v ;TA\$ THE BANK- /,/ \y PUILOING?f<J. "\ <Sl ouiiu.''. jv.i ( -, , :i ;, / FIVE V PLCX'k': SSDE GLANCES CARNIVAL (Sfift^ .:* ^#?~-^-^wPl M ,^: }/ I vy«'^> ^ w ^^^^f \\V ' &~ - ^ / ^^A^mmm • "WWW V * -• - ) Vw ^ V , i 11 \f ,' <;>* ^P^^' ^' ^. corn. :5.'.r, DY r;r;,( SERWOE. INC. T. M. nee. u; a. PAT. cr?. V '6 "Why, yjc, I die! get my own breakfast this mornm?! How did you know?" "" By Dick Turner R. 1Q4C nv HEA SESVICE. INC. T. M'. REG, u. s. PAT. OFF. ; "BetLcr rap me out a couple more campaign promises or so— you know, something fantastic with an air of truth 13 FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By B^osse? ^. _____. ll" 11 !! • IKE SELUS ABCDTTOTOLL A I'LL. 1 .' STEM'S LIKE SCHOOL j SAY' . UST LEI OUT VF.STERDAY/ J'^?,. * 1 ' LL -SAV "AMD ' I'LL \ I HOPE-' ^ TCLL lriE.WOR.LD "AWAV MO TELL 1-ROM SOME PCOPLE AMD /YOU' AlMT You cur THEIR. COMVER- < ir fwe bATIOM ABOUT TlFTY . 1 TRUTH? , PERCENT' ' POFSYF. 'Ohc. r.-san f v;ere v;e worried last month!" , BY NEA jLHVICE. ffJC. T. -'I 1 i y HAH.'! 7PE Thimble Theater . £-~ij~)'^. c^ ^P/H 5OOA-) ° JRBARINGUSE With Major I-loupIe 0\"-1 DO N'C'C ClTV ____ Hl'!-l,.\T vJAA 'SMEE'.R GF-Ki|Us 1!h\ SELUhifc j| .'.VAKfc, Hl^ll-JG BlLLV TH£- ^ OUT A T-E\«J • c .ri-' jj r,.iD POR ^50 FOR A j-.Y €>lAOP\N)ORi^ ITEMS ) GOT H£!?£ 0^"fi4£. r£>'on-sKov^ — ONiLv i. y n^ie, MOMTK, AMD APRAIKUV V-JM,KR& f ; lit-VOERSTAMD KG / I IF VC'U'LL (?eMlMD//-rtAEC& AK-VT ^O .. I Ci-lftN!£eD HIS MiMD J / Me OMTHE V\'AV <^.( CDKE-STOfiF.S ------ ' J — -TOD/V/ lAE'fc, V M.ON\E,ThleRE'S A )[ HOV-iDD VOOK'BEP 3 ClAARLEG OiC^e^S.'j SCtD&E ACROSS / VvSRGBL.P It^ c< ' it,\:---a^r.-;, •- »,vi"-: ;v j "TI U'v:: ji '.!•! -! 'Mv^' ^VM::::|:;-%ilf:f.f:rS|- .. ; . i '^ ,- ^ "• • '•' •' Vi .- • l 'i -(•-"-•! . . '.';A THE PENNANT RIDES ON THIS GAME, AND SKELL.EY SENDS A RELIEF PITCHER TO THE HILt,T OU RAGS AIM T STARTED ONE SINCE MID- SEASON r BEEN USING HIAA\ IN THE LATE INNINGsN TO PUT OUT THE FIRE, BUT IF A BLA2E 7 STARTS TODAYv-T RAGS WON'T \ HAVE NOTHING I LEFT TO FIGHT IT WITH/ J\ / A BREAK WHEN THE REST OF THE LEAGUE CONSIDERED ME WASHED UP... By Roy GoHo " , ...SO ill. THROW MY .HEART OUT TO WIN . N EM THE FLAG AND A FLING . AT THE WORLD..,, ,„, , {O f' VIC FLINT f I /s /,S"/J> AS STRONG AS HIS _ HCART? / I FIGURE THERE'S PIRATE ' TREASURE AROUND HERE Wry, AND IT'S STIR UNDER YOUR POOL, OR YOUR UNCLE AiViCLER FOUND IT BEFORE Nil-It POOL WAS 1 \FINISHED ME'S BEEN ACTING MOST STRANGELY, VIC. WASH TUBB5 n Uncle 4mbfer's study next door... By Michael O'MaJiey & Ralph Lane —- I'U. STOW THE RATTtESNAKe ABOARD! CbCOA. THEN TOMORROW NIGHf WHEN AMBLER WAYOZOSS IS ALONE ON SPANISH CHEST, WE DROP IT IN FlINT GUESSED ' MY SECRET. BEGINS MY LITTLE DRAMA. ON GUARD, .YOU MAIL-ORDER SHERLOCK HOLMES.' I.KRST VOU COULD LET ME CASH \ SORE.Y, McGEE IhM SWINDLER'S CHECK BEFORE HE ) BUT I NEED IT 'FOR. EVIDENCE NT VOUR TRIftL, 1 . WITHDRAWS HIS ACCOUMTl ~\(\ Lid A^J_ 0*UT- McKEE IS BAILED FOR HO.VEsT OOHM t-ELOMV Bl Leslie Turner FATE Hfts5 DUWPED ME IN A HOT&ED OF MOI2OWS, BUT THEREl, OWE PAY OF SUNSHINE... HIS OWN WOW I BETTER PUT THIS CHECK , AWAY TILL- WEU, IP THW PONT BEAT TH' DO&Sl S r?/ DOMALD DUCK By Carl Anderson L fly Walt Disney ALLEY OOP ., . ; ii''r/jAcajpt.e OF PREHISTO \A I.AI-OKA1OR.V FOR. We EXPLOKAT/ON or- AVCIENT r/Aies CAME INTO BEING By V. T. HamCin «*x/£.p ove PAY TO FIND HIMSELF ALONE 41 OOOLATVES.SHEFELT WENT \MeeLECTED,, ' by tdgar Martin RED RYDER rk •'lus^t* *^. ..-,,.-^. 1 .-..'- \Jvg-~- ftiify^ \ By Fred Harmor ME c-ACi--' VET wrr-i

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