The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 24, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 24, 1934
Page 3
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I MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 24. 1934 ID SEME Twenty-One Summoned for Service at Approaching Term of Criminal Court. OSCEOLA, Ark.—For the fivsl lime In the r, nun Is of the criminal court here women are included in the regular panel of grand »nd petit jurors. Sheriffs deputies summoning jurors for tlie regular term of criminal court, which will convent here October 15, will summon 2) women. They are Mesdames J. H. Robinson and J. ']'. Polk, of Reiser; Mrs. w. E. Hunt' of Osceola;' Mrs. R. c. Langslon' of Luxora and Mrs. Le.xic p. Nicholson, of Whitton, on the grand jury, with Mrs. Joe Miller, of Basseit, an alternate" grand Juror, and on the pellt jr^- Mrs. p p Jacobs, of Ortder; Mis. R. C. Bryan, of Oseeola; Mrs. W. B. Burkett, of Bassclt; jfrs. E. n. Began Luxora; Mrs. A. E. Thome and Miss Emma Cox, Oseeola, and Mrs. R. L. Roach, Wilson, will] Miss Nora Wise, Uixora; Mrs. N. G. j Mann, Marie; Mrs. George Edrington, Oseeola; Mrs. Carl Franks, Grider; Mrs. E. B. Woodard, Red Line; Mrs. J. II. Grain, Wilson; Mrs. Fred Crockett, Kelser; and Mrs. Oliver Clnrk, Frenchman's Boyon, as alternates. Jury commissioners who depart-' ed from the accepted custom of including only men on the jury are George Doyle, of Oseeola, W. M. Taylor, of Kelser, and w. P Wilson, of Wilson. Only one of the,women summoned has seen any previous jury service. Mrs. w. E. Hunt served on a jury here about 15 years ago. She was not, however, on the regular panel, but was summoned as one of a special venire which presiding Judge Johnson ordered for the trial of a bootlegging case after membeir^pf the regular pan- J3LYTHEVILLE, (ABK.)' COURIER NEWS Bayonet Glint Glimpsed On Hitler Labor Corps Spades el had returned a scries of acquittals in similar cases. Circuit Judge G. E. Keck of Blytheville will preside at the coming term. Other jurors are: Grand jurors: A. H. Burch, E. £. Chiles, Oseeola; Joe T. Cromcr Carson; Eric Fletcher, Bassctt; Charles J. Lowrnnce jr., Driver; J. B. Wilson, Joiner; V. J. Ashley, Red Lino; Alvin Wunderlich Luxora; P, o. Anders, Burde'te- J.' C. Ciillom, Wilson, and Rufus Clay, West Ridge. Alternate grand jurors: G.C. Reeves, Reiser- j p Douglas, Wilson; Roy Womack, Keiser; G. A. Looney, Whitlbn and Sam Bowen, Luxora. , Petit jurors: Fred Patterson Aubrey Cowan, w. J. Driver jr., G. S. Battle, Oseeola; Charles Woocl- rtiff, West Ridge; Ji>-k Uzzeli Pecan Point; T. H. Str'eeter, Wilson- P. M. Miles, Charles R. Coleman, E. C. Cook, Colemnn Crews Kei- Mr; R. K. Crockett, Osceola- H B. Goldman, J. L. Goforth, Wil£on; Louis Johnson, Dewitt Tolbert, Red Line; J. p. Holiman, New Lcpanto. Alternate petit jurors: p. p. clay, Wilson; Tom Brown, Red Line; Harvey Wilson and P. P. Rowell, Kciscr Roy Nelson Leads Skeet Shooters- Sunday With 23 Out of 25. PAGE THREE Today's Markets New York Cotton N1W YORK, Sept. M (UP) — Coiton dosed barely steady, OIXMI iiiish low Oct 1285 IW 1250 1254 Pec I'JflO 1282 1WJU 1268 Jail 12B3 1285 1209 I'J7U March 1202 I2oa 1271 jj{|) Iliy IMS 1298 1280 1282 »ly . 1300 1302 1283 1280 Spots closed quiet at 1280, oil 5. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORMJAKS, l^it. •« (UP)— Heavy ginning figures luivc started talk of n revision upward In crop estimates and as a rftSHll prices dropped four lo seven points on. tlie New Orleans exchange to- open hlijli low close Oct • mo 1272 1254 1201 Dec 1285 I2H5 IMG 1275 Jan .. 1291) 1290 1273 |2fll March . 1'2'Jl 1293 V21G 1284 May . ' 12M 1208 1282 1280 July 1302 1302 1288' 1202 Spot* closed <|iilet a( 1287, olf 5. W. K. thdllMON'U i- CO/S AFl'lJHN'OON (,'OTJ'ON' IJ?ITKK NEW OUUMNS, Sept. 24.—Son- llmcnt has hci-n encouraged by the strjkc ctovclopmenis, but the market nsahi failed lo rpspoml lo favorable news. The rc.siiuipiloii of work In .tlic textile Industry loduy and the official announcement that provisions of the llnnkhend Act were not (o bu suspended Jnliod to check tin; declining tendency In Hie cotton market, which felt the weight of selling due lo larger cmji Wens ns a result of today's Ginning figures, ns high as 9,500,000 tales. Selling based on these Ideas broke prices iibont 20 points from flic morning's . Usl, but pressure lessened in Die nflenioon mid f«|,-,y good recovery occurred, Hcpoits from textile centers Indicate tlmt jiorimi) operations arc wing resumed rapidly, w m, wor)c . ers In general allowing a desire lo return to their tasks, but in Bonn' cnsi's (lie supply of labor nvallnblo exceeded (lie demand At one point In the Cnrollnas 200 strikers were turned awny, ihui Plates having been fined when this mill opened last week. Chicago Wheat °ix>n high low close Sep m 1-4 IM 3-81031-2 103 1-2 Dec 104 104 S.H m M | 0;J M Chicago Corn open high low dose Sap 78 78 m 77 3 r 8 71 3 8 Oec 78 3-8 78 5-8 11 8-8 17 3- W. K, RICHMOND Jfe C'O.'S AMKRNOON (IH^IN I,K'FTER CHICAGO, Sept. 24.-BU1I1M, Canadlnu weather news today wus offset by tli6 lower trend of whcal nl. Liverpool' and by Ihe 'failure' of slocks lo carry through on their rally of jsjs) 'week. There, was not much smip to the buying of wheat and tlio small rallies were met by selling. The net results were ije ellnes of fractions, and an Incliii- |p(lon to heaviness lit mini dcui- Igs. Winnipeg was stcndy on Hie ilH'iivy snow* In Snsk'alcliowan and Albcrln which were expected to 'delay threshing for the rcm "No one will live in Germany who views the work of his hand as inferior ' lo other work!.;..In I lie future all' young Germany will behind the swastika, below. . " Wily Girl Nomads Win Meals As Well-As Automobile Rides Strikingly revealed in the article belcm- is the psychology of the feminine wanderer. This is OIM\ cf a series nf true £tor- its of the rnad written for the Courier News .mil NBA Service by a girl who herself became a bilch- hikcr in order lo study tins phenomenon: of Uie times. * . » * BY MISS LESLIE SHAW \Vritlen for NEA Service I met Marion at one of the smartest Florida resorts, where I this, were paying for no meals. It's all on the house," her white teetli gleamed as she laughed. "You make them ,_ feed you, too?" 1 asked • IncroUufoiisly": <;':".' "They feed me. ' No questions or favors asked." She was as good as her word. There was something about Marlon's walk alone that was compelling; you could spot Her half a ' mile ahead on a road. Her vital- j Ity drew, people and things to her. Peace to Chaco May Be His Goal — • ^f "'<^n- *• "ij Mm\v li^uiJiM vuiu uungs 10 her had gone in search of a job as I Of course, there is no doubt thst an emergcncv relief u-nrk-pr. Rhn'shn »unp r^,^n «„» ~< ~ ,, , an emergency relief worker. She-she was one out of a had come there first of all far the races and the swimming and to get a' job as a side issue. In a few days we both found ourselves jobless and broke so It was natural that we met at the home for stranded thousand — - — .. Eirls, combining looks with levelheaded judgment of people and ability to control them to her ow;i ' on a boulevard leading Roy Nelson wns high scorer among sportsmen participating in f ° rc " 23 llits out of fl ble 2a for the best single round of the day. He also with Bill Smead and Car, % lie with 21 out of 25 for y others cards. I A ""inter of in 20 out of A total of 1.000 birds was trap"M ^",'," g ^"^ay's s,,oot. The club holds shoots twice a week o.i w «"»#«» The en- now been atolis1 '- nrc only rcnnlrwl for their targets! ed f u " Har or M, ," SC " 001 pl '" Ia J' Slchn, ^" Cfit ot lh ' e c »n"i ki chcn which netted the club a total of $26.08. A box of candy •"won by Miss Dorothy E,u ' • as the prettiest girl kin, C °"" nUt « of Mrs. R. I,. Hlw I B i, i W ' R ' Llgliirool, Mrs. J- H. Buck and Mrs. Earl Willker kitctrl, " CW »«otan« to Se u PM i °°, r nntl tt>Mcs - »o"lng utensils ana f la.<« \vindovre. Cand r «"'Hy, of ' Vrerc Saturdr, r night TI, There .i at conway lo bc r. Johnston who has ocen 8l the Blythevme is now much better ovcd l»"»>e Sunday. be a bingo party at the the Epworth league. schoo or ;overnment women. I had tried every possible resource before I went there, for I was determined not to get in touch with my family. I had tried for a Job as Bovcrness, as child's nurse, and at last even as mother's heliwr. Always I «-as told :hat local references were necessary, and that a college degree wasn't important. Marion thought this was just funny. "Who wants to bothei with somebody else's kids, any- u'.iy?" jhc demanded. all her good looks and charm—she was a black-haired French-Spanish girl from New Orleans—Marion had no luck to bra» of in holding her various jobs as vrailress. she just couldn't, take her work seriously, and .spent half her time wisecracking with customers. She made good tips so long as the toss let her work, but that was seldom long. Wanderer's Heart She was restless, eager to be on the high road again, having spent the last few months traveling back and forth to California. "This is a swell place." she said referring to the federal homo which stood by the edge of a grccn-vlolcl fcay surrounded by cocoanut palms. "But they've got Ico many rules. I check with them that rules are rules, but they're not for me." Sirs had a sudden inspiration. "Come on, let's hitch it up to Washington! Thai's where all this government money Is being dished out, liver hear ot the While House?" "All I know about it is what 1 read in the papers." i mocked. "But they never heard about inc. Still, llicrc xhoulcl IK some good chances there. • I'll go." For Marion it wns just one more jaunt, bul it was a big day for me when I made Hint decision. It wa-^ my first long hop without, money. One morning, having packed and stored all my clothc-s, except a handful, at the Y. W. I at Ihc door of Mnrion's Tests do not uphold the belief that the grcata- number ofoeps k hen !aks, the poorer the quality of (hi egis. q room. We slipped out quietly, r had cxnclly 60 cents in the world. Marlon liad something over a dollar. "No ftucslions Asked" "Now listen," she said. "We'll buy ourselves coffee. But after Marion guided the it liinieil out that ends. We _._ _..„„.,, out of town, having had our coffee. She looked over her shoulder. "A car's coming, and it's going to stop." Free ISonrd It slopped, and a man in a chauffeur's uniform tipped his hat. "Glad for a ride." Marion told him. "We're walking [o tlie North Pole before breakfast just for exercise." He smiled. conversation, _ _. this was his own car, which lie used for sight-seeing tours and that he was an his way to Jacksonville. Within an hour we were also on our way to Jacksonville, having first been given breakfast. That night we slept In the car, parked near a tourist's rest, wliili the driver took a cabin, and Incidentally took his keys with him. 'He left us (he next. day. in Jacksonville near the Y. w., having first given us breakfast, and having thanked IB for the pleasure our company. "You must admit I-'know how to pick 'em," Marion said. "And now we're going to let yon pick one. I'm training yon. remember." "Stick with me, and you'll save money." she. told me when- we counted up alter lunch and found Pope I'iii.s's ilrsirc to cml' the- protracted war lietwccn Bolivia and 1'arnyiuiy i.s snfil to be lllo ; real reason far sending Cardinal ; KilKCilio Paiiclli, above, lo tho j Kiicliarixtic Congress ill Buenos Aires. It is llift sccoiul lime in ' moiicvti history Dint a pontifical ' secretary of slate lias liecn sent abroad. ' !iccl, and he sped away )ii a cloud of rage and gasoline fumes. "You're too she criticized. nuicn o* a lady," "That guy would ptarnce of a hot bath, of clcnn clothes, of regular incnls Hint I hud unconsciously accepted as the basis of my life. I fell seedy, and "in sure 1 bagiui to look It. We were soon discovered by nil elderly army olficer on' his way to vhll his married daughter In Atlanla, Marion promptly launched a I)nron Mimclianseii story. '•"We've 'slept in 'the tree ID|IS lifec Tarzan's unite. We've lived on game and berries and rools we found in Ihe wilds of Jacksonville. We've combed our hair wllli sticks and mended our clothes with pine needles." fays for Diversion The old gentleman WBS diverted, ami by the lime we reached Atliinla, lie hnd put us up nt tourist . shelters, had fed us, and in Idling us goodbye, had pressed a dollar bill into our hands. "I've tot daughters of my own," he said. . In Atlanta, wo again hcnded for the Y. w., as do many girls on Hie road. Yon feel safe and under no obligation for having had an horn's rest and n chance to Ret cleaned and pressed once more. Occasionally we met flrls who asked to join us, but Marion always refused. ' "No one's going to pick us lip if we look like a girl's school on field day," she reasoned. NEXT: Girl w/» dercrs come In parlinir "f Hie ways. GAL10W, O. I UP) — ,\ cannon from the historic U. K. navy 'rignte Constitution, known as 'Old Ironsides," i s being nioimlccl in Ihe yard of |he Gallon Metallic ™-' """I'anyJ The old ship is ^ i:1 Ihc Boston navy bales nml'lanS tar8er Umn ™>*M ll'c j-iniT i ? no com " 1<! »t Hint aul'tlat , ?" """ l "'- Ml "Wt- a h J " l WMk WO "W "CC »£~HS«i len-m^rorccBt that ml g b\-^ never have tried to get fresh with no. You've got to keep your mind on what you 'want, and let Ihc that we hat! just 15 cents On Ihc second lap of our journey walked aboul two miles out of town before I managed to nag clown a car with a single: passenger. Marion invarhuly turned town oflcrs if there were two men :n a car. "They usually get sentimental or amorous or something when they're paired off, two and two," she philosophized. An Unwelcome Friend I chose a icdan driven fly a middle-aged man with red Jowls who lurneci out to IK a traveling salesman. In half an hour he became over-friendly with n, c , winking broadly nl Marlon meanwhile. M.irlon look-tyl at him with weary disgust. "Drop Ihe anchor. This is where vou lose your cargo." "Why, don't you like my drlv- ng?" he asked indignantly. "It's not your driving I don't Ike," she retorted. 'Well, what I don't like Is ue- trimmed," he snorted, his. owls becoming redder. "What do you expect for a ride n your 1930 tin buggy? Love and kisses?" Marlon tiiniEd on her look want oul for him- lo travel f:ir :(her fellow self, if you alone." 'How do you like it by this lime?" Marion asked, as we took the highway for Atlanta. "I feel like the Unknown Hitchhiker," I said. "All I need is a monument." "You'll B cl over Hint, and in sis months they couldn't tie yon down witli iron chains." Ornuiii!: I)oul( But I wasn't so sure. Of cour.-i; Ilicrc was always the thrill of what would happen Ihcrc was always the The Busy People's Laxative wondering PURE v, 'Chilled By Frlgldaire Silfc - Sanitary PInl - 7c Qu»rl - 12c CRAIQS DAIRY Plionfi 74 WORK / PURINA DOG CHOW is fed b/ ,7,ore hunting dog owners ihln tny oilier brand ol dog food because It CONDITIONS DOGS 1OR HARD WORK. D,opin oad get some. Cash Feed Store The moderate Increase in Ihe vis IWe supply 'J3S without effect 01 the innrkct. Corn larury followed wheat am showed no rally from", the inoder ale losses. A message from central Illinois said yields Would piovt disappointing In Hint section owlnj lo the ilnmnge cnus;d by clilncl bugs, counliy bookings were only 21,000 Oat^ followed the trend of oth- ;r grains. Provlsteisdecllned rather sharp- y with scattered commission lioiise iquldatlon, Closing Stock Price* \ — i NFW YORK, Scpl 24 (UP) — A dcc|lnc of more Ihan six. polhts n the slock of U s. Smelting md Refining company featured;all rregnlarly lower slock market, to' dnj A T and T , Amconda Copjwr nctlilehem Steel ChoMcr Cities Seivlco Coci Coh Oencral American Tank Genernl Electric . Oe»eral Motors , IiilcrmUlonal llarvestci- Montgomery Ward New York Central ' Packard Phillips Pelrolciim , lliullo Corp Sljninoiu Jieils 61, I^>nls-San Francisco Standard o,' N. J. Texas Co U fa blcel U. 3. Smelling 109 7-8 11 28 1-4 32 1-2 1 7-8 129 1-2 32.1^4 18 29 27 5 8 2 1 ) 1 4 21 3 l-i 15 J-B 5 7-8 9 11 71? 1 22 7 32 1 113 3- KINOSVILuE, O (UP)—In thU lake Erie \llliiBe, little moie thanl 60 mile* fiom Ontario, cotton la nliiii siiccesf.fu'iy in Mrs K B| Uotson's garden. Phone 717 At Nljht—Sunday—Anytime tor Quick and Dependable'' Wrecker Service Phillips Motor Co. Givc Us Your Order for' COAL now while delivery cost Is tlw lowcsl. We handle Red Ash, Monta- vallo, Ark., New Rtvear Mnnchcslcr, Zelsler, Kentucky and DecliiKlcd Buckwheat for BtokersV GAY & BILLINGS Phone 76 ' '-" A Brand New SEASON SEPTEMBER marks the opening of a brand-new season in this business of running one's life. Back home—back'to work—back to school. Time to take' stock of most everything, isn't it? What's needed for the house, for the children/for yourself? ... At least a dozen spending decisions to be made very soon. ' How about choosing a school for ; 'thp. youngsters? (It's not too late even now.) And school equipment, too—p^-aml-pencil set, typewriter? Then don't forget new linens and towels foTthThouse^nid*bati> f9^ , room supplies, of course. Perhaps the pantry wants restocking. And you are going to redecorate at least ONE room, aren't you? Whatever your needs, the advertising pages of this newspaper will help you decide WISELY and spend WISELY. You can depend on advertised goods and services . . . for if they didn't represent pretty worth-whil evalues, the sponsors couldn't keep on advertising, and selling! Read all the sales messages in this newspaper. They have something worth"while to say to you. V

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