Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 4, 1948 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, September 4, 1948
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Two HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Snfurcfny, September 4, 1948 ertona Phone 1268 or 1269 Between 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. •vnciol Calendar i chuix ' h Mo » d «y. Kc » L Doily Bread al '' ;3 °- ' Slot y 1 <?n>'»rf-w «Arri< >i Tho Women's Council of First . ^ y ' p ^ . , ,, . Clnistian church will meet Monday, Vyn'rcrnng on the Friday Music | Septi n _ ,, s f 0 n ows: OJ.> broadcast Sunday afternoon i circle No. I — Homo of Mrs. W. fit 4 (ia.uk will be Miss Harriet : \v. Ducketl, with Mrs. Fred Yocnrn C.,nirs. ,; -, s associate hostess, and Mrs. El- Hendrix , nic) . Anderson, leader of the program. Circle No. 2 will moot .'it the church in Fellowship Hall with Mrs. Cline Franks as leader of the program. t Washington. D. TVkJ arty and Mrs. jf, Sept. 6 Mo. 1 ot the W. S. C. S. rt in «" Hist Methodist church will iii" 1 '*! Vonday afternoon al 4 o'- c'''ck Ju (he church. Mrs. Claud \E uid Mrs. .T. M. Harbin will The regular monthly meeting of the official board of First Christian lie hi Houses. Mrs. J. 13. Kooncc church has been postponed until ••."lit be in charge of the program. Monday, Sept. 13, at 7:30, in order —1 to give special committees time to Monday. ?ept. 0 complete reports that must be acl- Tb" ibon'l of stewards of First od upon before the annual meot- M th 4"' church will meet Mem- ! ing. ti 5"pt G, at the church at 7:30 j There will be a meeting of Band p, >n " 'Mothers at the band room Monday j evening at 7:30 o'clock. Baptist i • — church Notice 'i 1 » y r Ii'nch ilOioJ. > i-Oi Ihi" ono sre Oil, U) f7 ' W. A. of First yill meet at the evening at 6:15 legular monthly ul session. All d to attend. o'clock Circle 5 of the W. S. C. S. of the business j First Methodist church has been members ' postponed until Monday, Sept. 13. Continued Froir, Pngc One in turn reflect the leaders' mental Quirks. That still doesn't prove tho worth i or wisdom of lugging ;> whole cn- j unlry with a national neurosis. Not I that tin.- whole thing matters too I much maybe, ft isn't likely thai. ! many Americans. Britons. Russians | or Germans are going to be loo j upset when • a psychoanalyst tells I them that they are harboring a deep-seated sense of guilt because ol 1 some of their leaders' past actions I But 'the irnpc. . . .. , ... for science.) of psychiatry by these generalrtics? Why is it belter to I under say that America is a nation ridden by a guilt neurosis than it is to say thai Germany is a racially superior nation, or that, one color of skin is superior to the next, or that one religion is morally free lo exterminate another? There is a great work thai, psychoanalysis can do. But surely that work must be done with individuals. In the meantime, mass diagnosis doesn't seem lo us to be much different or much belter than mass hysteria. East Arkansas Preparing for Cofton Contest Bl.ythovillc. Sept. 4 --.(/Pi — It's cotton picking time in East Arkansas •— and that means the national notion picking contest is not far i away. j On Oct. 1. 200 of the nation's j speediest cotton pickers will com' pete heie lor a grand prize of $1,000 janjl the title "World Champion i Cotton Picker." T \venty-three oth- | !r pri/es will be given winners in jthe open division and seven m tue are the analysts advancing j '.'/omen's division, iportant and deveoping art ; Two special pri/os will be award- ad. One will tfo :<j the ni Hi.-, ington iv£ No, 2 of the First Meth- U.iuch will meet at the home O A. Graves. 420 N. Wash- witli. Mrs. R. M. Briant co- 0 :*o, 3 ol the W. S. •1 "VIelhodist church Monday afternoon at at (he home of vlll 4 Mrs. E. P. j went to traveling Mrs, Thompson Evans, Jr. Entertains With Bridge Mr.-':. Thompson Evans, Jr., entertained with four tables of bridge at her home Thursday afternoon at 2:30. The house was attractive with lovely arrangements of Summer flowers. High score prize was won by Mrs. Edward Lester, second high Mrs. Jack Clcary, and )>rb,e was awarded to C>nel« No. 4 of the W. S. C. S. !• i' «-t Methodist church w;lj rrrel at 4 o'clock at the home o'f 5 -it T. White, 220 N. \Yash- ] Mrs. LaMarr Cox. i The hostess served a delicious dessert course to Ifi guests. Auxiliary of church will board of the "Vo- First Prcsby- Coming and Going Miss Mclva Jean Wright, daugh- i tcr of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Wright ! of Hope Route One, left for Shrevc- STARTS SUNDAY meet at Ihe port where she will enter nurses' :raining at the Shreveport Charity Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Kyler motored lo Little Hock Friday to attend the funeral of a returned veteran, Lt. Conul. Brinkley Bass, son of Mr. and Mrs. Percy Bass of Beaumont. Texas. Lt. Cornd. Bass was killed in action Aug. 27, 19-14. Motor Taxes Jn Arkansas Almost 2 Million Little Rock, Sept. ,'i — lift —Arkansas collected SI ,ti7G.08ri.G9 in motor fuel taxes and motor vehicle license fees during August, the state highway department reported today. Of the total collections, $1.015,- 223.C8 went lo the state highway fund. Counties received SI '.'A. 3(15.3!) in turnback, and collection costs were $50,282.57. The report also showed there were 381,324 motor vehicles registered in the state lasi month. joyed . plenty of ice cream and cake. After cream and cake were served the rest of the time was spent "visiting their neighbor." There were around TiO people present. The nexl meeting will be held at the community building Sept. 2!). Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Spr/jgins will have as guest their son, Stuart Spragins of Little Rock. Their grandson, Carroll Hyatt of Northwestern university, arrived last week for a short visit before resuming his studies. This will be the first time the entire family has been together since the war. Charles Hyatt and his sister.Eff- ic Elise, will leave on Monday for Hendrix college, Conway. Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Potter of Weatherford, Texas, are week-end guests of the L. A. Walker family on South Main St.. Miss Mary Esther Edmiaston joined Mrs. Wilson and Miss Ann Wilson of Fulton Friday night for a week-end visit in Galveston. They will return Monday night. David Newborn left Tucson, where he will University of Arizona. today attend for (he George Newborn, 3rd, will arrive today from Kansas City for a weekend visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Newborn, Jr.. Clubs Shover Tho Shover Springs Home demonstration Club met Friday night, Aug. 27, at the community building for their recreation meeting, which was an ice cream supper. The families that didn't bring ice cream I brought a cake. So evei-ybody en- Baker For the August recreation meeting, tho Baker Home Demonstration club, with their families, gathered at Fair park for a chicken and ice cream supper. Those attending were: Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Fenwick. Sr..Mr. and Mrs. Roy Baker, Mr. and Mrs. James Lauterback and family, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Tonncrmakcr and family, Mrs. J. W. White and family, and their guest. Miss Barbara Merrill of Camden: Mrs. Joe Daugherty and family, and Mrs. Burnice Honea and daughter. Following the supper, the group attended the Hope-Hot Springs ball game. Mrs. T. B. Fenwick, Sr.. has been appointed as one of the delegates to attend the State Council years of age and the other to the best picker (>."> years old or over. .Defending champion is Ed Anderson,. 18-year-old Kjemiett, , Mo., youth, who last year picked 90 pounds of clean cotton in the two- Iiour contest. Defend in.? women's champion, and the first entrant to win the top award two years in succession, is Mrs. Helen Poole ot Leachville, Ark. Quality as well as quantity of cotton picked counts in the championship event. Judges consider the cleanness of the fiber and plant rows in naming the winner. The Blytheville Junior Chamber of Commerce is contest sponsor. Crew Abandons 8-29 in Mock Battle Over Europe London. Sept. 3 —(/I 3 )— The U. S. Air Force announced tonight an American B-29 superfortress taking oart in a mock air battle testing Britain's defenses was abandoned by its crew after developing engine trouble over The Netheralnds. "Six members ot the crew arc . known to have survived," the an- Inounccmcnt said. The British air ministry announced later that 10 crew members had been picked up. A dispatch from Vlissingen, The Netherlands, said at least seven o£ 'he crew parachuted safely to land. The British air ministry report- j eel late today that the entire crew of a B-29 had bailed out and the plane had crashed between Rotterdam and Utrecht. Later the air ministry amended this, saying the j plane actually was limping back; toward Britain on one engine. The still later report of the U. S. Air Force 'cold of the abandonment of the big craft. We rather think that there were two aircraft 'involved," the air ministry said. Ninety superforls arc taking part in the giant air defense test over Britain, which involves hundreds of British heavy and medium bombers and squadrons of jet fighters. Mock air battles were-staged over the Thames estuary and other ulaces in Britain as the bombers swung in from the sea in simulated raids. . 0 Many uncivilized races, such BROADCASTING SYSTEM FfASOOY AWARO 194.7 as the Zulus. Maoris, and Eskimos meeting which will be held at Fay- i are adept at ventriloquism, ac- eUevillc in September. | cording to the Encyclopedia Bri- The club will meet with Mrs. ' tannica, and ventriloquism also is James Lautcrbach on Sept. 10. practiced by chickadees and doves. By Elswyth Thane Copyright by Elswyth Tliane—. Distributed by NEA SERVICE. INC. THF, STORY: Hilary Shenstone, course we never—never quarreled, British secret agent, recalls lying wounded in the Indian desert beside a crashed plane, after completing a dangerous mission. He ra- members feeling a desperate need to return to England and Nuns Farthing, his family's country home. Next thing Hilary is aware of, he is back in London dropping in at his club. Bui no one seems con- scions nf his presence. Hilary learns that his brother, George, has been cutting in with Alice. Hilary's fiancee. He thinks it's all a dream until he overhears a repori of his own death. Shocked at first, you know. And he never— never never threw things at me!" The corners of her mouth deepened in her still girlish smile. ''But-—' "But wnat?' insisted Hilary. She gave a guilty sort of glance over her shoulder, as though to make sure that only George was in the room, and her voice dropped 1 still lower. | "I'm —saying whatever comes' into my head this morning, Goo-' rge, because I love you, and I want' you to be happy. And I'd like to j see Alice have what I never had—j security, and a settled feeling. Yoti I see, George, you're not strictly Saturday, p. m., Sept. 4 5:00 Take a Number—M 5:30 True or False—M 6:00 News, 5-Star Final 0:1") Sports 0:30 What's the Name of That Song—M 7:00 Twenty. Questions—M 7:30 Stop Me If You've Heard This—M 8:00 Three for the Money—M 9:00 Chicago Theater—M 10:00 Korn's a'Xrakin'—M 10:30 Jack Finn's Orch.—M 10:35 Mutual Reports the News ll:f!0 Sign Off Sunday a. m., Sept. 8 G:5« Sign On 7:00 Lew While Organ Melodies 7:30 Hymn Time 8:00 Unity's Gospel Hour 8:30 Chinch News of the Air 8:45 Silver Strings 8:55 News, Coffee Cup Edition 9:00 Rock of Ages Broadcast 9:30 Voice of Prophecy—M 10:00 Radio Bib 1 ? Class 10:30 Reviewing Stand—M 11:00 First Christian Church Services Sunday D. m., Sept. 8 12:00 William L. Shircr, News—M 12:15 John B. Kennedy—M 12:30 Cote Glee Club 12:50 Sacnger Preview 12:55 KXAH Noon Edition News 1:00 Ah-force Hour—M 1:30 Music for Sunday 2:00 Sunday Spotlight News 2:05 Keynotes by Carle 2:15 Friendly House 2:30 Life Begins at 80—M 3:00 House of Mystery—M 3:30 True Detective Mvsteries—IV) 4:00 Friday Music Club 4:30 Quick As a Flash—M 5:00 Roy Rogers' Show—M 5:30 Nick Carter—M G:00 Mystery Playhouse—M 6:30 Behind the Front Page—M 7:00 A. L. Alexander—M 7:30 Jimmy Fidler 7:45 Salon Serenade 7:55 News, Home Edition 8:00 Secret Miss.'"".—M 8:30 It's a Living—M 9:00 Voices of Strings—M 9:30 Symphony in Miniature 9:55 News. Final Edition 10:00 The Gospel Hour 10:30 Freddie Nagel's Orch.—M 10:55 Mutual News—M 11:00 Sign Off Monday a. m., Sept. 6 5:58 Sign on 0:00 Hillybilly Hoe-down 6:25 Bargain Roundup G;30 News. First Edition 6:40 The Four Knights 6:55 Market Reports 7:00 Farm Breakfast Program 7:15 Melody B'oys 7:30 The Devotional Hour 7:45 Musical Clock 7:55 News, Coffee Cup Edition 8:00 Sunrise Serenade 8:30 Bob Poole's Show—M 8:55 According to tho Record 9:00 Cecil Brown—M 9:15 Faith in Our Time—M 9:30 Installation of Queen Juliana of: Holland—M 10:00 Passing Parade—M 10:15 Victor H. Lindlar—M 10:30 Heart's Desire—M 11:00 Kate Smith Speaks—M 11:15 Kate Smith Sings—M 11:30 Buenos Amigos 11:45 Pauline Alpert—M Monday p. m., Sept. 6 Churches FIRST PENTECOSTAL Fourth and F-"ercjusin Rev. L. f-'. Ford, Pastor Sunday school 9:45 ;i. m. Morning worship 11 a. m. Voting Peoples service (j.-.'JO p. m. Kvmitfelisiic Service 7:30 p. m. Tuesday, 2:31) p. m.. L.-iclies Prayer Meetir.t;. Thursday, 7: HO p. m., Choir practice. l-'rklny. 7:30 p. in.. Bible Study. ST. MARKS EPISCOPAL The Rev. Mr. Henry B. Smith of Menu. Ark., \vill hold service:-; at •St. Marks Episcopal church. Sunday, September 5 nt H:30 a. m. DOROTHY DIX Girls Handicapped A bnbby-soxor writes to this column: "Of course, if you are born a girl, you have to take it and pre- if. You can't help WHAT is the ad- n.^ to the female tend !o like yourself, lint vi\nta r .'e of . so:'.'" Well, daughter, the perquisites of bfin:. 1 , a he instead of a she are so ntimi-'rous and fjreal that it is '-•^iljlo to enumerate them all. rally speaking, there 1 is no; that a woman has to do be- [ n the cradle and the grave Dnt isn't hnrder for her lo do just Hope Star be ie is a GARRETT MEMORIAL BAPTIST Nortl) Feryuson Street D. O. Silvey, Pastor Rock o Afges broadcast 9 to !):30; comfort over KXAR. Sunday School — 10 a. m. Grady Hairslon. Supt. Sermon — 11 a. m. B. T. C. — G:45 p. m. Sermon — 7:30 p. m. Monday — Auxiliary 2 p. m. Mrs. Wade Warren president. VWclnosclay — Teachers' meeting 7 p. m. Prayer Service 7:30. To botdn with, a niri baby starts life under (he handicap of having j to b'.' beautiful thoniih homely; I v.iieroar ;> man's lonks don't really j conn*. Of course, it must be a man to be ahle to Star of Hope 1899; Press 1927. Consolidated January 18, 1929 ^ Published every wnnkcloy afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. E. Palmer, President Alex. H. Washburn, Secretary-Treasurer at the Star buildinn 212-214 South Walnut Street, Hope, Ark. Alex. H. Washburn, Editor & Publisher Paul H. Jones, Managing Editor George W. Hosmcr, Mcch. Supt. Jess M. Davis, Advertising Manager HOPE GOSPEL TABERNACLE 321 N. Main Street H. Paul Holdriclge, Pastor You are invited lo attend and are welcome al the friendly Hope Gospel Tabernacle, where you are strangers but once. There is an appropriate class for your ;.(;e group in our completely departmentalized and growing Sunday School. Come with the many others who are now enjoying the blessings of the Lord, at the Tabernacle. Sunday School — 9:45 a. m. Radio Bible Class — 10 a. m. ! Broadcast over KXAR, 1490 on the j dial. ; Morning Worship — 11 World- Missions Day: Communion Service j to be conducted; New members will be received. | Choir Rehearsal — 4 p. m. Christ's Ambassadors — 6:15 p. j m. . ' Evangelistic Service — 7:30 p. m. Sermon by the pastor. I The Gospel Hour — 10 p. in. over! j KXAR, a 30 minute program. • j Wednesday: Prayer and Bible. i Study — 7:30 p. m. ; i Thursday: Women's Missionary • ! Council — 3 p. m. ! Friday: Prayer service — 7:30 p. i m. i take pleasure al what ho looks at v.'hr-n lie shave;; every morning, bill his personal satisfaction is about all that it amounts to. Being pretty doesn't, get a man elected President, or even got him a good iob. Ivit hein.'_ r easy on the eves j eerlainlv does help a girl to get a husband. Then, being a man is a social asset. No hosless refrains from inviting a man to a party because he has carroty hair and pale eyes, lint Homely Sarah never has a dato. No girl declines a man's invitation to go to a dance the theatre because he is fat and bMd-headod. but you can figure out for yourself what chance Chubby Jane would have of ever bc'-iim taken to a night club. Fasy Popularity For a girl to be popular in so- Entercd a"; second class matter ot the Post Office of Hope, Arkansas, under Iho Act of March 3, 1897. (AP)—Means Associated Press. (NEA)—Moans Newspaper Enterprise Association. Subscription Rates: (Always Payable In Advance): By city carrier per woc-k 20c' per month 85c. Mail rates—in Hempstead, Nevada, Howard, Miller and LaFayctte counties, $4.50 per year; elsewhere $8.50. National Advertising Representative — Arkansas Dailies, Inc.; Memphis, Tenn., Sterick Building; Chicaqo, 400 North Mich- iqon Avenue; New York Citv, 292 Madison Ave.; Detroit, Mich., 2842 W. Grand Blvd.; Oklahoma City. 3H Terminal Bldg.:- Now Orleans, 722 Union St. Member of tho Associated Press: Th< Associated Press is entitled exclusively tc or j the use for republication of all the local, news printed in this newspaper, cs well as ill AP news dispatches. Mrm-rse Reserves if Can A poly for Active Du'-y ne FIRST METHODIST CHURCH . West Second at Pine Rev. J. E. Cooper, Pastor Sunday School — 9:45 a. m. The Fidelis Class will have as guest speaker, Mrs. R. E. Jackson. All members are urged to be present. Morning Worship — 10:50 a. m. Sermon theme: ''The World's Greatest Prayer." pastor. The Sacrament of the Lord's supper will close the morning service. Kvening Worship — 7:30 p. m. Sermon theme: "Letting Precious Values Go" — Pastor. The Wesley Club lor Juniors — 0:30 p. rn. The Young Peoples' Groups — 0:30 p. m. Monday, Sept. 7 — Board of Stewards will meet at the church, 7:30 p. m. tber encourage George to win Alie away from him. all my hie—while your" lather was alive—' Her voice broke suddenly, and she rested her head on her left hand,' shielding her face. "I—I don't know quite whats eorno over me this morning. I j Hilary later decides to enjoy the «<-''-', ueorge, you re not strictly a situation. Next day lv> visits his j Shcnstono. You're my own son, l! mother's town house. George and ! ' 'ways think, from the McAndrews, his mother are awaiting Alice for , lde - You'd make Alice a good hus-j lunch. They, too. seem unaware of b , ll . ld :in(t Cither to her children, his presence. Hilary hears his mo- I,"',' f ' h ls 'y 01 ,' 0 tha " : can s ' ! ^' lm ' • ;Hilary. and that s the truth. It wo- juldnt be the wreched, one-sided KOI t of filing I had to put up with xiv '"" "" '" '" ' "You needn't look so innocent, George, you weren't born yesterday!!" said his mother and both her sons regarded her with amazement and no little respe.ct, from their separate viewpoints. ''I don't blieve Hilary cars tuppence for Alice anyway," she remarked defiantly. "She thinks he does," said George. "It amounts to the same thing.' "No—it doesnt,' she contradicted. "Besides, she wouldn't be happy with him. I mean—' she ad- bclieve Hilary cares tuppence for "—that is—I don't think she would." she finished lamely. "Why?' demanded Hilary. She went to drawing little meaningless things on a fresh .sheet of note-paper. "What makes y have made her 1. pressed her. "I wasn't —very happy." said his mother just above a whisper, watching the busy point of her pen. : in L i«iohouso "for 'six days"and" nT ! •And Hilarys exactly like Ins la-^),,.,. v ,.j, h()lll Bending me'one word. l i )'•>•••<- tlir-v sent him to Egypt, and I didn't hear for two months—like know I shouldn't be saving those dreadful things out loud. But it's not fair, George, it's not fair to Alice that I love like my own dau- lihter, not to warn her! I don't want her to live as 1 had to live, always in deadly fear that her man won't come back—and tho rest of the time hoping, praying that he wont go away again! And always knowing that it's no use, that he's bound to be off again soon—so soon—' "Hut. mum, good heavens, you had the War,' George reminded Kn^s her futilely. j f 1 '-™ "It wasn't just •'"••'•••• <>-- "'-- J1 - uu 12: 12:10 12:15 12:30 12:35 12:45 1:00 1:30 a: 00 2: 30 2:45 3:00 3:15 3:30 3:45 4:00 4:45 5:00 5:15 5:30 5:45 G:00 G:15 6:30 6:45 7:00 7:30 7:55 8:00 8:15 8:30 8:55 9:00 9:30 9:45 10:00 10:15 10:30 ,..,.,1,1...4 il I%.IM. i just during the War, IIi •-v Gt ' or "' e ' Even b^ore that started, limn.* ii,,, ,,,.,.. ahvavs doing something for [the Home Office that nobody else j dared to do. Once he went to Rus-S about spies. Once lie was down News, Home Edition Market Time Song of the Day Polka Interlude Farm Fail- Checkerboard Jamboree—M Queen for a Day Golden Hope Chest—M Movie Matinee—M Woody & Virginia—M Carnival of Music Robert Hurleigh—M The Johnson Family—M Meet the Band Two-Ton Baker—M Swing Time Guest Star Mert's Record Session—Al Superman—M Adventure Parade—M Tom Mix—M The Inside Story News. Five-Star Final Henry J. Tavlor—M Fulton Lewis, Jr.—M Adventures of Falcon—M Gregory Hood—M Billy Rose—M Gabriel Heatter—M Mutual Newsreel—M Quiet Please—M Bill Henry, News—M Fishing & Hunting Club—M Maurice J. Tobin—M Michael Zarin's Orch.—M AH the News—M Neil Goklen's Orch.—M Jack Fina's Orch.—M Mutual News—M Sign OH' Washington, Sept. 3 — f/P) — A . .slightly stronger U. S. fleet — in- Tnesday, Sept. 8 — Junior choir eluding a 45.00!)-ton aircraft carrier 7 p. m., Senior Choir 3 p. m. |— will replace the 14 American " 'ships now stationed in the Medit- , icra! lean. ! The irivy announced last night j that it i.; sonding a IB-vessel group | — stronger than the one now on i duiv l.:v one h--.a\ T y cruiser and one I dosu'over — lo take over in that] area about September 23. The 1.100 mumon, .and sermon. The spec,,,, !^'»- ^l^^-^^t ilent number." i The repir,cement fleet includes i the carrier Franklin D. Roosevelt, •with 72 fighter planes and 48 attack 1 bombers.' and smaller ships. FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH North Main at West Avenue B Wm. P. Hardecjree, Minister 9:45 — Sunday School. We have classes tor all ages. If you are not attending any other school, we cordially invite you to visit purs. 10:50 — Morning Worship, Comand Sermon. The special music will be a vocal solo by Ted .Tones, "The Holy City." 7:30 — Evening worship, Com- ! munion, and Sermon. The special ! music will be by the choir, "I j Love Him Because He First Loved \ Me." The service will begin fifteen j minutes earlier, and this time will [ be in effect through the winter \ months. : Moil-lay. September (ilh -- 3:3(1 : The Women's Council will meet in citcles. Circle No. 1 will meet . in the home of Mrs. W. W. Duekett with Mrs. Fred Yocum as associate • hostess and with Mrs. Elmer An- [ derson the leader of the program. Circle No. 2 will meet at the Church \ in Fellowship Hall with Mrs. Cline : Franks as the leader of the pro- ! gram. 7:30 — The regular month- ; ly meeting if the Official Board has been postponed until Monday, September 13th, in order to give special committees time to complete re- • i ports that must be acted on before I the annual meeting. ; Thursday, Sept. 9— 7:30. Choir! rehearsal. Members please notice ' that the mooting time is filteen ciety she has to be pretty and' bright and charming, a good dancer and have a managing Mama, but all that a man needs'to make every door open to him is just to be a man. He rfiay be dull as dishwater and dance like a performing; bear, but girls will still date him. A man doesn't have to watch, his step as a woman does. He can do things with impunity for which, a woman is sent to Coventry. He ...... T , , c . . „ ,_, , T i doesn't have to keep one ear LiUle Roc.-:. Sept. .-, — <,P)— Mem- I cnc k cc i listening to what Mrs. -I-S ol the active or inactive Ma- j Crundv is saying behind his back, ••• corps reserve in Arkansas now j but i£ ' a girl stum bles she is gos- apply lor :>.} months activd i sinnrd ahoul and her past is remembered as long as she lives.' Nor does a man have to console amorous bosses who are married to wives who don't understand them. All that is expected of him is for him to do his work, lie personally does not havo to run a petting parly. Another great advantage in being a man is the privileuc of picking out your mate. He doesn't have to take what he can get. as so often does a woman. If a man sees a maiden who fires his fancy, he can use his every endeavor to I sell himself to her and convince | her that he is the hero of her j girlish dreams and that she can I never be happy unless she has him j for a husband, but all that a poor i girl can do towards getting the j man she wants is just to sit around ! and look willing. And the crowning advantage of being a man is that he can have his cake and eat it, too. He can go on with his life work and still get married, as women very seldom can do without eventually landing in the divorce court. For when a man marries he acids tho i me Selective I announced t'ioek, officer, in recruiting in Ar- rvi:-ts enlisted on would have no under the draft ine 21 months active 'no enlisted after June will he obligated to in the reserve their tours of applications for ne sent to the 'Eighth Marine district at New joy of a home and wife and children to his career, but when a woman marries she has to sacrifice one or the other, because being a wife and mother is no part-time job. So, considering this and that and the other thing, it is nol lo be denied that men get the best of it in life. (Released by The Bell Syndicate, Inc.) minutes earlier than the summer months. it CATHOLIC CHURCH Mass Sunday momint olic Church at 0:30. at Cath- FIRST SUNDAY SINGING j First Sunday Singing will be he-Id at Unity .Baptist Church Sunday! at 2:30.' ' i out into ther." That jerked CJeorgi open. "Oh, here, I say—-! 1 always tho- Hi'lu you and the j-uvnor hit it off fairly well—" he i-xchiinu'd shocked. His mother bit her lip a row ot little circles on and then v.vnt alum.; the iliui dots in the center ot tidily. George v.'as starin ice-ton;_;s in hand. "1 shouldn't have said anything.' she tniirjuureii at. last, "1 was only trying tu 1 George.'' i "But of course, munv—.say auy- ' tiling yen like! (July--" George put i down the itv-tonus, pour : half a ulass of tfr.- White j and drank it up. } "It's me yuu're trying to help,' I Hilary tnkt her a bit "grimly. "You J reiauml.K-r rue, du.'i't you. mother | I'm the younger one." i "--oidy it was a i said G joi 1 ".:, tell bit the ' "Yes, I I mined, ci: it heai .Hilary now. out there on the Bor• 'K-r. It's no marriage, its no life .lor a woman—to love people like illilaiy! Dont let her. George." she entreated him hysterically. i"i.'"ii'l let Hilary have Alice'!' ; "' -'e.' said Hilary. "Mater, for heaven's sake—!" George v. as genuinely horrified. : "You ivally must pull yourself ! to.i.'elliL-r!" "Hullo, am I late or anything?" ' said Aliee irom the doorway. She saw Mrs. Slieustone's tears then, and baited with a child's einlrir- r;:sM-d impulse lo back out of tin; room, followed by a quick anxi.'ly, "Oh. sorry- -Himon said—' What is , it.' Have you had bad news?'' i "No, of course not—no news at all." Mrs Sbenstone recovered : quickly, and wiped her yes. "Come in, dear -youre not a bit 1,'jte. George is going to make sione cocktails. Luncheon will be ready in a minute-. I must just go and see about the flowers—" Shi hurried away, blowing her Top Radio Programs Central Standard Time New York-. Sept. 4 ~ i.-T) — On Saurday night list: NBC—7 George Olst-u Music: !i Hit Parade: ;;:;•;() Can Yuii Top This: '.) Dennis Day. CI3S--U Tuny Pastor orchestra 0:30 Vic DaJiione show: 7 Sing It Again: t!;3(i It Pays To Be Ignorant: 10:15 National Guard Military Ball. ABC-7:30 Gaiie: Buster Money: !J;3lt jerl. Sunday loi'.ns: MBS 10:HU a. m. 'Reviewing Stand "Lei's Look At ! Labor:" CBS 1 !:,?(> People's P!;Uitorm: NBC 12 noon .America United. 'Need There Be Another ; Dust Be-wl?" .\B(. 12:30 p. in. ; Chicago Roundlable. : Other: NBC'- 1 p. m. let; 3:35 Livin;; Hollvwoud Tak-i ' pat ' p'Briui Di America ij.;i/; : music; 9:30 H'.;: FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH I Corner Third and Main Streets S, A. Whitlow, Pastor. j Sunday: ] 9:30 a. m.— Sunday School, H.I . Thrash, superintendent. j 10:50 a. m. — Morning worship: i with the message by the pastor. { (i:30 p. in. — Training Union, ; Vance Smiley, director. | 7:45 p. m. — Evening worship ! with the message by the pastor. j I Monday: j 4 p. m." — The Woman's Missionary Society will meet at the church. i 4 p. in. — The Sunbeans meet at J (he ehureh. , i 4 ]). m. — Tbe Junior G. A.'s meet at the church. Tbe Junioi ii. , A.'s meet at the ehureh. Wednesday: ', 7: 1.1 D. m. -~• The FeUu'-Y.-hio Hour. The midweek wi'sbi,* for i tin- whole family. ! MAY LECTURE IN U. S. Aberdeen. Scotland, Sept. -1 —i.-'i'i Mary Garden, .^raiul ttp'.-i a Mar. :who retired in 1934. says she may | return to the United Stales ,,.-: ;; • lecturer. The 71-year-old soprano '.'.o:"de her American debut in H'il7. Carleluii Smith of New Yurk. di- nose briskly i To she went. Continued) CBS-!2:3U Tell \s. Hollywood Bowl ••jrol Piano Quur UK! dra;i Til cater; 0:30 :in:«: 7:30 RFD U:3U Familiar ee Jieiut Talent. It Again drarjia; coiicc-ri; 5 Fami- Autry; 7 Sam b Wimier Take R> Preside';! All S) Mickey ,i:3'i F scape Drama. ABC—1:30 j\J Millun Cross Opera Rucurds o Personal Autograph; 7 Stop The Music o Superstition; 9 Cuinniedv Writers Show. MBS—2:30 Life Begins at WJ: 4 Under Arrest 5 Roy Rogers Sh.j'.v; 9:30 Clary's Gazette. PRESCOTT. ARKANSAS Invites you lo try their Sunday Noon Dinners 12 noon 'HI 2 P. M. APPETISERS: Home made Chicken Soup Chilled Grapefruit Juice Chilled Tomato Juice ENTREES: Baked Chicken and Dressing....$1.00 Chicken Fried Steak $1.00 Southern Fried Chicken $1.25 K. C T-Bone Steak $1.50 Baked Virginia Ham $1.00 VEGETABLES: Choice of Two Snowflaked Potatoes . . . English Peas Green Lima Beans . . . Buttered Carrots SALADS: Head Lettuce 1000 Isle Dressing Fruit Salad DESERT: Delicious Home Made Pie or Ice Cream Hot Clover Leaf Rolls I cod Tea, Sweet Milk, Buttermilk or Coffee "NOT OPEN ON SUNDAY EVENINGS" fable linens fresh and bright make every meal task: just right. We wash everyday cottons or company damasks with equal care — send 'em back dazzling 1 Use the time ybu save for new ivcipcs! Phone 164 406 S. Walnut

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