Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 3, 1948 · Page 14
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 14

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 3, 1948
Page 14
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Page Six HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Friday, September 3, 1948 'A SlengerSunday Feature Boasts All-Star Cast "A Foreign Affair," which arrives at the Sacngcr Sunday is a laugh-and-love affair of riotous proportions. Produced by Charles Bracket!, directed by Billy Wilder. the Paramount comedy about life among the American Occupation forcijs in post-war Berlin is highly A IT • Altai ir original and entertaining. Starring Jean Arthur, Marleno Dietrich and John Lund, it tells of an over-zealous Congresswoman (Miss Arthur), who arrives in Berlin with a committee to invcsti- pnlc the status of G. I. morale. Her suspicions aroused by the open fraternizing with frauloitis, Jean pretends she a German girl and leains that the glamorous ex-Nazi night club slur, Miss Dietrich, is now under the protection of an American officer. The- shocked committeewomari decides to track the man down and expose him. She is given tho .assistance of Captain'John Pringle (John Lund), assigned to her by Colonel Pltimmer (Millard Milchell;. Tho Captain is, of course, the officer she seeks, and he does everything in his power to stymie her Jnvf-sligalion, including the >vaging of a campaign for her love. :Marlene, however, ' uses a few tricks'to break up Jean's romance. But, Vyhcn Lund, realizing he loves the little WashinjUonian, wants to .break.away from Mnrlene, the Coloner informs him the affair must continue long enough to bring the singer's Nazi boy friend out of hiding. ...; Things happen fast and furiously- when the jealous: Nazi emerges, all of them catisfactory not only to the Colonel, Jean and Lund—-but also to the audience as well. Backgrounds for the film were actually shot in Berlin .and the FJKM of (he bombed-out city is verv Interesting. Miss Dietuch, more glamorous •than ever, sings three torchy soni's as .only sho can — "Illusions." "The Ruins of Berlin" and "Black •Market." All in all "A Foreign Affair" is definitely a movie to make your • affair. 84-Year-0!d to Make Singing Debut New York, Sept. 2 — OPi— An t,84- ycar-okl man, who used to sell pianos in Los Angolesi will make his conco.rl debut MS a singer'.-in Town Hall here Sept. 9. He is .lohn Taher Fitzgerald, who maintains that life, begins at 70. He said that is how old ho was when the depression wiped out his piano business in 1933, and the woman who is now his wife started giving him singing lessons. "The world needs songs more than it ever did," he said, "ami if 1 make good, why I'll keep on singing for the public as long as they want to hear inc." Fit/gcrald, a short, wiry man with a shock of white hair and baritone voice, said none of his friends. in California knew about his scheduled debut when he left there recently. "I just told everybody I was coming East to look at some piano factories." he <said, Fitzgerald's appearance at Town Hall, during whicn he will sing 16 numbers, will be the first time he has sung before an audience. The engagement was arranged by Mrs. Fitzgerald after shs consulted with Dr. Sigmund Spaeth, author and music critic. -o- Eucket Brigade Saves Cifry of Perry vj lie, Sept. bucket brigade is 1 — (/!'). —A credited with saving the business district at Per- ryviile Irum destruction by -lire. A two story building owned by Mrs. ,C.. C. Adams of Conway was wrecked: by fire last night and several other buildings damaged before COO Perryville citizens, aided by. lire department units from Conj^.ay and Morilton, brought the blaze under control. Paul Van DaJsem, publisher of .the,-Perry County News said a hardware, store adjoining the Adams building and his newspaper I said he was eighty- they would fit him in a day before their regular concert season was to 23 Convicts Paroled by State Boa I'd Liltle Rock, fv;pt. :> ly-threc convicts hnv ed paroles by th boa IT!. The parolees, county, dale of nrid prison term Selmcr Jf.tilan, C'nr.vi'i: 1948, mfiiisalughtcr, <\v<> y John Knhsht Union, .J;n grand larceny, two year:; William I. 1 '. Kuignf. , Feb. 21 1940, forgery and four years. Pinkie Mao T-,;>fin, N'ei'r.i. bin, April 21], III I"), .second murder. 10 years. Charles Marley, Srh;i;-;l ian, 18. 1947, robbery, four vi-irs. Eddie Michael, Kr'.Kislian. K<; 1947, burglary, throe vcars. Harvis (Red) Ha\v!:;. Jel'fc: May 2, 19-10, assault to rape, 1 years. Hubert Thompson. Miller. I)< H147, mansliuitiliter. Kvn yunr: — ----------- o -------------- BROADCASTING SYSTEM stro 3CY , ki By RICHARD S. CLARK Prague, Sep*. 2 —f UP) •--Pre:;i- nt. Erluard Benes tcild the Czech "When four," Mrs. Fitzgerald said, "they 'ComniTmisV:" they were dr.<;!rovni became very interested and .said democracy when he accepted' tl: cabinet ruary, open. Fitzgerald said he was greatly enpoiira/jcd. about his voice .last winter after going to Italy where he studied under Nunzio Ban in Naples. Hut until he was 70, he said "I never sang a note before — not even in the bathtub." Accident Injuries Fatal to Educator Siloam Springs, Sept. 2 — (/I 1 ) — John B. Davis, educator and Siloam Springs merchant, died today of injuries suffered when he- was hit by a truck on a street here Tuesday. He was GO. Davis, an authority on Cherokee Indian history and customs, taught in Oklahoma public schools before st Feb- Prers learned uninipeacii- lisl they dii the United today from an able source. This revelation came as the fil-; car-old former O.ecli leader, who j etired in "hitler disiilusionni'-iit all-i r the Communist coup, slinned \ lowly and steadily near'-r di-alh i t his suburban villa in Se/.imovo j Jsli. south of Prague. , Uencs right side is par My/., d. ho 1 ed water on them. Perryville, 45 miles northwest of Little Rock and county seat of Perry County, has no fire department or water system. Van Dalsem reported that a large water-filled ditch behind the burning store and nearby wells provided the neces- ary water and that a shipment of buckets and tubs, just received by the hardware slore, provided equipment for the volunteers. , He credited Mrs. Lloyd Hudspeth telephone operator atnear by Perry with an assist. She rang every phone in Perry and Perryville to call out volunteers to fight the fire, Van Dalsem said. plant,acioss the street, were saved! He estimated the fire damage at bv the bucket brigade which pour-' $20,000. 'Opens Saturday 9:45 a. m. TODAY SAT. Jackie Cooper•Jackie Coogan PLUS GENE AUTRY //Back ln fhe Saddle VJL,I^L, /-VW 8 !\ I »S m ilev BurnnHn Smiley ias been in arly yesterday. and said he was "continuin n gradually." Newsreel recoi din:'; cmarks when he w;>. iccept the Commn/ii'd i (lited to remove his hat the Communists w ng democracy before eleaseri to the public. 'ress learned. Until last February, ilder statesman had lold togelher a co;dili ment in which holli Coinmnni'il. and j ion-Communists v,":r" i'lelnd-ed. Then he was forced to accept Communist rule. He did so in a •pccch to Klement Gotlwald, now )rcsident. but who became the first. -ommunist premier of the, nation. This speech was recorded for newsreels. The hitherto unpublished part, of t, the United Press learned today. included these words: "Not all of tlv Czechoslovak people desire the destruction of democracy, but you gentlemen and the party led by you do desire that. T should by rny signature destroy democracy in C'/.ochoSlovakia and betray the promise dear not onlyj to rna but to the whole natio'n vyhich lies in the words, 'president- libcrator—we will remain loy.il.' "I arn doing this solely to p'-event the civil war with which you threaten me, and which you are capable of unleashing. However, 1 believe the C/.echoslnvak people will understand my act, and that on the first occasion a majority of them will prove thai tho 'methods you use are foreign to them, and that, you have under-estimated the moral maturity, the loyalty, and '. the democratic effort of our peo-! pie." :iy p. m., Gcpt. 3 Mert's Kecord Session—M Superman—M Adventure I'nrnclc—M Trim Mix--M The Inside Story News, i'ive Mar Final Gulf Sports Parade Henry .T. Taylor—M Fulton I ,ev.M<;, Jr. There':; Always a Womnn-M heave It to the Girls—M J'Ml.y Ki.'K.— iM Gabriel ITealler—M Mutual Newsi eel ---M Col. Sloopnagle—M Bill Henry. News---M Meet the Press—M On the Beam Ccnckc—?<1 All ihe News—M Barclay Allen's Orch.—M ffenry Jerome's Orch. —M Mutual NevvT,—M Siun-Off Saturday n. m., Sept. 4 .I:fill Sign on (i:00 Ilillybilly IToeclown (irritl News, First Edition (!:•!() Symphonic Swing (i::V> Market Reports Melody Boys The Ucvo'jonal Hour V:-!ri Musical Clock ?:.""• 5 News, Coffee Cup Edition !!:!)() Sunrise Serenade :!:-r. Practical Gardener—M :i:0!l Ce.jSpel Hi;cket 0:ir> Ivory Interlude '.'f.'M Kill Harrington—M .'):4f> Spo-.U^lit on a Star ill:im Movie M:ilinee-~M I'l.'.'M K'iders (it Ihe Purple Sai'c I i .00 Ma vie lihvlhni—M II ::'-!> Trio Time Gaturd.ny, p. m., Sept. 4 12:011 News, Home Edition Marl.et Time Farm Agent l'(il!;a Interlude Farm J''air \Veslern Koundnp Time for Melody—M Bands for Bonds—M Del Trio—M Spurts Parade--M Chas. Slocum—M Horse Knee—M Pauline Alperl—M Decision Now Swing Time Proudly We Hail Take a Number—M True or False—M News, 5-Star Final Sports What';; Ihe Name of That Son.;;—M Twenty Questions—M Slon Me [£ You've Hear This—M Three tor ihe Money—M Chicago Theater—M Korn's a'Krakin'—M Jack Finn's Orch.--M Mutual If/.'ports the News Sinn Off By Jlivi THO MASON Little Hock. Kepi. 2 "lifelong Democrat' 1 wa note speaker at Ihe nominating niei'l. of ihe Arkansas Kepublic.'.n slide committee here today. !!'• is Jefferson W. Speck of i Frenchman'.s P.nyou. Mississippi i cnnnly. 31-year-old World War II hero, whose address, prepared for delivery at Ihe GOP state committee niectinj: was a bristling denim- I elation of Franklin D. lloosevell, Henry' A. Wallace and Harry S. Truman. The meeting was called to sider action on a Republican stale ticket and early arrival indicate-I lhat C. H. Black of Corning would l)i: (he parly's nominee for governor. Black was keynote speal-:er at the Republican state convention here in May. Osro Cobb. Picpubliean state committee chairman said Speck was selected to make the keynote address at the meeting ai'te'r he had volunteered his services to ; h" (.'(ininiitl.ee. A graduate of Georgia Tech and 1'oi'dhan) law school, he was a major in the artillery in World War II and was captured by the •Japs on Mindanao. He received the Purple Heart. Silver Star and other military awards. Speck, iiiisiicf-e.-isfiil candidate, for the state Senate in the Demo-!:,-" u ' :1!1 ' ;lt eratic primary two year 1 : s-iid in his keyno'e address that "I now realix.e this (Democratic) party x x x would change the form of government in (he United"'" ' Slates." l" ns H" charged '-Harry Truman is Irving to delicately outbid Wallace lor the Communist and radical vole in this country." Hut lhat is understandable. lu said." adding: "Well, Truman is looking out for the common man. and that common man is Harry S. Truman." Speck also charged that Mr. Truman and his "planners and believers in a stroni.', cent!" 1 .! I men! apparently thin!: they are : infallible and cannot and will not I make mistakes." But. he cited 'a | recent, government, estimate that at present there would be from seven to nine million unemployed in the United States. Meet the bin. Saturday 1 !::<() a. m. Coffee in Washim.'lo'i CBS—10:30 a. m. Junior Miss. ABC—10 a. m. Abbott and Cos- Press, Sec. of Labor To- Pro^ramr;: lello. MBS- -10:30 a. m. Teen s unay of moment for ;i p.iir who lived il.itif.uroiisly! Allied 1 in. On i i \\iilii!iiij mlln in mil tklitu Widow Admits Slaying Two ar.'i it would be worth while o know what he thinks. pnn and the Philippines not nly are buttresses Cor democracy n the ideological sense, but they be vital bolh for offense and ie.eiue ill event ot war with Rus- .ia. .h;pan was the pivot on which ;,i)ie..l foil tines turned in the | bn(ii( ,,. we ,. L , , yjn[ , sku , war. and it was she who dc-|, hc ln , d _ Boln had 1)cc , n ca us ui the Philippin n s and r i'f;H; - nlial bases right at the . That won't hapiien again. or the Korean peninsula ("A poMiled at I he heart of Ja), il is of course one of the lii-.'.hly strategic positions. :-u;! as it remains under Anvri- military eeeupalion it. is a basin democracy's defense. How- Portland. Ore., Sept. P,. --'UP' —A 3l!-year-old widow, who poll'ce said confessed killing her two children because she couldn't support them with a $75-a-month relict check, was held today for the sheriff of Grants Pass. J' The bodies of Mrs. Francis Irene McCurdy's two children. Pamela 11, and Paul, .10, were found in an auto court at Grants Pass yesterday. A few hours later Mrs. McCurdy was picked up at the Portland bus depot by detectives. Police said she readily confessed the double killing. "We didn't have enough money for food," police quoted her. "We couldn't live." Sho said she took the two children to the auto court Wednesday \i and registered as Mrs. Carl Peters. Then she dressed tho children in their nightclolhes, tucked them into bed and gave each of them six sleeping tablets, she said. "I told them Ihe pills would keep them from getting ill on anything they ate in Grants Pass," she told police." They went lo sleep. Then I stabbed them with a knife and took a bus to Portland." John McCornb, caretaker at the auto court, found the bodies after an anonymous telephone call suggested he jjo look at the auto court." Mr. McCurdy admitted to 'police later that she made the .call. | McComb notified Police Chief Carl Dalls of Grants Pass. The side on stabbed near the heart with a butcher knife which protruded from the boy's chest. Mrs. McCurdy told police her husband had committed suicide ( four years ago. She said she had |been forced to sell her home, but •it had been mortgaged heavily and 1 !she received very little for i't. es under the mu'/./.les of 11 g guns, and it is given • whether the U. S. 'high would choose to defend >rea in event of global There is such a thing us id'm", your forces out too thin, j -. 11 o \v. ' j Gorier.u MacArlhur's s'aleincnli -ve-uicl seem to encourage the belief I t Japan not only would be avail- 1 able as a "bastion" for democracy: but that she would in fact be an; ally (,;' the Western powers. j As regard:-, the near future, belief j that Japan and the Philippines' would be on the side of the dcmoc- , Mcies certainly would make Moscow tread circumspectly. Soviet Russia is made up of 11 republics but one, the lUis.ii.-.n So- L'ialist Federated Soviet, I'epuniic, occupies country. percent of the OF MILLIONS Fast, pure, dependable—it's aspirin at its best! World's largest seller at lOc. ASPIRIN ST.JOSEPH ASPIRIN FOR CHILDREN Easy to Rive flavor. Moots correct tins- j aw needs. r>0 / V tablets, 3.-JC "" " "'••••^•"-'""-"" 7: (if) 7:30 9: (« 10:lil) 10:30 10:0.) 11:00 O joining the faculty University here in came a teacher at S high school in !j|.|. r i opened a general store here. He was a dradu.iti versity of Arkansas College; of Nashville, Davis is survived Mrs. Katerine Murdoch Uavis, writer; a daughter and two sister Top Radio Programs Cent r al Standard Time New York, Sept. .'i —(/I 5 )— On Ihe air lonighl: NI.JC— 7 i';iul Lavalle band: 7:li(J Sairl That, quiz; C, University ;;«) Bill Stern Sports. 7 Sweeny and March, 7:liO Mr. and Jane Aee, l!::-;0 Ravrramd Pa'ee '": i) Phil li.-iker (|uiz; Jursens revue. :•-() This i- I' 1 HI' ", I'.reak '.) Dance IJ.'iiid jamboree. There's Always a \Vorn- Two Groat Hew Engines Choose either the V-8 or Six. Up tidewaU tires available at extra cast* 7 Leave It The Colonel's to The Quh-.; 0 fiHStaS'ivLti'-lli.lE^J'.'l.r."."','; _-"Si';iiUl.ff2S2^S£3SSii'Z^ir;; DV fMH? K^SA'jV'"?i''i'L v ?-'r,' it"; vi 4V>>i, SIT w <&¥•«><« Hi 1ML r£il»f>L'iih.L':,!i JUS B^MlUlalMftJ JwffiiWf^J 1 '/4 %1'M*&™$ .1*V. *•. .* ' >«"| s t ( l */*> New "Hydra-Coil" Springs Up front, new "Hydra-Coil" Springs and double-action hydraulic shock absorbers. At tile rear, new extra-long " P a r a -F I e x" Springs, parallel with the frame. > 4 ;,-1 ; ^4 # r , QT> ji *iv;c_^. s f \ r Q>\A\\W'% •fc«haNte*! ;^7"i3 >»*«i-n»-JssMa«ja-*»-«4' l ;iJlU g f^ir-fv :':•.-'-.•'./,v •• £;.:;'••.Vt.Vtl =~^,ty H 1 -,--,' •1' '."-'— - ... -- F"~ (tt*;^*% ^^«i^ ?r ^^|||^,V;^^^,^ii;il|W J''^:~- -'-w- -~ ..;»cs ; ; v--^S.»}^ •af Sofa-V/iJa Setsfs You rido relaxed, at easo, on seats 57 inches wide in frcnt, 60 in brick. Low Silhouette That longer, lower look. Yet more headroom, tool '.^r^^^:i.t^y^'.^isy^^SiSm J ^--"->- -. -----• — -.^-.i—-^^^.li'^,-. 59% MDO New "Lifeguard" Body end frarae structure. (;i;2 And ho w x.i I'.re.jed ciirjian it! In No car we've ever sold has had a recepiior, ji!,u- Hi'? l-cid horty Miner. No car has ever received such wholei'iearied Inside and out, it's new in every way . . . and leSters, surveys, personal intus >'ievv£, you (O:d !x;i >l .v ! n.;t you v.aitied. Now you can see "The Car of ihe Year 1 ' at cur ^'.^'.viec^s. Cor.ie in soon. You'll be Lust us excited as we are! COME /A/ TO MY ! Ccrp T/Jf^ jemrwis A fa.A & AT YOUR fORD tf T ^1^ i'-J n m 220 V/. Second St. YOUR fORD DEALER FOR OVER 28 YEARS Hope, Ark. Phone 277 - 299

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