Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 3, 1948 · Page 13
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 13

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 3, 1948
Page 13
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Friday, September 3, 1948 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS BLONDIE By Chick Young OZARK IKE /J Of >> q%^ j-,V S/ ^V 7 ^ THANKS, DEAR, I V/AS JUST LOOK'- ' r\ INS FOR AN j^'^rV, ENVELOPE ) Cv -,. ?>^^. >- — J :\ "&$ ! WELL---I ^ILL HAVE THE SUM AND THE MOON AND THE STAQS VIC FLINT CANT RISK A RIGHT-HANDER WITH MOST OF THE POWER IN THE CROW BATTING ORDER SWINGING FROM THE LEFT SIDE... Bv Ray } ...SO ILL PLAY A HUNCH AND SENP k OUR VETERAN SOUTHPAW HURLER TO THE MOUND.,. ...AND HOPE I'M AS RIGHT AS MACK WAS WITH _ v EHMKE IN 3=^.. S- THE WORUD SERIES OF '29/ 1 )|^.*, Jfffr^SS "r. T r. ,. , 'V s .Vlr'3 SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith CARNIVAL By Dick Turner *.' . 10-18 BY !IEA SERVICE. iriO. T. M. REG. U. 9. PAT. OFF. 9-3 COPR. 1948 BY NEA Ef.BVICE'. INC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. OFF._ '9-3 RE/MEMBER, JUKE, OLD AMBLER WAYCROSS MAY HAVE DU<3 UP TH9 TREASURE WHILE I WAS SEEK.' WE AAUST NOT KEEL TMf 6005E TOO SOON/ HE'LL DIE OF SNAKEBITE, COCOA, we've WORKED HIM OVER.' By Michael O'Maliey & Ralph Lane r I \VANIT TO -WLK TO ^PBffl^UNTIL TOOAXN VOUR UNCIE AA1BIER, TAFFY. ®W HE NEVER MISSED DOESN'T HE OCCASIONALLY pm A MEAL. LET HIM EMERGE f-KOM HIS IVORY / ; il SULK. I'M ENJOY- Ss. TOWER TO BE FED ? S^A ING AWSELF.' X i_:S^ -*Sj~^-r ••.. .'/'-.L*\ j-'^'i =EN HIM AT THAT WINDOW A m TIMES. WONDER VT HE'S COOKING IN THAT STUDY S' ' TilRBS 01 t-esiit: i timer BUT SOU CAN'T ARREST \ SORRY, AAcGEE 1 . BUTL ME FOR FRM1D'. I WAS \ GOTT(\ UPHOLD TH' IftWl ONLV GETTING EUEM /—-—WITH I HE SWINDLING- / f^f SCOUNDREL WHO — -/ I '^ I I HEARD VER RASH V CAU- WV CLMW5 FOR STUFF VOUVUWVERfe W>/IMT 15 WORTHLE-3S1 I GET THE AN 1 HERE'S TH'CHECK /GOVERNOR HE PAID VOL) FOR IT l/OM THE PHONE X INSTANTLY 4^ ^ 'u o ^ s 4 K I'LL SUE EUEFtV OFFICIAL IN \Till5 IS HORRtSLEl THE COUMTV FOR THIS OUTRAGE! /I HME FOR TIL BOYCOTT THE STATi-yTWINSTO^ „,/—, TOj-^-nV. WHERE ARE THE HENRY By Car! .".ndersott Have some peanuts, folks—Mom didn't think you'd stay "And now to prove he is no sissy, Master Bang will takg for dinner so you'd better fill up on something!" 'OH anybody,his.own.size!', FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershfoergei FRECKLES AND HIS FHIENDS By B'ossef FLECK'S DAD GAVE HIM PART-TIME WORK IN HIS OFFICE.''WHY CANT YOU DO SORRY, SOM — BUT i KMOW THAT HUFFS SAME / LWJMORY FOR ME? Y ^ LOOKING FOR. SOME HELP/ •.*'l T rankJy ! think they've got the pushbutton for the top connected wronel" WELL, JUST MAKE , IT A GOOD JOB,THEM! I'M IOOKIMG- FOR A 1 I HAVE MO r- 1 ;;; DONALD DUCK Cy Walt Disney i / iiniiw • Msi : 4 imuiiii t|||l IUIIII! "C^-~-~?&&i3 , ••& ^ x^-c $ ) ^ & „ COPR. 1943 BY NEA SKPVlCE.'lNC. T <- M. REG. U. S. PAT. OT'. / THIS ON!= IS MADE OF EJArrt-ESHIP STEEL, MA PUMCrURS-PROOF TIRES AMP A TRUCK CHASSIS.' GOING TO WORK FOR A BANK AM5. PUCK? 'FWVKOL.LTN. v tf^'^^^^ OEUVERieS/ i"//*--^ jirfSs AS I PV OOP By V. T. Hamfin POPEYE Thimble Theater A WAS SWELL.^HE DiPN'T BAT AM EYE IX/ I V/VA < WHEN YOU SHOWED/ ' " vs^jim •/ x — fv .x^^-^cv j ^--» Sr AKOV, WHERE V ~ ME DOE5MT LOOK ' HECK, NC 1 .' ^'"Y'C^MIN'" i WEONS O^P? you I I'M PLENTX ' TIME-MACHINE ja ITCHIN^ T<? 60 \ COM ^S'1 A » BLE NlRS 3 -,-iA. TlME-TKAVEUNS A HERE.' ' - —-aSf**™. ASWN? BOO I J OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople •y _ OH- ^ f COME •) V IM/ r l INTRUSION!. J FARDOM \ IW.' / ( TH' BUYER \ TH' MOVIE QUEEM5 J" MY - ; r~\ COME \ ) TO ORDER L FAINT O^slTO? A LOUNGE M WELL, IT SEEMS BO HE COULD \\ TO MAKE- EVERY- RELAX AFTER \( BOPY A LITTLE LUMCH.ANP V FAIMT BUT HIM/ x HE rOcSM'T / V~ . ^' K.MOW IT'S \ ^ A CHAISE HE TOLD Y AIN ' T THEM WHUT tOOX/lfHE- DR&VvlJ^«x^^%f-f^^p|gW€f zaxe S) QUicKei? ^ <&—**—- •^•'///,'tf^t0s<'>^m JLA5TED V -fHAM A V ; /DRNT/ tms &•.£.•,.': '/• ' ; "£ ; ':A;' .'^* ViJ*4S. -^'^ -rc:l i K.O 7 i /^ i r»K\cr/ - M iK\r-»i=:r-> i // • • . - > / ' •'/'- J OLVT OF / A !?p,CIN5& / CAOGHT OsS \ >, l^i'ffi^f^ilj^^ ^•'^•L^-yA WWfo '&$^ 3 .<*£"--.-itZiv—f+J 'i-'.J ' '' • 'i,&&8'~ THE BLISS OF IGWOKAtJCE. ,•< • by tdgar Martin 9*S 6yj^v, fa ,7S» ! BY NtA SERVICE INC. "RED RYDER By Fred Hair mart L A^'f SEAUS}' .f-M >NS.DIC!H£J tr> >C'J,R1PHR-' TAKE j -^» , CARE OF KIM,__-^ . vUy KILLSEAR.' : ;H:v AKr-5 AGOOO SALS V .-AKS H'5 \T06m' HlSSTLiFFtDOC' 1 ^ '^^f5K^ iSf-ffii^'. ^Mife^r m. COFt 1945 BY N£A StKVICE IMC. T M KtS U > "T Otr ^J

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