Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 30, 1896 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 30, 1896
Page 4
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John Grays CORNER. On all kinds of light weight underwear, All stylos and prices for meu, women •ad children. The extreme warm weather lias so far made this a good underwear season, and John Gray 15 the place to be suited. Greatest Discovery or tne 19Ui Century Dr. TOHSUO'H HKVf KK5IKUY JIiMlfttlltutl Air for tbe Cure of Ciiliirvh, A.Hthmu and nil Pnlroomlry Diseases, It has no equiil Jor Sli-huml Nervous Heml- hctii- l.OOo.OOO oeople on* iinmwlly from the above niuneil (llseasea, Wnj suner iinil dip, whrn Medicated Air Is "XttTcATEoV ^M"" 1 t0 C -' rB >°?~ ••dlcatcil Alruml I>r«if Co., RIcliiuouJ, Ind., U. 3. A. It \» the best remedy on earth for La «...)pe. It will give Immediate relief t*i' will fcffect a cure where all other Mmedlea fall. •old by B. F. Keesllng. YJI7B never put up any'Flour under any other Brand than our own. Our Magnolia Patent Flour IB Guaranteed to bo Twenty per cent better than any other ;Flour made in the State. Peru Milling Co. KROEGER & STRAIN, Undertakers & Embalmers. 610 BEOADWAT. JERSEY ICE CREAM, Beit in tie City. Little Candy Kitchen, 3l-t Pearl Street. . AH of our' fine bon bons 20c a pound The "Twin Comet" ana "Little Giant" Lawn Sprinklers. BEST HADE Unique, Efficient, Labor Saving. Will Crinkle lour times greater area thnn any othera. Highest award at the Chicago •^position. . E.-STEBBINS MFG. CC goto MamifacurerB, SpringfleW, Masu, P»r Sale by all Hard-ware and Rubber •tores in the United States. Spring Suits. Good Goods and Low Prices, the Combination that Wins. (•) Made In the Latest Styles. ® W. D. CRAIG Broadway. Second Floor. The D. H. Baldwin & Co.'s Music House. Baldwin piano, EMlntfton piano. Decker Bro*. piano. Fisher piano, Valley Gem •tang, Estcy orjoiiS, Hamilton organs. Any of this mak« sold lor cash or easy payments to suit pu/ohaser. Pianos for MBt, organs for rent Second-hand rfraoB for sale: »50, JOT, S75, »90, J12S. Second-hand organs: 115.00 to J50.00. A fine lorfe size Ellington piano, worth J373. j*fl] be Riven oxvar absolutely free. Piano .BOW on exhibition and can be seen at ' may time at our room, corner ot Thlva Street and Broadway. Come learn our and take a number for this piano. OVEKSIAS.*SOI« Manager. COT. 3rd »nd .Wromdway DAILY J Published every flay in the week (except Moiulay) by the LoRfinsport Journal 'Company. W. S. WRIGHT ....... : ........... President V Tf-VRDY . '• ......... vice President C' w" GRAVES .................... Secretai-y S. B. BOYER ...................... Treasurer price per Annum....-..- ................. H '»' 3 Price por Month ....... '. ................... •" Official Paper of City and County. (Entered as second-class mail-matter at the .Losansport Post Olttce, February S. ISSS. SATU1IOAY, MAY SO, lS!«i. MEMORIAL DAY. Women lli'tu [iliid-'il ^irl.'UHls (in tlu' j.'1'MYi.'S of iK-tlil siililli'i's. Tliu .u-iliilU' \v:is so tciuloi-l.v litvins vlinr it ;ulr;K-ti'il till' ulU'mioii ul' rrosiilont .Lincoln, Tin; tiny so liwiuti fully {.•on.s'jiTUli.il \v;is by him iii;ult> :i n:irlo:i!il. holklnv. Only Lincoln ;linl swot. ili'vmeiT -women. l-Olllll liiUlsil' lIlH'lllS CllC Sini^'iO ill' ISli-l (o rliinU or CiOU'.* tlowors. riinHhe ulijout t'm- \vhidi rhoy lilooiiicd, evi.'Li in Moody tidtK Fully rwilizlns tin; nublc^ciitlouoss of Lincoln, we can. wjtli lii:n, lictu'i 1 nppve- i-iiite the iK'uils of the soldiers, livln- :iiul ilond. It is tnn. 1 . tlio veterans slionlil tiiko tlio pnst of honor on Moiiior- i:il <l:iy. Tlio'Wives mul widows, tlio childivn and ovplunis, arc. very properly, rho clilof observer* of tlic snored day. lint the public should not neirloc't to honor rlie memory of Uic foundation-restorers of (ho innnovnlile Uninn, G-oil has flowers for all. The blossoms fade, above the dust of IIITOCS. but. the stars on tlie bine.of the iminer under which they went' to clcntli, ore nuili.lpl.vinK,- rlie bloom of l):ippiuo.-vs. restored to the clieck of Columbia by her brave sons, .Is 'fadeless. A tribute to the soldiers, however slight; will be only the payment in -smnll measure, df thi; debt paeli citizen owes them. .Dee- orate the soldiers' jrravos. It is the simplest and most effective wny of showing appreciative patriotism. Some thought Riven to ihe figures bo- low will sliow to the voter why the wool raisers are bitter against the AVilson- Gorniau law. Dun's Review of Trade snys: "The market for woolens Is exceedingly dull, notwithstanding tb- 1 stoppage of many mJUs, and while Clay worsteds and mixtures are both a shade lower, there Is nothing like confidence or activity" as yet in any branch of the manufacture. Sales of wool liflTC been 2,G4S,200 His., for the week at the three chjof markets, and for three weeks ending May 21st, 0,187,400 Ibs., of which 4,SS2,300 were domestic, against lo,04S,- 330, in the same week of 1S02, of which 8,001,700 were domestic. Silence is golden.' Abraham Lincoln' proved it. Xo one now disputes, the wisdom (if Ms silence. All clamored for his views in advance. He was discreet. There Is a clamor for a manifesto from one who knows the value of quiet. This man is not making platforms or mouthing platitudes. He Is a Republican. His party has its platform made. His name Is McKInley. There is another discreet man. Ho makes platforms. He knows the worth of reticence.. To him it is monometallic. All fishermen know that sti&ice Is golden. Mr. Cleveland demonstrates It. There'is a suu- dued query for his views on tbe fourth nomination. His thoughts are a sealed volume. He is wise. The public will, once fixed; is hard to direct. This is especially true this year, It is Impossible for those wlio mUIcd the people, to block the reactionary landslide to protection. -Mo side issue can draw attention from the real source of the country's distress. Absolute knowledge Is stronger than conviction. The people arc alive to the actual, recurring failure of Democratic law, and will replace it with McKinleylsm. Editor Hearst of the New York Journal is a wonder. His latest was a message to Gen. Lew, Wallace, author of Ben Hur. offering lilra $1,000 to write up the St. Louis disaster for The Journal, Tine man who' wrote the "clinrlot race" replied rhat he composed too slowly to conscientiously earn the money. Every Republican should attend the primaries for the selection of delegates to the county and joint representative conventions, to be held Monday evening at the places designated In the various wards. Nihilists can't afford to kill- .the ,Czar now/ The coronation took all the funds needed for giving him a royally 'magnificent funeral. Not that we love Reed, Allison, Morton, Cullom, Bradley, Quay, Manderson. Elklns, et'al, less, but McKinley and protection more. . The two morning .'.Republican- dallies at Cincinnati will be combined after June 1st, under the'style of the Gazette- Tribune. Congress was quick to vote aid to St. Louis sufferers. THE RAIN A". Decoration Day Shower Hakes Racing Impossible Today NIPPED IN BUDDING Were the Rosy Mopes of Riverside Cyclists and Racers. g t'.io wuailiur was ibi' sky sullenly P"0- All last uveiHii threatening, and phesk'il .showers. Rain Is' a usual feature ui 1 'tlu> Memovuil. day., services, but is nut conducive in 'the success of road races and bicycle u-aek events, on which Hie Riverside Cyclt! club had Its hopes set high. Tie indications at 1' o'clock tins morning were that the road race would luivc to be declared eft' entirely on account of the wot weather, and there seemed a possibility 'of tha failure of the al'ternooii (jvf-nts oil .-u-connr of ;i heavy track. It is certain that there will be an immense crawd o? people^ at the front of the to-tablisluneiit of Krocgci- & Straiu this forenoon when -the linish of tbe great twenty-live mile road race is made by the crack riders' from this county a.iwl other points In the. State, Thery w.Lll'l.K> some hot people on the trail, but thu local wheelmen can put up a number of men who will surprise visitors, and will uphold the honor of the county, There will be eighteen starters in the twenty-five mile road run, which will run over the course as given lu Tlie Journal, as follows: Startling at. the JUvereide club house on Broad way -lieaf- 'Sixth street, the long time hiUHllchp'.aien.i?.tartiug at S:Dd o'clock and the scratch 1 men at 0 o'clock. AVest- to Eel River -a venue, then over Market street bridge and around Front street to Sycamore street, then north to Royal Center. The finish in 'this city will be down College Hill, across tbe Third street bridge to North 1 street; up North street to Ninth, south on Ninth to. Broadway, west, on Broadway to In front of Kroeger & Strain's estate-' llshment. Provision should there be made for the clearing of a track for the iluish. Usually at a road race finish the crowd of eager spectators blocks the way. It is the purpose to stretch ropes along the street to hold back the push, allowing each rider affair show for a good racing finish. ' The following is the report -of the haiidicappers: TWENTY-FIVE MILE HANDICAP. Ten Minutes— Charles Enyart.Charles Staff; eight minuter— Ruse Deal, He.rli- ert Ensley; seven minutes— Fred Coy; six .minutes— D. D. Closson, "William" Edsell; four minutes, thirty seconds— Samuel Lispenard, John Daniels; two minutes, thirty seconds— Owen Star- rest, L. "W. Stover; one minuite— ,T. C. Muse, Allen SQroyer; thirty seconds— AV. C. Runyou, F, W. Skinner, Charles G rant; ' s'eratdh— Chri^.,.Byk>r. William Bonfleld. "* .All those gentlemen will start. The Judges will be Frank Stukey, J. D. Ferguson and Ed Whitfleld. The timers will, be Charles Dykeman, Bert Tomlinson and Carl Keller, and all these gentlemen may be..qxpected to act with fairness a ud'. 'according to the rules sanctioned by honorable wheelmen all over the country. C. W. Burgman will referee altfof fbe.ifTces of the day, Instead of L, W. Pilling. The liandicnp- pers, whose work has given general satisfaction .werfi.D.&jCadjY.C. W. Bui-g: man, Otto cilnc 'aifiT- Walter Lewis. They have hnd alnrge and difficult contract, but have-done their duty with unusual fairness... .- . . .. : ONE MILE HANDICAP. ' . The following 1s tie handicap reported by tho'lia'ndfca'ppers for the one mil? handicap track race; Clare M. Ray, one hundred yards:"' 1 Fay Chappelo.w.,. eighty yards; D;-';J.' Weaver, sixty yards; Oscar Heimridi, , forty yards; - Harrj'- Osborn.. scra.tch.^TbiS' promises . to be one of the prettiest races of the day. There Is great rivalry, among' the young men entered', anil' all are determined to secure some'-of Hue" fine prizes offered in the event. " '•''•••' The followlbg prizes are to be contested for by tlie wheelmen in today's races. The ar.ti.cles, the value and the respective donors of 'each are given. ROAD RAGE 0 O'CLOCK A. M. Time prize, ?75 Logan- bicycle -donated by KreisBros; 1 '-' '' " ' . '•• First— Stove; ' ?2r>, 'Ollne Bros. . , . Second— Suit of • clothes, ' $18, Jos. Grace. : ' • Third-Rifle, ?15, I. N. Crawford. Fourth— Watch chain, if 10, Ben Martin. ' ' '^ ' ' ' Filth-Box of cigars' H John Busjahn & Co.' • •'-•' ' " ' ' Sixth-Sho'es,'??, E. H, Wald'cn. TRACK RACES: ; • . One' mile novice.— • ' • • • First— Pair trousers,' $5, P.' Ji Hooley. Second— Box of cigai-s, ?3," Walter Closson: ' " '• ' 'Third-Straw h'at, $1.50, Eli' .Greensfelder. . ' " ' '''...•' Quarter mile open.— " •'•'-'•'••''. First— ToUet set; '•pipe, 'clgai's, $15, 3. M. Johnston; Sol'Cohn, Peter Castle. . -Second— Test, shoes,' vases, $10, Tucker &, Sharp, -Murdock,' Fox & Dunkel-' berg. ' ' '-.-'' : ' ' .'•• ' ' '' .Third-Box of 'cigars, ,fC,.C.'-E. Dykeman. S, Walter Lewis, .T. Q. Swcotsev.- Second—Shoes,"'iiat: and pumps, ?10, Elias Winters, Otto Kraus, Anderson & Hans. Tltii-d—Stow, suspenders and bell, $0, Walker & Ranch, Grace & Co., Dick Biircus. One mile open.— First-Bicycle''suit, .fiO. C. W. l^urg- niiin. Second—Revolver, cltrars, .fl.", E. S. lli.ee >fc Son and Frank Boamev. Third—Pani.s pattern, $S, Carl Kellur. One mile,' cliair.pionslvip Rjvei-sidi) Club hiindicap.— First—Gold medal, $2~>, by Riverside Cllll). Second—liar, brush, shoes, belt ami w]iip,i?15, v llarry Frank, Geo. TRifl'man, Line Pilling, Morris Fisher, Will Smith. Third—Gold mounted pipe. $1.0, Richard Twells. Fourth—Set.Jjpsi.ilg gloves. $.'. .T. P. Fhuieglii. ; J*.*\ THE;BOYS' RACE. fifteen yearn of as an extra event on Ftiei/^sraraSf track raws. No entrance foe^jjjijBS'rgeil for this contest, and Hir($ipr1nos arc offered ;is follows: ' V: First, hiimnwek; ?;'. Walter Lewis. Second, hat, $3, Join) Dewcnter. Tlii'nl, belt, $2. Harry Frank. ' rhero are already several entries in tills race,"which will no doubt furnish sport for lire youugs'iors and all who see it. The 'races will be called promptly at 4 o'clock at the Driving park, and will all be finished by fi o'clock. A race.'for,lbpyjs under age has befc'ni irranged LNIVERSALIST PREACHERS. ministerial Circle of Indiana Will Meet at Crawfordsville. The'annual meeting of the Ministerial Circle 1 '-'of Indiana of the Uuiversalist church will' be held at Crawfordsville ',Tune'3-5.. The purpose of the meeting is purely edacatiou.il, aud the subjects discussed:will be those that will elevate' the standard of the ministry of the church-. The-Rev. T. S. Guthrie of this city will discuss the subject "The Use of Texts." .Most of the Indiana ministers in the Universalist church will lx- present at the convention. The public will be welcome to Hie sessions of the circle, and'the ministers of other churches in Crawfordsville have been urged to attend. - LOSES A GOOD CITIZEN. : ,The many friends of Prof. D. E. Cowgill and his worthy wife will be sorry to learn that they will remove from this city soon, to take up their location in Lafayette, where the professor takes a position as special agent for the Metropolitan Life Insurance company. Prof. Cowgill has had charge of. the normal department of Michael's- university since that institution was opened In Lo- •gansport. He came, with his family, from Delaware, Ohio, whore for a lone time he-occupied the position of superintend, en t,of Hie city schools. Since-his removal to this city ty- has identified himself closely"witli the affairs of tlie city anit'of'the Broadway Methodist church.' It-Is.with regret tliat the citizens of Logansport see this family de• part;'and the best wishes of all go with them. . "-HOW-TO TREAT A WIFE. (From Pacific Health Journal.) First, get a wife; second, bo patient -you' may have great trials and perplexities In your ou'siness, but do not therefore, carry to your home a cloudy or "contracted brow. Your wife may have trials, 'which, though of less magnitude, may be hard for her to bear. A kind word, a tender look, will do wonders tn - chasing from her brow all clouds of gloom.—To this we would add 'always keep a bottl6 of Cbainberlaln'i Cough Remedy iu the bouse. It Is tha best'and Is sure to be needed sooner or later. 'Your wife will then know that you really care for her and wish to protect her health. For sale bj B. F. 'Kees'ling, druggist. •RESOLUTES 10, EASTERN STARS 15. The. Resolutes were defeated yesterday-'by the Eastern Stars by a score of 15*to,'-10. The Eastern Stars Is a base ball team from Maple Grove am! the -GIVEN JWAY- KNIVES . M and RAZORS In exchange foioupona wlui TOBACCO. JACK KNIVES and PEN KNIVES, • Stag Handle; Kazor Steel; First • (fuautjv American manufacture, • hand forged and finely tempered. • Fine RAZORS, Highest Grade* Steel; Hollow Ground. • *^^^%W^$$™ Tuo CoujTwu in task 10 eent < 4 f tt "S > ' ll ^S^' t ' ' " " Poaoh. Tooacoo Is son •IM-to take orders in fwrrtptrn and citf; no .Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report. Baking Powder ABSOLUTELY PURE Rusolulcs is the Eighteenth street club. The batteries were Quigley and Undi'r- I'.ay for the Stars and Xrouinian and Steinman for the Resolutes. This is t.he ftecOTUl game of the series to Vie ].ilrtyed l>y the rival teams, each having won a game. The third cowest w come off 1 :H rlie park Sund.-iy morning 0 o'clock. PERSONAL Mrs. I-IazuIiinc of Kokomo is the guest of Logansport relatives. George Sliauahau of Wabasli is iu UK: city for a -\lsiit of several days. Owen Hatli.-iway has returned !o Wi:i- amnc after.a short visit in the city. Solomon Putt is iu tlio city frun) l!o- auoke, visitiug his daugliter, Jlrs. AVill Funk. Dr. E. G. Smith came over yesterday from AYinamac for a short call on friends. W. E. Hca.1 of Marion, ex-treasurer of Grant, county, w;is in tlie city yesterday oil business. Mm, Moses.Puterbauish of Peru U the guest of Miss Ellen Cnmingore of East Market street. Miss Addie Cassidy is spending several days with relatives and friends at young' America. "W. L. Morris of tlic Linseed Oil company was at Marion yesterday looking nfter business matters. Mrs. W. W. Hogle and children of Chicago are the guests of her sister. Mi-s/C. D. Luce of Twelfth street. Frank Wheatly, living near this city, has returned from a visit at Wiuamac with the family of Mrs. Ellen Agncw. Miss Christine Martert lias returned from Wlnnmac, where she attended the Tulaskl county Sunday school convention. Drs. Taylor and Torter have opened a dental office at Wiuamac, the brunch being .placed in charge of-Dr. Alex. Torter. Marion News: Herb Emily, Owen Starrett, Earl Burketit and C. B. Gorby will enter the races at Logansport Saturday afternoon. Rochester Republican: Mrs. C. C. Wolf Is visiting relatives in Logansport Miss Amelia Laug.>dorf is visiting In Logansport. Valparaiso Vidette: Sheriff Stoddard and Albert Tliuii went to Logansport today with John Sass and A. P. Pharos, the two later to be placed in Long Cliff. Pern Chronicle: Mrs. Dr. Alford came home last evening from a short visit at Logansport... .Miss Ota Brown went to Logansport this morning to vis- It friends. Dr. J. Z. Powell has returned from Ft. Wayne, where he attended n two days' session of the Indiana State Medical society as a delegate from the Cass County society of physicians. Indianapolis Journal: Miss Mary Williamson has gone to St. Paul. Minn., to visit her sister for -a few weeks and later she will go lo Spokane, where she will spend the summer with relatives. Her mother has gone to Logansport. where she will be with her son until the return of Miss Williamson from tlie west in the Fall. ATTENTION ST. MATTHEWS' COM» MANDERY, NO. 23G, K. of St. J. You are hereby ordered to report at Armory this (Saturday) morning. May 30th at 0:15 o'clock sharp. iQ ful1 ™ i- form, to participate in Memorial day exercises and parade. JNO. R..FOX. Capt. GEORGE MARKERT IS SAFE. There was some fear that George Markert, the agent for the Pacific Express company at East St Louis, had been killed In the storm. Word has been received that he is safe. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. A now arrival of tan shoes at Stevenson & Klinsick's. All the new colors in ladies' and. gents' tan shoes.—Stevenson & Klinsick. Everything new in .the shoe and-slipper line at Murdoch's shoe store, Market street. The greatest variety of Ladies'-^and Gents' fine tan shoes iu the city-Elias WlDler. Hundreds are taking advantage . of Otto's watch and chain offor. it -is a remarkable offer. Please keep in mind that watches and chains are free with children's and boys' suits as well as men's at Otto's. The general topic of the town is the grent closing out sale of Harry Frank. Goods absolutely at half price, and no joke about It. ' Harry Frank'is determined to. quit this season and his goods positively must be sold no matter what they, bring. Take, advantage and buy clothing at halfiprice. . .-' •;,.-'.""•••/ '.-••• • • A FAITHFUL DOG. Ills Mistress Talicn to u Hospital Wlill* lie Vulnly SouKlit Her. Mrs. Ernest, Kor-jpp's big- black dog- bpout l.bc most u:iL;q>py day of his life '.he other t)ay. L.-.bo-ring- under Hie delusion that his misTi-css was in a saJoon rt Huixin ;iud North Clru-h streets, Chi- csigo, the canine, stood guard for hours, waiting for her to come out, while his liur.cntat.ious ruid distress attracted the ntier.tion of thonsMids. Mrs. Koropp, who lives at- 5G3 North Market stroet, was walking on North Clark street when she slipped rmd fell, bruising litr head. The Cliicng-o avenue uiibulaucc took 'ner to tlie Passavant Jl-.-morial Hospital. Before the arrival of the ac:ljiil:iiico there was mucn excitement, in the street over the prostrate woman, imd the dog, who had been accompanying- Mrs. Xoropp, was ni'ireex- v'tted iJiun anybody. Some one ran into tht saloon for brandy, and the dog, seeing tbe people passh:g in and out, thought his mistress had been carried there. lie took up his station at the door, sind for a tiiae refused to allow anyone to enter. The bartender himself was oblige;! to go around to the rear. After MI hour or so the <!o£ ran frantically about the saloon. If he saw a woman approaching half a block down tlie street he bounded forward iu tic vain hope she was his mistress. His grief knew no bou?'.ds, and it was late in iLe evening when 1- .' dejectedly wc-r.ded L is way homeward. DIAMOND FIELDS IN WISCONSIN. Pore Stones Said to U*TO Been Discovered Near Sniwanhcc. Diamonds which, by the aid of the Eoeutg-ea rays, are shown to be as pure as anything- found in South Africa, have been discovered, it is reported, within SO miles of Milwaukee in the eouth- •yycjtern, part of the county of Wauke- Bha. The gems, the story g-oes, were discovered by a poor farmer and -were brought there a few days ago and pronounced by local jewelers to bo diamonds. They have been examined by George W. Goetz, the mineralogist, who lias valued one of them at $500. It is a pure white stone. A number of the etorwe are eaid to be pure specimens. Mr. Goetz examined the stones with X 'rays. The Jewelers will hot tell the exact location of the place where, they say, the find was made. . INSANE MAN MADE SANE. 'Bemarkabie Fieoe ot Snrfclcal Work on Uonjamln Weatby »t Detroit. Benjamin Weetby was knocked down by an electric car at Detroit, Mich., April 1'S. Wlibn he recovered consciousness be vr-ae a. ravins? maniac. The only injury lie sustained was a slight cut above the eye. The hospital physicians were, puzzled and a council of physicians was held. A peculiar concavity was discovered in Westby's skull. The vertex had been forced inward and evidently pressed upon the brain. The 'family recalled that ten years back the boy hV.d fallen from a railroad train, striking- on hia bead and driving- the bone into the brain. Since then he has been more or less light-headed. It was determined to trephine his skull. A distance of about 2y 2 inches was cut out and the patient, has now entirely recovered bis reason. _ • TONS OF PENNIES. Damped in Sub-XrcttKory at St. Lonli by Clsoretto MannJact-arert, Six toss of . pennies, 'amounting to. S13.70U, have becu received a.t the United States siibtreasury, and the clerks put in all the:r Bpare time counting then), says the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. They are received from a tobacco company who formerly placed a penny in each' pactag-e of cigarettes manufactured by themrbut have recently stopped it. The task, of countiug them one by one would prove almost endless, and Chief Clerk Kicker has arranged an ingenious counting board, by which tho work is greatly expedited. The board will hold just exactly ten dollars in coppers and is proof against mistake. Even with the counting board it will tako some.davs to finish the count. The riatte. The river Platte during the summer is dry along the greater portion of it» course. The water runs underground, only an occasional pool appearing; On the surface. By digging: almost anywhere in its course a supply of fresh, nool water mav be obtained. WORKS In curing ""torturing," disfiguring,: humiliating humors of the Skin,: Scalp, and Blood when all els* falls. Soli throughout Iho world. PrfM, CCTICCHA, So«v, uc.t Kuo«.v*xT, ; 30c. «nd.*l. rone* £>«».., UID Cunt Comp^ 5oU PT«I>«M Boiton.

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