Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 3, 1948 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 3, 1948
Page 5
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Thursday, September 2, 1940 Communist Offensive in HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS By DeWIT MACKENZIE AP Foreign Affairs Analyst The now Jiiifl U'iclosprc>:id Communist iil'frnsivc in UK; I'';.ir K;ist to which (his column has been dniwinj; attention, in # rowing more The latest development I:; a threat by the Russian puppet re- ijinio ot North Korea to destroy the Democratic fiovornnient which I rccenMy was set up in Die United '• Slates /one IM" South Korea. Kimnl- ' laneonsly the Chinese aiinv newspaper DI Nanking warns lliat civil >var i.s impending in Korea, and LI. Gen. John H. HO;!KO. retiring U. S. commander in Korea, conceded that there is a possibility of! civil war. llodco. enroule to wash-' iiiKlim. express d the belief in Honolulu (hat Suu'h Koreans would • fi«h( any invation from tile North. j However, thai is ;i threat which JSHII has lo eventuate. alihuui,'h the jJSod.s lon.y have linen catisiut; disorders in the Southern Ibcalro. Of j more immediate concern are the i actual Communist, rebellions ra;:- i"« in Burma, Malaya, Indo-China and Indonesia. Tin.,- area is amour; |the world's tieasure houses, and l one upon which many nations place |reliance for essential supplies. j From these rich countries come! j rubber, tin. sugar, rice, oil and! other essentials in war and in J peace. j The western democracies need ' jSome of these supplies Cor military) .security. The rehabilitation . ol' Kii-! I rope and the Orient, call for alii i these products available, indeed, j I untold million.'-; u! peoples in flu;! |l''ar East, are dependent on 73umia jcind oilier great rice growing areas i for this "staif of lite." One of the objects 'of Uv> widespread Bolsbevist offensive in the Orient apparently is not only to deprive the Western Allies of Military .supplies lii.it to block rehabilitation of nations being aided by America. The world revolution j which the Communists are waging] |is "lota! war." ; Premier Thankin Nu a few d;iys 1 iago admitted that 5 per cent 'of' (Burma's anrvrl loree.s had turned! : Ij-ailor. lie declared thai the- otber! i.9") per ren! wore waging war on Mhe rrbi'l.'i with .modern weapons. I but emphasized (he seriousness of i jibe situation. The government j ! banks heavily for victory on the I Ifact thai religion Iradilion'nily knits! I tin.' counlry tngfihor. The Burme: e I jare strom; BirldlnVs, and thus the! ' population isn't subject lo the diC-j I Ir-rc-iiees which exist iii India be-i cause nf fji< dus aurl Moslems. Moscow apparently is shifting the ! wrif.iH ( .if its C'onmiLinist drive to i Hie Far h'.ar.t. A vast new war [ Uiealro is being opened up while | Hie Bolshevist underlnke consoli- j dation of their gr.ins in Kurope. •! BROADCASTING SVSTEM At Least Continued From fagc One in later models of the I5-2P. This nf-i ficer flipped on battery swilche. 1 - 1 I and removed shorted fuses like he! was compl'-lcly familiary with Hie •vorking:; of the plane. | 'He is reported 10 liave said h" j studied the B-29s at Vladivostok in I!M4. (Those Were some of the ; other B-i!!)s which had made forml .landings in that area and wciv |s'..M/ed.) One Russian major ;i|>- peared one day anil volunteered the information lie was a B-2!) pilot.' Appeal for :•];, Sept. 1 —(/P)— Slate if Pennsylvania. Texas itiiMu ••ipiK.'.'ilei! today tor strict conservation of American oil resources to meet (his country's laphHy incrcasinj; demands. Page FIY«| conserve present res- SoysManv C-T.tinued From Pa ThurSday'.p'.' nV., Sept. 2 M'ci-t?s'.Iloaord Session—M ) %l veti'lVire -.P a rn d o -'. ..- T$iv> fi^fxV'jVl 0:00 HJlyilfcffvv \ & ti: IS 0:25 (i: ,'iO 7: Of) 7: ISO 'i: 55 fll.l v . imports eVvfi^Goili '.>::;() MEALS TASTE BETTER WHEN YOU SERVE BLUE RIBBON BREAD AT YOUR GROCERS and YOU'LL ENJOY SHOPPING cr >^t&!S!y$(ri Jumbo Green LETTUCE Head . . . . 13c YAMS 3 Ibs. 29c BUTTER BEANS Ib. 15c U. S. No. 1 RED SPUDS 10 Ibs. 49c HELEN HAIRSTON Boltle Sliced PINEAPPLE No. 2 can 39c Green Giant PEAS 8 oz. can 15c Franco American SPAGHETTI can 'S5c FRANKE'S BUTTER BREAD .... lOc Home Macie Breed ... IBc Pocket Book Rolls . . . 16c SUNLAND Shredded K. C. Inspected STEW MEAT Ib. 35c f-resli Dressed FRYERS Ib. 79c IJrtice s FLOOR CLEANER Quart 68c fexsun l-'ink fopefii'iiiJS' juice 46 oz. can 19c '* GRO. & We MlCf. Deliver Reason Star I0dit ! " v n Parade •li'uUoil'-Lewis. Jr. T:rleiif,"'iTackpot--M Tjie .Better Half—M Billy' jUose—M Gabriel Heatter—IW Mntiial -Nev.'srocl—M Revere All-Star Review—M Bill Henry. News—M Klyniily'', Theater—M Bill McCune's Orch.--M K):IHi All the News—M 10:15 Barclay Allen's Obeli.-—M 10:iJO Blue Barron's Orch.—M i U:;");) Mutual lloports the News U:nn Sign Off Friday, n. m., Sept. 3 !">:")<; Sign on 0:D!) llillybilly Hocdown G::!5 Bargain Roundup (>::iO News. First. Kdition B:-l(l The 'Four Knights (i:5f> Market Reports 7:00 Farm Breakfast Program 7: lli Melody Boys 7:30 The Devotional Hour 7:-!f> Musical Clock Y:. r ;!> News. Coffee Cup Kdition ' S:l!0 Sunrise Serenade i!::i(l Slogan Parade H:-H) Bob Poole's Show—M According lo (he Kecorcl Cecil Brown — M K'ai'.h in Our Time — M Say U With Music — M Passing Parade — M i'>:,r< Toll Your Neighbor — M I ()::'.() Heart's Desire — M 1I:«) Kale Smith Speaks — M 11:15 John B. Kennedy — M 1 l::;o l-ieseutt Hour Friday p. m., Sept. 3 ll!:(l(l News, Home Edition l:'.:10 Market Time 1'2: 15 Song ol the Day \?.:'M Polka Interlude- f 12:,'i;i Farm Fair Checkerboard Jamboree—M Queen for a Day — M Golden Hope Chest — M Movie Matinee — M Woody & Virginia —M Carnival of Music — M Koberl Hurleigh—M Johnson Family — M Time lo Dance Two-Ton baker—M Swing Time The Constant Invader Mert's Kecord Session—M Superman—M Adventure Parade—M Tom Mix—M The Inside Story News. 1'ivcr >uir Final Gulf Sports Parade Henry J. Taylor—M Fulton Lewis, Jr. There':; Always a Woman-M Leave It to the Girls—M Billy Rose—M Gabriel Heat-lei—M Mutual Newsreel-—M Col. Sloopnagle—M Bill IIein;.v, News—M Meet the Press—M On the Beam Ben_'ke All the News—M Barclay Allen's Orch.—M Henry Jerome's Orcli. — M Mutual Neivi-M Sicn-OU Top Radio Programs Central Standard Time Mew York. Sept. 'I -—• (/(') — Topics tonight: NBC —7::'(l New Faces of 10411, varisiy: !! Nelson Eddy: 9 Bob Hawk Oui/: !>::«) Fred Waring. ("MS — (i:,'(0 Club Crosby: '7:30 Mr. keen 'tracer !i Madeline Carmil in Suspense; l-i:;i(] Crime Pbo- 'ogi apht.-r; i) James Hilton Playhouse. ABC —7 Front Page drama; i!:30 Candid Microphone; !) Boxing Ton-inv Roll vs Dung Ralford. MI3S--7 Talent Jacknot; 7:31) Better Half Qui/.; 930 All-Star Ke- veu; ;i:.'!() Bill McC'une band. Friday items: Nl! C— !! a. in. Honeymoon in N. Y. CBS — !): 30. Godfrey's Hour. ABC — l(l:,'!0 a. m. Ted Malone. MBS - -- »:;'-() a. m. Sa-i Subversive SfratcrnenS 1 Untrue Committee Says ;;:--hin.:.'lon. Sept. 1 — i.-Vi — A -e-mail iutiuiry group told Sec;•:.- ul State Marshall today e is no basis for statements " io Congress that "hundreds" iil>ver:-;ive .alien:; have entered counsry under United Nations Failure to •rvoirs or to discover new oil • iekls may result in a death of min- '•ral resources for generations yel inborn said William S. Livengood, 'i'.. secrolary of the Pennsylvania Ooixirlmont of Internal Affairs. II wasteful .methods of use and v.'i.diK-iinn are cnminued. he add,'d. "there may not be enough for -iso of o'.ir o>vu generation." His remarks were contained in in, address prepared for the clos- session of (he lulerslate Oil squad investigator who said he and his men had been vvali-li'ng Milchum for eight months. "Inlnr- mtilion is hard to gel. But we :;el it. "And we are out to gel not only . • ... . . . the users, but Ihe inside ring wli'o •'• -""'ipact Coniiiiission here, nre supplying Iho big people in Hollywood with marijuana and oilier narcotics. "We have, besides Milchum. -.number of other importnnl ancl Drominent Hollywood screen personalities under surveillance: no: only! actors and actresses, bul olh- crs^prominont in pictures." The I: 1 1-year-old Milchum, who worked his way to Hollywood praised the .1!!-stale commission's Heights to become a $3,000 a' week star was arrested yertcrdav alon« with Actress Li In Leeds. 20, "D-meer Vickie Evans. 25. and Real Estate Agent Robin Ford. 31. Police said Forests that have been lumbered ••r burned can be replaced. Liven- t;eod said. Exhausted land can be • s;ored. and game propagated. But Ihe exhausted oil well, the ained gas pocket, "can not and :11 not be restored by any means .o\v known lo science x x x. ^Ernest O. Thompson, chairman of the Texas .Railroad commission. prevention efforts, saying they accomplished "more Ihan was >r expected." work done in the Rodessa field of Louisiana, Texas and Arkansas— the first to be handled by cooperative arrangement — as an example of interstate achievement. The commission's economic ad- - visory committee reported last i night that oil demands in the coming wimer are estimated to be seven per cent greater than during the severe winter past, even under normal weather conditions. The industry can meet this demand, the committee said, through continued high production, plus seasonal withdrawals from accumulated stocks, and by keeping oil imports about. 200,000 barrels daily above exports. Secondary recovery projects mav exlract 5,000,000,000 barrels o"f crude oil from "deplete^" oil fields in five states during the next few years, it was reported today by a committee of the commission. The five stales in which nearly- exhauKled fields were surveyed for additional recovery possibilities are Illinois. Oklahoma, Arkansas, New York, Pennsylvania and West Texas, according to the Secondary Recovery Advisory committee. Its report was presented to the closing session of the commission'? Teachers Expect Enrollment of 1400 Conway, Sept. 2 — (/'I')— An enrollment of nt least 1,401) students is expected for the fail session or Arkansas State Toachurs Collceo opening Sept. 13, Dr. Nolen M Irby, president, said today. This estimate, which represents a decrease from Inst fall's enrollment of approximately 1.600 is based on expectations of a general decrees in veteran enrollment nnd general decrease in draft-age students, Dr. Irby said. Indian Tiger Reported on the Loose summer meeting here. The committee said the esti- a .marijuana smoking party was: going on at the coHage when the four were apprehended. i Two studios for which Mill-hum! works have rallied lo Ihe defense j of (lieir star. RKO. recently ac-. quired by millionaire Howard Hughes, ancl SeUnick studios announced that Jerry Giesler, noted Weslern criminal lawyer who has figured in several cases- involving film personalities, will represent Milcluim. Mitchum and the other three have been released on bail of Sl.- 000 each. A hearing on their petitions for writs of Habeas Corpus has been set lor Sept. 8. The Iwo studios, which have n heavy stake in three unrele:is"rj Milchum pictures, issued a statement asking tlvt the film ;>etoi- l;n given the benet'il of the doubt until all the evidence is in. Gieslev s-nr) there were "many unexplained lads and circumstances surrounding the raid" and thai the actor's friends were convinced he would be cleared. Barr said Milchum had a pack- , age with 13 marijuana cigarette:;. | Miss Leeds a Cow o'bers. and thai! oldcers had watched the party' smokin" Ihe cifiarels for two and j one-half hours, peering through a j re,ar bedroom window. | RKO and Selx.nick have sche-l duled for release the Mitehum pin-i lures. "Rachel and Ihe .Stranger" i and "Blood on the Moon," while] Republic lias "The Red Pony." i made on Mitchum's loan from ' Sol/nick studio. Mitchum's loan price to olhnr sludios had been set by Selx.nick at $175,000 a picture. Gov. Frank Carlson of Kansas, n a speech prenared for delivery o be read by Jeff A. Robertson. mated reserve of oil still obtainable (from Ihe "depicted" fields amounts to almost 25 per cent of the entire proved crude oil reserves in all the fields of the nation. Secondary Recovery methods consist of adding pressure lo Ihe underground oil sands by .means of water, gas or sometimes air. The pressure forces the crude oil has n r c;lc!l ' F!a •„. ,, Police said today Tillie may be tame, but they'll shoot first and pat her on the head "Tiilie" is a full yrown Indian Uficr. Her owner, wealthy Palm Beach importer John Randolph Hopkins. describes tier as a •household pet." She has been missing since Tuesday night from the garage of some Irionds of Hop- If in i? *^ kins. "Just can -Kitty, kitty Here Tilhe,' if you see her.' kitty' Hop- Hasn't bitten anybody yet. Detective Sgt, "" Hopkins i • i i, •> /vt ^<- t: *'*-l. J1UU Kins told police. "She's very gentle H. for L. his Conycrs instruc 'ions bi.t dnculed to issue sortie his own He told his men to Hir big game hunter and shoot and ask questions later. Apoarently Tillie's stripes just as s>ood camouflage in winter lesort city as tney are the jungle. Only one unideritu re<-kieiu lias seen her sincg slipped away to roam the wild$ West Palm Beach. That individual. not at ,t« alarmed, mcrc»y called the poticfe' asked if Iheie was a circus iti He said ho had seen a tiger ing down the raihoad tracks his home Hopkins was most concerto^ about getting his pot back safe anu rihve, but he scorned sure sh«! would tuin up When he found Til? u- was missing he placed the fol* lowing one-inch classified ad in tfts; newspapci: ,< "Missing Tigress Answers to the name Tilhe ' Please telephonic "iOfcO * * V 1 Ho explained that he has hai v Tilhe "since she was very yoting"^ ancl that sho is allowed to ro&ni niound his house and go ridine life his car ' Hopkins said he inherited his., taste for pels from his father, who kept lions around the house, ~" " importer said he also used to an elephant, a Bengal tiger amfi same dulls (small West African- babooh.) Hopkins' wife. Jean, filed suit against him. She wanted- money to support heisclf in a sep»' aralc lesidcnce. M McGrath Contlnuca Prowi Pase One Day. ParticipatiiiK in the talks were Sou. Henry Cabot Loclfe R., ' Mass., and Elliott Bell, one 'of De- : wcy's top-rauking speech writors. '; Dewcy said in a press conference : last night that tne Cnmniunisis i would bo kicked out of Washington 1 "just as fast as a Republican president can be elected and start clo- ins it-" Wallace— Henry A. Aallace took his campaign caravan inio Mississippi, but he may cancel ?jll his speeches there if the state insists on enforcing sofjregalion laws anioiiH his listeners. The Progressive party presidential nominee enjoyed a relatively quiet trip. through Alabama yesterday, in contrast to the efiC-mniwitii; Ij.-ir- r.-,Ke he sustained in North Carolina. But he refused to speak in Birmingham when city officials made arranRonieuts to separate Negroes and whites in the audi- i once. In a subse.quenf n-iio a-1- dressf, Wallace charged that north- • ru s'ell iu'en-s's weie I ••:.>!-. ind t!ie i ;outh's scRrL-Ration policv. i Louisiana — Pusxo!! },o:>" vn of the late Sen. iluey "Kiugfisli" • us, maintained a slighi lead over ( Appelate Judge Robert I 1 '. Kt'imon j in their hot primary rnc 0 for the i U. S. Senate. Late' returns from i luesday's ballotini; wiped eul Ken- | nun's early aclvanrage. j Texas ..... Coniplete returns from Saturday's primary showed that former Oov. Coke" Su>ve»s"ii ob* ained HtR votes more than Rep. j Lyndon Johnson in tix-ir tar-" '' ''lie U. S. Sen-lie seat of retirim; Sen W. Lee O'Uauiel. Tin; results are not official yet. Taylor-— Sen Glen T.-'.vlor. ""m 1 " i U'allacc's running mate. suffvivd a fate similar lo Wallace's in Niu-lh 'Jarolina when he was bombarded with rotU-n eggs pud jicaches in was not ?.-I.iu- York's Tub in—Secretary of '/ice .?. Tobin asked Ne- Liberal p".rty to support Tnm-an's eampaum (•."• i COP — Republican (. MaiKu>er Herbert B'-owiH'' ••i|i|i(iinte:i Barak T. Matlin s j Louis, gi neri'l (••nisei I f If)P uat iijtial eon imitte< •. "dor of Die labur aetivitie.-.; IJewey-Warren campaign. Menial Survey in Two Counties i.f Ibc. Soldier of Throe to JONESBORO MAN HONOftED •, Seattle, Sept 2 —(#>)— J O C &,*' Biuiett Jonesboio, Aik., has b66tt fleeted vice president of the Na Uonal Conference of CominissiOH ers of. Uniform State laws, * J ? V 1 ' For Outdoor Feasts It s the last long week end of the summer ... and that calls for a picnic! And A&P is the place to get all tho ' good things that keen out-door a.-peWos crave ... at mighty attractive prices. Yes, your picnics will be sure-fire success with no strain on your budget when you get the fixin's at your friendly A&P. > Stuffed Olives Ann Hotjo Salad Dressing />mi fog o Sandwich Spread Spa'Uo Ice Cream Mix buttona peanut Butter Armour's Star Chopped Ham Bath's, P'em or Ircct Luncheon Meat Gebhart^'s Sandwich Spread A'tnour'S blar Potted Meat Libby's cr Armour's Vienna.Sausage Air-oncon Vv"no(e Sour or Dill Pickles Nabisco Ritz Crackers lender Cooled Ann Page Beans Af.P Grade A Grape Juice Chod O Bil Amoricnn Cheese Food 3 2 2 or. Bat. PI. Jar Pt. Jar Pkgs. Ib, Jar 12-oz. Can I2oz. Con 3'A.oz. Can No. i/ 4 Con No. '/, Can 22 01. Jar l-lb. Com Of. Dot. Ib. tool I5c 33c 35c 20c 59c 53c 45c 12c 9c I9c 25c 3lc 23c 35c $!.09 © Golden-Ripe Colorado Elbertas .... Calii Potatoes Calii. Oranges Yellow Onions Seedless Grapes Golden Carrots Green Beans Green Cabbage Texas Yams Iceberg Lettuce Long V/hi'ts Sweet Juicy New Crop Thompson While lender Sv/ef.i Kei'lucVy V/andor Ha'd Hew Crop Crlip Firm 5 Ibs. 27c 5 Ib. bag 37c BAGK-TO-SGHOOL CAKE Marvel Enriched Sandwich Rolls Marvel Enriched Weiner Rolls Man/el Enriched Sandwich Bread Marshmallows lO-oi. Polar Pan Smooth Peanut Buffer 12-02. Jar 33c 2 2 2 Ibs. Ibs. Bun. Ib. Ib. Ib. 9c 23c I5c 15c 3c lOc Chocolate Costod M&M Candy 25c 7-oz. Pig. Head 13c Process Amoricfln Mel-O-BH Cheese ib. $1.15 The best idea of f/ie month MEAT PAGE" 4. Slieoi lor Caiiurolf Oilhei Crcll Suiiiiydtld Rt-ocJy-lo-Eat Cooked Hams Sunnyiit'lJ, Tender, Skinntid Smoked Hams It's a real economy for the average size family to get a full-cut shanlc half larga enough to make four meals, as shown here. Sunnyfield Coolced PICNICS Dry Salt BACON Spiced Luncheon Pickle & Pimento Liver Cheese Skinless Weiners Sliced Bologna Chopped Ham Whole Fryers Cut-Up Fryers Nectar Tea Nectar Tea All 5c Candy All, 5c' Gum All ( 5c' Drinks Camay Soap Camay Soap Lava Soap Ivory 'Flakes Ivory Snow Duz ' Ivory Spap Ivory Soap Ivory Soap P&G Soap Spic & Span Ib. Ib. 25c^; t ^ 33c*s t-g. Meat Sliced All M=at Ail Sliced Younybluud'* Carton Shank Half Hi Ib. Ib. 8!c 73c FilUt ol Haddock Fillet ol Rosefish Whola Caffish Ib. Ib. Ib. 43c 3lc 63c Fillel of Pollock H i D Whiting Med'um Shrimp Ib. Ib. Ib. Ib. Ib. Ib. Ib. Ib. Ib Ib. Ib lu

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