Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 3, 1948 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 3, 1948
Page 2
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Page two HOPE STAR, H OP E,'ARKANSAS 'Daily Bread ', Continued From Pape One men like Mr. Chambers and Mr. Hiss, both holding posit- -lons of distinction nnd rcsponsibil- )ty» tell stories that brand one or the other of them as an unmitiea- .ted liar. -.'' t-ife, we feol, was a lot pleasant- 6r in the earlier era of this ige of doubt and confusion when the governments whole budget wasn't rnuch Digger than the disputed surplus or deficit, and when the lenr of eternal he)!fire and brimstone hung over the head of any- One who- lied under oath. Republicans Nominate Lumberman committee By JIM THOMASSON . Little Rock Sept. 2 — Charles R. Black, Corning wood lumber manufacturer, was nominated today as the Republican candidate for governor of Ar- j keynote speaker at the Kepuhlican kansas. j session. The action was taken by the j Ht> is Republican state committee here. I Frenchman's H;;vou, ' ' lion, declared that "should my friends and neighbors elect me in November" he would "proceed to give this state a general house cleaning such as Mr. Dcwey proposes to do in Washington after Jan. 20." After nominating its candidate for governor and deciding against, .--y. ...... -7,WA" /-• --••-„•,,, the \T <A >— H "8 K - ;) .°00; top 29.uO bulk ' •"'"- "" '' " ' " other state candidates. " Market ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK National Stockyards, 111., opt, 2 went into cxectilivt j session to discuss p'ans for tile •riil election campaign, rna.i who described himself a.s lifelong Democrat' ' was tile Jefferson W. Sneck of ........ ..,..,.,..,. .^.. The committee decided not to' county, 31-year-old World War Two ' CHANGE -IK?-,. •^?H?S U 80l P B th «2«Bh.the functional middle age pettod peculiar to women (38 to 52 yrs.)? Does this make you miffsr from Dot flashes, feel so ncrv- ?"*,'. hl ! h "J?. t *V?S' tired? Then no try Lydla S. Plakliam'n Vegetable Compound to relieve such Symptoms. Plnkham'* Compound aleo hns what Doctors call a itomnchlo tonic cflectl 1Y01A E. PINKHAM'S j nominate candidates i state offices in order to tratc campaign effort idential election. the governor's race and "the fair election law." Wallace Townscnd. Arkansas GOP national commilteernan, who nominated Black, said the party had high hopes for adoption of the propised initiated act which would give it statutory representation on state and county election boards and in selection of election officials. He said that act. giving the minority party legal recognition, defines the minority party as the one receiving the second highest vote (or governor. Black, in accepting the nomina- , for other!"? 1 ' 0 ' whose address was j !]'"« denunciation of F ! Roosevelt. Henry A.. Wall V00-."(>0 1,-s 29.25-50; 160-ISO Ibs 27.125-26.50: 13-150 Ibs 24.75-6.75; 100'120. Ibs I.75-?3.75 bulk 401) Ibs down 25.0-Z6.7o: few 27.00; heavier sows mostly 21.50-24.50. Cattle. 3,000; calves, 1.500: mostly flesh kinds around 23.00-2fi.nri: '.vi'li common and low medium HI.OO-lii.00; common and medium beef cows largely 17.50-19.50; can- Hope Star Star of Hope 18«7; Press 1927, Consolidated January 18, 1929 Published c-vcry wc.vKlov nfinrnoon STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. E. Polmor, Prcnirfrnt Alex. H. V/oshbutn, ScrrtjUry-Treo'ur "1 ll.e SttJr b-iiMirin 212-214 South Walnut !>T,™| H <".,-„; A,|, concen- the pros- Harry S. TRiirmm. Meteorite State More stony meteorites have been found in Kansas than in Illinois. Oklahoma, Utah, Massachnsetls. Washington, Idaho. Oref.'on, Norlh Dakota, Wyoming, Nevada, New Hampshire. Louisiana, Vermont. Montana, and Minnesota, combined. a bris- !"fj-s- and cutters 1.1.50-17.00: iiiuu- anklin I).!' n:T1 :incl Kood bulls 21.00-23.00: cut- ace an:ij Vl ' and common 1fi.m-9.ri.on; good I.'mrl rltn'r-n i.'nilnvt- 07 n_T1 A- r>r*»v. choice vcnlers 27.0-31.0; . '•ivin and medium 17.00-20.00. ! Sheep. 2.500: early top good jr-hoice lots 24.75 to shippers jbutchers; 24.50 to big packers. j GRAIN AND PROVISIONS Alex. H. Washburn, filitor g, Publiiho: Paul H. Jones, Mnnoninci Editor George V7, Hosier, Mrrh ^upf Joss M. Dnvls, A-\-cr!i',ir>g M:in,]r;cr and and Entered a-, Post O/fico at Act of Match (API—Means (Nf A)~~Means Association. :cr.ond cla'-s matter ot th< Hope, Arkan.-g-j, under the 3, 1897. Associated Press. Nov.'.-paocr Enterprise Adrenalin In Skin Dried toad skins were .. the ancient Chinese doctors in treat ing wounds. Now scientists have found a toad skin actually does contain adrenalin. 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Cash |rl":il'<s if-norled purchnB" of 101.. 1000 bushels on a to-arrive basis. j Cnsh housp 1 ! did not. give much i support to wheat, which encountered hedge selling as well as li- ,'iuidation from c o in m i ssion i houses. ! Who.' bADIES SUITS > — ...... Jus,t th^kind of fall suit you're looking for in gabardine, and worsted. Solids and plaids in pretty pastels and dark colors. i 19.95 ,„ [LADIES DRESSES ' j f, *"' ' '. , 9 You'll find a large and complete stock of prejty new fall dresses in the seasons smartest styles at Rephan's. Sizes 9 to 52 and 18i- to 243,-. Beautiful new Fall colors i 6.95 to \ Buy Your Fall Clothes Now! i USE OUR CONVENIENT ;"Lay-A-Way"Plan ; A Small Deposit Will Hold Any Item HATS Smajrt new felt hats for fallun newest styles, and colors. Trimmed with feathers and veils. New colors. .All sizes. . ~ 2.98 to 4.95 JFALL SHOES A complete stock of ballet, .oxfords, sandals and dress shoes for fall. 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National Advertising Representative — Arkansas Dailies, Inc.; M<'t~v->hk. Tonr Stcrick Building; Chirnqo, /H)0 Nnrih Mich igan Avenuo; Now York City, 292 Morlhc.. Ave.; Detroit, Mich., 2H.1? W Gram Blvd.; Oklahoma Citv. 31 <! Terminal Blrlq New Orleans, 722 Union St. Member of tho Associated Press; Th Associated Press is cnlillcd excki'.i'/ely <• the use for ropublication of all the loco news printed in this newspaper, 03 well c M AP nev/s dispatches. jnt the end of The United (he current reason. Stoles iirmy asked Wheat closed 2 to 3 1-4 n'omber S9.2J. pm-n for offers of approximulely 25.000 bales of coHo nt'oi- Gcriniinv. Tlie cotton would be September-October shipment, with prices based on , December futures. .KKvor, Qcl hifih 30.0!) — lo\v 30.fi 7— last 2 1-4 lower, September $1.G5 1-8 '-4. oats \voi-r> '^-H—3-4 tnwr s tember 72 3-4, Rye was 2 cents lower, December $1.57. And soybeans were 1-2 to 2 cents higher. November S2.49 1-2. Snot wheat declined with the trading ' " ' ](i\v 30.7") 30.90-93 off Dec high 30.j; , „ . - 30.76' off 9 1-2 to 3,Men high 30.72 — SO.aS-oG off IS-1-1 May high ,?!).<!,'/ — Jo\v 30 30 30.31 off If) his.'h :>?).'!0 .. in futures today basis' '10 •>•> O rr .. I Rteadv; receipts 17 cars. Corn was OcVhlgh 2fi H7 jtwo to three cents lower; basis one 1o Iwo rents easier bookings 115.000 bushels; receipts 07 cars. Oats were unchanged to a cent higher: basis unchanged to 1-2 cent lower; shipping salels 32.500 bushels; receipts 22 cars. Soybeans receipts were 21 cars. POULTRY AND PRODUCE Chicago. Sept. 2 — (/p> —Butter nervous; receipts 423,451; prices unchanged except 'JO B grade cent a pound lower at 68.5. 20.01 off 28 Miridlin" spot 31. ... N-Nc.'Tiinal. NEW YORK STOCKS last last last; last! low 2C.GO — last' 10. Eggs weak; receipts 10,847- prices unchanged to a cent a dozen lower: U. S. Extras 70 net and tin a r>0-51: GO to C9.9 pet a 49-50- U S Standards 42-47 current receipts 40; dirties 36; checks 33 5 T.ive ooultry; steady to firm receipts 30 trucks; prices unchanged except fryers a .cent a pound higher outside at 37-42 fob. NEW ORLEANS COTTON New Orleans, Sept. 2 — (ff}~ Cotton futures advanced in early trading here today but hedge offerings nifi-p.-sed and prices gradually declined. CJos'in? quotations were steady 25 cents to 70 cents a bale lower Oct high 30.91 — low 30.80 — close Dec high 30.83 — low 30.70 — close Men high 30.66 — low 30.51 — dose 2054B May_hish 30.37 — low 30.29 — close 30.31-33 Ji.y high 29.29 — low 29.16 — close B-bid. NEW YORK COTTON New York, Sept. 2 —(^—Scattered liquidation and hedging de -2 i were a i levels. shade several .'ices in nv'iiy casen inder the day's best Volume remained well above recent small turnover. The dav's total veered toward 1.000.000 shares. Ending hi "her were U. S. Steel. Youngstown Sheet, Pennsylvania H. R.. Southern r?:uh v ;.v. "C'!T-- = -.I- peake. Ohio. Standard Ohio (NJ) Gulf Oil . General Motors. Chrysler Studobaker. Goodi-ich. Caterpillar Tractor. .Americ'-'n Telep''-"ine Co'i- solidated Natural Gas, Kennecott Copper. \\ r er,tin';ho!u:e 'f>u>ei,-i c . Dow Chemical, Amcrccan Woolen, and Paramount Fieitires. . _Bulloya watch added 2 1-2 points alter rlh-e;"'n>-« ordvu-d an extra payment ot nO cents a share. Corporate bonds followed slocks. Vocational Agri Leaders fro Con f SB'© [is ce Little Rock. Sept. 2 —OPi— Approximately 250 delegates arrived here today tor the oni-ning of a three-day conference for vocational agricultural instvuctors. The theme of tlii; ferencc is "Planning year's con- the Vocation- pressed eotion 'futures hTsTow S trad: o, mg today. Traders were discour- IT i ! n-? - ' ' ; s , I ? ai aged over the slow demand for isen ative r^H, aS cotton goods, prospects of a bi«lc (1 , J, in . crop, and sentiment that there will ll-.v " nlcca aiul Dc-volc.pmciu Commis- be a substantial surplus of cotton u ' ;11 be a rcprrc - iKa.s He- SHOES Up and down . . in and out . . walking, running . . never still. POLLYANNA shoes are mighty good companions in all this activity. They're designed for active liille feet that need good fitting, correct designing and jusi- right construction to insure proper growth. US SOUTH MAIN Thursday, September 2, 1940 O f 'S Men . . . shop at Geo. W Robison & Co. for outstanding values in clothes, shoes and other things that you need. A few of the many value buys you'll find at our store. Hawk Brand Mens'Qveralfs These are in both solid blue and express stripe. Well made for comfort and wear. A real value buy. Metis WORK SHIRTS Red Cap work shirt's for men. 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