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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, September 3, 1948
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Our Doily Breo d Sliced Thin by The Editor Alex. H. Washburn Atheism Doesn't Qualify as a Religion Under the rules and regulations of the Federal Communications Commission a commercial broadcasting station must apportion a certain percentage of its public service "time" to religious programs, divided fairly among the principal denominations represented in the station's trade area. It may seem incredible to the average citizen, but a man named Robert Harold Scott of Palo Alto, Calif., having listened to the religious programs of California stations, came forward with the statement that he was an atheist and that the stations .haying aired the views of the denominations, were i bound by law therefore to give him a hearing, too. The stations, as you can imagine, turned him down. But Scoll insisted on his point, and began to threaten action to revoke the broadcasters' licenses. Finally, one of the stations agreed to a test broadcast by the man named Scot't—and 80 per cent of the station's listeners immediately registered a violent protest against what came over the air. That ended matters. But Scott took his case to Washington. The FCC turned down his demand'for radio "time", but the government agency did say this: "Freedom of religious belief necessarily carries with it freedom to disbelieve." Obviously the government agency was caught in the same imnasse that had faced the California broacnsters previously. Today Scott's cause i:; again being pushed by one Charles Smith, president of the American Association for the Advancement of Atheism—this same Mr. Smith being a ', native of Arkansas who doesn't j live here any more. i But no matter who brings up the j issue, nor how many times it is \ brought up, the fact remains that • freedom of religious thought does \ not include public advocacy of the t Star WEATHER FORECAST Arkansas: Fair thi" afternoon, tonight. Friday. Thunclerihow'erK uaiiinvcsl portion -tonight or PH. day. Not much change in tcmpiira- 1 lure. 49TH YEAR: VOL. 49 — NO. 276 Stnr of HOPP i 899; Press * 927 Consolidated January 18, 192*> Caught Sn Narcotic Raid HOPE, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 1948 SAP)—.Means Associated Press iNEA)—Mearn newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. PRICE 5c Anti-Reds in Berlin Want to Join in Parley Berlin. Sept. 2 — (/Pi —- Berlin's anti-Communist city government - - - - the McGrath Warns Candidates They Cannot Be Dixiecrats and Democrats at Same Time By JAMES F. DONOVAN United Press Staff Correspondent Southern congressional candidates were warned today that they cannot be Dixiecrats and Democrats at the same time, demanded todav a voice in the Democratic National Chain-nan [four-power deliberations here on : -J- Howard McGrath said In Wash- Ithe German crisis. The aponal lington that nominally-Democratic (faced a virtually certain .Russian office-seekers must either support h'eto as the four military governors .President Truman's campaign fo jbopan their third day ot talks. election or else stop regarding The city government's aopeal is .themselves as members of Ihe understood to have asked the mill- , Democratic party, tary governors for an end to East- He said candidates in the South West strife in this Soviet-blockaded will "utomatically" be withdraw- city; restoration of a unified city ing from the party if they spurn administration under the elected .the nnlioiial Trunian-Barklcy ticket !!overnment ' " ' '*"" """ " ! ... - — lion for the guarantees of restored freedom of guarantees of protcc- city assembly and and all four Many Anti-Reds in CIO Fired Says Witness By DOUGLAS B. opt. CORNEL L 2 —M')— James New York is Feeling Strike of Truckers New York, Sept. 2 —(/ V ork's intricate economic lifellnSsH? were snarled today by a walkout, of 9,400 AFL truck drivers that,'" threatened to spread to 30,000 *other truckers in the metropolitan -f, oreoi--. 4? The walkout, which began at' I midnight Tuesday, ciippled much ; of the city's widespread trucking * operations. To pi event piling up ot' merchandise in jail yards, an enj- "-s for the Dixiccrat slate of Gov. J. Strom Thurmond of South Carolina. and Gov. Fielding Wright of Mis-| ri i'. cd , and that sissippi. !' find it easier . The Dixiecrats are a fourth p ar tv p 10 " 1 " 1 ""' 818 -" Communist I in this campaign, he said, and their I Cnvev mm. workers union have been some employers o get along Cn > - ey now CIO secrctary-lrcas- '"' st president of travel between Berlin (occupation zones. Twice last week , , dcmonstrations prevented meet- supporters arc "leaving the Demo- ! }J rcl ;. wns tnc ings of the elected city govern- cratic party just as effectively as! thc •• E - "° °" vc a House labor metit. The Russian commandant ; if they supported the Republicans j subcommittee ^ the names of two and the Russian-controlled police !or iii the Soviet sector, where thcjpar_ city hall. is located, have refused McGiath Most retail outlets still had qunte stocks on hand. But the «.-.,-«.«• fccts of shrinking supply lines alv ready ••wore felt by many stores? ^ A few firms, cut oft from ries. closed their doors. In Washington White Press Secretary Charles G. • «l :* to interfere with the dcmonstra- tors, who have threatened to re else mar freight moved dneelly mton theory that there is no God. Dis- ' belief in any particular religion is j the right and privilege of human beings—butt atheism is religious rnrmnuiiism. uttcrlv foreign to the nature of men as disclosed by uie wiiicun record of civilization through thousands of years in every land, both civilized and barbarian. i Common usage is going to keep ] this question settled satisfactorily regardless of occasional men named Scott and Smith. —NEA Tclepholo- A raid in Hollywood, Calif., by Los Angeles narcotic squad and Federal Narcotics Bureau, climaxed eight months of investigation of Hollywood dope users. Av left is actress Lila Leeds who was arrested with Actor Bib Mitchum, right, and Robin Ford, center, all of whom face a felony charge of violating the State Narcotics Act. e Get the Strait Jackets, Boys, The News Has Us All Confused BY JAMES THRASHER Assorted pundits have been telling us for years that we are living in an age of doubt and confusion. They were probably right all along. But certainly the, last week or so has doubt and By VIRGINIA MacPherson Hollywood. Sept. 2 — CUP)— Police Psychiatrist J. Paul DC River said today he knew "any number 'of film people suspected of using marijuana." "But outside of drummer Gene Krupa and Actor Rober tMHchum, none of them has ever been ar- rosfed." he said. At Least 10 U.S.Planes Seized by Russians During the War With Japanese i v ....... •• • 1,7 u * i..v».jv- i,in ininei v,v;a u I til .. ij. ,, ~ _-_. , „,--„.--., — poat the ncrformance each time I groups who have stated publicly ! ,2° "Cstmghotiso plant at Jersey thn assembly tries to meet. '"--' "--- ' ' ' ' ' ' n ''"' M T """" '""•• The four-Qower working com- mit'ces on trade and finance con- , . .. - ,~i.. - T _that they intend to remain active' Llt - v ' N - •*•• a[tci ' unsuccessfully in Democratic party affairs even ( (l pP°s'»g .James Matles for orga- -...„.„ '|thc city as well as cargoes movinSO '' to Jersey Citv, Itoboken and Vfeet * " tinned their negotiations on techni-i ticket. cal problems, but the other com- | His statement came shortly after mittee. made up of transport cx-jlhe Sou.n Carolina Democratic exo pivts groim. which would deal', culivc cornmitlco named a slate of with the lifting of the 71-day-old Blockade, refused to say whether tho oroup's work was done. "We might meet again." he s;iid. "How.cvcr. as you know, the lifting of •: the blockade depends only upon the word 'go' from the Russians. We've got plenty of coal and supply trains lined up at the zonal borders ready to proceed to Berlin when the word comes." The Russians, when they closed .~ r,... v , nit...,, v^v^n . . ,. - . - -. --„-though they support the Dixlecrat " lf f;^V 011 ,' h ,|' ec | or , at lho unlon con Ho said Sam Basmajian was one ,;„„ scttlerrcnt amon " nia "y anti-Communists :jj c said, howevei that the nawkeii. N. J . for boat to Now Yoik '' transfer The .subcommittee is looking into long standing-charges thah electors pledged to Thurmond. McGrath said "regular" Democrats in many Southern states are working to get Triiman-Barkley electors on the November balloi, . . , , . so that Ihe voters will get a chance-'' lh ^',' "iggest Bunion of to cast their ballots for the; na "~ ~ tional ticket, Other political developments: is I nom- off the rail line between Berlin and the west, said it was because of. "technical difficulties. Yesterday the French sector newspaper Dcr Kurier said these difficul- i:s had been solved. By ELTON C. FAY AP Military Affairs Reporter Washington. Sept. 2 — (JP) —At least 10 United States bombers were seized by the Russians during this country's war with Japan, including one B-29 shot down by Soviet fighter planes.. The air force disclosed this today and gave the detailed siory.of each Mitchum, 31-year-old movie hero,, incident in answer to a reporter's ! compounded standard .- inc j three friends surrendered yes- everyday confusion to Uerclay when two narcotics officers a point where people can be forgiven for double checking on their own names. It's bad enough to sit around gnawing your fingernails over the Berlin crisis, and the difficulty of putlting meat on your table. But when you add to these imponderables some of the past days' contradictions, you're likely to find yourself looking over your shoulder for the little people who aren't there. Take the budget, for instance. President Truman came up with a revised estimate and said that, thanks to the tax-cutting Republi- 'rappcd them in a surprise raid on a marijuana "den" in the Hollywood hills. His arrest renewed a flurry of speculation of how widespread marijuana smoking is in the movie colony. Mitchum hinted he wasn't the only actor who occasionally took a puff from a "weed." "It's the latest style in Hollywood," he said. Dr. DeHivcr. who helps the local police figure out what makes their | prisoners break the law, backed him up. "It's prevalent among artists," he said, "for two reasons. It peps can Congress, we'd wind up the fis- them up when they're working" uii- cal year with a deficit of $1,500.- rler a strain, and it acts as a potent 01)0.000. Nonsense, said some Re-'romantic stimulant publican congressmen. If the Pies-; "Now it's a well-known fact that idrnt would stop counting some ap- I Hollywood people are jaded, propriation chickens that Congress They've tried everything. The only ,way they can get any stimulation the won't hatch and take $3,000,000,000 for foreign aid out of last years ji s "to indulge in 'reefers'. It's surplus, he'd tind that we are go- j only way they have left to gel ing to wind up the year with a' surplus of $1,500,000,000. Then of course there are Messrs. Whitlaker Chambers and Algor Hiss. Mr. Cham'.iers told Hie Thomas committee that Mr. Hiss was a busy borer from within in IK 1 .. prewar "Communist underground." and that he had visited Mr. Hiss and pleaded with him to break away from the Communist Party. : , n ,] on Mr. Hiss told the Thomas Commit-' The "iag" is followed by a period tee that hte had known Mr. Cham-lot' lassi'iidi; ,-md slight depression, hen; some 13 years ago as a Mr. |T)r. Do River said. Dut the mari- Crosley and had sublet him an a-iiuana -smoker is not a slave to the partment. !dru«. There is a similar confusion sur- 1 "We don't class it wilh the hab- rounding the testimony of Eliza- ; it-forming ones such beth T. Benlley before the same ' mofphinc. or heroin." questions. Five of the planes were B-29s, which the Russians later used as patterns for their .own bombers now appearing in numbers over Eastern Europe. The other included smaller air force bombers and two navy patrol planes. All — except the superfortress shot down on a mission to drop food to American prisoners of war in Korea — were taken over when fuel shortage or damage forced them to land in Russian-controlled territory. Tho planes and crews (again except for the shot-down B-29) were I seized and interned while Russia j was a neutral in the Pacific war. i However, the attacked B-29 was downed by Red fighters 20 days after Moscow . had declared war against Tokyo. Here is what USAF files show happened to that plane: Succumbs di Booneville A. "C: -Keith; 49, lifelong residenft^°u yn ,.?:"" of Hope, died yesterday at : Bdohe- F prler;;U I He is survived by his wife, a son. S.gt. Dorsey Keith of El Paso, two „ , , daughters, Mrs. Mabel Haltom and Gnlesburg. Mrs. Bobbie Chance and a step- dauuhlcr, Mrs. Alma Foster all of Hope, two brothers. Harry of Linden. Texas, Dock of Shroveport, and a sister. Mrs. Evelyn Watson Dewey— GOP Presidential inee Thomas E. Dewey and Harold E. Stasscn worked in Albany' on the speech Stasscn will give hi De- 'iOO.OOO-momber u. K. union is I Truck trntf't r.<ln,, dominated by Rods This is the bridges* and Unniel^dirTu? .,_ ;i union ol the CK), --' " - — Chairman Kerslen (R-Wis) said the House group wants to study the union's contracts "becau.ie Overshadow Food Prices Bv ^United Press' The' likelihood of rent, increases today . s-o.le tho show, from , the lot of our national defense setup is in Jhesc industries.'' Kersten asked Carey to explain a sentence in a letter he wrote the troit next Tuesday in President Truman's opening address there Continued on Page o answer to J congressman Aug. 24, saying there campaign- on Labor Five Bus Schedule of Schools Announced are employers and other groups who "would rather do business with Communists than with bona fide leader's of organized labor." Carey said that statement was based on "considerable experi- j'Mice." Kersten asked him for de- itails and specific cases. , "Well." ho said, "A Communist shop steward can't bb •'too. aggressive in pressing gi icvances, He it, easier to get along with because he has to make compiomibcs to protect other Interests; Rep. Keains (R Pa> aid C ui,j was making "quite of Little Rock. Funeral menls are indefinite. arrange- Polio Cases in Arkansas Show Slight Decline On August 29, 1045. B-29 No. Z-28 of the. (ifii!nd bomb squadron, 500th bomb group, took off from Saipan any;to drop supplies inlo a prison camp out of romance." inear Kanko, Korea, whore Aincri- Thc "lift" lasts anywhere from (l ans were known to be held, two to six hours, the psychiatrist Aboard was a crew of 13 . said. During that time the addicts The superfortress arrived in the lose all sense of lime. ) general vicinity of the camp and | "A moment of romantic oclasy Russian Yak fighters planes ap-I seems to last for :l;>vs instead of-Pcared. At first the Rod pilots! seconds." he said, "they feel as if wnved friendly grcatings to the'j they are floating through the air in B -''9. motioning the Americans to j •> pass'onat'j dream that H' J OS on, i'' 0 " n w them. j .-Mid on." i The Americans, thinking the Rus-I sians were leading them to the: Little Rock, incidence has Arkansas. opt. 2 —I/Pi— Polio dropped slightly in The Arkansas board of health said seven new cases were reported in the state during Ihe week ended Aim. 1*8. This was a decline of three from the preceding week. Expediter Tigho 8. All buses will leave the starting other cities prob- point about 7:40 a. m.. Each bus the example of route and driver's name is listed below: Bus No. 1: — Driver Clyde Sanders. This bus will leave- from the Clyde Sanders home on Highway 2i), below the old CCC camp, and travel north lo Hope High school. Leave high school and travel south on Spring Hill road to Perry Moses' place. Turn back north lo Garland school, Oglesby, to high schol. Bus No. 3 — Driver Glen Cal, E. Woods said ablv would follow the example 111.. where landlords won an 18 oer cent boost in rent :pilings yesterday. The Galcshurg advisory rent control board obtained the increase by showing that lho landlords had first the "I realize that," Carey replied. -o—— suffered hardship. It was the such incrcaso granted under 1948 rent control law. In Chicago, a landlord's association sent questionnaires to 30,000 members in preparation for a request to.- a general rent increase. A spokesman for the group said hp thought it could justify an in- of houn. This bus will leave Calhoun's place and go to the Washington highway to Proving Ground road, were dropping. Buyers at Chicago i markets were cautious yesterday, and livestock receipts were light. At Madison. Wis., Summer H. Slichtcr. Howard economist, predicted th:>t there will be no re- JusticeDept. to Deport 25 Reds , New'..,york, Sept. 2 — (/?)— • Th- Department of Justice announced today it would initiate deportation Jack proceedings soon against Stachel, former national secretary of the Communist party, and 24 other party leaders. The announcement was made as committee. She put the finger on, "The marijuana urge can be con- i 'hat the various government employes who. Urollor? All it takes is guts. |300 feet she said, had given her secret and : "Guin:! without it will cause the I landing. camp, followed. However they came in over a small airfield where two other Yaks joined the Russian formation. One Yak pilot lowered his landing gear and as opium, I Peeled off to indicate the B-29 was he explained. I'o land. The American pilot saw Whether the Ladies Should Back to Smoking Pipes a Burning Question crease "considerably in excess ot t um east on ^ ;n , c \ road lo Prov 15 P er cont ,- , , , , , ! >ng Ground gate. Turn north on Meanwhile, wholesale food prices j paying Ground road to Oakhaven. ' back to Hope on Highway 29, to i Oglesby, Paisley, and high school, i 1 " 1 -' government concluded its d Bus No. 4: — Driver Homer ! Portalion hearing for "J. Peters," West. This bus will leave Homer ;' llllt '8ed chief of a Communist un West's to the Providence run across Terra I te '/ i , c '""•'• John B. cession following war boom. current post- 'est. This bus will leave Homer ; : ""-'gecl chief of a Communist un- r est's place and travel up Old 07 [ del-ground operating in this conn- ) Experiment Station, through \\W- Presiding Inspector Halnh 10. paved cutoff to 07 and make'J <al 'V reserved decision in the Pe- Go By HAL BOYLE IWhen they come to a freshly Now York — (/I 1 ) —Should women' stained sidewalk they are never smoke pipes'.' jsure whether a murder was coin- One man's opinion is — a loud, milted there or merely two Bur- yes. A .-..,.. patriotic British runway was only about ;i.- i r-iiscd the issue by st-irtin™ -i cam- 'filf'hos'ii-iled 1 f ° r " B ' 2a i»; li «'V to « el ' the ! « d " io ' s of >" lc ' r trou - vfhiable informntion for the So- smoker" no physical" ""or""mentai i The 'Puisshm!' said ""the USAF re- '' bl ° d ' S ' e '"• takc U P P»PC smok ' more like a crutch he [Port, "got very angry, motioning I mese mothers paused lo chew and schoolgirl chat. Scm ed viets. Some of the accused also. agony. It's said they didn't know Miss Hentloy j loans on for p.-;vchic stimulation." j violently downward." and had never seen her. Others; Mitchum was free on $1,000 bond! shot across the nose said they would stand on their con-i todav and will appear in court for'The American piano stitutional rights and say nothing. • arrango.rnvent Wednesday. Starlet " nd Likewise we have tiie case of Mrs. Kos-nUina. Hie Soviet school teacher. This is the prize bloom in our bouquet of contusion. There were, at last count, three different "official" Soviet versions of th.> nnf'n-tunate woman's leap. Tho only point of similarity in them is thai Mrs. Kosonkina did drop from a Ihh-H.fioor window to the courtyard below. There may be some comfort, -'i- v.igh little enlightenment, in the. thought that the President and ihe Congress may be making honest mistakes in billion-dollar bookkoci)- nifi. And there may be enlightenment, though little 'comfort, in the knowledge that Soviet policy often cuts the facts to fit ihe propaganda pattern. I5ut it is something else again when two intelligent am.' Continued on Page Two Lila Leeds, in whose homo ho was arrested, and Dancer Vickie Evans and ro;il estate agent Robin Fu r d also wor r - ¥ sei/.i'd in the raid. All. wt re bonked on suspicion of vio- i 'Ihe Yaks scored a ialing tiie stalo narcotics act. a hits and one engine felony and released on $1,000 bund j inr'ross caught each. IVIik'hurn':, sludi"s and attornovs urged ihe public not to condemn him ni-ematurely. "There an- a luiinbor ol unexplained facU and peculiar e.ircum- -•lances surrounding the raid." said .•Vtrrnev Jerry Citsler. who spe- ciali/es in gettin:; movie star.- out Schedule for Draft Registration r Sopt Ko.pt. 1924. Sept. W>ri. Sept. iy:>«. Sept. 1927. Sept. 39?;! Sept. 1'jw. Sept. 3830. -Men ! or Sept. 7 Men i! or Si.pt ry. then fired a of the R-29. captain ordered the B-29 to head for homo. For a time tho Russian fiuhters were loft behind, but they cauahl up with the B-29 off the coast of Korea and opened fire. number f the superior 1 robs caughl fire. The American pilot ordered "itching gunners to withhold return fire." said the report, then instructed tho crew to bail out because of lho imminent danger of explosion. Six men parachuted, but the others rode the damaged .ship down tn n landing. l-'or two clays (ho Kussians held the American crew incommunicado. Th'Mi ;i Russian officer. described a.-: Lt. Grn. of Aviation 1'ro- jautjcn.-ki apologized for the inci- •'ont ;ind offered any help nossible. including the use of UU.-.SK.II coin- niunicati..in facilities. At the tiivie th: B-29 landed the Russians removed all papers a much ol tho bombei'.< equipine'i Later a crew member who h joe:: I;sko!i ttj a \{\\ -.-i:iri - 1 for (jiH.':-l ion in 'j ^a\\ r ;MI aor 'i'n st'-nciled witli lho name il'tnii Ijomb ).!ruu;i "I'h liie c;i!ite!'a ' iilA'iou th relieve jing in order to help : Britain's cigarot shortage. There is much to recommend of America's most talent- women have enjoyed the fragrance, of a Havanna cigar — such ns "Poker Alice." the frontier's fairest Faro dealer, and Amy Lowell, poetress and sister of a Haris much to [ this idea in America as well as in|vard president. Last year a society jShakespeare's homeland, where a I lady added to the festive opening pack of coffin nails now costs about I of tho Metropolitan opera by gra- 7f> cents. Iciously puffing a cigar, and made ', But why limit gallant woman- j«i lot of front pages thereby. Re- jhoucl at all? Must freeborn Amor-| grettably. she failed to revive this . j lean and British women be restrict-j robust fom.'nine tradition. u * ' I'd merely to a social drag on ai Ah women were really women in lag or a public puff on the pipe that soothes 1 .'" Is (hero no Carrie In restore to the convontionbouiid female s, x of today the equal lights they once enjoyed with men in the whole, wirle realm of nicotine '!" I am .speaking of snuff taking, cigar smoking, and good old-fash- iniied plug cut tobacco chewing —all now vanished female arts. lint in the fine heyday of beauty ihe bplondrous ladies of courts were admired by fled dandies for the dainty skill with which they stuffed snuff up their nostrils among pretty "ker- leer mother in the American west for•s by .sucking on a And many a dobu- s in her family <il- 10 or Sept. H--Mon b l.'-i or Sept. 14—Men Ijorn in 1."' or Sept Hi --Men burn ' 17 ur Scot 18—Men born those grand old days. They wore' pretty us a speckled pup in a rod Chapman Call w-igon and they could do tho work ' ' of a perchoron horse. They helped build this wonderful land, side side with their men. gentle ladio.s, we miss bor yon. What has happened since your feeble daughters turned in disdain from snuff, cigars, the pipe bo;vl •ind the rich ripe cut plug? Well, lho divorce rate has ri^en and Europe's :moro and more? women lo.se their their riif- husband's salaries playing gin rummy or turn lo the psychiatrist's couch to lind an opiate- against frustration. Yes. and more and more penolc are being run down by women drivers or i-rn:-liod undoV' tailing telephone pol across Rouge creek back to Brookwood, Oglesby. and high school. Bus No. 5: — Driver Virgil Skinner. This bus will leave the Skinner place in Oak Grove community. cross to Centerville to Highwa 4, turn west and pick up all students on Highway 4 lo intersection of Highway 07, to Brookwood, Oglesby, and high school. Bus No. 6 — Driver S. L. C'hurchwoll. This bus will leave Shover Springs and travel south on Harmony Loop back to Shover Springs. This bus will not pick up any i'tudenls until it gets past Bowden's Lane and then pick up students to Russell's store. Turn west through Robert's Lane to Elder's store, b.'ifi; to high school. Garland and Oglesby. Bus No. 7: — Driver J. M. Watson, This bus will h-ave. the Watson place, and turn up Old 07, picking up all students on this hiuh- , way to Schooloy's store, to Ogles- i by, Brookwood, and to hi Bus No. 8 — Arl driver. This bus will leave the Fincher home and pick up students on Highway 4 from Centerville to Russell's store. Turn through to Shover Surings road to Shover Springs. Turn back toward Hope ,,, picking up all students from Shover bleep well , ^pi-ings to Bowden's Lane. Turn and remom- , wt . sl through Bowden's Lane to Ihe Palmos road. Turn south lo the Country club.Reinrn to high school, Garland and Oglesby. Bus No. 9: -- Driver J. F. Newberry. This bus will leave tho Nowljcrr.v homo and make the Rocky Mound run to Brookwood. Oglesby. and travel down Old ti7 west of Paisley, to Jim Tallf-.v's place, turn and retrace back to Palsies, Oglesby, and hiLih .school. Bus No. 10 - Driver Olio [ Sisson. This bus will leave Sissun's Bo.vd, deputy, conimis Isioiu'r ol' the immigration and naturalization sorvicc of -the Depart- I ment of Justice, said similar proceedings would be brought •lUJ.inst Stachel. Alexander Bittelman. Communist theoretician, Claudia Jones and 22 other high- rankiii» members of the party. ! Boyd said the "Peters case is i lust one of a number of such cases being processed by -the government.'" He added that it was part of a nationwide drive "to rid the l country of such undesirable aliens as expediliously as possible." • .Peters- remained silent thruugh- I'Hil the testimony of eight govern- j'lienl witnesses appearing against in !!•• -"-ice the hearing opened last Monday. ; One witness 'testified today that Peters at one time supervised the raining of "professional revolu- National Lenin city was far below noumai. Tl'lick- 1 3 ng operations .along the " L " waterfront wete cut in half. The city's food supply \vas not •' endangered immediately by stoppage, although a possible- shortage of cc>idboaid containers^ loomed as a tmeat to milk dis-S :ribution. About 00 per cent ot the'' fluid milk sold heie is " ' in such containeis Deliveries of iiosh fruit and ^,,. cluce continued at near-nortfialt'5 rate from piei s lo stoi es, > ~ ;^ Trucks operated by haulers of newsprint were at standstill but Mayoi O'Dwyer ported, that : there -were sufficients icws,piint s,iocks on hand to „" fiom runt, d ns> lo three weeks»> Miimvihilf city s,tate and eial intdntojs mt-t wilh -Unfq ic pusentativcs In <m effoit tic the dispute thus Jar to LPLUI 8(17 of the AFL,''_.,_,„ tional Biolhcihood of TeamsterS.V Moaluri Ir.cev a unwh ." ' •* nuiiL Hj'jsUu that S$p' \ns a \>a:lkaut and nof- He said it .rciulted from j ent action by union members". The tie-up came after the locatlS rejected : a wage worked out last week employes and thiee .__.,___ locals. The agiccmcnt provided a- 15-cerit hourly wagt increase. ' " ^ If the stoppage continues, ,. leaders said, it may be joined \xs{ about 30.000-mcmbcts of two othei! major New Yoik city locals, and nine teamsteis locals in Ncw v 46fti sey and Westchester county, N. Tfi These groups also planned *"s meeling today to c-htirt iuture ?iS lion.-All of tho contracts expired at midnight Teusday, T City officials as well as businoss-'j men feared the walkout mights spread throughout the area, (JupU»! eating the pnulj^inH tiucld strike^ of 1946. ' ^ Then. undt- .similar circumr] stances, Local [107 speaiheaded a,*' 10-week strike th.it numbed ihs" ility's industrj bhnt down thnus-ni'l places of business cost industry moie than $1,500,000,^.. 000, Effects \VPIL (ell foi month/t afterward. ' ( Whatever scope the stoppage de-4 v-jlop.s, O'Dwyc i said last mj?HtJ J : the teamsteru union had tionaries' in the school at Moscow. , The witness, William O'Dell Noli school. j'A-ell, said he himself attended the Kineher, | school, Nowell declared that that workers will continue" to "essential" commodities. "1 have received assuianqe t thcire will bo no intuirupUon in inqyenienl of p'Tishable foods mecticinus." O'Dwjer said ,\ "F._. duce will roll fiom piers to slorea,'*j Class of '24 Line Up for Draff Today Wushiiigtoj-., Sept. 2 — lift — "class of '2-!' lintel up a dialt istratiun curttcta toddy as Selec Service headquaitub t,ent out first official call foi 10 000 yowls men to serve iu the army. • , i Meanwhile 1 , ofliuals of nU m^ its | armed forces juit thou heads, t&aa '.•ourso of studies included instrut-Igothur to plan how lo keep Cominu*! lion in partisan warfare, industri-jnists and subveisi\cs out of Unfc>> •il .sjibotage and the use of hand i form. ^''' lat '?,' i ' i%1 ^' Arniod hei\aco Personarf's Another ex-Comimmisl. Louis I 1 '. I Board was rt polled to nave Senfc" ; Buden/.. told the hearing that he ! reconmiendal'o'ib along those lines 1 ! !« i "'" valll| y '° woo the CIO'sJu, chiefs of tho aimy navy, air-. Waror Hentlu'r into ihe Communist j force and coast I'miid ' ' > j The first oi the 10,000 men called/! by draft offiu lit ait expected dun olive drab in November state quotas hiivi btcn i as yot. j Big scale it^ibli ttion will wlun Fuibrighf to Journey Behind Soviet Zone picture of a yrandir.ii'h- ace w!io cliawed cut ping Unite;) inoiiii ihe i:n.antie;> of Burma. •ie ha nil of die'A ing This nut exhudes a 'TJ .iuit-f aiid is ; cnr.f'- probiern to the police- Let u.s start '.'.ojiiankind back toward tho brave tunes. Give thorn lir.st Ihe irt'cdi/iii of llu.- pipe 1 . If they smoke one with a rod plastic item, it won't slni'y tlio lipstick Jr.:ir!,'n Ih-it Liiee Ki''\' baij'h- of an- i-'iii.sh to the man whose wife or svce'hi-arl now borrov.-s his ciCa- rets. Once v, e '401 ih" ladio.s back on P ncs. \ve can leati them — a puff lit a time —- back lo ci;;ars. and pi.rhaps even lo chewing lo'jacco. It's no wiirso than bubble- gum in '01 hniculnr. i Wbit el... "(in s.-iy. gi.-l;: 1 ' Aftc-r are you women or juit wo-mice? bus drivers. iplaoe and liavcl north lo Kdsoii , 1'otre's. llnough Polre'.s Lane lo the UoAnn road. Turn south to HOIK- through old DcAim road lo Schoolev'.s store, to Ogleshv. Paisley. ;;"d ii.yh sclim.!. All Hope school buses u ill nj.-l; up .s'udents who an- residents of Hope. ( .School District 1-A only. •: All parent:; are asked lo co-oner- i'le in having students readv' so that tho buses w>ll not have to w;nt We try to ooerutft this bus s'.-lieduk- on tinu . the nhool announcement •said, adding that thii is impo;;!bU- all. i if po'pn'r; fr-iil to co-operate wilh Washington, Sepl. 2 — i.-l'i J. \V. Fulbrighl of Arkansn.s- loday on a trip which will take I hn>: behind !ho Soviet iron curtain. l-'nlbnglil and o(hei' hiwmnkors '.v;ll fly lo Kerne, whoro they will attend sessions ol Ihe inlerparl'.a- montary union. Aflorwar'i- Ful'ii-iubt. and Senator Luca.s of Illinois will so on an in- ~i»-cli'in tour throu^-.'-i Orei-ce- ihe Holy Laud. Otrniany. Belgium, Fi'Mice. Kn'_;lHnd. and 'he Soviot- 'onv.nalvci ciainlrics of Poland and American lawmakers have been barred from Russia, bit' Lucas said : h..- pair rucl no trouble obtaining ^'ii'i fiom Pc-h;h and YugD^lav . enibjssies htrf- to vi.<i! iht-ir rr-sper- llive countries. (;iyn up fur pr jmrning 11). The I Ihe eligible —Sen. IMoiulay v.ith 2 APL Plan for Holding Co. h Approved Light Corp.. a company. ti;i - s pt 2 — '- It'fiiK Puv er Plans" call io: co:Vip-'uy t,> bt comhun stock ,,,,-! !.;,„, 0^ a.iri Li^bt Co Public Service

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