Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 1, 1948 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 1, 1948
Page 6
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Page Six HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Vets Say They Were Better Off as War Prisoners Washington, Aug. 31 (UP) — • Twe'ny cx-GIs complained ruefully today thai.financially at least, they were better off when they were prisoners of war. 'fhe 20 men came here to testify before the grand jury which is investigating Mildred E. GiMars, the alleged "Axis Sally Moscow's Handling of All Situations Is Making Communism Unpopular By DeWITT MacKENZIE AP Foreign Affairs Analyst uuiurs. UK: Moscow's policy of handling all „_... ._ „ of the war- situations, no matter what their na- time Nazi radio. The Justice DC- Uurc. by strong-arm methods is pariinent allows them $5 a day for (making decidedly bad propaganda expenses. [tor communism abroad. t , What the cx-GIs -ire unset nhnnt ' You wo w'd expect them to vary mer ..zecnoMovnKian Ls That l their cxpcnso• ar P e ru,"S i^ clr tac , Uc f nc , C ? hrdil ] g n tO th , e "I?*' ! F ua . rd Uoiu ' s was ' of SI 1 ! . slons ~ but not they! Direct action day in "serious;" con:f " is the order of the day, and it's ap- Icirctilatory ailment ;>l Benes, Ex-Czech Leader, Reposied SeriousSy Id Prague, Aug. 31 — tl'I Society Honors U of A Medical Professor Little Rock, Aug. 31 —f/Ti—-An associate professor of obstetrics and f.ynecology at the University of j ! Arkansas medical school has been j I -Iect"d an ii:-;. : .(ici,'ilo member of] Uhe American Society for ill'! study' |"f sterility. ' ! i Dr. ,Tu:.cp!i T. Roberts, medical j .school do,m. said today Dr. Eva F. j Dodge is the lirst. Arknnsan to be i !elfct.nd to the society. The society, j i —. For-'fonncd in 19 H, has members in President )!•',(. (1 10- statos and six foreign countries. —o around $20 a day— a loss of One of them, Michael Evanick, put it this way: "We are crowded into boarding plied in all cases without discri<n Imation. Within the Soviet Union every .._ —„ u .~.....,-.. ...»,, ,.,,.*...~....(., . vriiiuii uic ouviuu uniuu ^ v t; i y s*li( houses, cutting down on meals | activity must conform to the Com- thp and,doing our own laundry trying' ; ~' •-- '-'-- "--• ' " munist parly line. For example if science, medicine, the dramat literature and music arc not developed In accordance with that line there is a purge of the guilty. Apropos of this the Soviet Academy of Sciences yesterday promised to make its views on heredity and environment conform with those of the Red party and pursue a course dedicated to the "victory of communism." I In international affairs the same Miss Gillars today won a two :approach is-employed. It is a pol- wck delay in treason proceedings jicy which even in diplomacy calls for an attitude that is typical of to rnnkc ends meet, but it won't work." "At this rate we will all be broke down before long. We were better off financially while we were prisoners since our army pay kept on." The 20 men have taken their problem to Rep. George W. Andrews, D., Ala. He referred their case to fhe Justice Department. since Fbcruary 27 when lie in the new Communist cabinet. formally June '/. against her so she can enter 'a hospital. U. S. Commissioner Cyril T^aw- reticc postponed until Sept. 14, a preliminary hearing into the Justice Department's accusation that the atracive gray-haired, Mainc- WORLD'S LARGEST »SEUER AT 10* IT'S TIME TO SHINE WITH it has a hard-wax finish BtACK -BROWN • TAN • OXBLOOD thc school-yard bully. One of the most striking examples, of course, is the manner in which Russia has ham-strung the activities of the United Nations in virtually all important matters by use of the veto — '• that nasty sounding "Nyet." . . : Then.we have the sensational Kascnkina case in New York — the employment in free America of Russian secret police tactics by the Soviet consulate in an effort :to compel three Soviet school-teach- ors to return home to something which so terrified them that they appealed to the mercy ot America. And currently we have a typical case of Bolshevist strong-arm methods in Berlin. Howling Communist mobs have been raiding the Berlin city hall arid breaking up meetings of the duly elected, anti- Communist city council. The Bolshevist have kept flinging --.... (.luiu \,, unjt* uv uiv; viUHHJUIit' cies until the latter are fed up with the Redism. There is nothing the Muscovites could have devised which would have done the cause of communism more harm. They have done democracy a good turn by exposing bolshcvism in its true light. that of stuff at the clemocra- Seziinovo Usti. south i/n fro in a i- home in Prague. An official communique issued said, Benes had taKen a turn lor worse several (Jays ago and not shown any improvement yesterday, when he rallied slightly. Bones has been at Sc/.imovo had mya -.-- - February, when the Communists seized power. He has remained away from idc'iil's official Prague By JACK BELL , Washington. Sept. the pros- j New York Liberal residence j Peeled today to a ') — Tin- was ox resit as president Arabs SheSI Section of Jewish Area ranks of 1!) fining up iru'ii-JJarkley ticket. party ___ id its strength Roosevelt sup- behind the Tru- V/ilh the CIO in the fold by ;, •'i r > to 1^ e.veciilive boned vote.' nd- ininislralion supporters counted on II ic Liberal party's help in a bid ID carry electoral-volc-lieuvy New York. The Liberal parly committee headed l,y former New Dealer Jerusalem, Aug. 31- (/lY-Ara)>s i Atl( !"' A / E ,"'' lc ' , Ir " j" (>x Pected to sho,,ed a section of the Jewish Mca^f nffe/'T^peed "" Shcarim quarter Israeli positions of Jerusalem in the Deir a:i£l Abu source announced. No ca: were reported. Neighbor Held in Slaying of Formes' Newport, Aug. -~.i/i'i-— Marvin Causey, <1L, ,..,., »,„,„„,. u ,. while mowing h,-iy at liis farm Tupelo, 14 miles south of her'. lerday. A neighbor. W. K. Junes ' being held without charge in ncction with the shooting. Coroner Ott.io Dillenger Causey was struck by a si charg of Labor Maurice J. Tobin. Republicans. meanwhile, an, __ j-finounccd that Gov. Earl Warren of Israeli jCalKcrnin will opon their active 1 campaigning September 1C. The GOP vice presidential nominee will leave California that day on a 10-day s\ving which will include eijtht major speeches. Warren's trip will take him into ,i'! stales: California, Nevada.. (Utah. Colorado, Nenvv Mexico, j (Texas, Oklahoma. Missouri. In-i Kentucky, Ohio and Michi-i near born Miss Gillars bcrayed her country. Lawrence sought to assure Miss Gillars she won't be "railroaded." She said one of the attorneys who sought to represent her had told her that was what would happen. ;e fired from rlose range fatally .«an. Beginning al S;iJt Lake City! 'September Hi. Warren will go to! I Pueblo, Colo., the next day, Al-! ibiKineniue, N. M., the following i • •'••ly: Tulsa. Okla.. Seiitenibor 21, j 'St. Louis eplember 22, Louis-! •ille. Ky., September 23. Coiiun-1 to De- major Argument a Dollar Leads to Murder Prevtnt such misery. Sprinkle oh Mexsana. It helps absorb irritai- , Ing excess moisture, then shields skin from painful rubbing. Me- 1 diciiially textured for long-cling' ing ImoothneM to 'give long-lasting relief. Buy the Medicated Powder with 'Sorb-Shield Action, NEW FARM TELEPHONE LINE IN This telephone crew is following up a bulldozer, stringing new telephone wire to serve more farm lamilics J he- scene is in Kansas, but it could as well be in Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma or Texas. This cleared right-of-way was a tangled thicket of hedge-row a Intle while ago, where pofes couldn't be set. I hat s one of several problems we often run into. We're meeting and beating such problems, to get telc-nhones to more families of the rural areas we serve in the Southwest. How am iff doing? Here's the record so Jar: By the middle of this year, 102,000 new rural telephones were in and working. That's a substantial part of our goal of 165,000 more rural telephones in the farst ; postwar years ior the five-state area we serve. Yes. live,, though we're still s | Iort o f some equipment, just as you may have trouble rounding up a combine or a tractor, we get more rural telephone service every day to the 700 exchanges we serve. SOUTHWESTERN BELL TElIRHOHi CO. Sonrcy, Aufi. 31 — (/!') —A youim Bald Knob man died today, as the result 01 an argument over one dollar. The victim, Clifton FeuMin. 2-1, was shot at the Cotton Club, a nightspot near here, last night, He died at a Searcv hospital." Deputy Sheriff Dale Hilgcr said the operator of the club, L. M. (Doc) Herndon, had admitlecl shootinq Feagin in a gambling argument. The officer said one dollar was at stake. Herndon was arrested last, night but was released on $f>00 bond. He surrer.derecl to officers HUH morning' when he learned of Fe death and was held in the county jail here. Prosecutor Herbert Moody Herndon would be charged first degree murder. State Republicans to Nominate Candidate Little Rock, Sept. 1—(/P; —The Arkansas Republican State Committee will meet here lomorrow morning to nominate a candidate lor governor and make plans J'or the presidential campaign in Arkansas. Wallace Townsend, Arkansas "e „,,., Republican national committee- jliecklint; nan, said the Arkansas nn/ani/.a- ' program .ion planned a slrou.c; eampa'i"n in ; '-ind i ' behalf of the GOP national ticket I South. of Governors Uewey and Warren. ! 1 leadin:.; into Alabama, the third We still hope that either Clover- | party candidate, who has said be bus. Ohio, Sept. 2-1 and on I ' roil September l-!5. for i speeches. | lie will make short train steps, ji.ossiMy for platform appearances, jK-i cities. including Oklahoma City and Springfield, Mo. Warren's swing will take him into such politically doubtful territory as New Mexico. Oklahoma. Missouri, and Kentucky, All this ground also is expected to be covered later by Gov. Thomas JO. Dewey. who heads the GOP ticket. Some politicians expect Dewey Io go to the Far West while Warren is working the field in the so- called border states. National Chairman Hugh D. Scott, Jr., brought back a glowing report of Republican prospects from a Hl-day trip through the western part of the country. Predicfino the GOP will 'pick up Senate spnts in Montana, New Mexico and Colorado, Scott said the party is "receiving the Active of approximately 20 per the nominal Democrats in |the West." I He said the people he talked to were "stunned," by Prcsicljent Truman's dismissal as a "Red herring" of the congressional investigation of Communist activity in government. The supporters of Henry A. Wallace's third party candidacy could find little to comfort them. Even as Wallace traveled deeper into Ihe South with new segregation troubles in prospect, his Progressive' Parly ticket was ruled off the Illinois election ballot. Wallace closed on! a three-day tc.'ir of North Carolina at Asheville, one of the few places where he was able to outline without interruptions his proposed for greater agriculture nd industrial opportunity for the ',',V,"V S i support W1 " u -'leent of said with ior Dewey or Governoi will be able to visit Ark: added. The GOP state committee was authorized by the state convention to take what action it deemed advisable as to a slati' ticket. Townsend .said the party wmild offer a nominee for governor "bc- cau.se o'' the new );.<v xvc a e initiating which would make the Jarty receiving the second higliext /etc- for governor the minority >arty in the state." He referred t!i propose:! initiated act to i,ive [ lead. he minority party representation i most Jn state and county el"eij,in j ••:! u xiards and in election officials. | Ye The Republican state committee : 'ie p vill meet al 11 a. in. in the Marion (or ( lotel and the Republican women's son Jlale committee will meet al the! '.on: 1 . iiinie place during the afternoon. ; 'fobe o- - -With every wing '.leal bird Uy heated air from their aii only to non-segregated ••!!;• |i"iices. was put on notice bv P.irmiiigham police that he must -ibide by t)u.' city's segregation Elsewhere in Ihe South, •,v:)ited to learn the results 'ight races for Senate seals. The ox:is democralic runoff on 'i.-'li>idav between Gov. Coke Stev•n -on and Hep. Lyndon Johnson ".'as so clo:;e that as ballot count- in:.! tippniached an end four days Inter neither man held a decisive Stevenson's margin, with al- 1,(100,(100 voles counted, add- Fare Trade J 'oily wood three-pound steak for an autographed picture of the dancer. He \vas she appeared to take him up on the deal. . letter offering to trade pleasantly surprised when Labor Head ^•^•^^MK^f^eSeMK Wednesday, 5::pi. 1— On Wedj'.cs- | dayatiernoon ai -I o'clock there/ be a .loini meeting ei ihe oi- i i'icers and secrelane:; oc ,ho Wo n- I an'* Missionary S'.cietv and the I Vvoman's Ai.iXiiip.ry of Me i're'-by. |tc-iian church ai tiie clr.irch. Tl'u; ! Presbyterian choir will Wcdnesciav ev.-ning at 7: Io. Tiu- of the Presbyterian ."hurch Will have tiieir i'j'.,i,ar i,.,-,.,. .^-, " niecl.. ni<-'ht n will h, chiii-ch er ser church al 'C,: ifl p. in. Tie. ••-:• -\ rvtee -it l-'irs 1 . Civ in the ev- •• [ i i" International Harvester Strike icago. Sept. 1 — mp) — The Unite:! Auto Workers reached a new c:i:i'.ract agreement with In'";'ii l it!o:ial Harvester Coinpany loci. iv anri ended its IG-day-oId s'trike :i;M!'.;;;l U.e firm. Tin; agreement was • ari.v today afier an all-night bar- iii'.: session oH.'lAveen company ciai.s ,-;i:'l representatives of Ihe Wednesday, September 1, 1948 Information Secured From Two Key Cities^ Now York. Sept. 1 — (/!') — Louis Bi;denz. former Communist party official, testified today that •J. Peters once told him he was engaged in "getting information in Washington and Hollywood" for the party. Biiclcn/:. who renounced communism a few years ago and now is on the faculty at Fordham University testified at a deportation heaving for the mysterious Peters. Peters was described by Budenzj*. ns a high Communist functionary'* who gave directions to the national committee, ruling body of the party. His role was similar to that of Earl Browdcr and Gcrhardt Eislcr, other top Communist officials, the witness said. Budenz said Peters once told hint he (Budcnz) did not know anything about "the conspiratorial apparatus, the mo:;t importart part of the party." Peters said .to him, Budi-nz testified, that "the .Commtinisty party is like a submerged submarine and^ I could see only the periscope." The witness said hu (Budcnz') worked with Soviet secret police during three of his 10 years as a party member. He said that at their request he brought them a number of persons; "including a man named Jackson who killed Trotzky." At sessions of the deportation -rn-Mir. yesterday. Peters was identified by former Communists as a one-time plotter of revolution cud key Communist operator in* ho United States. *' Rurlonz testified that in 1936 Peters said he was author of. a pamphlet c-nlitlfd "The Communist Party, A Manual Of Organi- sation." The pamphlet, entered into evidence, contained the statement: "I pledge niusolf to remain at all times a vigilant and firm defender of the leninist line of the party, the only line that insures 'lie triumph of Soviet power in the United Sta'ps." Budenz testified that several pamphlets put into evidence taught" that the Communist party is a reached I fifth column of Soviet Rus'sia committed to the shattering of the U. S. government by violence. __ , Asked by Examining Inspector -I.l.iH) striking UAW members at | Edward Kinaniu'l if lie were sure veu harvester plants. j he recognized Peters, linden/: re- Union officers agreed to send! plied: ainteiriiK-o personnel in'o t'ie .anls today to prepare them for •openin.i! on Friday. The am-ecmcnl provides Florence Hancock, 55, who started work as a $l.GO-a-\veel; disli- v.'asher, is Great Britain's new labor bors. She was elected president of the powerful Trades Union Congress, whose 8,000,0(10 members swing a lot of weight with present British government. Sweetest Girl' Miss Virginia Lc>e \v maid oj h.oiior in titi^ Miss Sue Jean Keller Edward Thur'j.ite of Be which will take ph\ci September -1 in Imm Church Little Rnek. for sep- contrac!..s at each plant in"n. acl (:f the single c o mi ;;any-wide contract. iMlcrnalicrial Harvester plants involved were those at Mclrose ; Purl-:. 111.. Evansville. Ind., Memphis. Tenn.. Springfield, O.. Fort i V/a.Mie. Ind.. and two at Indianapolis. j \Var.es: were not involved in the dispute as the company had grant•'•d an 11-cent pay boost on June 24. The main dispute revolved about | ••'ppre-Mucc-sh.ip. grievance procedure and piece work. well. I could not be 'I know mistaken.' The hearing was adjourned until tomorrow. Brothers in a Small World MiFos City. Mont. —(/Pi— Dan Rogers, old time Miles City range rider, sat down in a restauurant to order breakfast and the waiter asked him if he knew the man next to him at the counter. Rogers didn't, so the waiter introduced him to his brother, Bernard Rogers newly arrived from Couiily Down, Ireland. Dan left the old country five years before his brother was born and they never had met. ^> le s 11 j ' o\ Leihcurt of Si;;ma Chi." Siaina Ciii r s at Seattle, AVasli., ci':clarcd Barbara Tan- r.cr, of Michigan State College, '•the girl of their dreams," ti ; 'VQ her a handsome trophy ;;ml ar- runi-jud for a screen test. gave up hi;; slim lead, then recovered it as Baton Kouge precincts reported. md willi cool ne battling it out with Judge •| i 1 '. Kennon for the unex- term of the late Senator John H. Overtoil. As re'.uri'..-; mounted. Kennon. In .ivily supjHirti'd in the cilier>, first 'APPENDIX' \ SMU-L INTISTINE /Study the abuse drawing fur u few mln- Utcs. Notice (jurUi.'uUrly how tl-.e bile Hows from the livtr lino r.iul out of iliu Koll-bloclder and UHT.O.; lino Hie S.IM ill intestine win re It mU.-s wltii u;,j pattly tllgeitt-U StXHl !\s-,i bi-!o\v ii.>.' iiointf.':. Bile Is a utccfbarv avluinci lo pro'x'r e;;- gcstlou. Us ebt-tact irom iht h;U'»',n)e:> Inevitably cuusts i)utr,.-l'i.cl!ou and !cr- Wentutlyn. NATUUE'S DANGER SIGNALS When your stoir,:u-h, liver, and fa!! Bladder have bttn upsoi bv imprupi-r eating or drmkim:. or uhe.a they are not working \vc!l bi'e;..use retained and putrefying !uod ijiaUt-r in jour intei- tines is poisoning your entire body you, sooner or Jui..-r, begin to reel tome of Hit following symptom-;: Your breath iK; ; y bccoiiic unplcus- &nt inuUwsbj. your tongue cvatcd. a bad taste in your mouth, your coffee (and tobacco) lose their natural flavor, your food does not agree with you; you may have heartburn, j;as mid dizzy spells, you may be troubled with belching; at night the gas in. your bowels may press upon your bladder making you get up frequently, thus breaking into your sleep. In the morning you are tired Instead of refreshed. Gradually your health is impaired. Your complexion may become sallow or bilious; dark rings may appear under your eyes, you may feel lazy, dull and irritable or blue and melancholic. You may have frequent colds (catarrh) or dull head-ache; your bowels stop their free, full and natural action; you have constipation. gf.s, putrefaction and self-poisoning i "intestinal toxaemia" or "acute gastritis" as many doctors call it). HOW TO GET RELIEF You can relieve this condition,* usually overnieht, by taking Caioiabs iU bedtime and drinking water freely IIL-XI day. The beneficial effects of Caletabs lie in the fact tluit tlu-y are U> laxative. (2) antiseptic LO the intestines, i.)) diuretic to the kidneys, (4> eiTec- live in relieving symptoms of bilious- r.ess and acute gastritis due to constipation, or faulty digestion. Calotabs are pleasant to taka (.sugar coated), prompt and effective. Try them and see. Follow label directions. At your druggists',, Assured PAC Support i WariiMii'.ie.M. l-jcpt. 1 --i.'l'i-- C'lO President Philiji Murray said to- j day the OK) p.lidcal action coin-i mittee has decided uii.-inimoii.sly to' supijort Pre:.irlenl Triunaii in ' the | Murray maile Ihe -miriunce- ; nu.nt a! the While House as he • | -ind other ("H i lead -rs called ,n, ' i Mr. 'rruii'iai Io pledge their help! in his c'i n: 11 a i:'.n. | The CIO-PAC decision today fol- I I') 12 vote ot (lie CIO \ i il ye..lerday endors- '' :Mi-i'i,-irkli y 'ticket. j aceoii])ianieH in Hie ' by .lack Kn.ll. C'Hl- ; ie:- I'.irey (.'IO • Knul Kiei .•. : Uiiiti H O UliDFK AUTHORITY OF IHE COCA C.OIA COMPANY BV COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO 3*2 Second andLouisfonuSfs. £) )V-iB, The Coco-Colo

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