Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 1, 1948 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 1, 1948
Page 5
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Wednesday, September 1, 1948 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Bl.GNDIE Pago FJv« ( ,*MD ME LATE '-• ( FOR THE OFFICE, ( I BURNED A MV HANTS f mn i i -~WJ.:~^\. • <f*»i,. ^'F 5 !....: -/WHAT ARE ^ By Chick Young OZARK IKE HAVE WE ) ANV BLACK PAINT'? "W'Cu C V? ol-c arpiM. . J-SK ] / k t'" •"• ^ -iOC GLANCES CARNIVAL Bv Galhraifh By Dick Turner corn. ir.:e fjv IIEA SERVICE, IKI;. r. r.i. i-rG. 'J. s. r.'.T. erf. COPR. 1948 BY tiEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. 9. PAT. OFF i "It ain't that we don't respect the privacy of your pocket- • "I like her :oo!cs a lot—I'm going to date her as soon as [book, lady! It'sjust that we reserve |hp right to search] .- "~ j ; "- J ^^^ for weapons!" ' her father gets that new convertible he ordered:" LJNNY BUSINESS By Hershibergei FRECKLES AND HIS FFMENDS By Biossei KEEP YOUR 8Af>' STRAieMT-w HANDS J OH, FINE.'A BACK-SEAT LCV/ER-DONT V'ANK, PULL.' ^m^^r DRIVER is JUST WHAT .•;•• c <^h '*' •••V s •v^(^^? ••'••:••' ^\:??fi,v,'<-'~'- •-'•' ^^a^v^ . -.- !,..., -'-'•' l%0 ';'-'-'^' jor-a. I9;» cy n:.\SLcvict. INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. Off. M-ETSS.ocr, .ti.CTSGSCS' '"Ladies nnd gentlemen, as soon as Candidate Blovvmore ca;; ir'iii" 1 .!: of an appropriate name to call his opponent, we will proceed!" '." POPEYE LA •JD AT LAST/ THANIKS' FOR A PERFECTLY GHASTLY . TIME/ WHEW/ AM I EVER BUSHED/ Vror.T. IMO UY'KEA SERVICE. INC. YOU DOMT DESERVF \SOHELPfv, IT, LAR.DSY, BUT HERE'S JHILDA.YOU'Rc. ANOTHER. WIENER, I . / THE MOST STASHED AWAY WONDERFUL *;, HELP SHE 13 WES, POPEYE/ eO'WSR \3f Ale LOCJi THE SHOW c \_STAPIU A EXITS" il?j --X r AWT WE SEIW6 LSO WHAT?? KULES ' Oo PEDA6O51C. IARE PULES, Ufa DR. 'PLAYERS MUST SEE \f'l ,~^30K «r-3T-7 A Thimble Theater YA MUST WOT CO/WE ISJ N'OW, OLIVE.'.' oO G<=Tj B'KIND « TSEE. 1 /' V, OUT OUR V/AY By J. R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE 1 YE GODS-' \ DO ALL. THE f ROM EC'S '• . CARRY THOSE ) ; 5,-X/, ARS VOL) GALOOTSf- MO, I Br '0'DDlK:> v OP TO HO olLLV Ti-\e I-'JD ?1 CLO EAGLE-£Y'& '.VlLL POT A RO\M OF lMYC>U/ With Major Hoople W ZeK&,W Q131T ! M DID ' •YOU'Ref THE TELL- <,\ S\\l|hSS J \ ,\\e \\ VJASU ANiVSODV f/t40\vj I/ AlO£AS?y\ c& V Atl-A'T )\ -.-AK, Y>- -\\''' /VOU 1 .. - ..-,-, . . , E—^N'; |\ I FACE r ^iS§I I'LL -•-"••• •• • • ^- •' ^"^ uh s LOBS5 rABooThloSE) r -;--:i-'-zi'±zr FOR. .(( AtOLLY'S ' " .^w"~x^W~fo£r ' i?r ^:?x^ -c^v^ ^ ?;li»^%^v--^i ?,r:^|;:;pM^7^^::( c, •: • :•') '• ^';r fc^,--T=: M ,-; AT-; •' TrilRTY VEARS TOO SOOM Bv VIC FLINT ' UMCiJ AM8LER, 7 THIS POOL 15 A MENACE, YOUNG 1 YOU HAVEN'T / MAN/ONCE WHEN TAFFY WISHED LET ME INTRO- ' TO DIVE INTO IT, IT WAS EMPTY DUCE VIC— ^A NOW .WHEN A\Y DR5IRE IS TO . AVOID IT, IT is , I FULl OF WATER/ J THATS THE WAY Tl H4D HOLD OP HE 15, VIC. SOME- HIS HAND WHEN ^, TIMES HE SIMPLY) I PULLED HIM OUT V\ REFUSES TO (OF THE POOL. WHAT SHAKE HANDS.\ DOES HE DO BESIDES READ BOOKS?, By Michael O'Moliey & Ralph Lane , WASH TUBB5 Bi Leslie Turner VOU'RE A SHREWD "W BV 30UEI WHfVT A CH(\WCB TO WIPB — McKEE! \ OUT THE STIGPAfX OF TH^ 5WIMDLE! 1 . I'LL P.LIV THI\T BOTTLE THE ROGUE THINKS THOSE TESTS WERE BfiCK FOR THE ^200 jfeaStB——, WhDE WITH THlSl S'OIJPWDMtl *•***—-^ GOOD MI\N..rS CERTAIN TESTS PROV'J IT'S WORTH A FORTUNE! BUT I'M NOT GREEDY...f\FTER ALL, IT WAS VOUR MSCOUERVJ O ILL SELtVOUA VOU DRIVE HALF OF IT I SIR 1 . I'LL HAVE TO SlUE VO FOR ^500!/ A CHECK. CALL THE BftWK NOW, IF VOU L\KElV 4 ^ HENRY By Carl .".nderson DONALD DUCK Gy Wo!t Disney (SIXTY-TIVO, SIXTY-THREE^N i^r-n r—r-7 sixrv- NINSTV-SEHVEM, NINETY-EIGHT,, NINETY-NINE/) A5J.EY OOP . , OH, SHE SOT W3LV Ci?W,' X TII2EP OF JUST DO O5JLA, \5ITTINS HERE \^A^(TA 6O WITH A FEW BACK T'MJO? OLP tSOAT5.' By V. T. Hamfin APT TO \ AND WE HWE BECOME IMPATIENT I KEPT YC WHEN THEY THINK / PUSV WITH CUE- EESEM2CH TIME; TMEV'RE. BEIN6 NEGLECTED: =H BOOTS By £dgar Martin RtD RYDEIi 7/ COt^B. 1S-1SBY I, » SEfiV CE INC by rrei! narmor •fri£SE 'rl 1 P£5EfeVE,Cri!£F 1 1< L!i<£ TO 6iV£ YOU LO15 OF /•\Y ,n i p c ">=' TROUBLE > 5, noi TRl&E HOT ACCEPT XI 5EUL MEDICINE A BOTTLE , BUT TO YOU IT'S CENTS/ I ^ ^m \ />%-^ . COft. l«« SV M£A StSVICR INC. T. M.'sJS. tt'S- fAI. Ot'.

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