The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 24, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 24, 1934
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Served by * •:IJitit*a-/^ NEWS THBVuE; ARKANSAS, MONDAY, SBlTE Vanderbilt Wins Again BY PLANE DMTfflLlIS JohnsonV Retirement and Thoro'going Shake-up Are Predicted. WASHINGTON, Sept. 24 <UP)-- Gerjeral Hugh S. Johnson, back today at his.job of bossing NRA, will find his organization in confusion and - his own days in the blue eagle's nest numbered. • Odds are better than even that the famous .initials "'NRA will be abandoned altogether In Ihe forthcoming reorganization. '• Some influential persons believe NRA has become u political liability-and thai the sooiier its identity Is extinguished ine''better for the administration. But with ihe political lide as tested In . Maine and elsewhere flowing strongly with President Roosevelt there, is no necessity for summary execution or-for burial of the corpse before (lie November .election. .- . Post for Banich . HYDE PARK, N. Y, Sept. 24 (U P)—Selection pf Bernard M. Bar- ucli. New York financier, as head of a policy making" council for a reorganized NRA, was regarded-as a Strong possibility today in sources . : close to the' summer White. v House. .. , :£,'fi% .•_>r'e!iWent'- Roosevelt, • mamtffinwlg silence on Washington reports that linked Baruch, Prof.•';Raymond Moley and Donald Richberg, chief NRA - counsel, as leaders or the proposed new setup, meanwhile continued his studies of .the 'reorganization problems -which will confront.:him-.on:return lo-Wash- ing'lon. - '.''->.:.: :•:'',:•Banich was a ; visitor'to ' Hyde Park- Saturday and', at'-time was, questioned .concerning raports ' that -he-would tak'e an .important -gpyernhienl .post.---- : "- • : '.'-..' 'However he replied: ' ;• ; • '. •"I 'am -not taking--any ' man's Job." . ' ' .'••;•-•'-;•'., ;•': That. : statement.: vies:'• conslrued in some .quarters to' mean that he \ would.'not (iecline to 'assume a newly created post silch as would be offered under the-proposed NRA ! policy making- organization: NEWPORT, R. I,, S*pt. 24 (UP) -Harold Vanderbjifs Rainbow won Its third consecutive < victory today, defeating T. o M Sopwlth's [British challenger Endeavour in W two ili favor of the American defender with the possibility that one . more race will determine the result. The cup goes to the win ner of four out .of seven heats. BULLETS Fit William Fowler of Bcebe Dies After Train Hits Truck Near Hayli. William PoK-ler, 29, of Uecljc. Ark., succumbed al the Blythc- ville hospital -earlv [his morning of Injuries received when a truck In which he was riding was struck by a train near Haytl, Mo., last night. , Details of the accident were im- TO I/ll I lirnnn nvnlllll)la lle « today Vit it is un- 1 K I I 1 L I Dfl " crslooli tllnt Fowler was the only II Ml Nl in II occl " h y. lt ° r «'« truck severely in- I U IXILL IILUIIU jurcd 'although several others, cotton pickers, were riding In the T - i f. f\Ci' r< machine jl-argel. Of UltlCers Uins Fowler had been .picking cotton Mky Recover DespiteIporuller"'l'ravel}n' B „!„,„ 11U1I1 one place lo another 1 in this- section. - :",' The deceased Is survived by his father, J. c. Fowler, of Becbc. two brothers, Kennely Fowler of Reefer, Okla., and Humbert Fowler of Bcebe, and four sisters, Mrs. Maude Pounds,. Mrs. Ruben Oats, Jennie and Darline. Funeral arrangements .ire in- Serious Wounds. George Parr, 35-year-old negro, shot six times early Sunday morning, was still alive today and apparently determined lo upset predictions that he would live but r a few hours.''.." The negro was shot by Jim Burns and Raymond Bomar, dep- uly constables, after he opened' complete according to the Gobi] Undertaking company. Her ' Seven-Yeal Fast' Is Derided •; . * «••»»,« *ic uj/circu fire point blank at Burns as the officers stopped ;to question himi-.,_•', _ ,7^~ when they f6und^iiriV:hJding lu'a DIP IHVT HITT ditch on •;South--Eltrf>:strect, just Hi llRt SI I P outside', the city 'limfe,' ibout 1 1 U I 0 LHIVL U L ftfcUck.if Sunday morning, '.. with a! ••=-..-• -"" ¥~*° , f>3?.. |n, his !. hands.'-. Burns j received- -a -slight™ nick" in His --left ear as -he dodged as the' negro swung his .gim. at him and fired almost within /arm's •'>•-'-'The officers were driyino on the'road,. W hlch goes- past the Bythe.ville oil mill, on another W. ion ..when they noticed tlie negro'.walkingrdpwh-the road : with rifle. In hahd, •Turning their car - i. -.,-••'.- , - - -,. . -. — •-•••15 HUTU v;ui Around after passing .they drove - 'resolution asking the slate Mck towards him. The negro ran Tccrea ' lon 'commission to select Big ntp a-roadside-ditch' and dropped t ' ake - '" Mf ssissippi county, as the to;,his -knees: '" , . . - • . '-•Th'j."",6fr|cere';',;had'"; spotted - him, lOwever, and, stopped their car- on jie road.'-lmrnediateiy' atove lilm Burns •asked;; the negro what he - ' ' , site for one of a number of proposed stale recreation centers, and to make it a memorial to Herman Davis. World War hero, was adonted Sunday- bv the annual ««i..o noAuu.iije negro what he """"^u ouuaay^- oy ti was doing- and.' started' out of the confe rence of post c : ar.' As he did so"the negro poked Rml adjutants of., the Services at Memphis for Frank Johnson ; ot - the illy --. — ..„ „,„ j, u ^m- ni^gro poxed he ..barrel .of ;-h.Is'. : rifle up out """" -'-n Bank, weeds, which icealed him, and fired barrel being but a fool or two from-Burns' head. .The negro Had fired one shot when Burns whipped out -a -.38 -calibre pistol and Funeral services were held In' Memphis this afternoon at 2 o'clock for Frank Johnson, 25-year- old employe of the U. S. Engineers' office here, who was fatally injured In a car accident Saturday. Final rites were 'held at the home of. the deceased's mother, Mrs. Catherine Jones, 655 North Dimlap. ;' Interment was made at Memorial Park cemetery in Memphis. Pallbearers were: J. A. Pad- gelt, Mike Bombolaski, - Dudley Denton, Ernest Halsell, Lee Walton and J- W.- Sterling. The deceased is survived by his . mother and his father, Floyd J. -• Johnson,, of Bowling Green, Ky., - and a half-brother, Albert' Jones Jr.. of Memphis. .'The Cobb Undertaking "company was in charge of funeral arrangements. __ - - —- %.....«. t [ILaLUI MHO on fired five times, each shot taking • -'effect at close range. -Bums' lire failed to drop the negro, however and Bomar knocked him lo the ground with one shot from his 44 in the art nf shell and calibre pistol. The negro was ejecting his firing chamber he was felled. Southern Train Hits - —, - - ~-.,f,^j oiicii ailU Pumping^, another .bullet into the his gun when • ,v. u He was struck m Ihe chest by four of the shots another struck .the stock of his gun, held against: tils arm, and g lanced off, breakiiig,.one arm. Another bullel caught' him in his other arm. It was at first believed the n-gro was fatally wounded and he "was given but a few hours to live Today he was reported to be' in n fair condition despite his wounds He will probably be charged' with assault with intent to kill An investigation . to determlni the motive for ihe negro'.* sudden and dangerous aclicms is fald to have shown that he h-.-a been waiting under his house for another iiegrp, who had apparently been within. A discarded shell which failed to discharge nlthoiMi' it had been snapped, was found' under "-- '--- — HENDERSONVILLE, N .C., Sept. tmT' lree h l8hway employes were killed and Iwo -badly Injured loday W |,en a Southern railroad .locomotive struck a truck at * ^.crossing here. .; . . 7 i h i° J'm 31 ' were Fr ed Uverett, "ir"j'~~ " 0<:u ""^ l »e Jacob Hill and w. L. Owenby. " e8ro had ""emptcd unsuccL'ssfully --rr-"-> n nj 1ULII1U ic house. The negro's a short distance -behind .awing him, when tlw exchange with the officers o~curred and officials surmised that the - — ----(-•>,« u*i^ii^i:Looiiiii\ r , to ? re llis rln e at another man Paroled Banker Jump, TOn^rVW'vSG . to Death From Hotel f" ST. LOUliTlTpt, 24 (UP)-1 John w. Medlen, paroled cashier ,°, h of B =, nk , of Mft P'cwood, a suburb of SI. Louis, commuted sui- fllw nf J M mping from Ule eleventh flow of Uie Clarldge hotel today. Ohio Man Appointed to Home Loan Bank Board HYDE PARK, Sept.' 24 (OR>President Roosevelt today appolnt- ?<! Dr..Henry Hoagland,.Qhto Rc- publictn, to the ,v«c«ncy on the f«d<rtl hooil loth btnfc bo4rd. Will Try Jack Hensley for PoitoHice Robbery MEMPHIS, Sept.~24. (UP)-Jack Hensley, alleged trl-slates "bad man ' who was heV liere In con- ncclton with several holdups was sent to Little Rock today to stand i trial for Ihe robbery of n post- office at Kccvll, Ark. I' He was taken by U. s. Deputy lAfarsha! oiles Mettcer. I After h|s trial In "Little Rock Hensley will be. returned to Mem- phta to lift further tharfM, Endorsed bv Arkansas Le- Pion for Prooosed State Recreation Center. commanders Avtansas department, American Legion, in Compulsory Program itn-, ' dorsccl by Conference Steering Commiltcc.' Coui])ulsory control of cotton pio- ductlon In llic United Slates, as a permanent policy to safeguard cotton growers iron) ruinously lo'.v prices, was approved at a meeting at Memphis Saturday of the steering committee of Ihe <3o\er- nors Soiilhwirle Cotton confciencc C. O. Smith, for years a member of the steering committee, and A. G. Liltle, special repitenta- tive of Ooi'crnor Futrcll, Loth of Blyllieville, repre.senlcd Aikiuiias L lha mccliny. The motion lo endorse a com- yutsory\ crop control proaram «as made by Mr. Litllc and seconded h y Mr.- Smllh. The committee voted Us sup- Port of the Ilankhead net, which has another year to run, but expressed iUelf as believing an im- medialc slarl should be matte on he (Irafllns of legislation to m-el ths .situation alter 193(1 , the coinmittce authorized Dr!-Tail Butler, of Memphis, ,- (s chairman- to name n siib-commtllee of five to study proposals nnd make rccrim- mcndatlons lo the-department'-of ngriculturA in line with ine CDm- niittce-s stand lhal crop controi should be compulsory and not'in- volve payment of , benefits or sub- sidles to. growers. Is Coming 1ST today that 'the' co'inmliteb-fecoi''- nized the danger of a c-jiitrol pro- grpin (o ihe cxporl mrii-ket for American cotton and therefore did not seek to limit production to a Point thai n-oiild . bring- (hfi , )r i ce of American cotton a&pvc 1U to u 1-2 cents a pound,, at which II is believed it can meet foreign competition effectively. The com- miUee .favors legislation Hint would place in the secretary of asncullurc or some other individual or board the power to control production,-as appears necessary each year.-to maintain the • j*. —..•- vu 41111(1114(1 pries as near the 12-ccnt level ns possible. To accomplish this the control authority \vould Have --- -..*..„ U t*.uu, uij lne Power to take oil the marksl Its .annual session at Little Rock, nny surplus wliich threatened to AT """" '- -' ' " 'depress thr .,,, rket umiulV| „„„ (Q compens^^e for this surplus by a closer limitation of production the following year. Motion for adoption of Ihe resolution was made' by C. J. Little, commander of Dud Cason post' who. with Plo.vd White and Nelll Reed, represented the local post at- the meeting. Herman Davis, in whose honor monument was erected about 10 years aeo at Manila, his home, stood third on General Pershing's list of the 100 greatest individual heroes of the World war. The Big Lake silo is one of three In Mississippi county suj- ecstcd for the recreation centers. One of the others is at Gridcr Memorial park, south of Osceola. and the third Is near Wilson. It is regarded as highly probable that one. pf the centers, planned in connection with the 1936 observance of the 100th anniversary of Arkansas statehood, will be established in this county. At yesterday's -conference Vincent M. Miles, new department commander, 1 named appointive officers and committees for the ensuing year: Mr. Little was made n member of the''state department's policies commission. Pneumonia Fatal Alton Harris, aeed 31, of the Huffman community, died yesterday nt !2:aS A. u.. at. the General hospitn! in Memphis, nfler several days Illness of pneumonia. Hc is survived by one sislcr. Mrs. B F. Parker, and Ihree brothers. Sikeston, H. O. and O. N. Services were conducted at Number R cemetery by Ihe Re v . j. B. Copsland Sunday al -1:00 P. H. The Moss Underlaking company was in Jury Finds Walter Thomas Earls of Blylheville Died of Natural Causes. intended victim ^ "±' ,"" conlpal15 ' when tho officers Chnrgc ^arrangements Twins Born on,Different n a ys LEBANON, o. (UP)-Mr. and IVfrs. Walter Ellis are parents of new twin girls, but the babies will never have the same birthdays. Just before midnight, a daughter was born. A few minutes later, after midnight, a second one followed. • ItArirs Self With Harness MARYSV1LLE. O. (UP)-Wheil Walt Sharp, 63, dedded to hang himself, he used a piece, of harness, strung U from ihe limb of a tree. The Nelhcrlands ' Import more than 2,000,000 'pairs of rubber foot- wwr annually. _ lirnw away youi 1 diet llsla, Kirls. u ml in ku a lesson from Mrs. Manila " Nnscli, above, of x< I'.inl Minn M, 8 s' ft!>(: |, insists silo has gouo without I'onil, williom drlnlt ami without sl«cn for llic but seven years, -nut feels fliie at lliat. Of course, you may laTieli. as do tin; docloi-K, Inn Mrs. NiiBch, it Eon ,-iiiil n riofgliljor girl uoiifi'rni her Distribution of Tax Ex' emption Certificates Now Underway in County. Tax ' exemption certificates under ihe Bankhcad act arc now available- to some 3,500. Mississippi county formers. Distribution of the certificates started Saturday i" the Osceola dislrict and was under way loday in the Chickasawba district. Allotments of exemption certificates were approved for all Chickasawba whose Applications were based upon 1S2S -o 1Q32 production. Approval of ipplicalious for new ground al- lolments is being held up at.Lit- tle Rock pending apportionment imong new ground farmers of llic ' t!! te . ° f tllc 10 'P° r cc "t of the aside Tor UuU purpose. " 22,500,000 Pounds Applications of over 2,000 Chick- nsnwbji dislrict farmers were approved. The ccrtilicalcs awailins them provide tax exemption for approximately 22,500,000 pounds of cotton. About 400 new ground applications await action. ,,, „ " Farmers • In the seven Ohicka- Waler Thomas Earls, 43-year- !«awba district townships east of ql:l laborer, 1715 West Ash street, I Big Luke will call for • their tav tound dead In a truck at Ihe exemption certificates at the conn- Dyes colony IMC Saturday, died \V "Bent's office In the courthouse of natural causes, "probably a 1 " 01 ^- Farmers of Blf Lake tmvn timbers " < " ISCd - fro "! " ftl "F Ilenv >' Sl " p wi " co " nl tllc bank nt Mn . an inquqst here Sunday inornin". shi|) will Thomas, a worker on coloniza"- ^eachville lion project No. I, had been en-. wl 'ile certificates were avail- Raged with other workmen in "We today their' actual dislribu- movmg heavy tiijAers. Testimony I "on - will not get well underway uTir 0 , C r" Cr ' S Jllry s " OWc * !"' UI to "">rrow, for the reason that Earls had climbed Into a • "ml before they can be Issued ivuck lo lie down soon after fin- i Interim certiricalcs nmst.bc called 'lung his task. There were no I"' r >"0m the gins. Aclual amount J°ur fou Slg " S ° f Vi0lC! " ;C ' UlCr °' t<>X cxc ""'" ( " 1 certificates T T^ . ' i, each farmer will of course i-imernl services were held this. bc tlie number allotted lo him afternoon at 2 o'clock at the fam-J^mis the number or Interim eerily home with the Rev. J. L. New-' llflcatci used hv hi™ One of Them, A Former Federal Convict, Admits Making Bogus Coins. Prank Courtney, 50, former federal convict, was Inken hi( 0 custody late Sntimlny on n chrirec of coimterrcltlng, and his roommate, Handolph D.. MlMcll, 59, wi-s Jailed as an accomplice. -\ Courtney was (akcn Into custody I an Asli slreet corner by Police ^hlcf Ed Rice, Palrolman Thur- inan Atkins iind Ji m niirns deputy constable. . •" • After being Jailed Courtney admitted . he had begun rictlvllica here as n counterfeiter am) sn'ld he hnd served 10 months In federal prison for a similar olfcnso. Roth Courtney .nml 'Mlzcll denied that llic laller hud nny nnrl In the counterfeiting or hnd tried to pnss counterfeit liioney. Used Simple Proms A small plaster parls cast used -V Courtney in counterfeiting dimes, was found In his possession, along .with a number of fake dimes ready for use and several of Ihe spurious 10-ccnt pieces still awaiting finishing touches • "•"»«»- the simple used "y his- liQipe-iuailQ inpii- ^the- appearance of gch- j;>Y-Vv-SSt',f <7 ' B| nI Apparently,, coulil easily (i^ve taeii. pawed ' ns-si'tcff Both Courtney "and Mlzell 'dcnlcri in any of the take.colns 1,'ad actually been USC( t. ' r , Courtney hnd evolved his cast y/preparing two plaster purls blocks and pressing them firmly together with an actual 10-ccnt Ptecc between until they hardened, leaving the Imprint of one side 01 the dime on each block when It wtis removed, He then used -the prepared molds by pouring lead between Ihcm, Mm impression .being made In ihe 'metal. After smoothing on ih e edges of the sniny l»eus coins Courtney gave his products rv won,, dirty aspect "J holding a burning waich "gainst- them. Will Ifc Glad tu Rein™ The cotinterfciler expressed no met at his apprehension but instead.seemed to look forward to Leavcnwoilh prison, declaring that he had found It much belter In »'" "»il limn hanging around -•-••" camps and picking col- ton the form ol labor he had been following about three weeks here. call at the town- bank at 'OmoiHhs ora^tmonthrse™ ence and was released on- probation In ,;,,iy. Officers here had been warned that Courtney was this territory and had been the lookout for him when ho s arrested. They were not certain whether he had passed any counterfeit money or not Courlney and Mlzell, who had a Uogus coin on him when searched tooincd logether at 1038 Chickasawba .avenue. They probably will be removed to Joncsboro by government officers todny for examination before U. s. Commissioner E. L. Wcstbrook jr -.,- ..„...,. .1 ii.ii nit ivt*. o. jj. i^e\v- rom orTlcir.ting. Interment wns at Elmwood cemetery. The Cobb Un dcrlaklng cimpany was in .char, or funeral arrangements. tincales used by him. nislribute Ccrtinc»(es >r funeral arrangements. ' "'ton allotment ^aTd* has' anorored The deceased Is survived by hlsUoult, Mississippi counly's 1502 ap- wldow. Mrs. Annie Earls, his mo- i Plications for tax exemption cer three' half "broth" H< "* llby> ail[1 B"™'" l '" <ler " r P^'»'« "f the Thn,,,?. 1 *''" 0 Th0ll ' lns ' Hntl ZCi>1|1 ' w T a "ltaule To prcxluce r rs riC Sat- allom(ls - Iwrday. Acting .County Agent Hudin Wren announced. .The certificates are being dis- nbutcd at Luxorn to growers living In Fletcher and Swayne town- H ,, S: at Burdctt e store to Bur- .£T?wVSS 15 ShHH; c Ey'^il NIG OrsTi r'lio^rt s-nnfii *\i ' r "'ici Cufson Ldkci Joiner nit- vjiiiii \^ii<iLO COnlllCt UCtWOPH j for PcCfltl Qf it \r r* •*•»*•.iv. S=sSs-SS;="^= : S Rifles bore the name of . Vlck- ers (British tmmtlkms Hrm) and lieavy machine guns Ihe name of Colt (American). British and American Arms Used in Gran Chaco Four new . telephone exchanges to month. Suspect Feud Poisoning as Two Children Die ' ARKADELPHIA, Sept. 24 (UP) -Mr. and Mrs, Bill Durncllc of Whalcn Springs were reported recovering here today from poisoning which killed their two daush- lers and made four others violently 111. Sheriff Tom Tolleson pushed an Investigation on the theory thai water in Burnelte's well was poisoned as a result of an old feud Feeling ran high in flic community because the alleged feud took the lives of two miparllclpjttlue children. Dr. Michie WnfServe His Sentence .at Atlanta MEMPHIS, Sept. 24. (UP)-Dr. T. A. Mlchle, Memphis and Stecle Mo., physician, will leave tonight for Atlanta where he Is to serve three years In the . federal penitentiary on charges of violating the n.arcolic laws. Dr. Mtchlc was sentenced on eleven separate counts here recently. Each count carried a three-year sentence but In view of his falling health Federal Judge nm concurrently, kuplMIUIlM lll-r German Uniform It I char it !laii|.t,ni, lm , shown hero I,, )„„ Oorimm Army iiullorm. .non-oil ' s a macllns . . Winner ihuliiB tho World V" 'I',?"" 1 <° C1 ' ll "» doiuQblllzniloii, lOl.olll^ , iiinn lOl.olll^ allow, nml (led the countrj wlilld ' on iniiolo, Christian Pastor Will Close His Ministry Hcie Next Sunday. 'The Rev. , E. 'K.'Lntlmcr, minister pf [he "First Christian :hlirch, " 1ms .resigned- 11.1 uagtor '.o accept, n call lo ; the Slat'. 1 Street Christian church of El Sentro, Gal. He will close his ministry here Sunday, September 30. The Rcv.iV.'E. Buttornorth, pus lor of the church at El Centra, la which the Rev. Mr. i.allmer has l>cen called, will become plstor of the Hlythcvllle conereeiition. HIJ and his wife and two sons will arrive here the first week in October. Coming here October 1, 1028, from a successful ministry at Yatcs Center, Knu., the Rev. Mr. Latlmer served the local church for a longer term lhan nny pastor and has led his church in an aggressive program, substantially build- Ing tip the work to one of ilu'. stronger churches of the city. Itc has been In constant demand as a speaker before civic and religious jroiiiw and has conducted 20 evangelistic meetings in several states besides holding two for the con- ercgnllon he serves. He served two years as presi- dent of the Blylheville Ministerial associallon and has been a mem ber : of -the Red Cross executive comniiilcc for live years, In the Interest of the under ilcgcd, hc hits been chairman May Identify Hauptmann As.Mtui He Saw When Ransom Was Paid. "" NH\V YORK, Sept I .!4 (UP) — Col Clmrlci A Lhidlicigli was understood todaj to be Hying eastward lo NO* York to confimit Uruno U Htiuptnmnn to try to tdcnlllj him ns a man Lindbergh saw at the scpne of ths lamom pas mint lo Ihe kidnapers of his Infant tun. llu: (lisrlosiue Unit the fnmous lljer, tiiredlng fiom California^ by alrplnne might lo able, to Idsntl- f> llaiiplmann ns n nmn he saw v,hon Di j p (jafsle) Condon hnnilerl ovci the $50,000 ransom, came uhlle a grand Jur> was con- £lilerii)(r cxlorllmi charges against (he prisoner '' Mtinwhllc Ilaiiplmann's atior"- ncj piomlsul new and -startling" dpiclotmients which «ould split the case 'wide open" again The at- tioucy conferieil wllh (lie prisoner »htl3 Mrs Hauptmann and her tmall son vvnlled In another room' Llndbugh also will be asked to examine photographs of Isldor Fibdi who Hauptmann tald gave him ihe ransom money found In his, possession --_~ °IK Man The famous flyer son a man ciilskle st Raymond's cemetery In Ihe Bronx on the night the ransom money was pajd (o a man he ktien ns John" u Authorities kept this fact secret to keep (lie kidnapers' from possible effoits to present the flyer from le-stlfylng It \\as SB |d .. Oil the nleht of April 2. 1932," while Condon \\ab m one part of the ccmoten Lindbergh »sited m an automobile outside the gate A man passed by several times once with n handkerchief held in front of hli face Lindbergh said liter hc might be able to Identify Ihe stranger The fljers report of this person nas one of llic main facls vhich led aulliorltta to believe tint more than one man was involved in (he kidnaping Lindbergh's dascilntlpn of the man he saw differs from that ol Hauptmanu it h closet to the description of Fiseh who died in Germany r last yen'r. High Court Refuses to' Dismiss Coca Cola Appeal LITTLE ROCK, Sept. 24 (UP) -Holies of Bill JVIcGuIre, Little Rock slayer, to evade the electric r>linlr fnrlnrl tr»]n.. ...\ n. ™ *• » ~~ faded today when the ' chair pteme court denied a rehearing. He was sentenced foi the shobi* Ing of a filling station operator. A motion to dismiss an appeal in the case of the Coca Cola' Bottling company of Blythevtllo vs. Helena A. nouct was denied. the Mississippi County Tuberculosis association for the past three years, also the White House Conference on Child Ifeallh and'-Pro- Icclton. He Is vice-presldenl of the 1934 Arkansas Convanllon of Chrisliaii churches and a member of Ihe Arkansas Committee of the Pension Fund of his church. The only minister ol this denomination In Mississippi county, ha has also served as' pastor of' Ihe usccola Christian church for near The late iUrs. Helena A. Ddud her husband, Miss Ruth Alurecht and her father.-:were awarded a tolal of $23.500 ' In four consoll- ctalcl. cases Irlcd In' circuit court '^ here last spring. The suits were - | baser!/, oil injuries sustained by Mrs. baud-and Miss Albrecht In of ly four years, preaching on Sunday evenings. there Russia Sells Chinese Eastern to Manchukuo TOKYO, Sept. 24 (UP) _ After nonlhs of bargaining an agreement was reached loday for the sale to Manchukuo of Russia's half iiterest In th~ Chinese Eastern •ill way for approximately $5010,000. ' The Japanese foreign office confirmed the reiwrl that terms had been reached. Seal Shaft Containing 261 Mine Fire Victims WBEXHAM, Wales, Sept. 24 :(U P)—Laborers sealed tho Grcsford nine today, entombing 201 men, victims' of an explosion and fire Saturday. • > Total deaths were 271. a highway accidenl at Joiner.-The verdict was the largest awarded by tj Jury here in recent years. Relatives Seek Fate of Mprro Castle Oiler SANDUSKY, O. (UP)-Informa-, tion concerning Ronald Francten, 22, of Akron, O., an oiler on the ill-falcd stcnmcr Morro Castle, has been sought in vain by relalives of the crew member here. Mrs. N. E. Marshall, an aunt, with other relatives and friends have sought to learn his fate. Fran f sen hnd been an oilsr on the luxury liner from the time she was coin missioned until a few weeks ago, when Illness forcer! htm 16 go to Marine Hospital, New- York. Later, ..Mrs... Mnrshill said she v/as Informed, Frandsen was reporter! improved and was planning lo return to Ihe Morro Castle. She never learned whether ' or not hn was aboard tho ship when ft biirnM and If so what was his fate. WEATHER ARKANSAS — Increasing cloudl- ifcs, shon-crs In northirest portion onight Tuesday unsettled. Ioc»l showersv and colder In northwest portion. Afemphls and Vicinity—Pair to- itght and Tuesday. Kot much In teniper&turt Jfi

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