Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 1, 1948 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, September 1, 1948
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Our Daily Bread Sliced Thin by The Editor • —Alex. H. Washburn WEATHER FORECAST Arkansas- -Fair 'this' -<H'tnnnn toniaht and Thursday. Not quite sn cor>i in extreme? north portion tonight. Mr. Wallace, thc South Has Nothing to Apologize for Except for her negroes thc South knows comparatively lillle about . the problem of conflicting races t, pnd religions, and can therefore be 0 Excused for the outbursts of cgg- throwing which have greeted Henry Wallace in his pilgrimmage of sedition and hale below the Mason and JJixon line. I say that the South is excused— for u you ve never had to meet the situation before you can hardly be expected to handle it perfectly at the first try. Everything Mr. Wallace is attempting to do in thc South has long been familiar in Northern politics, at the I 9 wcst.level. I know.. ..... „ „,„„„„„ ^-..because I grew up in the North and i had started to the bank with 49TH YEAR: VOL. 49 — NO. 275 Star of Hope 1899; Press 192' Consolidated January 18, °92\ HOPE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 1948 (AP)—Means Associated Press —Meam Mowspopnr Enterprise Ass'r?. PRIQEScOQPV covered campaigns as a young reporter. One day in Wilkcs-Barrc Pa., I, a Methodist, sat on the speaker's platform at the dedication of a Jewish synagogue and heard the late Dan Hart, mayor o£ Wilkcs-Barrc, harranguc Ihe 'Jews, saying Jews and Catholics ought to stick together and beat the l-roleslanls. witn me was a fellow reporter, George Korson, a Jew—• and George :>aid. "That guy Hart . . he's supposed to be a Catholic but his own church cxcommunicat- , ed him." In the North a generation ago there were millions of foreign-bom Americans. Had you gone into a city and made a speech referring to "Bohunks", or had you made uncomplimentary remarks about how native-born citizens regarded the others, you would have been greeted with eggs and tomatoes. For you would have been behaving indecently as a public speaker. That's how—and why—Henry Wallace has been greeted by the > South. ' | Every speaker has the Amer-! ican right to be heard in n cam-1 paign. | But also, he is strictly liable for j his conduct on the stump « * •> OK, Boys, Slug It Out, But i Watch Those Wild Swings BY JAMES THRASHER Thoughtless and extravagant remarks arc so numerous and so traditional in a presidential election year that it would be pointless to dispute ail of thorn, even if it were possible. Yet Sen. J. Howard Me- Grath, the Democratic national chairman, has made one of those remarks which so exceeds the ordinary heat of partisan politics that it seems worthy of special no- Police Seek 3 Who Stole $570 From Hope Store Police arc searching for three negro men to-lay who arc believed to have stolen a bank deposit totaling $570.3D from Talbol's Store, owned by Lewis and McLarty, Inc., shortly after 1 p. m. yesterday. The cashier of the organization had started to the bank with the deposit when three Negroes appeared. She placed thc money on a desk and waited on one of the trio. When they left the store the money Livestock Show Group to Go to Hot Springs Sept, 10, to Invite McMath to Annual Show Movie Actor Arrested on Dope Charge By VIRGINIA MaoPHERSON Hollywood, Sept. 1 — (UP) — Screen Actor Robert Mitchum and three other Hollywood personalities were arrested on a narcotics was gone. The deposit contained: charge early today when officers $2fif).30 in checks and S290 in cash. | raided a marijuana party in a Shortly before Ihree Negroes. nrr-snmpd 1r> be 'he sam n o*ies, entered the Singer Sewing Machine Co. and when they left two purses owned bv emnlovcs wrre missing. One contained about $15 and another S2. Police have questioned suspects. blonde starlet's home. Mitchum shrugged his shoulders and surrendered calmly when two policemen broke in and caught him smoking a marijuana cigaret. Contender for On Friday, September 10th, boosters of the Third District Livestock Show Association from every city in the seventeen counties comprising the district will journey to Hot Springs to present Governor- elect Sid McMath an engraved Military Rulers Again Meet; May End Blockade By WALTER RUNDLE .Berlin, Sept. 1 — (UP > — The Speaks Despite Eggs (ill Ullf^l U V V-V-l T . , ..... -- 1**' * ' ~ - .-...— leather invitation to be present at £'8 four military governors of the opening of the Livestock Show .Germany met again today in their September 20th. (scries of conferences which reliable i This caravan to Hot Springs i s ' re P«ns said might result in end-) being sponsored bv the Hcmpstead j!"S the Soviet blockade of Berlin i County Round-Up' Club and auto- K'^' Sunday. 1 mobiles Irom throughout the dis-|' ;j The governors convened their I trict will meet at the edge of the -Jjecond session to work out plans I city near the race track and to- g> implement agreements reached! Bother with the Hc.mpstoad County ,^i die Kremlin conferences at 5:00 I Round-Up Club riders will proceed p m. (11:0(3 a. m. EOT) after Mar' In parade to whcre Mayor . a. m. a tN? Arlington Hole g hal V assily D. Sokolovsky, Rus- Karl Ricks of Hot sian comrnandcr . wns a fcw mo . r . w cw mo . Springs will deliver a welcome ad- nients late in arriving at the Allied dress. Mayor l,vlc Brown of Hope " llll - u Dies Suddenly By R. H. SHACKFORD London. Sept. 1 —f UP i—Radio Gen. Andrei A. Zhadanov. secretary 'oday for the stale funeral of Col. Gen. Andrei A. hdanov, secretary of the Communist party central j committee whose death from a j heart ailment was disclosed ycs- iterday. He was ;~>2 years old. j Zhdanov was one of the four top imen in the Soviet heirarchv and a Wilh him were golden-haired film (actress Lila Leeds, dancer Vickie several Evans, and Robin Ford, 31. (a friend ot Milchum's. j Narcotics Policemen A. M. Barr .and J. B. McKinnon crashed inlo (Miss Leeds' luxurious Laurel Canyon home shortly after midnight They said Mitchum, Ford, and Miss Leeds had lighled marijuana "reefers" in their hands. Mitchum. who became a top star last year, was nonchalant about his arrest. Barr said. He got rave notices three years ngo in "The Story of G. I. Joe." It was the Ernie Pyle movie that ;boosted him from a tough talking i cowboy hero to the higher brackets. The bobby soxers discovered him in "The Locke'" and "Crossfire." Barr said Mitchum dropped his cignrel on the floor and said: "Might as well admit it. Sure. I've ber-n using the stuff since I was a kid." ,. , .,„-.„ Miss Leeds was entertaining her loading contender with Soviet For- friends in a clinging blue hostess eign Minister V. M. Mololov for robci| (ho investigators said. As they trict Livestock Show Association will present thc invitation to the Governor-elect. Mr. McMath will then address Ihe group. All Hope citizens are urged and invited to take part in this good will and advertising gesture. Cars from Hope will form at the Luck Motor Company at noon on September 10th to be .joined there by delegates from Magnolia and Texarkana and on the way to Hot Springs will meet more boosters from Prescott, Gurdon, and Arkadelphin. ; AH local riders who desire to take horses on this trip are asked Torto-o T^rnr) A l ( "°l\ lro1 authority building i , Thirri niV '' About 50 ° Germans stood in Pots- thc Thud L)is- damcr street in front of the build- l"}g to watch thc governors arrive, I out 'made no demonstration, j.iGon. Pierre Koenig, French mil!'i?O' governor, was thc first to ar- o. He was followed closely by .... n. Sir Brian Robertson, the Brit- ijjn governor, and Gen. Lucius D. ay, U. S commander. Sokolov- y arrived al 5:04 p m.. four mutes after the meeting had .•MI scheduled to start. Subordinates of Ihe military gov- ei-nors had been working through- j out the day in special committees ' with technical problems of. to immediately conlacl Ben McRae . establishing thc Soviet-backed at 7'!5. Citizens desiring to ma^e, ^astern mark as Berlin's only cur-j Ihe trip but who will not ride horses . rciu-y, and of lifting the Russian I arc urged to contact the Chamber i blockade which began 74 days ago. i of Commerce. !)40 and signify their | j Financial and transport advisers : intentions so that transportation j t'J thc four military governors of! arrangements can be made. G'-.'many met this morning in the | Allied Control council building Long Lead 1500 Votes in Louisiana New Orleans. La., Sept 1 HusscH Long. 29-year old son ofi the lato. Huey P. Long, to-lay pulled 1.500 votes ahead of Judge Robert F. Kennon in the lace for the United States Senate. Minister V. M. thc mantle of power worn by Generalissimo Josef Stalin. Western exports agreed thai Zhdanov's death has removed the Western powers' most biller broke in the house, the 20 year old girl-about-town lit a cigaret, handed it to Mitchum and then lit up i another for herself. Home Entered lice. In a speech at a party rally in Rhode Island. Mr. McGralh 'was complaining about certain unnamed newspapers and radio commentators who arc pouring "'»,to your ears a most anti-Di.-mocriuc philosbphy." He further complained that the unidentified papers ,iiid broadcasters "make your President, out to be an erroneous fellow and a stupid man." Tha'.'s all fair political game. But then he said: "These $100,000- a-year commentators would not br? allowed to exist under a truly democratic form of government." If Mr. McGrath has not confused ' pollllcnl his upper-and lower- cas? d's, then lhat is a remarkable statement •ill others who is leading the drive for Soviet domination of the world. from a man who holds the high office of United States senator. One may .wonder what his The Moscow announcement said Zhdanov died yesterday afternoon alter a serious illness. Thc length of his illness was not stated, although he was known to have been in good health a month ago. A committee of five doctors testified he died of high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries and heart disease. No other details of his death, or of his last hours, were made known ii a number of broadcasts devoted lo his life and his achievements for the Communist party. Western observers believed that Zhdanov and Molotov headed rival groups within the politburo and that his death now has made Molotov the leading contend- , i . , ception of a truly democratic form i was known to be tireless in ! pursuit of the theory that the Bol- er for Stalin's post. Zhdanov was considered Russia's highest authority on ideology. He his is. He must have i hitherto unnoticed o£ government found a basic, flaw in the Constitution which per- .mils well-paid commentators lo exist since the senator's quarrel is •with the form of our government, not its administration. Woult Mr. McGralh. under this "ruly democratic form of government, make the people's elected -president immune to criticism? Would he silence all party opposition? Would he abolish editorials, columnists and commentators? shevik revolution of 1917 could not be considered a success until it had achieved world domination, Ihus eliminating possible counterattack from remaining capitalist groupings. His position of powerful influence in the Kremlin thus made him the leading enemy of the Weal in Ihe Soviel heirarchv. No one can predict whether his death will cause any change in So- jviet foreign policy or Soviet policy If memory serves, Senator Mc-I 1owaj ' c ' liln West. H is significant. Grain's parly has implied during However, thai his death comes at a four previou presidential camnai- gns, that the opposition's candidate was erroneous, stupid, and totally ... unified to occupy the While Hou-1 discussion on common problems. iosl anli- i Wfis'ern experts ai" convince lime when Russia has re-opened negotiations with the West after '.'losing virtually every avenue of enemy | Mitchum and Ford, who were lounging on a divan, dropped their lighted "reefers" on the floor. The officers scooped them up as evidence. Miss Leeds slill had hers in her mouth, they said. Thc pre-dawn raid in the center of moviclancVs swankiest hilltop mansions climaxed eight months' investigation of filmland narcotics users, according to local police and federal narcotics bureau. Officers Barr and McKinnon said they were stationed oulsidc Miss Leeds' house when Mitchum and Ford drove up and went inside. "We've been watching Miss Leeds for six months." they said, "and Mitchum for eight." They reported that they picked up 15 marijuana cigarets in Miss Leeds' home and another one in her other apartment in town. Federal narcotics agents have cooperated with police in investigating Hollywood dope addicts for six monlhs, allhough they were not present at today's raid. The suspects were booked at Los Angeles central jail and bail was set at $1,000 each. Barr said thai when Ihe officers identified themselves. Miss Leeds said "I may as well give you Ihe rest of this." She pulled three more cigarets from the pocket of her I slinky robe. Miss Leeds said she had been "using the uuff. ' for two years he said. "I bought 12 sticks last week to;- SiO nnd l;;-vc smoked Ihree s'< lar." he quoted her. Near Hope ace break the Berlin stalemate lhat has existed since four-power rule ended last March. I Reliable reports said the trans- i port committee discussed plans to i lift the Berlin blockade and Ihe fi-| nancial committee discussed plans : to install the Russian mark as the I sole legal currency for Berlin, sub- ! ^iect to four-power control. Someone entered the home ofi- v ' The four deputy military gover- .Thn Wake-field, a mile south of nora - responsible for Ihe adminis- Hopc near Anthony's Lumber Co., >rnyon (jf Berlin, also conferred I last night, and made off with two | jhis morning. This appeared to in-j pairs of trousers, about $13o in! d'cate some solution on the divi- rim,, Ro ,.i, sent 1 — 1,11 — cash and a lire and wheel from a; sjon of Berlin may also be in the " Wh(;1 . c '- i/u'u- "major question IrUCk parked in the yard. i making. U-nnlYrmtitur silnnm-tnA: of l-tem-v The robber or robbers gained cn-h Gen. Lucius D. Clay and the Brit- w^lace m\ld arruigen ents for trance Ihrough a kitchen window. | .ih, French and Russian military <ftf Progressive* Party ^r"sid^Ua\ to meet 'candidate's visit here Friday. —NEA Telcphoto With bits of egg clinging to his head, and his shil't stained, Henry A. Wallace, the Progressive Party candidate for President, addressed a crowd in Greensboro, North Carolina. A fruit and egg barraye marked bis first appearance in a proposed swing through the southern states. Slato and tigaling. county police are inves-j Recovering i's are again at R p. m, initial meeting ycslerday n-h'i'ch set the committee consultations in motion. -nf !ace to rnos se. This was frankly a Republican philosophy. And the Republicans of course, said at least as much about the Democratic can didatc. In facl, we don't suppose there has been a campaign in th-2 last .b'.indieil years in which eaoh pauy did not claim that the other's candidate was se. dis el often )y 'country' cratie, or thai Ihe detractors should be muzzled. We think of only one "truly democratic" type of government in which opposition commentators wo uld not be allowed to cxisl. let alone make $100,000 a year. But one would have to give the word "democratic" the new definition now used exclusively in a vast area spreading eastward from Berlin. We know thai Senator McGralh did not mean that kind of "democracy." And we are sure lhat many members of both major parties, .and perhaps the senator himself, regrets that he ever made the sla- ment in question. From now on it may lie hoped lhat the campaign's inevitable wild swings and rabbit punches will at least be above the democratic belt, belt. Schedule for Draft that the split between Zhdanov and '''ololnv tnai had developed in thc past year was more serious than the Soviets wanted to admit. Observers generally believed that Molotov came to Paris in July lasl year prepared to consider the i^arshnll nlan in a favorable light. He walked out and slamm"d the Jimmy Osburn, young son of Mrs. Ruby Osburn of near Hope, who was stricken with polio in July, is reported to be considerably improved and has been transferred to the children's convalescent center at; Jacksonville from Little Rock. Reports indicate he is not paralyzed and is suffering only from weak muscles and will recover. He is expected to be released to return home in about three weeks. — 0 Legion to Meet 1 American Legion Post No. 12 will Moscow'^n * * f ••• Wlnh!lbcia ' Sc) f°»°wed by meet tcmber 2. Refreshments will be served. All members are urged lo attend. Babies Generally Come in 3 Sizes-Wigglers, Crawlers, Wobblers-Says Non-Father was generally- ' aelie^od " The Dig Four commanders would consider reports from their committees. Belief that the blockade would oe lifted soon was borne out by reports that two huge Western Allied supply trains already are loaded and wailing at the border, ready to make the run to Berlin. The Western zone newspapers began accepting Soviet marks in payment for their papers, indicating that some agreement was near on the currency question. The papers are the American licensed Tagesspiegel and thc British licensed Telegraf. The black market value of the Western mark, which has been three times that of thc mark, began dropping toward parity with the Eastern mark. Communist Leader Walter Ul- brichl. on his way to Leipzig, said I Communist leaders believed the Berlin talks would be conferences on a German peace treaty. Railway officials have been alerted to re-open traffic on the blockaded Helmslcdl-Berlin line- on Sept. 5, it was reported. Two ;vaU freight trains of 43 cars each arc standing by. loaded with food Continued on Page Two An Arkansas for Wallace Com- mitlee news release said the former vice-presidential electors and dQ.livs'i- a radioViaddroHS. ' '< ' Where Wallace will speak is undetermined. He has been denied use of the Little Rock Municipal auditorium and the slate capitol steps as a rostrum. By DAYTON MOORE Hunlsville, Ala., Sept. 1 —(UP)— Henry A. Wallace, campaigning through strong Di.xiccrat territory, today got ol'l to a peaceful start in north Alabama. Crowds of Slit) at each of Ins two. stops — Decutur, :;,,;;a»d New Orleans. La., Sept 1 — (iF -—Russell Long, 20-yeai-old son of thc Into Huey i j . Long toddy . parted ahead ot Judge Robcit F Kennon by 530 votes in the race for thc United States Senate. Rural returns, steadily me reasms Long's total, pushed him •? ahead in the count of voles cast in, yesterday's Democratic pnmarvar election. Thc unofficial tot^l for" 1668 of the staic's 1«U3 precincts Rave Long 237,275. Kennon 2.W,7'10 Nearly half the pnash (county! , totals were complclo The contest in yestcuiay'h Dem-i" ocratic primary election was for - thc imoxpircd term of the late Sen John Overtoil. Democratic nomination is tantamount to election in Louisiana Kennon showed his, gttatest strength in Now Orleans nnd olhex cities. The lead shifted daring the count last night a.s i etui us cams now from urban area-, now from I '"• traditional Lon;; imul itron"-- > holds. Most of the parishes (counties) unreported are rural New Orleans' :'!C3 p^i r-nc<: ;'av Kennon 25.734 mnioutv By contrast, the city hud • okd fot Ru sell Long's uncle, Go\ F,ul K Ijoni:. by a jo.710 m.iumtv i t recently as last Pebruai >• b guhcrnn- tonal primary. Kennon stepped out in'o the le.sd in Ihe early count last mnht th'-n county returns pushed TUI .iplt Long slowly out in fruit The t illv from the capital oitv Ratop Rouge, shot Kennon ,'hc id <ig un Oiher urban parishes that favorprt Keniion in incomplete retuuu, though they had given E.ul Long.' the preference earlier this ycnr, were Caddo (Shrevopoi ti OuachJ- ta (Monroe), and Calraueu (Lake Charles), In-the other swialou.U inco Sen, Alieri J. Elleuder, foi years a Long supporter, 'was runinnr' far ahead of his. combined opposition Returns from 1374 piec'rcls <*;ive* Elienclcr. 211,470;. Sep. Jnrnes, I?o moiv^eaux "89,979 :: ;j(nd Chailts- 5 S -,!-? . ,, Himlsyilli?-'-~wp4;e .quiet 'and? ottlci> ly. K-K r«i;'ul'KHii'S.\'W^Sr'-iir | !K*{hl(i ! '> yesterday contrast Monday In the lo those yesterday ancl in North Carolina, tarlieel stale he was , Gcrljv 45,243, issue, in -the •* target for egg and lomalo barrages at five towns and was booed ernor Long c-leclion by the i early this year. Ladi Pushkaraky, committee io ° t u y unU1 h e wound up at Ashe secretary, said the candidate could villu wilh ., rricncUv audience. speak from the phitlorm ot IMS pri- but By HAL BOYLE New York, Sept 1—Watchinfi a a n rn French Reds Press for Wage Hikes Registration 2 or Sept en Sept. 1924. Sept. 1925. Sept. 1928. Sept. 10 or Sept. 11—Men 1927. 13 or Sepl. 4 or Sept. 7— -Men born 8 or Sept 9— -Men born By JOSEPH W. GRIGG Paris. Sept. 1. —<UP>—A new Cummunist labor demand for a 33 n"'r cent wage increase plagued Premier Robert Sehuman today as lie sought lo form France's 13lh Government in four years. Th-; CommunUt-led General aimed Confederation of labor announcer! j ' deman-l for a boost in the n;<; lion's minimum wage lo 13,,iOU 'Irancs (840..">(!) a month after a I meeting of its executive commil- i tec. I ^ The coordinating committee of ; th" indcpenricnt unions already lias "V'mnnded a minimum wage uf 13.-100 francs. The non-Communist force also lias drav.-ri details are nut .... . ----- ... the world is growing. 1 can understand now the reason most people would rather' raise babies than dogs. cats, hollyhocks or hades. Michael taught me. For two vacation weeks we shared a bungalow in the sand dunes with Michael. Thoughtlully, since he isn't yet fifteen months old, he brought along his parents. Mary and John Crosby. John is the well-known radio critic. I don't know on:> end of a diaper from the other (Editors note: Who does? i. bill Michael really heir- e'lndilinned our vacation. The next time Frances and I go to the seashore 1 think I will rent a baby for the outing. They are more company than ihe seagulls. Babie.s nowadays '.vnerally enine in three M/.i-i" — wrigglers, crawlers and \vtribi' 1 i's Michael, so far as I could tell, had onlv ...ne real problem: Whether lo stay a crawle.' or become a wobbler, that is. a b.iby able to ex- plnre the world on his feel instead of hi:; haivts and knees. So far I-,.,- has postponed the de- eision. 1 think 1 cam" to lnve Mielia.'.'l bare as the moment he came crying into the world, he went erawl- ing into the sea. Envious adults all along the beach came to watch him. The surf was a wet eool wonderland to him. Un watched, he would have scuttled right on down with the crabs on the sea floor wlu-rc we all lived long ago. When a wave lapped at him, Michael's face split in a sunburst of glee —four wnite pearls in a red cave —lour white pcials in a red cave of laughter. But trying lo hold Michael's attention on land was another matter. Il was necessary lo invent a new game every day. After that it was old sniff. One morning I had the I cough of laughter from the baby. Early liv-xt morning when this traveling ; alarm eloek crawled in to awaken line, 1 talced a loud hiccough. My i reward wa.s a look from Michael jthat said mure clearly than words: I "Grow tin kid. 1 laughed at lhat : one yesterday." ! Aii'i he scittt'ed elf lo gnaw at •ii'i ashtray. ! l-i.'ch dawn I failed lo greet him v/iih a new sound or trick Michael Av(iu!ii gu back to the ashtray or ban.^ a dnor .^htit on h.s [m::er. .a'ul til Iv-iwling to be rescued. 1 taught him one- word— "ceiling"- •• '•by holding him up to louch it. But 'he wouldn't ever; look up when I the sau.i. 1 Ih ia^ in I he kitchen He was siubborniy sure th was only in I!K- living n;.>in. when \ve i:rs! played t.'u- game.. ,,„ i vale railway car if necessary. ho was not certain just where the car will be placed. Previously he had said Wallace would greet supporters at the car at Union station here. The news release said the breakfast would be given "at a place Inter to be announced." H also was not certain over what radio F-mtr.ru 'sla'ion Wallace will soc-ak. ' Then-lease .said Wallace will present credentials of the Progressive Party presidential electors to Secretary of State C. G. Hall at !) a. m. and hold a news conference at Arkansas t.'ummilleo headquarters at 10:1:1. The former vice-president is to arrive hen; by piano from Shreve- purt. La., around midnight Thursday. His party will arrive in a pri- railioad car. Little.- Hock Police Chief Marvin Potl.s said a police c;;corl would be jprovid"d 1'or \V,-')!iiL-e Irom the air- poll to his hotel, but that t-scnrls | Wallace received light applause al each of the Alabama towns and a few scattered boos at Decalur. There was not a single jeer at Huntsville. Most of his audiences appeared neutral. Segregation was not enforced at either place bul only a few Negroes were in ihe two crowds. . Speaking in front of the court houses, Wallace urged that "black and while pull together" to raise Post-Mortem Ordered in and instituted since- tftfl a 200,000 majority It included hiRh taxes, expanded governmental services, and reduction of Now Oilcans' revenues and of. the authority of its anti-Long mayor. The- mayor, de Lessopt, S Morrison, called the pro-Kcnnon vote in the city a rebuff to the state administration for trying tOi 'strike down" the community an <l "take away its revenues and independence," All incumbents led fiom the start in Corigrossionol races Some piled up commanding totals ^__. .Tr,- •°~ 11 O ' "~ ' ' Police Chief Warns of Advises Vets to Check Policies 'for later events would doppnd j the avail, ibilily of iKjIit-enu-ii. He i said, ho'.vcver. he anli'.-ipatecl no trouble- because "Little Hock has | always bi.vn a law-abiding community. ' Pushk.-i! ::Ky also announced Wallace would "greet" his supporters ! on the state capitol sli-p:;. but Sec- ! retar.v of State Hull said yesterday! he would not be nermilted to mala a political speech. Hull sairl W-illace .supjiorters i j Eureka Springs, Sept. 1 — •; I'rosecuting Attorney Ted Coxsey lot' Carroll county today ordered post-mortem examination of the jbody of Allen C. Huber, 72-yoar- ; old re'.i red minister, whose deconi- ; posed bo;ly was found near here sterdav. Chief of Police Clnincc Baker today issued the following slate- mum regarding parkin", on Third .street, speed limit si ;n, and u{>. illations in school ?onet. lh''oiiFh- Arkansas veterans were advised b.v Donald T. Stearns, Officer in Charge. Veterans Administration u - , , , Office. 1010 Sixth Street Arkade!-! llu ' y v -' ;slll ' rl - : -"'t lliat ".slate law Phiu, Arkansas, to give their N-i- i ! mj ""-» ls Uh( ' " ! 'I' 1 ' capitol grounds tional Service Life Insurance- pol- i { ">' l' oiili '';'.l rallies." ictcs periodic "three-way checks"! Stato Police Director J. R. Porto make certain that their NSLI j ' e '' <'"""iiin.-i.-d yesterday that a uni- proyrams will give them the most' '''"'nic-d s'ate police escort Wiilild protection. ' i be provided for H'all,ic,.'s trip from The "three-way cheek" should, Little Rock lo Memphis, (.•over <li beneficiaries, both princi-l pal and contingent: <2> manner Coxsey sail) he acted after Sheriff Ami Hi.w'erton found a ruck which lie believed was stained by bluod niar the place Huber's body u'f.s dis.-ox-frerl yesterday. Hnwevton also reported he found I'.-thct -Siain.v that migiil have been i:'sed by blood in the vicinity, could gather on the capitol'steps il; c ,£ ft '' 1 ' '-! 1 "'I")' 111 ' 1 "" 1 yesterday, Sept. 1928. 'Sept. 192B. Sept. 1930. H-— IUt.-n born in 15 or Sepl 16--;\Icn b'-rn 17 Si-jil l(i — Men Night's Sleep Costs $1,OCO Great Falls. Mont. --r..'(v~- It O. R. Stine $1.000 to sleep in liog barn at the Nonh Stale Fair. He reported to police that his trousers, i-ontaininf.' that amount, were stolen while ui Uie barn. I because lie v.'.'is the r;:nst eijjnpleto- K- ivir.est liu:nan being f have met years. There \-.\-is no hypocrisy his baby gobl.'ledyg'.'ik. lie wu.i Kr ihe inner !na:i. win-n he \va£ ha'- en There are U 1 , Tin-- en'-- thai grownups, and ly permit lain them. Of rha vnonis. be oi-l i v, ao ih ay, str:i'.pt-d wouli i if i :i ultu-s anri seine ;;ovejTiir;ent i^/:ore than a whicli proceeds are to be IIIL-- Beneficiaries- and Each burp brought gales j iy » c of NSLI in force. According to Mr. Stearns, many veterans fail to name new bene-' ficiiM-ies when they marry or wiien 1 a deaignali'd benofiriary dies. If'. a ve'e' an dies without naminu a i beneficial".', or ^ if no designated; oeneficiar\- is alive al tin.- tinu- cif i his -loath proceeds of the insurant".: | uo into h:s estate and ;ire subject ! I 1 ) iulU'i-ilau-.-c taxes. Final dislri-; bution ..I' the jiroeeeils may nut Ije j thai which the veteran would have, de^'i'-ed. t Then. tun. changes in familv s'at-i ui- ii'- family income often ro'iniri'' a vi-d-i--,,, to chaiiL!'- Hie metlii'd •){ NKI.I s(.tu..|,ii-nl. He mav elect to have h's NSI.l pi-..cecils naid ID IPS lu'ni'firiarv iu a lumj) sum or in equal muni!)! 1 .- iii:-lallments ranajiu- fr.nvi :ii; in lifetime income. Mr. Stearns "mnh '•-". '"it tlril tin- tviv- aivi aiMuiiMi ,,f ^S],J ,-MVIM-.| bv "i \'-'-("-an should l-»; lhal which best t''x bis norki'lbiiii'c ai:rj '.'ives the me.,I i-ovora-f. NSI.l Moiici '• ii /.'H. n"rii/i;M-v life, ,'ill-i).'. iri'-nl life. 20-h:tyiri 'it life, eniln '"en! ;it ^--.> (ii). en'lincmeiii. ti">. an-t 'Xl-vi-ai- en.;lo\via"n "f U'hieh ma.v be .seleclcd by r i" 1 '-.. "f Ihe Vfti-ra Offee. Ai-k'-i! :>> r.'n.'ill -»0-'i "f 11 if r'i''t.ir>i >• C'"' 1 ''* h"us" .ns. cvprv Fnn'.'iy at irtancs- -''ti hii NfeLfi Emmet V/oman Named to Vei Hospital Staff Roy Nelson expressed tin lhal Huber. a former Church of God minister, h;id died of natural causes. Mrs. Huber said her husband led home about Iwo weeks ago. , .. . . SiK had not rejjurled him ai misa- tluit lhe <»'dinanee b ing. The Hubers moved here about sincerely hope that ii year ago. living on Ni Isiri said In.- found about $173 Continued on page tu'n . M™. Will! Aun.ini.su al i iii| ( . i{, •/•'..• Kc.uiic'iv of lOniiiK-'t ! been appointed t'O- i uf tin- V'eli.'r;nli Students Outside District Must Pay Tuition h- 'i. mes 11. Joni-.i, .siiperintcnck-iit lionl.-;. aiinoiinced today that f Indent;, who live outside ol e School I'Ji.-jlrict and attend - :-i-h"ol:i will pay tuition as ful- out the. city :l "1 wish in call youi ,t»cnlion to the 'No Parking' sign , that have been placed on HigM' ,iv U7 through the city. The oi-ilin <n< r> provides there -shall b-> no piiKinK on thc south sid" of the hi"hw<" beginning at the L. & A.i.uhoad tuarfca and niniiin; 1 , east to Khovei jtreot From Shover .street e.iot to thr- rity f limils no parking o-i tither side ' Beginning at L. & A. tracks no parking un either .suit to Washington street. "This ordinance w,is pa.,ied. several months ago, bul on account ot, the work that had to be donu on the s'.ie"t. enlorcenn n* wi ^ «>UF-- ' jjcuded. Since liiis vvoik is compU-trf cd the State llighwn\ Dopartmen* and Cily Council hu. oideioU, . ntotc ^d, W<5* \L-IV pcison this street ui ti ivelms same will co-operate ..nd ah'da bv tin.' ordinance. Po'irt \\,<l jirftro^ this highw:iy ^4 houu, a dav and i ;ill cars foiwd park'd in the ie- | sti'iclod /.one will be tiU^i'l with a ftinunoiis to appear in i.MtiltiUt)! court. "I also wish lo call M.IU attention to iho spi.-1'ii sUns that have been placed on tin- diff imt stiPi-ts throughout the city: h>\ov v i, some of lhe streets do not h.i\e iif;iig, bul lhe sij-ji-d limit u nia'ns the Silllli! IhlCLlghoUt Ih Cl'\ VA 1 VA !i--pi'al al North Little ;.f Hi'- I'.'.(> lio-.i)i!al.- o|i- Veterans A 1 Imiinslra- ';'.•! u 1 he i e a '.'c HliJ. [Kf| eivin:.-. inn-Mii Senior Hi:;h Selujol. Hope i MJ^II School, and all ele-i ol-— $'/•>() }»'•:• month.! ool and all Ne-4ro olo-i ols •- ^5 PLT uiotilii liidc-nts uh-i rc.sicli' is wfi'M'e no hmh school iv maintained can make ei:is v. iih that district lo oi tuiUon. •are in irn Mercury Drops to 65 Degrees Early Today Victim of PoSio l.i'llf Mock. Sent l.'er. 1 .;"!) !i\'inn in ihi- < h ,'iould be inti.-rested in thi: mann ' in \vhlch a person drives his ^ai School will begin in a lev,' oa\s ,\nd some child's: lik 1 may b-j ti^cd if jou use th : pi'uper cure a ( ei>o . thoultl use in driving a car ~o v.ith youi eo-oiH'i'ation we hopi to ki I.P th? streets ut liopc- s:;ie tos i ith and e\cr.\ ucrsoii \\''.io tt \il-i "Wo h ivv hid M.I il tom- laillls li.li.O.V ol :,|JL>l?ll II c »iCl-)Uv on iiie .straight sireli hu Q£ our s'rci'tb 1 . Thc |jnii-:e *<u ( v, 11 be a..; thvse siixi \.^ s.o k_ l Lp f.i'et ririviug. 1U,.( urettdi/ life you ji!Ve 1 -i bt i ih JVlittl- 'J;' i *-f <.'.- c acto'.int ilioukl contact him tht-ifr. j P'-limeiit 6t«Uoii un lor th" A ^ea-oMal. li.-d bv th,, E. ; .| Au.^Uit 19. i [•' ibt-i Mr Hope. !-Mri Phil A. Rock, was ;id- losi'Ha! yesu-i d-i v "• i fiiiriition wa.-; de.' Dulin lived in H--'P'; '! yoji-;,. i\fr. Ou!i!-', built ;mri operand immin . Pool near CHILD KILEO Einiklvy. Se;jt. 1 yt-ai'-old l-cv wai k'i ten!. iv iihiu he was 1 .in the drivc-vay of h' ^ lit vjj Gt-j-iHe U'a.i ;.on of Mrs. Thomas L Cio ! child wjj proiioi.ini.' 1 ciea l.UTJVjl yt "a llQSpltdl. V'-A t liU veb - f u tiuc> ie hvic

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