Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 31, 1948 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 31, 1948
Page 6
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Page Six U. S. Probes Senate Post Squabble New Orleans Aug. 30 —(UP) Congiessional investigators today filaued inquiring into a report that the shcrnis ot Louisiana were cajleu to the state capital last weeu and told lo make sure that Russell B. Long, son of the late Kinglisn is nominated to a U. b Senate scat tomorrow. Kusse.ll Long is opposed by Judge Robert F. Keannon leader of tne anil-Long forces in the state, in a aeuiocruuc primary election tomorrow. Two U. S. Senate seals seven seats in Congress and dozens oi slnte and municipal offices are at stake. Wlliam E. Murray chief of the special congressional investigating committee, said he would personally investigate the report about the sheriffs. He said his first witness will be Sheriff C. F. Rowley of at.' Bernard Parish. "Mr. Kowley will answer all the questions I ask," Murray said Ml he doesn't, he will be subpoenaed for contempt of Congress —and that carries a six months to live year prison sentence upon conviction. Murray declined lo say where he had got the report about the sheriffs oemg summoned to Baton Rouge, the stale capital. But he said Kowley "will give me the answers." He said he was directing a "well organized group of rflcn and women who arc investigating complaints that there may be dishonesty in tomorrow's primary 'The complaints have come mainly from south Louisiana and HOPE STAR, HOPE, KANSAS Britain's Biggest Plane Makes Its Bow we have been salting up^our^votc?- checking. organization here." We will check every phase of me election—from the actual voting to the certified returns " he said. _"Wo will be especially watch- lui of voting procedures involving persons unable to read or write immediately after these persons vole, one of our agents will walk up and check the ballot to make sure it is filled out exactly as the voter wished." , H ?,. s H d ho already had a "big stack of subpoenas filled out with blank spaces for the names of any Persons tn<« mw/,<Hi»*oi,.,.,. , - , Second Class Signs for By the Associated Press II, was (he younger-bracket 2 r i •ear olds' turn today to step tin •uuMx,' counted for the peacetime Like their months older brothers born between Aug. ;:tj and Dec si' v -' i10 ';t-'«iKUM'ed yesterday, the class of 1!22 will lot down answers o 1:> (mentions, then wait to see 11 hey will bo included in the army's first draft call of 10,000 men 'in November. Hut not until some nine 1 and a ,half million men 18 throufh 25 have tilled out the questionnaires iv Sen, em her 19 will selective service officials be able lo complete he.job o, classifying | n j s vast col- k-etion ol American youth Most of the 25-yca'r-olds arc expected to bo included in the exempt ection because of previous service or dependency ratings. Selective Service officials have indicated Tuesday, August- 31, 1943 . Clarke Kilsworlh and wi V f C " le * s ? ay ' Sept ' White. Mrs. Orm Aiiss Gertrude Chirito While will compliment Miss Dorothy Whit" bntie-c.eci wilh a bridge 'party o:"i VVednesday afierm.on ai the homo of Mrs. While. On VVednesday a f. u-'i-noon at 4 o'clock there wi'l'l b,> a join I mooting of the officers of the Woman's Missionary Society and the Woman's Auxiliary of the i resbvlenan church. Th" 'Presbv- Icnan choir will practice Wednesday evening al 7:15. The Sessions pt the Presbyterian church will V<! - K; le '''' lli " m ""thly business Truman May Get- Push From CIO By JAME SF. DONOVAN United Press Staff Correspondent bandwagon choir vvill have the church al 7:HO in the cvcnin Jherc will be a prayer service at President Truman's v.. v, 11 »* \.:vu IV;;?LUI y i ^' ( *S CXJ'JCCltici lo £^0t ( >ck. The Methorii.-Ui[from thc CIO. cn.,,1- practice at The union's 51-member execu- Ive board, meeting in Washington, was sot to give its official <i T-I. : T. • i"".»i;i suivice ai the I'irsi Baptist church at 7-30 with choir practice at H: 15 p m There will be a prayer service at tne 1'irst Christian church at 7-4-1 m the evening. Thursday, Sept. 2—The W C T , e s oca stamp ot approval to the cand - daey of Mr. Truman and his run- meet at the home of Mrs. I un ; inim °"s. ss Bombs Help Unearth Roman Ruins in London ^^'^:--" : 'f ^^SllSf^^S^^ U. D. L. McRae Sr., at 3 "o'clock i union leadc Ihursday afternoon. Preseolt f o'd«o determined No. 80 F. & A. M. will hold ''"""' "' " M. served. "" "-"""^"^ WIU be The vote, however, will not be About 10 left-wing Mrs. S. B. Gee and Mrs. Ray Carr honored Miss Marie Harreli whose marriage will be an event ol oeptember 9. on Thursday afternoon with a dessert brid»c' Arrangements of pink loses were U. S., Russians Argue Over Orphan Girl I-,-- il- ;.i Berlin, Aug. 30 -Wir^A German policeman stood guard Vl,otlay over a crippled orphan'girt'whose cus- today isi in dispute-,,betAVcen the United States and Ru'ssia."He said " • Ther , ? lrj '. Helena , .Korb'i'Vko, 14 Js in Catholic hospital iii'the American sector of Berlin. Mfe i™ of Ukrainian parentag'ij' §KtJ j s Sji need of an operation ,'{£ 'correct a condition caused by 'liifciiilllc m ralysis. She has been , unaole to" walk for two years.""*'' '' The Russians claim''licr as a &H nai:onal have," Demanded iney be given custody of'the rhilH and have offered to %/ovfde the reauirnn Biircri,,.,! „«.!.;...:".; r 'In one , ,, ,, „ : •••* v ' *- *' Jtm_ (i n_'u UlC ~. { - - bulk ot luture draftees will come li' 1 meeting for work in the M from the 22 and 23-year old groups ! J)e Krce. Refreshments will due to register later this week Ihe army—which is getting ' all 'lie November inductees—is expected to ask for another 10 000 draftees in December, later step- Jing up the pace to about 30,000 a month. Secretary of Defense Forrcstal in announcing the army's first call tstirday said the na'vy and air lorce are counting on filling their manpower quotas with volunteers al least through next Juno The opening day of registration brought only scattered reports of time draft revival. Unlidc the wartime draft operations the 1948 version was b"in" carried out swiftly. Each registrant needed only about 10 to 15 minutes to fill out the postcard size forms. -—w. IAUVJUI. iu jeit-u union leaders were believed to be --lined to continue their support of Henry A. Wallace and his Progressive Party ticket. Kut CIO sources said the ooa.-cl s action still will assure the Democratic ticket of the active support of about 30 CIO unions about n 5.Sm, nCd mo "*crship «* in a week after . some 40 AFL Wallace Men Have Trouble in Arkansas Little Rock. Aug. 30 — f/P) — Arkansas representatives of. Henry Wallace have been unable to arrange accomodations for newsmen who will accompany Ihe presidential candidate on his visit here next Friday. Ladi Pushkarsky, secretary of the Arkansas for Wallace Committee said the newsmen would eat a picnic lunch at a private estate between Little Rock and Memphis. Wallace's headquarters in New York said newsmen accompanying the candidate include at least two Negroes and that other Negro reporters might be joining the party en route. The former vice-president is scheduled to visit the state cap- ilol lo present credentials of the Progressive Party's presidential electors to Secretary of State C. &. Hall. Pushkai-sky said Wallace also will make an inspection of the Missouri Pacific railroad shops in North Liltlc Rock. • - Q Target Stops Just the Thing for Livestock ic Truman-Barklcy ticket However, Ihe powerful i teamsters Union, whose AFL prcsi- a consist- ing pink and white roses. The pink and white motif was also nunri in mark the honorees clai r whic" v ; s j de^ D^ir^T' Wht tied with a while satin bow into 0,1 n c! lo . bm ' wa « - — which pink rose buds were placed n „ Democratic supporter in The hostesses presented Miss 1Ro ? so Y c , 1 da y*- voted in Chicago Harrell wilh lovely-gifts"of silver in i&^Vf!" 1 S$ < to join the 40 P«>ho- chosen pattern. Dessert guests Arkansasns Register By United Press Thc first peacetime draft went into its second day in Arkansas jtnclay with the 2o-yt;ar-old men still ! Ihe target of the 77 county boards jof registration. | Lines formed early yesterday | morning, and soon the boards were doing a landoffico business. The opening day of the draft had :i nationwide significance for Arkansas, since Major Gen. Lewis R llcislu-y Selective Service director, addressed the nation over a i-aciio network from Hot Springs. He issued a strong warning for ncle'iuate defense preparation " that '.voukl discourage aggressor nations li'om invading the United Stales. "lo avert war," Ilershcy declared, "we should be so well prepared that aggressor nations would realize thai it would be loo expensive and futile for them to altack At the end of yesterday's registration, Ihe two Little Rock draft reported 491 men had up. Others over the state 1 - T nn"?;horo 413.'Fort Smith affiliates. Mrs/C. _. __ Miss Virginia Lou Harrell. enjoying the bridge fames Miss Hai roll. Miss Mildred ric. Miss Mary Lou Thomas Nona Catherine Eagle Mis Elizabeth G Mrs. J. Reynolds. Mrs. Allen Gee Jr Mrs" Thomas Dewnody. Mrs. D" Cavanah and the hostess Mrs. Carr. Mrs. Hob 1-ie.ynolds was awarded high score prize. . The Teamsters' executive board decided to confine political activi- Harrell, •'mother" oPl'he "Yionoree" <"- ( .'- ci( J ed '". confine "polKica'l _ :. C. Courlway of Wynne and' s ° r °H lon ^' contests and urged firainia r.mi n.-n-mi'i Those! ! Tlcl r. M ' s lo P 1 '* 1 forth nvor effort voted l e OS- they were turned back. ? £ar ' the American authori- «», J V n rofuscd ' to releasc her without the consent; ,-efc the Inter Sho°h a ' , Refufice Organizatio". .i h . as . . b °en .under the c.-.re of the Catholic Welfare Organiza- lions. McMath Returns to Arkansas From Vacation them r~ , . -'--.arcl^Str^^avlthS'^^^l^^ ° f ^ Jewish c — ^ in head start. .At this spot, in r«,nnn« 2L" l±, - Mt ^, v ' h , ero warborne bombs have ' and " Sees EU '"OPG / S Farm Recovery menls of mixed decora led the A Mrs. Tom L 0 ' high score prix.i McCaskill tiie en A de-ssoi t lo put forth every were !to defeat congressmen who Gutli-l t01 ' thc Taft-Hartley Act. Miss 1 Mr.Truman opens his campaign „,-. ...,.,., Artie i ncxt Monday, Labor Day, at Dei Gee, Mrs. J. V. McMaheni'roil. He is confident of eleclion Dou.ulas Regan. Mrs. Rob| ! 'nd one of his top advisers former Senate Secretary Leslie Liffle. said there is good grounds lor his optimism. Rclunvng from an incognito trip trip through the Midwest and Northwest. Biffle said he found that grass root sentiment is behind President Truman in his arguments with the GOP-controlled The Wednesday Bridge Club met on Ihursday afternoon at the home ol Mrs. Dallas Atkins. Arrair-e- luimme-r flowers j (jonsiWs. vclopmcnt. course was served to ,ers of Maine that the state would continue to support the GOP. The , e ;| state has gone Republican in every - -, ---- ..^..v x. i. n_t i .1 1_: %v <i a ov: club members. Mrs. Saxon R Mrs. Dudley Gordon, Mrs Tom i •-------„Logan. Mrs. Harold Lewis Mrs | Presidential election since 1912. Guss McCaskill and lo guests Mrs' ! ""wey conferred with Frederick I- rank Tuberville, Mrs. Clarke i G - p ay'ic. GOP candidate for gov- Whilc and Mrs. Art Reguin and a'. cnior of Maine, in Now York City j ln the opening of a series of con- jferenccs with GOP political lead i crs. i Texas— With only 400 votes still to be counted, former Gov Toko . tea guest Mrs. Joe Smith. ™ , ., ----The family of Mrs. L. M Rowe of lexarkana held a family reun- " °" ^'-inday, August 15 at the £on ao. Blytheville Bo", Texarkcina" ;12, and several sub-boards in Sebastian county 75. 'T loo Those on.jo.ving the occasion l vTero: M n'; a " (1 Mrs - Ua " -larvis, Mr. and Mrs. Flandie and daughter of Pine Bluff, Mr. and Mrs. Morric J.owe and sou of 1C I Dorado. Mr. ,„, pud Mrs. James Rowe of Texar- ! N Kana, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Bobv ! A and ciaiighter of Caliiornia. Mr. and i p lion • - - — - -_- • "vv, k , jn i,injn iiui, for the Democralic nominator U. S. senator. Republican Campaign . •- of Prescotl. Mr. and Mrs. Luther Burnett and Mr. ten Smith. Kmmcl. Bill Lea Pine Bluff. Mr. and Mrs. Will Crane Mr and Mrs. Clarence Ciane and'turn-! il.y ot Prescott. GOP Manager Herbert BrownelL " Jr" •>inled Son. Irving M. IVQS of York to be chairman of Ihe can Campaign Commil- committee will work for Little Rock Aug. 30 — M') —The Little Rock parks and recreation. commission had been using bales l ay asu backstops for targets on the archery ran.'.lo al fair park; But cattle ate the hay. Six bales were needed for each target, and hay cost thc city a'-dollar a bale. '< So the commission now is using backstops made of excelsior The cows won't touch the sniff said thc commission director Bill Amo. As Vibrant Energy is Released To Every Muscle, Fibre, Cell +?° 7°^ P c i up ln tno »omlnga otllt tired, feel down-and-out all dav? Havn you chccked-up on your blood strength lately? Overwork, undue worry, cold I nu yd> of ' — every hour— millions l ' cens must P° ur 'o ow of your bones to re- P ace those that are worn-out. A low blood count may affect you In several ways: no appetite, underweight, no energy, a run-down condition, lack of resistance to infection and disease • To get real relief you must keep UD your blood strength. Medical authorities by analyst of the blood, have by poll- tlve proof shown that SSS Tonic la amazingly cffcctlvo in building up low blood strength In non-organic nutritional anemia. This Is due to the SSS T °n'= formula which contains special AI pot !2£ """voting ingredients Also, SSS Tonic helps you enlov thn rood you eat by increasing the gastrl? '"• , whon - - cally too little or scanty— thus the stom nch will have little cause to get that the GOI iorn. ticket among the foreign Irma Harnby has ret Fa.yctteviile where- sin been the guest of her sister Betty Rene Hamby. Britain's Telephones London — iff't— has ? rans «- "turned in h h ' Democratic nominee to his home here last night from a vacation trip to Colorado and re MrT ? vf" CampaiKn Promise to l,y McLdUghun again before leaving the prosecutor's office. fc no had made a similar stain meut shortly after he won the g£ bernatonal nomination. b McMath said Ihe dale for the next (rial, which will La held in Montgomery county, hnd not been McLaughhn, under 34 i n( ii ct meiits and one info Lambert Critical of Olympic Officiating 3( _ at the Olyn ,k- game's n if , "««'• '" the opinion o m Lambert, Universitv nf basketball coach t attended the Economic Co-opcMtun .Vlm.n..,u at,,.,, v .a tractor^ is accm; l p a ;^ d8l ^ 1 ^,?^rr::: l -:^ ; ' ! ='• i -' 11 --' "' L ,ik to El Hollywood, Aug. 31 — HIP) Cristine Cooper, who doesn't like to talk about it, admitted today she s Hollywood's "Too- much- oomph" girl. She's put together along lines {hat leave Jane Russell and Marie Wilson looking like H-vear-olds Lut all it does is embarrass her "It's been a problem ever since 1 was 13," she sighed. "Now it's gotten to be a kind of psychosis with me. I refuse to use my figure to get a .job." She's lost eight par's because of her "Too-much-oornph." Producers look at her face and cast her lor sweet-youn:>-thing roles. Then thr.-y look at the rest of her and change their minds. "She jus! oozes sex," one direc- I — tor said as he fired her from an ! Miss Dorolhv Wilson Jin;rnue part "I'm «orry. It isn't' t-d !o IV.-r home in Little Hock a'tte, Christines tniilt. It's just some- ! Micndhr; a w< "k wilh her m uimr^she can't help." ! Mrs. Robbie Wilson and her s 's .iiie ;; I:nn\vn ever since' her school i Mrs. John Davi:; and Mr Davis days in Milwaukee, she says, that i — ' Hut ! Mr:; - Harvey Bomis and Miss loir.' ! Mildrc-l IV-rms spent a part of last ' j week in Little Rock --.-.. ! Ll , tl ^, t 0<1(.IUHI LIUI1 MISS office announced. Brilain now ir 8.6 per ...... Ihe general post .i, J . er eze your body with rich, red-blood. Start on SSS Tonic now As vigorous Wood surges nrth' Breaer esh strength should make you eat bettpr "'^P. better feel bette?. work bette?' play better, have a healthy color glow In rSkrfl esh fl ' : °"t hollow sold. Get Build Sturdy Health. j Miss Frances Ann Atkins aim i i Miss Julia Ann Bethea of Arkadel-! I Ph/a woro the week end puests of Mrs. N. N. Daniel. Thev were the candle lif.hters in the- Stuart-Daniel wedding on Sunday. Miss Betty Jo Milton of Fayetteville i;; Ihe -nest of her aunt'Mrs. J. A. Cole and family. Miss Gertrude Clarke White and iVIrs. Clarke While ijjenl Saturday allernoon in Tcxai'kana. Mr. and Mrs. Arliea Pittman spent Kc\eial clays in Clarksville, lexas last week. i». I LAY-AWAY means you can hold your coat now with a small deposit . . . pay comfortably! neb operates Ma,,,, „, Pk.n aid )l " n ''»<->n. m the Even Schoo! Can Bo Fun nintrre^er^ must never have been pail fo" th<;ii- services. This ;.-limii atcd 1 te' lca " "•'"'? ev<; " lh " u «>' tht - ficiah vvere drawn from all over t^^,l^ wcr " "" l - fi —' W'.-n the basketball » P y W ine -moder '•tball c-harnpionship, I the Olympics. He' added 'rha't odtrn rules will ije Utlt -d in Hi, : ¥;' O ', vn 'l jic Kaiiic-!;. " i liiv nazorback coach said HJJ(. i )sh news .stories Wl ;j-e olli-'ii "pro- ! VHK-i.-,! an( j biased" and that i there was no mention of our win- iws i,! ibi- stories of Britain's Bven though the classroom is in the rell ir,.^!, Castner. :, lUnlway Expros e.iphn fid, iu-e eijtnusuistic scholars, btcau.si- ii ,', regular schools iintl i! :e e ' Mr. Price Kamsev of Wt nhis w;'.; the wt-i.-k end j'ui home of Mrs. B. C'. Slivcn. accompanied home' bv Mrs. sey and their two children have been visitin; 1 , here. Labor Pariry Wallace, Taylor Ilidr IJin.yhaniton, N. Y. Jore- pupils, from 'A to 10 years ne. TliUi'e uttendin" Wool Covert Warm, Sturdy Fine workmanship right down to the last buttonhole! Interlined and rayon twill lined . . . in rich clear colors. 10-18. she could be a fine actress mi n won't stop whistling' L-iV!in.;h to listen. "And I won't compromise ' added. "I won't go in for ei '-•a'••<.• to gel. publicily. I won'l a slinkv siren. I can' act. And day some gentlemanly producer is going to come along and recognize .vhal I have inside me." Meanwhile, she tries overythin" short ol an Alaskan parka to subdue her personality. She wears li»Ue -irl d--.-s.ses aiul fl a t shoes, and it's courl'ng a sudden death to ask her to pose in a plunging neckline Bui ihe Cooper curves won'l he '•jimoufl.-igi.-d. She posed with Kay K.vscr and a ghml-sixcd sack of charity benefit. Ky- iiiuinl and 'ciuipped: - - have to pop that boys. .In:;) Id Christine stand 1" it. Thal'cl do il!" face (urns pink as ' has to slap down Popcorn for a ser took one "You didn't corn next Mis.s C.IIIIH it iloi s when tin- loc "I'm hoi-. I al wolves. the cold lypi d. 'Practically didn't havi> a '.., st .^(l. M.-n have uddles or I won't Miss Arkansas

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