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Louisville, Kentucky
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THE COURIER-JOURNAL, LOUISVILLE, SUNDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 29V 1935; SECTION 3 Efif (Tonritr-JottroiiL Ufiect th safety campaign "HORSE AND BUGGY DAYS" THE SEASON OF BLANKETS, LAPROBES AND HOT EEICKS. wouia De create pwpvu o- The Point of lew DJolrnarilim, The Morn- men Then the safety educat.on ino Courier (1837), The Daily of school children would gradu- life, that the true year is approxi Democrat (1343). First issued as; ate them into a code of highway Twk CovwiR-JoOTitAt November In ttY mately 365 days. In the year 4236 B. they introduced a calendar conduct becoming the age which they live.

Communications should be brief, leffiblp written, preferably tyvevxit-ten. on one side of the paper. The writer's name and address must be signed, not to be published without the consent of the signer. Publication does not imply approval by The Courier-Journal. 8, H63 Founded by Henrt wat- XERSO nd WA3LTM N.

ALE KUAN. year of 365 days. Notwithstanding that Herodotus praised the Egyptian calendar in the Fifth Century B. C. and that Thales, the Robert V.

Bingham, President and Publisher. Harrison RoaeaTsoN, Editor. EMA.Wf.L LtVI, it Pres. and General Manager, Ionian philosopher, brought i i ntcT uw knowledge of a year of 365 days to his contemporaries, the Baby tm CINEMAS IMPROVE Th improvement in the material used by motion picture producers within the past year Is so obvious as to occasion congratulatory comment. It seems to have begun with David Copperfield, a superb bit of cinema entertainment and to have come to an appropriate climax at the year's end with another Dickens classic, A Tale of Two Cities.

In the meantime, there have been such real life pictures as The Barretts of Wimpo! Sfreet and Mutiny On the Bounty, the adventures and activities of actual people translated to the screen, the one from a play, the otker from a book. Critics who have defended some of the pornographic output of recent playwrights on the ground that "that is life" hardly can find fault with the classics of Dickens on the ground that they lack virility or have not the fidelity of the plain unvarnished truth. No scenes have been more con ITALY AT A STANDSTILL The mobilization of the Italian Navy In the Red Sea the most powerful fleet Rome ever has assembledmay be just another display of defiance of world opinion, and perhaps the last, or the prelude to an act of desperation on the part of the headstrong and hard-pressed nation. This war-! like gesture follows the expressed; belief in London that harassed by sanctions, might soon propose peace. That belief was based on the lack of conspicuous military success, the appioachingj the roiteftice jji.tft o( ta second CIum.


'IS at AND SVNDATCOt-JOU of Kentucky. lonian calender had become so firmly entrenched in their life, belief and custom, it remained unchanged throughout their historic existence. Professor Breasted tells us that in 380 B. C. the able Greek astronomer and mathematician, Eudoxus, visited Egypt and there learned that the year was really about 365 days long.

That was the first time this fact became known in Europe. In the early Second Century, B. Hippar-chus, one of the greatest of Greek astronomers, announced that the All Kntur. Ttn IS 00 110 KENTUCKY'S GREAT OPPORTUNITY. To the Editor of The Courler-Jottrnl.

Thirteen million sportsmen throughout the Nation are, or should be, expressing a sincere gratitude and appreciation to President Roosevelt for the finest gesture toward saving wild life ever proposed by any of the Nation's leaders in all American history. The President has personally invited envoys from every State in the Union to meet with him in Washington, D. on February 3, 1936, to devise ways and means that will conserve and preserve the country's natural resources, its wild life, game birds and game fish. The very manner of issuing the call is an assurance that the outcome will be a constructive success. Governors of each State have been requested to select two representatives as delegates to the Wild Life Conference, which, graced with the dignity of earnest endeavor, will have in this national conservation forum a membership double that of the United States Congressional, legislative 44 1 4 'LLi.

tnilim rainy season and the economic and financial situation in the Fas 365' 4 day year was an error cist State. that is, it was about 1-300 of a day Italy's position in the field and A sine cop "i erred 6r nt. to Nf Aitwn nd Jetiercn- illi. Territor Tl! nd Suadu- Co.irHr-Journ.L SOc Journal. Lml0! Icr 13a.

All Mtn idrtts. vincing than those of A Tale oj Two Cities contrasting the misery at home is anything but enviable. For nearly three months it has been conducting its war of conquest Little more than three of the downtrodden and the lux ury of the aristocrats of France. too long. This error was not known to Julius Caesar and was not corrected until the time of Pope Gregory XIII.

in 1582. The old Roman calendar divided the year into ten months, beginning wdth March. Since the lunar calendar contained only 355 days, an extra month was intercalated from time to time at the discretion of those in authority. So unwisely TTTfTHONK WAbMh Mil r.rnoir, Y(r Sydney Carton's overwhelming vice of drunkenness is not glossed Ak for you drlr to; nlc Kytt 19 8rv)c hour. tverTj.cason scts in Though without WASKWOTOJilTJriAO-tnri.

Be I Crious PPition its Army of the Hi XJm ft -ilSLT sx. 1 over, but through it, as silver through a patina of tarnish, gleams the nobility of character un-is jj i nas not progressed as far Buildsnt- WJhincton. D. so convincingly portrayed by as its troops in 1898 -and instead of making gains it has lost ground. To the East on the French So-maliland frontier its forces have Ronald Colman.

had the calendar been managed, that the seasons, instead of coming at a definite time, wandered from month to month. The equinoxes and the solstices occurred in different months at intervals of sev kE34BFH OF THB ASSOCIATED PRESS. Th As.wutfd Ptm txcliulTtlT for publtcmoa nrvt CwitHm ered'trt to It or not crrli" in thl Pir nd Uo Ail Tibt of rwu6ilftJm ot nwcUt ds.oeatrhn bria iwrTii bodies. Such an outstanding consideration for the sentimental, economical and practical value of wild life has never before been shown to be one of the country's greatest assets, in which Kentucky has a deep rooted, traditional, as well as Dickens appears now to be in demand in the studios. OUuer Ttrist was done by one of the smaller companies a year ago, but.

withdrawn into Eritrea and in the South the soldiers under Gen. eral years, as they still do in the HOWTH AMCTTCAN RTW3-APER ALLIANCE; Mohammedan calendar, which, is Rudolpho Graziana are virtually 29, 1935 SUNDAY. based on the lunar cycle where they started on October 3 being capable of much better handling, it is being undertaken Julius Caesar, the first calendar While the civilian population reformer, called the Egyptian as LAST STASD OF THE tronomer, Sosigenes, to help him tighten their belt and sacrifice their comforts and belongings that HORSE ASD BUGGY bring order out of the Insuffer by one of the larger producers. Nor is Shakespeare to be neglected, for an "all-star" production Irora orisinn.1 wood cut. able confusion into which the Ro the war may be carried on the man calendar had become en war goes forward at a snail's pace.

One reason why Louisville has a bad traffic accident record Is that so many drivers disregard the regulations adopted tangled. The witty remark of Voltaire, that "the Roman generals always dollar value, interest. Much credit for the consummation of this manifest effort to safeguard wild life rightfully belongs to Jay N. Darling, formerly Director of the Biological Survey, who for years has been an ardent sportsman and conservationist At this conference, well-defined plans will be adopted to provide for the future of our natural resources, based on business principles. It is axiomatic to state that the future management of wild life must be handled with expert judgment and executive forethought called for in the of A Midsummer Night's Dream is underlined.

Thackeray's Vanity Fair was disappointing to many, but probably because emphasis was laid on the color effect rather than on the story. Do triumphed, but they never knew for their protection, and this de spite the best efforts of the po The Government at Rome blames European diplomacy for this poor showing. Though not admitting publicly that the campaign is at a standstill, it tells the people that the generals in the field will settle the controversy on what day they triumphed, aptly characterizes the uncer Thirty-eight who first saw light during the first quarter of 1800 also averaged 70 years, as did fifty-one in the second quarter. The twenty-eight starting life after 1850 average only 65Vi years. The last ten to survive in this unit, terminating their lifa spans in 1929-1930-1931 and 1932, with an average of 65 years to their credit Under the operation of the Homans table constructed cially correct" almost everywhere, but they actually lived four years short of expectations.

There are an indefinite number of persons in the lower strata or bracket, who, from obscurity, poverty or illiteracy, fail to qualify for the news records. The size of this factor is unknown, but necessarily smalL If a census were possible it is a mooted question as to whether the results would lessen or extend the lir So many offend because tainty of their time measure there is no general impression Their joint effort resulted in what Macrier's Peter Ibbetson, an im is now called the Julian calendar, throughout the city that Louisville mortal love story, was another is very strict and severe in the; and not the League of Nations. As in wrhich no endeavor is made to accomplish the impossible to recent offering of the better class. Nor have the juveniles been neg keep the sun and moon in step sanctions press heavily on the stay-at-homes, it gives out glow- successful handling of any vast with each other. lected with Mrs.

Annie Fellows corporate enterprise. Wild life is one of the country's major Johnston's Little Colonel and The Julian calendar, put into effect in 45 B. was defined by the tropical solar year, which is the interval between two succes Pace's Littlest Rebel. If the motion picture industry will pay ary 22, but he w-as born on February 11, 1732, according to the reckoning of the old Julian cal-j endar. Japan adhered to the Gregorian calendar in 1873, China in 1912 and Turkey in 1917.

Soviet Russia adopted it in slightly modified form in 1918, changing the leap year rule, which is even more accurate than the Gregorian. Their calendar provides that century years shall be leap years only in case their numbers, when divided by nine, give a remainder of two or six, reducing the average length of their civil year to within three seconds of the time length of the tropical year. The Russian and Gregorian calendars will agree, however, until 2800 A.D., when the accumulated differences will be one day, the Gregorian year being a leap year and the Russian an ordinary one. Serbia and Greece adopted the new calendar in 1923. Except the Moslem countries, who are prohibited by Mohammed from changing their lunar calendar, nearly the entire civilized world is using the Gregorian calendar as the measure of time.

The Gregorian calendar is not absolutely accurate because it enforcement of traffic laws. Some cities have that reputation. Strangers hear it and broadcast the information. Some smaller communities have it. Drivers almost invariably observe the proprieties passing through Shel-byville, for Instance.

That reputation is gained by arrests and punishment When a large number of offenders boast of getting otf sive returns of the sun to the vernal equinox. They based it on Many States reap a handsome annual income from tourist and sportsmen dollars attracted there by clever, civic sales promotion founded on sound business management of their outdoor advan more attention to this type of cinema play and less to the trash assigned to "double feature" bills, life-span as reflected in the daily records. The influence should not be appreciable. The library record of human mortality is graduated from the news reports. It is "highly selective" as termed by the insurance actuaries and in the universities as heretofore quoted in my letters on this subject The distinction of either wealth, honor or accomplishment is not noticeably conducive to longevity, as a check-up will ing reports of victories, though on the face of them the engagements are little more than skirmishes.

It dilates on the exploits of the air force in Ethiopia, but no strategic advantage has been gained by aerial warfare in the mountainous country. It gives as the reason that the army has gotten no farther than Makale on the North and Gorahal on the the assumption that the tropical year was 365 Vi days, whereas it will prosper accordingly. the true length is 365 days, tages. Pennsylvania has gained hours, 48 minutes and 46 seconds, for the Mutual Life of New York in 1861, at age 50 they were accredited an expectation of 20.91 years. The actual span was 6.91 years short of official expectation.

Similar units from news reports and library records could be continued indefinitely, indicating conclusively that Mr. Homans' estimates on life expectancy were approximately correct when he constructed and published his American Experience Table ot Mortality in 1861. Meantime adult expectancy has shrunk about five years. This is clearly shown in the only well-authenticated chronology readily available, that found in the daily newspapers and its allied data in the library biographies. The executives and actuaries of nation-wide popularity in this re or about eleven minutes shorter.

Commonwealth's Attorney J. with inconvenience and annoy Gooch, of Madisonville, in his ad spect. other Mates an aggressive good will endeavor have found the venture highly profitable. But, after all, trees are ance, the chance seems to "appeal It accordingly provides for three consecutive years of 365 days each, followed by a fourth year of 366 days, called the leap year. The latest and most complete South, that the invasion has been held back on account of the peace trees, mountains are mountains, compilation of its character is the Dictionary of American Biography, being compiled on the basis of a lakes are lakes, hardly different, to the sporting instinct of a great many.

Long ago other cities discovered this and traced the trouble to congested court dockets. negotiations being pressed by Caesar decided to begin the year on January 1, instead of March, and at the same time had the France. certainly no better in any one spot than the other. Interpretive activities mostly push down the At the front the Italian forces generous subvention, of $500,000, from the late Dr. Adolph S.

Ochs of the New York Times. Any inac dress before the association, expressed the opinion that it would be inexpedient to repeal the sales tax before it expires by limitation in June; because the budget is based on it Nothing so remarkable can be anticipated as that the sales tax could be repealed, with an emergency clause stopping it instanter and a sub The more offenders arrested, the less risk of punishment I face two unknown quantities, the curacies appearing in the news name of the month, Quintilis the fifth month, reckoning from March changed to Julius or July, after himself. Similarly, his successor, Augustus, changed name of the following month to fighting ability of the Ethiopians, who have not as yet attacked the large old-line life insurance sketches as a result of haste are makes the civil year longer than the true tropical year by about corrected for the permanent li- companies and societies are not brary record. Volume 15 of this willing to admit that any one has biography appeared this year. any considerable defect in them in force, and the retreat from their outposts when the rains be acf i twenty-four seconds so that the dollar end of the scale.

This observer maintains that no State in the Union has been blessed with more natural attractiveness: than Kentucky. No people in any State have ever been given a finer opportunity to make Kentucky the keystone in the national arch of conservation, with its abundant endowment of wild life, game iw hi, tnnk a dav amount or eiror is uue uiy gin. Half of the campaign season cording deaths which occurred as years. However, the accumuiaiea has passed with an advance of stitute revenue measure enacted with an emergency clause bringing money immediately into the inequality, due to this circumstance, will not have to be reck The situation has been rem- edled elsewhere; but in Louisville the report is that an Ordinance Court, two days a month, undertakes to dispose of hundreds of ordinance violations at a session. "Continued" is a frequent order that punishes the arresting officer; "filed away" is a method of disposition which satisfies the culprit without an appearance of len'ency.

Whether any compil oned with until after the lapse cf State Treasury. The Chandler little more than fifty miles. Half remains with no indication of another push into the inhospitable country. many centuries. The complications arising from the inequalities of the lengths of the months have given rise to various efforts to reform the pres Administration lost not a moment in putting into effect drastic retrenchment for the next six months to reduce as much as FINGERPRIXTS late as last year.

On the pages of Volume 15 are published forty-one biographies from Radford 1809-1890 to Raum 1829-1909 and from Piatt 1827-1905 to Potts 1874-1930, seventy-nine sketches of distinguished men and women all born after the beginning of the year 1800 and dying before the end of 1934. At age 50 they had an expectation of 20.91 years, but their actual spans lived out fell short of their accredited spans by eighteen months, according to the calculations of Mr. Homans in 1861. The last survivors ent calendar. The question is now from February and added it toj August, making it as long as July, and shortening February to twenty-eight days in ordinary vears; and by adding January and February he made the Julian as twelve-month calendar.

By gratifying the immodest vanity of the two emperors history has perpetuated the paradoxical habit of calling the ninth month September, the tenth month October, the eleventh November, and the twelfth December, which in Latin, should be numbered seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth. The Julian calendar, in its abandonment of all attempts to combine lunar periods with the The wide use to whirh tv ca tion of repeaters is maintained temive birds, game fish, a finer conception of the higher ideals of good sportsmanship, all firmly embedded in the grandest, historic traditions of which no other State can boast. Kentucky stands at graceful attention to accept the Presidential invitation for the Washington conference. From that day on, Kentucky will have an opportunity, a great opportunity, to work for leadership, as the Nation's premier outdoor State, and to reap the emoluments that go to effort well spent, nobly achieved. Louisville.

Frank Winch. for the b-ncflt of the State Tax Department of Justice are being in revoking or sus-jput indjcated by comparisons pcrd drivers licenses on itsmade with thf fiks during mit'ativa or whether the; month. In November alone 11,008 State Tax Commission is the least applications for such comparisons bit interested in the enforcement i were mndp. Thtv possible the Treasury deficit his Administration has inherited from the first six months of the present fiscal year. As Mr.

Gooch infers, that profiably is all the new Governor can do about a budget someone else adopted and operated for half the year, and it took conviction and courage to do that tneir moriaiuy taDies. inis is indicated in my letter to you on this subject published in this column November 24 quoting from letters received from the New England Mutual of Boston, Phoenix Mutual of Hartford, Equitable Life of New York, the Mutual Benefit of New Jersey, the Travelers of Hartford and the Northwestern Mutual of Milwaukee. Insurance tables are the products of actuaries in the employ of insurance directors and trustees. Their main objective is a balanced financial budget and they are not necessarily accurate or scientific. In the research laboratories of the higher educational institutions the insurance tabulations are not accepted as altogether reliable or reflecting accurately the true life span.

Thia is shown in my last letter of December 15, wherein were given quotations from Prof. Martin, of the University of Kentucky, and Dr. LeBlance, Professor of Preventive Medicine in the University of Cincinnati. under consideration by a committee of the League of Nations, which may, in 1936, be prepared to recommend international legislation on it From over 500 plans of revision suggested to the League of Nations, only two are being seriously considered, the thirteen month plan of four weeks each and the twelve-month equal quarter plan. The latter is supported by the World Calendar Association, with headquarters in New York City.

solar cycle, largely checked the ii uiii yii- vate business concerns, from town and city governments and from of the drivers' license law neither the court nor the Commission has wandering of the seasons. But tne fact that the true tropical year is OUR CALENDAR. To the Editor of Th Courier-Journal The Queen giving up her wedding ring, a Prince his most cher about eleven minutes, fourteen of this unit, twenty-five, who died after the beginning of 1920 fell short of their official expectation approximately five years, showing immaterial departures from the figures in the mortuary statistics garnered from your daily news reports. There may be found in the National Cyclopaedia of American Biography, Volume 2, pages 143 to 169 (taken at random) W. P.

Cook, shown any positive evidence. The the Army, their object being to ccurt presumably is swamped, determine whether prospective Dispersal of responsibility for cn- employes, policemen and soldiers While the calendar is always a seconds shorter than 365 days, although inconsequential in inter Many scientific and educational timely topic, at this time, when the rorcement among nunareds or nad criminal records. Thpv vals of decades, will, in the course of centuries, again shift the sea vealed that 609 of the number had associations have indorsed the latter plan, which, for lack of space, cannot be here detailed. Various religious groups, how courts and officers over 40,000 square miles makes it nobody's sons out of step with the calendar. isuch records and therefore werp ished golden emblem and women throughout Italy contributing their ornaments to their country's depleted gold supply may set an example in patriotism; but it cannot escape the conviction of Italians generally that this reflects In 128 years, this slight annual difference is accumulated into a ever, such as the Seventh Dav unacceptable.

Applicants for Government positions were also subjected to the test and the Civil 1869-1931, to H. P. Svendsen, 1855-1910. fifty-four biographies. Twenty-six, who died in 1930-31-32-33, averaged 66 a years, twenty whole day, and, by the time Pope Gregory in 1582.

decided to It Is the consensus of opinion ia I the eritiHcm iniitnj reform the Julian calendar in Service Commission submitted their national extremity. Such dawn of the new year is near, a discussion of our time table is especially in order. The day, the month, and the year are natural units of time measure. The first unit defines the earth's rotation on its axis, the second measures the interval during which the moon revolves about the earth, and the third gauges the period of the earth's circuit around the sun. The fact that no two of these units are commensurable that is, that the year cannot be divided into an integral order to bring the date of Easter business and nobody is even assembling statistics to expose how rc-lly inefficient enforcement is.

Nobody is asserting that eighteen months ejection of a drivers' license law has made the streets and highways of Kentucky safer. Traffic regulations are not like criminal laws, applicable in prac 4,978 fingerprint cards. These telltale fingerprints there are 5,400,000 in the files of the Department of Justice have other uses than identification of sacrifices are the last resort of desperation, often decisive in defense of the home land, but apt to be provocative of mixed emotions when sons are being killed closer to the vernal equinox, the equinox had slid back in the Julian calendar to March 11, ten days prior to the date of March 21, on which it fell at the time of the Council of Nicea in 325 A. D. Pope Gregory, assisted by the Jesuit astronomer, Schuessel, generally known as Ciavius, issued a bull decreeing (1) that, to criminals or the disclosure ofiin an imperialistic invasion of an Adventists, other Christian Sabbatarians, and the Jews, have opposed those revisions which disturb the continuity of the week and thereby cause a shift of the Sabbath day from its position in the weekly cycle.

Our week is of extremely ancient origin. It has come down to us through thousands of years without any interruption. Pope Gregory did not disturb the continuity in its sequence. The exclusion cf one or two days from the calendar would involve the upsetting of a tradition which has about it a definite religious significance. A way should bo found to Include the best features in a revised calendar without violating the religious tice to a particular class.

They number of equal months or of days other continent. affect everybody on foot or be and the month cannot be divided hind the wheel. They deal with into an integral number of weeks Representative Hamilton Fish has caused so much confusion that criminal records. The files are employed to locate missing per-! sons and Identify accident victims and victims of amnesia. Records of those who have committed no crime but have voluntarily sub personal habits and trespass upon v.hat are considered ordinary ri-hts of individuals, at least, the those rights are exercised.

a world-wide movement has developed in recent year seeking reformation of our time reckoner in accordance with the findings ol restore the date of the vernal equinox to March 21, the day following October 4 in that year (1582 should be called October 15, and (2) that, in order to prevent a recurrence of the dis says there are two reasons why he should not be the Republican candidate for the Presidency: The nominee must be from the West and Senator Borah is the best 1930 averaged years, fifteen 52? months beyond their official ex-; the life-spans are highly scLtive pectation. iand chiefly professional and Referring again to the Diet ion- should theiforeta SS abnor-ary of American Biography, Vol- mally prolonged. On the contrary. nT'rt Jhey are not "Serially different I i 'iJS frcm the more democratic nccrol-Izard, 1741-1804, forty-one sketch- 0g. found in the dailv news re- (tm 'kT'5' and fro f41800- fecn b0rn belmeS the indisputable evidence 1825 attained the ripe age of i2j0f a present sub-normal life span, years on the average.

Twenty-six some four or five years under the born later lived only 62 years on "official figures of standard tables: the average, five years short of) found in the insurance counting their expectation at age 36, that rooms and in court houe records, being the shortest span. A casual insroetion of the char- An examination of Volume 13ht-r cf the suhj-c's of th biog-of the Dictionary of American! rapines referred to indicates con-Bibhography. Mills 1834-1624 to clusivcly that ty are identical Moore 1832-1924. resulted as fol-; with the insured lives which carry lows: Seventy-four were born-the largest policies issued by Ufa after the dawn of 1800, nnd before; insurance underwriter Hence, 1850. They lived 71.6 years each Pfo expectancies should not differ on an average.

Twenty-four born i materially, whether calculated ia later averaged 61j years. In this, the libraries or in the insurance unit, twenty-four were the last to 'counting rooms. On Use contrary, rr'nrfoxJcrtHy, the worst offenders; we. in older that it might mitted their identification marks have greatly aided such agencies as the Veterans' Bureau and In location, only those century years serve a more convenient instrumentality in our modern life, The Romans, from whom oui sensibilities of millions of people throughout the world. Louisville.

Charles Strulu man. And there's another reason, Hamilton Fish, Oil from Diesel engines and oil- calendar was inherited, like the which are divisible by 400 should be considered us leap years. By this rule, the years 1700, 1800 and 1900 were not leap years, but 2000 will he a leap year. Specific Babylonians and the Hebrews THE EXPECTATION IV LIFE To th of The Courlrr-Journat. based their time measurement on burning steamships is polluting the periodic phases of the moon, surance companies, but their number is limited.

Until everybody has allowed his record to be put on file, the fullest benefit of the service will be lacking. New York City recently launched a campaign for voluntary fingerprinting of the non On account of the general in terest manifested in longevity bv the waters of the Red Sea, according to a League of Nations' include some of the otherwise fcrst cit.z.'ns who yield the privilege of doing as they please only to the conventional code of conduct, and the safety campaign has rot yet changed the inherited code of the highway. No other event to clearly demonstrated how far science proceeds ahead of civilization as that epochal occasion did when a horse-and-buggy minded generation shifted to a mechanically driven, high-speed vehicle. commission. The fish, at least, the insured and the uninsured and the layman and the scientist I make this further contribution on will now be In favor of the sp criminal.

Jaw-abiding element of plication of further sanctions the population. Johm D. Rockx against Italy. rttttn, was among the first to start the file. He was followed with which many of their religious rites and festivals were connected.

Even the Greeks, who were the first people to gain a large measure of intellectual emancipation, bungled in their meaxurement of lim because their leaders were under such mental subjection to inherited tradition in the of the moon month as a subdivision of the year that they continued to U(e a year divided into months which could not possibly keep in sUp with the march of the sefiNon, The Egyptians, according to the late Prof. James Henry Breasted, one of the world's greatest archaeologists, were the only The reactions of civilization upon primitive peoples are un ally, the rule for the leap year in the Gregorian calendar is that every year whose date number is evenly divisible by four but not by 100, unless it is Integrally divisible also by 400, shall be a leap year, This new Gregorian calendar was adopted at once in all Catholic countries, but most Protestant Stiles and countries acknowledging allegiance to the Eastern Church, because of blind nti-Culholic prejudice, held off for many years, In Kl(Ji) th Protest-rmt State of Oftnumy adopted it Finally, overcome by the inexorable superior wisdom of the Gregorian calendar, tuul In gpite of ilntless opposition fiom segments of her people, England nd her American colonies adopted it In 1732. We celebrate Geortfe predictable. Florida Semlnoles nxmateon or ine cuizens or ine r-ore sanguinary cruelty since; metropolis. The movement, how-P'rxzr exporters began trading! ever, died down for lack of pub- away, in iii io iwi.

Theyjlhe discrepancy amounts to as averaged 73 years, one and one-: much as 8 or 10 per cent of th half years beyond their expecta-i life-span involved, a difference of tion at age 52, that of the youngest some four or five to die. This unit ef 74 happened! Louisvil'e. Brfnt AtTSHFLta. to be rich in there! 1 1 being three, a rarely high prcen-STARS FLAG MAXDATORT. tage, who died by coincidence in (Pathfinder.) yeara close together, boosting the? All of uh know p.n additional average from (.1 to 73 years.

is placed in the flag every irTCt1, tte is dvd t9 the Union; vi inibut how many know such action Volumes 13 and 14 of the Die-1 is mandatory?" An net of ConrW tiotwry American Bibliography jdatint back to 181S provides that and beginning with Oakcs 1861- on admission of a new state to have gone native and charge tout Jsts for inspecting their villages. the subject, especially touching the disparity of life expectancy as found respectively in the library records and on the ledgers insurance counting-rooms. A check on the mortuary data found in the news columns of The Courier-Journal resulted as follows; May I to 7, inclusive, eighty deaths; August 23 to 28, seventy.fsevcn deaths, and August 28 to September 2, eighty deaths, total 237 life-spans, which extended over an aggregate of 14,528 years, tm average of 61.3 years ich. These subjects, in attaining 20 years of age, had an firrras to tho Indiana for pelts jijcity end compulsion. i.vrr? who exchanged gentle! The work of the Department of o' -Dobb'n" fcr an engine c- Justice emphastes the need of '-Z'l a new muscular co-ordi-jytiil wider uses1 for fingerprint If Mussolini pulls in his horns, he wiil still have one to toot, lie enn claim he Is saving Europe from a general war.

and they aUercd identification. It also emphasizes ancient peopln who had learned from the heliacal rising of the star, nam. "wensithe Union tme star shall be added. but not their mental attitude. So the need of a law requiring all birius, which coincided with the Such additions are reouired i iouna 148 biographic of persons bom after the dawn annual inundation of the Nile, a that law to be made or to take ft the generation born since had a persons to submit to fingerprint bad exanrple.

The most beneficial ine. Krntuckians now understand the reason for Florida. xrMrtat Inn nf It 1 i. Ihfrtyrone born before 1800 boU4 avant ta thai PitrkruHural Washington's birthday on Febru- Homana insuranc table, "6ffH JvJJ i3U. an average of 70 years, lowing such admission.

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