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The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky • Page 9
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The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky • Page 9

Louisville, Kentucky
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1 THi; OHilUKK-JOURNAL, I.OUISYIU,!;, 'IIIKSRW HI vi: 'vv, ii i. Be A kitten 8 otmiiet Here are dishes from cooks around the world Claire Cox, United Frets Writer To cook, mix the spaghetti i 7 (chopped up) with the other in- are floured and sauteed in but-gredients and cook in a frying ter. A cucumber and yogurt In a matter flf ilQflk ui noono a new figure from Stauffer Stauffer slims your hips, waist, tummy, thighs, arms in inches as well as pounds. You'll begin to see rewarding results during the very first week. Call for Appointment First Visit Pre TW 3-5412 i- i 1 Xk fh. iVL MsL i Wis 'kV' v' By EW YORK, March 21. Housewives running out of meatless menus for Lent are being given a helping hand with gourmet recipes from many lands. Demetria Taylor, a home- economist writing in The Cath olic Digest, reports that house- wives in Roman Catholic coun- tries have no trouble at all in turning out tasty dishes made of fish, eggs, and cheese. Miss Taylor said American families often grumble at overcooked fish, tough fried eggs, or drab macaroni in lumpy cheese sauce. With a little time and effort, she said, the tastiest of dishes can be turned out. From France, for instance, comes a recipe for Coqullles This is made with sea scallops, white wine, mushrooms, cheese, and various herbs and spices. A Neapolitan omelet Is Italy's contribution to the menu. Its ingredients include 3 cups of leftover spaghetti with meat less tomato sauce, 4 lightly beaten eggs, teaspoon salt, Yb teaspoon pepper, a table spoon minced parsley. 2 table- spoons shredded Parmesan cheese, 2 tablespoons olive oil, and a garlic clove. A Sherlock Gets The Facts On Miss Drew Ity Hnnk Afesslck Courier-Journal Staff Writer IT TOOK the row at Male High School over the book, "Catcher in the Rye," to introduce me to Nancy Drew. Earlier, before the row, I had noticed my 9-year-old daughter sitting in the corner one night reading. She was shaking so hard she could hardly hold, the book. When I asked why, Marda explained: "This book is so exciting." So the Bobbsey Twins are exciting, I thought, and dismissed the matter. But one night after reading about what children at Male were reading, I decided I'd better investigate. The decision came after Marda came downstairs, too excited to sleep. "I keep hearing things, daddy," she said. It was then I picked up her book and discovered one of the many adventures of Nancy Drew. Nancy, it appeared, is a teen-age private eye whose cases range from "The Secret of the Old Clock" to "The Message in the Hollow Oak." The book aroused my Interest. I couldn't help wondering why a blow between the shoul-der blades would knock Nancy cold. Snooping around, I found another volume. Again a blow between the shoulders sent Nancy sprawling unconscious to the flower bed. I decided to grill my daughter, to get the facts. Learned that Nancy is. the idol and the ideal of the Fourth Grade. Just about every girl had one copy and some had 20. All free time was spent in exchanging copies. During the next few weeks Marda managed to bring home a dozen volumes. She read, she shivered, she explained: "They don't exactly scare me, daddy; they just make me nervous." Finally, like Male High School, we took the books off the approved list. Marda rebelled, even talked of running away in search of Nancy and taking lessons in being private snoop. Now I don't think much of snoopers. I 119 St. Matthews Ave. EMORY'S. The adventures of Nancy Drew, teen-age private eye, have 4th-graders spellbound. know from experience that it can be both dirty and dangerous. I checked some of my colleagues. Found one who said that 15 years ago she too loved Nancy. All her friends exchanged copies too. The experience apparently had not harmed her. Mrs. Barbara Miller, head of the children's department at the Louisville Free Public Library, sent a shiver down my spine when she said the library doesn't carry the books. But then she explained that it is largely because the books follow a set formula and thus lack literary excellence. Turns out they don't carry the Bobbsey Twins, either. We decided to follow advice, and give Marda other books of higher quality in the hope they would improve her tastes. She took a load of them up to her room one snowy afternoon and we thought we had won. But as I passed her door I heard a strange sound and looked in. The "good" books were piled at her feet. In her hands was another volume of Nancy Drew. Her teeth were chattering but she was happy. then shaped into cakes, which sauce is recommended to go with it. Ireland has made its contribution to meatless days, too, with Colcannon, made of a mixture of a chopped large onion browned in butter and then mixed with a cup of chopped cooked cabbage and a cup of mashed potatoes. These are heated and then spread in a greased shallow baking dish and sprinkled with bread crumbs and cheese, topped with dots of butter. Rake at 350 degrees for 20 min- utes or until brown. Belgium's cheese tart also was recommended. This is made first by lining a 9-inch pie plate with piecrust pastry. Sprinkle this with Vx pound of grated Swiss cheese mixed with a tablespoon of flour. Next combine 3 well-beaten eggs, a cup milk, and salt and pepper to taste, and pour over the cheese. Bake 13 minutes at 400 degrees and then reduce for 30 minutes to 325 degrees. It is done when a knife can be inserted and removed clean. Cut Down Cigarettes By Smoking 1st Half New York, March 21 (W.N.S.) Dr. Ernest L. Wyn-der of New York's Memorial Center for Cancer and Allied Disease suggests smoking only the first half of the cigarette. "The second half contains twice as much tar as the first half of the cigarette," he said. He advised against Inhaling too deeply. "If you inhale deeply, 90 per cent of the entire weight of the smoke is completely absorbed by your lungs," he said. LEARN BEAUTY 2 What olhar rofiilon 10 eaiy to learn, pay to i wall, Insure Indaoendancaf ENROLL TODAY i PERMANENT WAVES HAIR CUTTING HAIR STYLING SHAMPOOING TINTING All work dan under th tup .1 5IM U.I...1 (1 in it 11. aiuiiiui 1. 4u -otyj; PRE-E ASTER SALE ST. MATTHEWS STORE ONLY Begins 9:30 A.M. Mar. 22 Thru Mar. 26 BOYS' DEPT. (3-18) Reg. NOW 125 Sport Shirts, 3 to 14 3.00 $2.00 75 Flannel Slacks 6-12 5.98 3.00 60 Orion Wool Slacks 5-12 10.98' 4.00 42 Knit Shortie Pajamas 10-18 3.50 2.00 2 1. Gabardine White Slacks, 6 to 1 2 9.98 3.00 23 Toddler Coat 8, Cap Sets 2-4 12.95 8.00 45 Sweaters 3-7 4.00 2.00 28 Trench Coats 4-12 12.95 6.00 And Clubs Here Continue Elections 380 CRISP NEW EASTER DRESSES REDUCED FOR THIS SPECIAL EVENT pan. A Hungarian contribution to meatless cookery is a fish- potato casserole, made by spreading mashed potatoes topped with sour cream, minced onions, and bread crumbs, on the bottom of a greased dish. Arrange salted and peppered fish fillets on this, sprinkle with more bread crumbs and cheese, and top with sour cream. Bake in a 350-degree oven for 20 to 30 minutes. A Spanish omelet also was recommended by Miss In Spain an omelet by that name is more like what Amer- leans call a western omelet. It is made with potatoes fried along with the eggs. Poles like fish so well they eat it on feast days as well as during fasts. One of their favorite fish dishes is called koletki. It is made with 2 or 3 slices of white bread soaked in milk and mixed with a can of flaked salmon, 3 tablespoons of melted butter, Yt teaspoon of pepper, and a teaspoon of nutmeg, This mixture is chilled and Hugh Abbott, corresponding secretary. The Highland Younger Woman's Club has elected Mrs. J. William Conner president. Other new officers are Mrs. Robert B. Lauf er. first vice president; Mrs. Robert Clancy, second vice-president; Airs. William J. Egan, recording secretary; Mrs. Herman E. Wil-bers, recording secretary, and Mrs. Elmo C. Clubb, treasurer. Mrs. A. Thomas Holmes has been elected president of the Beechmont Younger Woman's Club. Mrs. Lawrence Fess has been elected first vice-president; Mrs. Eugene Dauer, second vice-president; Mrs. E. C. Williams, recording secretary; Mrs. William Price, corresponding secretary, and Mrs. James R. Hanley, treasurer. Mrs. Letha K. Marven is the new president of the Altrusa Club. Other new officers are Miss Marie 'Schwartz, vice-president; Miss Helen Sutton, recording secretary; Miss Mary R. Sheehy, corresponding secretary, and Mrs. Flora Peter-worth, treasurer. 1M1 Save 15 Irish Embroider Prince's 5a ra D. Gidden ST. MATTHEWS In The Classified Ads. GIRLS' DEPT. (3-16) 43 Play Skorts-7-14 2.50 1.59 12 Knit iklrts 7-14 8.95 3.00 12 Knit sweaters-to-match-7-14 8.95 3.00 80, Play Shorts-3-6x 1.69 1.00 65 Summer Pajamas-3-12 3.00 2.00 280 Spring and Summer Dresses-3-1 2 10.95 4.00 28 Toddler Spring Coat Sets-2-4 12.95 8.00 20 Washablo Spring Coat Sefs-3-6x 14.95 8.00 26 Trench Coats 17.95 8.00 Special to The Courier-Journal daughter through succeeding generations. Chief among them is the Royal Stitch, a pattern reserved for orders from Buckingham Palace. With long experience in sew. ing and emuroidering for royalty, these expert craitworkers employ mainly the thread-drawing method. Threads in the linen are picked out and then FINAL CLEARANCE 210 ASSORTED BOYS', GIRLS' PRE-TEEN WINTER COATS, CAR COATS, SUBURBAN COATS, CLICKER COATS DUFFLE COATS' GREATLY REDUCED Sheets form a pattern. It is highly skilled work that cannot be done by machine. The linen commission for the royal baby is being handled by a Belfast firm that in the past has carried out orders for sheets for the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh and for Prince Charles and 1 Princess Anne. Dreamland Is On Call With New Anesthetic Newark, N. March 21 (W.N.S.) Small tykes who would ordinarily be terrified when given anesthesia before surgery can now dial their way to dreamland. Dr. Richard C. Reed of the United Hospitals of Newark has developed a toy telephone that eliminates the use of the face mask in surgery. Rubber tubing connects the plastic toy to a gas machine. The youngster is told to speak into the telephone, gets a whiff of the anesthesia, and loses consciousness. 4010 FRANKFORT AVE. FINEST IN CHILDREN'S WEAR AND SHOES uaituiv ummiiKi Every Day Is Thrift Day mm mm SWlrifS worked back Into the fabric to Suppers, Show Set For Friday A spring festival, suppers, and fish fries are on the Friday calendar for five here. The Portland will have a "pie social'' from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. in the school lunchroom. Pies, cupcakes, coffee, and tea will be served. The Henry B. Schaffner will have a fish fry and chili supper from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. A "womanless wedding" will begin at 7:30 p.m. in the school auditorium. Chili and fish suppers will be served from 3 to 8 p.m. by the Camp Taylor The spring festival of the Indian Trail will begin at 5 p.m. The menu will include a fish platter (fish, French fries, slaw), hot dogs, chill, pie, coffee, and soft drinks. There will be a fish pond, country store, and flower, cake, fancy-work, and white-elephant booths. Film cartoons will be shown. The Alex R. Kennedy will have a fish fry from 9:30 to 7 p.m. Tickets will be $1 and 50 cents. A square dance will begin at 7:30 p.m. The public is invited to all the events. The Memorial Lutheran Church will have a fish fry from 5 to 7 p.m. at the church. Tickets are $1.25 for adults and 60 cents for children under 12. Carry-out orders will be available. Cakes, candies, breads will be on sale at a "pantry booth." by tfwaluuL and clubs here are continuing their election of officers for the coming year. Mrs. Neal O. Hammon has been elected president of the Moorland Garden Club. Other new officers are Mrs. Shirley Hemp, first vice-president: Mrs. Richard L. Stephans, second vice-president; Mrs. W. A. Rich ardson, recording secretary; Mrs. Richard Matthews, corre sponding secretary, and Mrs. Carl C. Jordan, treasurer. The South Park has elected Mrs. Charles Reece, president; Mrs. William Scherer. vice-president: Mrs. James Ferguson, second vice- president, and Mrs. Chester Anderson, recording secretary. Mrs. Elmer Neudecker yes terday was elected president of the Highland Woman's Club. Other new officers are Mrs. J. C. Schietinger, vice-president, and Mrs. Lawrence Weiser, corresponding secretary. Miss Rose Mary Rommel has been elected president of the Kahelelani Language Club. Other new officers are Mrs. R. E. Butler, vice-president; Mrs. James Cooke, correspond ing secretary; Miss Betty Maine, recording secretary, and Mrs. Charles Bratten, treasurer. Mrs. Theodore D. Bickel has been elected president of the Lyndon Other new officers are Mrs. G. P. Dillon, first vice-president; Mrs. Frank Borie, second vice-president; Mrs. A. K. Huling, third vice-president; Mrs. T. R. Gardner, treasurer; Mrs. Orson Smith, recording secretary, and Mrs. PHONE ME 4-4175 918 DANDRIDGE 24 Months 30 Months Save 1 5 "FLU" GOT YOU? 'yaw htv, er If yen fat It, the met? Im.artant thin fellew tha artvlc. ef y.ur dorter. "ctor Hllf rou to "tort, flulda," cantldtr lr MOUNTAIN VALLI WATfR, the ctltbr.ttd kottlt wil.r Mjrt Sarin ArMntM. WHY MOUNTAIN VALLIY ATI Ymi knew thit nothlnt tiM ood when yu hive Hit "flu." Try Mountain Villoy-lt OOIS TIMPT YOU TASTI eocout nd dun tdtln. Mountain Vallty la llaht and mild. You can drink onouh to "tore fluldi" without that uncomfortable lull and bloated lint. ThO rfatlM mmai.mA mA U.nri.U .11. UT.l.. III "Iinmill WT ITW Will I Tl 1 1 TV W1WT WHI IflrfMAM A. I. a Ill 1 Have Your Shirts Styled At No Extra Cost Recent technological developments in the shirt finishing machinery field has now mad available an even finer and larger type of equipment to Insure a better styled shirt. This new machinery is now installed tn our plant. We believe that we can give our patrons the finest and most improved method of shirt styling that can be purchased anywhere. SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER I'll. wi. II. I VVT VWW Wl which may aravatln your condition. Do at thousand! are doln en tholr doctor advice. "Force fluid," durln your "flu" attack with Mountain Vally Watr. Call now tor homo dtllvory, moro Information and lltoralur which la your for the aikln. 1 I Belfast, Northern Ireland, March 21. Linen sheets for the cot of the new royal baby are being embroidered by skilled needlewomen here in Northern Ireland. The sheets will be stitched with some of the exquisite patterns for which these needlewomen are famed patterns never committed to paper, but handed down from mother to A Casual Dress Has Soft Touches 4785 You can wear this dress whether you're staying in or stepping out. It has a softly rounded neckline, pockets, and slim lines. Printed Pattern No. 4783 Is cut in Sizes 12, 14, 16, 18, and 20. Size 16 requires 4 yards of 35-inch fabric, To obtain rVlnt.d Patttrn No. 478S land 33 ctnli to Th Couritr-Journal Patttrn Bureau, tncloilng your nomt, addrtii, and th number and lii. of parttrn dtilrcd. Advertisement Stops "Impossible" Body Odor Try It Seven Day Free! A woman from Miami, Florida recently confirmed th way Nullo, tha internal body deodorant, can get retulti when all other mcani fail. She aid: "My husband hat over-active iweat gtanda acroaa his ehoulderi and a doctor taid, 'nothing could be done about it'. I Insisted upon my husband trying Nullo. Within a weclt hi clothes and bed linen were free of tha disagreeable body odor." So many peo. plearediscovering they can rely on Nullo for relief from every type of body odor. Underarm odors, foot odors, men-atrual odor any "body odor" is ended without mesa or bother by merely taking Nullo tablets onee or twice a day a you would take a vitamin. Nullo acta Internally to end odors before they can form. Wonderful a Nullo is In iu internal action, it is as safe and harmless as a leaf of fresh green lettuce. Don'ttry to mask or cover up surface odors tempo jarily with creams or sprays. Use Nullo to stop all body odors before they form. Try the free 7 day Nullo fest by sending your name and address. Wewill mail you free, aamnle nackaf postage prepaid. Uaa Nullo for one week and decide for yourself. Send your nam 1UDAI tot Nullo, Dept. imj, Holland, Michigan. A 1 forf Mountain Valley Wafoi tlatCI Hat (WOAOUMAt 30 MONTHS TO REPAY at THRIFT BORROW THRIFT INDUSTRIAL 500 100 1,000 1,200 1,500 1,800 2,000 IF YOU CAN REPAY $80.32 MONTHLY YOU CAN QUALIFY FOR a $2,000.00 LOAN at THRIFT! CASH CARRY DISCOUNT ON ALL LAUNDRY Limited Time Only FAST SERVICE ON SHIRTS IN BY 9 A.M., BACK BY 5 P.M. AVAILABLE AT NO EXTRA COST The 15 discount applies to fast servkd requests CASH AND CARRY STORES tudcc 1 104 Bardstown Rd. (at Grlnstead Or.) Call II 3-8805 I HKtfc 3j Sf Av TW 3-2883 LOCATIONS Buechel Bank Read, Buechel, Ky GL 2-1312 NOW OUR LONGER TERMS mean even lower and more convenient payments for you! ADD UP YOUR DEBTS. Compart your present payments with those of a debt consolidation loan from us. Then see us for the money you want. $24.22 31.75 48.44 40.14 51.13 41.19 72.44 40.24 17.20 72.28 96.88 80.32 (SHU PLAN INC JU 2-1391 mum AND CLEANERS Where Mr Cresses Wahut

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