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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, August 31, 1948
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Our Daily Bread Sliced Thin by The Editor Alex. H. Washbui'n A Novel Idea on Solving Domestic Help Problem William Feaihcr has developed a new idea on how to meet the prob- 'em of domestic help, the supply ot which, as any housewife will tell you, has virtually vanished. Here's what Mr. Feather reports in (lie Imperial Type Metal magazine: "The problem of gelling and keeping domestic help sets worse by the minute, and it doesn't seem as though there over will be an ini-j provcmcnt. "Shorter hours, higher wages, and better conditions have ona'-l^d the well-to-do to attract servants, hut most families no longer can af- , ford them. "It may be that servants will porno dav work for a hie; boss, with a downtown office. They will go nut on assignment by the hour, day, month, or year. The big boss will be responsible for them and they will In; responsible *o him. He will pay their wayes and collect it from the householders. "Some such system mi "hi reduce the social stigma which makes housework so unattractive to so mariv women. It might also correct another peculiar situation. It is a .gifact that women, as a rule, don't "like to work for women. Don't ask UK whv. If they could say they worked for n corporation Ihov might be happier about the whole thing." 49TH YEAR: VOL. 49 — NO. 274 Arkansas: t'ortiy afternoon, tonight and Not much change in temp"rtUiiro Star of Hope 1899; Press Consolidated Jcnuor\ 18 192' HOPE, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, AUGUST 31, 1948 IAP)—Means Associated Press iNEA)—Means newspaper Enterprise Asn'n. PR ICE 5c COPY Bentlcy Case Helps Explain How 'Idealists' Are Duped BY JAMES THRASHER Miss Eli/.a'oHh T. Bentlcy met ,1h»- press- on the radio the" other \iight. Four sharp-minded reporters, questioned her. and some of tl'i-r answers gave listeners a brief I look into the workings of an Amer-1 ican Communist's mind. It was! interesting, if somewhat bewilder-' ing. glimpse. This confessed courier for a Soviet spy ring graduated from college in the depression year of Hl.'iO. She spent a year in Fascist Italy. Her life up to (his time had been rather sheltered, she told the reporters. Then suddenly she found herself facing the rather sordid facts of life in a time of economic turmoil. This, plus her experience in Italy, led her through some "front" organizations lo membership in the party. After living under fascism, this j permitted Communisls to persuade American-born-and-rcared woman permitted Commiinis's to persuade her that the Italian and -American governments were equally bad and, in fact, much the same. Today, she said, the thinks the United States has the best form of government in the world. But for more than a decade she apparently persisted in a contrary notion. r.i;.i.j' Bentlcy " tidmitt.id t'..at .,hc stuck with communism because she was idealistic. She probably would not deny that she was also gullible. For years she clung to the idea that her workagainsthcrow n idea that her work against her own government was done not so much to aid Russia as it was to promote the communication of the ' Mrs. Hope Schools to Open for Classes Sept. Hope Public Schools will open on Wednesday, September 8. James H. Jones, superintendent of schools, announced today. There will be a general teachers' meeting Monday, September 6. at 9 a. m. at the Hope High School. The faculty for 1948-49, with their assignments, is as follows: Hope High School—Allen J. Horndon, principal: Mrs. Grady England, district secretary; Mrs. Doyle Galloway, secretary to the principal; George T. Cannon, band director; Forney G. Holt, mathematics and science; Jack P. Hopkins, physical education and basketball coach: Horace S. Hutabard, guidance director and counselor; R. E. Jackson, vocational- agriculture: John W. Martin, mathematics and physics: Lawrence W. Martin, social science and assistant coach; Nolan E. Tollctt. general science. I athletic director and football I coach: Mrs. Irma Dean, commercial: Mrs. H. L. Hanegan, home economies: Mrs. Lawrence W. Martin, English and Latin; Miss Ruth McLain, physical education; Mrs. B. E, McMahcn, speech; Miss Sarah Payton, social science and English; Mrs. P. L. Perkins: Mrs. Thurman Ridling. typing; Mrs W. M. Sparks, librarian; Mrs. Glen Walker, choral director. Oglesby Junior High School—Joe amour, principal and physical education; Mrs. Joe Amour, English and speech; Mrs. David Davis. Mrs. Berlin Air Lift Lifts Cor ProbersPlanfo Crack Down on Witnesses Auditorium, Capitol Steps Denied Wallace; N. Carolina Greets Him With Raw Eggs Little Rock, Aug. 31 — l/T) —Presidential Candidate Henry A. Wallace will not be able to speak at the municipal auditorium or from , .Washington. Aug. 31. — <UP^ — |thc state eapitol steps when he vis- Angry House investigators pre-l'ts Little Rock Friday, pared today to crack down on wit-' nesses who refused lo answer qi.ics- Secretary of State C. G. Hall said ,,. . •;;- .---„— .-—-- -- state law prohibits use of the captions in their Communist spy in- itol grounds for political rallies. • Cil ""'- It was announced Inst night that Their decision came after Alex- ] Wallace had been denied use of the lander Stevens. alleged one-time 'auditorium. The secretary of the jhf'acl of the American Communist 'Arkansas for Wallace Committee, |underground, became the 12th wit-';Ladi Pushkarsky, then said the i ness to defy questioning. He ap-j Progressive Party leader would ipcarcd before a House Un-Ameri-'greet supporters from a private can Activities .subcommittee in (railroad car at 8 a. m. Friday and yesterday. Ion the eapitol steps an hour later, also known as .T. V i. " l don 't .know what he means! Critical of Reception to Wallace Aug. 31 —W Pres- Military Rulers of Germany in Conference By RICHARD KASISHKE Berlin, Aug. 31 — f.-1 T > — Russian and Western military governors of Germany mot for an hour todav on E.-isi-Wfst problems in blockaded Berlin. "We will meet again. >: . »-»„; vi i . Now York- Stevens, also known as J. V. Peters, refused to answer any questions on grounds his answers would "tend to incriminate or de- Igrade me." He claimed his action by 'greet,' " said Hail. "But if he means lo make a political speech from the steps, as custodian of the building, so." I will not allow him to do A small automobile Is lifted into the huge C-74 Globemaster, now taking part in tiie air lift supplying Berlin. The car was flown back to Frankfurt on the mammoth cargo carrier's second return flight. The sky gir.nt had carried a complete rock-crushing plant to the beleaguered German capital. (Photo by NEA-Acme 'staff correspondent Joe Schuppe.) math and physical education; ' R.. E. Jackson, social science; Mrs.j Paul Klipsch. English: Mrs. B. B. MePhcrson. English and speech: Miss Elsie Weiscnbcrger, mathe- I nibtics and library. i Paisley Elementary School—Mrs. George Green, principal and scc- I onri grade. Mrs. F. J. Burroughs, fifth grade: Mrs. Angus Dodson. second grade; Miss Bessie Green, first grade: Mrs. M. B. Hatch, sixth grade; Mrs. I. L. Pilkinton, third grade: Mrs. Thco P. Witt, fourth grade. Brookwoocl Elementary School— Mrs. E. R. Brown, principal and third grade: Mrs. Mable Atkins, fifth grade: Miss Dulcie Holt, fourth grade; Miss Virginia Holt, first grade: Mrs. Forney G. Holt, fourth grade: Mrs. Grady Williams, second grade: Mrs. A. S. Williams; Jr.. sixth grade. Mrs. A. J. Caldwell. sixth grade. Garland Elementary School— Mrs. B. C. Hyatt, principal and Ihird grade: Miss Lulie.Allen, first grade; Mrs. Jas. McRae Andrews, third grade; Mrs. Jess Davis, fourth grade, Miss Mamie Bell Holt fifth grade: Mrs. H. F. Ozmcr, sixth grade: Mrs. Earl Thomason. second grade; Mrs. Jas. Frank Ward, fifth grade. Miss Sophia Sue Harper, supervisor of instruction. By United Press An economics professor warned! housewives today that thc "gooci 'I'd days" of pre-war food prices arc probably gone torever. Gerald B. Cox of the University of Chicago said he doesn't expect lo see prices ever go as low as they were in 1939—and certainly not as low as in 1933 when they were the cheapest in history in relation to wages. "Actually," Cox said. "people really wouldn't want them 10 go lhat low because such a sharp price drop is always accompanied oy unemployment and a drop in production. That adds up to depression. "In the same connection, more people are hurt by a sharp price drop ihar are hurt by rising prices oecause of the unemployment that comes with price decreases." Cox said it may lake a long' time for prices to show even a moderate decline because any fall in the cost Members of Ihe Selective Service Local Board of Hempslcud counly No. 29, request thai veterans who register be able to give correct information as to their service in the Armed Forces. Therefore, they should bring their discharge with them to the local bord when thev libl come lo register. A photostatic , copy of (heir discharge or a certi- j fied copy thereof would suffice; i but they cannot register without i proper information as to their ser; vice. The registration schedule follows: Aug. 30—Men born in 1922, after Aug. 30, 1922. Aug. 31 or Sept. 1923. 2 or Sept. •>vas nrolccled by Ihe fifth amendment to the constitution. j Subcommittee Chairman John i McDowell, R., Pa., promptly an-1 "otmced he will ask for a con-1 '.cmpt citation against Stevens as! soon as the full committee can ' got together. It has scheduled a mooting for Sept. 7. The outcome i, jot the Stevens case presumably ! tols " n [will determine whether thc com-' jmittce will take action against I other recalcitrant witnesses. A House committee can cite a 1 witness for contempt during ;I congressional recess. The "case must be tried in federal court, with conviction carrying a maxi- • mum penalty of one year in jail aii'l a $1.000 fine. Oilier witnesses who defied the committee i n eluded Nathan Gregory Silvermaster and Victor Perlo. alleged heads of wartime Soviet rings: Lee Pressman, former general consel for the CIO: John Abt, former Agriculture DC- , ,,,,•,!,;,, ,i,,. partment lawyer: and Nathan.!. •',',. lln UlL Will, former executive secretary j of the National Labor Relation's' Roiirtl. ' | Committee members chafed vis-' as witness after witness re- Washington. ident Truman today termed the throwing of eggs at Henry A. Wallace. Progressive Parly president-1 Si' Brian Robertson of ial candidate, in North Carolina a' "'"" 'Uile. however,'still "highly Unamcrican business." Press Secretary Charles G. Koss ciouted the president as saying: "The president said he thought e eggs and other missiles were certainly highly Unamcrican business and violated thc American concept of fair play. "Mr. Wallace is entitled to say Ihe same as any other Wallace supporters .here have announced the candidate will con- fcr £ith the Secretary of State to i k.ggs, over-ripe tomatoes and del ermine what steps 'will be neces-i "'her missiles were showered on sary to place Progressive Party i Wallace yesterday when he at- electors on election ballot , ^ Ross gave the president's reaction in response to-question at a news conference. He alsu announced the president ce Progressive Party I Wallace yesterday when he at- the November general tempted speeches at Burlington, ot in this state. Greensboro and High Point. Arkansas law provides that electric November general eloc- jtion ballot in this state. ! Arkansas law provides that electors mav be placed on the ticket by petition bearin .,„ %v will make a campaign speech him- thc names of sc ' f September 18 near Dexter, at least 50 qualified voters. ' I Iowa, about 40 miles west of Des Wallace will be given a uni- Monies. The during given a uniformed escort for his motor trip from Little Rock to Memphis Friday. Arkansas S'ale Police Director Jack Porter disclosed. Porter said Wallace supporters! had requested the escort. He add- llon ed that no plainclothes officers ! in " would be in the escort. i^ay. Porter said, that, in keeping with' I?oss a fixed policy, his department I v '- >! Iowa speech will be made a cross country swing. Other dates and places are still being developed. The Dexter date is in counec- s.ud C«pii, Biitain . . -, 1J «nt fixed. !<. was the first top level rr.ecU ' ing in Berlin in five monthb and | resulted from diplomatic disc'ls- S inn,- in the Kremlin foi the past month. Ut-ji. Lucius D. Clay. U S mtJt-' , tary governor, said "tlwie will b? / a top level meeting tomo'-iow.'* 1 ',,' 'this did not necessarily nejn a meeting of the governor 1 ; them- < solves. Asked if Ihe ronlerenci? was amicable, and Ameiican of ficial responded: "It depends on what you call amicable," Robertson said there uill b* "• no official statement todav AtnT- lean officials said financial experts « of the Four Powers will contmus * to confer on technical fmant iat problems. v , The State Depart merit in Wash- '' inglon said the governor;, vtll dt<~ ci-vs mcpiun"; to lite ll o h)oc1< id", v , arid to solve Ihe dispufr PVPI nvU'^ Russian and Western mil Its rir-" dilating in Ihe German capit.il Gen, Lucius D. Clay o£ <lir- TJ y , witl ' tlu niatch llllll. t ..-l til lulll 1 I I V l,~ > _. -. ~~ "- "'• -- 1 annual national plow-! Marshal Vassily Sokolov.kv and soil conservation Kuid tno president will tra- westward from Itnva but lie not give city Wallace an escort j fiiForl to affirm or deny mcmbcr- Sovicl ring, st Saturday, renoi ; t " thev safd -- ihn nf is as 1- first through eighth grades, of living will .be gradual. Cril Stuart, lunch room sup-! "But that doesn't mean that aiding the (then) government in United States by only Communist the world. Miss Bentlcy must have been one of the more intelligent and trustworthy native members of the CP for she seems to have had some responsible assignments. Yet she admitted that it was several years before she suspected that anv of her parly superiors' actions were motivated by base desires. Even when she finally met and worked with Russian agents it was some time before she decided that they were, as she put it, -'cheap Hurricane May Miss Mainland Entirely Hatteras, N. C.. Aug. 31 — l.-l'l — A tropical hurricane moving up ,:.. . ,,£.,-,•, ' 'he Atlanlic coasl will miss Ihe politicians. She had considered it j mainland enlirelv if it keeps its n good Communist's duty to sacri- present courte, the U. S. Weather ficc time and money to the time ,-Burcau said today, and cause. Her final dissillusion-j Thc bureau warned, however, merit came, she said, when Soviet;that strong winds would be felt "Pionn, , Pi 1 ' to accc ' n n bl 'ibe! along the coast tonight, ot S-'(KH) from (hem or be consid-1 Wind velocity here increased to ered a traitor. | 30 m j| c . s an hour at mid-morning. I It was not possible in a half hour! The forecast for Maryland and! I people who are waiting for cheaper goods should give up and rush out to buy," lie said, "lliat would only prolong the inflationary spiral. There were some indications today that housewives had relaxed their resistance to the high cost of living, however. For example, Jewel 'Tea Company, a midwest chain supplier, announced that its sales increased 20.9 per cent in the lour weeks ended Aug. 14 ovur the .same period a year ago. Sales this year have run 21.1 percent over "1018, the firm announced. At the same time. Kaiscr-Fnuer 8 or Sept 10 or Sept. Men born in ( 3—Men born in i Sept 7—Men born in 9—Men born Sept. 1924. Sept 4 or 192/i. Sept. 1026. Sept. 1927. Sept. 13 or Sept. 192!!. Sept. 192','. Sept. 17 or Sept. 1930. Men lo this schedule. . .. 18 on non-registration dale will be no repetition in this stale of the incidents lhal marked Mr ship in ,h, Communist^arly or in W ^ "^y %£$/£ m a lepoit issued I , lggSi tomatoes and boos at several North Carolina cities. In announcing thai Wallace oul.-! not be permitted to speak now recommended by Communist I ut "^ a . u . d ^ < - >1 '. i . um ' thc auditorium : cohsollors could conceivably develop to the point where all legis ! lative investigation processes i ., nr i \vnuld be stymied completely and could give no details at this time. of Little Rock add-; FurUlc >' plans-, he added, will be announced after the president opens his campaign with a Labor Day speech at Detroit and lour other informal appearances in a courteous manner and that there Michigan that day. Ross said the Iowa address will be the "first big speech" following Mr. Truman's appearance in ("stated :|by , .he Communists could cloak their "Xinspiratovial and treasonable ac- (tivilies in and out oJ government m |by this device." Stevens, or Peters, was first 11—Men born in brought to the committee's atten- jtion by reformed Communist Whit- 14—Men born in Maker Chambers, now a senior edi- •tor on Time Magazine. Chambers Jo or Sept. IB—Men born in (said they had worked together us 'undercover agents. 18—Men born in I The two confronted each other , ,, . . ,. i in New York yesterday after Stc- should register according; V ens had been subpenaed from a Men who become (hearing before an immigration board. He is facing deportation or after Iho registration schedule dates should register birthdays. the (late of their Film About Arkansas Corporation announced (hat it preparing tor a buyers market by program adding a new line nf cheaper model i Ta-plcy. cars to catch lower-priced trade. I The film ICiwcmians Enjoy "All Around Arkansas.' a film by E.sso Standard Oil Co.. was . shown to members of the Kiwanis was ' Club today by Charles Moore on a t in charge of Charles! charges. Chambers said Stevens was definitely thc "J. V. Peters" with whom he had worked as an un- dcM-ground Communisl. But Ste- i vens ignored his accuser and re- I fused to admit or deny any ac- 'quaintanccship. Vallace representatives he was unwilling to abide rules of the auditorium ' "x x x According to newspaper reports, meetings, held by. Mr. Wallace "where these rules have hot been followed, have resulted in violence and sometimes damage to th" building." The board did not name thc racial segregation and Wallace has said he will speak only lo mixed audiences. the storm wly and e-as: ward." !rom land. The U. S. s "apparently recurving is movin;; North-Norlh- which would be away of diversified talk /or Mi.ss Bentley to explain whether she was as disillusioned with communism itself as with its agents. But, by inference, she did sketch an outline of the lack of reasoning thai must. have duped many gullible young Americans into joining and st'aying i s | in, this -alien and enemy party. That is not lo say that Miss Bentley's case is a model one. There must be a great variety of so-'4 a rial, economic and emotional can- ami ses which lead Americans to renounce their country and their heritage and to close'their minds to the insistent call of reason. _,,,,^ „,.,., But perhaps Miss Hcntley's story : afternoon explains why a relatively few A-i The advisory centered the storm mencan Communists and their lar-lnt approximately HO miles soutli- ger clique ot tellow travelers can : southeast of Cape Hatleras. ad- otler such ;, real threat to national jvancing at about !! to 1(1 miles per security. They must surely be dop- 1 homed by dogma and hynnoti/.ed intoj intensity of winds near the hur- i'ccepting unreality before they can ! rjcane's center was estimated,' at cnoose to become Communists. In ; 115 miles pur hour and covering' FLU they are already the'area with a radius of 50 In fit) INJURED FATALY Bald Knob, Aug. 31 —i/!'i— Linda , Fay Cox. six. daughter of Mr. and Delaware called for strong North- i Mrs. Shirley Cox. was injured i'a- ev.st winds late 'his afternoon and j tally when struck by a truck at tonight, and fresh Northeasl winds I Belvcl Ridge, live miles west of along Iho New Jersey coast to-j here yesterday. She was waiting night. for a school bus at the time. Tho U. S. Weather Bureau said i included, scenes of Hupc : and was Ihoroughly enjoyed by all. • Guests were O. B. Burns.' Bill i K.iyse, Loo Compton, Lyman Gunter of Tex;irkuna and Earl Hi onks. Slir.walor. Okla. Eyes Grasshopper Ousted French Head to Ask Second Chance 31 --I/Pi Hubert Eighty per c.nit of iron made in th" United States is from ores Weather Bureau in a j ni 'ned in the iron ranges of Min- m. (ESTi advisory from Mi- j nesota. said "winds will continue to' North Carolina gale force Hi:; an order from a Michigan , fishing bail firm for six lo 12 tons ; of lliem. The company .said it would ! pa.v 25 cents a pound for the 'hop pers. increase on the caries, reaching morning and probably near hurri- ! cane force late this morning or this! Simple Routine Period Just Before Supper-When the News Is the Same Old Stuff f-urh a stalt; they are willing, unquestioning tools of cign agents. the for Dr. Robins r Ships Large 5 Melon Dr. K. B. Hobiiis of Carnden pu chased a large watermelon t'-lay to forward to Furey Fills Philadeluliia. Pa., his hnsi Ihe recent Democratic Conv<-ntion in (hat eitv. Tin m 1 jn. grown by bard (jf noar Hope., ' crated.' Mr. H .he had another ur hour and covering :irea with a radius of 50 lo miles. Gales extend over a radius of about 140 miles the bureau advised. The eoast guard reported heavy seas roiling in from the ocean fi'-'Tn Mori-head cily northward along tiie many miles of outer banks, the vast chain of island dunes that iashion North Carolina's coaxilino. The Red Cross established facilities iit Moro.head Cily and neighboring Beaufort in ['reparation for 'he bio\v. The eoast ;>,uard ina.de a )> Mise canvass of nearby Beach \va ruing vacation- summer residents to cvac- afor ground but many real the beach preferring to the sio-.-m. of armed inland ii 1 ' By DON WHITEHEAD (For Hal Boyle) WaKhinglnn, — i/l'i —.lolui . Citizen unbuttoned his .shirt, loosened his belt, eased himself into a chair, and began reading tiie atternoon paper while Mrs. Citizen prepared supper. Suljcon.scicili.sly. he carried on silent romrr.c-ntarv habit lhal had i.-.i years: Hmmio. . .Soiiio bai e ing SI.21 a liaircul. . .NoI willi iius liiiii.- trinue l°Vt ... I sii-iLikin't pay more nts . .Thvy caii n:a!-.:: : cents -.-n me. . .\V i'( si a MI roc r s aboui 'M .Ti,.-c-e h;- Ions, about five wartime; peak. I French polilical crisis. The tall, craggy faced leader of the popular llcpiiblicnn party expressed confidence he would get the ail votes he needs when the 020 deputies gel down to voting Ihis afternoon. Sciuiman headed the government for eight months until last July 19 '.vhon he resigned in (he face of defeat on a bill before the assembly. DuriiiE! his tenure, he hammered down a violent wave of .strikes which all but wrecked France. The Communists hate him vehemently. .: i "Time presses and France has stale oilieials of Hungary jn-ed of a government," Schuman campaign ;lold rcport'-rs last night when he went to Elvsee Palace- to inform ho is- Charlotte, N. C., Aug. 31 —(/Pi — Eggs and tomatoes again wore tossed at Henry Wallace as he attempted lo address a crowd of 1!,500 at the Mecklenburg courthouse here loday. The attack came only shortly after President Truman had termed yesterday's tossing of eggs and fruit at the Progressive Party's presidential n o m in e e "highly Uiuimerican business." None of thc objects struck Wallace, who sought to speak continual boo.ug from the throng. Eggs did strike two reporters for the Charlotte News, who stood near trying to hoar the words of the former vice president. Signs were conspicuous in the I crowd. One read "Sell Your Junk in Moscow, lli'iiry." Through the din. Wallace shouted: "I believe there are people in Mecklenburg county who still believe in human rights." Police arresled three men and charged ihem with disorderly eon- duel in disli-iiroing the peace at a public gathering by throwing eggs and loma'nes. They were releas'-'d l is loday under $100 bond each for a hearing Homey tomorrow. Thev were onukorl as l said he Baxter D. Hunlley. ;i(); Kverlt L Cloaninger. ;>(>. and Jack H-fner 25. all of Charlotte. After the missiles were tossed Wallace made a second effort to speak but boo;; drowned his words. Shortly afterward he stepped into an automobile and was driven Continued on Page Two The president will return lo' Washington after his Labor Day jaunt into Michigan, the native state of Governor Thomas E. Dewcy. his Republican opponent. When he hits Ihe campaign'trail again it will be to go to Iowa and on West. Plans for thc luwa trip were discussed yesterday bv the president and his campaign director, Chairman J. Howard McGratU of. the Democratic National Committee. ISTear^OId Girl Admits Setting Fires Macomb. 111., Aug. 31 —(fl'i --A 13-year old girl who has admitted selling some 200 fires on the farm of her uncle, Charles Willey. went to Chicago today for a check-up by mental specialists. be- m. ff i>C Wonet McNeil, the girl was quoted by John Burgard, deputy stale fire marshal, as saying she started amid ] Ihe bla/.es when other family members "weren't watching me." she said she hoped to be sent to live with her divorced mother- Mrs. Leona Kagle of Bloomington. III. The origin of the fires which Gen. S-r Brinn Kobortsrm of Britain and G-.'ii. PUt-e of France met at the Alltid . trol authority building shoi tl> fore the scheduled 5 p. in (0 a. (CST) time for (he nie?tin,j It \\ i the. iusi uch since llic Rnssi ins \\ nil o< nut UIL tontiol count il ni Mm in. T,. mi tmg v,n_v, d K ah liom .nine- diplomatic conft; itnces 11 «b« Kremlin of We stun dmbrtfalp with I otuMi Minister Molo(riv and , Pumt Mimstt i &t ilm • A hosl of c^lovc milt) HV r.nlillcal and financial arh rcrs jccom- pnmed the foui mihlii\ SOVW"" nois When thxv- li t met Sok<>loi, vsiky dtuounttd the \\ c^' >K>n. po\\ci<> it. iphivcis of f»t,rnv!H}''\> and ibiuitly Wt the ihnwte'j», <:' UK pUlhoi i ot nd\is,or"-. Hf«vi backing to itpoiii th it thu ^oy^i^ 1 nois will buk a pi ictic<>l S6jutton* to Buliri j, imolscd diwl siUiftltori anei- •fhv. "ih-'itiJ" destroyed the Willey hous Iwo barns and scorched other structures baffled scientists and experts for Iwo weeks. Arthur McNeil, Viunet's father, consented to a psychiatric examination for the girl at the institute of juvenile research. Illinois Research Hsopital, Chicago. No charges have been placed igain.st Wonet, whose. Kith birthday . Keith Scott, state's at- for McDonough County, has not decided whether he will start court action against her. Oflicials of the Chicago hospital said their psychiatric liiidings about Wonet would be submitted in confidence to Slate Fire Marshal John Craig and McDonough county authorities. V/onot wad accompanied on her trip lo Chicago by her father, Bur- i'- itself The -Wcstein? hcivc 1111,1 ted jn the- paf,t lhat they, would not even talk over the currency matter until, the Russians lift the blockade. Diplomatic sources make it plain the Berlin .talks were stalled under conditions favorable lo the Western powers, .otherwise thev would not have been held. The conversations heic may last a week. If all goes well, th' nego- •, tiations .then are likely to shift to Moscow where an announcement may be;.forthcoming. Moscow dis-, i patches said there probably would be no more Kremlin uilkt, while th<> governors are silting in Boi- lin. C'layaiidhispolilica 1 Clay and his political advisor Ambassador Robert Murphy w^tc- the last to arrive lor the; momentous meeting. Sokolovsky appeared in a gleaming while sumiiui uruffiim Deputies to the govc-inoib v^ci" 1 sijonsible hriVe been jjursuing a against Yugoslavia and peoples which is in full contradic- ! President Vincent Auriol that lion in the ayre-.'iiio;it of friendsiiip. | was ready to stand before thc Yugoslav Nash Dealer to Preview New Models Mr. mutual aid be- iind Hungary". . .-•A'er words. . . 'ecu lolling lies clon'l like- it. see. Mini up before I . . . Ki.iiiny Ihin^ lin.s^ian bio!oui.sis Ihcv views .'nvironrnenl didn't sembly again for approval. He-human the foreign minister in Marie's goveinment, hopes to form his new cabinet from the same Ihiee center parties lie had before — the popular Republicans. Social- is t.s diid Hadifal Sueialist.s. There! is every indication lie in- •i-nds to cafi on ii»c>sl nf the members of his previous eabinel. That would mean dropping isier Paui Re-yrjaud. servauve views on French finan- iioliee cause ie Marie cabinet. Selnu^ian will exclude lusls and followeis of Gei De Ganlle. L. Karl Powell, Jr.. operator ut Pow(!ll Nash Motors ol Hope, left today for Kansas City to join other Nash dealers in a preview of (he new lfl-19 models prior to public .showings in lale October. "Judging from enuinecrini; re- poils We boast some imuorlrint advances i-i the automobile industry ... „,. • '" 'hi- Nash ••!>!»)•' and (lie "Amr inanee Mm- i bas.sador" mndel.s. I am lookin" con- ] forward to .seeing them and prepar' r local .shownr- " Mr i the breakup of j Powell said. i According lo Mr. Powell N'a.Mi in Cornmu- | ccncealin^ details of llu- manv nc--.v Charles j f'-itlnivs offered in automobiles for j Hie first time until the public- .show- j in^i However, iho new HI-1U model.-. j will lie known as ihe "Airflvte" Youth Center to Change Meeting Nights Hid a neighbor couple, and Mrs. Walter Stoneking. wuiei aiu; her brother, Arthur Jr.. tl, were placed in the custody of their father, Arthur McNeil, when their iKirents were' divorced Jin l'J4:t. McNeil and the children ! have been living with the Willoys. jiVlrs. Willey is McNeil's sister. ! Burgard said the girl told him !she reasoned that if she burned 'down the houses used by her father iiind her aunt and uncle', .she would have lo be soul to her /nullier. ; The rash of bla/.es attracted na- 'tionw : de allenlion. hey led lo spe- :Clilalion thai Ihe flames were; iiTiiis'i-d by radio-iictivily, gas. fly 1 ^pr:iv o'- roach paslo. : Burgard said Wonel. described ' bv Mrs. W,lley as "obedient," and] "well 'lehuveti." will be examined i by psychiatrist;, ill Ihe Illinois IU J - ' search Hospital in Chicago No i'har^i-.s have been placed against j her " : The --^hijst" blait-:; were 1'irst dis-. covered Ail'-i. 7. j Bur;:ard said Wonet. alter a talk ; '.Vi'.h him and Mr:;. Willey. yester- I day related her :-tory. She said! .--he h.i'i o.sod only niatehes to itari ! and I present. Those wore Maj Gep 'Gorge Hays of the U b Mdi Gen. Nevil C. D. Erownjohn of Britain. Ll. Gon. M. I. Dratvin o£Russia and Maj. GUI I!o c ;ei Noiret of France. Berlin ilso.1! was relatively quiet and free: of incidents. The four-power Berlin tallu got under way today as the outgrowth of preliminary discussions in Mos« cow. Diplomatic officials emphasized lhat holding th? current.}' flisrus- siems moans the Berlin talUo were se.-t up utider conditioiib s.itibfic- lory to the Western pouei 1 - If no 1 , they said. Ih.-ru would be no dis ceissions in Berlin. The: Wesoni powers have insisted that bclore they u ould oven talk over thc currefitv biUtdtlua Ihe; Russians meist lift the blockade of the former Germ in capital. •>)•— Th' Berlin, An-. Bl —,, military governors of will meet today for the Hist time in five months in an off a I to bring an East-West agreement out of th<* month-long negotiations 'it We'Bten representatives al Moscow A special French en»o\ ftom Moscow, Francois Su-ydoux will presenl eiireclive;; as l result of I i lie disciir-sieins there. These ma? I form a ijasis of. an ugictni»nt fi tend the crisis in liiis ilejLkad&d icily. i The diivclive.s- U'iil e:ci t l aroilltd Ulie (|ue-stiu:i ol ii: : in^ thi -loviet- , L'e;n' rolled Kast German tuTC-WV iin Berlin i.i. Uie only i n \ for UK four-power e-ily. cireuKitin_' un der /oiir-power biiporvi-s on This i» the U'v'hmca' eju^Ltio'i upon iviiie'h the: Kussiaiu h j/ari a land blockade of Ihe ut\ ruiv tliaa ta'o inoiiHi.-i ago. i < I itui,; t h t* VVV-sU-rn i;ecuj)viii^ J>O\M.^ ix tai bv air. Proclamation I'.ut tlii.- fereiiee west under n-..--.v big i.-i'en;-, refused III'.- "d on a ton- ot d iti.Ttivo Ill's v.-cck the re-:ul;i' i -ttoy ni-;his oi Hops Youth; ( 'crier have been ehaimerl to! Thursrlav and Saiurdav. This will! the me; iiim dates until after j iootbal) . : ,ea.<o(i. it wa:-: announced. f Coal:.: juiinbli:- for tniikiriH coke 1 are located mo.-tlv in P(.nn.svl"ania, ! I Virginia. Ktrntucky and Alabama. \VMICr-iKAS. Til. j'' iii-Id in lio|»- I District S -plcri. Third ".-ill I ' ' ' ' ber Uti: ;-."rl WUKfVKA-S. it i £ - th-- . i/.i-iis of Hope to lend all this imr> ! irlant eve'iit" an-i WHEREAS, it' will' help eit iu; -.year .some style of v.-( j ;.teM'n r: ,- "THF.REVORE. all i-iti/.c-n " .WITNESS my 'hand' tl/is"'^ l.ivi-stoi.-k Shnv,- and Ko.ieo ber 2(1 and through Septeni- r.i all lo the ii!in<i'jri eit- advei Using of an i.-:;i>rit <ie eonv, if aU o! M ha d^irin.^ Ihe nionlh of Scp- fjf ilfne ait j m "j'-d to \vear ":;omt'- i tor.-nr h Fair We«k. ,t duv of Au /'.)£' !9-HC LVLE JiKOV/K, I A.1 -si-.'-.v UK:.- I'.rmi out a .. i ^a x 01;; t di A'le .might agiec-. i tht- Kussi.iiis ' MAN'S BODY ! Walnut Kiiliie, | body of a man i f i"d t'- -i f'tin •i !•< ( nd i th. in n. FOUND Aug '^ t-.-niain^' l stf.ui t. Frank Nichols, nluut G:- jht.iide Hi.-'h'VjV 07 d /i t and *- — To«>/ v ij^iruf i_jt I n/ a> 'oui r -' -ith

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