The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 22, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 22, 1934
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT (ARK.) COURIER NElVa Joncsboo juniors Hard Put to Win; Paps lose Race With Time Theii inticiiiited line-up riditlri by inelliiibllity of jjluym sxpeeii'i lo bear,tin' hm-rtni (n dieir initial game, uud handicapped bythi-h own In. V] < i Iciic", the Blylhcvlll: hl$h school I'npootf-s fought stub- Lmnly !li[)iii>h Hiree quarters un< rose lo tln> heights In a fnin tl period rUly (hut found tliem two ream \aid« ih' of th; Jon..<;bci< goal UnfJV-hcn ih e Kmw ended and the, vhltlng Whirlwinds eked oul .» 7 lo i> victory nl. Hiili-y I-ii>|: The Whirlwinds, vaunted Junloi high champions of eta-Urn Arkan- iis »ciq IP ill; playft'i oil thtii icel f«i DIP nmjor jnirt O f th' game but cashed In nn their OIK bi(j oprwlumts The Piirocr.r; ]>io«entcd ulth tin; ' samc „,,,„„.. l»M' in (h. finie way fnlicd 1'. negotiate tin <x(ru ];ohtl thai would tnu Linught thsito'om on c\en ttrlns \\,lh tin; Joiicsboru team. OulgaliU'tl )lul Winner:,Tiie 1'nro is ' culuiilned the Whhlvinil- dciiMi-ely ),ut fafl-d to connect tluli iruumt )jt\inliv( In consistent furnish manner to" win. The ]ocih icaMc-red u downs to 2 for dip miioi-s and gained 132 yards from .-icrlnnna»e to 5L- for His Jonesboro juniors'. 'Jhe vl Hois nisscd tin; Ulylhc- villc eoil Hi" lite in the second quarter alter n. blocked kick \vai re«nei..i! bj tin; Whirlwinds on t s !f> yard iini'. c'arcv. lull c i».<;hed across llit Blythcvilli 1,011 line from the twc Said maiku after Wellon's sprint Bi-oimil ,'nd /mil nin (hi: tail wiin- In the louls live ynrd lin> carov nl»o -tddcd th» exiia point, lale'i to prove MI liiijiintiiiu, by tlio simple picc'oj of highlit:' it through the Papoose Hn". MclCllllh (i SjKHkpllIK 'Bllck" Meredith's run-back ol in inkrcci ua Josinstorb pass, from Iho Bljlhtullo 30 yard llni- to Jo,i iloro), X, yard line, put th,- Pajoob-"; in sioiing pus-lliou for ihe fiisl inni! in iho third quarter. It 'ccmtd .15 thiHish the Papoose-; InO (iclinitels |]UL-33<1 iip tmilr opportunity, lioivnvor, when Joncs- lioro retaliated by iiucrceplint; 11 Blythcvlllc heave on the visitors' 18 yard .line a moment later. But the Mpooscs ncie not to be denied and three ui four gray-shirtc<. locUs slabhi.'J through ths Wnlri- wlml- fonvi'.iil wall as Jonc.iboiM •sought lo kick out of the danger /one One of the Pnpcuscs, Idsn- John Hunts," threw hi, hod/ in the jwth 'of the ball even as it left the kicker's foot and tlw pig'tin icboi micrt briskly over th.' goal line 'where Hums covered It thoroughly ami securely. Tlic break came so suddenly. Hint Ills rather "canly gioup of spectators hnd h irOly r"ah/id \ hat had happened before- CrtUi; «is plunging into the line in an all cm pi for llic extr.i point that «is decisively smolii- crctl by the Wlilrlwinds. Tiie opening of the fourth quarter found the I'tvpcascs apparently rcsiRiicd to n one-point <!ef;ut but the big thrill of tti= game was still to coins for I'apcose fans. Start Frum Nowhere Mnrlir," seemingly from nowhere !at? In Hie final period Hie Pnp- OOSLS Uf/in a h"art-breal;itig .drive that.was to find them losing a raco «Uh time ilmojt on lop of tlic Jonesboro goal line. With Meredith and Oneil Craig carrying the ball the Papooses began putting its flrrt downs tosclhrr for the lirst time tis the Jonrsboro leiim tired rapidly. Meredith did the ball tollns us the Papcosfs engineered n first down deep in their own territory. .Tlun llic same ball carrier broke loose on a Jaunl of about 25 yards that carded (he Papooses lo (he Jonssbcro 4n yard line. A 15 jird penally, bronchi on oy a lalstativc Jonesboro .substitute, came fo His aid of Ihe Papooses at this point and Ihe Chicks advanced lo another .first liown a minute laicr on tlis. Jonesboro 16 jnrd hue Cins"~and Meredilh took turni in advancing the ball to anolher fii-it down on U:a Jones- bora 5 jnrd strip?. Meredilh .stepped ihrolich to Jonesboro's 3 ynrd line and t no more. p|nys moved the oil! between the end'd _anrt 1 t.iul line as the game Typical Early (-.ante Both ir-anv. sliowu) football (spiral of an early season game. Failure lo lick e\eu on fourth down In their own' territory, was charge Wrestling Bout Takes Tumble Jin, 1.0, dos a rlKhl, retained the w o,-|« hr-avy^ht- wrestling championship by ,„„„,„Simpler l,.- W ls In Chl™, 0 In 19:27, but not ,,»UI after ,he prlncipah and referee tn nb cd f, .lie .ins, Lewi,, wrist .snu^d In the ropes, is M, w given a hand by llrst row r . w hod TL ni iiiilnU'reslliu; ndatr, but it st-l a record for rcoeipl s -35,2(iS sptclalors and ' The Old and the New Harry Gray sou Younger of ..Dean Brothers In Sensational Performance; Dizzy Also Mot raul nean, younger brother of the great Diz/.y ucnn, entered Ecljnll's hull of fame yesterday as lie combined a no-hit, no-riin l>!Li-l]u>£ performance with n (hrcc- liit iierfornmnce by Dizzy to give the SI. Louis Cardinals :i two name victory over Ihe Brooklyn Dodgers and cut the New York Giants' to tln-ee games, despite n win by the leaders In the National league clnise the Giants. • Dean, pitching the second game ol n doublcheader, held the Brooklyn UoducVs hitltss and rimless to win a 3 lo 0 decision over Uei of the Dodgers who hurled good ball himself. Paul Dcnn allowed but one base on balls, the beneficiary being ihe only Dodger to rraeh flrsl base. "• Dlnzy had a no-hit gnme of his own making on ihe way unlil tin eighth innliiif when the Doilgcrs got their first of three hits He Shut ihein out anyway, 13 lo o and registered lit? ailh victory of '.tie year against seven defeats. All .n all it was a great dny for the Dean brothers. The younger Dean's no-hit game was the first in cither najot 1 league since 1931. The Giants scored their fourth straight victory, beating the Bos- Ion Hmves, 8 to l. FIlKsliimidns vns the winning pitcher though •clieved by iioinan. A hand injury farced his retirement. Tiie I'lltibiirgh Pirates were near heir first division goal when they lefeated Ihe Cincinnati Reds in -wo games, a lo 3 and 1C lo 3 Red -IICBS und nil! swift went the route n the two games. No other gaines were played in llic major leagues. / Warming Up for _. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER : 22 , 1931 fyfe WIN RIGHT The fnnious bit or repartee between two United States senators iinnent ihe tax situation al win- slnn-Salcin is now classic. The , first—a northerner—- said DO one |hnd ever heard of Winslon-Salem. I The i-ecomt—a sonlherner—scored | a clean left hook lo Ihe chcwers when he retorlcd thai Winston- Salcin paid more luxes Hum any other city or slate in Die nation save only New York. The answer Is tobacco or course, i Tlic greater part of the tobacco I consumed In clgarels in lliis.coun-' try not only mows in North Cnro-} Una, but Ihe fays are nianufac-i luvcil there as well. And no. one needs telling that the Industry I R C pm Thvp« P^^^ Q ' iiiis prospered. " > L>c s in l n 'ee bame oenes And since one of the outlets for) al Sandy Ricifje Park On important money lie.- in sport one! Q , y *> c l CIIK un Is. not surprlswl to find>the name; JUnday of (ha Lorillnrds a familiar one on I TIGERS; IIITES !T SERIES ut mu ijuuiiiird.s a lamina the turf In bygone days. Babe null), on his way out, is about to show Schoolboy Rowc, who •arrived" tills season, how the mightiest of long rait(je inaceiuen lakes n cut nt Hie tail. The Wclroit club's brilliant young pilclicr .lins the :o\ver and eye lo follow In the Uamblno's foolsleiis as a home run i liilter. Blylheville Open Attracts List The Blytheville Tigers and Lutes Since the days of Duke of Mil-! will mccl in the first game 't,t "i, genta,- the ncynoldscs have kept Hhrec-game series Sunday rif[ c i- thc name of Ihe flllhy weed In thc'"oon at 3 o'clock at Sandy Rld"e harness horse game. The present I ball park on Highway 01, south'of brilliant pacing son of Single G. I Bhythcrille. Dick Reynolds, Is named after I "Tiny" Olover manager of tin. yoiiiig Dick Reynolds of lobacco I niylheville club, announced tort-w mllllons - «'»t "Icdsoe iould p"obably DC his choice us opening pilcher but said that an Imported liurler from into sport I Missouri would be on hafid 'Die Toluirn) TrJan»le But these ventures the .... three-day quest loriers now In Ihe Ihlck of the battle urlK-ii In Ihe Blylhuville Open golf j for honors at Vort Smith arc ex- lonniainenl lo begin Tuesday a peeled 'to make the Irak here for steadily Increasing flow ol •.'nlrics (tlic BlyUi:vlllc open, Orvillc While, the St. Louis pro, has been singled out as the man to beat by most of the local golfers planning lo participate In the event. White will have another crack St. Louis pro as a comi>etl- toi 1 In James D. Mojjerty, pro 6f the entries filed recently j .s being received by the lourna- nent coinmilUc of Ihe Dlylhevilie country club as it prcpai'es for lie first money event 10 be liold here. Indication!; were that Blythc- ville's inaut'tir.ll ojien was to IK- in auspicious alfalr wltlt a mini- Osage connlry club al Kirkwood, ber of outstanding proltsslonals, us well as amateurs, [rout St. Uiuls. i\fo.. (o CMccnwood. Miss., und foil Smith. Ark., lo Paducnh, Ky.. to | Iry their skill and Hick in the 72- hote mcdnl test, L . Orecn p,, le ,„;,_,_ M V m| ,j, Is . The quick return to form of |R. N. Archer. Pine Hills Memphis' Oatfney Hawkins, caddy ace of Ihej.l. A. Brash si-. Pine lllllsi Metnpltii' local dill, ,iif;sr a layoff of mor-_> W. G. Hall, Cliickusaws, Memphis; than a year, lias beon Ihe siibji-c; Clnistecn Harris, Colonial, i\ffflti- phis; Gene mil, pro, Paycttevill; country club. Fayi'tlevllle. Ark.i , Jimmy Morris, pro. Ilaytl, Mo; Colcinan Morris, pro. Normandy Osage connlrv Mo. Additional include: Fred Hill of Memphis; Floyd Deal, have been mere nibbles compared to tiie present venture, for tobacco ims quite definitely, thrown Its lint, into (lie arena ,of intercollegiate football, Hie biggest big leaguer of them all. The greatest of college games now has a tobacco triangle composed of nuke. North Carolina. KiuL North Carolina State, instlt"- ttons situated willtin a radius of 25 miles in the northwestern part of the Tar [Icel state. Wealthy Duke University launched the tobacco triangle in 1D30 by importing Wallace Wndc. The latter, an organizer, knows liis formations from Brown (o Alabama and back again. As was anticipated, he lost no lime in skyrocketing (be Durham school into a national figure on the chalk lines. America's "Oxford" was edged out only by Georgia Tech —In its dual game last year. Now, North Cnrollim Stale and Carolina dM not begrudge their neighbor i[ K widespread fame, but no good lobacco man Is goino- to sit slill ami watch his school" get whipped by another tobacco man's varsity eve,, lf l]lo ( |iff cmico ls bill n single touchdown, which was Dukes margin over State in 1933 The three"games will be played on successive Sundays, parting tomorrow. • . : S Monickers Of Chickasaws Are Many and Varied P'jJ" Tlvo ck Reynolds, of the of conslde'.-..SIc comment among local "olfcrs. Han-kins, who is in every way a product of the cuddy ranks and reportedly when shoeless, is the holder of th. course record wlih a mark of 31. able to field directors 'of 'bolh elcv- ° lwlow |iar ' f01 ' llle lengthy coun- , . country club. St. Louis; Andy Cusick, pro. Jonesboro; cils and third do\Vn kicks, certainly logical frcmiently during tin- gams, were not forthcoming. A £perlacuhr 20-yard pass .followed bv a -sprint for 10 yard* netted the Whirl* inrts a touchdown - tint was not to count early in the ganr Instead while the Joiies- boro rooters were still doing their bost to rake n ulg fl,eer the ball was called bicR and Ihe' Whirl- 15-yard ochalty for '' Ridings Rind 1 ! drew i clipping Tiie priialty *sceni'cd lo discourage the Whirlwinds from „„..., stt'eck Il5e ot tllcir Mrlal Warrington Slarihig itoe.up.j jgj* Jonesboro Meredith try club layout, young llawktn. only taken up the game again in the last fo\\ days but had carded pas 37's with apparent ease. Johnny Cintmilngs, r,ensaUn]ial Memphis yoiilli, runner-up to Ernest Combs of LOIIK Beach. Calif., for medalist honors in the Hut Smith invitation tournament now under way, .has entered the lists tor Ilia local tourney, other «olt- Blythc\fl'c Wilson Craig Csndle Pos LE LT LO C Finltji Cowden Malhis Sflilclilns HO HT RE QH HB HB PB stwns, o. A. H. and !>., Port Smilh. nefciee .Wiiltworth; umpire, Pol- se'ph ui lerj field Judges, Holland and Lo-|and Hurricane Is Tamed By Walnut Ridge, 7-0 JONESHORO, Alk. — Wai II111 Kirtge scored its first victory over Jonesboro hlg?, ] n n football game in 10 years here Friday svHeniooii. Tlic score was 7 to 0. A pass. Halhburlon lo Kelly, C'lldwell' ' )r<xll:Ct 'd the lone touchdown, and Miles' Gralg l )lnce - k| cked the extra ixiint. Black | ' ~ Phnrisj A K cil Couple Msrtlcd Wcllon? ROCHESTER, N. Y. (Up) —A Harncii lavender and lace romance ciilmi- Ctirsy nated here In tiie inarrlaBc of Jo- Civil War veteran, maler following last season's reverse. Hunk Anderson suddcnlv appeared ( rn!1 , 0 , d No , re n ^ and it became generally known' that urosmlivc malcrlal would tiot be discouraged. Sl 'SK c slton gradually wafted 111 or its honeyed ivo'rds rang 1C | 0 udl« Ihrough Ibe corridors of staid North Carolina, conservative since Mcrlh Carolina 21 to 0. last seas do. and it. is 'reported that the echoes reached tin- ears of no less a personage than Alumnus Ligge'll o!JUBgolt ami Meyers, "inavely. tnlcnled bowed to Duke, I grnotn Mrs Ifatnniati. so snd |.|i» Thus a touacco war Is to be wnecd on the gridiron, and onc lull hear more and more of the state ol North Carolina each fall nils Is assuredly a lovely thing for football, and suggests that some si ray millionaire alumnus with a penchant for something besides beautiful buildings, come lo ihffl Lutes boasts an array ; hurl 'rs, including. several of the Lute] . irothcrs .who mylime. play anywhere TO SUE-OF TICKETS l reported Thursday and got, into a Papuan natives are learning to bit of aetion Harris appears to be kiss as a sign of affl lo, cfvlll- |in good contlition. .He says'He Has jaitlon secnu lo be doing aVay been working out almost daily in n ' with the ancient custom of rubbfii' St. Louis gymnasnmi. noses instead of kissine "° BV J. p. FRIEND M.J.c is an age worn newspaper a..age that If true (ben whale of a Dial Ihis says, "Names make statement" is still is going to be n Citizens Group and Civic Organizations to Back Drive Now Underway By J. p. FRIEND A committee of .six ( has been lamed by Fred Saliba, chairman of he Citizens Athletic Board, to head :he selling of season football tickets of Blythevillc high school. ; They are: Clarence H. Wilson Prank Whitworth, w. J. Pollard, inrl G'anske, Oscar O. Hardaway] and J. P. Friend. The various civic md fraternal organizations also arc to be given some of the pasteboards for disposal. ." Plans .are under wny to rope off ihe east side of Haley Field. For many ..years the .fans have handicapped play by surging on the field during .the-.gaiiic.' Ofticinls hope lo eliminate tills by placing several strands of ii;lre behind tiie lighting posts. Tills arrangement would keep the spectators approximately ten feet from'the gridiron: Ample police protection has been promised to enforce this. Bleacher seats have been placed along the,west side. These should accommodate approximately one thousand. : Meanwhile Coaches Carney Las- He and -James "Ace" Puckett are driving their charges at a fast clip Long: signal drills followed by lengthy scrimmages have been the order of the week. They open their season next Friday with Qsceola. Murray Harris, veteran linesman, Dog Found-Four-Leaf Clover AUBURNDALE, Mass (UP)—Mrs. William L. Bridgets black chow found a four-leaf clover for her in the yard of her home. The dog lifted Its paw and refused to move until its .mistress went to Mm and picked thi clover. Saturday Only MAT. and Nile— 10c'- 25c Zang Grey's 'WAGON WHEELS' Huck Jones-Serial Cartoon news story as it concerns the names (nick) of twentv- wo members of the Blythevllle .nlKh school Chfekasaws Nicknames are like poor relatives Once you get tliem on your hands .von can hardly get rid of hem. Many O f the appellations of local pigskin artists have been with them for years, others have recenlly been lacked on,,likely for Tweniy-two Chicks and their monickers are: t "";" lc ' Mosley. "All District"J- W. Purtle. "Siuicky"; w T Burns. "Butch"; oiynder Rayder' Rnspiitln"; Dick Tipton. -s^^: ' : /"i" _ n , ur »?-"Wimpy; Hen- tfi.e v • M " rray ' Robert Baxter, "Red- Hba. "Wopton i tm - Ed Jlenrt Courier News Want AAv «.« M , S ° f °' 1 every 29 hours In one of the vt' ' CADDIES WANTED Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for the Blytheville open golf tournament. -Blyihcvillc Country Club Sunday-Monday MAT!NKR_& NTTR—in<--35 c -^"••"«^™^«i^«««L KOXT Last Time Today Matinee'& Night—l() c - 25c BILL CODY in 'THE BORDER, CARTOON Serial—Rin Tin,Tin, Jr in' "Wrff Dog" Sunday - Monday MAT. & N1TE—lOc - 26c 0) i^in^j^n-; i^:-^^'-^ fefej FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. . INSURANCE DEFT. BASEBALLf OSCKOLA HAU, PARK OSCKOLA, AUK. Sunday, Sept 23 Oamc Cnllcil at 3:00 I'M Southern I.eajue Vs. U. S. Engineers Of Osceola Adm—Artulls 50c Children25e Colored J5c JOHN IODGE SAM J A FFE LOUISE DRESSER MFmSTEMB I«i<es( News Reel Music;;! Short with Mitzi Mayfair in "Policy Girl"

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