Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 10, 1952 · Page 18
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 18

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 10, 1952
Page 18
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Spvl HOP! STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS 10, CIry Sprayed by Crippled Plane Moments in Religious History Shown in "Quo Vadis" ,...., .prospect of *e«fln* ht* jp, Otfpt Martin Br»nt Vj pcrhap* 100 happy. •'In* second lima the $0 foroo officer hud cohio f $«r' «, hfe had flown I jf,Tt}iiflonii been wonted- 1, jh»t down and badly one raldr Nwcmtd .end nr tot rtln* wonthi. fytt, he had begun uludy an Accountant, only *ek lor'itervlco !»*« after it? mlDdioni in ,, wa* homo njjnln, J,mado H ln«t Sunday, Jufil time lo <S«!ebrfltt» Uui My 'of l»l» K»n, Mich- Ate'* heart rncttd n« the him new** town , <*> - All WX> round* of .(KMs * JI b»r m*ehlrti»«un *1u«i were *f»rny«a <m?f tnli» e»plt»l «»f Tuesday night by sn Air **«• »» Mu » ttng which crtilwd In n»m« «t fruit* Field. The pilot walked »w«y from tfw crush bttt Kthel Pl*rce, 40, »«o Wllll»m Pnlkenirteln. Ul, w««r wowndwl by »lu*« t"«l »W«» (nui Ibelr living rro>rn«, th«y wure be» llevcd to be In good condition. CBpt, WfHUim Hrownoll. the pi lot, A mtrnibor of the low» Nntlonnl aiiurd, *»ld ho turned buck with a toftky fuel lino nfl«r t«kln« m for Sioux City, In Flnrno* bw»'. from the plane n» he came in for »n emergency landing. Air Force of'fiolnl* »«ld the flr« nifty hrivu triggered tlw nun*. Mu»k- wn» printed wmn fifler tho Invention of printing In Europe In Did l!Hh detitury. ftp«rtm«nl> Kv- th» old fnmlllar alflhU, L-VE6ETA6LE DIGESTIBLE SOQKING looked Rood — ovnn tho Now York i» Ir nmeliod They met him ul Ihn door, Hhlr- kiy, lili . wife, liUMftlng nnd kluslnv jhltn. MIchHfil jumping up and down, yolllnti for J«»y. The cnplnln was In the cloud* with hnpplnoM. Hu hud a••• nurprlic' gift for tho boy — the headphone* ho had worn during «H h|i wartime flight*, Mlehuol danced with delight, tried Ihu heudphonQH cm his own chubby An the enptnln watched, smiling, a *tnb of pMln cut Through his cheat, then o«»uH. lll« wlf« guided hint (o fl bed, nnd celled ft doctor, When the doctor arrived, happy Capt. Brertt wflit dead from a heart attack. »nUir« Ctuhloni a «*niwtlanal that ond» ih« ^'Of IOM»» im7At»o|wt«iy ! guuu or d»ntu«», i lor*, IrfUoUd Oumi at ehtflni t>l wobbly Brow AK gtntly lough M you *««y put," flnnly, i Mini or „ on „.. or lower) iwtn>oUon» in t Whtn Oum» Shrink It's not your demUt'n tnuU.thut giiiiw shrink gwhmUy-leave ipncai between the j)|»te* nnd the mouth, Nature doel thin, Snug Denture Cunlilonn rwuirfftM platen «o thoro tiro no gap* between plate end gum*. On* Rt-lln»r Con Ur J Month* - lailly Replaced One Snug Denture Cunhlon ro-lln«v ten Uurt wr 1 to« months, according to the individual mouth, 8Uy» soft •mi pU»hlo~doM not harden and ruin Plate. Pool* right out when mily to replace with new cuthlon. Uied Widely by Dtn»UU Snug Denture Cushion* were Ar»t uwdby mmiy dentist* to tighten up loow nletM, They w»«* «? effective th«t they *<t> now Hv«l\*bie to Hit public. Taiteleo, odortaw-cleaned In « jiffy. Got Snug Denture Cuthlon* tadoyt I Liner* for Lower or Upper Pl*te* $1.50, Money buck if not «tl«n«d. PINNY Is HERE! p*' nrwv "•*. uth Cotton Supply ls - Hwmy *«<my, General MUU* 0 tduwyd chicken, who will pirform ' Hwoy Penny In » ip«cUl iy PtMy ftMtt fa t*«t T.mElESSiadihtwm id for you p«f woally, •o don't t&iit it* f IW-^^JL (j'^pPWW v*sv7 ww', «vi«£wf,""- V i kMA^WJkJh«m&^ (,-* I***, Leonard dn Vinel'* fomou* pAtntlng of "The t.«»t Sup- *r" nerved »» the in*p»f» l '*» f|»r one "f the »^ pmf iF*.5!" ccncn depleting mlf nwnwi* In Quo va«l». M-o-iw-i •ncclnciilar TecnhlcuJof drums of the birth Of Christianity In H p*g»ri world, which pl-'iy* »t the 8»enger thnnler •••"•• »nd tomorrow. U««d In an ln««nfmi» "effect nemience" of the picture, DlrJetw MervynT *Bny reproduced "The Last Supper" n • nhwtoa^DMrd *c«mo which captured the rno*t minute Sefifthrfflf fh*• rclWlwi Pilntlnfl. with the IUIUn nctor. Oloralo Conntonllnr portrnylna the Savior, nlmllnr "effect" nhotn w*'re u*nd to r«-erciit«> other (treat moment* tr' r«il«!«ui history for "Ou<j V-dU." One shows ov VVrrK- an PHer, supported by Abrohnm hofaor, «« P «i%ddrU.»ng « Vroup of Christiana who Bro if in ntVirl In Bti abandoned quarry. Another acnno during Vhe«|-weh «f l'«t«M to the ChrlnUnn!., depict. D«»«lnH thcouKh a ihouling mob of peopl.? on the , f I ru«" •'« «» He CHrrlen the cross on which He w H bo crufifVerl For u »eenc shnwlnn ihe crucifixion of Peter fnnloiiVimintlnR hunting In the Vatlcnn In Home wfire* 'utiP'l «i model*. Above, Flnlay Currle, as Peter, addresses n oroup of Christian* who are meeting In secret In an abandoned quarry. Stnnd- Ing at lower rloht of scene la Abraham Sofnor, oa«t •a Paul. PRESCOTT NEWS Miss Joyce Shillcutt had luirge of the bride's book. Assisl- Above, one of the " world's greatest paintings Is brought to life on the screen in "Quo Vadsi." In this living reproduction of Leonardo da Vinci's celebrated painting of "The Last S u p p c r," Giorgio Constantini portrays the Christ. At left, an effect shot shows Christ passing through a shouting mob of people on the streets of Jerusalem as He carries the cross on which He will be crucified. B, a. With A. Entertained Braakfatt Alpha Omlcron Chuptor of ESA enjoyed u breakfast at tho homo of Mm. Bob Reynolds with Mrs. Tlllmun Worthlnuttm us co-hostess, lon« tapered sleeves nnd a yoke edited in scallops. A luce cloche trimmed with pearl-encrusted ov- tluui Friday morning «t »»u- o'clock. Three tables were laid for twelve members with attractivo blue and gold your books mnrklntf ouch place for Mr». Cnrl Dulrymplf, Mrs, Bol> Yarbrough, Mrsr, Frank Turbervlllc. Mrs. John Marshall 1'ltlman, Mrs. Frank uultom. Jr., Mr«. J. K- Ocmls, Mrs, Vornon Buchanan, Mrs, Byron Franks. Mm. Joo Paul Crane. Mrs, E. Adam, Mm, J. V. McMutu-n Mrs. dene Uule. Tho dining tubUt was covered with a yellow tlumask cloth hold, ing u central arrangemenV of Marigolds nnd blue slock. Hoses and gladmellln were placed at vantage points In the living room. 'Following the breakfast, Mrs. Worlhlngttm presided ovuv the bus inoss. Mrs. Frank llaltom «uve the treasurer's report. Projects wore discussed Mrs. Byron Franks woU'aro chairman ropor^d that this chapter will continue to assist with tho well child, clinic unrtor the direction of the Nuvadui Coun- ly Health Oepunmwt, MCI. J«> Crane told plans in Ihe Novadu udo, , , Tho ESA in Prescolt is beginning Us timrlh year. The purpoau o KSA l» toui'-iwW edueulioiwM uiwt Uui-Jntt the pust three- yuurs th sorority has contributed playgro und equipment to th« city park. it WP.S Inter vomoved to Prluwr School tor tho children tfi enjo and for protection. In July, the KSA Chapter v.us locorp^ in Nevada Coun'.y CUviit Com und»r tne luwa 01 ArSiunsas as Uenevolunt non-pvafit Jj'or lac past two y«ars|;U spui>4.ovi>d th« March of Dimes Uuncu fwr tho I'oliu fund ouch ycur the umount rulsod w«S over flUO. il has also helped with the Heart Drive, Tho American Cancer Con-i liol, uud uimUhwi vwluuU'«v work crs tor tho Cripplv4 ChlldVcn's ;iiulc. The sorority is InUa-osted lu u swiinmUMt tool antl pat .M.....>» v««u tigoy, uatog to- ul hwme. This Wen i* loo »w one grtiwp to accomplish but wuh uoow«»-*uo« from all tho l«c»l Hrga»i«»tloiii working together lawttcd 9 common goal it u lingo blossoms held her Illusion veil. She carried n colonial hou- qui'l of while rosos find slepha- Miss Kirkhan. Miss Dana Clement, Mrs. John Mussey of Atkins, Mrs. Vcldon Kcver arid Miss Suzanne Medlin. For travel Mrs. Mosley wore a boigo suit, dark brown accessories and i\ corsuge of white roses. After a honeymoon in Hut Springs nolls. Miss Mary Mnxfleld-SpriiRlns of Bttlosvllle, maid of honor, wort- » blue liico ovor UifiVta frock with mulching lace mills nnd n picture hut. Her bouquet was of pink us tors. Marvin Lawson of Conway was best man. Ushers were Bob Reynolds of Preseott, Jack Fros, Ken- O. Lognn have relumed from Dallas where they accompanied Mrs. Steelc Moore, Sammy and Eskcridge Ruth who have been their guests. Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Del.amar have returned from a motor trip to Gotlinburg, Tenn. Sgt. and Mrs. Floyd Bowin of the couple will be al home in |j Ft sal havu bccn lno roct , t it guusts Court Docket stult. Plea guilty, fined $50. Corfield Jones Assault & Battery Forfeited $10 cash bond. Eleasa Maxwell, Jeneta Johnson, Nancy Lou Palmore. Thelma Forter, Disturbing peace. Forfeited $10 cash bond. ^ Marshall Norwood, Hazardous Jl driving, Forfeited $10 cash bond. * '"••« Qeo. W. Richardson, Driving with 4 In front seat. Forfeited $5 cash bond. Joe Burkcy, Following too close to another vehicle,. Otis Stevenson. Geo. D. Ross, Failure to yield right-of-way, Forfeited $5 cash bond. Ralph Osburn, Improper Stale license, Forfeited $5 cash bond. Edward Raney, Morris Landermilk, Royland Ross, No driver'*, license, Forfeited $5 cash bond. *• Russell Johnson, Illegal Parking, Forfeited $1 cash band. R. D. Barham, Running Red light. Forfeited $5 cash bond. A. P. Powell, Resia May Witherspoon, Kenneth Bell, Reckless driving, Forfeited $25 cash bond. John W. Barham, Theo Formby, James Hollis, Speeding, Forfeited $5 cash bond. H. B. Marcus, Robert C. White, Robert McClure, Drunk while driP ing, Forfeiled $25 cash bond; order ed to serve one clay in jail. Jessie Lcc White, Boaz Tollivcr Drunk while driving, Plea guilty, line $25 and 1 day in jail. Bill Spearman, Carrying a pistol as a weapon, Dismissed. Johnnie Phillips. No driver's license, Dismissed. STATE DOCKET James Stuart, Disturbing peace, Plea guilty, fined $10. /§ Donald Uuy ivicVv imams, Follolr ing too close to another vehicle, forfeited $5 cash bond. S. Mr Stoker, Jackson R. Plumley, Reckless driving, Forfeited $25 cash. bond. H. C. Rogsby, Driving while drunk, Forfeited $25 cash bond and ordered to serve 2 days in jail. L. V. Stevens, Drunkenness, For- feiled $10 cash bond. James Stuart, Drunkenness, Plea guilty, fined $10. Opal Stuart, Drunkenness, Pie guilty, fined $10. Jonn Griffin. Passing another ve hide on a hill, Forfeited $5 cash bond. Mrs. N. G. Hammonds, Donald Howell, No driver's license, For- leitcd $5 cash bond. The following forfeited $25 cash bond on a charge of OVERLOAD: H. Goodman, G. P. Young, T. A. I JDoily Scrapbag HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (* — As the national political ra6e ncars its mid- campaign peak, more and more thcughtul people are turning to baseball. Ask the man in the streel today, "Who do you think'll win?" Chances arc he won'I say Adlai or Ike. He'll reply: "The Dodgers" or "the Giants.' w~ And in more and more homes, it seems, they are tuning out the political broadcasts and tuning in the baseball game. It's quieter that way. The tensest situation of our I times is the meeting between a Dodger fan who likes Stevenson and n Giant fan who favors Eisenhower under circumstances in which politeness forces them at least to say "hello." *™ At the start ot tho political campaign some hostesses thought it •cute to poll the guests on whether they thought the Republicans or the Democrats would win. No hostess would do that today unless she wanted (A> to break her apartment lease, or (B) collect accident insurance on her furniture. Some bartenders are now cnforc inp, a new rule: "Positively no dry martinis served to customers talking politics. Tf you insist on doing so, you'll have to take a wet martini.'.' As nobody in the history of martini-drinking ever knowingly drank a wet one, this iron threat has kept peace at the bar, or at Icnst a truce. But this is still the year of the fireat divide, and what it is divid ing is many a long and beautiful friendship. A fellow who wants to keep his same circle of friends in L.tact now avoids his usual Saturday night poker game with the boys and plays solitaire. The theory that every man has a right to his own opinion is accepted now only if he keeps it to himself. The candidates will talk on for weeks yet, but for most voters the battle lines nre already Hope Star WtATHtft Arknnsas: Cletr to this afternoon, tonight, f Snturdny. Not much cha tnmpernturo. Te peratures Low 84 53D YEAR: VOL. 53 — NO. 283 Star •< Ha** II**. '*•• J«n. HOPE, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 1952 M*mb*n Tht Att«cla»«4 (•»•»« ft Audi* •«»*•«• of CrrctiUrtlMii A». Nil P*M Clftl. 1 Mot. tndlni M«MH 11, Wa — Ml* PRICE 86 Divorces Voided by Judge, Action Is Promised MARION, (Jb — Chancellor Leon Smith promised "drastic action" in sonic pending cases as he voided five decrees yesterday In a probe of an alleged quickie divorce racket. Smith told lawyers assembled in the Crittcnden County courtroom he had found flagrant abuses of Arkansas' divorce law in 'many cases. "It's my advico that unless you know what you're doing, don't do it. It's not worth it, the chance you take", he said. There were several instances of perjury in which the defendant was divorced without even knowing a suit for divorce had been filed, Smith said. His inquiry followed newspaper reports that a quickie. divorce racHct catering to out-of-staters was flourishing in East Arkansas. Instances of fraud being used to obtain divorces has been uncov ered in Crittcnden, Poinsett, Mississippi, Greene, and Craighead Counties, Judge Smith said. "I've found out things have been put over on the court that a little scrutiny would have caught," commented Smith. "In the future, I will investigate as often as necessary." Under Arkansas law, any person irrevocably drawn. As late as two must have been a resident of Ar Some Thoughtless Persons Defacing War Memorial Some thoughtless person, per hups children, have been wrltinp. on, defacing and chipping at thr names of war heroes carved on the Memorial Monument on the courthouse lawn. Besides being a violation of the law, such action is a dcsecratioi to the honored dead of both world wars. Judge C. Cook, Sheriff Claud Sutton and Deputy Roycc Welsen bci-ger today urged; "All citizens, and especially those living in the courthouse arcs to discuss this matter with their children, and we will appreciate il if any adults noticing such actions in the future, would quickly explain the seriousness of the matter to the offenders and, if necessary, inform the proper officers." Cherry Has Several Ways in Mind to Revise Tax Setup to Provide Adequate Revenue By WILLIAM W. HUGHES LITTLE ROCK, (UP) — How will Governor Designate Francis Cherry revise the state tnx structure to bring in adequate revenues fur state services, particularly the public school system? Ever since the Democratic gubernatorial nominee said he would bring in more revenue without raising taxes (nnd thnt he would do it through tax structure revision) political observers have won-! llul]1|M MU1 dcred how he was going to do it. | Ei S( , n j, mvri . Ike Proposes Isolationism Says President WASHINGTON CITY DOCKET * The following forfeited $10 cash bond on a charge of Drunkenness John Matthews, (colored), Perry I Gra'nd Jury. Bond fixed at $1000, Woods, Robert Bain, Julias Stuart, Jessie Lee Norwood, Grand Lari Eddie'Reed, Buck Brown, Johnnie) ceny, Examination waived. Held Austin, Texas, where Mr. Mosley will attend Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminiiry and Mrs. Musloy will continue her studios al the University of Texas. ot Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Jones. Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Atkinson are spending several days in New Orleans. They will leave soon to make their home there. Presbyterian Youths Attend Rally Mrs. Colburn Stewart has return cd to her homo in Watson after a The Fall Rally for ' tho young j visit with her mother, Mrs. How Boatman, Red Brantley, Joe Boatner. Cecil Coleman. Charles E. Crawford, Major Thonas, Lester Glover, Robert Lindsey, Johnny Henderson, H. B. Marcus, Charlie B. Stewart, George Dulaney, Clifford Epps, R. C. White, Jefferson Currigan, Earl Thornton. Floyd Langford, Transporting intoxicating liquor, Forfeited $100 cash bond. Marvin Warren, Aggravated as- HUma Di-iivawtti** »»*-•» ••••••I- . ..-- „ - nuth Mosluy of Alexandria. La., j people of Ouachiln Prusbytory was I arcl Hayme. and JameH Irving of Morrilton. hold at the First Presbyterian .lo,. r.uonlcr and Edward Mos- Church in Arkadelphia Friday and Mrh. K M. 1-iisbj , Guenlcr and Edward ey, brother of the brUlesroom, Saturday, •ere candlelightcrs, At the reception In the Nolen ome, tho table was centered with Buryess, tiered cake which svas ringed vilh asters and flanked with cnn- lor, Ihe Rev. W. G. Bcnsbcrg. and Mr. Elmer Frisby, who have boon the Attending from Preseott were Jo guests ot Mrs. Mettic Robinson Carrmj'lon. Maxino llonca, John and Mr. Jim Woods, have return- Billy Anderson, Walter and Steven DoVoro and tho pas children have returned from Char leviox, Michigan, where they spent the summer months. urand Jury, Bond fixed at $1000 Vernice Sheppard, Following toi close to another vehicle, Dismissed Vernice Sheppard, .Reckless driv ing, Tried, fined $25. Notice of apl peal, Bond fixed at $150. fl CIVIL DOCKET J B. E. Greene vs. Otis Eatson, Ai tion on account tor $25, Judgmcn for Plaintiff by default for $25. weeks ago it was still possible to get agreement by saying, "Well, least the country is lucky in way — they're both good Anyone who makes that re today is likely to be rcgard- fencesitting coward or an insurance agent. Politics is particularly dangerous as a topic among women, and more women have political opin ions this year than ever. No bus band can shut them up in public either, unless he wants his wife to give him an car callous vlirjen she 'gets him alone. As a matter of WILL ELEVATE PRINCE TOKYO (ff) — Emperor Hirohit will acclaim Crown Prince Akihit . , t'al talk a'f what are supposed to be social gatherings now is between women, not men. *Alen real ize pretty well it is too late to argue. Women never realize a thing like that, if they are really partisan. And do the ladies hav ed to their home in McAllun, Tex Mrs. Harold Lewis and daughter. Nancy, spent a part of last week Texarkana as the guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Bemis and | Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Jordan. as heir apparent and announce nil c i aws ; n their vocal chords? They coming of age at state rites in mid| do _ j nc i ooc }i strong men blanch at November. | the sight of their wives arguing kansas for at least 90 days or plan tn remain in the slate permanently to obtain a divorce. Newspapers have said that, with a little maneuvering, an out-of- statc resident can rent a room to serve as a mailing address, file ruil and head back home to await the decree. "It is appalling what a person will do when they decide they want a divorce," Smith said. "They will testify and get witnesses to back them up on anything. • /'This is more appalling than perpetrating fraud on the court." ? .Syjwrcas, voided yesterday were: Irving Pressman vs. Freida Press man of New York; Julius Haber vs. Syd Haber; Joseph Cocchiaro vs. .Rose Cocchiaro; Constance M. Leach vs. Walker Leach; Laureen C. Cheek vs. J. W. Check. None of those involved showed up in court. Attorneys handling the cases said the whereabouts of their clients were unknown. Natural gas is less poisonofl than manufactured gas bccaus manufactured gas contains carbc monoxide. GET MORE POWER AT LESS COST WITH A DODGE TRUCK! , toyt A. KEUNINO, Pr«s. Pwnt* R»ody Mix, Inc., , Calif. "Dodge power really puts out the work at low cost!" "We uso four Dodge 'Job-Rated' trucks in our operation ,-and Dodge power really puts out tho work at low cost! Most of our work is off tho highway over mud holes, ditches, nnd sloppy ground. But that moans nothing to a Dodge, because Dodge power pulls us thrpugh anything! """A Dodge truck doesn't 't\lo-bit« you to death' either. Rarely do we have any maintenance expense and when wo do, it's legitimate wear and tear we can reasonably expect.Our Dodge trucks are ready to go 365 daysayear! 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Their only consolation is the pleasure of seeing women criticize each other for a change, instead of attacking men — the beasts. Politics now is even separating the boys from the girls. His small daughter told a surburban father this_week: "Well, I lost my new boy friend at school already, and I only had him two days." "What happened?" asked her father. "I found out he's a Republican," she said glumly. Then she looked up at him craftily and added: "Of course, I could get him back Coaches of This Area to Be Interviewed Nevada Fair to Show Sept 17-19 Nevada County's Sixteenth An nual Fair will open Wednesday, Sept. 17 at the fair grounds in Preseott and extend through Fri day, Sept. 19, it was announced today by fair officials. A gigantic parade will wind thro ugh the strcels of Preseott Wednesday morning at 11, marking the official opening of the annual event Approximately 25 floats from tho schools in the county and civic clubs are expected to be entered in the parade to compete for cash prizes. The parade will be led by tho Preseott High School band. Several new features have been added to this years fair, according to the officials. One of the main exhibits this year will be the Arkansas Game -and Fish Commission's portable exhibit of fish and wild game that inhabit the slate. Other features will be a horse show and some expert judging . .in the livestock* 'dcpartrrien' plus a greased pig contest for the boys. The Floyd O. Kile Shows o Baton Rouge, La., will set up its carnical on the fair grounds Tues day, Sept. 16, and will remain through Saturday night. One of the highlights of the fail- will be the selection and crowning of the 1952 Nevada County Fair Queen. Beauty contestants will be entered from every community in the county except Emmet, which produced last year's winner, Miss June Chambless. Miss Chambless will crown the incoming queen after she is named by a panel of Judges from Hope. The queen will receive a cash award of $25. Indications arc that a record number of exhibits will be entered Cherry also is on record favoring lighter teachers' salaries, "if it is possible" to give more money to .hem. In view of the Arkansas Education Association's pledge to introduce a minimum teachers' salary bill in the next legislature which would provide $2,400 annually lo experienced teachers, the question ot where the money will come from assumes slill more important. Fiscal experts say that n total annual revenue increase of nearly $10,000,000 would be required to finance the higher wages. A Uniled Press survey reveals that more money would be brought in without raising taxes through the following actions: (1) Place the revenue stabilization act back on the same basis on which it operated in 1947, a slop which would return an esli mated $3,500,000 to $4,000,000 to general revenues for possible use n the public school fund. (2) Transfer the proceeds from ,he 1951 two-cent per pack hike in the cigarette tax from the state Gen. Dwlght D. proposes an "Isolationist Congress" and that won't bring peace. In a news conference, Truman ripped into tho Republican prcsl denti.'il nominee's call for election of .1 Republican congress while saying Hint peace is the big issue of the times. If wu elect a Republican con- gross, il will bo isolationist, Tru man declared.' Hy way of emphasis, he gave permission for direct quotes around the words "isolationist congress," Press conference rules ordinarily forbid direct quotation of the Pros dent. Truman opened his meeting with reporters by rending a prepared statement in which he atlackcd what he called the "one party press" for its predominate support of the Republican ticket. ROKs Cling to Capitol Hill in Bloody Fight By ROBERT B. TUCKMAN SEOUL, Koron Ml—The Communists blanketed Capitol Hill with mortnr and artillery tiro todny nf tor fnlllns In a nlRht of bloody Rrenadc and bnyonot fiRhtIIIR to capture the Central Front outpost from South Korcnn troops. The U. S. Eighth Army said ,R««d blR guns poured 30 rounds n minute throughout the day at tho toudl ROK (Republic of Koren) infantry men who chased scrcnmlnn Ch nesc troops from Cnpllor Hill a dnwn. Two hundred dead Chinese were counted on tho mud-caked slope nftcr the swirling. nlKhtlong battle the .Eighth Army said. Another 30 were estimated killed. This ralsec Communist casualties in the Cue tol Hill fighting, which flared Slit urdny. lo at least 2,800. The Eighth Army said South Ki roans on Capitol Hill killed wounded 12 Chinese of n Tied pi toon which got caught in the ope nround noon todny. U. N. B20s, using rndnr-aimln techniques, flew through ovcrciisti gnmo." ..... Voutfis Caught Trying to Break Into Drink Machine Two lU«y*nr«old youths nro being (old by City Police following their UTOSI eni'ly today on ;i churito of ilU'uipUnfi to breuk Into ti soft Irlnk machine Hi Wullcr'a n downtown Hope. Officer Mnppy Dunn ,hci« In tl\Q net" while piitrolinR i round town. Police listed tho pnlr ns Wesley Roy IllRhtowcr, IB, of Parkin, Ark., mid Jnmos LorCy, ,OIIK, IB, of DCS Molnos, lawn, Officers ore now attempting to Irncu nil uuto which tho pnlr usud. Former Tax Collector Is Indicted '«I1 Changes in Officiating Rules Listed Teddy Jones, president of tho WASHINGTON Bollch. formerly tho No. a tnx collector, wi!i,., r v.. r today on charges of CvSdlin|||. own Income taxes. Tho Ju* partment announced tHa-- ment, by a grand jury In. 1 lyn. " ' Attorney General 1 said the grand jury ha tot' n five-count indictment atfl Itch, covering tho years Iff elusive. Pollch was the second ^ official of tho Internal Bureau before ho retired, slonnl Investigators hovq al looking Into his activities, .t Tho j ury w j u continue Arkansas Official's Association, In- Ugutlon, McCJrimory said. nics" with Arkansas' mason ot ( or bolhi a Houso subcommittee's j ' medical center construction fund to the public school fund. This would give the schools an additional $2,000,000 annually. (3)' Tighten up sales tax ollec- tions by hiring more auditors and investigators. This, along with an expected annual increase in sales volume, might bring in as much ES $3,000,000 increased revenue, although this is entirely^ Southern Coal Owners Like Lewis' Plan skies to bomb Hcd Western and Central Front pbsitlorig. WASHINGTON Southern easy, Ike." Daddy, if you just liked Pow«r with economy! Powerful Dodge engines have compression ratios as high as 7 to 1. Dodge features, like lightweight aluminum-alloy pistons and pressure lubrication, keep operating costs low. Power with low upkeepl Dodge engines save on maintenance . . , keep your truck on the job. You get such Dodge advantages as exhaust valve seat inserts, chrome- plated top piston rings. See vsfoefoy rf> Power with l«n« Hfel The Dodge truck you choose will be right for your job. Deep frames, shot-peened rear axle shafts, high-capacity alloy steel springs, welded steel qabs and many long-life features. /Q#'&& transportation, Grid Tickets Are on Sale Downtown Football fans can purchase tickets downtown at the following places of business: Roy Anderson & Co., 210 S. Main, Jack's News Stand, 100 S. Main, and Stewart's Jewelry Store, First National Bank Building. Season tickets will also be on sale this week. A substantial savings can be made U fans will purchase season tickets. These may be purchased at the above businesses or at the High School. Season reserve tickets are still available. They will be on sale at the game for the convenience of all fans. Remember that the- kick-off time is eight o'clock, Fri day night, Sept. 12, at tiammons Stadium against Stamps. Buy your 'tickets early and avoid the rush. KXAR will present an unusual and new program tonight according to Carroll Wynn, program director when they air "Pigskin Preview" slarting at 7:45 p.m. The program will consist of interviews not only with local coaches, school officials and players, but with coaches from all over tho southwest Arkansas by long distance telephone. Mr. Wynn announced that they also hope to have numbers by the high school band and yells by the pep squad leaders if possible. Tho purpose of the program, according to Wynn, is to publicize the season opener tomorrow night between Hope and Stamps here at Hammons Stadium. The program will last for one and one half hours in all departments. Several drcd dollars in prize money and 'conjecture- arid siibje On .the face of it, the three-point program might provide the answer to the school problem. But McMath administration spokesmen say there are several things wrong with it. First of all, n return of the rev cnue stabilization act to its "un- tampored" form of 1947 w o u 1 d mean "financial suicide" for slate institutions. In 1947, the first allocation of money under the act gave approximately 53 per cent of general rove nues to the public school fund. All subsequent allocations gave G5 per cent to the schools. In 1949, Gov. Sid McMath altered this process by giving 43.13 per cent of the first allocation to the schools, 65 per cent of the second coal operators appeared today to be toying, with the idea of going along with,'J°hn L. Lewis' share tho-work plan. They didn't say yes, and they ^ say no after discussing the Sr*a~m0.eting of tho: Southern Goal Operators Association's directors yesterday. They instructed their chief nc gotiotur, Joseph E. Moody, to go ahead wilh bargaining in an cf fort to reach an 'agreement wilX Lewis' Uniled Mine Workers before their contract expires on Sept. 30. hundreds of ribbons will be given exhibitors. All individuals and clubs are urged to get their floats and exhibits ready early next week. President of the Nevada County Fair Association this year is Ellis Stewart and general manager is John Gann. » Vehicle Hits Mule Near Washington Some truck or auto sideswiped a mule near Washington early today and investigating State Officer Travis Ward is having a difficult time of finding the animal's owner or the vehicle which hit it. The vehicle apparently didn't stop anc the owner of the mule hasn't claim ed the animal. Revival Planned at Fulton Church * A revival meeting will start Sunday, Sept. 14, at 7:30 p.m. at the Fulton Union Church with the Rev. Doyle Ingram and the Rev. W. H. Snead preaching. Services will be held nightly throughout the week, starling at 7:30 o'clock. PORTRAIT FOUND CAPETOWN, South Africa Prof. G. Wilson Knight of Leeds University, England, says he has found in a private collection here a contemporary portrait of William Shakespeare. The Shake- rpearean lecturer claims it is the first to be turned up since the bard's death 336 years ago. Christian Church Has Temporary Pastor Dr. R. E. Hunt of Fayetteville. will fill the pulpit of the First Christian • Church for the next few weeks. Dr. Hunt is no stranger to this section, having visited Hope many times while pastor of the Texarkana Christian Church. B. It HAMM MOTOR CO. Not Some Person The Robert 3*to listed W this week's court record pufcli$bed by the SUr w net to* " allocation, not one penny from tho third allocation, and 55 per cent of the fourth allocation. Fiscal officials claim that the 1949 revision was required to take care of higher costs of operating state institutions and colleges. To take money away from them now and give it to the public schools would mean a financial crisis for these instilutions. What about the two-cent cigarette tax hike- of 1951? The 1951 act, passed in the special session of the legislature in that year, gives the approximately $2,000,000 in annual revenue from that source to the new State Medical Center now under construction. Building of the 'medical center has barely started, and it is usli- matcd that it will take two more years of the cigarette tax revenue to take care of the state's share in the construction costs. There also will be the problem of operating the Medical Center with operating costs estimated at $1,000,000 per year. Fiscal spokesmen say the only way to bring in more revenue for the schools and not hurt some oth er branch of state services would be to tighten up sales tax collections. But they say the amount of money that could be brought in on such action has been oven-sti- mated. They doubt seriously if $3, 000,000 or anything even approaching that figure could be realized by such action. Do the schools really need $10,000,000 more if teachers' salaries are raised? The answer appears to be one of pure arithmetic, assuming thai the new minimum salaries woulc average $2,400 per year. Pay for longevity in service and for other operating services would Stevenson Is Cheered by Whistle Stops By RELMAN MORIN LOS ANGELES Iff) — Gov. Adlai Stevenson, cheered by his first try at whistlcslop speaking, prepared today to assault the Kcpublicans in one of their favorite campaign fields — the question of corruption in government. He says there are more impor tant issues lo bo fought out in electing thu next president. However, he came into Los Ar gcles last night wilh tho draft ol a .speech thai will go into the issue. His campaign manager, Wil son'Wayatt, said Stevenson will ex amine the question in a Town Hall appearance today. Stock Show Goodwill Tour Is Announced A special committee from tho Retail Merchants Group 'composed of Herbert Burns, Ben Owens, and J, C. Atchley mot In the office of the Chamber of Commerce Wednesday' afternoon and completed details for the annual .goodwill tour advertising the Third District Live Stock Show. Twenty .eari-are-"-atfondy pro misod to go and-the commute feels that at least fifty will mok the trip. Some 25 members of tho High School Band will make the tri and will play a short concert al each town. The 1 committee urges ovoryono who can possibly go and take a car to do so and to contact a member of the committee or the Chamber of Commerce office. The schedule for the dny begin* ut 7:30 at the Fair Park and to appear In Nashville at 8:30, Pros- colt at 10:30 In tho Nevada County Fair parade, Gurdon at 11:30, Camdcn at 12:48, Stephens 2:15, Magnolia 3, Waldo at 3:30, Stamps 4:15, LewisviUe 4:43, and back to Hope at 5:30. The goodwill tour is a very Important Junction for the Third District Livestock Show and tho Retail Merchants and tour committee urtfos the cooperation of all businessmen and Round Up Club members making this a very The State Officinl'8 Association adopted In thulr recent stntc meot-i . . . ( Ing the now manual of football | "ivesllfjation, officiating adopted by the National Association of Collegiate Commls .sinners. This manual hits just been received in tho slulo and will he mmcdintoly distributed. Stulcwldo IL-WS storicH will appear tomorrow n l.itlle Hock papers. The following new procedures will appear different lo llic funs, coaches nnd players. Tho field Judge will be placed on the llnu of ucriminago opposite I WASHINGTON — "Jfl Pr the head linosnuin at'the start of Truman said today ho __,., each scrimmage down and will know of any pressure frei move down the field, after the I While Houso that wa's snap, as necessary. This will mere I on T. Lnmar CaucUo wheh-C ly have tho field judge movlnMlwus the Justice Departn down the field in a similar manner I tax prosecutor. No Pressure on Caudle, Truman Avoi to which the head linesman has hud to do in the, past. -This, change I i will give closer and additional coV'|< crnge on moot plays. The second .change that will be evidenced is thnt all officials will now use a whistle ruthur than horn This system has proved highly HUC- 'Cessful In the National Profusslon- ul League and Is endorsed by all State Associations that liuvc tried it in the past. Heretofore, tho UKC of a whistle has been authorl/cd only for the rcfroo and on kick plays by the fiold judge In addition Truman was told. to the rcfrcc. Touchdown signals, goul lino successful activity. mechanics, and othur general oper. utin« procedures will remain the same as previous years. Communists Make Series of Arrests BERLIN (UP) — Western au thorities reported a wave of arrests by Communist police us So viets today blocked Allied patrols again from moving directly to checkpoints on the Berlin end of the super highway to West Germany. West Berlin police said the Com munist peoples police arrested two teen-aged German girls last night on the border of the French and Soviet sectors. A third West Berliner was arrest cd as he crossed the boundary from the British sector of the city into East Germany, the police said. Wentc to Hood Bonk of America SAN FRANCISCO (fl - Carl F. Wente, 63, today heads the world's larget banking institution — the 57,500,000.000 Bank of America. It has 520 branches; Wente, who retired in 1040 as senior vice president, was elected president yesterday by tho diroc tors. He succeeds L. M. Glanninl, who died Aug. lp. Wente himself will retire again in March, 1D54 —when he .becomes 65. Livestock Show Receive Statewide Publicity The Third District Livestock Show will receive stale wide publicity Suturduy, Sept. 20 when the event will be aired at, half time during the Arkansas-Oklahoma A Se M Football game and will be heard on inure than 30 stations in tho state. This announcement was mado jointly toduy by Bob Shivers, manager of the Third District Livestock Show and L. B. Toolcy, manager of KXAR, after completing arrangements for th«t publicity with Bob Cheyno, University of Arkansas Publicity Director ye* 'terday, Both local men complimented the University for their willingness in promoting outstanding civic events over the state. die htfa » under while general in charge < of prosecutions, A reporter asked whet President know, of • ony' from tho White Houso on! Truman said tersely Caudle hus boon tostll mitlcntly for tho past foru a House commii gutlng the Justice Dopa The hearings have bofl closed dooi'B and here* some conflict *MWgtff «$ he has said. **' Members of the House , tec agreed, whcri talk,ing*vj porters on Monday, thpf had testified that gov ficials had tried on influence his, decisions tern. He was quoted "more than normal" prei put on him. Rop. Keating (It-NY) ers: "There is evidence sure having been brought I in the White HoUflo on Car But Rop. Cholf <D-Ky)j- of the judiciary ro^i agreed. Ho eald he prutcd Caudle's testbno pllcatlng any member c House staff, ' Vj Mrs.it Succumbs' Preseott Mrs. a resident o| early today li She is suj-ytv Loia Alien of Powell flfEJl Maya pt' j/B^ffc Qt H» " ot Pmeott, S, W. Me»^ Funerftl et 2 p.m. Nflv*#» Gamt% P8CQ Cherry Speaks Out for Demo Nominee* LITTLE ROCK W — Judge Fran- c'lf Cherry, next Democratic governor of Arkansas barring an un- bring the average classroom unit! precedented upset, yesterday chose operating cost to $3,600 per year.la political unknown for a major Multiplication of that figure by party post and placed himself the number ol classroom units comes to H8,SOO,QQQ. Add (6,000,000 in school transportation aid, $2,500,000 for state contributions to the teachers' retirement system, squarely behind the Democrat*' Residential ticket. Cherry whose Democratic gubernatorial nomination is tentamount to election in Arkansas, named an $50,000 for administrative costs ol'obscgre Little Bock court reporter, I the state education department, I Willis m P. (Bill) Bowen, aj bi|| ana $750,000 for n^ifAy supervision chpice for secretary ol tjie and the tp|al i» ^S&^ - |c« ~ ~

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