Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 10, 1952 · Page 16
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 16

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 10, 1952
Page 16
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bedroom fc«th. Within 1 block H«WI. 4 ftOOM yule bath, ren. Mm, Ktm. ft AH; 9.00 8,80 1,00 IM 4.00 4.M 1,00 iw* « bou**» riumtwi wunt o» an« War will net tn Wont to *u ft noOM hou»« on JPtrk Drive, 7-3748. ttOOM furnished apartment with b»th. 31ft W, 8. *** Velma Owi, Dad'* Hsmburiet BUnd,UWt ForSoU AT Meroford BtilU, U M» »f mohthn old. Now IdcKlon 4 mllti north on ProvJnrf QttoifiA Roatt. A. W Bloriath, rtoto™ 9 ** PEA^«riivei7"ciay"|f'»v«l, iimd, top noil, and fill dirt. Call Jc«»« Rtn Phonu 7'8S»fl. Bobcats Preparing for Opener Frida Team Looking Much Better in Scrimmage Hope'* Brooklyn N«w York Louis Philadelphia Chlcnffn Cincinnati Hontmi Flttfburtlh Texas May Be Little Green This Season This U another of a series dl.iruftxInR Southwest Conference football progpvcts.) By HAROLD V. RATUFFE early stage* of 1951. But regardless of who the field jreneral may be, he will have at hlf disposal such proven backfleln- ers as Olb Lawson and Richard Ochoa, leading ground-gainers last season. The flfet Dawson looms as an all-America candidate, while Ochoa. a 200-pounder, gives the . ground game good balance with his ground Top Radio Programs! NEW YORK -<*> — Listening tonight: NBC — 7 Vaughn Monroe Music; 7:80 Great Gilderslecve; 8 Groucho Marx Quiz. CBS — 7 Hearthstone's Mystery; 7:30 Dr. Christian "The Letter I CBS — 10:30 o.m. Grand Slarh. ABC — 10:30 a.m. Brenk & Bank. . .MBS — 10:30 a.m. Qu< 'or o Day. . .Baseball —. M Game of Day Network 12:53 P adclphiajat Cleveland. Bobcats hod their best of the season yester day and they looked fairly good with a few rusty spots Which only AUSTIN, Tex. 1*1 — Don't be I conspicuous by Its absence, morn practice and actual play ruip ,ino(l if the boys iii the Orange) Andrews should solve this prob can work out. They open with cn(i white of the University of | cm however. He gave a brilliant Stamps Friday night. • ! Texas look a little xrecn In sports 'A .»««<« Part;" 8 Lineup Drama. ^Te'xas covered" lot, of ground ABC - 7 Postmark 'USA,' Quit; with the spift-T in 1951. Price's 7:30 Valentino's Song; 8 Me. Pre* ^n^Kol^S' 3£* "a", Ul MBS Dr -! m 7 a Music for Ha.f-Hour; 30 101 SOUTHERN AOAOCIATION otiwiiton •rifts ONI Phont 7-3431 > block* ot best homes In town, IMQ, Terms. |IO p*r month. T. N. Delaw, 7-20«. 4«« ..... . _: _ ' : '-' '-•-- CJRA8B h»y/ S«B Cril Stuart,' flt, 4, Hopfl, Plion« W»»l »•«» ' IPE STAR 3 BIRD dog pu()pl*», 1 Cwll or nee Thurmnn 7-3BS1 or Hldllng. J0-3t Rtol Estott for Sole fnt OHIrt •» H*M, Artuiiiwi, >ti« Att »t M«»h I, Rotdi ((wyobld In od- in H«p« ond iwlohbw- l in Hempntactil, Howard, «ml Miilur couiv 2,60 440 l.tO 9.35 M«i(hi bath v Knrage. I«dt 70 x 170. Tills homo Is 3 yearn old, 01 financed, Yoi own thl« fQl' 1800 down, fS8 per month, II you wnfir a I new homo, into U It. UP town, puplex, 7 room«, J Hitch ons, 3 (nubs, double garage, In come |Qft month, Own thin tti $5790. 2 HOOM house, lot (13 x 130, Watt- llghtH, «u», Price $4SO, Term $5(1 coil), $10 a month. 4 ACIVK8, a room house. City wn tor nnd HiihtM, Only »I2IU). l.OTH of nluo lots In HlllH ot lion Addition. Ktuy term*. W 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 t. Pel 0 1,000 .000 .000 .000 Mobile Chntlnnoogft Memphis Atlanta last Night's Mobile 4; Atlanta 1 (II innings) lOnly ««me- |;i»Jiedttl«rt> Tenlsht't Os Coach Ensmlnacr scorned *nt- l»flfd with the scrimmage in which every member of the iqiind ouk pnrt. Although not ui heavy * lust year the Bobcats can fluid u teinn thut will uveragv around pounds with the line tipping n (it 108 and the backs nt 101. The ourn Is more evenly .balanced him In ycuru with the wqlght not wnccntrnled In two or three piny- or*. Chnttnnoo«n COTTON tTATtaLEAGUE Meridian Nntchox '"Meridian 4 3 PC .571 .420 wlnn bent lour-out-of U»«t NlgM'i Rt«ulU Meridian 0; NotchM Red thix fall. P(ir Coach Ed Price and his 11)52 I.oiiKhorns will tackle the most nmbltiuus schedule in Texas' (iU-vcin- football hlntory this season. AruJ they will be undertaking the assignment with the most Inexperienced squad In recent years. Price hus 10 lettcrmen available thin Roa.Hon, but ulmo.st half of thiTn bvcragcd less than eight unlnutct: per game In 1951. Most There hnsn't been n gtandout of the "veterans" picked up far plnyer so far but the coaches have of bnckflold men after a couple of gome*. Jim Yocom, weighing 1(15. will -obiibly got the cull' to start ut k'ft md but he Is .being- sorely prvsni'd by Jesso DUlce who weighs 152 pounds. At right end Its « tossup between Hobby Bruce, 170, and Jurry Jonws, 155. At tucklfs Bills nothwell, 100, the vail on the left aide and Joluiny Tubor, 175, will probably stiu-t at right tackle. Both urc pressed by Hlchard Hunt 177 and Nllc« Hipp, 101. more splinters than playing exper Icncc lost fall. More than half of the Texas .sqund Is composed of sopHoniores and transfers, and vlrtualljyliolf of the probably starters In .Price's two-platoon plan will bu ^seeing their first varsity competltlon/.when the Longhorns open the cairfpulgr with Louisiana State In Biiton Rcuge Sept. 20. And the Steers will still be wet behind the ears when they travel to Chapel Hill for a Sept. 27 engagement with North Carolina, After that, they return to Austin to H. D. FRANKLIN COMPANY 100 South Main A. P. Delony, Munuger. B-3t lh« . fttu l» «nilU*d w- lh« uw to* NHHibijMtlon th* lw«t n»*» pi-mind In thti 01 VNII «» «n A(» iwm i 'x ' i Instructions 3-5-40 cotton poison, 910 per hun- dreil< Houim tur r«nt, live rooms, Wot JFor or So It MY HOfcti » 818 McHoe " Street, Hope, ett, Ai'konia». Mr». Arn 10-31 MOSCOW (*!.•— The Soviet Arm newspaper Rod Star called on Hu flan troops«today to «u«rrt stat nnd,-military dcorcts from the cy of "Imperialist" spies. "The «nemy Is clever, sly nn Mippi'lericed In deceit," Ked Sta explained. "Using all (torts of dls- KUlKoA, iigonts of foreign InU'iH- gfnrt 1 services first of (ill strive to Cfi Irifoi-matlon eonoernlnn di>fer\H«? 0^ our hornelond and the stntc of the urined (orces of tho U.S.S.lt," They Were Ready to Come Home ~^,fl_ The three uoldlers had order* In "their' pockets rotntlni! thorn homo to the U. 9. They were isolutcd by n rnsing, typhoon- whipped'river 30 yards wide nnd 3S feet deep. 'IVwalt tmtll the wonlher elenrod rnciml postponing the trip home. S«t, Ojier DUtmer, Oury. Ind.: But, M«x Beemon, Troy, N. Y., ond Sfc. Leonard balnrd. Sacramento, Cullf., plunued in and swam across. Htlp Wtmtfd pontUoni uvullublu for ,1 hnrd worklitu colorcil buy». Apply Southwest Pucts RybulHlci'K, Southwest Provlnn Ground. 10-at $100 ,w more por month cnvoloDcs in uparo , Bond $1 for and instruction!, snd Company. Box 81, , Arltimlon 74, W« Owarantoo. 8«m Wonted MAN tu train In solos and service work. Salary to start, Cur furnished, AJJOS 3U48, Selling «x porlonct» not noc«H»ary, but Help lul. Auply (it p«r»oh to Mr, Robort WulHtsr, Manager, Singer Suwlng Mwchlnu Co,, Hopo Ar Film Producer to Be Releosed Soon LOS ANGELES W — Film Pro cluoer Walter Wanger will be frce< from Jwll Snturdny after serving three niontha and nine days foi ahootlng nnd wounding Jennlng Lang, Agent ot Wanser's wife, At U'i'«i J«ian Bennett. still speculating Hollywood whether Co-Cuptsiln Tommy Doylw nt 102 will hold down rlKht guard and Jack Jones at 10S, has sewed up the left Kiuird spot. Darrell Mes- »er 177. and italph WlHRlim, 102, will see loU of action. John Keck nt 150 nnd Joe Willis lit 150 will tnkc over the center Spot. The coaches hnvo six rncn lend- In)) the field fur tbo tiuekfickl, Co-Cnpttiln Clyde Arnold,J, 102, nt tullbaek, Kenivulh Stone, IU5, fuul ituymond Churehwell 158, nt tin 1 hulfinick .spots nnd Tom fcld Hayes 1UO ut tiuarturbuck will probably net starting posts. However, the nentors are impresHcd with the work uf Sonny Griffin, H5, nnd Deo Coffee, 150. Counted on for stellnr .reserve work und cnpnble of vnrning start ln« berths tire tnckli'a Mill Guntry, 152, Bernard Uuitn, 1^7, Jnm- OB Cornelius, 200, nnd Itynjlc 0- wen nt 1115. -,', Ends: Mnrshnll Howe IgJ. BwU dy Mosley, 153, Hiohn 157 und I'ul Mosley at Guards: Tom iiecH. L-auturbnek, 151, Barney 'Troece 155 nnd Put Mosley nl 145.', Centers: Jim Wilson. 154, und Jnck Keck, ut 135. Quarterbacks: J. B. Ellen, nt 100. Billy Hussetl nt 135.. Bucks: John Gilbert, HI, Chnr- I«H AtMrson 130, Billy Blake, 135. Joel Osburn. 130, Wayne- Johnson, HO, J nines Cnston,, 142, Paul Uud- dloslon, 137. nnd Terrell Sparks nl 153. I prepare for their home opener gave a performance In the flnnl spring trulning game, completing 10 pas-J sen of 13 for 134 yeards and two! touchdowns. And Andrews is bles-| scd with good targets In Ends Tom Slolhandske, Ollmer Spring, Call-, ton Mnssey and Dawson. | Up front, the line boasts six ofi last year's offensive starters, led by Guard Harley Sewell and Stol- handske, a pnlr of strong All-Am tries contenders. The only spots in the attacking platoon slated for .sophomores are left tackle, right gunrd and right hnUbnck. : : : ' Tops among the crop of promis- ln« young tackles Is Buck Lansford younger. brother of Jim, Texas' star of !the past two seasons. Smooth-running Billy Qulnn appears a. shade ahead of letterman Jimmye Dan.P.ace in the race to succeed Don Barton at right half. And many observers already are pointing to Guard Don Miller ns the Longhorns' next great lineman. Other probably offensive starters will be Bill McDonald at center, and Charles Genthner at right last 8:30 Great Day Quiz; 9:05 Salute •JY Nation; 9:30 Family Theater "Lending Lady." , .. . Thrsday programs: NBC — 10:30 a.m. Bob nnd Ray Oct. 4 with collegiate football's most consistent winner — Notro Dnme. Noxt comes thu Oct. 11 meeting with ominous Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl and then six ever-rugged Southwest Conference g ames, which probably will be even tougher th.'ir, usunl. "We hnvc n small nucleus of outstanding juniors nnd seniors,' comments Price, "but we nre depending heavily on untested sopho mores. We've got quite n number Something New . , . Non Cancellable HOSPITAL INSURANCE 48 year old company. Good In hospitals anywhere M. S. BATES 8. Elm Street Phone 7-4464 One estimate of the populat of North America before Colum* Is 8,400,000 people. Attention Loditft It Is time to 0«t ftut thot« Clothes and bring your a I lions to . RUTH'S SHOP Per quick guaranteed NOTICE KIDS Free Airplane rldts wl« each 12 bottles o? 81 Ml JEWELRY CLEANER! turned In at STUEAR| GROCERY CO. Ask neighbors for ties. W a reconciliation. He has said he is hopeful, but M(ss Bennett, now np- in a piny at Sun- -Fronds of young boys — and they're riot without ability — but they will htive to learn in n hurry to piny ns sophomores in this ruggecl cqn- fercnee.' They'll cut their teeth -on teams like, LSU. NortH'Cnro- linn, Notre Dnme nnd Oklahoma." The Lnnghorn split-T attack is expected to move farther nnd fnst- er this year, for Price still has most of the offensive punch of n pood 1951 team. But Ihe defensive nees who contributed grently to last year's success have depdrted nnd their shoes must bo filled by newcomers. Greenhorns will man the posts htmdled so expertly n yenr ngo by Bobby Dillon the All-American safe ty mnn; Don Mennsco and June Dnvi», lincbucking heroes for three sensons, and Don Cunningham, busiest of nil secondary defenders Inxt full. Senfconed players will be cast in most of the key offensive roles but the quarterback's job likely will so to another tenderfoot — John (Bunny) Andrews, a junior .squndnuin who saw only 12. mln ules of action last season. Andrew- will be pushed, however, by T Jones, u two-year letterman dlrectod the Texas attack In the tackle, seniors who lettered yt-ar for the first time. Sewull, Spring, Miller and possi bly Stolhandske appear headed for double duty, although Price plans to utilize two plantoons as much as possible. The only defensive regulars returning to the same old stands are Sewell, rugged middle man in the five-man line; Line backer Jack Barton and End Bill Georges. Sophomores such as Guard Bob Flinn, End Howard Moon, Halfback Paul Parkinson, Linebackei Jim Kosser, and Back Ed Kelley are strong candidates for vacatec positions ori the defensive plantoon So are lettermen Hub Ingrahan ;md Stan Studer, and- Massey, th< •ery talented wingman who letter eel twice at Southwestern. Pi EASE, Ml STEP DRIVER 'OBEY J/MNM& OUR c SCHOOL PbLlCEAAAW, i Fights Last Night By The Associated Press Los Angeles — Al Cruz, 12i>, Los Angeles, outpointed Chico Rosa, 125, llonoluly 12. Newark, N. J. — Tonny Riccio, 144, Bnyonne, N. J., outpointed ieroy Tate, 138, Barbadoes, British West Indies 8. Miami Bench, Fla. — Baby Vasquez, 137Vi. Mexico City, outpoint- ed Don Bowman, 132 1 /;!, Cllffside ark. N. J. 10. Stockton, Calif. — Cliff Schellin, 154',i, Stockton, Calif., pout- pointed Earl Turner, 158, Rich mond, Calif. 10. • •* Born ro KEEP SAFE/ #'-~~ /1 N C/ii/drerTaren't a/ways careful..; but you can be! Drive Carefully! €sso ESSO STANDARD OIL COMPANY com. itn. o«« i dUUwa»her». Apply Mann. C«fo. A-SO-U \V««U8, hn'iashed to nnci from "- 1 •'"-•- llo»lttuv»nt S-ttt »U1\, room and in private not too, Mrs. «oU«d. Hope, Ar- to Buy HUl bluld- ing, thortyj(hly ', ^quipped far two ptlV.8%' ft^aift^tnU, upstairs and duw«lt»lf». Double nurnge, ISO x ISO lot. Lo'esteU close In, Kvvcr any ' .vucnhctus, 8HI S. Elm. ' » KIVK room brick veneer, Large und spacious. Plenty, eluieu and butlt-ins, Attic fan, Venetian bllnvU. carport, M -Jf' 150 lot. The be«l of locfttlojit to seiiitt uu es< ttttc. Will ton at b»r«uin, 100 S. M»ln Street, \ THRKB Uedrooin ho\««, AU larje roonu, Curpurt and g*r»|e, Nice sh«d» trees, Pav<d «tre«t. Oft x 190 lut. Owner moving to fsrtn WiU toll at burgttln, 513 8. Wul- nut. At IQU West 4th Street—We hftve ,* rtfl good buy, 9 room home. P»ven\«ut, good location. 90 x W tet. Can be boufht (or WT50. S a real deal. 9 room tuilt le»v tUun « ytittr , »ii)und. All city conveu- ^ j.—.__ bsmi^i lam) leu* ; tamer Itaviny ^ , Jtt*\ out«W» city )u$t oft W. AVI. B hn» boon noncommittal. Wnngor'a treodom me«n« fcV'^ x £^ ^ ' CHAV^KR S EtJRANOR told him of Eve » llfeTtt WifNvora*. Jeremy sat the looK N h»d when » |yn>ptoitt» tor him. out, He did* not re_, „ ; it her so." "I WM on the vexye ot ft KfKAkdtpwn. P e r h> P • I Ken five to » pay* jM know. Conault- :<i,jhiw;m»vior weren't urter yw sent her »w»3ft" "To the Children's! Alq. After that, I don't Know. J'y* never known. I never saw hw afaln M»- tll tht« evening." : . •'- : H« halted by h«r chair. "U'a hardly fair to hold the pas' »8«4n» l M commonplace M Kve WM angry 'All right, I iUirKeBted) : it, M ^en'ofWd *e.tly, "You can't ga The wedding is less than; two 1 haven't forgotten." took her coffee to the wlnd«w,,and •tood looking out. ''Lately, Jeremy ' ' ' ' ' Get a HEAD START lor a well-dressed Fall s RESISTOL "SELF-CONFORMING" ihreManed to get «ven. I »»»ven't forgotten her lace wh«n ane aejd that,.. , Jeren», why ha« abe oonve to ThuretonlaT "rw Pete'* aae, dont let'a get •™.***.*tt Bother. You T ve grown out ot • • Nance, you don't believe t*»t.« Dismayingly, she heard her own fears in her voice. , Nance turned. "You half believe }t, too, dont youT" •*-' • "No, I don't." Eleanor said, and »dded paradoxically. "Anyway, 1* dont thtok you should run away. Tin not running away." •Does Jeremy knowT" firmly. 4 wwn tr»mi> KUKM, pit/water, UtdU, Buttae Q»i Smltt tenant WttSe, About tt ttUli troni limit* oa No. i Hl*hw»y, Price «Wft, too* what I mean Tneir eyes met. Jeremy on th* morning *fterJBve her, la UT A aword oyer headT" "Not," Eleanor conceded in fajlr- neaa, "it she hM changed, Jeremy. I'm «(ratd she haanV 1 "Ufa give her a chance, ehell W0T" She heaiUted. It the »aJ(J no Jeremy would think her unjjuit WM ahe? Perhapa ahe had I* 1 thla thing grow out ot control. All •he had to go on, really, WM what ftsrAarwas? -aj-f»-u-p«" ^•j»a-ys'«: £ H-TgKrtas: »&,""""'"""" "** ** "*°»™ -» »« M »- "•— "No." ^ rather not tell her Juet yet you don't mind." Jeremy." Eleanor aaid gravely, Hten't t»»*rt Nance. I rather »^\^^^' y ^^l^r Td and » way." "Dear mother hen. not. QnlywhajModwaMt to yell like ft *tt*f<ft V** l£ U» work it out »y own *ty< AJ9 to 1 getting mjaett eut fPW WO» l 5MWy-.to^.»*«jMt 0 beU«wa t He 1 * co*tu*»4. **>> ****• ** H Kb ottV«r h«t cin give «uch instant conifort «• a tmtrt Resistol. The M on the "inside"... the p«ftki for itwlf. Ift mo«t comfortable hat The **PACE.SETTER" •10 1 wont have her co«» toe- TH« tor eaiy-«|ti»| M?iusi* «e MQ WHW HAT **Ai ITI *» : r«aU«^ teM^MMi W' rw ?£Sgn&3S Other Resistol Hats . 7.50 and 12,50 HERBERT BURNS &:m&!e.-V . Bffi.^'J WeJnei^y, frcp^mbcr 10,19S1 •LONOII YOuf? tpousefcs APE REACT/ Worming Up HORIZONTAL 3Poker»taKc 1 Warmth «'Condition* 5 This warms up f Jwurlshed fo U8ln , 13 Enough (poet.) 14 Follower 15 One leg on each side . 17 Meadow 18 Considers/ ; 19 Weirdest 7 •nrni? 1 ? 01 m«' ?4Small'devils .SSAddTtFons to SOBetoved 94 w i * A P : ' ?5 Ch ^ st rattle a bill 51 Smile brdmdly 24 War god ^26 Accounts'ot 40 t>eep dislike 52 Vftrb suffix 20E a s{ S Indian.^ ° dd lncidehts «Intervening 55 Worm : palm - ' 32 Shelf oyer I fireplace 34 Tests 36 Gratify 37 Climbing i - plants (var.) 38 Denomination 39 Food fish 41 Posed 42 Barrier 44 Bewildered 46 Neediest . 49 Raised strip 53 Insect 54 Those who : emphasize 56 Regret 57 Negative votes 58 Not clerical 5B .Donkey CO U. S. engineer til Sea eagle . VERTICAL ' 1 Leader HOPE JtA-tf, ARKANSAS •y Chick Y«ini| OIARK IKI THANK VOU. 1 (THANK VOU. ISN'T MAMA SWEET? J^J SHE DgAR, POR ^ /^ DEAR POP? *^f>**^^*«*. •**•> 11. «>*<*•... ..« • tte PRESSING ) >. LETTING WE T M v—^ C PRESS THEM ttttftgftg PRESS My TROUSERS By Mlchaol O'Malley OUT OUR WAY •v J. ft. Wllll«m« /' OUR PENCE .i t3O6 HAS RACK. I CANT Antwtr to Previous f&ixtt MIANSVHILB, 6ROWt AM? MUBHV MiAtfe *£» A i*A t-ON'T SET AMVOU1CK . BUILT AROUND \ /SET IT BACK IT--CUZYOU \ AM HOUR KMOW Jl«, OME ) \ AT LEAST.' THIRSTY COW < V WILL TAKE A • \ WEEKS OROWTH OUT OF IT/ | BUILPIM' A SWIMMIM 1 HOLE IM THESE CRICKS. lljidy 16 whispers 20 Old Greek I colony 28 Book of maps 45 Corridor 30 Entreaty 43 Brazilian 31 Assistant > seaport 47 Burden 22 High \vinds 33 Mongol . 48 Greek portico WASH TUBBS MORKJIMS, BILL. WOWDER IF VOU KMEW THIS Y WHO? BOV WHO W*£ KILLED BREKKIMQ IM A ' SEE TMW .. ••. f-'j-- P '"'•-V- v - v, 'S V " tP'f'!&Kl !j *'!£*** t^^f'S 't%-''^aJc * ' BORM •&%$% OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hooplo . MR. PRESIDEMT, ^^^^j^^^^^^'f^:€ss^m ^CKl WI^TORF TRIUMPH 6HXXJL THet^l HAVE 60T AROUMD''* 1 r v^ G ^? tJMPL& LlkE A \, ( to YOUR coswieeev vipo POT A SAt>DLen FORSOT-UALLV&U IT? —MAYSe T'LL/f PERUSE IM rue "' ££IN<SIM<S IT s- \ PAPERS -A) ARRESTS BOuFS AND HER BUDDIES cox v\ m v\<vo? --DAY IMA DEATH NOTICES/ 2 Essential being CARNIVAL By Dick Turner BUGS BUNNY I'M ON MV WA^f TO PURSUE) TH' ELUSIVE __ _^/ 0UTTEKFI-V. PUT FIK6T J THKT'^.WHAT FUNNY BUSINESS By Harthberger ALLEY OOP I BETOHA"ZEEK" ^\IF IT 16, HANG ONTO VOUR MAGIC WCfcD} HAT, BECAUSE I'M (JOINS •THATCONTROLG TH7 TO SEE HOW FAST. IT I FUfiHT OF THI& yCAN SET US BACK, 1p DR.WONMUG'a- LABORATORY.' / HANa ONTO MV HAT PIP T HEAR ? . \V0U flAVP *JTOQ lAtB NOV^VT* r ^*jgjfi6r..aX-^ . ,; ^Nf~*rT^f^ T. M. DM. U. »,•ffl OW. . C»r. I5SJ by NC» $.c,ic.. !„«. Thi$ wa»aniin»iel« job, officer! You understand? An "" " " '' s. Inside job I"- SIDE GLANCES By Golbroith "If Number Four wins my book* FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS CHRIS WELKIN, Ploneteer lyMlchMh M*S > * * ^iiuJ CfoOH l«,CAR0Efc 6AJU.,, ) HAVE A "\ HOW'£ vrtner eimie>B 7 /MOMENT: ICK/ ICK/ ICK/ ET AROUNP 50 FAST? WHICKLE (PRO VPN LARD SMITH

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