Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 10, 1952 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 10, 1952
Page 6
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V?¥, >>%% HOPt StAt, HOPE, ARKANSAS , September 16, W»dn«»do y , September 10, 1952 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS ten, Tnfl ibwil Iho <J«», Kl" of thono for weh « fottim ter «»»» *t»fnteh And bfl ft hi* *« »«!**«• *W* h • - , » ««»<^ teMtt, I* tn (fl!W t« « for ftftnthw 03 finw, Th*< fuel Ihnl *hff fti»)'»Htf of (tw liy _..,.^« ,.».,.» foe the itttA «1wvo all irth win*, Jnli him "on ( '" wn '" '"* of Eliwahowor rtooim't nMim trii'rrn th** minority rfwim't t. turned Egyptian Quits as Official of Arab League *hflr«t . Jt triny h«v« cho*on IN? H th«i»ht hft hart n better rtf wlrtnWK »n November, ft|thon«ti tho pBrty hfl» turned Tnft throe llrttu" nnw — In In Jf»4« oml In l»M •** tnr » nt the |iri'«Mfncy, 1»l» d(W« not (f?#iT» to hflvn m»dB ii n »1lKhl Hwt In hli thlnklnn lh> nan Indicated In no wny thril \w h»* cti«n«(jd. Add h<- known ho tho thinking fit tunny who mltfbt hfivc pro him «» h »indWflU». Fur two wcfkM now »t le««t liflK been Incrciifllnn t«ll« — *'" ort-ftgttlrt nnd off'««ftlr> bnul* - tbnt li« WM« KOIIIB to eonfj-r with fll«<jn howei', who h»» flppnittnily been ••nNlmi8 to hove hint cnmjialun Civilisation We«kenl Rtiiitonce to Dtteoie ITHACA, N. V. * — thi» v*ry pff<er<<s of Incoming clvltlxtd ntity imvff made mnii more constitution nlly pron* lo certain type* of fttncfr, rlicuinnlolH »fthfltl», i Ahdel »•» n'l'I ponslbly certain form* of Itfthrnan AwiiTrh, Egyptian necre| mental Illness, a Johnt Hopkins tory-HMiertl ot the powerful Arnbj s< lentIM nay*, fxjf.giie, rftttfgnwl unexpectedly last! Dr. Curt P, Rlchler told th* flight, H« quit only n few hmir»| American Institute of Biological |j(ifrtf» the lawn-notion nri(nnf/.n-)^<'l^ntUt«i yesterday It mn'y hnve ton opened oflft of Its most lm-!t'-''''n that AN man chonfed from Htrtnnt «e«clon«, jhls primitive, hardflnhtlng statu; Wo ton don* w«r« Jtlven Immmll to n stale of hl«hly secure dome* tely for hl» decision to quit. KujtiHIy, change* occurred In his a Bell Files Bond for Rote Increase Theatrical World Poyt Tribur* NEW YORK iJTi — Th* St. of the family of her husband, pro-J secretary of state an* wartlr ducer Richard Aldrlch. times, without commit. himself to nny promJuo^ ' «f iiu tlift IniihM for the mun who bont him In Chlcn«o, Tnft »«!< lu* wantii to talk with the «on|9.ra NOTICE! s , . -,-. W« ore prepared to take care ?f w:\your winter pasture PMA frfff^tfs for seeds and fertilizers ^;li%«ll OS Cotton Dust, DDT and '^ *%(iplutn Arsenate. „ , of parking room and ri'lcfccHnb space at our new location (business is appreciated. MONTS SEED STORE 310 E. 2nd pi hnft played n domlnnnt role in iif league throiiKh A7/,nrn, who n« been necrelnry-uenernl alnec In fnundollon In ItMfl. 1 1 In term ns not due In expire until July, 083, Other Rtatex In the league are drdtin, Iraq, Maudl Arabia, I.elm nbfi, Syria find Yemen. Cnlro newnpopcr Bpeculollon ap- pejaCed In agreement that Az/nm'« wan In neeordance with Kuril cml Hex «tnnd* — ponnlblyl m:ikln({ him an enitlcr victim l» f.'i-rtfilti nllinontff. Reds Soy Wett Germans to Strike MOSCOW (*)— Prnvdn wartisd tf dsiy (hut whwi tho Wo«t German IK hnllt up by the AJile-i, It j Th"0(er rcwons todoy, th* home {nf Gertrude f-nwf'cnep mtsslng jf.om HF sign*. And as it reopens after n day UTTt, ROCK i* — Southwest- 0 ' "".ui-nlnu. *"? bod y of ils fallpn ei-n Bell Telephone Compnnv filo,lU tar ~ a trouper In the greatest n $000,000 bond with th.- slnto Pub; tradition to the painful end - will lie Scrvtee Commission yesterday! «" l '» a fl " nl rpslln K I'' 3 "- , in 0 step toward puttlni; Its pro-! Th(> st - Jnme «- ^''^ Miss t.avy. po««t *2.3 million i-nti- Inrrease Intoj " inr< - P'ay«« ™ e , l< v n"lf>B role in effect Sflpt 21 I "'fhf Kini? and I, canceled Its per- Th* proponed new rate (tched.ilej'" rmancp ^sterday for her funer- was suspended by the PSC when! cl scrvie '\ a - , .. „ Bell submitted It AUR. 21. The bond! Olnt ' r « h e n » eM nl ?"S lhtc O reat would alk.w the firm to put its new i Whltt> ^ ~,, and J» London's ' \Vf?t Knd — dimmed their mar (jiiees nt curtain time In a silent trilnite to the English girl who touchrd theatrical heights on two continents. Miss Lawrence died Saturday morning of cancer. So well had she pl.-iyid her role that none knew of hcr final weeks of great pain. Yesterday she lay in a rose-cov General Marshall Arrives in France LE HAVRE. France i-P -Gen. CeorMc C. Marshall, former U. S. chief of staff, arrived » Fran today for an inspection, tour Americnn military cemeteries. He is chairman of the!' Ameri Battle Monuments Cotrtrrtjssion. Marshall will inspect Cemeterij in Belgium, Molland. Italy «' ltl )Pl sibly in North Africn. '« J f Choose convenient WJnb«» of Egypt's new f> r< . m i, v j lynyst';'^ 1 towards the West--like VloJ, Qvn, Mohummod Naguib. A URiially rellnble noiirce mild A7znm hos been under fire for hln Hilli-r did. Comparing the situation with that rates into effect, Riiarnnteelnt! stil> jcrlbers a refund if the rate boost h denied. Several cities have served notice that they intend to oppose UIM in crease. The Commission refused to accept a iclmllar bond last spring. which Bell filed in an attempt to put into effect a requested $!.<) million increase. Commissioner Howard Gladden role tn the lfM8 Arnb-Jewl«h Wir. in whftrh the Arab League notions were defeated by the /lonlsts seek- ln« to net up their own country In ' Holy Land, ban nald that hfn reform b«||»n during thnt win- In pfotont aj(l>ln«t nrrii)) scnn'Uil-' (»n<)' profltijtrlng which sent K«ypt Wh ; troop* to battle with dud am rm Wit ion flnd faulty weapons. "8oMl't»«# iplo»e to NaKiiili said Kttj'pt will recommend acceptance Of 'the A7./orn'» t'culiinallon. Tw other league nations — Jordan ami Iriuf — were reported In favor of accepting.' existing nfter World War 1, Communist party or«an said United Stales has allied Itself chiefly with West German "rcveng the the Raid, i*U". The alms of this group, it are directed Just as much the West European nations iui iitinlriMl the "camp of peace and democracy" In the East. SOCIETY Pnon« 7^411 Betwun I A. M. and 4 1». M, rrcd coffin, clad In the (,'own she wore In hcr last stage perform »nUr'ihV'ip"sc"hns"n'or«Vocided"whn 1 t'; 11I1CP - Mftnbers of th^cast^and oth iittlon It will take on this latest U>nd proposal. The main in Jnvn. of Indonesia to learn lil.t vlewn ntul whnt he'd Ui> If fleeted, 'J'HIfl hesltnnfy of Tnfl's leaves tho Uinir open for him to «lri-|lne nuch a KpvuklnK tour If lu> ilnciin'l hear from KlMenhowcr wliul he wijtitii tri hour. If-,Taft »liiyi« out of It nod Ki BenhliWiT wln.i, the Ufneral'.t ,sup- porU'l'S Will, It xci'ttis sure, try to topple -Taft .from his pre.senl p<ml tldlt 6f Republican leader in the Senate, If Kiseithower mnUes eommit- inentN to Tuft and then ttoes on to Win, with Taft'd help. Taft would be in n better iwsUion to keep bin iUmutu f#,V-$j '' tiftti.* -,» w i \ l , >'.-.., ,,; *m'$\'i' «, » • ' >lif- A ' ', ' '-i & _ t * J * ^ ;SH - :i|1 -4 J «i>»i\>- Jl^ k«,,« i V , ,s*,i •^^ . '!**: F.^Tv i »• te %4>^'.' l-WiaV ,* v&x jm B-'-f^i fc-r I FOODtpRA COAT M4/a&rt*0 ,,. nwt> tn te wovenper/ec*ion , . . natural <mdlWromAU^Hfnom>*tA<)^^ «i wo*(f of«enl <m <(<>^ andj«^ tuttdw. O/ Here Exclusively $49.95 M» AIR Conditioned The Negro Community By Htltn Turner Phone 7-4474 Or bring it«m» to Mlie Turn** 1 ' tit Hlckt Funeral Horn* Congressmen Tour Bottle Front CENTRAL FRONT, Korea W — Ten U.S. congressmen toured UK- Korean battlefront today rind reported they found no critical shorl- UKO of ammunition. They Issued a statement saying the ammunition supply Is enough to meet the present tempo ot the war. They are members of the appropriations subcommittee of the House Armed Services Commit tee. SU'Wiirdess tlonrd No, 1 will mc«t at the Iminf of Mr«. Minnie DOUR hi:- Kriday, Soptember 12, nt !> I'.in. ers came to mourn. Five thousand persons stood outside the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian ing the service. Burial will take place* today at Upton, Mass., in the private plot CHANGE lilJI I MO-PAC Buses to ST. LOUIS • i Connections for Chicago, Detroit, New York and Washington, D. C. Don't fret hours away waiting for connections! Enjoy them in comfort aboard Mo-PACs streamlined THROUGH SERVICE buses. There's real relaxation in the soft, reclining seats :;. and a real saving in the amazing low fares, TICKETS -INFORMATION, Prayer mooting We<lnoHdny night Si'ijti-tiibor 10. ut BrtoBoe Memorial CMK Church. Mrs. f'hrlstlno Wulla-r and child- ii'ii of I,OM AnxeU'H, Calif., uro vi!-itin|> Mrs, Walkur'H parents, Mr. ;ni(l Mrs. Krsink .lohnstin, arid other n hitiVr.M. Mr.'i, Odessa Stuart has returned in her home in Hichmond, Calif,, iiceompiinled her was her mother, Mis. Kiln Shaw. Mrs. Myrtlene McCall of Chi- ei.iio, 111., Is visllinR Mr. and Mrs. \V V. Kutherforil. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bradford <>!' CiiMiiimorlin, La., spent thf week end with Mr. and Mrs? F. L. Doug las. imd other relatives. William C. Nelson of Kansas City, Mo., spent tbe wuek end with hi;! sister, Mrs. Mattte Somlers, and friends. Claudia Walker of Kansas City. MIJ., is visiting his parents, Mr. nnil Mrs, Jessie Walker. Mrs. Resa B. McColUim nf Los Auuelus, Calif., is visiting friends and relatives. Mr. mid Mrs. Roy Cox of San , Culit., hnve rcttirned to their luime after spending a fe,w days visiting Mr. Cox's mother, Mrs. Liuiiie Cox, Mrs. Mnruuret Kngland has re- tui'iiod home after a brief visit \\ith her daughter, Miss Leona Hfig land in Chivago, Mrs. Mary MMchell and son, Ar- tlior have returned to their home in St. Louis, Mo,, after a visit with Mrs. Mitchell's mother, Mrs. Mattic Sunders. C. A. Cooper spent Sunday visit- tug friends in Idabel. Oklahoma. Tho Rev. T. J. Rhone and members of BeeBee Memorial CMK Church worship with th* Rev. F, ^. Williams pastor of the Gurrett Chap rt Baptist Church on Sunday. September 7. BIG NIGHT Dairy Cattle AUCTION THURSDAY NIGHT SEPT. 11, 7:90 P. M. Owens Bros. Yard Texarkona, Texti 75 HIGH CLASS DAIRY CATTLE 75 of 40 to e»lvl»8. Ay«Wr«. •nd Ou«m»»y To Qlvt your child (tplrln. TtbKU iro </4 • dull dote, Calendar Wednesday, September 10 The City Federation of Garden Clubs will have their annual luncheon at the Barlow Hotel at 12:30 September 10. All garden club members who wish to attend please call your respective garden faub president. will meet Thursday, September 11, at 7:30 at the home of Mrs. £. P. O'Neal with Mrs. E. A. Mbrsnni as co-hostess. All members are urged to be present. The regular monthly meeting of the Business and Professional Wo men's Club will meet at the Hotel Barlow Thursday evening, September 11, at 7 o'clock. VJ : Missouri Pacific Passenger "Station Phone 7-2651 SAVE ON LARA** 14 liblelt 25c, IK l«r 4fc The DaAnu Lilac Garden Club' will meet Wednesday, September 10, at 2:30 in the homo of Mrs. C. C. Coffee with Mrs. J. J. Samuels as co-hostess. First Baptist Church held its monthly business and social meeting Tuesday night «t Pair Park. The president, Mrs. Norma Jean Delaney, gave th* devotional, af ter which a picnic supper WB." served to the eleven members present College Notes Richard Duffle, son of Mr, and Mrs. J. M. Duffie, pledged Kappa Sigma during Hush Week which ended Saturday, September 6, al the University of Oklahoma. There will be a meeting of Girl Scout Community Committee at 2:15 Wednesday, September 10, at the City Hall. "- Thursday, September 11 The American Lc«ion Auxiliary , TODAY & THURSDAY Tony OJifflS Wednesday, September 17 Paisley PTA will meet in Paisley School auditorium on Wednesday, September 17, at 3 o'clock. Garland PTA will meet on Wednesday, September 17, at 3 p.m. at the school. Doming and Going SKI. Billy Beaty, a member 01 the 733rd Air Force Band at Alexandria Air Force Base, La., was the (juesl of his parents, Mr. and Mis. Joe Beaty. over the week end. Sjit. Buaty is leaving for Washington, p. C., to attend an DOROTHY DIX Nervous W/7e advanced srh for bandsmen Notice The Oglesby PTA will not meet Wednesday, September 10, but will meet Wednesday, September 17, in the school auditorium. Chapter AE of PEO Has Luncheon Tuesday Chapter AE of PEO Had a luu- cheon at the Country Club Tuesday at 1 o'clock with Mrs. H. t) Kyler, Mrs. Ernest O'Neal, Mrs Vvalter Sims, and Mrs. Edwin Stewart as hostesses. Mrs. Franklin Horton conducted tbc business meeting. Commit- wero given by thv tee reports chairmen. Nineteen members were present Arrangements of zinnias wen placed on the mantel and table. L, D. Barnum returned from u visit vvilii his mother. Mrs. Orpa Baiuum, and other relatives and I'rieiuis in Union City. Indiana. Dear Miss Dix: My husband and I both apreed to take our problem to you since we can't afford a psychiatrist. I had a hectic childhood and vowed, before I married that I would never try to dominate my household or make my children and husband as unhappy as 1 had been. When I did mnr.-y, t don't know what came over me. I began to feel frustrated, fell in love with another man for a brief spell, then had a nervous breakdown. 1 also suffered a loss of faith in Ood. That however, has returned to me. We now have a nice apartment, after five years of marriage, three lovely children, and I feel the worst of, the storm is over. All my troubles, however, are not at an cud. My husband and I argue constantly over unimportant things, mostly in front of our children. It's getting to be unbcar- Mrs. Lonniu Buie and children, VieUi Carol and Lonnie Louis, Jr.-, of C'amtlen spent the weeKend with her parents, Mr. Henry. and Mrs. J. C. Mrs. Lois Purtell attended a meeting at the Washington Yourue Hotel in Shreveport Tuesday. A-3c Paul Ingram of F. E. \\ar- ren Air Force Base, Wyoming, is spending 10-day furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe R Ingram, and other relatives and friends. Mrs. Johnson Hostess to Business Woman's Circln Tne Business Woman's Circle of the First Baptist Church met on Monday night at the homo of Mrs. Anne Johnson. Officers were elected and thev EXTRA: 20 min. Featurette starring Howard Hill, Famous Bow and Arrow Expert. Also: "Dutch Treat for Sports" Restless Youngster (at 3. a. m.): "Mamma tell me a story." Mother: Hush, dear, Daddy will be In soon and tell us both one." — Jo Ellen Barr ouice October 1, 1952. Those i,u;cted were: Circle chairman, Mrs. Ben u- wen, co-chairman, Mrs. Horaix- ruiler, secretary-treasurer, Mrs. Anne Johnson, program -chairman, Mrs. M. S. Bates The October meeting will tie held in the home ol Mrs. Thelni Moore Submit jokes for this column and win pasties to the Hialto. For every joke used, the person submitting it will be mailed 2 passes. Jokes must be limited to 50 words or less, and must be suitable for publication. Leave at theatre boxoffice or mail to: Manager, Rialto Theatre. 1 . Wesleyan Service Guild Meets with Mrs. McPherson Tne \.-esleyan Service Guild of the First Methodist Church met on Monday night at the home of Mrs. Brents McPherson with Mrs. .1 W. Patterson as associate hostess Mrs. Charles Taylor, president. presdide over the business meeting. Keports from Aldersgate wer Guests of Dr. and Mrs. J. G Martiddale and Mrs. J. O. A Bush who attended the funeral ot Judson Bush at Prescott Tuesday were: Mr. and Mrs. James B. Bush, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Dobbs, Mr. and Mrs. James L. Kidd, Jr., all of Little Rock, Mr. and Mrs B. R. Sayve of El Dorado. Mr, and Mrs. Joe Laccficld of Dallas Mrs. Dexter Bush, Mrs. Willian Florence, Mr. and Mrs. Van Join soa, all of Texarkana, and Mr. anr Mrs. Jonu Lookadoo of Arkadel phia. able. 1 seem to be repeating the situation of my own childhood which are the very things 1 \vus so determined to avoid. I feel il we continue like this I'll flare up and have another nervous breakdown. My husband and I arc 14 years apart in age and both are artists. I do portrait painting; he docs scenery. While we love each other very much we don't see eye to eye on bringing up the children, or in what makes life worthwhile. hood yourself, and are sensible { h to realize the damage you i can do yxntr own youngsters by repeating tbe pattern with them, pull yourself toRi-tlter. It will lake a tremendous effort, but you know it will be worthwhile. The answer to your dilemma is in your hands; don't let it slip. Dear Miss Dix: The boy wilh whom 1 am going steady is start- In K military academy this fall, lie doesn't want to ,;o becaiu<t< ' •' s ;ili-;»i<| I'll bivilk up \vilh linn while he's away. He'll only K> i home twiri' a year, 1 iii>n't be- \ lievo this will happen, but how can t assure him of it? I Ul'ISK, Answer; The boy. al his age, should l.ie more coiuvnu-l with acumrmi; an education than witli romaiife. First things 1'irn! It yi,u cure I'Mom;!) for earh olner, timo won't cause a separation. I love to go out stay home. Answer: While he likes to E. F. I do appreciate your confidence in rating my advice so well, I really cannot compete with the personal attention of a psychiatrist — which is definitely what you need. Your problem is, in itself, not insoluble, but you IVar Miss Dix: Two mouths ai;o I met a very nice boy. Several weeks later lie invited me to a party and we had a \\oiuleilul time. Now I haven't heard lioni him in over a week. Dn you ihii.k n he is ending our frien.1 .-hip, or "Jthat perhaps he doesn't have the money to take me out'.' DOIUS Answer: A week really isn't giving the boy :> chance. If you want to see him again, give him a little more time, then invite him to a gel-together at your house. From there on, it's up to him, , Helcascd by The Uoll Syndicate, Inc. have overlaid it so many Branch Admitted: Hope, HI. Hope. Mr. and Notes Mrs. Claudo Tullis, 4, Mrs. C. P. Scott, Mrs. Fred Tullis ot Bt. 4, Hope, announce the arrival of a baby boy on Sept. !). given y Hoy Stephensbn aim Mrs. Taylor. Mrs. Ben Edmiaaton gave the devotional and Mrs. Mr- Pherson had charge of the program. Fourteen members and one guest, Mrs. Bill Brassier of Eastland, Texas, were present Golden Circle Class Has Picnic Supper The Golden Circle Class of the'the resolution later this week. Group to Ask Use of A-Bomb I y OS ANGLS (#)— A resolution calling for .use of atomic bombs in Kore'a- is^j^dxiied ! (o tie pr'oposec to delegates at the 29th annual National Convention of the Marine Corps League. Paul Corbin, the league's nation ai chief of staff, said in opening sessions of the convention yester day that "bombs across the Yalu River" offer the only way to end the war in Korea. Ho predicted almost unanimous endorsement of fears, apprehensions and worries over the past that it's almost impossible to extract the meat of your trouble. The effect of your nervous breakdown, coupled with an artistic temperament, makes it, difficult for you to see things in a good perspective. Actually, your only difficulty now seems to be continual quarrelling — and, I suspect, a . good portion of nagging on your part — over inconsequential things. A firm resolve to keep these arguments away from the children, and a little patience with your family could overcome this trouble in no lime. However, you cannot achieve the necessary consideration and patience until your nervous and physical ailmentTj are professionally treated and cured. You Can Try If you want to try by yourself— and you would certainly deserve a good deal of credit if you could— get to work at once and learn to overlook minor flaws in your husband. You both have interesting work so, if he doesn't lake you out as often as you think he should don't nag! Set aside a definite and limited portion of each evening — or better still, stretch it out to each week end — lo»sottle your differences. This can be the "argument" period and should be held entirely away from the children. Since you had a harried child- The finest Shock-Proof Ride In the World Today!" says Tom THIS IS THE VERDICT OF THE NATION'S LEADING IMPARTIAL MOTOR CAR EXPERT AS REPORTED IN MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED MAGAZINE, SEPTEMBER, 1952, ISSUE N EVER has an automobile received a finer tribute than that accorded the Nash Ambassador by MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED Magazine's Tom Me- CuhilJ, outstanding car expert. Tom McCahill tests all makes of cars —200 different models in the past six years. He puts them through backbreaking grinds, testing, performance and handling. His impartial findings prove the outstanding value of Nash. He writes: "Tto ftn**t shock-proof rid* tn world today . . . b«f»bump-l*v«l»r." The extra strength and safety of Air- flyte Construction, the balance of Airflex Suspension, all contribute to this unmatched Nash riding comfort. < "Acr*»jMMv«foJfar bargain," , Here we the widest seats of any car. Even plenty of space for big Twin Beds and Airliner Reclining Seats. "Among the best performing cars." In the "Grand Prix d'Endurance"at Le Mans, France, the Nash Super Jetfire engine powered the Nash entry to the top spot of all American cars. "In niM-cJimbing, second to none." The Ambassador was the only overdrive-equipped car to take McCahill's "test hill" in high—proof of Super Jet' fire power. "iy far the best Nash has ever offered, and that's saying a let." Nash Airflytes are the first American cars styled by Pinin Farina, whom McCahill calls the "Rembrandt of automobiledesign." Visit your Nash dealer and get your Jrte reprint copy of Tom McCahill's informative article. And see all three great Nash Airflytes—the Ambassador, Statesman and Rambler—the world's most beautiful cars. Oite ride and you wili agrte with Tom McCahill. IUUSTR4TM THE LOCAL ACCLAIM IS GREAT! The following comments were made by local people who had just seen "QUO VADIS" "Wonderful picture — well worth the time for everyone to see it." — Mrs. Jim McKenzie "Magnificent picture — beautiful .scenery as well as moving." — Mrs. R. T. White "I liked the picture very much and it was not overdrawn in the least." — V. D. Keeley "A magnificent film — holds one spellbound. Why can't we have them like this more often." — Claire Wright "Quo Vadis" is a masterpiece of the skill of the motion picture industry. We appreciate the unusual opportunity of seeing such a picture in our own theatre," — Mrs. Geo. Peck "It is a most powerful drama." — L. T. Lawrence 'Excellent." — R. T. White "Words cannot express the splendor of this show," — Mrs. G. C. Cromor ^rniKKK^m^K She was a Christian—he was a pagan and their love was a conflict between faith and the flesh. A great human story unfolds in this epic of an era told with unrivalled splendor! . M-G-M's Nod Motort, Ofr.' ftlratf «, M«i. * "VWM fcave fa 90 0 long woy to beat the Amba*saJor"-MCM MAKE YOUR OWN "ROAD TI5T" AT YOUR ~Mm*A. DIAUR'5 BERT RETTIG NASH MOTORS COLOR BY TECHNICOLOR STARRING ROBERT TAYLOR • DEBORAH KERR t LEO GENN AND PETER USTINOV . SCREEN PLAY BY JOHN LEE MAHIN AND S. N. BEHRMAN, SONYA LEVIEN . BASED ON THE, NOVEL BY HENRYK SIENKIEWICZ • DIRECTED BY MERVYN LeROY PRODUCED BY SAM ZIMBAUST-AN M-G-M PICTURE SAENGER APUtTS: Matinee ADMISSION PRICES t -. Colored f*ic«ny (All Showf) %&& 4^i|£l]r-€0 (AU Wednesday & Thursday 50c * PASS LIST suspewpep FOR THIS ATTHACTJON * f f ATURES ATi HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE S, Main & Country Club rd. • LAST DAY • 'ANGELS IN THE OUTFIELD" with PAUL DOUGLAS JANET LEIGH SPECIAL SALE! OVER 306 * TIES r From Our Regular On Sale Starting Thursday 9 a. IB, • All Silk • Rayons • and Others • Values to $3.50 »$ ;i ALL ONE "Tj PRICE M 'fii 3 for $2.00 4 ~* I v . m It's time for ties, and here is a sale that will pleqse you' *' You'll want several of these> and you had better be hero early when they go on sale as they will sell fast. < IlERBE&TBUN r if Black suede with grey leather trim, Green suede with Benedictine leather trim. Small, Narrow, and Medium. Sizes 4!ii to 9, 11.95 Gray Suede & Leather Widths AAAA, AA & D. Sizes 6 to 9 < 13.95 '.J'r Navy Ijfue aa shown. Small, narrow and mec). ium. Slzos W-i to 9. Shown-loft below. 11.95 '»nff'7^ jw?mm«aiggjBwv»«"MBM iuiL»jui»Mia^a»Miiii<i •••"" "«• I'wmiPilvilHUNWPMmiHMIMHHIMMPM rhythm step 4V cushioned eose O at three point* O 3wwfiBBS9Sw8w^HBBBHIwB8 presents YOUR SHOW OF SHOES Us a fashion-show.,, it's a va t-a show ...of what's new for Fall *' 'i Watch, now, Tor fashion'* quick changes-of-jcene . , , to Black or Brown leather as shown below. Sizes 5'.ii to 9. Small, narrow and medium. 9.95 In all brown as shown below. Sizes S'/it to 9, Widths AAA, A, B. 12.95 rich colors, to handsome leathers and velvety Step stars the soft, drcumakcr look in »hoe« for ... sweater-and-skirt, tweedy suit, noon-and-»ft« 4nM Always Tamed for tbe walking ease of thotc J-2»^ Rhythm Step now add»,., th* wonderful lu t-"i»» 'ArjV, 11 '.™ H.^41 « kit ' ^^11 . ttwM It* iJif' 'Tj "u^i SV^ 14?? >«^"*l x ^ , <f V 1Q I" ' " l -lp>'> 4* 3«> t i " /l '"4i K-*fl«,. W.

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