The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 22, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 22, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE SIX (ARK.) COURIER NEWS n » , ! n - r , . . ._ """" "———— —- — vradoalcd From Incubators, lemons Dionne Babies Really Begin , 0 Enjoy Life In Changed SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 1934 ' ' (li>["llUil, ii'l ! , i | IU ' Mllll In, rlin, to'l.lloi li, |nr .jiiilMl Ilii". .) | ( .i> )h, |,[l ,) lm IM Inoiiiu 'jumtkjilcl " li inuir (I nluit ,,n]v u i,|, f,,, ,<, ciilion ui l-s tinv umi|inu lo I,-, \\ ,,„ ,] lt , ,,,, ml|l|ll 0 ,, , CHI, l>i D,for- n tils 'ii . uU oiiiunlunllv in „ 0 \. In u,,v cli'it,'i Him Ua huMiliil ; l,i ( i, j luiu ,,,„,,, ,, (|J !n ,„ 1)|ur ivi;ir»)-t Iliroiisli ill..' u-IiidT '' $$&''}!*>'' 1 * ''i'JlIB A. ' —$M ' (Lopju.lil, J') 1 M'\ husui* iuU I ^ ^'^ '" '"- °" 1 °« I''»l M,,trv uunbit,,,'! Ami wl u ,t a ' Tiny .Marl.' !l:ihl(.:l 'll L- h'l't, ::ii(l lOinlllf Dlniiuu look inoi'o bored Ilia i'i-yiliiii|;, will takit tlio places of lliu Inculmiui i'.i'ioil, only Kli'i'iry, ami ii (In: !;aiiilm:ui \va» it i>l«isi>il ou-r Hie. fact thai dainty nibs, win, ilielr OW11 s in ilurve Wen living, am t ], ( .)..,. 0 not really ii'l iirnuud, they'd show their. awreclaiiou. (iny culcl.i' :.;s;era— tii " f .x;-.\w,v;!-s,.-;:t r ;. .•<:;; •. nlly inlnu'.'V. AmazumiMi )» Klrllino liitiuiliiccs lin •i!y bud hoiiii k.-i>t. j\i a HKiduni, fiilly-riiuiiipc ••••• -v,;:.vy.\v. :: -:;Sp3?.J:S^^ t, iiiacdiilliy, nnd Joy su-rn In join it. tlio c-xpnwslou on lijnliiluplct Annette's fiw '• lo (I,,, .lafnty ,vl,i,o ,,[);. which will lak, ,t,c place ,,C thi ihcuuaW.TwMcVlhB ' in Aiinet'.R diil inn l;i,mv Una nnolhni- Joyful surprise awaited her and Her four « Hospital in whlcii llic !),i!,kV liwilili ( .will be guarded tlirousu the coinine winter. WiMBnll of Pampas PivparoP for Comeback Proximity or lliu TJafoo H<is|>ital I'oi- the. Oioiiim QuiiHiiplcIs" to tins liomii in which Ilic hal»ies ,,rsi saw Hie li^la of day' Is revealed i-ltoriy in iliis slj-ikin.i;-.-vi.:w Iroiu ilio air Ur. Dafop. hn.i Ix-en awaiiins an c.u-j^oiuioi-tnnity loHiovc Hit:. cclclirninrl mfnnis ironi ihc li.nisc In ,\vliitl, ilioy were lioin (iu'rorcfirhuiiil) lo Uiclr winter luinie. wlili Us complete lieiillli-siianliiiK ctiiiiji- mcnt. Koio Hie stony, uninviting aspect of Die soil Mom wliicli UIB Uionnea liiLre'wre.slcil a liviim for llieniEolvcs iiml tlioir lirooil. Expert Declares IV! a n y vSchools Swinging to , Warner Style This Fall QllY IUKKY GHAVSON NEA Spoils Editor NL\V YORK, Sept. 19._?1^. T Jim CrowJey. one of .Hie for-- '- ; dtclplcj 6f, !li3 late Knute neth Rocknc <hnUi off, -gentl.. jou'll newr see nnothc-r like hlin)" lias >ei»red from lite master's style* of ntlnck at Tordham Univeniliy. Irhavc.nii Ulen tlrat ihls mcaSis the bCslnnim; of Die rail of Hie Rocknc syjiem of fobUinll pi av Note that I Mil ll' the- Hoi'k'nV rwlcm, and T believe r m riy^t lo- the ."o-eallcd Notre Dame pmn died with Its founder. The Rockns s>stcm was applica- We only ( at laige mntitiilions. Too mitcli sircss wns placed O n blocking. A. cupericv type of aUileie was refjinrcd to excciite tlio blocking demanded i,\->tr c u.uiie Hits 400 candidate--, nnd lengthy sin-In" nnd fall drills. .The liocknc -theory calls for side-' swiping—peifeel timing, while the Warner way, for example, rdloivs two -men to block out one defensive altilctc. Roekne-schoolco: in- teifjrer hit ard run.. the idea be- in? to knock would-be Incklcrs off balance just long enough for a lightfootcd ball bearer to slin through. M Warner-and Howard Jones teams sniiuh — mop up. Their arrangc- mcnls are mor? deliberate, and cqiiieciuenUy more thorough. Dcl'caie Mechanism R«kne outfits were like fine Matches.. The slightest fault, and tne movement (ailed. Esch part waj mcclnnlzcd to dovetail with the other. With all due crci! to Rockne ftlio knew what he httd and how' to,carry It out, the Wafiier scheme I-. the more practical, because, unlike a timepiece, the human element is imolied in the creates', of intercollegiate games. Tire Warnpr plan c.'n br- Imparted by a pupil of the ir ster.whore- as-Rockne's blazing personality dominated his methods. TJie basis, of tlie Rocknc system Is a balanced, or Ec\en-inan, line Crowley is ii«inj on unbalanced line thh season, Kliich Is her«:> i PSCEOLIPLIffS and Porler lo Meet On Mound In Game Tomorrow The barnstorming Memphis Chicks of Ihc Southern Association and Hie Osceola Indians will play Sunday afternoon nt Osccola i" a game expected tr> draw a record crowd lo Ctecpola, Harry Kellcy, Ihe Parkin (Ark.) "kid", Is to hurl lor the Mern- phians it has been announced Porter, Oscwla liurler, who won' three games !"• -:•.,- Little Rock Travelers of tlu L ;hcrn Association as Ihe league .season drew lo its close reccnlly will be on the mound for the Indians. The Memphis (cam will be pnic- | tiddly the same ngercgntlcm that llnisheii the season in the Southern Association but for Kelley and one or two others. Kelley closed Ihe season with Atlanta, winning well over 20 games. Cooler Is Formidable Tournament Contender . .SERIES' LEflD COOTEH, Mo.—-The Cooler Jjall ; team is expected to prove a for- I nUdnble contender in the Ucmiscol I county baseball tournament Hint I will begin Stintlay, for n series or D ,, , ," 0 . three Sunday cvcrtts at the Car- beat Vols 101' OCCOnd utbeisville ball park. I c, • L« T" \v;- C The Cooler team 1ms played 18 'Straight iinie; Win OUR- B«niM this season, losing only one. > <j.j V Vf/oiilrl M/>-in Titlp Burger will pitch for the local! y WOUIU l\Kdn IHIC learn in its first tournament fame. [ The New Orleans Pelicans went Into the lead tn the play-off ser- ir-i for the Soulhsm Association litle when they defeated the Nashville Vols for the second straight lime yesterday, 7 to 2. The victory gave the Pelicans a 2 to I edge in games and need but one gome lo annex the title.' . i Clny Bryanl held Ihe Vols in OSCEOLA, All:., Sept. 22.—Ned clleck while the Pelicans marched Avers returned the "opening kick- i l ovlclory. The Bards counted four off 75 yards (or a touchdown In I Umes '" llle first inniug lo maV.e the first eniiir of lh<- season, play- certain their triumph. The Volun- ed against nncl Uin Sc iirj tui u UHU imo\vn in i "••••^•' •>. mi- niA», miuug 10 mar.e ;ame of lh<- season, play- certain their triumph.-The Volun- l Keller here yesterday, C[m llsc<1 lhre« pitchers, being out- Jcininoles plowed Uirongh ', ^J' lhe B 'rds, 10 to c. TipptiiR (lie "beam »t n suajipy 21ij iminnlrf, l.iiis .'Inset Kii-jio Iho Wild Hull ol Ilio I'iuuins, b preparing for a romcliack In 'iho 'I'lic mini wlio knocked .lack PcmJBcy 0111 of tliu rini; in Iliai liijlit ,it ihc KOIIC back to n.ituio In lii> "alive Arsciitina, grown ,v heard, and f;,>n<: into traiumj;. u c j n shown in several Tarzau-liKo l'o::c^. • K.lir Breaks Records SALEM, Ore. (UP) --All .attendance records were broken at this year's Oregon slate p\ilr, nax GehJI^u-. direclor, announced today. Total attendance approximated 185,000. the heavier Reiser line for two additional touchdowns, scoring, wiUi two extra points made by Taylor on line plays, a total of twenty to i Keiscr's nothing. The second and I third touchdowns were scored by I Oldhrira in the first quarter and ' Taylor In the last quarter. The (jainc. played on the Osccola The Iwo teams nieel again Sunday in what may be the decidins Eamc of the series. for a ij yi . .. ' " | M.I, .mttvCO Ul \IIC rr • t f , mc " lat a Rock -i.'mcc the olfensivc team «m n nc sturtont has used an unbalanced loiter bcal the ball. Since Rockne' 7 ",' „ , jtlmc, they've had to crone to n iwcv „„. «t iJ m >S i , nt i complete stop before complctinc the iwo out. ol every three schools. j shitt dri E | ! |!.H C •."^f "" ayS ar ° elthcr| Had Rockllc livc() ' "« w °'"rt Have 01IIICO IH it, OF lir^pI\rCcl ORninSt illfrOdlir"-! vnrinl " I 1 ii it it thcvcforc Is the most widely, m mcel'al^mlu.ns'm Uii'ntl'csOT lhe™,,cr, C o m stor CM ' S «,f *'"!'» '""the defend a S «^ part in the recent national singles at Forest Hills. I,. I., is quite i (able tennis player . . . and look th; thnmp:onship in a tournament I among thi tennis stars taking part in tna court contest . . . Another football conoh wtio slums!™ 5 1 . S . B ", 1 , iin ! llcr ' 5 la sl ta the accepted procedure of T"f~| ! ! K?^** K/r") | tl_LllN\C7 l v i-.i •— Scorpion Whipped Spider ™ 1 i : , DALL ES. Ore. (UP)-Uslng S IM Sti " 8 -' r a " cl Claivs ' a i, B - C " vlclorious >» a l , a polsollolls bl ack widow liioli school field, was witnessed by c,,i,i_, ,„„ • —- —••• the largest crowd to attend an •*'" „;,„,™ e st . r ,"8S le lasted but a. opening simie in years. 'ea^iilmiles. wllnc.sses reportc _ _ -.- . Followint; is Ihc line-up: Head Courier News Want Ads. Hannibal now has to cross the Alps by another route. The Pendulum Swings Crowloy's departure from the Th: The ivcrld inovos, and flocknc nlwava was a strp ahead of the parade. Norseman own sv have, Navy snrt other schools nbnndoned it this fall. In another two or three years, the Rockne system is quite likely to be discarded universally, perhaps to reappear, as fashions do, :fn another decade, when It will be new again, and In the hands of a new director. •The current rules are against was too fast for >tcm. IBrilllant as incy may be, none of his pupils is capable of carrying it out. A new football school will come with another Rocknc. but don't stand in a telephone boolh until another and belter one comes along. regulars returning ".itr k Joe H.'icl cd Elmer Laydfn at. „ Yomir.stown, O.. 'fcuv '. ' 'Monty v> ' lta ™ t '- £ "-a«on. r.svv While Sox pitcher ' siill « d Khner Laydfii at. niKiucmi- i is fairt Io m ,ie to the majors with' . Joe says lm Uukfs -bok illio blgsrst hand.': in baseball " . . . The report is oi;l ' ____ ! ______ u roar that Charley Grimm will iiianat; the CUb.s from the b?nch nr-st year . . and Ihat Babe Herman —of all people—will In l!la$t-l'istiin ; i OALLIPOL1S, O. (UP) — Three j broilers, Frwi. carl and August Dcbuudseha. on the west coast of Africa ' ha s an average annual ! precipitation of 370 Inches. . . . James Nisbct, hmtack candl- Holh. were lined $100 Vnd coslfbv I date at Alabama this year, did a Justice of the peace lw-r c for u ^.fr^r 1 " 1 " 8 »«i"^..^- \\a* «p'«'vo, to «iS, c K keep in Florida 1 Knglish tennis . ! -••« ^..,..v.,.. .o lv V.ISVH HSU in Frank Wildo, j n.icccon Creek. Arrests had been player who took I made by game wardens. ^ Alman ac: cro\>jne<£K.i . «fc$> pl^USJl SCV i entist, °bor«. public p-ocLsnnaj.- 1654-EarloFCIiej.., terfie]' 3 \xxuam acts likf a perfect Keiser B. Robinson Sharpc Moore Pittnian Anderson Quarr Miles Ccrley Mcurrier F. Dobinson Ulllc LE LT I.G C HO RT RE QB LH RH FB Osceola N. Ayers Edrinston Henson Wright Ii. Ayers Cromer Chisenliall Segravcs Oldham Heiulrlx Taylor Ohio Eviclion Order Hits 800 .Clevelandcrs I CLEVELAND'\UP)-Tl!C bluest eviction order on record here is go! Ing iota effect as 800 psrscns stand j ordered to move off the site on i wh,lch the federal government is .Bolng to build a $3,000.000 housing 1 prelect. I Federal court gave families five weeks In which to move. The section, eight blocks long and one wide, is dotted principally with old snacks. Most cf Ih2 persons In the area said they would like to move , back when the project Is completed. I Head Courier Ncw.vWnnt AiM. REAL Protection Phone 191 CLAUK-\VII,SON AGENCY General Insurance "We Pay All Losses with a smite" James MORSE & KIRSHNER ABSTRACTS City « Eirm Properties. Special Title Service Give Us Your Order for COAL now while delivery cost Is the lowest. We handle Red Ash, Monta- vallo, Ark. Smokeless, New River, Manchester, Zelgler, Kentucky and Declustcd Buckwheat tor stokers. GAY & BILLINGS I'hone 7(5

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