The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky on May 10, 1934 · Page 16
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The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky · Page 16

Louisville, Kentucky
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 10, 1934
Page 16
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' 1 16 THE COURIER-JOURNAI!. LOUISVILLE. THURSDAY MORNING, - MAY 10. 1934. Piping the Plays By BOYD MARTIN. THOMAS DRAMA Cincinnati Symphony. The campaign began Wednesday tinder the direction of Winthrop Allen, general chairman, lor the seat ale for next season's engagement of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestral m-hich to to give nix concert in Louisville, all before Christmas. Three concerts in the evening are for adults and the three afternoon concerts are csPe-,i4fy This general eat gale is to run through May 16 with headquarters at the Pendennis Club. There win De a single seat sale, as usual, in the fall. The engagement of the Cincinnati Symphony in Louisville is made possible through the public spirited interest of the backers who have made the concerts possible by a guarantee in th form of an outright purchase of four i season tickets each. The present campaign for individual patrons for one or more season tickets Is to augment this guarantee. j The chairman of the patron sale is Mrs. Wilson Wyatfc who has as her assistant Mrs. Wenb'all Smock, sub-Chairman. A partial list of speakers for the ticket sale includes Mrs. H. H. Nettle-roth, who is in charge of the speakers; Mrs. John WUburn Brown. Mrs. m-i caulev Smith, Mrs. George Bickel. ; Mrs. J. Blakev Helm and Mrs. Wilson Wyatt. The date; of the concerts are Octo- ber 30, November 20 and December 4.i The concerts are to be given at me Louisville Memorial Auditorium. - Alamo "Women In Hi Life." 1 ti 3t i,Ki-ivr If ?J?t' t 1 vr , starring Claudette Colbert and Clarke Gable, is to be shown ,for the last time today at The Kentucky. This modern romance, which has its locale in busses, auto camps, ram- shackle automobiles and a Fifth Avenue mansion, was directed by Frank Capra. "Walter Connolly and Roscoe Karnes enact the supporting roles. Starting Friday, The Kentucky Is to present a double feature, programme which includes "Advice to the Lovelorn," which stars Lee Tracy and features Sally Blane, and "Night After Night," which features Mae West in her first role for the screen. TRIANGLE AGAIN JOB HELD LIKELY FOR MISS NELSON Miss Dorothea Nelson, director of recreation, is likely to be retained in some capacity, probably as supervisor of recreation. Dr. K. P. Vinsel. Director of . Welfare, announced j Wednesday. I Dr. Vinsel said he plans a reorgan ization of the recreation department ubout June 15. "No definite plans have been made at this time," he said. "The main reorganization will be the assembling of additional help for the summer playground work. Miss Nel son is well qualified and has done a . 'good job here," he said, while admit-. tine that the oressure has been i brought to bear to remove Miss Net-ton. A training course of six weeks has been under way for prospective appointees in the playground work. Dr. Vinsel said, and the positions will be awarded to those who have completed the course successfully. The appoint- L i l ( ? J33 k ' V f f Behind a Screen). By ROBERT GBAXDOX. Copyright I Hollywood, May 9. "How do I keep 1 my hair and skin so nicely?" Dorothy j Lee asked in reply to my question. . . j "Simple enough. . . Up behind my Santa. Monica home there's an old-fashioned rain barrel, and I use rain water for bathing. . . There's nothing like it to keep the hair and skin in condition." Lillian Harvey says the same. too. She washes her hair with camomile j tea and uses cold water as a rinse. . . Karen Morlev comes to bat with another suggestion for care of the complexion. She washes her face with isoan and water and thn gives it a dose of hubby's after-shaving lotion. . . But Ann Hardinz turns to lemon fluice. She Dacks her face in warm lemon puice every evening for five minutes. Ginger Rogers Roes in for pumice stone to keep her legs smooth and white. She rubs them down every day jt. her oath, but the pumice must be old and very smooth not to mar and Today's Photoplays BROWN This Side of Heven." Liar-el Barn-more Peatu.-e staits: 11.37 1:33. 3:41. 7 45. 8 -47. FIALTO -Stand Cp ind Cheer.' Warner Baxter and Madge Evans. Feature suns: 11:12. 1.14. 3:27 5 29. 7.3l. 8:42 NATIONAL 'College Capers." -V30. 03. 7:22. SOS. Scren. G'orse O'Brien " in ' Ever Since Eve." Starts 12. 2 25. 4-53. 9:56. STRAND "We're Not Dressing. Feature starts: 10 33 12 21. 3:18. 4 44. 5.54. 7 51. 9:4. . LOEWS "Viva Villa.- Wallace Beerv. Feature starts- 10 3V 1:17 3 5P. 6 41. 9:23. Organlogue staris. l:tig. 3 51. 6:33. S.15. KEVTCCRT "It . Happened One NiEht." Clark Gable and ClaudeTe Colbert. Feature starts: 10:31), 12:20. 2:49, 5 10. 7:30, 9.50. MARY ANDERSON "A Modern Hero." Richard B.!helnies Feature starts: 10:30, 12:23, 2:18. 4:09. 6.02. 7.55. 9:48. I not file it down. Instead, she covers l KILLED. 5 III RT IV RLST. it with thin court plaster and makes ; Tylfr, Texas. May 9 On prr-up over the plaster with nail varnish. 'son wa. killed and five other wm 1 . . . June Brewster advises a thin coat- hurt scriouslv todav when a boiler in ita, of cocoanut oil to make a perfect cleani p,ant hpre exploded and suntan and produce an even broTi. s v .' . I. . . Lookin? at June, Old Bob admits vas blown into another building across I she must be right. an alley. "Men InVhire."It; Happened One Night" '..and now another dramatic romantic hit for Clark Gable! TOMORROW old English custom of patting honev into the skin and then washing it off f with lukewarm water. It is gentle and ' healing. . Irene Dunne has a trick for cracked blemish. Diana VVynard follows an fingernails. If one breaks, she does! Judith Allen and Tom Brown. Augustus Thomas' drama, "The Witching Hour." with its Louisville background, and lone a favorite in "Women In His Life." starring Otto j theater circles, has been brought to Krugcr Li to open at The Alamo today the screen bv Paramount, with Sir for a three days engagement. It is ; Guy Standing. John Halliday Judith said to b? one of the season's most I Allen. Tom Brown, Gertrude Michael entertaining pieces of screen enter-land William Frawley in the leading tainment. i roles. The story concerns a brilliant law- "The Witching Hour," which is to yer who ii beseiged on all sides by ; open Friday at The Strand, tells the rdent female admirers, but orange ; story ot old love coming to life to blossoms are the last thing that the! gave anc strengthen a newly born ro- dynamic attorney is concerned wltn. mance After a series of escapades the law-i events bnr with reverses and is dis- meets irred. A happv ending follows. Women In His Life" Ls to be pre sented at The Alamo through Satur 6 ay. - National 'Harlem Maniac." Starting its third week under the manacement of the Fourth Avenue Amusement Company. The National. Louisville's only combination stage and screen show, announces another programme of "flesh" and film entertainment Friday. The sta;e show is to be presented by Helena Justa and her' "Harlem Maniacs" in a Harlem Night Club revue. Helena Justa. was formerly with Lew-Leslie's "Blackbirds" and is heralded as the "female Bill Robinson." As n added attraction of the stage show The National has booked Little Esther. billed as "The Sepia Dancing Doll." "Coming Out Party" is to be the creen feature and Frances Dee, plays the part of a so:iety deb. who Prior I other lO ner COmuiX OUL laus 111 love wmi " I nrnrinrtinn ..ini v... nrA rav- 1JUUULL1U"- mond. Harry Greene and Alison Bwipworth head the supporting cast. A Mickey Mouse Cartoon comedy and a new issue of the Universal News and includes in its exciting a murder committed under hypnotic spell and a court-room vindication. Bing Crosby in "We're Not Dressing" is to be shown for the last times tonight on The Strand screen. William I'owc.1 and Myrna Lov. Said to be distinctly unusual in theme and essentially dramatic in treatment. "Manhattan Melodrama." - mt,. 0; iii ,;,,Km k h0 istarring Clark Gable. William Powell ' n two weeks' and Myrna Loy. is to open a week's' In the -ent Nelson is re- en8:,?n 8t ' HThw i'moved as director. Dr. Vinsel said, he Adapted from the story Three lis not sure whether another director j-' by-, Arthur Caesar this new 'will be chosen to succeed hr or ' Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer picture tells of 11De chosen to succea rirr. m ,th raised from childhood in wnetner me worK wm uiviucu ( becomes a priest. fween two .supervisors. (Another. Clark Gabl?. becomes a big- III J ACKERS GET CIIEWIXG GUM. f hot gambler, powerful and dramatic , . . , I figure of the city's night life. The New York, May 9 (P) A truck. , th1rd William Fowell. becomes the loaded with chewing gum valued ati District Attorney, forced to prosecute $20,000. was stolen in a holdup byjhLs nfe-lon? Dal for murder. Between them, loved by all of them, is Myrna Loy, Broadway playgirl. bandits today. j complete the programme due to open ! Friday at The Nat ional. I I Gayety i "Jazz Time." ; New and colorful costumes and. scenery, to say nothing of specialties.! 'comedy skits and ensemble numbers. are in the racy production of bur- lesque at The Gayety this week. Another fast show, titled "Jazz Time," is promised for Saturday, when "Speedy Gallopers" give way to a new revue. Headlining the production is to be Babe Woodall, the jazz dancer, who joins the company Saturday. There will, of course, be the usual midnight show on Saturday. Joan Barlow. Nadine. Helen Clav- ton and the Four Harmonizer.s and favorites are in the current Kentucky It Happened One Night." Happened One Night." "It two TRACY STARRED j 1 J I T. P. A. PICKS CITY FOR CONVENTION IN 1935 Louisville was selected Wednesday as the 1935 convention city of the Travelers1 Protective Association of America, according to word received from St. Louis by Thomas Griffiths, secretary-treasurer of the association's Kentucky Division. The convention will take place in i June. An attendance of 1.500 wasi estimated. Designation of Louisville j for the meeting followed -a campaign : by Mr. Griffiths, Nicholas Bosler, Sr.. ! F Kamnson. Alfred Pfeifer and! ' John C. Brucklacher at the St. Louis I convention. "According to the Louisville Convention and Publicity League," Mr. Griffith1? said, "the traveling men's convention is one of the Nation's prize gatherings, and there is always keen competition among cities for the convention." The national meeting was last held here in 1921. KARLOFF (FRANKENSTEIN) BELA LUGOSI (D R A C U L A) LL. " 1 mmt. 1 M I J"fcV' r w FRIDAY A notorious gambler... brilliant District Attorney ... and a girl who couldn't help loving them BOTH! Yeu'I! utter guns how it ends! CLARK llli r gS3 Wm. POWELL MYRNA LOY manhattan lllelodFaiua" M-G-M's Exciting Love Drama 10:30 Till 6 IM Anv Seat EVENING Balronv Orrh. 25c 25c 40c tJu Siarlmi TOKIMW MEW BARGAIN PRICES dm MISS HODGES IN POST OF RELIEF SUPERVISOR The appointment of the first area supervisor in the new relief consolidation in the State, was announced Wednesday by the State relief com-' mission. The appointee is Miss Ida L. Hodges, Bowling Green, supervisor of the area including: Warren. Butler For months critics haHSbeen pre-, and Edmonson Counties with head-, dieting that Spencer Traffould soon quarters at Bowling Green. The con- emerge as a full fledged star. All that solidation unites the 126 offices in j was needed, they said, was a part 'the State into thirty-nine area of-; strong enough to brinsr out his talent. I fices. The commission will consider; WEEKDAYS TILL G P.M ALL SEATS E VENINOS SUNDAY f 14 OL , MAIN FLOOR BALC0Ny CHlLOnBN, ALWAYS IS' Sl'tNthK TKACY. A Frank Statement to Men about "Milk of Magnesia" Unknown Drugs of Any Description Should Be Carefully Avoided . .What the Name "PHILLIPS" Means to Your Family That part is said to have come at a last in the role of Murray Golden j a in the Fox picture "Now I'll Tell." by Mrs. Arnold Rothstein. and which i is to open at The Rialto on Friday, j The film is a picture of New York's j sporting and night life. The city's most exciting years, from 1910 to 1932. are lived again in this story of a woman's love for a strange man. The fact that Tracy won stardom on the strength of his portrayal of Murray Golden seems a good advance tip on his performance. Alice Faye. Helen Twelvetrees. little Sirley Temple, and Robert Gleckler are featured in the picture. number of other appointments at meeting Monday. THE BLACK CAT "HAROLD TEEN" The father, as well as the mother, values his family's welfare above thr prirc of pennies. It is the last thing he would want to experiment with. Yet. every day mainly through lack of knowledge thousands of buyers accept dubious "bargain" drugs for use. in the home . . . gamble the health of their children or themselves on preparations, to take intrrnal-;;, about which they know nothing. Your doctor will tell you that giving unknown drugs Is one. ol the most dangerous things that you can do. The road to safety . in the path of his orders. Doctors Say PHILLIPS' Milk of Magnesia When it comes to the. very important, and often used "milk of magnesia" ... if a substitute is offered for genuine Phillips' . . . ask ijour doctor before it is bought. lie will tell you that substitutes are not "like Phillips' Milk of Magnesia . . . the safe remedy for your child the best for nil ages." Phillips' Milk of Magnesia marks, he will say, one. of the finest laboratory products the. world of science knows. For "() years his profession has specified it by name. Every purchaser of drugs should know this. See that you get Phillips' Milk of Magnesia. Do this for your own pcace-of-mind. For the certain protection of your familv. The cenuinc can be ob tained at any drug store in liquid or tablet form. The liquid in bottles, 'i.'ic and 50c. the tablets in 25c and ."Oc sizes. Also In Tablet Form: fiatk tinv tahlrt it the rqutzaltnt of a traspoon-tul cf ttnuitie Phillips' Milk of Maintsta. fillips ? IB Aorf I SAFETY in this bottle for you and yours PHILLIPS' Milk of Magnesia . . AS POWERFULLY DRAMATIC. . AS TENDER AND TRUE. . . . .AS WE UNFORGETTABLE SMI UN' THROUGH" AUGUSTUS THOMAS' FAMOUS PLAY BELOVED BY MILLIONS. . Harold Le Roy and Patricia Ellis. Le Roy and Rochelle Hudson who enact the roles of Harold and "Lill-ums" in the new Warner Picture, "Harold Teen," founded on the comic strip hv Carl Ed, are supported by Patricia Ellis who plays Mimi, Guy Kibbce. who has the role of Pa Lovewell and Hobart Cavanaugh who plays "Pop" jenks of the Sugar Bowl. "Harold Teen" is to open a week's engagement Friday at the Mary Anderson. JAl'Ql'ELIXE WELLS. Edgar Alien Poe's terror story. "The Black Cat." is set to open in film form at The Brown tonight with a j prevue showing following the 9 o'clock . and Iinal showing of "This Side of Heaven." " I Patrons who attend this 9 o'clock ' showing of the Lionel Barrymore pic- j ture are invited to remain to see the ; new picture which brings Boris i i "Frankenstein") Karloff and Bela ! ("Dracula' ) Lugosi together in the same picture for the first time. j The supporting cast includes tayid Manners, Jacqueline Wells and Lucille Lund. l yFihAL I TODAY v- Cmsm A WE NOT I 1 wvCARQLB I DAYS I I 25 w . s ir -a rv VJ I i0e cn r--1 iv ct a Mriki ta II f 1 (j,itSeT0M0RR0W V5 Hot From Hrlrm. Thr Fasft Show of H, Kind On Tour . . It Suite.. Zips and ;prkl-s. JZ,.0d it? 0I.f Leslie' " BUrkblrds" Star WH1' 12 HARLEM RHYTHM KNIGHTS BAM) Mg&x & Vl JS ' . 3 HOT SHOTS MOK &. JOE FW 7yMl . J. A DELE SISTERS (rlM TODAY 'i'""' " Hrie Scrrrn HU and 1 V7"T V (jrrrrrT on thr staff. J fJ:' j j SIXTY MINUTES THAT CHANGE f STR GUY STANDING JOHN HALLIDAY JUDITH ALLEN TOM BROWN SIX LIVES Brings New Beauty to Spring Wardrobes! studio r5r Now Showing H. G. Weill' Fantastic Sensation "The Invisible Man" Vod-Vil Brevities C N 3 IN! M1" -L'-l- mt mm mm LIONS of women save monev ixkAJL, .MU.NLl with Tintex. Instead of discarding faded apparel, they restore its original color or give it a different color with Tintex. It means beauty as well as economy for everything vou wear. And all of the 35 brilliant, fashionable Tintex Colors arc so easy to use! Parr & Tilford, Distributors Use TITEXfor I'nderthin ts Xegli gern Dresses Stcealers Scarfs Stockings Slips Men's Shirtx Blouses Children's Clothes LAST DAY Claudette COLBERT Clark GABLE I "It Happened i One Nig'at" Tomorrow WAT uy r Mae WEST "NiSlit After NiRht" J and J Advice to the f Lovelorn'' f By Curtain s Drapes Doilies lied Spread s Luncheon Sets Slip Covers At all dmfi and notion counters 15f liV I si PThe roar 1 and "Nartinf" coog'ooias aiLfleii mm HGD.ECJ VJEILUG?REES . . EVERY MANS WIFE HAS fH" A STORY. . AND THE WORLD , HAS BEEN WAIT I NO TO 5" ncn n mis wire o o i vrs i . .THINGS THAT WILL STABILE ( AND SHOCK THE WORLD I BEN LYON' UN AiEHXELl FIVAL TODAY' IWAKNEREJUOER STARTS TOMORROW! SUMMER PRICES NIGHTS AND SUNDAYS BALCONY LOWER FLOOR 40' Matinees. 10:30 to fi P.M. 2"c Cnildrrn, Always 15c V The world's most famous lovers come to joyous life in a grand jamboree of youth and melody! t :4- HEAR How no I Know It's Sundavr- Jm$ a -jP oV LAUCHS! I fij.v SONGS! i " VLTI GIRLS! j -Simple .nd I ""XXItl!" NiCXet- Hill I I ( I Hundred of 1 eO OnQOOG LAST' DAY Richard Barthelmess "A MODERN HERO'

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