Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 10, 1952 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 10, 1952
Page 2
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MOM STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Tuesday, September 9, 19S2 Suitable il It* 1W8 Una of "had f*V«i models «pt>r0prl«t0 for thnn the of th« I black • velvet Taf t's Men Continued from Pago On* tnsde no attempt to ronc<j»l nl the warm reception accorded In TflH* Itomn *(ttto, tuft hlmntslf hod not Joined in tha chfli»ti*. He «»kl In Washington hft wanted to Umrn more «f the viow» b-pfor* deciding to p'*y In M»« how mwb of ft Hut to th«? of co»-'membi»r .„. and could «B»lly wmmed J.'Uppac huh* at one of »»ld they hurt lltlfo doubt h« would >elp thfr (-H-noriil'* effort*, "8<tr», Tuft i* » Hopublteiui," wan the way »*»« ftf ttwm, H»»««r Tr««y, Ohio *tA(« treasurer and tty uliorln «uH, plus inothor I* "Tntfuiir-? n -Ju^eled nylon In- it with « silk Stevenson Is Encouraged in Northwest By flKLMAN MORIN B — Oov. A'llfll 'McCarthyism' Cooperation •** in/ i if A I todiiy, hunt- fa* JX-Wfettl Bold In th«? hill* of California with tho confident IdWrhfi Mft'lly," "going l>e«u Termed Ike's Moral Hole JKFFFRSON CITY, Mo. IIP, ~ fkri John Sparkman l«clay called "MrCfirihylstm" th<» moral hole In Oon. l>wl|<ht I). Kl«i'i)hi>w»;r's "no ciillod tffcut crusade." The Alabama Democrat, hlx par- ty'ii enndi(lAt« for vice proslden!, 'didn't specifically namo Sen. Mr ifk-n-; C(lr f hy ,H.WI») but *rikl the "issiue Locally Asked by the FBI BY JOHN A, GOLDSMITH UP Staff Correspondent fc-y crime In the United States and! bank robbery, white slave traffic, j assistance to state and local law looks to the nation's Inw enforce-': flight to avoid prosecution, and In-1 enforcement agencies through its • .PL j l.i _»!*>_._«: -i :. .: -.; ~., I'flm.vA*. .i-vint mcnt agencies for militant tlon," the KRI director said. "Cooperatively." Hoover said. terst.ite transportation of vehicles stolenj identification division (fingerprint fi'.cs) and its ultra modern crime laboratory. Lab technicians and „„ »wenr* thBl all 'In Ihe wider, out they ufe dfti'Bnftd «un bathing nnd H n null Hted the "Kuther Well to of the T»tt camp up to hewmnun. •I flirt cnHflfn he will give hid active nuppnrt to Qi»n, Elutmhowpf, "Th<->r-u wn» « norm-si dluwppolnt m-pm mtu-tuf nit thn people who worked fnr Sen. Tnfl thai he wu* nnl wimliittwt for the nrMidmiey. Jut wit know thai tin U no time op a nil-down strlki-, H would JKO- not only Iho n«tl«m»l ticket nnd tha principle* wo ilnml for would Injure tho Hcpublli'im lt»lf> tlck-H," K'hbowt-t told » prp»» c'mfer hi» und Taft intended in moot no»«lbly within n w<?c-k, nl- lidutih the lime miu plnce hud not rt'CIl (At, The nohural anld the «nriiilor, hnn liuori vficnllonltm, lin<l hi The Democratic U*l CttiMMflt* In on ft fnit. wide-• 0( Mt . Carl hyi»rn Apparently hcniKwd by the sl*e| ^rnnu-nt'' lli' told the plntfnrm la in if honesty ri- In (^ Jj-jhtneim «n4 titan ICTION PAY NIGHT J1, 7»IO P. M. , Bros, Yard larkano, fexat 75 HIGH CUSS CATTLE 75 . of 40ftesh, «n«l oioto , 'AyihJt-i, Holitftn*) •no ni from.{«IO "to To h "t the crowd* iirxt they hov« been glv-ina him nil; along the line, SUivt-nsi>n te*l<l ti; DnntnttfAlla p I c n i c niidlcncc in I Prtrtlnnd, Orv.: . j "I think I can »ny with confl-j denec the rftmpiiiun Is HoliiK hwun-i tlfnlly, I huvfi o-ccn the »l«nn nil this WH.V from New York to lh<! eorivf-nllon of MmiwuiI'M Dc-ft*ooriiti<' Sl;ilo (.'Oininllltjc, In n preparf-d speech, thnt "Some Hi'iwbllrunH iin- will- idi! to Hinc'nr nil public; v/ith tin- sin ii nl n frw. "Thi'ii* were 55.") In the IjiinkK of this country in nnd no • one tins yet ...„. Investigation of those cases 'I am mtr<» that we can do the! especially unlawful flight and auto fingerprint experts travel — at job by stepping up the present nc' thefts — frequently result in the FBI expense — to present court tlvitics of local state ami federal capture of fugitives wanted by lo-j testimony for local prosecutors. agencies — with the aid of lawica! authorities for crimes morci Police schools — locally, in var- abldlng citizens " i serious than tho FBI's federal ions parts of the nation — and the Hoover restated Us conviction j offenses. I FBI National A-lacomy in Washing- that the crime problem does not: And the FBI is also giving direct! ton. WASHINGTON, --(UP) — FBI i require establishment of a national!^ Dirci-tur .1. Edgar Hoover said tto- p O || cc | orco "which is character-) day that a continuing alliance of j j.,t| c o [ the totalitarian ciictator-i local, stale, and federal law en-• ships." • | The FFil director made the stale j mcnt for the United Press as aides; told how the FBI — which made | its reputation in the Rang-ridden', c'/a of the 1930s — has stepped; up its own campaign against its' old underworld enemies. j ;. j The FBI's most recent uniform' public Is becoming increns-1 c , lmc reports outline the crime; van- of the huge toll levied i problem. More recent local reports underline it. [i«encics Is necessary "disturbing" upward fill ( CITK'l.t to combat n trii^e trend. Ifimvr svarnod thnt national crime statistics — now being as- ne/nijif-d for tie first six months <:f this >ear — show a continuing iiicre.'is •A-ho probed the Rcconstruc Kinanco Corporation, and it your own Stuart Symington •1 ftted «took 1 pl»« «Ufir«"f ffiffi pjTj.it Buna* s v fot'tTH'd him byUilcprHln thai any dny aftpr twtny h<? "will meet me Slatlly dttrt 1 certainly will wol- cornn htm, Thot IK ihi* neon,-." owcj' could count tht?»o etrldes UiWftrd bonllnm tho fl«t'Ub- National Coiwitil«n rift be- hi* nnrf Tatt'n forcn**: An he rode Into Clnvoliuwt from (he Mil-port. »fter « fll«ht. trom Mlnne-Apull*, h« wuu flanked In nn open oor by Son, John W, Hrlekor, a lottuUme Tnft ally, and Tftft'o brother ChflpJe* I*,, OOP cimdldnlo lor governor of Ohio, The plnnet Neptune bn» n d»sn ally of about. .8-1 thnt o( thw nurlh. Tht 1 word "norve" orl«tnnlly mown tendon, but now reforn to Iho structure* through which tho brnln »umls inonmijavs lo the body, Jm'tudlnit much uf tho bruin lt»«lf, luld down the uinln mourul work of hi* «.-<iinpal|jn, rldlcuU'd nnd rebutted ft long tUt of Hr-publlcim TOnipnlMn fliiitriH nnd Hiafiisiril IIHUCS In Ihe vitrloim dtfllt'H. Out Cffllfornlii, with :i2 elcctonil votes, repicmnitsi tin: blKHi-st nnd moot (jllUerltiB prl/e of thin tour. Although It wont Democratic In 1048 by (i nurrow mnrgln, numt Wentorn politlcfil annlysla coimldor It n doubtful stutc IhiM your. A Collfornld Ni«Uonnl Guard dl- Vlolgn, Die 40th, bun been fl«htln« In Korcn for monthd, Mcnco tho war, the Fur Uimtvi'ii pulley of the ddiiilnl.itrntlon and Anterksm for- ul«n policy ns n whole nre con- !tld(?rctl orii; of Iho iil)2 Issued In thin ni-fdtdi'iitUil I'lec'llon. Sti'vcnxfiti'N sehptlulu pltilnly In- (Ucntcp tlu> Iniprirt.incc he plriccs on this next luS of his tour, fit? pliins to Hui'iul ^',, dnys In tho ntuti-, whereas NODIO ot his Ktopn ln.vi' luistfd only <IH long a.i it took him to innke n tipcech utul leturn to Ills nlrplniu 1 . Hit. HiHitonanls indit-iitcd that hl!< Cpeeeli In Knw Knincisco to— which will in- (\v\\v it milkmnt nullu tind li-lovl The Democrats, Spurkrnnn sakl. 1 an- tlie onea who reolly have found nnd taken action /i«ftitist any dis- bcru'.sly In Kovr-rnniunt. "Tin, 1 basic crime conditions in thin country were brought to li((ht by my Senate colleague, Estcs Kefauver tD-Tenn)," he said. "II wa« another good Oemocrnt, S(,n. William Fulbrlght of Arkari- April the Fill reported a 5.1! nationwide increase in crime: last year. The previous year had hi.'-IViM-ei-iiUc candidate for'the Sen-'shown an Increase too, l.r> percent. I i,te from Missouri who speedily New York City officials recently -Ir-mi-il it up. (explained that new . statistical ... - ^ y of 1,600 .Justice Department carried on ^ f i"\ ',"","'' , , , , «, IBftHt-xl that all the bnnkcKi ThU trip hint taken him Int.. M,ln. | Iun1( . ( , rnl , (>( ofnt . t .... s ncucin (Jnlorudo. Wyomin«, Mon-| s ,,, lrkinwn (M >w><\ "McCarthy.}. , - .... tnrta, M«ho. Orr-jton find WanhlnB-i | Jf ,,.. ,, H t | u . "vicious HlauKhti-r of: "The t.ix invcsti«fttlon has been methods were responsible for ton, trtn Krup|ln« routul of »pect'heB! ln| . urt , nl r,.,,,^,^,,,,-, behind thoi spearhead.*! by Uep. Cecil King, .sharp increase in all types the «»vprnr.rj t , |ol(k |)f SOIU(tl)1 .|,.,| immunity." !u)-Calif> arul Iho ItwcstiBntion of! crime - but they approved a th, by that Democrat, Hep. Frank l.'hrli' iD-Ky). "Ciosecution of the suilty ordered by President has Trum.'in, who also took the great step, member increase in the police department. To help state authorities, nnd local police whom il regards as primarily responsible for drying up criminal activity, the FBI is rriov- with'the cooperation of tho Demo-|in« ahead on two fronts. crat.s in ConRre'sji, of putting toi s of internal revenue di-r rivil service." the H is vigorously pressing the in un- vcsligations of crimes within its like kidnappin fliUtnry, n«lw(»t'n the two oxIrtMiu'M Coif " liiu. which frjituriMl more fhm , lo||hup _ wil , dtl|l| ,. sttM1slV( lint*» uuiu'i,, ...in. •,,..„ PENNEY'S WE SELL ONLY TOP QUALITY MERCHANDISE! The Language of Flowers Messages of Sentiment are Much Better Expressed BY FLOWERS Than by Words Alone .... Flowers Have a Message That Reaches the Heart ' Ask Your Florist to Make it Easy to Say What Words Cannot Express (Sponsored by Neff Brothers) attention in hip mul in pruvktuK yeitrtt. there hn* IHW undue nlU-ntlon tu to llu* n«Kl««t nl milady'* 1 figure nrobloiYiH. Hip Interest 1 nrcentfri by n «'ld« ftinnluu ttklrt, jW«Ui!n« f'f fitbrUi ftrounrt Iho hips, nnri nit imiuml ploiiU. Cotton* and Iho new synthetics orlon, rtomlnntu. tho f«U" The maker pfOdlul* « ntwlnu to dnrUer color*, by n»xt sumrtuT with many jthurp contnuu nmy hold throuuhout the resort geiinon, The bosom IK not wntlrt'ly (or in Uu> ltn«, loaturod is » bra, which espoiKls ar eontrncts to mewl any and (til do mmuia- LOOK? Cunlul each 4«y Kftli»« build ttrength mwy , iwvoWooi» »nti »urt«rlni( U>M " ' 01*9 ntttuwl-fMl »nd mor« A*k your "wn(-vuM-#i-(f"). for C A R D U I MONTHLY CRAMPS • CHANGE Of LIFE i ly with foreign polK-y. In previews' iti MruMfily tli'fund- >>l tin- nfllons of the Truman iid- Iniiitiiitlon ill tho Urltmt und Ku- •|H?, On WodnuMduy, hv takes his first illwiiy whisUe-Kli'p trip, traveling down the Sun Joutiuln Vulley, tin Hitt'iculturul uroa of Culitornin, In 104H. Oov. Thomas K. Ocwoy. the OOP cnndldftlo, run H olroitit riTn till throiigh tho Vlllli'.V, (Jli'vciisoii will in«l(o six stops In 15-hour dtiy on tho nwd. In Los on Tluu.silay, IIM pUum lo visit his bh-thptuco. The schodutu culls for u deu'nrturti Iho next day for Pluivnlx, Aril. In Portland und .Seattle ycsttn-- day, Stivonson covorod (ivicotUuut ot devolopinont ot Amorlcn's nut- viral resources, Iho ruli" of tho fed- ft til uiivi.M'i\n\t?nl in lutlldlnu up tint Pacific Northwest, nnd sub-topics uf nittjor coiH-i*rn to tho wholo Ht'on, A rourlng, wildly applaudtniJ crowd In »Soatik>'« l<*o Arena lust )u<nrd him lu.ttirt: 'Our. tut lorn to weapons could not lutvo I't'on dovulopod without the power Kenenitud by Qrnud Couleo and Boimevlllo dnms on the Culuntbltt Klvrr.. In somi> peoplf's view, you remember, Grand Coulee and Boimovill nut only wero u waste i>f th« taspriyt,'r>i' mowy, tlu*y wcrw — nnd this wus H worse t*rit»U! — an Interturonco with lht> sum'd rl«ht of i\ private monopoly to'leave H region undo- wlopctl." a Studebaker truck and own on operating costs Studebaker design helps you to save on gas and upkeep «vii* My fela wrttey ftr i«t»m tnidt •••••n* CELEBRATE AND SAVE! SPECIAL VALUES! 1THDAY PARTY BRIGHT NEW PLAIDS! SANFORIZED GINGHAMS • 36" Wide —- Vat Dyed! • Sew Now and Save! Other Ginghams at ... 59c! 79c Yd. WRINKLEtRESISTANT! PIN - POINT SUITINGS Extra Wide! New Colors! Newest Mens-Wcar Rayons! For Skirts - Suits - -Dresses! 79c Yd. CUSHION CREPE SOLES! Direct From Manufacturers! BIG ASSORTMENT PERFECT QUALITY ALL WOOL COATS Clever Styling! Perfect Tailoring! Small Neat Checks! Smart Diagonals! Lots of Colors! 8 to 18! 19-75 FINESf QUALITY! Childrens All Wool Coats 16.75 • Sizes 7 to 14 — • Checks-'Solids— • Fine Detailing 53D YEAR: VOL. 53 — NO. 282 Daily Scrapbag By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK <tf — Of the millions of American combat men in the second world war the one most likely to win immortality is probably the famous young "major of St. Lo." His name was Thomas D. Howie, and hometown friends in Abbeville, S. C., are today dedicating a granite marker to him. Hundreds of his scattered comrades will wish they could be there, too, to pay honor to a man who has become a symbol of valor to the American Army. His tale is a strange one. He died in the green hedgerows of Normandy in 1D44. But after the passing of eight years, I can recall no other wartime event — neither in Europe nor Korea — so sad, and yet so eternally inspiring, as that young major's bittersweet victory-aftcr-death. , , . , . , . MaJ. Howie was a tremendous tional Presidential campaign, won (•If soldier, and he must have been a smashing primary election vie- Hope Star Arkansas: Clear to partly this nfternon. tonight and day. Not much change It* f ture. Partly cloudy Temp«r«ture Hl«h 0* 5W 64 IhM •» H** !••*, MM 1*17 CmiMlMMMl J«t. 11. HOPE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 10,19S2 Mtmk-if! Th* Anetlatt-4 full ft AMlH j A*. N«» PtM Clr«l. » MM. In<IIM| •» — M*» PRICE 5c McCarthy in Smashing Win in Michigan By The Associated Press Sen. Joseph n. McCarthy, controversial storm-center of the na just as fine a man before he put BIG NEW ASSORTMENT! PRINTED OUTING FLANNEL • New Suede Finish! • Lovely New Patterns! • Sanforized Shrunk! Oxford Casuals with smooth or suede uppers! FOR WOMEN! FOR TEENS! ftjM*ft**fttJi<«ta cusluou crepe sofa casuals frll OUTSTANDING VALUE! TENNIS SHOES • For Men or Boys! • Most All Sizes! • A Ridiculous Price! MORE WEAR PER PAIR! 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Shortly before he had attended a staff conference at which he had expressed his determination to lead his own batllion first into St. Lo, the bitto'r bastion of the Nazi defense line. His last words on leaving the conference were a cherry, "See you in St. Lo." That became the battlecr.y of the 29th Infantry Di vision — "See you in St. Lo" and when the commanding general or ganlzcd a tank and doughboy task force to smash into the city, he remembered Tom's last wish. By the general's order, Tom's body, still clad in full combat gear was placed in an ambulance ii the task force column. I looked ir and saw him. Amid the thunder of guns, tin armoed column — bearing th dead hero — fought toward St. Lo. Down pock-marked roads it rolled, past stricken trees whose limbs hung down like broken arms, past meadows where no birds sang, but bullets did. Churning clouds of yellow enveloped the vchicklcs, sweat grimed the faces of firing soldiers. As I remember it, a German artillery bombardment cut the column as it passed a cemetery to the outskirts-.of-, the eRyi?The ambulance was needed to rush back the wounded. Tom, lying on a stretcher, was transferred to a leading jeep. The column trundled on. It smashed through the last ring of German defenders and entered the fallen city, a sea of flaming ruins. Doughboys quickly lifted the dead young major, silent on the stretcher in all that crath of sound, and ran through enemy sniping to a nearby shell-torn church. And they placed him atop the rubble of the church wall, and left him there, and went back into the battle. In death his corrirades had won for the major the last goal of his The Republican senator's chief] opponent, Len Schmitt, bitterly onccdcd McCarthy's rcnomination o a second term with the com nent that in time Wisconsin voters 'will recall their support of McCarthy in this election with •shame." The vote was one-sided. Late reurns: McCarthy, 332,883 Schmitt, 130,436. Seven other states also held primary eleptions yesterday. They were New Hampshire, Vermont, Minesota, Washington. Arizona, Colorado and Utah. Virtually all incumbents-were re-elected. As votes were being tabulated In these elections, the two presidential candidates engaged in a long- range verbal duel. GOP Candidate Gen. Dwight D Eisenhower said in Indianapolis that his Democratic opponent, Gov. Adlai E. Stevenson of Illinois, was "using every trick in the book to get himself off the hook of the present administration's record." Eisenhower called on voters to end government by "fearmongers, quack doctors and bare - faced looters." Today the general headed for New York to prepare for a swing through the Midwest. He plenned to visit Washington en- Texans Get a Glimpse of Big Arkansas Melon From the Reporter-Telegram of Midland, Texas comes the following article: ''Employees of Hlnkel's Department will cut a melon — a 139- pound watermelon — one day next week. "When it was decided to have a watermelon feast, Manager Billy Green, formerly of Hope, Ark., knew just where to get a melon of. .sufficient size to take care of the situation. "It just so happens that Hope- is widely known us the "Melon :apital of the World," and Bill remembered some of the better melon patches from his younger days. Arkansas State to Admit Negro Instructor He dispatched a letter to his father, Joe B. Green, at the Arkansas city, and sure enough the huge watermelon arrived by express Thursday. (Shipping charge $7.) "The melon will be on display 'in the store window a few days before it is placed in 'cold storage. How long does it take a 133-pound melon to chill?" route. Stevenson, in San Francisco, stood solidly behind the foreign policy of the Truman administration. Warning of peril ahead, he outlined a program of action in Asia. He said the free world's greatest danger is Soviet conquest of Asia, and he told a nation-wide television -and radio, audienca.^he ikes way t6 avert triis danger is to give material aid to the new nations of Asia,- to recognize their independence, and show them the U.S. is not following a policy of domination Russia Throws Up Another Blockade By JOSEPH B. FLEMING BERLIN, (UP) — Soviet troops armed with tommy-guns suddenly reimposed their ban on Anglo- American army patrols crossing a narrow strip of. East Germany today. The move was a direct slap at Walter J. Donnelly, new U. S. high commissioner in Germany, who had protested against the ban yesterday to Gen. Vassil Chuikov, Soviet commander in Germany. Armed Soviet soldiers and East German people's' police prevented U. S. troops in a joep and two British motorcycle military policemen from traversing a 100-yard stretch of East Germany separating two points in the American sector o JONESBORO lift — A Joncsboro Negro school principal will bo accepted, without segregation, at Arkansas State College if ho qualifies as a student in the graduate school, W. F. Branch, who has been principal of the Booker T. Washington School here for the past five days, said yesterday he would apply for enrollment Saturday. Dean of Men Robert Moore said Branch would be admitted if he is qualified. The graduate schools of the University of Arkansas were opened voluntarily several years ago by the Board of Trustees to qualified Negro residents who are unable to get desired training at Arkansas AM&N, the state sup ported Negro college. Branch said he was gradualcc from AM&N with a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in me chanical arts with a minor in cdu cation. He said if ho enters Ar kansas State, he will work toward a Master's degrees. New Building Is Future Home of Stephens Gro. Co. The City of Hope Issued a build- Ing permit yesterday to B. W, Ed' wards,, local contractor, for construction of » new $30,000 building ill llii' 1 corner of East Division and Lauicl Streets, behind the Fire SlittHHl. Thi! building is to be the future home of Stephen's Wholesale Grocery, Co., now located downtown Second Street. Completion i& expected within a few months. Hi-Way Group Would Reduce Operation Law Adlai Solidly Backs U, Foreign Policy; Texa March Into Ike's Cam Demo Candidate Warns of . Threat to Nation; Tidelandi Deal Cause of Texas Actio LITTLE ROCK A proposal life — he was with "the first into St. Lo." Entering the city the next morning with mop-up infantry squads, I had my last glimpse of Tom — his flag-draped body lying in state on an altar of rubble. All the troops who went through St. Lo that day, and there Were many, heard of the young major and paid him tribute. Some doffed their helmets as they passed. Some knelt. Five years later, in 1940, I re visited St. Lo and the rebuilt church before which now stands a monument telling of Major Howie's sacrifice — and his triumph. The French people still deck the monument with flowers, and remember him in prayers. They feel his tragic story led many Americans to contribute funds to The Illinois governor then headed for Los Angeles, planning whistle stop appearances en route. President Truman, self • styled "key" to the presidential campaign set Sept. 27 as the departure date for a 10 to 12-day Western whistle stop tour of his own, one designed to help Stevenson. As planned, it will be as intense as any of his own successful give-'em-hell trips in 1948. Truman will make a major public power speech in Northwestern Montana Oct. 1 in dedicating the Hungry Horse Dam. Then he wil' swing into Washington, Oregon and California. In an unprecedented move, the organized Democratic party of Texas marched into the camp of Eisenhower. Atan Amarillo convention yesterday, cheering Democrat leaders gave Texas Democratic voters the green light to vote for the general and try to swing Texas' 24 electoral votes to Eisenhower in November. The convention, hooting Steven- Foreign Policy Pleases Both Candidates By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON Cut through . . ..The 'patrols, en route to allied check points at Drei and Linden at the Berlin end of the super-high way. linking the former capital witl Western Germany, wore forced to detour over bad country roads in the American sector. Other allied motorists crossed the narrow East German strip without interference. Donnelly also protested to Chui- kov yesterday against Soviet interference with truck traffic 1 between West Germany and Berlin, but the slowdown continued today. More that 200 Berlin-bound trucks were lined up at the Soviets' Marienborn checkpoint awatlng inspection. Some had been waiting for more than 24 hours. the campaign oratory and cxager- alion and the view of Gen. Eisenhower and Gov Stevenson come down to this: Both go along with the basic foreign policy o£ the Truman administration. Which means: Stopping communism from further aggression by building our armed force; holding, helping and arming allies because they need us and we need them; giving aid to other countries to keep them out of communism. The real difference between them, although it may some times get swept around a bend by, tho floo'd of words, is this: (a) How well has our foreign policy been carried out and (b) who could handle it better, Eisenhower or Stevenson. Stevenson, of course, isn't emphasizing mistakes of the Truman administration. Eisenhower, of course, is doing just that. He's hammering hard on the shortcomings. He sometimes hammers so hard, in his zeal to get elected, that ho may make it seem the Truman administration, not communism, is responsible for present world ten- that would reduce the laws fiovcrn ing Highway Department opera lions from 400 to three will be submitted to the Committee on Adequate Roads tor study. The four proposals were draftee by members of the deportment's professional staff of engineers nnc personnel and accounting experts An informal invitation to presen the proposals has been given to Ihe department employes by the committee, headed by Herbert Thomas of Fayettcvillc, vice chair man of the Highway Audit Commission. The -first proposal includes a detailed purchasing system; pro ccdure for right of way acquisition phis specific designation of authority for highway commissioners, commission chairman, highway dl rector, chief engineer, purchasing iigcnt and chief accountant. H would be introduced to the 1953 legislature* as a new organic High way Department statute covering duties, authority and general and specific functions of the depart mont and Its employes. The second plan covering rule! of the road, weights and sizes ant enforcement phases would be in Hempitoad's School Share Is $25,178 LITTLE ROCK l/fl — Arkansas .school districts will hnvc about 2 million dollars in state aid to .start the school ycnr. Education Commissioner A. B. Bonds sold ycstortlny $l,-l2fi,<lll :ms been distributed In minimum budget nid, and about $400.000 In transportation aid. Ho said $210, 712 from the School Apportionment Fund will go out later this week. The budget aid distribution by counties Included: Arkansas $18.830; Bonton $30,005 Columbia $21.194! Crawford $20 289; Craighcad $34,135 Fnulknur $2. r >, 180; Garland $32,650; Hemp stead $2fi,178 Hot Spring $20,012; Independence .$'10,328 Miller $24 3R8; Mississippi 63,010; Johnson $1S,()03; Logan $8,420; OuachlU $21,810 Phillips /iSSa.eao Poinset $23,200; Polk , $0,047" ,' Pulaskl $118, (107; St. Francis $28,410; Sebnstlm $40,808 Union $31,700; Washington $24,7!)5; White $31,780 Yell $U,7B3. Referendum Called on Dixie Downs By DAVE CHAVIN8 AMAttIt-t-0, Tex (IP) — The oo- jnnl/cd Democratic parly of Texas has marched lock, slock and barrel Into tho camp of Dwlght D. Elsenhower and ihc Republicans. They also made certain that oilier Texns Democrats — thus far unorganized — could vote tor Adlnl Stevenson on tho jfonornl election ballot in tho usual Democratic column. Tho Democrats who holloret themselves hoarse In convention yesterday catcalling and hootlnQ Stevenson, President Trumnn nnd administration policies, fulfilled tho pledge made by Wielr loader to win seats In tho National Convention at Chicago. Gov. Allan Shivers had promised In do iiII In his pnwor In put Stov- onson's name on Ihc ballot as a Democrat, and ho did. Thon, with the governor's, bios- ing, tho convention gave ovory Democrat In Texas the Rrocn light to Join Iho Eisenhower forces that have high hopes of carrying Texas this your. corpornted in a single law. Social security benefits would be extended to highway employes ui der-HWWWrd-'proposali and widows and orphans of .employes would receive existing retirement benefits. help St. Lo own rubble. rise again from its The new marker to his memory in Abbeville is a fine hometown testament that will perpetuate to later generations the strange saga of Major Thomas D. Howie's heroism, selfless courage and fi delity to his men, who repaid him in tho best way they could. Those who knew Tom, of course, need neither marker, monument, nor memorial to remember him. son, voted to put the Democratic candidate's name on the November ballot, but in a resolution went further and asked Gov. Allan Shivers and other party officials to campaign for Eisenhower. The big news today, however, was the McCarthy sweep in Wisconsin. The jubilant senator called his victory an endorsement of the people "of my campaign to rid the government of subversive forces that would destroy it." Schmitt, the loser, said McCartney had won the election through an amazing and fradulent hoax"j MornltOII Girl Hope Native to Be Returned for Burial Funeral services for Charles M. Shiver, 69, Hope native who died at his home in North Little Rock, will be held there Thursday and the body will be brought to Hope for burial at 2:30 p.m. in Rose Hill Cemetery. Mr. Shiver was a member of a pioneer Hope family and his father was credited with building the first house in this city. He was a retired Missouri Pacific Railroad conductor, a 32nd degree Mason and a Shriner. Services at the Cemetery will be in charge of the local Whitfield Masonic Lodge. Besides his wife he is survived by three nephews, Ernest Shiver of Magnolia, Harry Shiver of Hope and Frank Shiver of Texas City, Texas. Wildcat Down to 4,000 Feet South of Hope Operators are drilling at 4,000 feet on tho Graves No. 1 Wildcat oil undertaking located exactly 3 miles due south ol Hope High School. The well is being drilled by the Austin Stewart Company, a farm- out of the Cater Oil Co. Drillers are scheduled to go to 5.000 feet. ReunduD Club Meets Thursday The local Roundup Cluh will hold an important meeting Thure- day night 9t 7:30 St tte? Ceji*eum perpetrated on the voters who, hej said, some day would be ashamed ol their support for McCarthy. McCarthy's victory will pit him in November against either Thomas- Fail-child or Henry Reuss, Democratic candidates. The outcome of their race still undecided early today, although Fairchild was leading. Other Wisconsin primary contests saw all incumbent congressmen- eight Republicans and one Democrat — apparently wining renomi- nation. In the SEVENTH District, State Sen. Melvin R. Lario of Marshfield won the GOP nominaton to succeed the late Rep. Reed Murray (R) of Ogdensburg. On the gubernatoral front, Gov. Walter Kohler was nominated by the Republicans and William Prox- more was chosen by the Democrats. Both were unopposed. Hit by Auto, Dies MORRILTON, I* — Diana Faye Lewis, 3, route 3, Morrilton, was killed when sbd was struck by an automobile near her parent's home on Highway 9 south of Morrilton today. 4 Sheriff Marlin Hawkins said the girl ran from behind, a parked car into the path of an automobile driven by Walter Burroughs Little Rock, a University of Arkansas senior who was headed to Fayetteville. Burroughs was not held. The girl was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Buford Lewis. sions. For instance, in his Philadelphia speech last Thursday when he said the Truman administration has "bungled us periously close to world war III" and deplored ineffectiveness in the United Nations. Eisenhower has been less careful than Stevenson in laying down his foreign policy views. Stevenson, in fact, didn't devote a full speech to them until last night in San Francisco, shortly after lii senhower spoke in Indiana. For instance, Eisemhower said we should tell Russia we'll "never rest" until the satellite countries are free. This might have sounded encouraging to minority groups who are in this country, have relatives be hind the Iron Curtain, and didn'i pause to ask: Just how are WL going to got them free withoi going to war. It was a statement wbJch alarmed our Allies. And Truinai and Stevenson both took Eisenhow er to task for this kind of cum paigning. He explained later h< means doing everything peacefully El Reno Riot Quelled Quickly EL RENO, Okla. (*i _ Some 15 prisoners' at the Federal Rose Agrees to Give Wife a Divorce NEW YORK (1C)— Eleanor Holm was granted a separation today from her little showman husband, Billy Rose, after Rose halted his divorce suit and withdrew defenses MARION llfl — Two members of the three-member Cflttcndcu County Election Commission today cancelled a countrywide referendum on a proposed horse race track at West Memphis. Th» action wus requested by Dixie Downs, Inc., backers, who propose to build the swank track. With a honied legal fight in right — which may go to the Ai kansas Sirgrejn.e .Court.— t r a,c, supporters decided to clarify tho status of tholr election petitions. The petitions were rejected by County Court Clerk A. B. Carter of Marlon last week, Then the Crlttendcn County 'Election Com mission overruled him and sot tho referendum date. Now. Dixlo Downs forces say a INDIANAPOLIS, Ind,, (UP) Dwight D. Eisenhower ornbrnoot all Republican candidates, Inclucl in(T two of tho OOP's moot con troverslal senators, today in cnll ing for teamwork to turn out nn administration of "fear mongers quack doctors und baro-facud loot ers." Elsenhower, heading for a curr paign visit to WushlnRton, D. C and a tour-day rest bofora hlttlni tho campaign trail UKOln, lount nt Indianapolis one oMhc most' en* Unislnstlc audiences since he started a nine-state piano trip eight days ago. The Republican presidential hopeful told 19,000 persons In Butler university ficldhouse und a nationwide radio audlcnco last night that he Is calling for support ol By REUMAN SAN FRANCISCO t-ffl d lol Stovcnson stood solidly, tho foreign policy ol tHb\%f administration, and, with a ot peril, outlined a prog notion In Asia. "America is thvotitoned as',Vi before,',' ho said. Tho way tt> nVort It, , natlon-wtdo television and I 1 dlonco from San Francls^oyl give material aid to tho —" tions ot Asia, to rocogn dcsiro for Independence, y'ar" show them thut tho United ' Is not pursuing a policy ,ot Inotton. t. Speaking with unusual-.'( ness, the Democratic onndldi he presidency mode thoDc'T ast night: ts*< 1. "1 do not thlnlt novltablo pert of thli ween freedom and 2. "With 05 por cent < cl allocated to defense, Jovlet Union which now ovel ot our defense , exp nnd thus our tax rates."* 3. Republican nomlnpof 1 .-) D. Elsenhower's does not contribute > i our foreign policy dlscussi 4. "I ballovo wo may look back at Korea as I turning point In h-lstory- ing point which led QI other war, but to tho demonstration that on uyatorn ot collective possible." 0. "I want to assurftiO 1 In Asia Uiftt , Afwtffo -* uco Jroadway that the diminutive howman and his estranged swim- ning queen wife have no desire to discuss their private lives in open court. Chances of another try at an formatory here rioted yesterday but quickly surrendered whe guards fired tear gas into tht-i midst. Warden W. H. Hardwick said th prisoners overpowered two guard and threw them into a cell shor ly after they were released for breakfast. The guards were rescued unarmed. There was no damage reported. o her separation action. Rumors were floating around olit-of-court settlement were heightened last niKht with reports that Supreme Court Justice James B. M. McNally, who is handling the action, will call opposing sides Into Ills chambers before court opens. McNally offered to mediate the case during a prc-trail hearing last June, but neither Rose nor Miss Holm took up the offer. Tho trial combines Miss Holm's suit for separation with Rose's sui for divorce—for which adultery i the only ground in New York State. Reportedly as much as half a million dollars alimony is at stake. First time on the agenda is Rose's contention that Miss Holm's divorce from band leader Arthur Jarrelt in California in 1038 may not be legal. If the divorce is held not legal, Rose and the swimming star never were legally married and the case would be settled without any requirement of a financial settlement. Papers in the case have been writ ot mandamus will be sought to force Carter to flic tho poll tions. Carter contended Dixie Downs hdd no right to ask for a new election on the ground thut u voto against tho truck in a referendum lust January had decided the question. Protrack forces say Arkansas' racing law sets no limit on the Galling of spdjlail elections on racing. Edward Waller, secretary of the Commission, said the election poll tions wore withdrawn from the Commission yesterday after Dixie Downs asked that tho referendum be cancelled. ' The move by protrack forces came shortly after an appeal for a court injunction to bur the rcf crendurn wus filed by an antl track group. The appeal contends tho Com mission lacked authority to set tho election, and that Arkansas' me ing law is inoperative in Crlttcin "the entire -Republican ticket from top to bottom." Grand Jury Study Entrii of Canadii den County'because ot tho voters' decision last January. *s §renj9- AJ1 uxe-rojiers '^J^^^^fa rcouesied ^^I^BBjW^W^S FARM FORECAST Arkansas farm forecast: Clear to partly cloudy Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Lottie Tern- Accident Domoqe $16,000 QU1TMAN, (* — An estimated $16,000 explosion and fire destroyed two gasoline tanks and 9 tank truck here yesterday. Troy Johnson of Little Rock, driver of the truck, said he had him. closed a valve on a 4,000-gallon Because of his plurality, the 74 gasoline tank when it burst into year-old former dictator is virtual flame* and exploded. Burning gas- ly certain to be named president oline spread to the s*<:ond 3,000 by.Chile's Congres*. He failed to Chilean Chief Is Friendly to U. S. SANTIAGO, Chile MB — Charles Ibanex del Campo, who won a pop t'lar vote plurality in Chile's presi dential election, said last night he expects to continue friendly rela tions with the United States — if sealed by the court. But some details have come out in the pretrial hearings and in word battles between the couple, who married 13 years ago. Rose, 53, lists at least five men in Miss Holm's alleged life away from him. He also holds an affidavit that purports to describe wild parties involving Miss Holm, who is still glamorous at 38. Mrs. Dorothy Bernie, widow o; maestro Ben Bernie, is allegedly named in the affidavit. Mrs. Ber nic has filed a criminal libel sui against Rose in Callforna in deny ing the allegations, Named as the "other woman" in Miss Holm's separation suit agains Rose in blonde Joyce Matthews, twice divorced from television star Milton Berle. The so-called "War of the Roses' Mrs. L D. Boyd Dies at Home Near Emmet Mrs. Rosie Lee Boyd, aged 73, died Tuesday at her home in Emmet. She is survived by her husband L. D. Boyd, one son, Vern Boyd of Emmet and two daughters, Mrs 3uth Breed and Mrs. Roy Hodge, both of Emmet, Funeral services will be held at, 2 p.m. Thursday at Emmet Methodist Church with burial in Snell Cemetery. Plan Worked Out for Junior Calf Sale The Livestock Show Committee of the Hope Chamber of Commer•co, Mayor John' L. Wilson, chairman, and members Terrol S, Cornelius, A. D. Brunnon, Charles Wylie, Hobart Shirley Muck Brown Bob Daniels, Newt Pentecost, und C. O. Temple have worked out n pluri for the. Junior Fat Cult Sale. The Junior beef judging will tukc place on Wednesday afternoon, Sept. 24, at 3 p.m.. Immediately following the judging the 4-H Club arid l''FA culvus will bo auctioned. The culvcs will bo graded into classes by tho judge. The plan of the committee is to sell tho prime culvcs at 10 cents per pound above market price, and to sell the choice calves ut 7 cents per pound and the culvcs that grade good at 5 cents per pound above market price. This plan IB pructlcuily tho DETROIT — (Ifr— U. S, Phillip A. Hart said he' to present to a federal gt'j tc'duy the first cases invi' Canadians accused ot country on frudulent Immigration authorities up 53 Canadians here '' following an invcitigatl legcd wholesale visa rai CO others are slated fo Tho Canadians are have made false stateml nanclal worth to gain enfi the United States thro'UhV| dcr city of Windsor, tho Detroit River, U. S. Atty, den. McQral nounced In Washington " ed Hurt to present evlde parts played by Rpy Windsor bank official, consultants, Mrs, M»rj Frest and tylrs. Aline in obtaining pasr— aim. All but three ed up yesterday bond or parole" in their canes. Mrs, Stelgor Mrs. N. Weld,, . Martin, minister the U.S. government is friendly to . cft ang«- W-gte started soon after Miss Matthew*, an actress, nicked her wrists with a razor blade in Rose's Ziegfeld theater apartment on Judy 18, 1851. Local Man Released From Hoipital George Johnson, local man who was stricken last week, has been released from a Texarkana hos- pltal. It was first believed he had polio, but physicians finally d?r cided his condition was caused from cotton dust poisoning, hi? wife told The Star today. Stockshow Visitor* Con See Televiiion One of the Merchant's booths at this year's Third District LJve stock Show, scheduled, Septemfesef 58-27, will bring teflon to ^ itors, ii was ftw Lehman's Avitft price. HUB i«ou to ymtutuuj »,» . .....if-,.. i n ft, same as is used »t Little Rock at t ' nd wemwtp Qi the state show and many other places. The following businesses in Hope have agreed to -buy one or more of these calves at the auction on Wednesday the S!4tt« Feeders Supply co,, Diamond Cafe, Montgomery Grocery and Market. Moore Brothers Grocery and Market, Fir st National Bank, B & B Super Market, Citizens National Bank, Hotel Barlow, Hope Locker & cessing Plant, Bob Turner Grocery and Market, Owens Dept. Store, and J. C. Penney Co. In addition to these businesses, invitations nave been extended (A Bwitt tt CQ M Armour & Co., Little flock Pocking Co., Finkbiener an4 D. W. Packing Co. to send representatives to the calf sale. Swift St Co. has assured us tbut their Imcl catUe, buyer will be there; for the Any other business or IndivWua interested in buying one of calves and help the -Junior stock ot our district pie tact the Chamber ot lice. carbon iQpnoxide is present - Hop.Stud.nUli. Mem!;

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