Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 9, 1952 · Page 13
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 13

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 9, 1952
Page 13
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"^aftl \i ^ ' H ' HOPE STAR, HOrr,' AfckANSA'4 , September IFIED Pubilttlbi f«r e«v i, |ff«uwf or imp- h * «n».day rat*> odrtrttiino eooy until B P.m. far tluwinfi tfoy. _ rwtrv* «'« "OM »* fwftrt ol. to rt|«et odv»rtninu tub- r, flf on« or mem Itfttri, jwi 1 !* weh <»» *«*•• numW, wum m »n« in Wont Adi uni»M «• atuntion us 7-3431 STAR Irfllcr * NhMhu pln« Mi«h, at tf th» Audt ClUMtollani «f ^•WMK Vrw iflptlwt Raitt Ipoyaiil* In oa- f*{fijrrlif Uv Hop* Ot«J fwlghbor- „.>.,,,„,,.,,.i,»...,,... .25 ..,.,.. ,,..,...., »3.00 i in HompitPtM, Nevada, Howard, anU Millw coun« Kthl Vm.m.V,........""'"' llttO ,.„.,„ 4,60 ..,.,,, 4.50 <imtMtlMt iimmmtm* »tmf»tHmt4m»M» ltttlm»4'IM4t<tm<l 3.38 R*pi«wntatlv*«i Si«rlck Ttxoi; J60 N, hlwoo 1. III.) «0 fc N«w V«rk. 17, N. Y.; 1763 Btdfl., Ovtrolt 2, Mlch.) Bids-, OKltihomo City a, tof, tlw Awoeloltd Pram u *ntltM we 01 MWt Wlnitd In thli «)l o* oil A FRONT tHttfrorth ' 4(*fv»AltM"tfr bath, WJMiMi 1 block of''Bsrto*r Hoioi, Phon* 74U3. • ^ai't* 'RaOM/furnlVhftd npnrtrmntv PrT« VAift bath, Kltiolrlc box. No Children. Mr*, Judion. 220 North Kim, __________ **'*' i Hfiol^urriliheyiipBrlrnent, Pri vrtti> front, back enfrnrte*. Bftth, Ktcctrle Refrigerator. 821 ! Bon*| rt«r. Phono 7-,1Sft3, , ' IMJt llOOMTidujS otrf>ari< rOr'i'vdTci'M Jo* DlltJy Ntw Broken Bow Coach , tfrakon Bow/ oxlo, — Joe on&y of Mnlvcrn ha* f*pf«ced Jock Variable- fin couch of the Broken flow flnvbftiti, whd m)<fh it-tit «CH- JlWi Sdtot, 12, Dfldy nan coochfd 8t«tc>. niyihcvllW high dchool, Hope and Hot ROOM furnlihod hou»o, 112 W««t Sixth, Dili) 7-.11I2, 5-3t i.AKOR room furnldhed opart' inont. Upstnlr*. Private bnth Phone 7-3174. 6-31 lOUHR with Butane n«e, »rnok« houno anri barn, 103 ncrun excellent for farmlne or entile, Sou Dalltin Cox ICnut-'Pn- trol road in ProvInK around. tt-3t HOOM unfurnUhett hotmc. Noar Black May Be Ficifr- Haired Boy for Bums By CARL LUNDQUI8T j NRW YORK. i UP) .-- Joe Hlnck] Brooklyn'* bin buy In more wny* limn one, Wfta *h<mUnj( tridny for unprecedented honor* -™— for if h> DiKltfi'in cnr> skltn through lo| liln fu-tninnt, ho will by 'i cundl- iatft nol only for lh<S "rookie of tlu- yisar" nwnrd but for "moKt vnlu- PRESCOH NEWS W«dn«*d»y, September 10 The Preneotl Musical Cotcrlc It* club year with rrnor of district 14 of Klwania In- K-imilionul but refused the nornln- will open IU club yi-ar with nj .. .... !,uffet luncheon on Wcdnc«day at " llon at lhl » llm<! 10 o'clock In thp home of Mm, Dud Iffy Gordon. Thori' will be prnyer meeting tit( th<- Church of Naznrcno Wodncs- d«> cvcriifiR fit 8 p.m. Shirley Anderton H*« Bunking P*rty Following the dance Jtlvon by the Prtacott Band at the Band Building o.i Thumday evening Slrnone Golden. Mnrgnret Hunter Scott, Bible School teacher* ond offlc-1 Mnr > r J «well Hcrrlnu, Joan arnl «r» of tho Flrxt Bnptldt Church i Jutl >' Kay and Ocnevie ^*fcr >fi *« tv fftn* • ri> |jkinc V.IIUI',1*" ^^ ----- - - -i -- — .* — • • — -^.-w..«.»,^ will meet WMlnciid.y evening nt King, Jo Cnrrlnglon. Po.Uy Griffin ^''i; 7. I'rnycr nnd rilble study will bo f'ctay Lynch. Betty Oonrier and ' ' '" " Southern State Figured to Repeat in AIC BY CARL BELL LTTTr.E RCX'K I>T> — Keep : eyes on Southern State Fritz teh- rrri and Hubert Heflln In the corning Arkansas Intercollegiate Con Frogs Have Everything forWinher fThis is tho second of a series discussing Southwest Conftrenci: football prospectsi. By HAROLD V. RATLIFF ', FORT WORTH, Tex. I* — With Keep your experience, good manpower antl Gurlnnd School. Ornccry, Mltldkibrook* o-3t For Solo 0 FAT Now Hampshire hen» nl 32 cent* t»or pound. Arthur Gray, O/.un, ArkaniOR. 30-61 AT ronnonohlo price*. ncaUUircd Hereford Bttllii, 12 to IB month* old. New location 4 mllei north on Proving Ground Hood. A. W. BlomHh, Phono••740RSI, 8-lM fAY nt tho -.'meadow. Mlxecf le«» jwJexn nnd nocond growth John son gravD, Also plain Johnson grids', A, W, Blor«(ith, Phono 7-40118, 1-01 MSA «ruvel, cloy iirnvcl, Hiuid, tup mill, nnd fill dirt, Call JI-KHO .Sin- (iluir, I'hoiut 7.XWI). • ti-a-lM uf best lidini-H In /own, $U(X) *lVnnH. $10 tir-r month. T. N Bolinv, .7-iMWa. 4-tf iblo nlnynr" <IH wiill. "Lnl'n put It thM wny." «nld Mnnri||t»r Cluirlcy DrrAaon of hit Noiiro pllchur from I'luln field, N. J. "Whore would wu" bn without him?" Blnck, tho Urelmx relief mnn who frequently n«v* longer on the mound ihun the pitcher ho i'e- Inn U'd i 2-:i xtoroluxii In yt'Hterdiiy In tho 11/2 victory ihht prtfcodwd another clrninnllc nliith-lnnlntf Olnnt triumph, U •:•> V. Blunt- 'H victory wax »t almost Iriustlmnuk* Importance, for It kept Hid Dodger* inathcmuUtinlly nx well n» psychologically In thn (irlvor'H sent, Hotl thn GlnnU won Kith Kiunos, .they would hnvi* been wily four behind nnd tho panic vhleh IhroiiUwd on Soturduy when thoy won n pnlr from tho Brooks would have been on In cnrn out. Now, tho Dodnorii, five Home r.hend, nrc In fwlnUvely tho name position an o yynr n«o when they wt-i'o'S Honum rihond with 10 to pny, Th;o fiu-t Jhnl thoy blow the flog tlic'ii (Inonn't dlNturb thum la-Id at 7:4.'). Mld-wi-i'k nurvlccs will nt thn Chinch of Christ evfnlnji lit 7:45, Ulble study mid prayer will b(.«lri nt 7:30 Wednesday even- ln« nt the Klmt Christlnn Church Pclday, September 12 Jo Ann nrighl went to tho home of Shirley Anderson whuru they were f 'I", P"» ronic additional' speed, the Texas Cl.ristlan Horned Fross should bf-> improved over 19. r >2. But America linebacker who was the learn 1 ? top leader. Also missing is Bobby Jack Floyd, the slashing fullback who played such a prominent role in the offense. Other ing losses include liuard Al Taylor arid Tackle Norman Hughes on "tho offensive line; Gunrd Herb Zimmerman in the middle of the defensive line. However, replacements for Flow tr«. nnd Floyd are main problems At the start of fall work, big Ma Fowler loomed as the offensive fullback. He played tailback In 19, r )l but was handicapped knee injury. The leg now by a seems again. Bill Doty, a hv Thn by The Associated Press, AIC coaches picked Southern to win the team!'^'^ Their "souTliwest" Conference ---•* --- • wnoic uKfiui. "'" «vuij, « j there are some questions that will i cttc ,. man w in back him up. have to be answered favorably bo fore the Christians can hope to re- jutWr III b« held !i(i|V '' tl refreshments and enjoyed championship for a second straight! f ( ; ol ball championship. \Vcd I i i' I'tiiikiiiK pnrty yar; r.hren. the College of the Back from the 1951 campaign " y '. 0/arks' (luarterback, to be the in ;,, hich they won"five of their Thr* ruKUlur monthly meeting of ' JV Mrs. liornuc Hale who has been the Dourd of F.lder» nnd Deacons! tl»-' finest of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Arof the Flr»t Chrlxtlnn Churth will'eher iind Sue. !)«• held on Friday evening at 7:1)0. j ,. . ., „. br.ck "f the year, and End Hcf Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Craw/ , in „, Arkansas A. & M. as the were thursdny^vlsllors in Hope. niost fui tst«ru»lng linemen. ,, .,.. _ "" , t'.hren \v:is the AlC's workhorse Mrs. Ihornas Dewoody nnd Shu- nllf j t ,,p ball carrier last fall. He ron motored to Kl Dorado Thurs- | UK8 ,,,| thu leather 179 times for day and were accompanied homo L net of 1.144 yards — an average they six conference games are 27 let- termeii. The list Includes seven regulars from last fall's offensive platoon and six of the men who Bobby McKachcrn of Austin, 103-pound "five-year senior." is being Broomed to replace Flower; He's mobile and may prove mor effective against passes if somcj what weaker against rims tharl Flowers. J On offense, the Frogs will op crate exclusively from Conct ----started on the defensive team in I Dutch Meyer's spread formation the Cotton Bowl against Kentucky. This means the Fross have WCTU Hat Kail Meeting The WCTU met on Thursday nf- tfrniion in the home of Mrs. J, H Ili'ntfily for thi! first meeting of the full m.'Hxon. Mrs. Joe R. Ham- llton and Mm. I'mil Jones were Mrs. J. E. ftegim and Mrs. Saxon Hfgmi spent Thursday In Tex- Mrs. Hobert Maxwell of Texar- knna has been .the guest of her mother, Mrs. W. O. Hays and sister, Miss Caroline Hays. now Of Blnrk, To n mnn, In im infnrmnl club- houHu |ii)H, liioy flHiiro lie cnn tlu»r wlri or for thorn to koop tho (iitints from vIoHinit In on Ihwlr cdllccllvo bncl(H. 11 luck's flfHt KI>I»H victory, when li'AHM ot'iulnmcnt, corn und ciitlia Sin- DuIliiH Cox, Kant Putr(> lioud, Proving Grotind, 5-Sfc CiilAafT'liny. Hob Crli siiuuT, Jr JU, 4, Ilopi*. Phono 7-4P5U, 5-01 Ono owner onr. Phono 7-3440, , fl-3t Of HWC«t potttto I'l'lltUD Vaul Duilnuy, U-3t * 200 15 tientu linuh. WnnhhtHtdn, JUal Esrotf for Sale BOl Kn«tlth Strijot, J"rooWirbttlhi Hai'utjt-, Lot 70 x 170. This home 18 9 yoQm old, Gl flmincea, You own thi* lor $800 down, $3B per month, It you wont n bountiful new homo, thin la U, UP town, Duplex, 7 rooms, 3 Hitch- tu\«, S bnlhi, double unruKi!, ln< tho Uodtiom tinlomli'd Ihn-f rtitiii nml cottHted how« iifti-r a five- run flr»t Inning, wns hl»i Kllh fijlrtlrisf only thf«6 defi'atii. It ulso wait his -tilth ii|)|)t<iu'anci< nnd, nri Drossun pointed out, h<< saved nu inorouH olhov lidiitc.-i In which he didn't figure im wlniU'i- or losei-. lice gtiirtud." Siiuor, however, hnd a problem Gordon Hlloy, soph ond, sufforeil u lc« Injury In Salurdny's si(|iuul linrhu'mui' urolmlily won't Ui- able ''- HO ii|K!vliiHt. Wittje Forunt in-^iu bpoitcf. jsor month, pnvelopos In npura «t ( Send $l x lop ln« And Instruetlonn, ii Uom»«»y, Box ai, AvUwgton 74, {(.lit comu $65 month, Own thi« for $8790. a nOOM houdo, lot 52 x iaO. Water light*, BUS. Prlco *480. 'forma 9SV enah, $10 a month.' 4 ACRES, 3 room houku. City water and lights, Only $1890. LOTS of nloo lot* In H1IU of Addition. Ea»y term*. U. D, FRANKLIN COMPANY JO^,South Mnln A, Pv Dclony, Mnnagvr. Wanted Ti'uns- ntshed to twd from The living room mnntvl was Kracfd with a beautiful Arrangement of pink Klmlloll. A floating pink glnmilln was placed on the coffee table, The president, Mrs. J. T. Mcftap presided. The minutes and treasurers report wore read and re-purls of committees were heard. Mrs. Jack Cooper presented the program topic on "Itulldlng for Toliil Abstinence Through the Schools." Mrs. Cooper also gave tho devotional on the theme "Let us ruse up and Build for Absti- ciici'," Mr.s. J. VV. Teeter spoke on. "Dealing With the Narcotic Problem Thnuif.'h the, Or«unl/ed Curriculum!!." Mrs. Fred White, Mrs. C, Gath- Inn and Mrs, W. D. Golden were intnaUiced us Kut'.sts. The hostesses Invited the twenty five mcmlx'i-s nnd quests Into thr dining room where the perfectly appointed tea table was covered with a cut work cloth centered with a crystal eperKiie filled with pink roses, llllles and maiden hair tern. Mrs. MeRiie presided at the punch bowl. Mrs, Cooper served the double pink and green cake. Billy Teeter has returned to Conway after a months visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. \V. Teet- Mr. and Mrs. George Henry In- Krnm and baby of Los An«elfs were the goosls of relatives last week. Mr. Ingrain was a former resident of Prescotl. of (i.4 yards a game. He also ,,,,.„„,, |,- n mework of experience led the league in scoring with 73 points on 12 touchdowns and one Some new plays and refincmeC" have been added. Use of the spread, of course, means that the conversion. Also an excellent passer, the Mrs. Tom Bemis has returned from Fayettevillc where she accompanied her daughter, Ethel Hernia, who is enrolled at the Unl- verxlt of Arkansas. Dr. and Mrs. Glenn Hairston, Huth and James have returned from a motor trip to New Orleans. Woody Dewoody has returned to his homo in DeKalb, Texas, after a visit with his t>randparents, Mr. and Mrs. John Dewoody. Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Stuart of Louisville, Ky. have been the Kuest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Adam Gulhrlc. O/.arks ace ranked second in total i.ffen.se with 1,1440 yards. He was headed only by A.&M.'s brilliant acrialisl David Anderson. Heflin. who like Ehren was an All-AIC choice in 11)51. led the conference in pass receiving — a be fitting honor, inasmuch as his coach, Jim Bonton, formerly of the University of Arkansas, ranks as the greatest receiver in the his tory of the pass-happy Southwest Conference. Heflin snagged 4 tosses for eight touchdowns and 854 yards last season. Other mentioned as candidates for back-of-the-y'ear laurels are Lonnlc Quails of Ozarks, Sammy May of Arkansas Tech and Louis Si.nforcl of Southern State. Mentioned behind Heflin in the poll on linemen were Guard Paul Grayson of Southern State, Guard Hugh McManis of A. & M., and Tackle Don Dcmpsey of Tech. Here's the consensus of the way the coaches think the teams will finish in the championship race: 1. Southern State 2. Henderson 3. Arkansas A. & M. 4. Arkansas Tech 5. Ozarks fi. State Teachers The other conference teams, Ar on both teams. But there are gaps tailback position against will be ol to be filled and in'two instances'top Importance. For he will be these holes ore formidable. j the passer, punter, runner anc Gone is Keith Flowers, the all- play selector. H •• kansas State, Hendrix and chitn, do not play enough games to qualify for the Oua- AIC title- Rico's Owlii retunu'd to work nft or Sntiirduy'a Imrd neriinmiu!c mul rpcnt both drill pi'rlods with con (lUloi)lr« und hind ,<*etup work do to perfect offenslvo irient*. Tho chnmplon TCU Horn cd Frogs took. It easy nt Fort Worth with running drill In the morn Inn workout und btocMntt, tuckllng und In the afternoon session. Dr. D. G. Russell Jr. Klwania Club Speaker At the weekly meeting of 'the Klwimis Club Thursday' evening, Dr. N. H, Nc'lson introduced. 1H\ B. (1. Husscll Jr. of Mtixi'olut who Is chairman of the Department of Public Information for the Arkansas Optometrle Association, i Dr. llussoll spoke on "How Vour Child's Eye Are" that waj accompanied by a strip of film on the subject. During the business, conducted by Jeff Livingston, president, L. J. Orytion was nominated forlgov- Friends will regret that Mrs. Alec Avery is n patient at Thornton, Minn. Clinic in Kansas City. Natchez, Meridian Hit End of Line By The Associated Press Natchez and Meridian reach the end of the line tonight in the Cotton States League best four out of seven series. The two clubs will meet in Merid Ian in the last game of the playoff's final round. The Indians evened series aac , U V ^ fpfWltit, »Mt,fc> lUlt M»tV PWifttrt^t bi Klnt r»turM 3-8-40 cotton pollon,*$10 per hundred. HOUSO tor Vent, five rooms. Utah. 1013 West Fourth, B-3t Mr*. RpO No. 8, Hope, Douglas Pleased ith DALLAS (*~ Southwest Confer. team* wore in tho midst of j f ^ (heir tecund wcvk ol toll drills to «nd coachus liked ITOUUTBBN ELBANOH never believed Eva had fallen into tho river by accl- dont. "8h« did It deliberately, Sam. To hurt ui^here'a a twist In her, fcMA •'. t don't know how to •trjtff ht*p It out.- Ami 8*nt, neotnR the lines tltftt h»dj»'t boon In Rloanor'a fsco At Uvt wiftn^lns ol the auininer, and th| nerv«u» twitchlngs of her h«nd», htd saUl that Kvo munt go. NO formftl adoption pnucra hnd been Blgnod,, «o the matter \vaa comparatively "impi*- But KVO, rtK|>Vto'U\o time they had taken '-^ lp .ttw c»r back to tho Chll- 1)1 • Aid, had acroamod, "Give ,er chancel I'll be good. anor had had weeka of of deceit, of ugly "No, Kv», 1 ' she'd At Faycttovlllo, where Couch OIU ' Dougloi' protypo »tyU> ot Itrld jplay U being banned IntOT the' Arhansu* had mentioned Kvc'8 name,, she had known. "Hello," Kvo said at last, lightly. Kleanor'a mouth was dry, but she said steadily, "Won't you ait down?" Kvo laughed and seated herself on the couch. She crossed her knees. "I wondered 1C you would Except me," she said. "You haven't changed." ••• ~fa;~ifr" t tad formidable "in the •TU pay you back." her rtf«t five hadn't town „„_._ 8»m »ay to her, At nUnjr," and »he laid " ' '" waanH hungry. oju had conte I h*r. Wat Uiero % for handling; •" she aban? . Had ah* Inadequacy? ," have found tralt« of Unchecked, M«U. What had, WM ahe to blam« '' hf, now? Sh« prliw record, - h«rael{ ,« homo, ot alone, room arch, •1 waa WiUj her into th« l» Rowtey," to gi-ow more beautiful than ever. Only now this waa something not to bo admired, but feared, Eleanor waa afraid. For Jeremy ? she asked heraolf. She can't touch us, Eleanor told heraelf ttcmly. I won't let her. I shall tell Jeremy exactly what she Is, And looking at the girl who sat so cool and lovely, so superbly insolent and confident, Eleanor knew that Jeremy would not believe her. Who would? Ham. Site wished ho were here. He would and a way of handling this. "Are you going to tell Jeremy about me?" Kvo asked, uncannily reading her thoughts. often of you." what had become vltatlon. "Swell," ho said heartily. Kvo rose when she had finished her drink. "I must go. Every inch of me aches." Jeremy stood up, too. He said to Nance, "Come along, darling, we'll walk Eve home, You need some air." Nance hesitated only a moment. Then she said quietly, "All right," and the three of them went out, Eleanor did not move. She was sitting where they had left her when Jeremy and Nance returned. Nance said, "I'm tired. I think I'll go straight to bed." Jeremy kissed her, held her a moment, and she went up the stairs. Eleanor watched Jeremy pack tobacco into his pipe. He came over and flung himself lengthwise on the couch. "She's quite a girl," he commented, "isn't she T" Eleanor drew a dee p. bracing breath. "I knew Eve once, Jeremy, Years ago. You remember that summer you were at camp, the summer your father and I decided *' v * to adopt a child? You remember By The Associated Press AMERICAN LEAGUE New York Cleveland Boston Chicago Washington W L 82 56 80 58 72 64 71 65 72 GO 71 67 56 82 45 SI Pet .594 .580 .529 .522 .522 .514 .406 .331 Philadelphia St. Louis Detroit Tuesday's Schedule New York at St. Louis — (night) Rnsehi (15-5) vs Littlefield 10-4) Philadelphia at Cleveland — might) Shantz (22-6) vs Wyim (19- 12i Boston at Detroit — Trout (9-11) vs tlouttemnn (7-18) Washington at Chicago —(2-t.wi- night) Porterfitild (12-13) nnd Forn- nicles (l-Oi vs Rogovln (12-9) and Doris (7-3) NATIONAL LEAGUE Brooklyn New York St. Louis Philadelphia Chicago Cincinnati , Boston Pittsburgh Monday's Results Brooklyn 10-2; New (.day-night) Only games scheduled. W L Pet 86 49 .637 81 54 .600 79 57 74 62 67 71 60 76 59 7B 39 100 .581 .544 .486 .441 .437 .281 York 2-3 "Oh, come now!" The cajolery WM s«nt)e, but Impertinent. "I'm afraid I don't quite believe that. You didn't care what happened to nift. N« one did- Put 1 got along, t didn't need you, or anyone." "" VPierwM «<»K for Jeremy In _ kitchen, but harsh for Eleanor.: Jeremy brought tall mlated glasses on a tray. *-•--*--- Nance?" he as**L nodded. Mi »« *rtl»t,» Eve Oft, WhUUiBf. t» aaid, "And," Rve continued tn vole* th»t purred now, "your adopted dftulghter, isn't she?" es." P«fnor said again. -- saju, she willed urgently, we wrote you that you were to have a sister?" "Sure," ho Mid easily. "And when I got home, you packed her off so fast 1 never even had a chance to say hello!" Hi* laxy laughter trickled off. He sat up abruptly. "I awi dense. You're telling me that— 1 * "Eve," Eleanor (Mild. He gave 'a long whistle. "Well I'll b«— Funny, she hasnt mm- tloned it to me. Not a word. And this evening; you two . • • Mother." (Wi said gravely, "tfatir* art; ttJ$l» you aren't telling me. That »ifnet ring I toun4 in my »h9«. You hush-hushed that A mlstt*e, you said. You'd explain later, you aaid. You never did. Bv» stoU th* SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION W L Chattanooga 86 66 Mobile 80 73 Memphis 81 74 Nashville 73 79 Little Rock 68 85 Birmingham 64 90 Last Night's Games Memphis 3; New Orleans 2 Tonight's Games Mobile at Atlanta Pet .532 .528 .516 .480 .444 .410 COTTON STATES LEAGUE Final Round (Playoff) W , con»« home- Help me. | ca*^ coo* with bar. Nam* c*m« down, She h«aitattd only an Instant la ta« wid* fri room- t» Now, Mottwr^ m indulgent, but fcM ey "Ther« WM jwspfc quate proof. And-" arsl time. Jeremy. 1 "Tell me,** he com»»»4«4 <l«teUy. Meridian Notches ta*t Night's Results Natchez 4; Meridian : Tonight's Game Natchez at Meridian. L 3 3 3 3 Pet .500[ .500 :a$t night when they defeated Meridian 4-2. Hurler Roy Jayne pitched his fifth playoff victory. H* look three victories from Greenwood and one other from Meridian The Millers will put their 25 ttam« winner. Bobby Harrison, on the mound to oppost Indian Pitcher Al Heuser tonight. Hatches opened the scoring last night when George Escobio doubled sad went home on Mike Garcia's double in the fifth. The Indians scored again in the seventh. The first Meridian run came in the bottom, of the sixth when Ray Krupa slapped a homer over the -• cam* «n THE DIAMOND CAFE & CAFETERIA wishes to announce the winners of the three sets of beautiful steak knives from the drawing held last night at 8P.M. MRS. FRED COOK MRS. CARL BRUNER MRS. LLOYD KINARD If these ladies wilUbring their ticket stubs to Pauline at the DIAMOND she will be glad to give you your, steak knives. The DIAMOND will have another registration and a new ticket will be given each person that registers this Satur day and Sunday for three more sets of these beautiful steak knives to be given away this weekend. DO NOT FORGET the FAMOUS 2 for 1 SUNDAY DINNER EVERY SUNDAY. TWO TRAYS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE PLUS 50c. For All Children 10 years of age and Under we will serve them a Child's Plate Absolutely Free. Just ask for the child's Plate with a choice of five meats, snowflake potatoes and one vegetable. Come See Old ... CRAZY BOB. One Look at Him Is Worth the Money You Spend. DAIRY COW SALE THURSDAY NIGHT September 11, 1952 — 7:30 p. m. SUTTON LIVESTOCK COMMISSION HOPE, ARK. All Cows in Production from One Week to 45 Days 50 HEAD ALLHOLSTEIN Two to Five Years Old All Cows From DHIA Tested Herds TB and BANGS FREE Health Certif icote With Each Cow DHIA Production Records on All Except 1st Calf Heifer. Cows have all been in this climate o year or more. This is an exceptional group of cows, all picked from one man's herd, Henry F. Rucker, Jr., Norman, Oklahoma. These ore hi Thi* is bred, good group of HoJstein to J&e Tueidoy, September 9, 1952 MOM STA«,MtOM, ARKANSAS By CM<k Young OZARRIKi ABOUT THAT WOMAixl '." J. \VHYA9E i" (votj SHAKING 7 LIKE THAT 2 MO.O VOUR PAPER STIUL- I'M READING AN ARTICLE ON THE BACK >•— VNHATS XWHO SHOT HER HUSBAND- • SHCOT V TABLE THE JURY FREED HER At/r/fV QZAfiX ffw- WUPS,' A J By Michael O'Molley artd R« ODT OUR WAY By J. R. William* LI5TBN, MUSHY. SUPK33& I PIP KILU OBRIISI TRIPP. IT NViAS YOUft KIPNAP* ',/WJfiHV, WJTHBSUKB \VOULP WAVE AHACMUAB TO 60 ftACKTO Answer to Previous Puzite J SEE, I ' ^1 .THAT'S \ / I EXPECT V MOW YOU I nDLD vou • <Mny S-HE U KIDS TO BE \ TWO HAVE H6 WOUUP HAVE WRITTEN AHOUT . VVPflTTEN ABOUT THAT ) Hlft 5UPWMASK&T AV)P AtOW.V/A</' r\ I e>Mr«.H-*» / k*jiit*Mft M> AI i M«.. * . ^ Supporting Star IN HIS PiAFtV/ TMB KIP PIPNT KNOW T. PISLKEP N IT. V. \ I MA COULD' /' COOKS. \ SMART ALECKS \ GOT ME / DO IT A-*> / -SO TRIM/ I AM' RUB IT IMTO I IMTO IT/ HOEIZONTAL 2 Satiric >_^ NtA fctnit.. I,;, T. M. Htg, WASH TUBES (gORMEREO IW THE 5TORE BV POLICE, THE • HOOPLU^g TRY TO FlflHT THEIR QLM) YOU 80V5 VOU TH6VR6 klPSt GKOQM \& HURTS,. 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THING'S etOPPIED DBAOJ lUKB I'D DVA, THINK rrfe BBCAUets 1, 0A»0 MfN^JAj "What in the world ever gave you the idea I could lick HIM?" SIDE OUNCES By Golbroith "Here, take this court summons, too—- I'm a judge!" CHRIS WELKIN, Ploneteer •i* J ""-*"<)*«*$f<v»'' — f "n-fAf *• •rfc'i* 1 ^ FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS J TMOUC'HT COULD 1>^E *<v -5.PAC5 F-LtC-'HT EXPER/ENCB WORK SMOKED CUP TWO WHICKLE5 ON ONE? WHtQ<L£$ so FAR / 'T AWT NEAT Tb, EAT ON THf A ~ ' -1 ...Yrttl'BB A WHICKLg/y ^ ft »'A* MU- J - AJZT~: " ' 7 / s J6, W •Ob

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