Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 9, 1952 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 9, 1952
Page 9
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T ,^ ™pTi^^""'»\ riTF ;y > neiday, September 9, 1952 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS * s jWj**t ?" " ' v "~,v; *™"" ys-T^w*;.! ( ,,/^ r ••^ m . l! ' >" ^;i^^f Pit* ttott HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Tuesdoy, September (J»«W*|Miyr* er«ft ,,„-... Uniform t»urehn(iln« for tho riun*«iH flmt for Otlicr fey iht O.rt«r»l A. ,. . W C com. UftCH cllnr^ttrt with <ty, tor i»nrchn»irHK W ifny «««ncy of the ch»»««d «» provldli«) In Section 4 <R» btflow. (In ptirehnslnjf nnd flpfrlfli'dtlon* nhnll hn fi-ntly bronrt l« permit «?ompelltfv* bidding rm ffiulpmpnt Kuntiftttlf wimlnii wilhln o rompplltlvn p*1«f* «rmip, diif'h n* Chfvrolitl, Ford, Plymmiih. clc., nnd wr»nld cnll for «lx or el«ht fylinder, S pn(i. four door tndim. not le*i than 114* liu-h wfioomftdp, wit 1c«* Ui»rt IW horttp i«>w*»r motor, utondnrrf NO. II: Hood mochln «ry, provided that »ln«lB unite b| cnch m»y be pufchnned n« provided In «pi»llon 1 lift In-low. . (In pMrcb.ni<lntf ronrl mnchln»ry, nomrnclDttirn nnd dpeelflCflllmm Hhtfll hi- Nurflcfonily broad U> permit cdrripi'iltlvi' biddlhK In nnulp- Hennrnlly eomln« within n rlef group,) OKOUP NO, 12; Farm Imple- tnr-nlH, tirHh mol'»i driven o.nd J tion. luCitni- tlriven, itxr'ent that »lnd(l« iifiit nt iiny lyf» "f fnrm Implement mity I)'* fiiirc'linsed iia provided In Section '1 HI) he-low, GllOtJI' NO, I,'); Fnrm t«o!«, Wlr« ll Filr Tmde Prlco Prolcetwl by th« mftMtflreturer, (K) 1BMRROENCY FimCHAS- 1E8. PffiwflSUffl Purchitdlrtu offfe- lulu kta milhorl*c<1 t'> mftkp emergency pvrchniio »f nupptten, <"ii'ip- ment. or eontrnrlurftl M-WCCH without competitive t)W» ;n>d wiil-i- out roujMret lo n mount ''f <-'''ii (ir typo of commodity whfrt urit«'ni.lv rtettdod for lmm«ltol« tl»jliv*'cy dm.' .to H borto fide om«TK«ney «rl*lri!< from ! unforw'tfn <«• imnvulrliihii- Punned. For the fiurp«*«* of this Act, on cmoruMicy I* defined OH: Any ultunllon ni'Ulnit from tiny unforeseen emme wherein inimnn life or Stole property l* in )i>op:ir- tJy, or nlher 82 Completion Climaxes Long Fight Kl, DortADO --(Special) — He. ci-nt completion ot paving of the itif/tiwuy from the Union criunty litit in MriK'iollii brought to a nuc (i B .ful (.-Micliifilon a n»;w»pup< 4 r ifi'impnlKn Inutichcd about 15 ycar,< ;t«<, (or Improvement of federal tiiflliwjiy in acrouR the »lnle of Ar,,,, , , t , job compjctw , tecretary of the Texarknna her of Commerce, to Fort "They JnM laughed nt u.i at flrft," Palmer said, "but we kept plugging awny. Hecognltlon rum.' » lowly nnd so did the Improv.; mentir, but we kept mnklnc some progrein, and efforts were cuntin- untie over the yenrs." Newspaper cninpntKiis were ton; ducted, meeting* were held amon^i roiith Arkan«ns highwiiy boosters ond with beth stole find federiil hlghwuy official;). < The Highway 8X Association wn.fi organized with reprosentatioTi frnir i all cftle» nnd towns along the route i in both Arknnsns nnd Mississippi. : Stale Senator Clyde Ryrd of Kl' Dorado served as president of th<-; Cham-^rond lending lo Ihe new span, and I Worlh. j Ihen Arkansas slartcd work on the problem of improving Ihe route In Arkansas to connect wilh the I hi id (if*. i The bridge operaled for a time | as ;i toll bridge, but It is loll free '• arid nas br-cn for several years r. i •-.'.-. ! Pending oomplelion of Ihe high- 1 v, y. runny tourists have been rduti'd around Arkansas, but it is bt'licvi'il likely lhat Smith Arkan s.-is sni'ii will slnrl gellinf; Us full :>h:in' of the lourist business. Convicts in Ohio j Prison Rebel j i CH1LUCOTH. O. Wl —A mass, sit-down strike by 800 rebellious j young convicts nt the Federal Re- fcrmalory for Men ended early to-! diiy after more than nine hours of destruction and defiance. Three inmntes were wounded, nrne seriously, before 4 guards, stale highway patrolmen and deputy sheriffs cjiiolled Ihe uprising. John J. Galvln. assoclale warden, men broke windows, threw b*dclojM Into the yard and set fire '"mattresses al nightfall, screamed In protest when 300 convicls gave in and reM to their cells al mid-evening, fought among themselves all du Ihe demonstration. Oalvin said he heard the '.usu| complaints about prison food sold he did not know Ihe reaj for Ihe sit-down strike. SOCIETY Pnont 74431 B«tw««n I A. M. and 4 P. M, jndar REP. BROOKS ILL O\1 .. ( pf,pnrc,'hiiiilnH, ' provided, of thU to 'ripply Ho any- unit of locnl AND «hill offoerii liv-lh« pnrchntu' " " i, ,siipplicR, con of unmet! olnwH tin- call- nqual or c*x« i! PiirchoNlntf Invl- to jj6 pub. pltH'o 'dnys In fll bo Vc tlmo nnd , for elen nfiOolflod in notice shull (JtlOUP NO, 14: Coment, sand, crushed Rtoni?, ulng, bituminous rnnlerlfllH, itloJ OIIOUP NO, IS: Hardware- OltqtJP NO, 10; Paint, pnlnterit' OnotiP NO. 17: Plumbing and honlinu nnd ulr cmullt|onlni( oqnlp- mul KiipplluB, mill «uppll(!R, •«dttll«ii.-ii..morni-n«y fH»rehfti(B« shnll be sulijert to i<view ftnd approval by the Hoard entdbllshcd under Ki-eUoti !i n< iliif At't, j 5. OOARD OK APPKAI. HHKD. The KUile Audit'ir the Attorney Gtmernl nrnl (he Cuv- Pflior otuill composi' n l)>uird nf Appwpl to Whltll nny a»t(rievi>(t blddcf rnny appenl nny deelslon mndo-by any 1'urchimlns Offleml In dwurdlriK contracts uiulcr See- lion 4 lA) of thl* Act. Nntiee lh:il protect Will be filed tniiKl be Kiveri In wHUn* to the Purehi.slnK Off clu nt tho time of the opening- of tho bldM, and nydi notlee nhiill he M.tfootod- In wrfllnu and filed will) tncAttornoy (.Jent'riil within .sfvn- tynwo hour* from urn time the I>UM NO. Ifl: Klcclrlcnl equipment, lluhtlnii fixtures, rnfrlgprut- Mliilpment, oloclrlc Wfttnr! cool- vwitllatlng nnd t'xluiujit fonn, oii'i'lricnl Ntippllos, ale,, nxcopt (hill HliiHlo units of itiailptnijnl m«y bf litiiclKiHod UN provided In Bocllon <t (HI bolow, ' NO, 10: Aofitylone, ox- Qbfblcta, wddliiK c(|iilprnriil hn<l iiuttplliMJ, etc, ORmJPNO. 20: Solid Fuels, (JHOUP NO. 21; Lumber, mill work. BiiHli, (looiii, ropflnx supplier. cinoiTP No. 22: Plate ntpcl, rein- fuiTlmJ Btf't'l, Mnietnrnl 9t'er1 r htfnl burn rind flniw, NO. 2.1; Merchant pipe, pipe, cnrruiifilml nipttil, vlirlflcd clny, etml Iron plpo, etc. 05ROUP NO, •M: Tableware and iilennllti, nvciiM. mimes mul tlHOUP NO, 2.1: Klrc «nd «»lhVUtttl6n to bid "'^ tequeut, mid to be Hinted too pub- award* b«sl bidder, Silvery time how- t'caxon th« in his WOUH to iho to the ver, U , PurchasliiK •are not' In „. ... ' - ho j vi; <)r' all sbidA and * «JroadvcrUso • for the Classen of Ufi^ thasa typos for which <?«n u,t advance Mod of time, I it' connoUdallon purpQ*e« at of voHntie Official* in K* lUtltHl Diablo tattU eit for all for ^enortt* of .*,- "'Parcel* l-uurchftses In >;UmUttUo«8 to (IHOUr NO. Kfl: l.lcenHf, plotPS, InuluniiiN nnd mcduln, OltOUl' NO, 27: CoiiBtiiiction .not uthorwlHc 'covered-by IttW fnv which tirelill^«t»'«i,pl'' en- erW pliuiii nnd HtiriorvUlon ore nut uJU'rt, •'- URO.UP NO, 8fl) Any nnturjil r^ Hourc'c' rottrncted or ri'iticivod on fl roynlty liiisls, ' ' ill) J»URC.'HAaj«S AS A UK- SUI..T OF 1 INFOHMAt; SOT.lClTA- OF QUOTATIONS. Pur- of IteiuH In nny of U»e slrown above whle,h ui'e e«I to cost le»s thiin $1,000.00 In tlu> HiiHi'oHrtto miiy bo inudo by tli^ dt>nlniuitt 4 d Purchusliitf Off(olul front' thtt lowust and' bent bid revolved nu u renull of Inforinul no- Hcltiitlon nf bids from at lentil Ihrflfl proupocllvo bidders, • In iHklltlon, Nlimlf onlia of «poc- ifk-d ItoinN of eciulpmonl nit net forth. In various CIHSKCH of com- inodltlea I,t Section 4 (A) preceding i nny bo purchased from (ho lowest mui lipst blddor an n result of Informal siillcltiiUon of blda from til IctiHl IHi'i'ft proHpoollvo blddern. iH\ %}V t tk/^11 A t! IP*£2 -i V.^ll f \ftjl 'KJ A Kt 1 f (wl 1'Ultt-llAalvH 1' HUM MANU* FACTUHKWS NKT • sTAT K I»RtCK LISTS, Tho lollowinK of cununocUtU>8 muy be tram tho inamifucluror or tho nuthorUi'd dtntrlbvitor at inlci'S coutitlned In the tnnimfacUir- or's or distributor's established Not Stole Price lUsts wlihoul forintil solicltuilon of bids: aUOUl 1 NO. 1: Omen machines, including uddlnu muehliies, lypc- bookkoepin« iniiehlnos, iiiiehlnts, tnliui-ogruph inocliini'H, und tubulating inu. chines, inotlon picture tnuchlnes, pJiotoKrupliic efjulpmcnl, etc. CmOU!' NO. 8; 'Ltttrtiiil, olftctHc (all types), • QRQUI* NO, St Bulk plant liveries of 'giuoimis oil, u re uses, etc., wlu>n purehnsod nt estiibUshed tunk wniiwi prices pr*»vuUli\jj at tuvw o( delivery* GROUP. NO, i: Cnnnlnu ma« fhlnwy cans, «tc, - • CiHOUP NO. 8: Tiros and tubes und autoinobllo battprlt»». QROUP^NOv (8«•"•:'EtlVHt»m«nt i-«* pah 1 puns, wxl « th* which CHASKS, The following types or t-lanitos of commodities becauio of, ihulr nature at* much, that com- poliUva purchasing methods cuiv- nol be uttnt uraeUenWy. and -.U-slt- ualvd pun:Uus(.ng Officials ar«, ihervfurc, uulhorUed, 19 make sucli purchases wiUiout solicitation of bid*: GROUP NO, U Books, svibscrlp- tlons to journals, papers, etc., membership Ja 'Trade tnd Pro|*s- AssoclaMww. **«<• matlvui ftli« .OOliifnct uMll be held In nbeyuiu 4 * . iirrtll sold jjrotnxt IIIIB been hcmd I '^"* ( and Udjndlcntcd by sain 1 Honnl ot Appenl, The flrullriKH of mild Uoard '»holl bo'ffniil nnd ahull be binding on nil pnrtleii, Section'0, "PORMS, rtKCOHDfi. AND AUDIT I'HOCKUUnK. In ofdor lo secure imlforrnlly of pru- cedurc-, oil neccminry forms for puicluidlnif nnd coiitrtielln^ shiill i>i< «liiHdnrdl'/i!d and pre tier I bed by Iho SlOle:Coinptr(jller and lhu Sinin I'urchualnii AHCIU ucllnij jointly, subject lo (ipproval of the Attorney OtlHM'ul, Immedllilely npnll (irepii- ration mul iHttunnce of u piu-rhn.si 4 tlimuiiK-nt or u eontnict fur pin C'hlitUilM, till piipeiH ri'liilinu to transucllon, incUidln^ bid pro pOKlil.i I'ceelved, tiluill he tr:iiisinll- led to the Stuto Comptroller with il Cltlilfk'tlle (Itlui'hcd nhowin;: Coniplltiliee wilh this Act and rilin;; the appllcubli' lu'clioii nnd piita Kruph of 'this Act under which ilu- procurvmorii tiction wits tiik( 4 n. Tho ^IdtO 'Cpu'tlipll'Olku' is aullinrl/ed lj)hd <Hi**5Cted to refusi 4 payment of tihy-.'VOUChur covel'lnu a purchase >*>hlch jias not In 1 'en properly nu- tlionllcatcd. All doctmuMits will lie preserved elllier In original or on microfilm •' In Ihe siuie- Coimptrni- ICr'H Offlco for n period of threo yciirs. Alt xueh records in the Slate CorriptraUer'a Office shnll be public rocordii and shall be upon hi pub- Ilu Inspection 'durlnii oil nnrniul buitlnoss houi'H. Section 7. OFFICEHS ANH KM- P1UOVJSE8 PROIIIUITKI) KItOM CONTRACTS WITH OWN DK- PARTMENT. Any officer. aRent. employoo, bourd iviembt<r, or cum- mUslonur of tiny iiuency of the State I* hereby specifically pro- hlbltdd from havini; finiincial in- U-roHl or per.soiuil beneficial inter- «»t dll'Oetly or indirectly in- any contract or purchatu' order for any ,8upR\le», materials, equipment, insurance, or contraclunl sorvleo imcd by or furntNhed to or purchased ' from , thu aiccitcy, dcpivrlment, Inntltutloh, cominlHsion. with whieh such portion Is connected by employment or nppolntiiHMii. Section 8. SERVICES OK STATK PURCHASINQ AGENT AVAIL- 'ABUE TO ALL AGKNCIKS. Tin- State Purchasing ARent may ivndor purchutilnii or contracting servUies to i»ny other State Agency upon the application of lhat ai;ency and with the approval of the State Comptroller and Iho State Purcluuiin; 4 Agent. Section 0. PKNAI.T1K.S. Any person who: violated any provision of IhU Act shall b« (tuiliy of a misdemeanor; and shall upon convic- ybn, b« punished therefor by a fine not lo exceed $100. Any pDi'Kon who is convicted of a niisdenn-anor under this Act jfor a period of five years bo for appointment to or nt in uny pasition in tlu 4 service, and if ho is tin officer employee of tho State, shall forfeit rtiq offje« or pustiion. Section 10. SKPARAHIMTY. If ai»y Vffovlsitui of this Act, or Ihe tip- plication of such provision to ony iwr*on -or • rtrcumstanco shall bo held invalid, the n<nuilnder of this and the application of such proof this Act to persons or circumstances other than tho.se us tO Which it is held invalid, .shall U01 bo affected thereby, Section 11. R E P B A LI N O CLAUSE, The Jollou-ing Acts or seottoni ot Acts are hereby repealed; Sections Q and 7 of Act No; 903 ot 1883; Art No. \K o( and Act No. 214 of um. PRQWRD; March a. 1831, C. Q,' IIAI.L, Secretary nf Siato 8, 8, »«, SB pnvi'd lo.'ul. No rclebrntlon has been held, bul ,Snulli Aiknnsaii nnd other spctinns of Ihe Ktiite are expected to benefit from Hie complellon of Ihe high •.vdy from incrensed tourist Iraffic dint bu.'dnetis. Tin.' Manrmlla link followed fnir ly clcscly on Ihe heels of the pav- InH and bulldlnif of new bridges! on Ihe Munlrono Luke Vllllnge »ec-j lion of the hlnhwiiy, thus glvliiK .11 piived .section to link up Ihe n>»d ! with the Greenville brldRC over tin 4 Mississippi river. Completion of paving of Ihe highway cnitie only afler lengthy nnd difficult efforts for nucdod Improve inentti. I-'irsl problem was proper,recoR- as a fi.-deral highway aboul IT) ->r '20 yearn ngo, bul il was litlle more thtin a yrnvet Irall in most plnccx at that tlinc, and rftcelved litllt? iillenllon cilbor from jumped into the cam pulgn enrly with both feet, and tho bliigCHt forward stride came when WuHhinglon county, Miss, in which Oruefivlllu, Miss., is loeiited, issued bundH nnd built the bridge iicross Ihu Mlrcldslppi river, pnved u section nf tlv i said the men refused to go to Ihej PUSAN, Korea, Wl — HUKS RAID MIL,L I mess hall after finishing their Work ton Brooks <D-La> leader U MAN!! A -*- Forty Com-: for th- day. They milled about the House group touring Korea. Is irumist links lust nlKhl raided ;l : prison y.-.rd for several hours, then siii'.ar mill cmployinK several seized j American supervisors und 12 fill-arms, including ;i machine Itun, lln' Philippine Army reported. No our' was rurt in the. raid. The mill Is tiir largest in Contra! l,u- ii.vaded throe dormitories. Prisoners wrecked furniture, ...„ flown ttf Tokyo for treatm| of an "unidentified fever." condition was not believed serin |day, September 9 Country C'lub will have a rn Dance (wear Western outfit i Tuesday night, Sep- &r 9, from 9 to 12 o'clock. Sses will be Mr. and Mrs. Brown, Mr. and Mrs. G. D. on, Dr. and Mrs. Emmet Bpson. Mushrooms i'tit. water. contain about !)() per NOTICE! Aiium.'ins hlKhwny deparlmcnl or Die United States Bureau of Rnuds. i C!. K. I'RSmer, publisher of The Dully News nnd ISveninK Times of Kl Dorado, and other south Arkun•in; publications, was fine Of 'Ihe ":ncn of vl.ilon" who launched n (.•umpiilHo to Improve the highway, Palitu 4 ! 1 took the lend, first seek ini! rrco«nilion from the U. S, bu- ri'im's Fort Worth office. The publisher sent Bob Hall, see Uw-jrcUiry of Ihe El Dorado Chamber of Commerce, and M. E. M» 4 lton,^ We are prepared to take care of your winter pasture PMA orders for seeds and fertilizers as well as Cotton Dust, DDT and Calcium Arsenate. Plenty of parking room and loading space at our new location where business is appreciated. MO N T S SEED STORE 310 E. 2nd Friendship Class of the First st Church will meet Tuesday at 8 o'clock in the home of ' J. N. Hobbs. Wednesday, September 17 Paisley PTA will meet in Paisley School auditorium on Wednesday. September 17, at 3 o'clock. Club. Hostesses will be Mrs. H. O. Kyler, Mrs. Ernest O'Neal, Mrs. Walton- Sims, and Mrs. Edwin Stewart. Wednesday, September 10 The City Federation of Garden Clubs will have their annual luncheon at the Barlow Hotel at 12:30 September 10. All garden club members who wish to attend please call your respective garden club president. DID YOU KNOW THAT: The trend is still upword in building costs the prices of Household furniture are higher. than ever? The average man is prone to renew his insurance policy for the same amount year after year. Should a loss occur — and you find you are way underinsured, it may be embarrassing. In the recent tornado whjch 'destroyed or, severely damaged every building in Judsonia,. it was. found that the average assured was only about 2596 insured. RESULT: Judsonia will possibly not be rebuilt. . ARE YOU FULLY PROTECTED? SEE . , ....... ROY AN PERSON & CO. — INSURANCE — 210 S. Main Box 405 Hope, Arkansas bfapter AE of PEO will have ncht-on Tuesday, September !). 'o'clock at the Hope Country PI 1e knows ever racket's "trength . . . and every yoman's weakness! GEORGE RAFT Dorothy Hart "LOAN SHARK' The DcAnn Lilac Garden Club will meet Wednesday, September 10, at 2:30 in the home of Mrs. C. C. Coffee with Mrs. J. J. Samuels as co-hostess. Garland PTA will meet on'Wed- nesday, September 17, at 3 p.m. al Ihe school. Miss Betty Quillin Honored With Shower Mrs. Clifton Booth. Mrs. Reese Cluimbioss. Mrs. Olin Purtell, and Mrs. J. \V. Cunniniiham honored Miss Betty Quillin, bride-elect of Thomas F.. Duekett, with a miscellaneous shower al Ihe home of Mrs. Cunningham Tuesday night, September 2. Arrangements of summer flowers were placed at vanlage points throughout the enU'rtnining rooms. The honoree was presented a corsage of yellow roses anil was Ihe recipienl of many useful gifts. The hostesses served punch and individual cakes lo fifty - five guests. There will be a meeting of Girl Scout Community Commitlee al 2:15 Wednesday, Seplember 10, all Ihe Cily Hall. The Oglcsby PTA will meet in the school auditorium on Wednesday, September 10, at 3 o'clock. Thursday, September 11 The American Legion Auxiliary will meet Thursday, September 11, at 7:30 at the home of Mrs. E. P. O'Neal with Mrs. E. A. Morsani as co-hostess. All members are urged to be present. Miss Betty Quillin, Thomas E. Duckett Wed Miss Betty Quillin, daughler of Mr. and Mrs. Judo Quillin of Ihis city, became the bride of Thomas K. Duc-ki-tt. sun of Mr. nnd Mrs. j Thomas Duckett also of this city, i in a double ring ceremony performed in the home of the. officiating minister. Klder Elbert O'Slcen. Sunday morning, September 7. at 9: •15. The bride was allired in a white faille strapless street length dress fashioned with n lace ovcrskirt and bolero. Her bridal bouquet was of flowers of love, lube roses, while carnations, and pink rose buds. The Miss Mildred Hunt of Pntmos, of the rnaid of honor, wore a nnvy blue tissue fnille dress with while accessories. Her corsage was of pink carnnlions. Bevlie Osborn served Mr. Duckett as best man. Mrs. Quillin chose for her daughter's wedding a keel blue crepe wilh red accessories. Her corsage was of flowers of love. Mrs. Duck- j ett wore a Uutpe crepe with black accessories and a corsage of flowers of love. Immediately following the ceremony n reception WHS held in Iho home of Ihe groom's parents. Those present were; Mrs. Jude Quillin, Mr. and Mrs. Duckcll and Jesse nnd Sue, Mrs. Willie Shep- jird, sislcr of Ihe bride. Mr. and Mrs. Weaver Quillin, brolher and\ sislcr-in-lnw of the bride. Mrs. Harry Robinson nnd Mrs. Ambros i Kobinson, aunts of the bride, Mr. | Rogers, grandfather of Iho groom, and Mr. and Mrs. Olin Purlell, aunt and I'nclc of the groom. For Iravel, Mrs. Duckelt wore a brown linen blouse with pink linen skirl and while accessories. She pinned a corsauc of yellow rose buds al her shoulder. Mr. and Mrs. Durketl will be at home in Warren, Arkansas, where he is employed. wedding wilt be nn event latter pnrl of September. DOROTHY DIX •Christian Women's Fellowship Has Meeting at Church Tho t'hrislian Women's Fellowship met In the I'hureh pnrlor With the president. Mrs. Cline Franks, presiding. Mrs Ktiymon Robins was elected vice i'i-esident to replace Mrs.j Hnrdrs-vee. Mrs. Carl Smith navel the ill votionnl. Mrs. Franks n 4 -' viewed lh> 4 first ch.ipler of "He-1 ginning nt Jerusalem" by Dwightj Stevenson. C ire le No. 1 won the! <loll;u- for having the most pre-, sent. j After the program Mrs. Henry and Mrs. Franks served iced drinks .mil cookies. Thomas — West Betrothal Told The engagement and approach- inn marriage of Miss Billie Jane Thomas, daughter of Mrs. J. R. Thomas and the late Mr. Thomas of this city, to James T. West of Little Rock, son of Mrs. Charles West and the late Mr. West also of this city, is made known today. Mrs. Tillery Presents Program to WSCS Mrs. C'laude Tillery had cluirge of Hie proKi'um nf tne .September meetim; of WSCS and presented Miss Frances WeisenberKer, MY I 4 ' delegate U> Camp Timaeo, and Mrs. James Mcl.nrly. Jr., delegate to AHler.sjjatc, who told of their experience :il the Ciinip. Mrs. Jolly livers uave a tlevo- llonn! room •Philip|>ians •!:!!'. Mrs. L. IJ. Tooley, president, presided over a short business meeting. Report.- were heard from various chairmen. It was announced that the October meeting would be a night meeting at Ihe church with the Wcsleyan Service Guild in chari;e (if the program, 'I'he meeting closed with the benediction. Fifty members were present Man Seek Freedom !Denr Miss Dix: t have boon tnm--j rled for IS years mul, aUhotiRh' |'" v 1 hnve a fine wife, I want to hoj ' free. We have worked hnrd to I own our home and car. We h«vo a good Income, I belong to various clubs, like to piny Rolf and want to fuel free to RO where 1 want, when I want, without worrying about my wife waiting nt home for me: We fell out of love n long time ngo and I don't st-o any reason to go on like this. There is > no one else. Why Is it in'life woj havu to hurt the ones wo love? TIM Answer: If you succeed in jour plan to shod a duvoted wife, .vmi will be hurting yourself fur ni.in: than you will hurt her. You aiv assuming that she isn't In love with you any longer, ;uul 1 think you are making a llkt- assumption ofj your own feelings, in order to gra-1 tlfy a desire for freedom that is, j t assure you nothing more thin temporary. fact that you «fo expected to save money laf 'Rood training for later life. Learn to make your clothes, and they won't cost so tnurh. As for the boy, you have noon rnlhor overwhelmed by n uniform lie, I am sorry to say, ts net a very .serious type, and best forgotten. Dear Miss DIx: I had an affair i with my secretary which ended In n very public blow-up. My wife stuck by me loyally when I need oil her. She saved me n great deal ! of trouble, but 1 can feel the ! change- In her now. How can I win- i vince her that I nm truly sorry for tho episode? MIt, PHU.ANDU'HUK Answer: When will callous mar ever reallxc that a wife's hour i:im be. broken by these oxtra marital romances they so cosily, nnd that A br6kilrt Is not easily mended) You affair that ended rnthef dl sly for you and so, aS liSf fli are crnicerncd, the nrtntUf *ll end. You don't dtiSGrVtf^tttfe wife you hnve. nnd ft i abject devotion wouldn't begin pay for her loyally, it's U|> to ' lo discover how you cnn her of your love, and you'd mnke it very convincing],. Released by The Boll SyndJ6 Inc. HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE B. Main A Country Club fd, Tuesday & Wednesday, "ANGELS IN THE t. OUTFIELD" PAUL DOUGLAS JANET LEIGH -13 ""•4 Announcing the 1952-53 Essay Contests of THE LION OIL which will award COLLEGE to Students and Teachers Lion Oil Company /ifl.v again expanded the Lion Oil Scholarship Fund— 1 1 tin time to provide additional scholarships -for higlt school students and scholarships for elementary school teachers well us high school tctichci's. The future progress of the South depends not only on educational advancement of Southern • youth—our Future Leaders, but also on the continuing advancement of Southern teachers who guide our Southern ]>oys and girls. zones. GROW NO. »5' l AJlutlUUp8 aad " anoup NO. dj»Uv«rtas ot latod Uoms. GROUP NO, «; anct>, Uw rates tor by tt» Ratlna Setvlci? statloH oil, and »•«- SCOPE OF STUDENT-ESSAY CONTESTS BROADENED Tw»/v« $I/OOO Scholarships for High School Students Cash Awards for $fucfenfs and Sponsors EASY TO ENTER To enter, a lii«;li school slndi'iit must write an essay in 500 words or less, «t't the essay approved and signed by Iiis teacher, and scud it to: LION OIL SCHOLARSHIP FUND Fl Dorado, Arkansas FIRST CONTEST STARTS NOW The subject for the first contest is: "My Definition of Good Citizenship" Entries must bo postmaiked before midnight, October ;ll, 1952. SnhjuMts for the other essay contests will be announced at ,i later date and are listed in Hides Booklets, High School Students.. , Don't Miss this Opportunity to Attend the College of Your Choice on a Lion Oil Scholarship ; Ask your teacher or. principal for free rides booklet, or write the I Jon Oil Scholarship Fund. NEW CONTEST ZONES For the. third coiwectitlw" year; taoii Oil Comp;iny will award sdiolarsliirw nivd C«4» as|)rlws in u series of essay contexts, The seiies will coustsf.oj four contests, open to high school students in public, lirivate or parochial schools in'im-us where Lion petroleuuv protlucts are sold at the sign ol thu Lion. Th« total arm of eligibility is dividetl into throe geographic-id zones which «re dt'4'ribfd in detail in the Scholarship Fund Hutcs Btwklet. In each of the four contests to be Iwld during this school year, a separate srt of awaixls will IK> ollVred in t'ach zone. Thus, students in a given zone will not compete against students in other MORE SCHOLARSHIPS First-place winner in e*dr»uie, in each of the four contests wins u one-year scholarship (cash value $1,<HH» to any uwrwltti-xl college or university of his or her choice. TbV sdiolarsbitw ar» muisua! IB tlwt they are sufficient to ii)\er not wily tuition, but also such incuVnUd expenses as UlKintt'ory fees, bool}*, room and Uwrd. Twelve scholarships wiH'ba awuid«4 Juring tlie scJiool year. NOW, ESSAY CONTESTS FOR GRAD< AND HIGH SCHOOL TEACHERS Six $l f 2OO Scholarships Now . . . Lion Oil offers Southern teachers in elemet tary and high schools the opportunity to win scholfti ships 1'or advanced education.' : Lion will conduct .two essay contests for Sonthe teachers. Three winners will be'selected in each coiJ test. The three \vmners. in each contest will ea>l receive a $1,200 scholarship to the- college or uniyeif sity of his or her choice. ' . : Teachers, principals and superintendents teaching, iJ public, private and parochial high schools or ele Uny schools in areas .where Obn petroleum prod are' sold at the sign of th* Lion are; eligible to ente these contests. The first contest is now open. To ented a teacher should write an essay in 1,500 words or ' on the following subject: "What I Can Do To Become A Better Teacher'\ Entries in this first contest must be postmarked midnight of November 30, 1952. , Fof complete infonnation write the Lion Oil Scholar) sliip Fund. The enduring beauty of rare GENUINE COBRA LAST TIMES TODAY Shown above left in red cobra and grey trim 10.95 8.95 with Circle No. I, Mrs. H. I, Broach, chairman, having the lai 1 gest number present. •in and Going Mr. and Mrs. K. \V. Tapp and dnughters, l.inda and .Ian, of Dallas were the week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey Collins. Mrs. Tapp will be remembered as the former Mu/.elle Dollar. Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Amns Mo- lored to (JlUahoma City Saliirday vhere they carried Deity who will illeiul the University of Oklahoma School of Nursing. ' s; ifal Notes Steffi Judge: "So your name's ipshua, eh? You're not the foshua that made the sun stand [still, are you?" Culprit: <4 No, Judge. I'm the oshua that made the moon ine. —Frances Barentlne Submit jokes for this column i'nd win pusses lo the Kiolto. For 'cry joke used, the person sub- lilling it will be mailed 2 lasses. Jokes must be limited to words or less, ;vnd must be iuitablc for publication. .Leave it theatre boxoffice or mail lo: [anager, Rialto Thealre. WED. & THURS. Toiiy s i Pipe CURTIS IAURIE Branch Admitled: Mrs. Albert Brown, Hope, Mrs. John Anderson. Hope, Mrs. Kmmell Diddle, 1'atmos. ,. Discharged: Mrs. MilUm Urant- ley, Hope. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Brown ot Hope announce the arrival of a baby girl on Sept. !). Mr. and Mrs. John Andersoi of,.Ho|H.' announce the arrival of a ba.b.V Kirl on Sept. fl. Mr. and Mi's. Emmell IMddle of Pulmos announce the arrival of a baby girl on Sept. U. Woods Finds What Women Talk About You Won't Be Hnppy You place much importance on lessing your responsibilities < which j seem very small). Let me tell you | the day you face the world without responsibility or obligation will bo the saddest one of your lite. It's a tragic fuel that many people are actually resentful ot responsibility yet, when they tire faced with the loneliness that complete freedom brings, then wall to high heaven. Make no mlslnke about it, responsibilities toward other luinmn beings are the greatest blessing* God sends us. What you u!rn to do, Tim, Is replace the ministrations and love uf » devoted considerate wife with the conviviality of golf companions My but you're In for a letdown, When you have to depend on these men for solace In time of trouble, cure In time o£ sickness, or ton fort in time of fatigue, you'll look u long lime, They 1 arc 4 not goiiiK to break — or even strain -- their own family lies lo match your unlimited freedom, so there will be plenty of lonely hours for you, my son. There are fur worse ihiiiKS than a lovely wife waiting home, for you tit night, Anil why keep her waiting eve.ry night'.' llow about taking her ulong on an occasional jaunt? Think this mailer over very can: fully, Tim, before you come to n rash decision. You won't care for the free life long; it can become must pulling. B. Shown at right brown cobra ... . Bag to match FOSTER'S 101 FAMILY SHOE STORE 'Where Good Shoes are Fitted Correctly" E. 2nd St. Corbin Foster Phone 7-6700 M-G-IM's spectacle of sweeping emotions ana sumptuous magnificence such as nas never been beneld on the screen! hy Slate Awiatiom aiul Dtac*an Oflkes of .\rkaiuat, and of Haming Officers t.eo WaW of •ated vandidate of the American L*#to«i. last ni*l»i nam«.Hi, uieu woo he says "leads a grouv ot political i" I& the le«ian. He'sttW thtt group, which IK- called. "SACS — Uftfr self appointed are Jted by . and joint MORE CASH The number of merit awards iu each votyest bas l>een incit>ased to 45; that is, 15 In each zone. If an i'«s.\v does not win a $1,000 scholarship but is among tlw 15 next nest entries in a awn*, th» wrfl»« will receive a cash award .if $25.t>0. One. hundred and dglity mexit a\vards will be given during the scboi4 ye4T. T|ACHiR,5K)N$0«$ WIN, TOO Tin* teacbwr spb«soru« » Srd'fJkwe winner in any contest receives $200 cash. A t«»ch«r 8|»««>ring the winner of n $25.00 merit a\vord will receise $35.00 cash. i*iw (1) (I) Iut*f esl and Why Tho Scho/or«li/p Fund Wat Lion Oil is part-and-parrel of the South, employ- iiu more than 2.600 persons with MI annual jxiyroll of more than $ll,000,00p. Lion Oil manufactures more than sixty petroleum products which keep the wheels of Southern industry, transportation and agriculture spinning. IJon's nitrogen fertilizers enrich the soil of Southern farms . . . help Southern fanners produce more and better crop. The Scholarship Fund is Lion Oil Company's way of saying, "We believe in the South... are eager to assist its sons »nd daughters . . . our good neighbors. We're proud to b# "Home Folks —Good Neighbors!" COLOR BY TECHNICOLOR •TAKKINC ROBERT TAYLOR • DEBORAH KERR LEO GENN «</ PETER USTINOV £cn«n Fifj tjr Jokn Lee Maliin «n<l 8. N. Betrm»A, Sonya Lcvien B*ie<l an til* Navel \>y lUorjk Sieukievici Pk«ct«4 b MERVYN LeROY • PfoJ«^ W SAM ZIMBAL1ST LION OIL COMPACT il Dorado /f^S. Arkan»« FRESNO, Calif Ifl — Federal price boss Tiuhe K, Woods know;; today, if he didn't know before, that price controls are a conlrover- si;,l subject amoiiK housewives. Woods subjected himself to a heated Iwo-hmir Cession here yesterday in which some 400 women yave him their views on the value of controls. The meeting was Ihe firsl of Severn I Woods plans throughout the country. The sentiment WHS so divided thai Woods commented: "1 KCC this is still a country of individuals." One group told the new price chief controls ;it the consumer level were the hnuiicwifes' la'sl stand ill the battle ugainsl inflation. Another asked even stronger controls. Those opposing controls bnmded thorn un-American and unneces- hiiry. Several w o in o n declared compcliUon and the law of supply iiiifl demand would take care ot ) ising prices if controls were lift cd, They also decried the cosl of administering controls, which an OPS official said amounted lo 50 cenls per capita per year. Mrs. Thomas la t'uul wus just as positive cuntrold should be rc- laincd. "I don't think Ihis is Ihe lime lo rely on the law of supply and demand to take prices down," she said. "If inflation continues, the cosl of defense mobilization will go up and that will come out of our laxcs." Dear Miss Dlx: 1 come from a large family and niy pnrenls- are very strict. I am 111 years old and have lo be in iiighls at 12. Also, I huvo lo save mom of my money' so 1 have Milk 1 for clothes. Nine months o«o I met a sailor who is li). 1 wrote to him and In all his letters ha raid ho loved me nnd wanted to marry me. He came homo two weeks uno and I saw him for a few hours. Again he talked of miirrlnu'- 1 . Bul since Ihen 1 haven't seen him. j Should I wrlle and aslc why he hiisn'l been In touch with me? B. J. Answer: Your firsl scl of woirieH nboul your Ireulmenl nt home, tire no,t altogelher jusl. Mldnighl is n i'alr curfew for u girl of IH, and you'll always look better dressed the tailored slip, by $2.5§;i Tliis ij die patented Figure-Perfect slip preferred by fashionable women for four fiooil reasons: (tie Figure-Perfect cut* givvs you a straight front skirt that won't ride up; this patented cut also means a bodice styled to cover your bra; , You can choose from fashionably basic colors: brown, nnvy, black, white, pink; Blnck, I'J.'own, Nuvy, Whlto Sixes :ii! lo 'M, The Greek word for music included all sludies intended to culll vale Ihe mind rather than tho body. •Pnenl/2J27661 Hope'i Finest Deportment Store In former limes, many African tribes kept caltlo for use us u form of currency and seldom slau ghlered Ihern for food. MtWralt '•UiMUu veper. r*tulii «» ealy \V Why »uff«r vhtn '••" .omethina willh«lp you? Afl«r your tymptomi ha»» been diagnoxd of Ailhmo you ow* it lo yourulf lo Invet'igalt, ASTHMA SAENGER • APMIS5ION PRICE ONLY Wednesday & Thursday usT SUSPEND P FOR THI$ AT; *« - f 40 If X9V or* o (/••(• «/ pl«(M* b/ing to >owr n»bi»lit«r tnjp»(tion end CRESCENT DRUG STORE For the Lift of your Life Be "Triple Fitted" Formfit's Life Brj We fit you for separation, as well as size a You'rq eo confident in a Formfit—for you know your youthfully high uuti round feel gloriouBly more comfy a i'ormiH*» vital new rcubon. Only Life Brqs •Triple Fitted" to (1), (2) your cuji sizp, (3) wide, medium or be 'Triyto PiHwl' ' t. /. Mffl

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