Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 9, 1952 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, September 9, 1952
Page 4
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w-$ MOM STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS ^f'-f !'*4'>f> Monday, of Ui* n* i* * ottlnu »nr twr> moaning Irtrrie And Swim, w may look ojwft n»pi,bl!em ** uHr«woniwMllv8 wfet time *»n do to • ti l^wi Jn to* Mtltt*« M in* New fltrt MfMMton ,. »r# In "'art an the tha <wlrem<« want lovernmffli rty, .. who conilaDr* Individual, to m- '*• tho»« who w«r« Voters in Maine Go to Polls Today Iran Flatly Rejects Oil Proposal *0fn» p*ej>J« thought jtottlDVtil WM iirttMr « highly rtn*«rirfttfv« country ««iulr« who wot nutfftly trying to bring tho cfturttry »bre»»t of the time witn n few mild remodlw naninit dl»»»But FDR and hU whole ..,.. D«»l w*re looked upon «« national dfftMtorft, all by thcm»«lv«», by PORTLAND, Me. (JR — Maine' TEHRAN, Iran (ft —Premier Me voters today elect a U. S. senator, I hammed Mossadegh flatly rejected Rovcrnor and three U. S. rcprc'bst night the British-American of- srntativcs in tho nation's first tost, for to solve the Anglo-Iranian oi of Republican-Democratic strenKth j squabble, but hinted Iran might this year. ! agree to a court settlement of thc Al lecsi one holly debated local' muddled issue. sue and clear, cool weather was 1 Blasting the recent Truman expected to bring nut a fairly i Churchill proposal as thc worst yet heavy vote. Polls generally openin.iidu in the dra«ged-out negotia- nt 0 a. m., Eastern Standard Time, 1 , turns, Mossadegh told newsmen, with most of thotn closing at 1 'The solution proposed in this mes- p m< . j sage is not only altogether inequi Letters to the Editor This is your newspaper Write to it. Letters criticizing the editorial policy or commenting upon taets in the news columns, are equally welcome. Every writer ,nust sign his name and and- ress but publication ot name may be withheld If requested. Dear Editor: It certainly pays to advertise in The Hope Star! I discovered that recently while I was visiting my mother, Mrs. Willie Beckworth, Route 2. Shover Springs. I lost my purse containing $101.21 to chan«o '"• .--,--- - — . . i o g, pnv nurse LuiiiiimiuK «?*"•.«** Republican., expected to win nil' }«»>lo .but more severe and »mprac. J 1 »«» J £ d b B RuBglcs major offices, as they have done Ucablc than earlier proposals. , ^^ ^^taHy. is an old friend They culled the New Don! »ocl«l i»m, which U another ullppor ward, Nmv both politics! purlin* nccopl the not In ditput« nt all In this And both Oov, Simmon ond 0»»n, Blupnhnwor hnvc plcturml tnerridelvoi it* nrotty con«crvdtlve fellow*, both elnlmlntf tho middle of the rand nr tholr upeclnl prov* Inoo, A» tha. campaign «OG* on, though, Slovenian, »* Ihu ™*u*\ °' promura or d«tv«lopln« conviction, U taking poiltlon* clojfcr to thono of Prcildonl Trumsn while almost painfully trying to «how.h»'» not In Tfurnnn'i pockot, Foray and Bets Well Received VIENNA, AutHd ~W>~ Tha American folk <toor» "Porgy nnd Be**" w«* flhasred to tha rnflora At iu Rurope«n dobut hero, Inirt nliht. , Prwldont Thoodor Koorner nnd Chnncollor Uopolo Flgl ware tt W»W»W y»>-<p«— •• "•• snill bo veiled I «nd dutlon now .,. Tr iodl by, law for Itrutum ot the Stnto , ep»,rtmoni, tosethoi .UpbweW nocoiiiaFy or ifenftfelo the Commlimlon * 'll officers QI* omployoug v ut fully and offocllvely JUoul ttnd IBW» rclntlnu Cto Highway Popnrtmont. % i QuallflQdtltmi and Ent $f M»mlttf» « Term* f'of, l»lnt Oommlulon, i'/tMM'*ft«r tho eonvan- -•- ? ~! Anembly ot the ... wp i«rt with tho »di toi|«nl of Uio Senate, i'of tho Stato to it» Highway Com< Ot two, (our, ilx, Q«ri roipocttvoly, (b pawn* to np- jjtotormiftftd by lot. ir{ to be uppmnted urovldod, from uny nr^t'rolwWw "y the portion Whoso namo ^ ' • • tho aovor roKularly since 1043. Bolstering their optimism was an informal survey, compiled h.v Mossadegh's point-by-point rejection of the British American offer ;LTr^^ri=r 0 ,fff-^"3 £^Ssjr& ions gathered by newspapers ami; home. radio stations. It indicated victory: Shortly after thc news confer- for the GOP, but with smaller ma-! er.cc, George Middleton, British •WWWBflWW *TmT>w"'«"« ' HOW HAVE THE MIGHTY FALLEN—Atlnntlco, the once-proud white stallion Benito Mussolini rodl 'to tcor«s of Kowl«t parnde* ond reviews, now humbly pulls a sightseeing cnrriage around Ttonu, Immcdlntoly oMcr tho war, the 20-year-old horso was bought by a movie company and tiiefl in several films. Then It was «old to a cab service nnd until a few months ago hauled slght- •0«ri through the capital. Now, with little demand for horse cabs, the owners of II Ducos old ateed accept any pay load, such us the load of hay he's pulling above. , , of my family. Mr. Ruggles found my purse lying in the road near the Otwell Grocery store in Shover Springs. Mr. Ruggles rend the classified ad I had placed in The Hope Star through my sister, Mrs. Otis Fuller jorillcs than in recent elections. i charge d'affaires, conferred for nnc i returned my money. Democratic Stato Committee Chairman James G. Sawyer fore Itton^lctj frorn tho *n» [••Wit Swat? of «uch i»lfcWv,p« o* — 'M I «uoh vao- >t hi Oovonwr NO, 41 BB IT ni5SOt,VlBO by tho Hpuiie o nopraBont«llve« of the Sl»to o ArkHn«tiK n»d by tho Sonale, n majority of All tho Member Elected to Each House Agreeing Thereto: , that tho following In hereby pro posed na on amendment to tn Conntttutlon of tho State of Arkun«n«, and upon bolng nubmltted to tho electors of the Stnto for approval or rejection at the next uonornl election (or Hepreaentn- flves and SonatorB, U a majority of the elector* voting thereon In »uch election adopt *ueh amondmont, the tame nhttU beoome « p»rt of the ConaUtutlon of tho 8t«to of Arknnsns, to wits SECTION 1, That tho Conntltu- ibn of tho Stato ot Arkunnas bo •mtndod modUylnu, Saotioti i 10 of ArUclo 7 nnt* Seotlpn 3 pf Anwnd- nent No. 84 of *»W CortaUtutton. o na to provide for tho election of n County Clorlt In nil of the sold counties of the Slttto, a* follows: "Tho provlalonv for the election ot n County Clerk upon n populn ; ,lon basin arc hereby HbolUhed nnd .here may be elected u County Cleflt tn like manner o« « Circuit Clttrk, and In «ueh eased, the County Clerk may Uo «x otflcto ploTk of the Probate Court ot such HEADED SOUTH OF THE BORDER-Wlth nil the tnlk of European arms aid, most folks don't realize that our Latin American neighbors ere getting some, too, Here, at a New York City dock, the SS Santo Lulsn tokos on tho first shipment ot U. S. military aid materiel tor South America under tho Mutual Defense Program. Ecuador, Peru and Colombia will receive tho trucks, Jeeps, weapons carrier* and 40-mrn. AA BUDJL thereafter mlt to PRESCOTT NEWS more than an hour with Mossadegh Proving that it not only pays to at the lattcr's home. He refused| advertise in The Hope Star, but tn i<--i a uuiiii;. nu iuLuai.,.11 Qdycriisc in i ne riupe oiu the nature of thc discus- j that lncrc ai . e honest men. ,.,-,„ vu.v.- v,..., ~~ _ ~~. i I Diogenes can throw his margin then was a record 95.000—} Mossadegh's statement was an away. fn.st a vote of about 240,000. The 1048 vote was 22S.OOO. The GOPj sion margin then was a record 95,000—j Mo ..._„.. for Margaret Chase Smith as sun- expansion of his off-the-cuff rejcc ator. The biggest vote was 311,Ml!) lion Aug. 30, when the joint otter in 1030. Sawyer said, however, j was made. He has called a special that local issues, rather than slate !• parliamentary session Wednesday of national, would bring out many; to frame a formal reply to Britain voters ' an(l lho United States. Observers Republican State c h a i r man: believe Parliament will cqho the Bradford Hutchins anticipates a I Premier's stand, vote of 230,000 to 2!>0,OOG'. He bused However, some quarters pinned it on "interest stirred among He | hope ncgotialions might continue publicans" by Republican vice! on Mossadegh's reference last presidential candidate .Richard M. | night to a court sctllcment. The Nixon's four-day visit last week; ; Premier said it was possible Iran "the realization that solid support; and the Anglo-Iranian Oil Co., of the Republican ticket is neces ( could agree to submit the compen- sary, and the added interest en sation issue to a mutually agreed gendered by the several indcpcn dent candidates on the ballot." lamp Sincerely and gratefully yours. Mrs. Mabel Pollard, 1844 N. Edgemont Street Hollywood 27. .Calif. upon court. "Thc first condition of this agree An investigation ot the state IT,cut," he added, "is that the monopoly liquor operation over ; parties ot thc suil should determine 1 the limit and the nature ot their dispute." Thc British-American proposal In virtually all alphabets, the Ictlcr M slands in close conjunction to the letter N. The word "navy" originally meant all the shipping owned by one country, and only' later was the meaning limited to warships. nationalized properties. i* *J V* "••"» "** t» uq appoint 41 \procMd to W8$:* iu own ^ i Bf Oftl«« 6 Irutlon ot «ld Comer ihall uo nor in tho "SAllon 1 ,iri, vyhloh jUthonmttor of th» Com* itji' of'Mtnv »nd b« it* IN ou- wunty until otherwise provided by th* Qoneral A«8embly." '' ThU Amendment shall be In full force and offoqt upon and attur March « 1051. , Sept. 0 Tim I'resetiU Homo Demonstration Club will meet on Tuesday uttumoon in SJ o'clock in ihu homo oi Mrs, Simon Webb, Wednesday, Sept. 10 Tho i'vi'sguU Musical Colorio will upon its club ymtr with u bultot luncheon <>n Wednesday at 1 o'clock in tho homo of Mrs. Dudley Uurdon, May 5 thru Oct. at f«fl times) Logo! Notk* Wednesday Club Entertained By Mrs. Gordon' Members ot tho Wednesday Bridge Club qntpi'liunwl Wed review -• to th* qONSTITUTIONAU AMKNDMBNT NO, 43 BE IT nESOLVKD by tho House ot Repreton tall vet ot tho Stnto ot Arkansas ttnd by tho Senate ot the atalo ot Arkansas, n MM- lortty of All \\vt Mombora Elected to Each House Agreeing Thereto: That the following It hereby proposed at an amendment to tho Constitution of the Stttto ot Arkansas, and upon being submitted to the •lector* ot tho Stato for approval Or rejwtlon at tho next general election tor Representatives imd Senator*, If « majority of the •lector* voting thereon, at such «u action. a,dopt «ueh amendment, tho «"»? «to«U bocoroo « 'purl of Utt CoMUtuUon ot tho Stato ot Ar- nusdny • uft'ornooit • .by Mrs. liudlcy Gordon at her homo on I'.'ust Main SUm-i, Hosos ami M srucuful urranee- mont ot pink n«lcr« and fwn were used tti dueoruto the i»«riy rooms. Mrs, GUM MfCuslUU won tltu high scaru pi-mo und .Mrs. Uwllis AUtins Uio giuno prUu. Mrs. Frunk TurbervUle und Mrs. Wntsan Whitu Jr. were guests. Oilier club members included Mrs. W. S, McKi'iuuc, Mrs, Cltu'kc While* ttiul Mrs. Allon Oco. ed in liny one division of any clns* | (1. A slngl«' entry in any cinssifi- culloit will be given arr nwaru if doomed worthy, Exhibitors mny contact the com- mltU-t!, tlii'ir liornr Demonstration Club president or the HD agent for othor information. Mrs. Jim Yiiiiccy. Mrs. Ted Smiley and Jimmy were tho Wednesday guests of Mrs. Allou Ucc. Jr., In Hope . BEAR-BACK RIDER-Rldlng this bear piggy-back is fun for nine-year-old Joan Hollidge of London who U not afraid of bruin. The reason: He's just a stuffed bear decorating Alum Bay on the Isle of England. Wight, Miss Helen Warren of Memphis Iws boon tho rci'pnl tsuost of her pnronls. Mr. und Mrs. V. H. War- A dtUnty served. dussarl course wus run. Mrs. Gordon Danncr mul Wins Htuel Mallock spent Wednesday in IHionovilte with Mrs. lloruce Grutm and family , Mr. ami Mrs. Husscll Mobors had us thoir guests Wednesday Itev. and Mrs. Theodore Moborg of Ft. \Vorth. Mrs. W, C, Reeves und Mrs. W. P. Cummintfs spent Wednesday with Mr, Ueeves who is a patient in St, Michael's Hospital, 'i'cxur- kanu. Slaying Ups Death Toll in State to 21 By The Associated Press A 01-pound woman who police yay shot and killed her husband in I.llUo Rock Saturday because she "pot tired of being whipped and hcalen" today sou.uht release from shadowed all other issues. In Washington, the Democratic National Committee demanded last i llw ^i.b.^..-4k,.i^.i.w».i t v t w^vw«. night that Gen. Eisenhower refuse i had included an offer for World to accept campaign support from • Court arbitration of compensation Maine's Gov. Frederick G. Payne, due the British-owned AIOC for its Republican senatorial candidate. " " ' " The statement, issued by Georfic W. Ball ot Chicago, executive director of the Volunteers for .Steven j , of ^ Nc of Africa son. said silence by the general, racially mixcd with Berbers, will mean he condones the mess. ^.^ • ^ Arabs in Maine. , Payne declined comment. | Ball referred to thc .indictment | Friday ot Bernard T. Zahn, lur mer friend and appointee of Payne, and Frederick W. Papalos of Boston, on charges of conspiracy with a wine botller to commit bribery by raising the price 9! wine sold by the Maine Liquor "Commission, with Zahn to get Ihe increase. Zahn resigned as Liquor Commission chairman last March. The Legislative Research Corn mittee was told last spring that Papalos claimed influence with the governor. Payne and Papalos denied this. Payne's Senate opponents arc Roger P. Dube, Democrat, and Independent Democrat Earl S. Grant, whom Dubo defeated in the primary. There is a fourway contest for governor. The Republican is State Senate President Burton M. Cross. Thc Democrat is James C. Oliver, Special Classes In DANCING Enrollment will start- Wednesday, Sept. 10th 11 A. M. to 5 P. M. STUDIO HOTEL BARLOW Ballet, tap, acroabtic and ball room. ROSE MARIE STEIN Phone' 7-3474 .... on bond. Little Hock Police r-mt V B l Mrs. J. A. Colo and Cole, accompanied by Miss Frwiv , |o-wlt! Amendment No, 19 to the Con- itUutton of tho Stato ot ArK«n&m, , tdoptod by tho olectora .ot thU Flowar Show at Fair ExpecUd to b« Qn* of Main Events The Novadu County Fairs flowei - show, which Is one of the main ces Parkor of Shreyoport. spent judging 'evsnts of the three duyj» P»rt of last week In Suyettovil- nnnuttl event, is &oii»8 better than ever this year, from all indications. llclUUt* »r* u»cw*»ry tor Mr. ami Mrs. Charlie Dews, Mi. und Mrs, Jim Nelson have ivlurn ed from a visit In St. Louis. ..... Irl Hubburd accompanied Mu»| Thompson identified the victim as 58-yeirr-old Ben J. Clement. lie sjii'd Mrs. Mae Clement, 41!, mother of three children, admitted the shooting. The shooting, three deaths from automobile accidents and a triple di owning brought Arkansas' vio U-nt death to,tal to 21 for the week ending Sunday midnight. Thompson said Mrs. Clement is being held on un open charge. Thompson quoted the woman as saying that "I loved that man. I worshipped thc. ground on which William he walked. That's why I took all those beatings and abuse for years. Our children will bear me out on this." Mrs. Clement said the shooting i occurred at n neighbor's home] where her husband had gone to, help move some furniture. i Police said Mrs. Clement' I claimed self defense. boaf.ny accident took the lives a former Republican U. S. repre sentative .The others are Neil S. Bishop. Republican independent, and Republican Stale Sen. Henry W. Boyker, lisled as independent. A number of steam-driven auto mobiles were built before 1800. CHAIR CAR FARES ROUND TRIP NEW ORLEANS . . . $14.70 SHREVEPORT .... $ 3.85 SPRINGHILL .... $ 1.75 STAMPS ....... $ l.OJ Telephone 7- I IImtUI II £&&i*i ^ &U&&K WS SSEESS&F •»TSf-&3883! •$8;£$£38?8j> TUESDAY A BIG DAY AT Shop and Save at Owen's Big New Store (Formerly Geo. W. Robison & Co) Prices good Tuesday Only Tlu> Flower Show committee, list ed erroneously l» tho i85i! Fair Ctttttloti Is composed of reprt'ScittH- Uves of the county's garden clubs Chairman. Mrs, Jack Cooper, i Thomas lu FuyelteviUe Thiu-sday.j^'V^;;"{^;. c -;;;;i t ('' Smrlc y i both Mrs. A. M. Retlig' Mrs. Andrew 'Miss MeCaskill and Miss liiuma*^, Havnll Ml>ln . md Helen Marie Hubburd accompanied *™\ ot '\£** w*™* at Bayou Meto. MeCuskiU and Mtss Mary Lou i«« Sllnday , Johtmy Vaseur. 17, IIB^ in Fuvottoville Thursday.!..''..... ,u cv,i.-i.»vr hnth Qordun, Mrs. Jack llarrell, «iul Mrs, Otis Towtmend. Those who plan to participate in th.e flower show are asked to contact the u- bove ittdius foe tufornuitum re- g«i-ding their untvies. «tc. Prescott Hardware Company is ' this year cwitribuUns its booths to the flowei Show, and Uie event will be staged lu the st»mv» spot it h«s oci'upioa ill the past, (or the fl»\vor slu>\v will Uw fu-st day ol |b.e lair, Wed- ixessiay. Sept. »?, at 8:50 a,«v All will participate in Hush Week Ac tivitius before eiiralUnit ' " tu ' tne Lamb." IS. of DeWitt, drowned! when the boat in which they were ttv«\.vw »,»•.—.- "t T . * A i wneil lUv oual m wui\.ti M.VJ .>*..fall term at Uio University oi Ar- j f i (l \ ns on H ayo u Meto stream cap Lr » 11 k> 41 U i J Kansas. Religious Group Favorable to Both ....... — .._ ..... --------NEW YQRK (*>> — The Nutioival i 83-year-old Edgar Ragon of plarks- Conference ot Christians and Jewsjville was Injured totally when he Three persons were killed in traffic accidents over the weekend. Police Chief Edmond Farris said onerece says Gen. pwUht D. Eisenhower UBS struck by a car dr ttnd Gov. AdlaT E. Stevenson are LaFayette Perry, a Negro. driven b> exhibits must be by 8 a.m. .. thai dt»>\ Oth«r rul<?< lor t-.\hibi- tion are us folluw*; 1. AU wUri«i must be placed for exhibit by i»l«veme»t commiitee. exhibitors requested to B\ilk bottle's as containers tor CwnlwUvers must be markeii at» botlow of bottle for Th» eWJWUltae wUl _„., on the nation's need for understanding and co-operation among all racial Mid religious groups. The conference, which seeks to promote better inttpwroup rel»- tions. i-«le»s«9d st»tem«ots by : «x« presidential candidates last night. Elsenhower said: "Without Ifli* eian.ce, without understanding ot each other or without 9 spirit ot brotherhood, we would $ooh to eyfcttas '» «reat n*UQ»." _ rT ,. b»w«%<e« urged th»t every American pledge in politicftl «ff»u-s |b§| "uo t«int of religious or r»ci»l ^al- mosity sb»U trouble our uatukml Twenty-three-year old C. L. j Burke of Van, Ark., was killed in H 8-cur collision in downtown De \V'itt, Aik , Saturday night. State Trooper Terrell Bishop said. A 72-year-old retired farmer died ^n a ear wreck near Benton Sunda) ni»ht. Sheriff Pat Berry said Hugh Pack Alverson was injured fatally when the car in which he was riding plunged off a curve on Congo road. Iron Students Do U the Long Way LJBJI Ajijteles — —Two University ot Southern California students who lived within % mile oi each r in their native Iraa, but who Wh*n Owy «tmt her* to study. 20x40 TOWELS 3 for 93c Big Chicken FEATHER PILLOWS 99c Big Tea GLASSES 15c value. Special 6 for 50c 81 x99 SHEETS Type 128, Special .*r~ Children's COWBOY HATS $1.98 Crompton's Pinwale Corduroy 17 colors. Special $1.50 yd. Men's Blue CHAMBRAY SKIRTS Reg. $1.69 value $1.00 36 Inch HOUSE CANVAS Wide selvedge, Special lily Scrapbag HAL BOYLE delated Press Writer YORK (» — Old Jones, the |brac dealer, had noticed thc jung friends for years. had made a habit of paus- itring their lunch hour stroll bk al thc curious in his win|When Jones first had noticed they looked like young men |)ing to make both ends meet, day they entered his shop. he short, thin young man said Ijuely: so two little statues in the v—let's see them." Jones immediately took a i |g dislike to him, and decided liked the other, taller young who stood in silence, half- Ing. Jones lifted the two ob- from the window, and held i "but, one in each palm. first was incredibly ugly, a face contorted in mad rage, .second was ot a girl incred 'fair and innocent, 'hey are forgotten tribal ," explained Jones. "Thc one the grouch on is Hrad. tho o£ vengeance. The legend is if you pray to Hrad he will Hope Star WHATHBR fORtCAIT Arknnsn*: Pnftly eloxidy , afternoon, tonight nhd Wcdn«»4»y, with scattered showers iiouthw*tt portion Wednesday! not chnntto In tfimflefattirc. . High OS Low 63 53D YEAR: VOL. 53 — NO. 281 Star «f H«M lit*. Fran 1M» HOPE, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 1952 Tli* Attoclat** Pr«« k Audit lurMW •» Clrcutalbni MM ClMl. 1 M»I. Indlni M«i* 11, t*» PRICE 5« 2,818 Students Enrolled in Local Schools Enrollment the first two days of school this year is more than registered during the first ten clays in 1951, Superintendent Jarnes H. Jones, said today. Some 2.818 arc attending local Negro and white schools. This figure is almost sure to Increase within thc next two weeks, especially in the Negro public schools. There was a sizeable increase In . while students — 1,802 as compar- oy anyone you want put oulj d t £> lol;il o£ im last '" ™?\™2J? A ™°™J Enrollment in the Negro schools less of love. Pray to her and scan win any woman's heart— jhose who worshipped her be- td." tall young man picked up na. The thin young man picked | Hrad, and a speculative look tie into his eyes. like him," he said. "He fas- fitos me." |You out to go more for Hloma, prge," said his friend. "I'm fried and don't need her — but |a bachelor, she might be able help you. What would you want for anyway? You don't hate ivas 1,061 as compared to 1,137 last season but this figure probably will show a big n two weeks-to around 1,240. White Schools: 1952 1951 City Records of Dierks Found to Be in Order DIERKS. W) — Mayor Harold Smithson says thc books of thc City of Dierks, audited when the city treasurer was charged with making false entries as a bunk employe, arc in good shape. "We found nothing wrong whatsoever," the mayor said last night. Smithson ordered an auditor's report on the books when the treasurer, Mrs. Opal Slmmington, assistant cashier at thc Bank of Dierks was charged with making false entries at the bank. Federal Depositors Insurance Corporation officials have said the found discrepancies of some $285, 000 in thc bank's books. State Bank Commissioner • Ed I. McKinley Jr. said this week end that Dierks' depositors "have been paid off" at a window of the Bank of Horatio, set up in this southwest Arkansas lumber town when tr.e Dierks bank was closed. fEverybody has a reason ting somebody, John," said the grl man. ,'hey handed back thc statues, |n thanked old Jones, and they fust before the store closed thai |ning the thin young man en ed alone. He asked the price '. that little statue we saw to I'lt's $25." said the dealer, reach for Hloma. |'No — not her. The other one!' claimed George impatiently. I'Hrad?" hesitated Old Jones J'Hc's $50." ; /hy?" bristled the young man latp is always more expensiv an love," said Jones. 'I don' j|lly want to sell Hrad. I don' gaily believe in legends. But old enough to know that bac bughts^always bring bad luck' i neone. Hrad does no harm her |ere I can watch him." I'Nonsense," said the young >n. An expression of utter evil ne over his face as the old man puctantly bent to wrap his pur- |ase. Jones glanced ;up and saw and shook his head. Summer passed, and then the :iter, and Jones saw no more of |e two young friends. Then on a Tiring day the thin y'oung man |me in again alone. Smiling, he untied a little par il and put the small ugly god of tte on the counter. J"I don't need' Hrad anymore," said. "I want to trade him ack to you for Hloma." j "I'm glad of that," said the old paler. ("Will Hloma melt the heart of [young widow?" asked the young Ban cheerfully. t "They say she will," said Jones. But I don't guarantee it." |As he wrapped the tiny goddess asked: |"By the, way, where is your Bend — the one you called John? lhaven't seen him for months." ["You mean my former part er?" said the thin young man nd paused. 'He he well, h< Jied, Quite unexpected." The old man looked at the young Ian, and the young man's eye Shifted under his stare. Silentlj [ones unwrapped Hloma and pu \er back in Ihe window. "What are you doing?" cried th foung man, flushing. "The goddess of love isn't fo laie," said Old Jones. 'You wan |d Hrad, and now you will hav live with him. Hrad neve eaves a heart he enters." funior-Senior High Brookwoocl (1-6 grades) arland (1-G grades) D aisley (1-0 grades) Oglesby (1-G grades) Fulton (1-G grades) Negro Schools: Yerger (Sr.-Jr. High) Pulton (1-6 grades) Hope well (1-6 grades) Shover (1-6 grades) Chinese Demand World Court Try Boatner MUNSAN. Korea, (UP) — Red China demanded today that an in tcrnational tribunal try Maj. Gen Hydon L. Boatner, who broke last June's Communist prison mutiny on Kojc island, is a war crim- 835 756 264 237 309 237 170 193 164 186 • GO 02 1,802 1,6110 442 430 87 93 278 271 229 250 "Rosenwald (1-6 grades) 98 1,061 1,137 'Combined this year with Hopewell Elementary. The Chinese government radio at Peiping denounced the former com mander of the Koje camps for Communist war prisoners as a 'notorious butcher". It said Boatner "admitted" in Little Hope to Settle Plane Strike tBURBANK, Calif. Wl — Little hone was held today for speedy settlement of a Lockhead Aircraft Co. strike threatening to spread to other plants in Southern. California's gigantic warplane industry. A long-smoldering labor situation ignited yesterday when the AFL International Association of Machinists struck Lockheed's sprawling plants, idling 25,000 workers. Wage raises and 33 other issues are at stake. Strike leader John Snider said only a peace overture from President Truman would be considered | ; pngshoremen 'ote Short Protest o far thc White House has been ilent. ic lf President Truman would step n with an offer to appoint a fact- nding board to participate in ne- oliations, then we might be able o go back to work and production ould be resumed," said Snider. Officials of the nearby Douglas Aircraft Co. plants in Santa Mont a and El Segundo were served a ontract termination notice by thc Warns Business War spending Leveling Off By CHARLES F. BARRETT WAHINGTON 1 — A government economist says the golden tide ot defense dollars is leveling oft tar ahead of schedule —and may wash some of the props from under business in thc process. Robert C. Turner, a new member ot Prcsidcnl Truman's three- man Council ot Economic Advisers gave their surprise appraisal yes terday as he took his oath of office. In a brief speech, and later in an interview, Turner told of new government studies which he sale show that defense spending and production already have virtuallj reached their peak. Earlier forecasts by Truman and his mobilization chiefs, had indi cated a sleady, continued expan sion until mid-1953. This projected expansion — as well as 'curren spending — had been a big stimu us to business. Turner, 44-year-old business pro fessor at Indiana University, pic tured the nation as standing nov at a crossroads whore it must 1; an end to lurthcr substanlial in creases in defense spending — wil far reaching effects on busines and on thc vast program by whic the government attempts to guid the economy As Turner put it, this means will be "a difficult and delicate jo to maintain our present .prosperity." At another point he said continued growth and stability will rc- San Antonio, Tex., that the Americans "arc treating Korean and Chinese prisoners wihh medieval barbarity." Peiping quoted "this monstrous American" as saying he used "red hot pokers" on prisoners. It said he was responsible for "massa crcs" on Kojc. 8 Slates Hold E lectio Today; Political Futur of McCarthy Is at Sta AdlaiGoesto Additional Justice Dept. Shakeups Seen WASHINGTON, (UP) — Further hakcups in the justice department igh command arc expected short- y. informed sources disclosed to- ay. Attorney General James P. Gran Candy Candldo A feature attraction of the Third District Livestock Show this year will be the nationally known comedian Cnndy Candido, the man with a thousand voices. Candy is Rifted with the most unusual voices being iibh' to change from Soprano, Alto, Tenor nnd Bnss. He will perform as part of tho revur which will play in the Coliseum tlu- opening night of: the show, Monday, September 22. Egypt's Ruler Cracks Down on Landowners CAIRO, Egypt Kgypl's day ry, these sources said, is still 1 Dressing the rchufflc which has csultcd in the departure of most if thc top aides who served with lis predecessor, J. Howard Me- Few Box, Reserve Seats Left for Football Fans There are a few box seats on the East Side of Hammons Sta- iind several reserve seats 3rath. Some of thc U. S. attorneys, who handle federal cases in the latlon's 94 federal district courts, are under investigation reliable sources said. Ellis N. Slack, acting assistant on the West si available to foot ball Inns. Any fan that has not reserved his box .sent or reserve seat please call the High School and have them mailed to you. Sea son tickets are now on sale. Since the first game of thc sea- .son,, will begin nt 8 o'clock Friday. night, September 12,' with Stamps at Hammons Stadium, all football fans should be sure that arrangements for reserve seats or old Cabinet led by stronnman Maj. Gen. .. Mohammad Nagulb today okayed Army-bBckod rnoasturcs cut ting up tho nation's big landcc estates and reorganizing politico' parties with tho eventual aim o dissolving those now existing. Thc 51-year-old Army command er's new government announced after a OVi hour session — longest in Egyptian history — that It had approved legislation limiting own crshlp ot arable land to 200 acres per person. In a statement Issued after thc meeting, Nagulb described the legislation as "the first step towards rebuilding Egypt' social and ceo- nomine structure." Thc powerful Army chieftain, who became sole ruler of Egypt by taking over tho premiership Sun- clay following tho resignation of Premier Aly Mahor, added more eight to his already extensive authority today. A royal decree, Issued by the authority of tho Regency Council functioning for tho infant King Fuad II, named Noguib military governor of Egypt under the marl tlal low proclaimed following Ihe Costello Facing Deportation When Sentence /s Up WASHINGTON Three of the biggest figures In America's underworld — Frank Costollo, Joe Adonis and Anthony J, Accnrdo —! felt tho weight ot a new government crack-down on crime todny. In swift action yesterday: 1. The Justice Department announced It will try to strip Amcr-i ., --. . - -- - • ,„ - „, Icnn citizenship from Coitollo, decisive returns Jrom M»ta«^ Italian-born racket nor who cnmo "howrtown olociM«i «blttod ttjoir^ to this country at tha ago ot 4. »«»«' •PolUght from president Loss of clll.an.hlp could lead to """JW^.S ^".itf.l*. deportation proceedings, A HI 2. A federal Rrund Jury Indicated ," , California, Ike to Indiana By The Aitoolat«d Press • Eight stnto primaries — om elding tho political future of: , Sen, Joseph R, McCarthy -^' Adonis nnd Accardo for contempt . n , fcr " ln " n D. and jail terms, Ally. Gen. McQrnnery snld thoj attempt to cancel Costcllo's or nor since 1028, elected by aubsta tin I marglna n u, S, senator. attorney general in charge ot the jj OX sco t s un d season tickets have ship will be based on « charge that 0 ™ or -^co iTs! r^O^ the dapper gambling operator who Uv nll Ropub n otmg . grew up In New York »• lough winners in yesterday's race, first IfBllH Kitchen section neglected to 1051S Col n 8 | on O f Republicans t " dl«clnna a criminal record when ho rj t , , lh(J nnl , wo ,. ol applied fir naturalization papers In 1023. Jan. 20 fire riots in Cairo. nion. The lAM's contract there xpired Aug. 22. A strike at these wo plants, which employ a total if 29,000 workers, could legally itart Saturday morning. Present rates at Lockheed range i-om $1.25 to $2.52 hourly. Tht union asks 14-cent raises, plus 14 cent fringe benefits, an escalator clause, union shop and other bene- ils. Lockheed has offered 7 cents, plus 2 cents under an escalator clause. Paralyzed Lockheed production involves 12 types of airplanes including jet fighters, jet trainers bombers, transports and prototypes of military aircraft of the future. Among these are the Star- fire, said to be the leading jet interceptor for the American home defense program. 800 Convicts Quiet After Wild Night CHILLICOTHE, O. UI— A deep quire "economic statesmanship of the highest order." The offshot of the new situation, Turner indicated, might be a further easing of direct controls on prices, wages and materials, instead of asking the public to spend less, thc government might encourage more private buying to try to keep business growing. Another effect, if the outpouring of defense outlays levels off at present rates, would be a reduction in the government budget considerable under present estimates. "We've had an expanding econ only for two years — all expansion forced by the defcnsR program," Turner told a reporter. "Now can't count any longer on a forccc expansion. We will have IQ do some hard thinking." Government defense spending totaled more than four billion doj- lars in June and July and over three billion in August. Turner foresaw a high level plateau of monthly spending s o in e w here around the four billion figure. department's tax division, is slated to . be • deposed, according to these reports,*- but no decision has been reached on whether he will be fired, asked to resign or shifled lo some other post in the department. Slack figured in recent testimony before a house judiciary stib- cbmmittce which heard that he tried, on orders of his superiors, to stymie Ihe activities of a federal grand jury delving into St. Louis tax cases. His former boss, T. Lamar Can die who was fired last Nov. Iti as thc government's chief tax frauds prosecutor, is scheduled to testify in public before the subcom mittee Sept. 18. Members said they expect him to "name names" of government officials and congress- nen who allegedly pressured him :o take "improper" action in lax cases. Chairman Frank L. Chelf (D- Ky.) and Rep. Kcnnelh B. Keating (R-N. gy.) told reporters Caudle has testified behind closed doors that persons inside the government — including members of congress — exerted "more than normal pressure" on him to take actions in tax cases. Chelf quoted Caudle as saying none of the pressure came from President Truman, but Keating sharply disagreed with Chelf's statement that apparently no one else at the White House was invol- boon completed on or but'ore tho if Seaspn. . . serve suuts will be on sale at life gate. Merchants No More Federal Aid for Schools Kor nenator — Gov. _.... „.. G. Payne; for governor — Burton/^ M. CI-OSB; for Congress Halo, Charleu P. Nelson and ford G, Mclntlro, all GOP National Committee Chair.; man Arthur U, Summoctle! promptly Issued n statement V Wafihlngton saying tho vote was Indication ot a "latent land" sontlmont In thc United SUtq a complete change in Wasl)l He said tho margin ot . LITTLE HOCK, Iff) — A federal...,. , , official says Arkansas wllbanot; i-o- J ho conB A®! 18l ° n ,S* -, ccivo further funds under the fedor-1 " lon ln 188 °- However, tho FRANCISCO iff) — Harr ridges' longshoremen, in a storm leeting last night, voted a 24-hour quiet settled over the 1,070-imnate [ork stoppage in protest against federal reformatory here today. It ' of j followed a night of wild rioting in which one prisoner was shot and federal court's affirmation {ridges' conviction of perjury. The stoppage involves 6,0001 two others beaten by fellow embers of the San Francisco lo-i mates. ved. "I will say," Keating snapped, "that there is evidence from Caudle of pressure by others in the White House." He added in reply to questions that he docs not know if it was exerted "on behalf of thc 'resident." The White House had "ho comment" on Kcating's remarks. in- 3! of the International Longshore- nen's and Warehousemen's Union. will begin at 9 a. m. tomorrow. Must Moke Better [Offer Soys Iron TEHRAN, Iran I*—Premier Mo- told the United States and Britain Associate Warden John J. Galvin said at 7 a. m. (EST) the situation was "entirely under control". But the big 72 acre reformatory was far from normal. The 800-odd prisoners who riot ed in the prison yard from 4:45 p. m. until shortly before 2 a. m. (EST) all were locked in then- dormitories, nly essential work nails were being carried o Scores of extra guards, or he will tell Parliament to reject some federal prisons in Indiana Pennsylvania and Kentucky, were «• W,.l.,P«n,o«d plan lo ««! SKV.™«»'»"«"•" '"'^ •^k"rs-S-. %?jfc ^ttSLSTZSffSSi Ohio National Guard, were held in dared the aged Iranian Premier ipmanded an immediate loan of Bbout 100 million dollats to get his inciaily hard-pressed country on road towards solvency. ' readiness at the ChiDicotlie armory They had been ordered to the scene by Gov. Frank i. Lausche. The inmates got their first meal since Monday noon f$y# w«« i&sa. to tb* mm »»•» b Deny Favoring Use of Chiang's Troops TAIPEH, 'Formosa (in— Two top officials in Formosa today denied a report that U. S. military officials here had recommended use of Chinese Nationalist troops in Korea. Maj. Gen. William C. Chase, head of the military assistance Advisory Group (MAAGi, also refusec to discuss the matter, saying, "It's a red ho^ political question." Howard P. Jones, charge d'af faires, added to his denial: "I believe we recommended the U. N. accept the offer of National ist troops shortly after it wa made in 1950. Since then it has been discussed unofficially but never on official or even serious level." A ,high U. S. official in Formosa told the Associated Press yesterday that U. S. military officials had recommended use of Nationalist soldiers. The official, who declined use of his name, predicted the recommendation would be approved regardless of who wins the coming yf $, pfesidential election. Family Vocation Ends in Tragedy STROUDSBURG, Pa. (/P> — Thc Nowicki family's vacation ended Schools Were Filled With Red Teachers NEW YORK UP)—Some 1,500 Com' ir.unist parly members once laught in Ihe nation's schools while Red cells were located on many leading college campuses, a U. S. Senate subcommittee has been told. This picture, says Dr. Bella V. Dodd, represents the situation before 1949 when she was expelled from the party. She had served as a member of its National Executive Committee. Dr. Dodd, a former Hunter Collego instructor here and now an attorney, testified yesterday before the U. S. Senate internal security subcommittee. Sen. Homer Ferguson (R-Mlch), who presided, said the hearings are part of an inquiry to determine "whether or not organized subversion is undermining our education system." The hearings continue today. In her testimony yesterday, Dr. Dodd said the Communist teachers welded influence beyond their numbers by striving for posts instructors of student teachers. She said a single Red might influence 300 future teachers during one term. She named the following colleges und universilies as among those having had Communist cells: Long Island, New York, Colum l;ia; Northwestern, Harvard. How' ard, Michigan, Chicago, California, urni Minnesota Universities; Vas- bar, Smith, and Wellesley Colleges; Massachusetts Institute of Techno! to Stock Show Retail Merchants al law which has granted $0,088,I 069. for school construction unless Congress extends the law. William H. Moore, co-ordlnator hold their o ( federal school construction pro- weekly breakfast at the Hotel Bur- grams, told the Slale Board of low Monday morning at 7:30 with Education that thc federal law un- chairman Syvclle Burke prcsld- { | cr which thc assistance in«. Nineteen merchants attended, granted expired June 30. Mike Kelly was In charge ot tho Ho said tho stale received $2,program this week, but duo to the 080,174 in 1051-52 and $3,700,705 In loss of his mother, he was called 1052-53 for construction In school out of town and Syvclle Burke districts which arc crowded he- WUB handled the program. The group cause ot defense Installations discussed a plan to select each Finance Officer A, fl. Wother- month a "Sales Person of thc Mon- ington reported that a balance of th." This person to bo selected $005,284 remained In the Public from a retail business establish-1 School Fund as of Juno 30, Ho jnent. After tho explanation and I said the 1051-52 Income totaled discussion, tho group unanimously $25,745,170 with expenditures of adopted the plan. Details concern- $24,830,894, ing the project will bo issued at Tho board approved revolving a later date. loan funds of $28,700 to four dls It was reported that contrlbu- trictB including Bonton County, lions to thq Livestock Show Street Gi-oveUc No. 20, $5,000; Cloburno Decoration arc coming in fine and County, Concord No. 3, $3,500; that it is certain that tho needed Jackson County No. 1, $3200 ami $500 will bo raised. I Jackson County Swlfton Special, Chairman Herbert Burns of the $12,000, Goodwill Tour Commlttoo reported Commercial bond Issues were ap that the committee is functioing proved by the board for four coun- ago fell short of tho tola . relied up in 1040, last president! year. What tho vote moans natlofi — if anything i— remains '_ seen. .GOP leaders had caUcaff*; as big or bigger majority lf>4fl und .apparently (oil this goal. Today's primaries woro ill! conHin, Arizona, Colorado, Hampshire, Minnesota, mont and Washington. National Interest centered J Wisconsin, und tho bitter raco'J twpon tho controversial McC and Leonard Sohmitt, a Wiscq lawyer. One million voters arc . to ballot In the Wisconsin pr which had 'generated blUornef controversy across tho nati ^ At issue; tho methods uao| McCarthy; in what ho said ; " drive to root out Communists government, t Thc big' question: How Democratic voters would a uu they legally may in Wise? and vote against McCarthy in tragedy yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Nowicki. and their two sons, Joseph, 28, and Leonard, 18, of Plains, were staying at a cottage at nearby Lake Tobyhanna, a Pocono Mountain resort. It was a perfect day for fishing. Leonard went down to the lake to catch some bass for dinner. After trying his luck at several spots, he caught his line on a cumbersome object beneath the surface. Reeling and tugging a couple of times, the horror-stricken youth suddenly discovered his hook was caught in the body of a woman— his mother. Monroe County Coroner William A. Anderson said the woman apparently lost her footing while walking along the lake front and fell into 10 feet of water where she drowned. ogy and the four >'ew York City municipal colleges — Hunter, City. Brooklyn and Queens. Denies Charges — Maybe He Is Right HOT SPRINGS, (Jf> — A college student was charged here with operating an unsafe vehicle, having no state license and destroying personal property after his automobile crashed into a fence and damaged it. But testimony at a hearing brought out: The vehicle, a stripped-down racer, wasn't operating under its own power; it was being pushed when it got out of control and und receiving good response. Tho group is'hoping to have at loifcl fifty cars in the caravan which is scheduled for Wednesday, September 17. Moody Willis reporters that the High School Band has been contacted and agreed to make thc trip. Everyone will be contacted in regard to making tho tour, but it would be a great, help if those who can take a car would contact Herbert Burns or thc Cham her of Commerce office. Tho Retail Merchants Group endorsed whole-heartedly the Mayor's proclamation which appeared in the Saturday paper in regard to wearing some item of western apparel and urges all hands to cooperate. Camden Man Is Buried Saturday atMarlbrook Funeral services lot J. L. Burns who died al hlsihomq in Camden ast Sept, 12 were held at Marl- orook Cemetery at i p.m. Saturday, i He is survived by Ms wile, three daughters, <M«. 'Jack Bonds of Blevins, Mrs- Dale (Woodson of Prescott and Mr«. L- H, Lotta of. Camden. Active *p»ilbeareri; Guy Loe, Harold Brotherton, J. W. Zardy, LaUet Layiar, J. B. Warrenkin and Lelghton Carmen. local Salesman Wim $250 Priie Gilbert smashed into the fence. It bad no battery apd no gasoline tank. Municipal Judge Lloyd DarneU postponed a decision on several fine legal points, including whether the vehicle can be classed as ar automobile; whether, if it isn't a» automobile, a state license can bi required; whether tb« driver couk &ttuaUy be «al4 to b* op*raUa$ it. * ' tloH, including: Clay County, Pig' got No. 52, $200,000; Sebastian County, Greenwood District No. 25, $25,OOQ; Scvicr County DeQuccn No. 17, $13,000, and Washington County Prairie Grove Valley Np. 23 $100,000. Political observers seem to McCarthy will win his 80Con4 atorlal norn.lnutlpn, >'''' Highlights ot othor prlmar, New Hampshire olecliion in spotlight races in both OOP a mogj Charge Follows Minor Wreck Harvey 1 F. Odom of Sun Valley, Calif., was charged with failure to yield/ -'the right-of-way (allowing an accident near the Postoftlcc yesterday in which his uuto and another driven by Willie Gamble, local Negro youth, collided. Both vehicles were suffered only minor fender damage. The car driven by Gamble was owned by Emma Williams, Investigating City Officers said. Thief Gets Nothing From Drink Machine •'/•'' • '• • < A soft drink machine at CO!P« man's Garage on .Third ;St, was brokt-n into .last night but ntiU) tn#. was reported miawing «§ the machine had not been w use tat some time. City police are fewest* Ruiiiani Claim Anothtr Invention MOSCOW, d> -" fhe Russians claimed the Soviet inv aides expected to vote. Also to be representative*, with CrOP? bents luvored, and many, flclalB, r Vermont — Nominates didatus for governor, V, and U. S. repreientatlve»,-wl tradition iff tollo ' ed in November. Toft's Bolster Bid for %JHBjng from gen. they elect They in «'«" lsenhav w|» JJ* Dixie Downs Fqte Before Court MEM?H|g, (UP) *» of the proposed. ' Down* boree racjn| track gclpg to court today *

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