Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 8, 1952 · Page 12
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 12

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 8, 1952
Page 12
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%*^*^^€p^ "&» ft If A*, In OfflM D*r »«f** AD RATES ttbtt «* Vttt Din MM -•<» i's 8,00 a.w 1,00 S.M 4X10 iido SSIIlED DISPLAY t 76o Wr ttwh i We pW Wicn Wfl p*r inch for wn- „.„„.,.,«, Wdroem c«tt»«»ftftl to Nth, WitWft 1 block df Bit-low Ptton* ftOOM furnl»h«d *|wtrti«lt, Pr* vftte bath, Electric box, No child, rott, Mr*. Judion, 240 NofrtH Elm. » 2 noOM furnUhPd «p«rtm*nt, PH vttte fronti back entrance, B^ Klectrfo n*frl*er*tof. 831 Bonner, Pimm- 7-3US3. 8-31 ft HOOM house on Park Drive, Cftlf 7-3746. 8 ' 8 * Sixth, filnl 7-3318, _™__ 8-31 mcnt, UpDtfiln, Phfttto 7-8174, Private bath MOUHK with Btitmio iyit«m, DUO, *mok« homo nud born, 10J ocrcd oxcellunt lor fflrmlng Of cattle, flco Dollait Cox Kail PH. trot <'o r -A In Proving Ground, 0-81 0 f(OOM unfurnl«ht)tl Gfirlfind School, Middltbrookn ameer?, ' e-8l For Salt rnoon by 50 PAT Now Hnmpuhlfe hen* at 43 cent* per pound, Arthur Orny, Oxan, ArUannn*. • 3<HK AT prices, n*«Utar»d Bulli, U to It rtibnthi old, N«w locatioh < mil*, nottn on Provlntf Orbuhrt Rontl. A, M', Dlor»cih, Phone 1-mi. B-1M Mam Uphi forP jhisWins I Fight oyoff By MtftCBR BAILEY HAY nt the meadow. Mixed lo»- podor.u and ncoonrt growth John* gon gruiB, Alio plain Johimon «ra»», A, W, Blorieth, Phone 7-4D88, l-6t . «)••« unit* «! M*I»»I tfn All «l M*nh 1, 11*7, «l IA* Audit Clr«ul«tl»ni *• tlption Rot«t (poyabl* in ad- In Hop* and PICA (travel, clay gravel, Kftjid, top xoll, and till dirt, Call Jesne Sinclair, Phono 7-y.WO, S-3-1M U)T87~60 x"sAo7 wltnTrTl' blocks nf Ix'Kt honu-n In town, $200 lltlht-r ntiutUi, T. N, BUI Jim Marshall has to stand on the shoulder of his uncle, Joe Marshall, to look out over tho Marshall brothers' 300 acres of corn n«ftf Koplng, Mo. They're MCklng n bumper corn crop to (jflmpet« In the Missouri Farm- Wf As8ocla{lon> annual corn ylold contest, ' In 1949 they 1 averaged H4.4 bushels per acre; in IB5U. 123 bushels and In 1951. 120,8 busheli. ._ ._ FAHM ('(Hilixni'iil, corn tint cnttla, «^<- DulliiH Cox, Kant , Proving Ground, 5-Ot ChevroJe One owner caf, Phone 7-3440, fc-st GHASH hoy. Beti Crit 1U. 4, Hope. Phone 7-41)82. •At(0ef*t*d Prtli *0orU Writer Jsvcn while In the Southern A* Kocliitkm eellnr. Uike Appllng and hlx Memphis Chick* k',.' talking i-boul B flr»t division berth tt w«s rt ntlff, uphill hntlle, but U,« Ch»k« wound up regular »*a»on play lout hlght In n tic with N«w Orlean* for fourth place. They meet the PeU tonight in Memphi* In n xlnRl« game to dc- Ifli'nilnu which team on tern the pltiyoff* ncnlnit pennnnt-winninR ChrtUanooao. This scries will utarl Wednesday night. Allnntn and Mobile, xocond find Ihlrrf place flnl»her», rcupectlvely. open their bent ot seven lerlei l» the Crackers' home park tomorrow night. After two games In Al' lento, the icrlc* will xhlft to Mobile for three Ramc«, then If nee- cstfiry. back to Atlanta for the windup, Mi'rnphla, which occupied the cellar from April SKI to Juno 30. and oROln July fl to July 0, earned the fourth-place tie with the Pels when the Chicks won a doubleheader while New Orleans was lo«Int; a Hlnnle game. The Chicks tripped Nnsholllc, 5-2 and fl-1. whllo Mobile wan booting i Ni-w Orleans, 3-1. j Nnshvlllc led 1-0 in the opener until Memphis' Don Nicholas singled home two runs In the seventh. Tho Chicks added three more In the next two Innings to win handily, In the nightcap, M c rnphls scored six runs in the third Inning. Mobile's victory vaulted the Heurs from fourth to third place In addition to rapping the Pel* into the tic for fourth. New Orleans Ntorcd its only run on a walk and a pair of singles In the eighth. Chattanooga split a double header with tallund Little Rock, losing tho opener, 2-1, and winning the KOt'fintl same-, fi-0. The Lookouts hod several scoring opportunities In thf first «nme, but couldn't hit m the- clutches, Atlanta and Birmingham al.io spill n twinblll, tho Crackers scnv mi; up ROCdiul place by tak'lni; tho nfiMu-r. M-l, but dropping thoj iilijliteap, fi-4. Roe Gives Bums Chance With 4-t Win By HOWARD 8IOMAND NEW YORK. Sept. 8 (INS) — Ye*. Brooklyn is still in .the league. Ask Preacher Roe. He brought 'em back. And ask the upstart New York Giants, whose incredible uphill pennant surge was brought to a temporary halt by this human skeleton. All wilt agree Shocked, slapped about and stupefied to a point of frustration, the Dodgers called on Roe yesterday to do something about the growing second "miracle." The <old man showed them the light and led Bobcats Brush Up for Game Here Friday With only four more practic days before the opening conter here Friday night with Stomp the Hope High School Bobcats wi take to the field this afternoon I a businesslike manner. As Coach Ensmlnger said SaUi day the stress will be on offers which needs a lot of work and tha Is what it will be the next thre] sessions before the base up wor VERY HANDY—At Leaf River, 111., Frank Falrlamb receives his j mail 'from Postmistress Mrs. lona A. Blair at the. window of what' is believed to be the first "drive-up" post office in the U. S. Leaf: river has 415 inhabitants. ' Noftce 3-8-40 cation pohton, |U) par huh 'dred, Hduio fori&iU, flv<> rooms, bath, iota VPu»t 'J^upUt. 8-3t t*,, The Negro Community ° P at tUn^wnWnk By Th« Atioclatad Press AMERICAN LEAGUE . W L New York Clevelutul Xinston Chlcn&o St. n so 00 nil 78 0-1 72 «0 71 05 71 07 Top Radio Programs NEW YORK, W>~Monday night Pet. (NBC — 7 Gordon McRae show; .59417:30 Howard Barlow Concert; .580 8 Donald Voorhees Concert; 8:30 them safely through the Giants with spectacular three-hit, 4-to-l triumph. The Dodgers caught on and rose to the occasion with four home i uns, good enough to beat Sal Mag- lit, the guy who's had more control of them than the O'Malley combine. Thus, Brooklyn moved five games ahead once more. And fol- owlng a two-game sweep by the Giants, it gave the Bums the psy< chological edge in today's day and night finale of the big five-game bet. All the Dodgers need is a split to keep their five-game- bulge. Whereas the Giants, gunning for all the marbles, must win both U slay within three games. Botl clubs will have 19 games left af cr the series finale. It's still i race in any case. From a Dodger standpoint, Roe' sensationalism of yesterday wo their most essential victory of th season. It broke a four-gome los ing streak for them and a five out Thursday. Workouts so far have produce^ no outstanding men and the tear is definitely not as big as las season. However, the squad is Ver pit-lied and should give a goi ccount except when outtnanne ccording to the coaches. Ensminger allows the squad o well to equal last season's r ord of seven wins against tivl osses. The boys are scheduled tl on their game uniforms to hav heir pictures snapped this afte oon — then its back to work un lorms and rugged workouts. game winning Giants. streak for th .MS ,»82 .52'.! .M4 SO III) .4«1 ui .:i:ii Detroit Today's ochedulc No «a nut a xchodulud. Yektordby'B Rftswlt* New York 5. Washington 1 Cleveland 4-3, St. Louis 0-1 PftraU 4, ChlettRo 2 BnKlon 10, Philadelphia 5 NATIONAL LEAGUE W MU* Mary Cannon of Detroit, and Mill Annie ;J.KIrby of Chicago, arrived by plane to ipvnti B f«w day* vltltlng Mr. and Mn. Recce Cannon «nd Mr. and Mrs. Donoy Phillip* and Lind». Wonted 3l|lwiuih6i'». Apply Mann Cttie, Top wanes ing*, Tran* to «nd from Restaurant MU« Barbara P, Thorns Itlt on Wedmjiday to enter AM & N Col. logo In Pino Bluff alto MUs ICvn P. Frlerion. Brooklyn New York St; Louis Philadelphia Ghlttauo Cincinnati Boston Pittsburgh Bond of America: 0 Afncrlcn> Music. CBS—7 Horatio Hornblotyclr Ad venture; 7:30 GodfrejS: Talent Scouts; 0 Bob Hawk QiilJ^ ABC — 7 Henry Taylof Com 7;30 lU-x Maupln Music; B Whitman Tcon Club. ? ' MBS — 7 Stars In The Night; 7'30 Crime Does Not Pay; 8:05 Crime Fighters. ' The 34-year-old Roe had bee known as Cousin Elwin from Al kansus to the Giants — up to th big one yesterday. He ha.dn't bea en them since July of '51, hadn completed a game against ther s-ince April of last season. In ad dition, he had completed only on 01" his last 10 starts against a oniers. So when Al Dark's double anc Vhitcy Lockman's single gave th jiants a quickie in the openjr lining, 40,037 fans in the Po Si-omuls thought Charlie Dressen lad pulled another "Branca" with us selection of Hoe — a change after announcing Rookie -Joe Landrum as starter. SIGHT-SEEING "A LA' CARTE" — Jackie Frost, American tourist, sees ancient Pompeii the easy way. Porters will give you an hour's "personally conducted" tour like this of the famous ruins, destroyed by lava from the volcano Vesuvius in 79 A. D., for . 1000 lira—about $1.50. 80 53 70 87 74 03 07 71 CO 70 80 70 \4 Pet 48 .030 .802 .SB I .544 Tuesday: NBC — 10 a.ni Strike U Rich. CBS—12 noon Bl« Sister. , ABC — 9 a.m. My Story Drama; 11 a.m. Jack Beech Show. i. MBS — 10 a.m. Ladies Fttlr 11:15 a.m. H. R. Baukhagv; Baseball .2MB .241 .237 JMBS Gaim- Of Day Network 1:45 'American Association Playoff From Milwaukee, SPORTS ROUNDUP By QAYLE TALBOT. NEW YORK When Joe 39 100 .281 Mm. MtttUo C, Tyroo hag ru- honnt aft«r »p«ivdtuj| two vUltlntj f«lutlv«it unil n-f- Uttlu gehedulo Brooklyn ttt New York 2— day nl«hl — Loes U-8 and Lundrum 1-3 v« L»ni«r 7-U and Convtu 5-0. Only uniiiex scheduled. YcKku'dny's results Uroolilyn 3. New York I St. Louts 4 Pittsburgh 3 Chicago «, Clnclnnotl 1 Boston 3-1 Fhllndolphln 4-2, COTTON STATES PLAYOFF ei-al AM'n Thtt High Mr. And Mm. Qrady Kosg ut South Bend, hut,, m-o vlstUng Mrs. R6«»' aUter, Mr*, Mir, ttoblnioh, Minnie R. Hwlwat o* tftod SbpV, tt, lu Tvxirkana, l* art) Incomplete. the Mop» Civic fmprovonvwit M'n met in ft itwltl ifetiton on httrtdiiy riL 1M..4. « Ytror W L Pet. Meridian N«teho» Ua»t NlQht't RtmilU .BOO .200 10. NtttelU'i! 2 Tonight's Garnet Nntchea ut Meridian i<6Uf HKRN ASSOCIATION diiy School. 1NM..4. « Ytrgor Tho burpo** ut the meeting wat to »w»ulftht more of the iMwtOe'wlUi U»» civic mpwutfe- all. Many re«omm»h<Uttona wert> given, Tho«e adopted arc a« rol> lows: drlv« to get the tiM? u« wrt be con- Chattanoouu Atlanta Mobile Kevv Orlouns W 80 Pet. .523 137 Year Fight Ends in Victory Nfc:\V YORK —WV- The great jti'anclson ot a court • martlaled naval lieutenant, who died in 1874, wilt receive u renewed commission for tho dead officer today in a victorious end to a 137-year vlndica tioiv fight. Elcclus D. Litchffeld an 82-yoar old architect, formally will bo pre with n certificate rostorlnu Cox, The Black, the t Dodgers' great rookie relief specialist, warms up in the bullpen he always stands about six feet back of the rubber and throws the extra distance steadily until MnnaKer Chuck Dressen calls him in ID take charge. "I've always clone it." the young Negro .-'tar explains. "From back there the plate looks much smaller and is harder to hit, but when I start pitching at the shorter di.s- tance H looks big as a house and the corners seem easy to hit." We hadn't heard of the scheme before, but it seems fully as sensible as the batter's practice of swinging a heavy, loaded but along with his regular war club before he inters the box. In the department of poor news for seven other National League teams, by the way, is a report that the Dodgers have another su- Natchez Needs Win to Even Series MERIDIAN, Miss. W) — Th Workers Say They Will Defy Union PINE BLUFF — iff) sheet metal workers at - Striki a. secr government project near here s; they will defy their union nation president's order to report for wo today, Some 300 workers scheduled to meet in Little to discuss the situation. Some 300 common laborers V their jobs at the strike-plagued p jcct in what was termed dictional dispute Saturday. Faber Wilson of Conway, Ar representative of the striking Al| International Sheet Metal Worke said "the men ore not going ba Monday — in fact, there'll be rpc workers out Monday than were- Saturday." here tonight. The Indians will throw in their righthatided hurler Roy Jayne who recently recovered from polio to pitch four playoff victories in the league —three against Greenwood and one against Meridian. Meridian, however, may counter Some 300 members of the left work Friday in a defferr love?, the selection of n union st ard by local officials. No picl ines were established by itriking group. A telegram from the union's rj tional president — Robert Byron Washington, D. C.. —said the will return to work today or f a transfer from the local. The wire to Local 249's busin agent, J. W. Lucas, also -sal with their 325-garne winper Harrison. The Millers ai'en't sure, though, and they have Joe Copac as an alternate. The Millers took a 3-2 lead in the playoff games last night when they dropped Natchez 10-4 in wild-hitting game. Meridian used 13 hits off four Natchez hurlers and the Indians couldn't stop them. The league leading Millers got off to a 6-( start by the end of the second Natchez Indians will try to even j nnm g and kept on going. the. Cotton States League playoff Natchez tried but tallied only score with the the .men didn't accept, a Iran: they must' face charges within i| union. Wilson said the strike action not directed toward Blaw-K Construction Co., the contracto' but toward union officials. He said the men had been- satisfied with the union, businil agent's handling of union matti] fore the past several weeks. Lucas did not comment on' 1] matter. The construction project is der the supervision of the U. Engineers. the rank of Lt. William S. who was cashiered in 18U. Ntuhvillo Little Rock .519 .519 .4BO .444 rf- ao 73 HO 7.3 00 74 73 89 68 US 64 00 ,41U i,att~Nlaht'i'R*tulte Atlanta I'M* Birmingham 1-5 UtU« Hock 8-0, Chattanooga 1-5 Memphis VB Nashville 2-t Mobile a New Orleans 1 No Garnet certificate was signed by President Truman lust month. Cox was tried and. 'convicted two years after ho surVtni in tho Wai' , kv , of 1812 as a 31-year-old third U<tu- .S6u' tenant aboard the U. S. tirgste Chesapeake, which fought the Brit ish frigate Shannon oft Boston. In the battle the American ship was badly hit and most of her ilfieers injured. Her commanding officer, Capt. James Lawrence, ut ter-ed the famous words "Don't give up the ship" as he lay mortally wounded. But the British boarded and cap- Finol RIUi f or Miss Lowrence NfJW YOftK »tag» the Chesapeake. The court martial accused Cox of misconduct In leaving the battle! to direct crew members In carry ing the wounded Lawrence below ^*to» men who JLwwreitce her final In » career betor* |o»tljishis will lead mourners \sonoifVWt at her funeral. Oscar Htnimarstwin U, lyrteUt waruwr o| tile team who wrot» "Tn« King aad I," will deliver the eulogy, BlcHard Rod««rs. the com <rf th« musical play, will th» organ. Rodgers and Ham- tt^ also produced "Thft Ktag I," hi whtete Miss Lawrence starring »t the Um« of her Cox's family fought to restore his good name, makuxjt pleas to Free* tdcnts Theodore' Roosevelt and Franjain P. Roosevelt. But an act of Connres* was necessary to re verse the court martial. The bill passed in July. pcr-dupcr Negro star coming up fvom their Montreal farm next season, a 23-year-old named Jimmy Gi'.liani who might chase Jackie Robinson right off second base. He's the International League's most valuable this season. Jackie, who is getting no younger or faster, can always move back to first, where he played when Brooklyn won a pennant in •47 and that would leave the Dodger bosses fret to peddle Gil Hodges for a powerful sum ot money if they wished A prominent sports writer friend suggests that we relax and quit bellyaching about long baseball games. "I've never yet had a letter com plaining about the length of games," he says weightily, as though that settles everything. '"I've come to believe that the fan who pays his way in wants to sit there as long us possible and get his money's worth. Maybe it's only the baseball writers who don't like long games." The answer to that is that the women bu&taes* club, as an »uxi- Imagine ^* A Lior Living in Ruuio CHAPTER THIRTEEN AT Jeremy's birth, the doctor had said there would be no more children, and Eleanor had been inconsolable. She and Sam had dreamed of a houseful Of children. "Not at all fashionable," she had laughingly told Sam, "in these days of the one-child American family. But so much fun, Sam!" Only it wasn't to be that way. Jeremy was almost fourteen at the time Thurstonia's newspaper pictured on Its front pages the victims of a highway traffic accident. The sole survivor was Eve Atherly. a nine-year-old child whose parents were among the victims, and for whom no trace of family or relatives could be found. Eve was. temporarily, in charge of the Children's Aid Society in Thurs- tonla. "Sam," Eleanor had said, pass- Ing the paper across the breakfast table. "Look." " 'Mmnun." "Isn't she lovely? . . . Sam, what's to become of her?" He said cautiously, "Something: will be Arranged." "I think sne is the most beautiful child I have ever «een." He saw the excitement In her, and said warily, "Don't jump into this, Eleanor." But Eleanor, touched with com- snatched* her hand from the doorknob and said defiantly, "I didn't go in!" "Of course you didn't," Eleanor said matter-of-factly. "You promised." And then she said, "Eve, your dress is soaking wet! And your shoes. How on earth?" Eve looked down at her feet. "I was playing with the lawn sprinkler," she said. -'..-. "Then run along and change, and don't play again with; sprinkler, Eve." "-..; The child skipped blithely' the hall, and Eleanor opened the door of the room that was to be Eve's. She stood perfectly still on the threshold. On the new carpet were wet, unblurred footprints. Small Imprints. Eve's size. Eve A«4 been in the room. Disobedience, although not to be condoned or overlooked, was forgivable. But Eve had lied. / didn't 50 in,' Had she said, I'ni sorry, I couldn't wait to see, I had to peek, Eleanor could have understood that, and forgiven it. But » deliberate falsehood was not M easy understandable, nor so casually forgiven. Even so. the Incident would have been forgotten had it not been evidence of children's, playthj pilfered and hidden in Eve's rOo There was Junker, the wire-hair terrier, surreptitiously and cruel kicked by an enraged Eve for u earthing in the garden'the stpl roller skates Eve had buried the There was, at last, the ring Jeremy found, his. first ^ home from camp, in the tofe f shoe' he'd left in hi* closet MOSCOW Ttee youtb an tcUv* publicity com-» to gpt fewortant ~ *«> UaiA. ;^f^ fjjwp^v" Komsomol Pravda says Uwre l» a liar thing la Rostov so atjapt at ful$«hood4 he has managed to: Dodge th* draft, accumulate three Wives Mt4 acquire various |ol« thtt suited h4« fancy. Th« m^mSnt fanVare to^ tired PM-W for the oriphan «nd to wrteteuer* to ttw editor after i ^J-gJ* SadeT^dST*' SLS** sjssr SASI *^ y ™%~*^«** They just go home and give the "f^* cat a couple ot kicks and sit and sulk. the start 01 * chain of event* thfct were unimaginably painful. Eleanor had never had to cop* with dishonesty, and she felt defeated. Eve used falsehoods a dc*e» draw satd th« m)»«r««»t. Revuid Krylov, Wri all Ultogs Uuvugfe U Wo Saucers Over Russia * They Soy camp. until the guest room could be done war for Her. 4 kidney-ahaped «re««lnf Ubl« with a skirt ot ruffle*, gingham draperies at the windows, appropriate picture* «nd book*. A leadmg Soviet! M S»W>'1| »ov« it," Eleanor Mid, a day, needlessly, with § bland and JJQVI p nima astronomer says nying saucers are \ c»»tty»1le4 wft£ U»e prosp«ct an "optical illusion growing out of : cfeliWI to*W» *«** wtffal IM %*r psjc ^ ^^^ b ^| ^^^ gpi S^wter the roam World' * <WP"*** **" *^* i ««.• - _ — _. —. •—!>. „ *_ attending tbe eighth man Astronomical Congress here — in V" 11 *« • «*•_« J i—. *l» » D ^ J l ahe had com, t>>4 •- ^*™» did it get there?! wanted to know. "Whose is Eleanor took the ring from "Never mind Just no>v, dear, mistake." "Where is Bve?"-h? He had not yet met her. "I don't know," Eleanor «ald tractedly, twisting the ring Oil palm. "I must find her • • •' there she is. I hear her stair*." Eve was singing. . . ••What » tunny vpjlce." f*r*i cocked his head to liiiten. "SoH Mndpaperlsh, but nick I'll go do with you and meet her." "No, later," Eleanor aald hMtl "I b»ve to talk Alone with her *i Look, why don't you go over Jim's and say hello? He'* t» telephoning (or days to know wh ydu'd fie home from camp." "WelJ, all right," Jeremy puzzled. Jeremy did not see Eve, th|t or later. There was an interlude Pam's study which Eleanor pr ferred not to remember oftwj tbta *he could help. There «fa4. telephone call and a visit f " Hiricer Jewelry store on Yes a signet ring had i*hed mysteriously. Ye*, thi» fe«d been in the shop. Ye*, thl* ttw ring. practiced facility that waa KpfHOl ing. EJeanor consulted guidance. She trlea •ion. bribe*. tbrt»tl driven at Ust to the owl sud mouthwash, whica i been amusing had *h4 Ml desperate, five sputtered **4 r««4 How Eve managed it, at tbt «uds. and conttoue4 t« »M did not Know. live did not untruths. trutn, of course, when qi "t don't know wnat to do," »«»- 6b« invented *. fantas nor contested to Sfcn. '1 ri4Uy Tben, ahrilluig, -Jeremy t« dont. fw r«»en*d my limit of ko<« him!" she'd bunt into Plwsor »jud. «QQ to yew " Ail Bve nM not An boor laJto they cry that Bv* "took" tt4JBf»- Tfc* formed on th. tSiephon* patience, and I haven't dreadful «iacov- word Uie* waj !t»d ftbf t stAtv%o ! i»ir M«»J«y, September 8, 1952 01ARK IKI ( PINKV: I'LL GIVE YOU TEN CENTS IF VOU CUT •>:.> ^ THE GRASS _, ELMO, I'LL GIVE MC4! TWENTV-RVEC6N1S fP VOU Cut THE GRASS Cut GIVE •*XJ FIFTY T L AS' NI6HT 19 AWREADY A'SMO OUT OUR WAY By J, R. William. Bv Michael O'M.llcy Wt L.U Mt>\KL.f SURROUf^O 'EM, AM 1 WHICHEVER THEY TURM v >, THEIR EYES TriEV'LL " SEE A KIP SLICKIM' A LENVDM.' IP THB COPS LAV NOT ON WO VOU HttAR\THAT CXSPft/PO VOU THaft MUSWV ? ) fMJP^OSB H» PUT ANV fiorr OP STUPP -WPP XTHNC? N ITABPOUTOUB; KftPT A PIAKV ) KtNAP 1 CAPS* I'LL TILL. WHY/ WASH TUBBS REACHES HIS HIDEOUT 20 MINUTES LNTB. 6OCLH THIRTY YEARS TOO SOOK1 e.o, "35 Make certain 36 Raced >S7' Foray 39 Design 40 Portion 41 Scandinavian, goddess OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople BRICK THR 5HOPWIMPOW CRIWIMV THEY PIDMT WWT FOR ^^JD I PUNMO WHERE THEV WERE G01M' MARTHA. tURM AROOMD LOOK, I'VE SOT A LADLE HERE,-so TJ TEMPT ME VsllTH ThtATT ; FAITHFUL" \S HOM& "tfX FRAGRANT HOT AlK/ jPW &/;A •*"• BRING VOUR . • \ FRlESiDS IM FOR. . ..„ VOKILE T. PLOCkTeO I > A SMACK-~- AMD / '" OP A I ^'Ll- GET A VASK 42 Fruit' for lunch 45 Foolish B2 Grandchildren '':'. (Scot.) 82 Military i ' assistant 93 Weary . 54 Short sleep 65 Bodies ol v water • iHeCicatrix (.57 Watch secretly BOurS AND HER BUDDIES VOlTH YOUR OF RAGVJ£ED> CARNIVAL By Dick Turner BUGS BUNNY TRA.TJITION VC»» PON'T X^A CAN'T RUSH &EI :/V\ TO BE \ Ps OOB UIKE Wll ^KINS VERV L THie-, PETUNIA/ ,BUS*/ FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger *-, ^' V ;BVV,*: ALLEY OOP THAT'S RIGHT, UtUTENANT, IF VOU CA.N GtT THE MAGIC WORD UP TO THOSE TWO PEOPLE, THEY WIU- GET THEIR MAGIC CARPET DOWN OUT Of THE SUV.' FASTEST YET! 13 A ONOOZV FLYBOY IN KM MR FORCE JBT/ "Ju«t think! Some day those tiny hands \vill be large ,.jwough to grip a lawn mowerl" By Golbroith S|DE GLANCES "George made himself a little gadget that lets political speeches go in one ear and out the othei!" CHRIS WELKIN, Flaneteer WHILE FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ;3ttHA WJ./VI rdiaa- •MW JHHO) 31*03 E FiNP^OUT THE C.AK&Q SAV1S OH/A 33JL-H0IH 3HJ.

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