The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 22, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 22, 1934
Page 3
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SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 1934 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE Troops Drive Strikers Out of Mill Town in Georgia Woman Writer Tells Her p enni- ences as a less Hitch-Hiker Over the highways of the nation they triulgc member:; of ilia Drifting Horde. Wlmt arc they like, Job-welting nomads? A girl who formerly was a relief agency executive turned -hitch-hiker lier- self to iiml tbc answer lo this question—and her story heroines tlieir * ° rJ By MISS l.ESUK SHAW Written for NKA Service My tirsl experience'without any<'v at all on this cross-country Jaunt as a homeless wanderer occurred In a smart Florida resort town. U was the hardest possible place to get along without cash, .for everything in town was pay-as-you-enler. For the first night the Y. W. C, A. sheltered me and gave me meals the following day, during which 1 applied for ten different • jobs, having first asked tr.e slat'' 7 director for an emergency rtljef position. I was soon made to realize that to other relief workers 1 was pretty much of a deserter In Imvlii; given i;p u E oc 'i job at a hard p^si Nothing for me. Also nothing as governess, as advertising copy-writer, as newspaper reporter, which once I had been I tried for a job as waitress. Experience? No. Sorry, no opening. At the end of 2-1 hours f reali?.ec that the secretary of the Y wa. giving me gootl advice when s 1 urged me to go back wherever came from. That wasn't In my program, however, so 1 went to the federal trans lent bureau. Giving my right mini' only to tile director, I was GOOI enrolled under an assumed name a a cllenl and a protege of Unel Sam, 1 was taken to the women' shelter, the former home, noxv i some disrepair, o[ a millionaire, sit iiatcd among giant cocoanut palma i by the edge of a famous bay. "My eye! Why does anybody ever want to le.ive iiere?" "They don't.," by case-worker told me, and she was right. Paid for Extra Work The house was spotlessly clean and the first meal 'was a revcla lion. The food-was extremely good, although simple and all prepared by one cook/ the only paid worker The clients; as they arc called by officials, did all the oilier work in shifts of four hours each. This was in exchange for our j board, and in return for an addi- tiona five hours a week we re ceived DO cents. It interested me that few of the girls and women passing questioned that they had actually earned the 90 cents. It didn't occur to them that in doing work involved purely in hie care and leeding of the. group, they were creating no surplus, no commodi ties that had cash value. The majority of them didn't think much about tfec whole proceeding. They were there because they were stranded. When Ihe case-worker made arrangements for them to gc Ford V-8 Wins World's Boat Title Selling Kflorl lo Koltow Tiix iVlodificalion UKTROIT, Mli-li.- -First evidence of prospective improvement In the export of American cars lo final iHltum. as a lesult of a marked el ion In tho horhif-powiT lux to become efti'ellve January 1 W.i!i. is lo toe seen in iVm nu- iKiiincemi'iit that a Chevrolet lias- car distributor hus bed Appointed in Umjliind, NDW, for Hie tlr.'it time In mans years, active incrclmndlsiiH! effo) Is ID be put lichintl the Olicvi'oV In England ».s Ihe re.sult of On appointment of Messrs. Cuss f o become! one of the must In second place. Inhibition f nll'iiawcr Ixiat contest* Wil«on i will) n Ford V-K enntne lo win ihc Inn sroi'es of yards by reason of a delayed .start, warded a valiant fight Menaced by the bristling bayonets of national, this column • of strikers Is being marched o Ihe city limits of Newnan, Ga., with the warnini; lo stay out of- town and not Interfere with the operation of textile mills. About 150 persons selitid at Newnan were sent lo Internment camps nn- djr the military law edict inspired l:y textile strike violence. nisi) the Talbot anil -Sunbeam rai* us Chevrolet dlsliilnilo: 1 . Tho linn will imtvkcl Ihe Auu'ikuu cms through u denier ori;iiiil/.nllun which comprises 1.10 cmlleLs In l-'.iH'.l'.mU, Scotland, und Wales, In. London, the Chuviold showroom and main selling offices will be at U-l-21 Orchard street, opposite Set- fridge iV: Company, famous London department store. "HccaiiKe of Chevrolel'ji lon^ absence from the llrlllsh passeiiuci car market," JMI.VS general Motors World, "It Is Impossible U) fore- cn.M next year's volume Jliutre, hut u substantial Initial shipment has Iready yone forwaril mid both tint lisirlbutor and Ihe timera! .sales leparlmenl are most optimistic new yxi cubic inch international [or the lead. „,.„ „„ V I.RH^ pott'rr boat class nl Ihe Canadian roarlni; wide open he nmnnued to Nalloual Kxhll.-itlon. At Ills lilih | flash past (1 compcllnn' bouts bul is Misn l.oina Held, his mi'i-hnnii-.! was 'unable to overtake the iie'ul lli.tli uri) University of vldory wus on points 'I'oronlo winner, nnLshlnji u waul 16 yards In Its wake. Tliu HxhlbUlon race;; mnvk under rule.:; of Uus American rnv. 1 -1 first running ol an Inlcnuitlona er IJnal Av:oi'lall(»n, mill by ix-a-1 championship in tho new spccC run 01 a lOTsbliVj; victory in tin-1 bunt inclnt' claw which prumtoc vlnnlng Ijoat and U oth?r arlKlnaV iU'E, all with Ford V-H '.engines, Hie only competing boat) ivllh motors of: automobile ly|)i>. Otheis wne iioscrul v.lth miirlni.' eiiglmi Three 1 , of tho five leading! point ^ wlnnon ' we! - diKcn ly luld V-8" r*:. 'IliP ollieis, biSkles. Wll- cnlrj. being Iho ' Wllmci Thin)," drhin by 1")] 0 li. Wagley, " ot Biiltlmore, Maryland, and Die \ Al Schv>nrz- ler o! Nev; York i-Hy. Where Life Begins al Fifty-Five i local "welfare" they went. As f looked about me in the dining room, I tried to analyze U;em. At my table were three yonn; .tout the future of the tr-rrllory." 'IfetarJ Piasters" May Aid Fire Swept Area MISSOlll/A, Mont. (Ur>—"MBS- tard piasters" may be :i[ii)!l?<l to lir -s«c;it iiinea :)f .Montana for.-.-jl Uinds lo prevent ilco'.l v.rosUni. Tilt prnetice of plantini; miistar;! t'cd in hunied-over ureas hail I'.ruvcn highly elllcl'-'tit in c.lii'er.ln;; flood erosion iii California. U. S. [<ue. l :ler:j hei'e may derl:le to ItUo'.v the Ciulturniu inoyr to liuinc'i axjieedy rvvegetnllon grnm, according lo advices from iu College Pupils Sign (o Better Business CINCINNATI, O, (UP)—Substantially increased college ntU'mlancs in western stales this tall relied:, improved business conditions, Pr3.s- ident Raymond Wallers of tho University of Cincinnati said upon his i return [ruin an 8.500-mil" trip thru '•JO stales. Dr. Walters, statistician on college registration and Inspector of colleges for ti:e Association of America! Universities, visited scores ol niblic an: 1 , private schoo'.j. Fvery.vhcre I found nndcr-trad- :uite applications exceeding tile 1U'J3-193-1 school term," Dr. Wallers iald. He reported a decline in graduate applications, indicating that thosi who took gr-rjualo courses last yea: because they were unemployed wen finding positions. back home to relatives, job or the Taking a leaf from the methods of strikers, national guardsmen at Newnan, Ga., formed a flying squadron lo insure the peaceful operation of textile mills. Above is shown a group ut strike pickets j aboard one of the flying squadron trucks, ready tor transportation to the military internment cam| which was established -under the martial law edict. girls, Eslelle, Marie, and Pauline, about 15 who wore identical blue!should have had with Ihose of our Estclle was n former dnnec hall hos-! chesses ami had all the cavraarlts(former friend's and family '.vf.o were 1655 who was no longer pretty and was separated from her husband; sl.e was apathetic, relying on her case-worker lo take care of her plans. | Pauline was a child's mirse down; for a jcb from New York; prelty, aggressive, and sure of hers;lf even if broke. Marie had. been a [vnit- pjicker In Clearwater, had been married tv.'ice and was separated from her second husbanu. She had no clolrcs except those she wore, no mcMey, and no plan save one. . Marie Would Try Bigamy "I guess I'll have lo telegram my'fatlier-in-law," she said wistfully, "lie always said he'd come gl', me and marry m e if ever 1 w^3 to go broke." "Marry yon? You're already married!" of teing runaways from a correc-lback in their homes In a conventional school. Bill they wouldn't I lional life. talk. .The exy/.-ricnces you have undergone are so deep that you want Unforgettable among them was eeina. That wasn't her rMU iwm:, for that she never let us know; .'.lie insisted on being called Mrs. Ad- to talk with those who have the same experiences. Many Need C'ompaniouslilp For many of these women, the ams. With her was her pretty S- j life Ihcy once, knew year-old daughter, and in the- same j is gone, for it involves a broken town was her husband, whose job ,'^ome, a lost job, or tost, youth that washed up Eis months ayo. In I might bring aucthsr home or op- confidence she told me that she had come to this resort because, two yiars ago in this town, shs had been hostess and manager for one friends, and for suc.i as these cf t;c smartest, restaurants, with a i there should l>« some permanent portnnily. To these the friends they make on the road and in temporary K' are Uieir only veal In a city department store: "Can you dcme-nstrate cosmetics?" Anclher wonderful yarn about cow good 1 was. I lasted one day. Markets N<;w York Cotton NF.W YORK. Sept. 22 (UPI — Cotton closed barely steady. 3Ulf stales wilh rising tempera IDUS and unsettled weather Hi later part of the week. South plain and gulf stales thundcrshowcrs an cooler at the Beginning and prol: ably showers again near close t week. The tropical storm' la. night was 330 milts cast of \Vi mlngton and moving rapidly nort northwest. Congressmen went into conle. ence with Secretary Wallace at a. in. New York time to conrJdi action on the Bankhcad contract and furl her development.'; in creen this connection are awniled with considerable interest by the trade. .Strike developments over the weekend also will Ix: watched with good Income and her own car and plenty of clothes. That was all gone now, and no chance ot Belting her old job back. There was no place for her in this Anclher woman with "Yes, but me and my husband lor in other towns, has been separated [or a year. Thau Iloliocs With a l!aby makes IK divorced, don't hit?" ' • "Divorced like fun, girl. Yon try' mairying again and see what makes you." Marie was Ssveet, prelly, docile, and had the Intelligence of a G- year-otd child. Among the other girls were three waitresses, four stenographers and three trained nurses looking for jobs in this town of rich tourists. They all had no luck ana were eventually sent back home. There was a shy and pretty bride of 19, who, with her husband, bc- barged In merrily one evening. She had oil overalls, as did Ihe baby, for were Just otf a frelvhl train. Her husband was at the men's bureau. They had come back from California, i\nd were going bick. "What (or?" we asked, thinking of the baby. "O. well, If yon can't \vork, yon might- as well travel." she replied airily. Her baby didn't seem to matter. By all odds the most hopeless group was that of bldcr wom;n provision that will include comradeship with their own kind. Our group wasn't co dismal as this sounds, by any means. We played tile piano and sang after jour work was done, we hunted I'.ic |coccanuts that obligingly fell al- chtld most at- our feet from tall palm lrc?.s. We picked oranges aiid grape-fruit, we went swimming; we circus went broke nearby. A blonde wcman of about 30 called Dodo had also been in Ihe show business. In a vaudeville act that couldn't gel local booking, she was well dressed, but broke like all the c.ime stranded a small-time who had come lo town with Hie lorlorn l-ops of being housekeepers in motherless homos or companions to nice, rich old ladlM. The years cf hardship had told on them, and with defeat written in every line of their faces, the chanc? for a job was nil. You would think that In such a group tiicrc would be little in common, and yet we felt closely drawn together by similar experiences and ttc fact that this was for the lime our only home and that we were an adopted family. In reality we had mom in common than we rest. Seme Html Husbands Iconic was a stunning brimetle from New Orleans, who cime to seek her fortune, which meant a man, and Marlon was also from the Cre.'.cenl Cily. It was with Marlon thai 1 finally slipped away and l:ltch-hlked North. And trie pthefs? Two g| r |s of Oct Dec, Jan Mar May ' Jilt open high low close \'m mi 12C2 12<M I2M 1290 IMS 1Z1S 1279b To gel a Job in Department 103 of the PDI^I: Drothers main plant; an automobile worker must Iw • fty-flvo years old and him: been In the company's service ten years or more. In this cectlon of the fac- ury lire performed operations that cnll lor experience, patience and deft hands rallra' than for biaun ml speed—small machine work, llRht assembly, bench v;ork, and so forth. , a Men surely mellow ns they grow older, for the Ixvx up here are the most diecrful In the plant. There' • s nn undertone of humming and soft whistling and more downright good nature (ban In most dcpart- nsnts of younger men. And there Is production, loo. Keepintr these men busy h just n matter of choos- _ ng Job:; that mature.linnti. 1 ) can do ns well as youu;! cne-S. Department 103 of Uudgc UliLSlrales* nane consideration!! are succivisfiilly combined with iroort busines.. , NEXT \VEEIl at Rlylheville's Theatres Btirlou, Dorothy Christy, Hugh Enfield, and Mamie Eburne. THE RITZ Bob Sl^ele, one of Hie mo^t popn-, Inr of Wtslem actors, is starred in "A Demon for Trouble" to he shown at llic Hoxy Friday niut,', SnlMrdny. Steule Is siiivpovteti by Gloria Shea and Don Alvarndo In' (he principal roles. In addition 1 ' i lo UK feature llurc will be i\ cartoon and serial, "Wolf Dog." A herd of reindeer constitutes, rapid fire action, wealth In Siberia, where they pro- Tlir. real life story of that amav,-, by clean fun, rapid fire aclion. 'vcmui n ouc na,- vncrc iney pr( in; «on>an, Catherine the O« n i.' 1 ^ alh ., nlt1ll g , hrlll; ,„„, c ,:, m or- .*<£?£ « k - lto "' *»™ "'«' "«"' Emisress of Russia, is told on Hi.; om 10 mancc. It was filmed lor '_ l.'_.' > • 129:1 1300 1305 13117 1300 HOI 1300 1309 1285 1280 I'JOQ 1201 12M 129:) Spots closed steady at 1292, off 1C. considerable interest and apparently this situation is >voikin.^ lapidly toward a settlement. $f -nek NEW YORK, Sept. 22. lUP'-- Led by [1111111™ flocks, the stoo'-: inarke.t today made its lUlh su- 1 ccE.nive udvanec. Oalns were ;.ma in most sections and lii?ri- wt'iv few IOSLTS as a result (it \irofit Inking bul Ihc I rend fTf.fl /.,. ! :l ' K ' rul aml scntimsnl In t'l'H-W/l Isircet measurably imprcvrd. at the nil?. Sunday and , |lt , imxsl |!;lrt a \, OM d ihe u. S. S. Monday in "Tii: Scarbi Empress" ^,.| ZO | mi v.'ilh Ihe entire Pacific nrrlni; Mnrlcnc Ulttrlch. n ci , t ,„ I HC background. Cauney Jtx':ef Von Sternberg. director, and O'lirlen are supported by cap- t history nl'.alnst gigantic sets Uvallni; Gloria Stuart, l-'rank Mc- st:tp,:.stlve of the tremendous I'cter- IIi;2h. Dorothy Tree and Itobcrt bcf paliiee of tho period. Mon-ilor 'lianat, LcsUlcs 3.1)00 sailor:;. lew v.erc used for decorations, | li'atlv.-.' of Ihe barbarous age, I I,cc Tracy plays the lead In "Thi> [ ,,t the opm-psslve cruelty of Its Lemon nrop Kid." from the popn- !i'<:pl" and the picture Is r.akl lar story of that title, at lli.i Kll:'. io b; a re.ilislic iiorlrayal of IBUi Thursday and Friday. The picture icnlury Uiiwia. Is made even more InlcrestiiiiC by Dietrich is ably supported by a the clever Helen Mock and lov.-i- ;\:s:\; east including John Lodge, tble liaby Lelioy, child screen iti- ainba-sailor from the Russian court The three branchej of motion plclurcr.. comedy, drama, and music have been skillfully combined and .him Jjilfe ns Grand I)i:ki! Peter, und I.oiihe Divsscr as Empress iL'j | ;Ij , „ lllc | 1 ,, ll , m | y , M ,, r la Slc- NF.W OKI.BANS, Sept. 32. (UP) —Cotton futrrc.'i lost another 8 to licinidaled dlscontinie the watched the cvrr-chnn;lng water.; 11" iwints today as shorts covered of the tropical bay just at our door. Jon Jikelihoud of settlement of^ th; ajid the mconliglu on the-water and '""' 11 ' "'-"•- ' ' ' '-'--.' on the palm trees. Tomorrow miijlil be good or ba-J. it miglit, bring a job or defeat, it might brin? certainty or more Insecurity. !!ut in the meantime, we were in one of L I^(.A: Ihc most beautiful snots known to j Jan man. and \ve were making the most of it. extili; strike and on nj>ilalion lo Uankhead act. open high low close Ocl 1278 1278 12C7 1201 Dec 1291 12sW 1278 1279 1294 12R5 1285 ISO!) 128G 12SG j Way 1303 1301 I2D3 1293 | Jill 1310 1310 12(10 129fi Down llirciujh Florida 1 went, ap-j Spots closed miicl at 1285. off 15. plying for all kinds of, Jobs, gctlins a few for short periods. In a country nrwspjpar office: "Are you a gcod typo-better?" I was asked. "Perfect." I answered, and promptly spilled a slick full of lypo. However, I kept the job lon-{ eiiouji to nnLsh a rush Job of handbills antl to earn S3.00. In a fruit-packing plant at clear- water; "How many crates can you pack an hour?" I named some wild number. "T*ef me sec youf hands." AV. E. RICHMOND .t CO.'S AFTERNOON COTTON LETTER NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 22.—After having been very steady during most of today's session, cotton turned weak towards the clos ns hedging pressure made Itself felt again, the final closing prices being from 10 to 15 points under yesterday's close. Considerable rain fell throughout, the cotton belt with temperatures normal lo slightly below normal. The forecast for next week calls for llnindershowers anil coole Ill 1-0 n s-tf Bil 5-8 ;M :i-t . i 7-1; Anaconda Copper . lieth. Slc:-l Chrysler Cities .Service nen. Am. Tank ... Gr-n. Kltclrii Cien. Motors Int. Ilarv'J'.stcr Montgomery Ward N. Y. Central Packard a 3-1 Philll|ir, Pet 15 1-2 D:u!io Kimmcir, H;:ds ... st. i,.-s. r Slandar dof N. ,1. . 'IYMs Co U. K. Glecl U. S. aneltiiii! ... 1-1 21 7-8 ,n. Marlcns Uhtrich's own daugh- he picture us the limprcf.s Calh- a-i 'a child. "l!:-iv Comes the Navy" at the nil-. Tuesday and Wcdnciday lea- Viifs ,l:imcs Carney und I'at O'- lliien in a sally .'tory ol the- U. H. navy. The picture is characlcrizflj tlcnd«l lo nr.iVcc vnltvlalnmcnl In Univnrsal's new screen production, "I I,il:e It That Way" lit (lie RU* Balm-day. CJlcrn Kliiarl aii;l Rov:H- I'ryor h,™ad nn pxr.-ptlonal east which includes Miiiian Marsh, l.n- ctl'.f C'.lenson, Slurlcy Cire.y, No-rl Madison, Menu Kennedy and 1M ibnelna girls, TEXA JOYNER & liON.1 FIELD TKXACO PRODUCTS lin 1-:! THE \Vorld," the Warner Bras. , Tho great American Desert form-, ulctntr bv--d nn l!c> smashln-. .Mo-!lhe scllini; for Ihe Brealer pail of ,. m, -how the oilier half 'lives." i "Love Birds," liie Unlvinal com- i' : "chrdiilc-d i" lh" feature at- edy which comes to the Rcxyl inaction at the Roxy KmuUiy and Tu.-sdny. Wcdmsday and Thiirs- Hondiv ' ( ' a y *'•'' H1 ' m "''"""M*''''' !I1K ' "wairVn William heads a slron.:'Unsn Pitts In slnvrlns roles. ''Ijove Sep Bee. Chicago Wheat io-13-e ir.t u-2 101 'ioi 104'l-4 104 5-tl 1037-8 103 7-8 Corn open low Sepl. 78 1-8 78 1-2 78 1-8 close tnlcnkd players in role uf ii liiiiltl-millionalre -.ailuay UinU" wn:; directed by William] The foreman Just laughed at me. | weather In the central and. 4«4 Dec. 783-4 7!) 783-8 78 3-8 crime. i.nitiniiti. 1 who lons« for the sodtrty s: of his beautiful wife, n part " played by Mary Astor, who neglects him shamefully lo loster her scclal career. This neglect leads him into an a Hair with a burlesque 'how chorus eirl enacted by C.ln lirr Koei'if. which llasion enlniin-j ales in a double murder.; with the. millionaire being arrested for the rhone. 177 Al Nlxlit—Suiutas'—Anjllmc I'nr Qnlek nnrt l)e|«'nilabte Wrecker Service Phillips Motor Co. VACUUM CLiAN6R,

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