The Terre Haute Star from Terre Haute, Indiana on November 12, 1965 · Page 10
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The Terre Haute Star from Terre Haute, Indiana · Page 10

Terre Haute, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 12, 1965
Page 10
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THE TERRE HAUTE STAR, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 1903 Dr. Joyce Brothers Girl, 8, Teases Friends Until They're in Tears Dear Dr. Brothers: My hus band always has been quite a tease. I have learned to put up with it in the 10 years we have been married. Now I notice tha our daughter, who is 8, enjoys being a tease. Sometimes her teasing goes -beyond good natured banter. I often feel tha there is real anger behind it and I have discovered that she has several of the friends in hei class in tears. Is it possible tha behind this good-humored teas ing, if it is that, serious trouble can lie and grow? S. P. TEASING INFLATES EGO Dear S. P.: A tease has been defined as a person who inflicts mental venom on other people to inflate his own ego. There are people who maki others uncomfortable by teas ing, even when there is no hostility behind their joking. Many well-intentioned, kindly Quick Temporary Relief FROM THE DISCOMFORTS OF MINOR SORE THROAT DUE TO COMMON COLDS Spectrocin® TROCHES THROAT>SOOftWtt«C*ION | NEW ECONOMY SIZE 24's Meadows Pharmacy, Inc. 13-15 Meadows Center Terre Haute, Indiana people tease children because they don't know how to talk to them. I have a friend who likes children very much, but because she has no experience with them and is ill at ease, she treats them in a teasing fashion. Children don't like her. Of course, not all teasing is bad. But where children show unkindness and hostility toward others through teasing, parents should look for insecurity and a sense of inadequacy. Studies have shown that in homes where discipline is very strict, there is more hostile teasing and quarreling among the children than in homes where there is a more relaxed and democratic discipline. Sometimes children pick up teasing, as your daughter may have, from parents. There are parents who try to make their children obey them by teasing. One of the reasons that teasing is such an effective instrument of hostility is that it is difficult to combat. A NATIONAL FAULT The basis of teasing is humor, and we in this country are proud of our ability to take a joke. If a teased person strikes back, he is accused of being touchy, or of taking seriously something that was meant to be funny. Most people prefer to hide (heir anger at (he teaser's attack. In any event, teasing is about as unfair a way of controlling or hurting a person as las ever been devised. There are many adults who remain helpless children all their lives in the face of att?cks of this sort. They are saddened or wounded if people jest with them and say they don't understand a joke. In reality they understand it too well. There are others who meet .easing by trying to prove that .hey are good sports and can .ake it. These people actually invite this kind of treatment. Sadistic teasing often takes place between husband and vife. I am sure we all know of msbands who tease their wives about how well their own mother was able to do things. Phis is done with seeming good lumor. But actually, there is quite a bitter meaning to it. CAN BE DANGEROUS There can be nothing wrong vith teasing if it is based on affection and has no hurt con- ent. But when teasing is used o control another person, or loint up some defect in that person, or to inflate the ego of he teaser at the expense of an- rther, then it can be dangerous. You should talk to your bus>and about the episodes in vhich your daughter has teased icr friends until they were in ears. Point out to him that your laughter has followed her ather to the point of using easing as a weapon against the ither children. j This should make him think wice when he is tempted to ease you or^someone else in the amily. In fact it would be good : he could explain to your aughler that there are differ- nt degrees of teasing, but that t should never be done at the xpense of the'other person, or o make the other person un- iappy. You should explain to your daughter that' she can hurt omeone with what she may hink is harmless teasing, and hat if she continues, her teasing will cause lose friends. She is old enough now to realize when she has hurt someone's feelings, and how important it is for her to be considerate of the other person. "How to Encourage Creativity in Youngsters" is a valuable leaflet. For your copy, write to Dr. Brothers in care of this newspaper and enclose 10 cents and a stamped, self-addressed envelope. (A Bell-McClure Syndicate Feature) 100 Men in Brewer Scottish Rite Class Fall reunion of the Scottish Rite, Valley of Terre Haute, opened Thursday night in the Cathedral, Eighth and Ohio streets. It will continue Saturday and again Friday and Saturday next weekend, closing with'a banquet Nov. 20 at Zorah Shrine Temple. A little more than 100 men are enrolled in the class named for the late Warren H. Brewer, 33°, who died this past summer. Mr. Brewer had been a 32° Mason for more than 41 years at the time of his death and had been crowned a 33° Mason almost 33 years. He was commander-in-chief of the Evansville Consistory from 1931 to 1934 and one of those most active in the establishment of the local Valley. Puget Sound, in Washington State, extends nearly 200 miles from the ocean. William R. Kelley Due Here for Week's Stay William R. Kelley, personnel manager of the Campbell Soup Company plant in Modesto, Calif., will arrive in Terre Haute this weekend for a week's visit. Kelley, a native of Terre Haute, is a graduate of Wiley High School and Indiana State University. He is a brother of Mildred Kelley, office manager of the Terre Haute United Fund organization. Prior to moving to California,! Kelley was associated with the Campbell Soup Company plant formerly located in Terre Haute. He will return to Modesto on, November 21. NEVER ASSUMED OFFICE William Rufus King, running mate of President Franklin Pierce, never assumed his vice presidential duties. By special Act of Congress, the oath of office was administered to him in Cuba and his death occurred soon thereafter. • Downtown, 4th and Wabash Meadows Center and Southland SALE! REG. 9.98 MEN'S BROWN DUCK EXTRA - HEAVYWEIGHT HUNTING COATS Hunting Boots NOW ONLY 8 * Water repellent. Corduroy collar. * 12 shell-loops in side pocket. Flannel lined back. Extra large rubberized game pocket, zippered for easy cleaning. Sizes Small, Medium and Large. REG. 6.98 MEN'S BROWN DUCK EXTRA-HEAVYWEIGHT PANTS NOW ONLY 5. Lined and unlined Wedge soles or regular heels. 9 95 te 14 95 Men's Sizes to 13 INSULATED RUBBER BOOTS Seat and knees are fully rubberized for rough, tough wear. Zipper-fly front. 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