Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 5, 1952 · Page 18
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 18

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 5, 1952
Page 18
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HOM STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS Hour artful- School, A. Gilbert Wowhlp fj, WWiWp t«r Ladle* Atix, Wr ni Workon AUK, , Proft, te»oher» minting MoAtlng, . Niwt ol the CHURCHES FIRST •»lt Mttffttf Ntv. t, f. L«wrin»*. P«m»r 10 Sunday ftefiool, J«in«« M. **»• >tr, ftupt. The Mcn'i BlblB Ct»«» will wont n the Pnrliih HOUM «» 0:30 'or offee and doughnuts. T«wch«r of "«»on wnioh will clwk, lihflfi Morning »t '0 Sormon Subject "Wh«t Df»th thr Uird Re- qtilrw of Th«o?" Solo by Ml** Aniln C»p"lftnd. 8 p,rn. PYF. Meet In PnrUh llmuc, Htindny nfterrmftn ni 5 p.m. the I SttMlon will itu-"l in tho ol RtilldiiiK ol tttc Chfin-h. FIRST MBtHOOliT CHURCH West 2nd «t Pint V. 0, Ke«l«y. Fitter 9:49 n.m Churrh school Mr. John I*. V-n»y will teach i the teuton In the Century Bible j Claim. ' 10:55 »,m. Mornlnic Worihlp. V;jO p.m. Senior MYF fi p.m. Intermediate MYP. THf) p.m. KveriiMR worship with! "Danii'l A M.ui of Deri*-, Chapel of the efTurch. 4 p.m. Alt circl<t» will hava • union meeting at the church. 7:30 The Wcileyan Service Oolld will meet In the home of Mr*. B. B. McPherion; co-ho»te»* MM. J. W. Pattcriion. |i,n," . Our c>vr>nm« -vorihlp will he in "Hcitfar >it Coll«8«r Sluflmts" from this church who villl leave soon. FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH 0:45 Sunday School. W« have c\as*e» for all ages. Oliver Adams, Stint. 10: i50 Communion Service. There v, ill be no morning worship. There will be no CYF meeting today. There will be no evening worship 7 n.rn. Chnlr I Thn CiroUiK will m«>«-l Mnnrtay. ! riO d Orcl<- I of th" W8CS will ™* r * wl » bo n ° choir practice l n ,ri.i In Business sc5»lon In n..- Thursday. This Church Page Is Published Weekly With the Hope that More People Will Go to Church. YouInTht Church. The Church InYou How NECESSARY is every cog in the wheel? If the wheels belong in my auto, then I know every single cog must be in its place and work- Ing smoothly. If that is important in the mechanics, how much more significant in the human and personal and social realm, J am a co4 ' in a family, in a neighborhood, in a city, in a church. I wonder how well I work. What a lesson for each of usl For we all are tempted to go our own way.,. think of our own concerns, as if each of us wat tho whole wheel... the only person in the world. Coos IN WHEELS! That is a good figure. How jooo* a cof Are you? Am I? When heavy loads are to be borne, do I carry my share of the weight? When necessary errand* mu«t run, do I gear in smoothly? Or do I insist on breaking out of the groove, that I may be noticed, or escape some of the grinding exporumce of helpful living? God is master of us all- He calls to « particular little part in the world's work...each is a cog. fie «xjwcf$ us fo work lor Him and to His tlory. If we keep in place and function smoothly for the common good of His church and His world we shall know the blessing of work, "Well done, good 'and faithful servant." I Sponsored By Loco! Business Firms Who Believe We Should Attend Religious Services Regularly, Hop* Basket Co. Sa«nger & Rialto Theatres William M. Ducket* Bruner*lvory Handle Co, Otiieitt National Bank W, Shonhoute Son$, Inc. andRealtyCo. Young Chevrolet Co. * < P PUI*I8H Merman Moore • Bdtfilmt»r 6lU»§ Itwtai PrwtiMt* Hop* Sign & Neon Service J. C. Penney Co. Gunter Lumber Co. Owen's Dept, Stores "We Clothe th« Family for lass" Groydon Anthony Lumber Co. The First National Bank Crescent Drug Store I. J. Whitman Distributor Golf Refining Co. Product* J. C* Atchley & Co. Hope Manufacturing Co* OARRETT MtMOHlAU North Fer«uton Mr*** «lb«rt O'ttoefl, PMtor "Rock of Ages Broadcast" from church auditorium 9 to 0:30 Sunday School 10 a.m. Orady Hairston, Supt. 11 Morning Worship 3 p.m. Ordination Service for Carl Willis. 7 p.m. B. T. S. Classes for all ages. 7:30 Evening Message. Message by Pastor. Monday 2 p.m. Sr. Auxiliary meeting at the church, Mrs. Ted Purtle, President. weunesd«y 7 p.m. Teacher's meeting in charge of Mrs. Elbcrt O'Stccn. 7:30 Prayer meeting conducted by Dana Lou Cunningham. Thursday 7:30 Jr. Auxiliary meeting. Miss Vcrla Allen, President. We welcome you to worship with us. CATHOLIC Third and Walker Sts. Father A. G. Dunleavy, Pastor 14th Sunday utter Pentecost 10:30 a.m. Holy Sacrifice of the Mass followed by Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH S. A. Whitlow, Pantor 0:30 Sunday School H. E. ThraBh, Supt. ID:50 a.m. Morning Worship 6:45 Bnptist Training Union. J. T. Bowden, Director. 7:45 Evening Worship with message by pastor. Monday 4 p.m. Girls Auxiliary. Forward Steps. 7:15 p.m. Deacons Meeting Wednesday 7:30 Fellowship Hour Midweek Worship for the whole family. The public is Invited to attend all services. CHURCH OF CHRIST Walnut Street A. T. Oliver, Minister 0:45 Bible Study 10:50 Preaching 11:45 Communion Iron Reds Try to Offset Oil Proposol By JOHN M. HIOHTOW8* WASHINGTON UV-Tho Communists have mounted a major propaganda offensive to try to defeat the Truman—Churchill proposals for a settlement of the AnflO'lran* ian oil dispute. The voice of Soviet communism beamed into Iran is aclandestlne "Azerbaijan democratic" radio station which officials hofe believe to be on Russian territory. A record o fbroadasts from this station during the past few days hag been cii culatcd in the State Department and it shows a violent opposition o the oil deal offered Iran by the United States and Britain last Saturday. The three-point plan, sent to Premier Mossadegh by President Truman and Prime Minister Churchill, is being denounced by the Reds as "plundcrous proposals," a device for "American 1m pcrialists" to steal Iranian oil and a plan put forth by the "deadly enemies" of the Iranian people. The same broadcasts blast with equal heat Truman and Churchill and Mossadegh despite the fact that Mossadegh has already turned down the Truman-Churchill plnn. . ; • The Communists probably do not believe that Mossadegh's opposi tion to the plan will stand ijp in' definitely and they arc calling on the Iranian people-in Communist parlance the Communists and their followers in Iran-to demonstrate and protest against this latest effort to settle the oil dispute. . Truman and Churchill proposed Saturday that the World Court do tcrmine compensation for British property in Iran which the Tehran government .has nationalized; th'at Britain's Anglo-Iranian oil in world markets, and. that -specific steps be taken to end promptly the Iranian government's .. financial distress. The United States and British governments are deeply concerned The Negro Community •y H«l«« TuMwr VlHWM 7-4474 r fcftat M»«* »« Ml* tar •t Hleki PtfMrtl H*MM CHURCH Of OOO IN CHRIST El«. U. C. Washington, Minister 10:13 Sunday School 12: IS Morning Worship 6:30 p.m. Y. P. W. W. 8 p.m. Evening worship. JQ CHURCH OF OOO Rev. L. C. Crossley, Pastor 9:45 a.m. Sunday School 11:00 a.m. Morning Worship 6.0C p.m. Y. P. W, W. 8 p.m. Evening Worship. 53D YEAR: VOL. 33 — NO. 279 CHURCH OF QOO In CHRIST Eld. O. N. Dennis, Pastor 9:45 a.m. Sunday School 11 a.m. Morning Worship. 6 p.m. Y. P. W. W. 8 p.m. (Evening Worship Doily Scrapbog §y The Associated Pre« By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (ft— Jesse James born in the wrong century. He wasted his criminal talents oldlng up banks ambushing trains Ion horseback, and died young him {sell, a victim of the crude Instru I meat by which he lived—a pistol. [ Today Jesse James would have to sharpen his technique consider| ably to survive in a crime field [that has become a big business— ' truck cargo thefts. fc Looting the heavily-laden behemoths of the highways is now a highly lucrative industry for well- organized gangs who operate with the timed precision of a professional football team making a touchdown play. The rewards arc high. Single; Britain and France last night trucks have yielded $100,000 in', handed Russia Austrian peace Hope WtATHUn Fair weather and Saturday! slowly poritturcs; Hflht winds, high Uy* ' Temp«r«tuf*t High 88 Low J4M. 11. 1*1* HOPE, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 6,1952 Mimktri the AmtMtMl tati A A*. N«» PiM Clrtl. *W*|f *J 1 MAI. tMlrtft JWNll.«. PRICE Sc, Allies Yieldto Russia in Peace Plan for Austria MOSCOW. Wl—The United States, furs, $50,000 in liquor, $40,000 in cigarets, or—as in one case—$3(/,000 worth of brassieres. proposals that they claimed met picvlous Soviet objections to the long-delayed pact. The Western Al- Truck hijacking has become so | lies suggested four-power talks in widespread that losses rose from $22,00,000 in 1945 to $65,000,000 in London Sept. 29 to complete the accord. BEESEE MEMORIAL C, M. B. Rev. T. J. Rhone, Pastor 0:45 a.m. .Sunday s.cnool. 11 a.m. morning worship. 6:00 p. m Epworth League 8 p.m. Evening Worship 1951, and some insurance cxpcrta In identical notes, the three West fear the toll this year may reach j ern powers told the Soviets that $75,000,000. Here is the kind of cargo these criminal specialists go for, as measured by losses last year: they were willing-howevcr rcluc- tantly-to limit Austria's future arm cd forces. They said they also were willing to demand that an inddpcn $50 Farm Bureau Pasture Award Won by Hope Man Cecil Wyatt of Hope was award ed a $50 prize yesterday for tak' ing first place in a 10-county vet crans farm training contest. Tho presentation was made at the high school yesterday afternoon by Ury McKcnzic, past president ot the Hcmpstoad County Farm Bureau. The pasture improvement contest, an undertaking of the Farm Bureau Federation, has been going on for several years. The winning pasture is based on general improvements, quality, variety, completeness and year round pasture plants. MT. ZION CME CHURCH Rev. L M, Manning, Paster 9:45' a.m. Sunday School '11 a.m. Morning Worship 6 p.m. Epworth League. .8;.p.m. Evening Worship clothing, food, textiles, tobacco dent Austria guarantee free die- furs, liquor metals, television sets, lions, basic freedoms and antl' money, and furniture. Nuzi measures. "All it requires to steal a 2-ton The notes, delivered by the West 6:30 p.m. Young Peoples Bible Study. 7:30 p.m. Evening worship. Wednesday 7:30 Bible Study A welcome awaits you at all services. ST. MARK'S EPISCOPAL The Rev. Charles Chambers Jr., Priest -In -Charge 13th Sunday after Trinity 10 a.m. Sunday School; 11 a.m. Morning Prayer, Sermon Monday 7:30 a.m. Holy Communion. RISING STAR SAPTIST Rev. W. M. Erby, Paster 9:45 a.m.- Sunday school, n a.m. morning worship. 8:00 p. m. B, T. U. B p.m. Evening Worship LONOKE BAPTIST CHURCH Rev. F; K. Powell, Pastor 9:45 a.m. Sunday School ll a.m. Morning Worship. 8 p.ml BTU . $ p.m'. Evening Worship ! truck is nerve" said Jack Scidc, 42 head of Abaco Alarm Systems, a tion ern embassies to Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Y. Vishlnsky, con pioneer in truck cargo protec- tended that these .proposals mot n. | "the only points of objection"" Rus"Contrary to the public's idea,"jsia has raised to the West's prcv- he said. "Most truck hijackings ious recommendations for.'the trea- 0 don't occur on lonely stretches of the open road at gunpoint. "Ninety-nine percent are pulled off in a metropolitan area. They are usually thefts from unattended vehicles. "Gunplay is very rare, because it is unnecessary." Some gangs set up their jobs with Inside help from trucking •firm employes, whom Seide feels eren't carefully checked for past criminal records. Some gangs loot ty and thus cleared tho way for a settlement. But a final agreement that would end the postwar occupation of Austria looked about as remote as ever today.. The Western notes contained provisions which the Russians arc not IJkely to agree to immediately, if ever. They probably will resent the entire tone of the notes and may reject them outright. Stage Actress Gertrude Lawrence Dies NEW YORK, (UP) — Gertrude Lawrence, the Cockney waif who became one of the stage's great ladies, died today at New York hospital of a virus ailment of the liver. She hacj been ill three weeks. Miss Lawrence, SO, had been in a coma for three hours when she died at 8:30 a.m. EOT. Her husband, Producer Richard S. Aldrich, was at her bedside. He said her condition vhad "taken a turn for the worse" after complications set in during .treatment for infectious hepatitis. Two Hurt, One Seripus/y in No. 29 Wreck A 76-yottr-Old Shcpnrd Negro, Qcnornl Hill, wns critically Injur- od nnd another, Wnlter Burton, wus bruised yoslordny nflernoon when « cur in which they wero riding went out ot control oti High way UO, south «r Hope. State -PoUccmnn Ouy Downing snld Burton was driving thu cnr which wunt out ot control, rolled over sovttriit limes nnd flnntly hnlt t.'d nftor trnvclli\K iibout 137 yurdfl. Trooper Uownlng sitld Bui Ion wn» chnrgcd with rucklos.s driving and opunillng ft cur without a sttttu llcunac. Hill sutfofccl Inturnnl injurlca niul his condition Is described ns crillcul. Burton wus vuteiuscd from tho hospital uftur trciilment for bruises nnd posslblu fnicturod ribs. Worldlold to Be Fooled I Election Woi By JOHN M. HIQHTOV WASHINGTON tf» —Tha'-,\ America Is Iclllna Western Unit despite hot wordSj,, home front—IXopubUoS * crnlic proHidemini cc tunlly (tlvo ovWonco.c the mntn points ot Pehl POLIO VICTIMS — Doctor and nurse check the condition of six of th««ev«n children of Mr. Paul in the Isolation ward of a San.Antonlo hoiplul after they were •trloken with polio. .M^.P^ 1 ,t sVe the children until they nre rclonsed froni Isolation. Front to back: Paul, Jr., 11, Elaine, cannot see the children until they .... .--._ . -... i._u... 9" Daniel, .15, Dayton, 14, George, 10, and Dorothy 7. — NEA Telephoto HOPE GOSPEL TABERNACLE North Main Street O. M. Montgomery, Pastor 9:45 Sunday School Guy E. Basye, Supt. 10 Radio Bible Class. Broadcast over KXAR, 0. M. Montgomery, teacher. Morning Worship 11 a.m. Sermon by Rev. Bert Webb, former pastor of the Tabernacle, now Assistant General Superintendent of the Genera) Council of the Assemblies of God in Springfield, Mo., Junior and bonier Christ Ambassador Services 6:15 p, m. Miss Jo- retta.Sims, President. 7:30 Evangelistic Service, Sermon by pastor. Tuesday 7:15 Christian Service Brigade, buster Burwick, leader. Thursday 7:30 p.m. Mid-week worship. Lewis Trying for a Quick New Contract lest Iran's continued lack of oil revenues, cut off for more than a year now, should throw the country into Communist control. Mossadegh turned down'the Truman-Churchill proposals Saturday .simply saying they wtire "unaccep table." Officials pointed out that mean while the Communists, presumed to be acting under direct orders from Moscow, are doing everything . in their power to prevent any im provemcnt in the situation. Says South Better Of f With Democrats EL RENO, Okla. (UP -^ Goy- ernorrdesignate Francis Cherry of Arkansas today commented on Dwight E. Eisenhower's •'•gpectatii* tacular swing through the South with the statement that the best interests of the .South--stillMle with the Democratic party. , ' Cherry said he might agree Eisenhower's statement in the publican nominee's speech in Little .Rock yesterday that the South is "not a captive precinct" of the Democratic party. "But the best interests of the South still lie with ;that party." Cherry told United Press. . : Cherry reitereated his previous statement that he will support Democratic Nominee Adlai'Steven- son. But he would make no .prediction on the outcome of the. presidential balloting in Dixie next November. Thn Arkansas Democratic rnatorial nomin comment on the statements yesterday by Govs. Herman Tal- madgc of Georgia and Robert Kennon of Louisiana. Talmadge said the South was QARRETT CHAPEL BAPTISI Rev. F. R. Williams, Pastor &:45 a. : m. Sunday school U a. m. Morning worship 6- p.m. BTU : • a p'.m; .Evening Worship unguarded trucks on the spot,! Il agreed to, such a meeting others drive them away and empty would open another round in a the contents at their leisure, then' squabble that has been dragging on since 1943. Attempts to agree on a draft of an Austrian treaty bogged down last spring after 259 meetings over the last six years in abandon the vehicles. Seide became interested in the BETHEL A. M. 6, CHURCH Rev, OS. Paschal, Pastor 9:45 a. m. Sunday school. 11 a.m. Morning Worship 6 p:m, A. C. E.' L. 8 p.m. Evening - Worship Mrs. Clestcr. Randol is visiting her 1 'sister, Mrs.' Frankie L. Alexander in Little Rock. Giving Away Planks/ Sparkman Asserts 'LONG BEACH, .Calif. •— (ft— Sen. I John J. Sparkman, heading cast! problem as young traveling salesman for a jewelry and watch supplies firm shortly after graduating •from high school. Thieves repeatedly broke into his car and stole his samples. "It wasn't the value of the samples themselves that bothered me," he said, "as the time I lost from selling until tho samples could be replaced." With the help of a friend he made a crude burglar alarm that would sound the horn if anyone tried to tamper with his car. It worked. He lost no more samples. 'Other salesmen heard of his alarm London. and asked him their cars. Seidc decided to make one for to make vehicle protection his career, and de-i • -. . » •-•. i • Ul UlUUtlUll ilia i;alUUL, UtlU UC- today after ..an intensive campaign I £ j d his tovcntlon . ' It took him . tour in California, told Long Beacnl fi vc lean vcars of huncer to in- went on record in favor of a dc " •T_ ! ,, I -_,_.J A.._•_,. T». ,._j *„__ WASHINGTON John L. Lewis was reported today striving for a quick hard coal agreement so he can concentrate on negotiations with the bigger and more far-flung soft coal industry. Lewis has never publicly served demands on either the anthracite' (hard coal) or bituminous (soft coal) mine owners. But he is reportedly aiming for a sizable boost in the hard coal welfare fund and more wage^ and sharc-the-work provisions for soft coal miners. Talks between the anthracite operators and Lewis' United Mine Workers union took on a hopeful note. Thomas E. Kennedy, the UMW's vice president, told news« men "some progress" was being made. The talks. held previously in week" for the Democratic party. His statement followed Elsenhow- er's appearance at Atlanta, Ga., where a huge crowd turned out to hear the general. Kennon came out with a statement that was interpreted to be a possible endorsement of Eisenhower. The Louisiana governor said he would make another state' ment in a few days clarifying his stand. New York and Wilkes-Barre, Pa., moved here yesterday. The progress statement was made after a one hour session during which Lewis, Kennedy and Edward G. Fox, president of the Philadelphia & Reading Coal and Iron Company and chief industry negotiator, huddled privately. The negotiations were scheduled to resume today at the union's headquarters. Both hard and soft coal operators now pay 30 cents a ton on all coal production toward union welfare funds to finance pension for the-miners and other benefits. Hard coal miners produce only about a third as much tonnage as soft coal miners, and the anthracite tonnage royalty has not been enough to pay the pensions. Hard coal miners have bean making up the deficit themselves, paying SI assessments every two weeks. The bituminous welfare fund, by con Confidence Vote for Truce Talkers LONDON OP)— The United Nations General Assembly will ; be asked to give the U. N. truce negotiators at Panmunjom a vote ot confidence, informed diplomats said today. These sources said the IS countries with troops in Korea will Democrats yesterday that Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower is' "giving away the .Republican platform at (•he-.rate bf one issue a day." The Democratic; nominee for vice president said Eisenhower is no\(H|} plugging for better social securityf^ thin exists under the Democratic administration. • Sparkman . added! that, however, • two years ago in I Houston, Tex. Eisenhower com-1 pared, social security to enslave-j mcnt. : ' I Speaking at a luncheon of Dem-1 pcrat's, the Alabama senator re- ftfrrod to the appearance of the I KcpUblican' presidential nominee | in Atlanta, Ga. Tuesday. Spark man said he "doubted there 1,000 votes" for the GOP ticket! among the 100,000 citizens who| turned out for the Eisenhower appearance. "We don't get to see many five-] star generals down South." saidl Sparkman. "In fact, we don't get| to sec many Republicans." At a press conference Sparkman| saiu he stands "exactly with Stevenson (his running mate) on civil j rights matters." "That is," he said, 'that it the responsibility of all levels of government to protect the basic rights of all''citizens." He said that civil rights are bound up with economic welfare and that "when the country is prosperous as it is now, the basic differences are not serious." To break the deadlock, the West suggested discarding the long, involved draft for a simplified short ne. But the Russians replied on Aug. 14 that the abbreviated Austrian pact failed to provide for 10 free elections 2 human rights and basic freedoms 3 elimination of nazism 4 Austrian armed forces. In answer to this, .the Western powers came up with their latest exchange—Saying they would agree • > td~"~a<id' artlclds from th'e original long treaty draft covering these subjects. They pointed out that the articles had been agreed upon by both sides. In effect, the Western Big Three terest trucking companies and insurance writers in it. Today he leases his alarm systems to firms operating more than 8,000 trucks, has 200 agencies from coast-to-coast, boasts that no truck protected by one of his alarms has ,ever been hijacked. "But having a million dollar idea," he said wryly, "isn't nearly as hard as putting it over after you get it." militarized Austria. .Its land fore- s, including .police, would be re- tricted to 53,000 men. It would be llowcd only 90 planes in its air orce—and no bombers. Military nstallations which were destroyed sponsor a resolution bly. which opens Oct to the A :t. 14 In Assern- New York, reaffirming U. N. support for the Korean War and for the truce talkers. The negotiators are all U. S. military men. Although the Soviet bloc will undoubtedly vote against the resolution, its sponsors hop* to get the overwhelming backing ot most other members as a demonstra^ tion of U. N. solidarity. Diplomats here said the resolution U expected to ask for a U. N. endorsement ot U»e negotiations' refusal to return Red prisoners of war who don't want' to go home. I trust, has | Iplus. million dollar &ur- Lewi* is believed to be driving J»ar4 for W«er •* r»y»l- M mines, and Joseph Moody, spokesman for southern bituminous interests—on 9, share-the-work plan. With some soft coal miners working ooly two or three 4t|f • week and others four or five days Lewis wants some plan to wvel out 4he employment. A higher pay rete. or penalty, for all work dwe after three days « wwfc o*» ' Students Attack Indian Hospital BOMBAY. India l*HA mob of students and others attacked the largest hospital in Hyderabad today and police in the South Indian state's capital opened fire for the third time in 24 hours. Reports from there indicated casualties were heavy. The mob demanded delivery of the bodies of two persons kille yesterday io a (jemonstratio against the government of the state, a center of Communist activity. The police had imposed a dusk to dawn curfew and patrolled the capital's streets throughout the night. Probers Spike Big Airforce Supply Empire By RUSSELL BRINES WASHINGTON Wl— A House watchdog subcommittee reportec today it has won a year-old figh to prevent the Air Force from establishing a separate multi-bil lion dollar "supply empire." The result, said Chairman Bon ner (D-NC), will divert hundred! of millions of dollars that would bi spent for overhead to vitally need ed planes and technical equipment Bonner said top officials had as sured his expenditures subcommil tee the Air Force would abando plans to set up its own world-wid supply system for clothing, offic equipment and other items use commonly with other services. Instead, these items will continue! to the press." to be handled by the General Serv-l Gooch replied that Speck -y the Western Allies be rebuilt. could not Speck Declines to Tell Jury of Corruption LITTLE ROCK OK— Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Jeff Speck jcsterday declined to tell a federal jrand Jury about his allegations of "corruption" in the Internal Revenue Bureau here. And, U. S. District Attorney Jim Gooch said the candidate would not be subpoenaed because he didn't belfeve Speck's charges were sufficient to warrant Grand Jury acilon. In a Little Rock address recently Speck claimed he had information "that would rock the Internal Revenue Bureau" here. And, he added, he had prqof of his charges —still undisclosed publicly—in his "hip pocket." Speck said he refused Gooch's invitation to appear before the Jury because his testimony would be secret and he would .not be allowed to "divulge the information Newspapers Favor Ike Five to One NEW YOIUC (UP) — The na tion's daily newspapers favor Dwight D. Eisenhower five-to-onc over Adlai E. Stevenson, accord ing to a preliminiafy poll conduct ed by Editor and Publisher mag azine. The trade journal said response from 918 of the nation's 1,77 dailies Indicated that -Eiscnhowe had the support of 75.16 per cept of these* pap^rs^'which represent £1.25 per cent'of tho total circulation for the grogp. It said this was the greatest newspaper support for any Republican candidate in recent history. The unprecedented support was credited largely to tho switch of many newspapers in the South which traditionally have been Democratic. Editor and Publisher said Stevenson, the Democratic candidate, had the backing of 15.47 per cent of the dailies representing 0.54 pet- cent of he circulation. This is about the same in numbers but smaller in circulation than-the support giv en President Truman in the journal's 1948 poll, Eighty-six newspaptrs in the "independent" or "undeclared" category made up the remaining D.37 per cent with 0.21 per cent of the circulation. Eisenhower has the backing of 37 dailies in his home state, Kansas, 25 in his native state, Texas, and 53 in his state of residence, New York. Stevenson has two, 12, and four respectively in these states. Stevenson has the support of only four dailies in his home state, Illinois, and five in his native state, California. Eisenhower has the support of 37 and 62 papers re' spectively in these states. Divorces Fill Most of Chancery Court Docket Tho following decisions wuro handed down by Judge Jumcs U Fllklnton in Hempstcad Chuncory Court this week: Clayton Muldrow vs Mnybcl Muldrow, plulntlit found in con tempt, 30-day jull sentence HUH pondi-cl on condition thai ho contribute a third of his inconiu Vj tho dufundunt, pending further court action. GCPC ys John T. Honeycult and Sidney Allen Nance, settled and Ike Can't Crack South, Senators Say WASHINGTON, Ml—Dixlo semi tors Cram two stales thnt boltoc Uiu tiumucr'nllc presidential' ticko lout' yours ugo tuild today they do nut bulluvo Republican noinlnuo JJwight - U. KlBcnhowor hus chuncu in tholr home areas. Son. Olln D. Johnston of Soul Cnroliim told n reporter Elscmhow . policy, The Slate Depni,-™ bcnmod this moas««oV«C voek after tho m argument of uid "developed over, America's attitude ti Ion for Russian-controlled!*! jcoplcs. ,t i The Voice broadcast count ot tho dobuto said was an effort to * ord straight." , «, A weekly nummary 6t .V< grams released at ,tho _B' mrtmont disclosed tho 1 tornntloniil radio 18 tnki Tho sumihary recalls t American Legion Convi Now York lust week dutc Dwlghl Elsonhowcr j liberation question and fl as saying nmontt other thin "wo can never rest, ondi" so Inform tho cnHlnvcd nutlons of tho wOti thu fullest freedom." J". dismissed. Lee Ernest Smith vs Dorothy EVENT WINNERS — Jo Hoppe, Miss Chicago, left, and Neva Langley, Miss Georgia, two of the lovely aspirants for the title of Miss America to be selected September 6, won the bathing suit and 'talent event Thursday. Miss Langley, the talent winner, In a piano recital played "Toccato" by Aram Khatchaturian. — NEA Telephoto. Smith, support ot children sot until further court action. Churleno .": Johnson vs Willlnm Carl Johnson, plaintiff granted divorce decree, Mae 'Slla W. Williams vs }3, C. or "has no chance- to crock th solid Democratic South" In No vombcr, Ho prodlcotd that thu Novumbo vote In South Carolina "will find 7f> pur eont of tho voters support- Ing the Sluvenaon — Spurkman ticket." Sun. John J. Sparkman of Alabama, a Duop South Democrat 8«o- graphically, is tho vlcu proaidon- tlnl candidate, oen. John Slcnnls of Mississippi, In a separate Intorvluw, predicted thai stulu will roll up "a- very strung majority" for tho regular Democratic ticket. Both showed little concern over the largo crowds and apparent on- thuHliwn that greeted Eisenhower on his recent campaign througl: ' This and rotated remttjKs. an immediate reaction &b]fi Tho Russian newspape was quoted, in tho mont ropo: dcsh'o wa' as saying Else to conquer 'f, *•« .lit*? Europe and Asiu/'Jot lean ompito." Actually* tho Votco Europe, Elsenhower In hhi speech about using, urmod power to Ubflrat# : viol HtitullUon. ' FurtherMoro, It said, Idoas wofa subsequently Georgi ' Proclamation Whereas the fall of the year is approaching and with it tho Third District Livestock Show; and whereas said show represents a major part and parcel of our economic life, not only in Hope but Hempstead County as a whole; and whereas it is to the- interest of every person residing within Hope or llempsleacl County to participate 100% in the promotion of our Third District Livestock Show in order to insure its complete success; and whereas a true symbol of the livestock industry is the ten gallon hat, ttio cowboy shirt, cowboy boots, and a Stockman's cane which is only natural that we should bedeck ourselves with one or more of those items and let the people of the Third District know that we appreciate the fact that Hope is the hub of the Third Livestock District. Now therefore I John L. Wilson, Mayor of the City of Mope, Hempstead County, Arkansas, call upon our citizens be they big, little or medium size, male or female, to appear upon the ,sln.>els ot Hope next Monday morning, September 8. in some item of cowboy regalia, and wear same through the 27th day of September In witness whereof 1 hen; unto set my hand and affix the seal of the City of Hope, Arkansas on this the Gtli day of Sen- tembcr 1952. John L. Wilson, Mayor (SEAL) Hay'ward McCain vs Vulllu Muo McCain, divorce granted. Julius Stewart, Jr. vs Olu Mao Stewart, divorce grunted. Daisy Barber vs George Durbar, divorce granted. Clifford James McFuddin vu Mor Iss Mario McFaddin, divorce gran tod. Pearl A. Roscnbaum vs Newton Roscnbaum, custody ot IB-month- old child awarded to plaintiff and three children to remain \vith, lather pending trial. ,,u by on Elsenhower advisor,s \John Foston x speech ,'jft Buffalo, -,N. •' Dulles spoke of «tn"-—• ttpn In.captlvo coufti ;;; Elsenhower bjroi W ices, he said. The subcommittee, which .A v Dr. Rushia Quit! U of A Med School UTTLJJ ROCS M —Resignation , of Dr. Edwin Rufbia as bead of { the department 01 aA^stheosiolojy 1 at the Uoivejtslljf p| Ajrkansai Medical School wa« aanounced top Or. Hay4en said been investigating military waste, reported last year it had uncovered g Pentagon directive authorizing a separate Air Force supply system in Europe for common items. Bon per said it was the forerunner for a more extensive global "triplifi- cation" of the Air Force. Rep. Brownson (R-Ind), a com' mittee member, said this blueprint would cost billions of dollars by establishing a separate pipeline for common items. Air Force officials testified that they did not plan as extensive a ' change as the group contended- Bonner said in a statement to day the subcommittee had been as • sured the project was dead while I visiting Wright Field, Dayton •Ohio, recently. This was part of a Hwo-week tour of major installations at St. Louis, Mo., the San Francisco Bay area and Ogden, Utah. • Bonner said the trip convinced fejm military officials are becoming flapre interested in eliminating wasteful supply methods but are moving to slowly. Io the early days of the auto- re! vpaled to him confidentially the in- has ormation on which Speck based Revival Planned Near Rosston The annual Methodist Revival at Mt. Moriah Church, four miles north of Hosston, on Highway 19, will start Sunday with tho Rev. S. L. Durham preaching both morning and night services. Throughout the following week two services will be held daily. Sparkman to Okla. With Campaign LAS CRUSES, N. M. (/p) — R his charge of irregularities. He added that Asst. U. S. Atty. Gen, Charles B. Murray agreed with jim in a telephone conversation that Speck's- information furnished no basis for possible criminal charges. Speck consistently has refused to make public his information Respite requests from both officials of the Revenue Bureau and a fellow Republican office seeker. Lonzo Ross of Conway, a candidate for Congress. Yesterday, Speck repeated that he would reveal his "proof at "the proper time." Dixie Downs Group Again Rebuffed WEST MEMPHIS, at- Tox Officer Is Stabbed attempt by promoters of Dixie Downs to get another public vote on building a swank race track here was rebuffed yesterday. County Clerk Alf Carter of Crittenden County refused to accept petitions from backers asking that the issue be placed on the ballot- Carter said he rejected the petitions "because the people Ijave already voted down the track." Crittenden County residents voted against the track after a heated .campaign last January. However,' sponsors of the pro- fsusw toejf y$f ' «n hiitUi. wiimNHp MEMPHIS, Tenn. I* — A U. S. alcohol tax agent was in serious condition at a hospital early today after being stabbed while drinking beer at a Memphis brewery, police reported. James H. Davis, SS, received a cut jugular vein and wounds on his cbe»t and posed horse track have been cir culating petitions from another election since Gov. Sid McMath lost in bis bid for a third term McMath vigorously opposed the track. John Sparkman carried his fi;-;lil for the vice preidency to Oklahoma today after a whiliwind jaunt through the Rio Grande Val- wounded anotl ley in New Mexico. day morning. He addrescs a fund-raising Cirty Coroner in Oklahoma City this morning, bc- bi-eakfast for the Democratic party fore traveling for speeches in Durant and two in Tulga tonight. Addressing a rally here last night, following stops for brief talks en route, Sparkman called the Republican attitude "in large >art one of despair," and praiscu )emocratic soil programs. Thetir, e said, have made productive! rable land of semi-arid portions f the West — such as tho cotton producing valley here. ' In a bid for east side New Mex- co and Texas votes, Sparkman said Texas will be Democratic in November despite Gov. Allan Shivers assertion he can't support Gov. Adlai Stevenson for president. "It is hard to understand." Sparkman said, "why Gov .Stevenson is criticized for his forthright stand on the tidelands issue when the Republicans have made no Texan Kills Wife, Turns Gun on Himself HOOKS, Tex. (M—Three shot from a 80-30 ri/le took the live of two persons and critical! woumlc;tl another near here yestcr Spencer Rce< »*eat, iVyew^ld Erwio C<>^ received sl|gbt wowd« about Carter said his refusal to accep the petitions was back up by an opinion from Prosecuting Attorney Charley Partjow of Blytbeville. garly observers ol tfo* ie««i Jwwrectjy that the dark pugtei O its suitae* coherent statement on the matter." Stevenson said he favored federal retention of tidelands oil rights, one of Shivers' major complaints. '" ' . IL i 1*1 ii nun ... * The laws of England in the Middle Ages made th* tskinjg of interest on loaned money by « Chrtst- said 50-yeur-old W. C. Hadlock of Houston, Tex., killed his estranged wife, wounded her landlady as the woman ran for help, and then shot himself to death. Reed, who ruled the deaths as murder and suicide, said no motive for the double slaying has been established. Deputy Sheriff Bud Kestler said Hadlock was seen yesterday morning hiding in weeds near the home of Mrs. J. T. Burson near here, about 15 miles west of the Texas- Arkansas border city of Texarkana. He said a neighbor told him Hadlock "vanished" from his hiding place. The man apparently iurkcd near the back door of tho house until his wife appeared, the deputy said. He said Hadlock shot the 27-year-old woman, ran through the house and shot Mrs. Burson a; she ran down the highway for htlp and then committed suicide. Kestler said Hadlock wag free op bond from an attempted robbery Polio Victim Makes Hectic Trailer Trip By NOR8ERT OL6HEF8KI LITTLE BOCK (Ift— SUtccn-yotir- old Peggy MoCormick, who has >uun living in on iron'lung for tho jatst aix wueks at Ft. Smith, ar- •ivcd in hore last night after a hectic trip In a trailer van. And .Peggy who lives In Fuycttp- ville, had more fun on thu 5-hour trip than anyone else. While her attending - nurse and respirator operator hung on for grim life as tho truck traveled over roads under construction, Peggy laid In her lung, serenely confident and enjoying tho antics of her Ions stable companions. But at the 'end of the trip Peggy was exhausted and It wasn't until some hours Inter that she had recovered from ttio ordeal. Sho is at the Trinity Hospiatl in Littlo Rock, where she will stay until she can bo transferred to u polio hospital in Houston, Tex. Dr. W. E. Morris, Little Rook Sen. .GoorKo 'A, Smothers of Flo rldn, back in tlic capital after n personal conference with Democratic presidential nominee Adlai Stevenson at Springfield, III., clung to his belief that there Is a possibility Elsenhower could carry Florida and somu other Southern states. Smathers said lie did not include South Carolina and Mississippi in thai list but had talked over with Stevenson the political situation in Florida, Texas and Virginia. The Florida senator said he had asked Stevenson to campaign In Florida before the November Voting, ' ' He said a barrage ot telegrams, telephone calls and mail in his office testifies as to tho "big Impression" Eisenhower hud made on normally -Democratic voters in policy means of libcu-atlon. Florida. Johnston said ho regarded tho big crowds that greeted Elsenhow- er uti nn example "of our .usual Southern hoKpitality and tho >favt that a lot of people admire him us u military hero." When it comes to voting for a Republican candidate for prosl dent, that's a Johnston said, different thing," "How could tho South expect to get anything from tho Republican party when wo don't have a single Republican congressman or senator from tho Deep South?" he asked. Son. StennlH said the South "did not come into its shar« of the eoo> nornic fruits of this country until Democratic administrations of the past 20 years." All three Southern senators have promised to campaign for the Sto- vonaon-Sparkman ticket in their home states. One of Sev Children Escapes Po SAN ANTONIO, Tex. ill Josephine Pohl had to plo; self today. . ' Her nix brothers and Bis In the polio, ward ot a Bar hospital. So tire two ot thfi old Rlrl's playmatea-ono o( cousin. ' i""~ The tin ore children Mrs. Paul Pohl, a Oon oqn form couple, from t wall communitf ~* "" west ot Austin* Dayton Pehl, 14, Aug. 28. 'Last,Tuesday IS enterod'Dunlel, 15j Paul-. George, 10, and Elulne frs Tho sixth, (j-yeftr;old was isolated Thursday. Lnto taut night tho hos); on all of them WBB ' Doctors added that 41 sign of Josophlno uon disease. ' -'? Mounwhilo, Pehl hop tlonul Foundation, ' ralysiB will SQAFO^ and lands for to why trio cl He, his w«e „ decided not M> returns at least fop"- '^ ' physician attending Peggy, said at night her "Irish" eyes were bright and was laughing. But he said ahc couldn't laugh too long or hard because the respirator wouldn't let her. The doctor »aid Peggy wa* brought to Little Rock primarily because of the physiotherapy fa« cilitio here will help Peggy start learning to me her muscles At the present time Dr- said, Peggy can only wiggle one little finger and some of her toes, Mrs. Margery Jackson Turner, National Polto Foundation i tentative in Little Bock, said gy will probably be helped in b« rehabilitation by another patient at the hospital- Steve Spearma^ 21 of Hot Spring*. Spearman laid he will try to "wean" Peggy from her iron Spearman ha» gained some as a polio patient. While he a patient at the Foundation's McMothSays Campaign Cost $4,700 LITTLE; ROCK 4th, GOV. MC- Retail Mei Breakfait Retail, me attend Math listed of M-7W in his unsuccessful, third terra b & lor the Democrat!* SUbornatoriftl I Club- nomination with Secretary of Statelearlj! fWO G. G. Hall The' governor sa for filing fees; ographic help; $}, and 1290 tor adye and a »7SO {Uinf fee w«r,o by Jack Holt, 1i«»" naterlal cafldidate campaign time, m tew h« ftarted a 0| tb* 10*8} charge filed on complaint ol the Bursons. Police said he apparently faadj«f hi« wife ter« from ~~ a^ be spent attorney North M Stfttfl BftlW S*^" WT .,g^B8F

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