The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 22, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 22, 1934
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Served by United Pret* BLYTHEVIELE COURIER THE DOMINANT NEWHPAl'Kn OF NOKT1LSA8T ARKANSAS AND BOUTMAST M18BOUKI HOME EDITION VOL. XXXI—NO. 1G1 Blythevlllc DtUr Newi Blythevllle Coirler MliitKslppI V»llev Leader Ulytheville Herild Jil.YTllIOV]U,K, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, SRPTUMIJKU 22,' SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS'. •y v/ iPkfF mm i?^ 4 w &- Lindbergh Case Defendant's Attorney Outlines Case for Kidnaping Suspect NEW YORK, Sept. 22 (UP) — The United Press learned that agents working on the Lindbergh kidnaping and murder believe their case against Brimo Haupt- inann has been ellnchccl by new evidence developed today at Columbus. O. They believe that tills evidence shows Hauptmnnn wrote a code letter to an plilo penitentiary convict before Charles A. Lindbergh jr. \vatf .stolen in March, 1922, announcing that he Intended to commit such a crime. The eagemess with which crime Meeting agents seized upon the disclosure of the letter, mHde by Warden Preston fi. Thomas at Col- mnbws, added another biiarre chap ter to those which have developed since Haiiptinann's arrest. Apparently Thomas' evidence had been disregarded at one tinv by New Jersey authorities and had not come to the attention of fed eral men who joined in (he in quiry. Hope fftr Confession 1 The warden's statement revive 1 hopes in the minds of detective that Hauptmann would confess This came at a lime when they ha tempoianlv relaxed their pressur lor R confc (! 'ilon and turned t h untirg "ptssible confederates •• It was [e irned that^ police had questioned, and released Henry Uhlig/ 28,"former roommate of tne late Isadore Pisch, one time partner of Hauptmann. UJilig had made a "'trip to Germany with Clour t €o»ritc%t to Go To Trial OSCEOLA, Ark., Sept. 22.—A de- ense motion to ^dismiss suit rought by Addisori Smith of Bly- \cville contesting the election of lugh Craig of Osceola as Demo- ratlc nominee for Mississippi ounty circuit court clerk was over- uled'by Circuit Judge Nell Kll ough'of Wynne here this after- Judge Klllough, after discussing with counsel the possibility of ap- nent of a special judge to icar the case, announced that he preside when it proceeds to rial on Us merits. No definite ate had been set Immediately af- er dismissal of the motion bu attorneys were still discussing ; possible dale and the manner :i which it would be presented lo tin court. Judge Killough in denying the notion refused the principal con- ention of the defendant that signers of the affidavit accompanyinj -h-2 complaint were not "reputable citizens and qualified electors" because they had failed to personally sign assessments. It was agreed that only 7 out of 20 signers ol the affidavit had personally sigrA-1 assessment blanks. Judge Killough held that failure to sign assessment reports did not disqualify the citizen assejsed as an elector. A requisite- to filing such a suit is that It be accompanied by afli- clavlt of 10 "reputable citizens" and Lindbergh Kidnaping Case Defendant qualified electors. Fisch in Deecinber, last year, promised to' help authorities. He . Outlines Defense NEW YORK, Sept. 22 (UP)— Bruno Richard Hauptmanii's 'defense In the Lindbergh case will be that he received the ransom ,. Inoney innocently aiid actually spent a few hundred dollars of it, •ibis counsel indicated today. •i^Thc lawyer, James \V. Fawcett, Of Brooklyn, after a two-hour con-' lerence with District Attorney Samuel Foley, of the Bronx, issued the following statement: - i „"" .~,~ \ ,~ '-••" —"-"The case will be taken care of ™ y iComrmsslon took exception to with regard for the law and with'- Rhync s bluntnc ^ ln handling re- JiES BJHM. Commissioners Find State . Highway Director Lack' ing m Diplomacy LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Sept. 22 :<UP>—James R. Rhyne, state director of highways,,has been slated tor ousting, capitol observers say because.he has been. undiplomatic with delegations seeking highwaj allotments. The difficulty arose, It was said Charles Maklcy Slain, Harry Pierppnl Wounded iii Brenk.From Death Row COLUMBUS, O., Se^t, n (UP) —Using John IDIIlhiBer's wooden' linn Idea, Hurry I'lcrpont and Clmrtes M«ulcy, membcts ot the late outlaw's gaiiB. today attempted to escape from death row in Ohio penitentiary mid went down der a shower of bullets. Makley died n few inlmiles later n wound in the right hint,'. Vandierbilt Wins, Evens Cup Series AUOANT) u; a. COAST OU'lTEIt, AHGO. OW NKWPOlVi. li. l,, Sept. 22. <U!>)--lleadhig oil thc challengS" o( Britain's royii! blue sloop. Endeavour, Harold Vau- U.crblU drove his Halnliow home today lo deadlock Ihc America's cup juries at two victories each. Losing tlie lend only once when Endeavour onlrnced Rivtnbow to the lint turn. Vunderbllt piloted his bl,: whit? cutter ho'iiie In one oi the grunti'iil iiwlng tlucla In cup history, Ho recovered lite lend half way to Ihe iA'coud inui'k, bore down OH the turn nearly a mlniilc ahead. n-])cml. shot in (lie spine, wus In suit, mid stretch with Into Ihc finishing, in hot pur- condlllon, rhe doomed men, armed' with ip nuns coated with shnD polls>, allcngcd a riot sound of iicnl- lUlnry guards. There was a roixv gimilrc In the donlh cell coni- ir. Both g[in(js|crs spun to the sqund was summoned by ior. The imnl J. T, Jones, who snt'ln a 'nth row lookout post and pushed buzzer to signify Iroublo, brlng- B the heavily uniicd emergency Iliad racing lo Ihc scene. Plerpont and Makloy c-wapcd om their cells Into the corridor death row after Pierponl bent own a cuard who had brought Im ills lunch. Plcrpont oblnlricd ic guard's keys. Hfc unlocked thc ell of Maklcy. He then Ireed Rus- cll Clark, convicted with hhn and faklcy. in Hie slaying • of •'"Sheriff pss iu. Snrbcr nt Lima In'lrcelng ohn DI|liiiBer froin ' Iho t^ Alleii xiuiity jj^il a' year ago. ; / f'± The two slooiis raced Ihrough buekhiR teas, Soinvlth trying every maneuver to cross to weather of Ihe defender. Hut Vanderbllt luffed him oir. oiitfoolcd him on the closing rencli. and heeled over the line. liahibow won by one minute and IG seconds. U. S. Engineers Employe Dies Following Accidqut .on Highway, '18 ' (A , f ': . . - ' >- U L 1 , f \ Alleged by New York police to be the man who received baby kidnaping from "Jafsie," Bernard Richard Hauptmann is shown here 250 Miners Trapped In Flaming Pit WHI5XHAM, Wales, Scp'. 32. (UP)—Blnckcncd broken bodies, raisetl one by one to the pit head of the' Orcsford colliery while horrified sobbing women stood by, today told the story of the latest In the great Welch coal or he mi UK. When members of the state Hlgh-i tl "' c released by New York police. Hauptmann, ,m nlicn unlawfully in this country,, arriving as a stowaway eleven year.', ago, \ras arrested after passing a gold certificate that was part of the ransom money and police recovered 513,150 of the ransom money under a garage neat his home. Hnuptmcum "of "the qucsts for P r °J ects wh'c'i to date oi me ... . t ,. «iiv\iwinn^ Colonel Lindbergh)—and the de-[ Friends of the higlrw.ay director fendanl and his counsel will do- said that "Jim is too much en- operate with District Attorney 8'neer and not enough politician Folcy of Bronx county in endeav- 'P 6tt ^ " le highway commission- oring to clean up this mystery and ers." . in apprehending the real culprit? Rhyne generally Is credited with in the case. . . excellent judgment concerning thc "From information I have re- granting of highway projects—al- ceived today I believe the defend- though he has only thc power to ant spent only .several hundred recommend them to the commis- j dollars of this money, consisting sion. of gold certificates, which money So familiar is he with the' road he received from a man named 5ys tcm of thc state nnd the needs Fisch, who placed it in his custody of the various sections he is able along with bundles of clothing to givc nn answer to dcl( , ga tt 0 ns without informing the defendant immediately as to what he will' that there was any money what- recommend soever in these bundles of cloth-1 is an unemployed carpenter. Turn to I'AKC 5 for more Lindbergh Pictures. Steele Men Implicated in $3,000 Holdup of Bank at Clifton, Tenn. Ing." Flsch Rumored Slah LEIPZIG, Germany, Sc't (UP>—Unconfirmed i rumors Politicians seeking new roads .come lo thc capitol prepared to tell in detail why their particular 22 |sections should be given preference others in vur/—uiitoiiiirmcu rumors were ~ circulated today tlidt Sr Ftec ., P™5""\ b «l "hen their visits are dead partner of Drn'no Hauptmann c "\ short by Rhyne's cold, know- was murdered lellee ot ts ' ll *' BS snld ' lhey It *«s understood a U. S. erim- le , ave 'V "uff. That has dis- ina linvestlgalor would arrive lo- plcnsed thc cc>lnmissioners morrow for an investigation, after Insiders said Rhyne never is which he will leave for Dresden discourteous, but makes his re- and Kameiiz to seek further clues. P° rt " as an engineer." He Is re- .garded as thoroughly honest nnd Believes Son Innocent conscientious. KAMENZ, Saxony, Germany,' Interviewed,by Ihe United Press Sept. 22. ETEELE, MO.—TWO residents ot] Steele. were arrested Thursday and Friday, charged with robbery of the Clifton, Tenn.. State Bank on Sept. 11. when $3,000 was lakcn by armed bandits. Arrest of the pair was followed shorlly by arrest of two other Steele residents at Corinth, Miss., on similar charges. All four are alleged to have participated in the Clifton bank rob- Relie{ Question For Winter Being Studied HYDE PARK, N.' Y.. Sept. 22. (UP)—The entire question of federal relief for next winter is still in the study ''-.stage, President Roosevelt said today. Th> president.made it plain thai no deflnil-3 plan has yet been cvchT.d as he went into conference with Mayor La Guarrtin, of New York, thc executive committee of .tile...United States Conference R Scoli McBi'idc Will Speak . of Mayors, and Harry Hopkins, federal lelicf. administrator. jCardwell Man Shot by Greene County Officer PARAGOULD, Ark.—Clay MU"- j'an, 26. of Cardwcll, Mo., is :ii Dicfcson Memorial hospital with a . arm, in- , , — A gTay-lmlred "bout rumors'] of his resignation, wrinkled little woman of arojmd VO Rhyne said >he was not ready to years sat In the kitchen living make a statement, although he did room of her home today mid iii- not, deny; '-he contemplated a slsted that her son, Bruno Haupl- change. •.'•..•;. manii, could not have kidnaped Ihe He has been angljn" for several Lindbergh baby. positions lately. It was disclosed, "H Is not possible," she saldj and probably will make n decision sobbing. "I cannot beltcva it. He Oct. 1. ' • • . " l!abt ° f llls own - L know he ' R«"«> rs of llfe ousting wevc that bevy, using * car owned by Max nul ct , W01 V'« 1 t », I ' ls '"If Miller, of Dlylheville. slolen from , n ' ct «' n . ba "l 7: ?" I ! ridl> ' --;:,--the streets of that city, in which 1 - v Dc . 1>ut5 ; shcr .^ j!in ! cs Uollis nl to make theiv getaway after the,"'?'? .I a «.f"l on !"° Arh1: - lli robbery. The car was later found,if c .f thc ,, St ' (Fr f, ncis "™ r - lltlif all but destroyed by nre, near CM-j J '"'l c nol ' th of thc Hi ^™:' 25 ton. and officers believe the ban- ', .,,?!"-'.., ,,, „, „ , •••=-- dlts deliberately fired the mnchte'n^!",,^. ^ ^ y , J. uo fS F i!' st in an Attempt to cover up their tracks. iclcl. it was feared that more than Internal i| light truck h(3">vas'drl.... v - - crt o'vcKon Highway .18, 1 1-3 i^Ucs west or here, at a o'clock fnls morning rcsuletd In Iho death three hours later, of Frank John- Eon. 25, employe of tho U. S. Engineers oiflcc here. William ' Davis, the only, uthei joccupant of the truck, esca|>cd will ilnor bvulses. Johnson and"Dayls -were rclurn- ng here from ^ Ihc Pcttyvllle sla [on of the U. S. Engiuecrs nt Bl| Lake, H miles southwest of here aflcr finishing an eight-hour -wor' shift, when • tho iiccldent occurrci Davis told investigators (hat Johnson appaiiently lost control of the truck us they rounded a slight curve near a negro graveyard. The Setlicmcnt Will , Be' On Basis of R 0,0 s e v e, J;t Board's Program WASHING TON, Sepl 22 (UP) —Union lendeii today called off the imllou vide lc\llle stilkc, ordering 500000 Idle UDikcrs to return io the looms Monday. The order to end (he three weeks old stiike wns issued after '"a meeting of thc executive council ol the United Te\ltl! Workers union. , ~_ Pence will Iw on the basis -of. the' federal mediation board's program loi settlement of laboi In the Industry. Took Ilemy Toil Tho peace declaration ended , : ;'iv labor uprising of unparalleled fjl'd- purllons. A death toll of 15, a casually lift of more tlian ?CO wounded uiul Injuicd and'Mdeiprcud tabotase marked thc walkout in which (1\X, mills In bit .stales weio piotccisil by -15,000 nrined : troops. '"I he strike Is off," Ch;st,r Wnijht, publicity dhcctoi ol t' J union, announced alter l loin hour confoichce of the i7- nian council and lepicscnlallvea'af. allied tcvlllo gtoups which wan-tcl out In b)inpathy during the la^t two weeks. , . The executive council's""decision to call' olT (he strike was J reached by unanimous vote,; Francis "J. Oor- maii, •chultmnn ol :the stvlte .committee, announced /.later. Gorman Claims /Victory In u telegram lo all local unions^ Gorman sold' JYour heroic strike.'ends tn coin- ilete victory as ol,,tonight" • tc^irn to wpjlo Monday morning ortlefly^as 'you '^aJklMi "out," Qointnn said ' Return to work cqiT- -cious of having won your rlgtits, 150 men were trapped hopelessly lohmd rnglng llamcs in tlie mine ,alleries and that the shaft ivonltl lave to be scaled despite slatc- ncnts of ininc officials thnt Uicj believed only 100 men were Imprisoned. A thousand men of the ni^UI shift were working In thc pit \vn. l i at 2 a.m. there was on explosion Immediately , leteimlned lo inalntlljn the same flue \llsclplii\o displayed ln> btttile." He ndvlscd locals that Washington union' liciulquaiter.'. will .be maintained permanently and that' evciy woikei should seek complete oigtmliutlon of the union in the. industry. Gorma^ made public .also the truck, swerving from thc nnrrow highway, struck a soft dirt shoulder nad turned over. Johnson was rushed to the Bly- thcvlllc hospital where examination revealed that he liad siislnln- ed serious Internal injuries In the chest, presumably from contact with the steering wheel of Uic '""*• !te was '" n scml-conscl- nfterwarj"[|aiucr'he' °" s condition at Intel vals but ncv- gan toaiiiiB through the galleries. Seven hundred of thc men reached the f.urfac.3. Most of Ihe rest were trapped behind fire swept debris. At noon 15 bodies had been brought, up by rescuers. The tragedy was made even more poignant because nearly 100 men were working an extra shift over night at their own request, so they could attend a foolball game today. r regained 'complete consciousness. Johnson had been employed, un- II about a month ago, as a pharmacist at Bell's Pharmacy, Main and Division streets, nnd was well known here,. especially among the younger residents. Navy Plans Expansion of Philadelphia Plane Plant PHILADELPHIA. (UP) — Plans i for Ihc expansion of thc aircraft 1 factory a I the Philadelphia Navy ["Yard have been announced by Rear Admiral William Carleton Vatls, commandant of the Fourth tcpoit ofHlic national strike committee to the council. The repott said IhntHhe committee viewed tlic strike as overwhelmingly, victorious and that in view of the'victory "we ought to terminate the strike ns no longer necessary." " ^^ See Renicrty for Abuses The report added! "We have been called'upon "by' the picsldcnl to join with lilm'Jg, Electing a stnlilllty Iti our fndustryj wilder a program designed .to : rem - edy the abuses against whiclCwe struck and we .believe It is our cle&r duty to Join with the president In this great ellort. A "We have now gained every substantial tiling which we asked • n this strike. Our strike IMS 'torn apart the whole unjust £tutctiu-p of NRA, lifting a load from »U Inter as well as ' from ourselves;' 1 The committee's report inte'r"- preted the Wlnant board's peaica plans ns meaning that workers have'secured an end of the stretch His home was at Memphis, Tcnn., where hlx mother, ivtrs. Catherine Jones, resides at 775 Jnckson Avenue. Funeral arrangements were incomplete this afternoon awaiting tlic arrival ot Mrs. Jones, accordr ing to the Cobb Undertaking company. Pioneer Hayti Resident Laid to Rest Thursday P. Scott BcBrlde of Wash- will speak at thc Naval District. Enlarged facilities will" permit lhat made a move as if lo draw' ] c . c t will be, "A Fool's Melhodlst Church construction of aircraft and alr- , engines on a production basis, , limited would not have done It' Lindberghs Secure fluiet At Will Jeers' Estate LOS ANGELES, Sept .22. (UP) he w'as given two alternatives by the commission— with resignation preferred. ' Rally Day Tomorrow -Gl&scd wrought-lron gales of Will j The Annual Rally Day of the Rogers' ranch home insured Col..First Christian Church School will mid Mrs, Charles A. Ltndbcrgl)j>rl- be held Sunday, September 23 v:cy today as they maintalVd! Even' class In every department, is Eilence concerning arrest of a man striving tor 100 per cent allenrt- nnparently implicated in the kid- ance. naplng and slaying of ihelr first Promotion day will be observed .son, Ch»tl«s Augustus jr. 1 Sunday, September 30. h _ I Admiral Watts said. In the past, of the factory have been the building of experl- icsting designs the Navy. .td funds tor rere released the Navy thru ey, Steele deputy mars] Stanficld hiding in a closet ii fmnici wolln(l »'hieh tore a hulc about dry warfare. All me cordially il ^ i= /ol:r lnchcs lo "5 on the inner sido . rttcd to hear him. sct at ins nF i, . . r stanfield hiding in a closet at his ~, ..." ' » " " ul , ""•" L " '"••" Steelc home Thursday and found:" , 1! """ . n , llfl camc ^ °" tllc Garner, also in'hiding, at Ills 10 ls '^ ot "jls arm, will r™Wr, home Friday. ,attending physicians say. unless $17705 Is No part of thc missing $3,0001™"'^' 1 ' 0115 dpre1 ^- j V^.,^ hss been recovered. ' „ ~^r~, . ACntllCK Razor Ktailes Aided Ksrapc KALISPELL Mnnl. (UPl—lno?n. nrtcKirt.i.irn Taken By „ ,„ , Razor Klailes Aided Ksrapc KAUSPELL. Mont. JUP)— Ingen- The Jack-ln-lhc-pulpit Is sub-j«ity helped five fede'.al prisoners lect to frequent changes In sex, 'escape from the county jail here. Kentucky Bank Bandits RUSSBLLVILLB, Ky., Sept. 22 (UP)— Two armed bandits overpowered five employes and customers at Daughter of Mme. Curie Asnounces New Discovery PARIS, Sept. 22. (UP)—Mine. Jollot-Curie, daughter of Ihe late Mine. Marie Curie, discoverer of radium, told the United Press today she had discovered a new pro- HAYTI, Mo. — Funeral services were held at the lUcthodist church Thursday afternoon for Mrs. Emily Taylor, widely known in this community as "Grandma "Taylor." A pioneer resident of this county, Mrs. Taylor. 88 years of agr was among the oldest citizens ol Hayti. She was thc mother of nine children, all of whom preceded her in death. Her only near rela- live Is a grandson who lives a Porlageville. Pallbearers were Jack Chism Ben Braden,. Arlle Trout, JacV Kelly ancl W. E.- Gotciier. Bmia was at PorUigovllle cemetery. according to recent botanical ills- 1 They fashioned a "saw'' out ot old ,the Southern Deposit bank here coverlcs. When weakened, a fe-] razor blades and the mainspring of • today, orced thc cashier lo opsn male plant assumes the character- j a watch and cut through cnoug.i [tlie safe, and escaped vvllh f 11,70) duct which could substituted istlcs of n male. 1 tooled steel bars to escape in ca.sli and bonds. lor radium In certain cases. It was believed details of the discovery would soon be made pi lie. lit system, .a method of determfn' ig hours and wages "upon a b'a- is of fact," practical 'recognition '"••, ! thc United Textile Workers ui>- on, and "reform In the whole dmlnlslrnUon of the labor ptovl- lons of the code." Author. Blames Auto for Change in Speech CHATHAM, Mass, (UP) V- 'Cap* Codders eventually will.- lose tlxe'. wan'gy spesch which has .been im- iiortalized'In ills books and talk he same as Bostonlans or New Yorkers, in thc opinion of Joseph i. fjlncoln. "Ol course, It isn't just the Cape," the author explained. "It's everywhere the same. It's the fault of the automobile, and the fact that there are no more distances anywhere. "Thai changes everything, you know, So .decs the fact that tourists arc .nonvone of the principal Industries. The contacts make t^e change." t Sc.\ I.lons Surprise Town MAPLETON, Ore. CUP) r-Sea Sons today surprised residents of this mountain village. They cam? up the Siuslaw River, which drains Into the Pacific. ocean. ... Onion 'Weighed 35 Ounces EUGENE, Ore. i CUP>Av 35-ounce "Kate Smith" onion brought >.on- ors to Billy Madaugh. and r' tier Henderson wlien it wasijudf.- the winner of a county-side . i/.i:on growing contest. NEW HOLSTEIN, WiS. (UP) — New llolstcin's electric system was dead for more than an hour recently when a flying stump, blasted out of; the earth,-severed high tension wires. WEATHER Arkansas -—Cloudy, warmer, ;.|n north and central portions todiy. Sunday generally vuvselttaiv *

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