Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 5, 1952 · Page 13
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 13

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 5, 1952
Page 13
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p, mW^*w^ t M MOM STA*\ H4M, ARKANSAS ASSIPI .) 1JO <»* wo ,80 140 l.M S,70 100 f.» 10.60 1100 13.M 18.00 SIRED DtSPUAY 7Bo per Inoh «0o p«r Inch \ * of wft* ' ** *Kf *»*** «», ii'Mi ew p.m. fa t in* flflhf to of. i* sub- of ens or more letters, r figurtt tueh <u hw<*M " ' r will not M rwpen. 4n r Wsfrt Aih unless l«a te ew atitnflon rtton of od <mt) th» ONI incerreel 7-3431 STAR VACANT now, I tootn ftlrftUHed »p»rlm#nt, ClMt-in. UtlllHei O*r*f«. Phtm« 7-448*. FRONT btdroom conwnUmt to brtth, Within t block o! Barlow Jlotsl. Thon. 7-2143. 21-tt ...I note with ik«ptlcl»m that Nool| u . k< ; wwh write* in hti hlngmphy of 4 ROOM furnished spnrtmi»nt. Pri- vflto bnth, Blectrlc box. No child. Judson, 330 North r«n. Mrs, Kim. SUvennw that, although Wvenson spent two yean at Hm- tird lew school, he nnvcr met Fe- IX Vrtnkfurler, the patron of the utt which was created by stealth In Mir government. Including In Its l ,; ble .' vc J"! ei K Wt i r " Do " IStcvcns - i New York at Philadelphia -Ku- FHONT bedroom, Nicely turnlih> cd. 303 floulh Plnn, Dlwl 74711 3-31 t«d» In Iho entire ConitnunUt "np* pnr»lu»" AI Whlttaker Chamber* hou»« on 23rd itreol, SMALL, Phone 4 ROOM Mpnrlment. I'rlvwto bath nnd «ntrane«, Downtown at mw K. 3rd. Apply Tradta* J»o»t, 3, 4 ItOOM llouau with hardwood floor*, Qarngfl. I blook weit of high school. Phono 7-4420. ^ ^ ___ _ _ '*' 3t 2 noOM (urnlihcd ft"pBrlm*nt, "S?ri vale front^ back entrance, Both, Klisctrlo nefrlgcrntor, aat Banner, Phono 7-86M. ' >8i ur, blftctrJalty, ty mil* from did Fulton highway. -Phone 7.8780. '' II, it iv nlt»rnooo by Manislni tm m«r, .MUSH, toft. twi **«MWT»--- ** r "" t lit* Ail *f M«rVh 'I, lit/. Aal*« {payable In «<f- "'eorrlsr In Hop* ond nelgHbar* „ .28 , 13.00 NitvQila. Ml|l»r court- 8 HOOM houao on Park Drlv«. Cnll 7-374(1. 4 rtOQ^urnlibed ImuierriT Sixth. Dlnl 7-3312, B-3t 3 LAROB room furnished ntjart- inont, Upstfllrs. Private both 7*3174. B.3 smoke hmUfl find barn. 109 ncrea oxcellont for fornilng or Riittlo. Hoc Dallas Cox KM si Pi«. trol rond In Prrtvlnu Ground. 0-31 for Salt BO FAT New Mampuhlro Kent Bl SIS) conts per pound, Arthur Oray, Okan, Arkansas. 30-01 AT reanonnbltt prices, ll«r«r«rd Bulls, 12 to 18 month* aid. New location 4 milen north on Pruvfog around Hood. A, W Phone 7-4083. S-1M HAY at tho meadow. Mixed lo» podetQ nnil spaonil grovvlh John HOU gross, Also plain Johusor grnsn, A. W, Ulomcth, Phono 7.4m. 1.6 „ PKA clfty.Krnvel, sund, top toll, and (III dirt, Call Jv»ta S-3-1M clnir, Phone 748BO, LOTS. 50 x X40. Within 3 block* tit best homos in to^n, $200 T«rm». »0 per month. T. N BoltJW, 7-2842. 4-1 FARM oqulwnont, corn and cattl* S«e D|Hns Cox, Kant Pntvo Ilond, Provinv Qround, • 9,3 GRASS hny, SBC Crll Stuart, Jr At, «, Hope. Phono 7-4BM. A Ultlo with J0n< marking an hti 1699 FQRDOR Flootlinu Chevrolet One owner enr. Phono 7>a448. •uilntM Opportunity ImtrucHoni li\8tvuctlo«», pany, Uox W, 74, Mn»»- W«tU « Builn«»* li»»tc«d of n United Fjirm Agency, America 1 lt»r«»«t »»j|vovtU«r o| farm* uu rural real usUt«, ««tek» addl ThU In wjth »n know-how to put n«m, with no on your part oonnoctlo which hp nn into bu» lnv«*tm»n a bvmlni-»» tha Q( buom« o JJ50 UtuttHt men oporatln tiv lhi»lr home territories or Pair Enough •y KMf r«»tur« Beasley Takes S. W. League Bat Honors Tho Legionnaires' first bn«e- m»n, Gordon BcAsley, rsppcd out 47 hit* in 107 tries and scored 25 runs for nn nvernge of ,439 to By The Associated Press AMERICAN LEAGUE W SPORTS ROUNDUP By QAVL6 TAUiOT, weet He wan followed closely by Jam- New Yorlt Cleveland Chicago Woshlngtnn Boston 80 S5 76 58 70 83 e* Miner of Hot Spring* and Mln-j j'hllddnlphln oral Spring*' Ocne and Ixmnie'st ~ Bell, Down the line bill with rcipcc- I Detroit Friday's Schedule 71 00 70 S3 44 64 63 84 79 80 Pet .993 .587 .926 .528 .523 .522 .413 .328 m*lnbmftlp ihre« «f tho ,.Ki worst J 1"P C « **« ^ rler ... wM 1. a record, who Morty '"> v« Shea (10-7) or San- it. 1 ir.lnd are Hts«, »t course, nnd rul l^>c« Prottmm Vlli, 1 don't believe this nnd I do del love It wan concocted Stovennon from for cmnpiiltln pur- I knew Hunch us u frlvu- <u% blnoo Princeton Mummer In he »port-wrltlnK bunlnoxn In the era of wonderful nnnncmne, There- he upent a ICIIIK time with no myntarlouN Chlnn-Hny I.UCH machine whose prod- ti«l nlwiiyw ihould be iioiirclW for motive*, However, 1 ns- time (hut Hindi I* hon«*t nnd I* telling UK whnt Stcvonson Nn(nnl| ; i.« best hurling record of 7 wins hit .349; MaiiflKi-r, the/. (0-0>. with .336: B"l»j Chicago nt Cleveland — j (KI-lOi v* Wynn (1B-12). Pbnrcc had Only gtimes scheduled). Friday'* Retult* Pierce the mid ii slnKlf Ions but must nny- one will tell you thnt the Prides' lie. HI* record wns B wind tiKnln *l 2 low* tm wn* a teumnuiti.'. Dick I'enrce, Mineral Springs' Jnck McClondon hnd nn ft-2 record find Ralph Gregory of Niish- vllle won 5 nnd lout 2,'• ogruphy the ftict thnt he spent two years us o resident (Undent nt New York 12, Philadelphia 8 (2i nl«ht Cleveland 2; Detroit 0 St. Louis 8; Chicago 0 Wushiniitori 4. Boston 3 '2) night NATIONAL LEAGUE NEW YORK — One of the more disquieting reports about the approaching football season has it that a large number of college coaches arc planning to equip their teams with the recently disinterred spread formation. This is a maverick formation which WHS originated 20 or 10 years ago by kids playing touch football In the streets. Every plav was, of course, a pass play, and cle has Michigan State Gets Nod as No. 1 Team NEW YORK f/P) — Before a mUB fleed in serious com, , , the little shavers discovered that! Petition, Michigan State has been Brooklyn New York St. Louis Philadelphia 'W L 84 45 77 52 57 00 78 72 school which la, for all the nuto-| chk ' nii " rlety which ha* Dolled Its name In p!" <;l . nnnt / recent yenr», nevcrthcleis regard- * 'Hsburgh od n« one of the host. If Steven- out for »oine r him b«eau»« Stavonion want* djggril< . chl , ncli thal mlght cxplnlll is to believe It. Frankfurter Is not n modest rnnn, He Is pushful and arrowaut arid at leant one of hln bnHhren an the'Supreme Court has barely 'estrulnvd himself from buxtlnK <lm right on the snoot In open •curt, I think you could nui'ss that hid would be Justice* Hill Doufdn.',. WhoMn opinion of Frankfurter Is pxpreiHc'd In n moiumyllnhle thnt UIH no place In n funilly iu.-wti|)ii- ,'cr, Kriuikfiii ti'C In di»vluuN and ,'inmltiK UK Iliirold U-lu-.t proved When he wrote thnt I-'ellx nUmltted Jtiit It wii.i ho who planted the ilium, puzzled old Hepuhllcnn derelict Henry I,. Stlmxon In 'Roone- vclt'n cublnel n* neuretnry ot war. AltOHethor, Frankfurter WHS not u churncter us Stcvonxon Would I HI vi' been likely not to 80 59 30 70 74 97 Pet .651 .397 .f,71 .5451 .485 .435 .287 by placing their ends and span becks up on the neighbors' lawns, pOFHibly concealed by fir trees, they stood a much better chance of connecting with a receiver than If they employed the orthodox offensive lineup. Dospitp Its obvioi.s advantages, the spread never really caught on in the better collegiate circles. coach shape foi authentic talent would haul out this form of sctittorgun attack as a last resort and perhaps rattle the enemy for a play or two. The average mentor with manpower at his command regarded it strictly as a carnival novelty. Flog Comes in 5 years and Million Dollar$ By HAROLD V. fUTLIFP DALLAS tiPi — Five years and ] million dollars later found Die Burnett basking today in the glofl of a Texas League pennant. I The man who does things wil a flourish, and changes his tnlrl when convinced he's wrong, final! reached his goal last night. But I had to do it through recapitalatld selected as the No. 1 college foot-1 to chain baseball. from time to time some \vhn found himself in bad hall team of 1952 in The Associated Press annual pre-season poll. The Spnrtans edged out the potent Mnryland eleven --in what amounted to a twri-tcam race for thi; top spot, the 214 sports writers and sportscasters participating in the poll piled up 1.720 points for Coach Biggie Munn's team to 1,696 lor Maryland. Georgia Tech was a fairly respectable third choice with 1,233 prints but was not even close to the first two when it came to first- place votes. The point totals were based on 10 points for a first place vote, i nine for second, eight for third, League in 1048 into the Texd with his pocVel In two ypnrti lit Hnrvnrd nnii I bclU'Vi* they did not I tulti up some- known furls to sir- nt' tht> opinion that Stc.-vrn- son's reason for twrniltiK those who oxpono Minis nnd fellow-tray- l.i (hut ho spent Bovernl year* In tht> thick of UHMM in Wtish- Inglmt tnul Idiuw.i Hint u decree of suspicion fullM on him. 1 wouldn't ihirik of culling him n Cnmnumlitt If n 'fttlluw-irnvolt'r Is one who cnn run with Communists day nft- «!• d«y for years, work with them nnd curry on social rclntlona with tHem without simpectlns thorn, Uljtn thnt naoa for Atllnl Stevenson ltrt» u)> to us'tit decide for our- (01ye«' whether this double-dome of ihu Now Dt»al ninchlne, with the Hnrvard «ullnh unifier) onto hi* cornboll necent, nnd superior brain Which, U suM U> qualify him forth?-presidency of our Socialist republic wns too dumb to clt-toct the obvious. 1 think he was too Hnmrt. Hut If he wns thut dumb ho ccrliiln ly Is too dumb to be president of my country. The fnct that StevniiHon f.nys nothing about his two-vein- term of study tit Hnrvard Law in his bi ography lit Who'ti Who Is another auspicious circumstance, It is vm-y extraordinary that this luwycr re fralned from mentioning In his bi It but I understand that he depart- mi with honor, so that possibility fulls. .1 note also that Stevenson report- oil In the 10-tft edition of Who's Who that he was a member of the Institute of Pacific Relations, but dropped that Horn Inter nnd never put It back. The. evil reputation of iho IPIl in too volumnlriou.s to permit i-vt'ii a review here and If Slovcn.'ion told me he got out of it or quit listing his membership for lns!j<i>ltk'imt reasons 1 wouldn't tiike him nl his word there, either. He was a trustee of tho World Clti/.ens Association ln'<--1045 and diopped that entry too. And he wus !< trustee of the Wood row Wilson Foundation while Algol* Hiss nlsu wns a trustee and know him so well nnd favorably that ho'swore to Hiss's reputation for his trial. AltiifU'lhor, the facts Justify n belief that his outcry against the searing of "innocent" persons by the likes of Jot- McCarthy and Pat MrC'arrnn is a cry of • npprchen- Minn, not indignation. Last fall, Louis Bromfield wrote .1 bellow lilting the samu> line and I noted that he hnd built) up a multiple record of associations, himself, which invited the 'sort of attention that he deplored fis un- American. During the polltlOal conventions 1 said 1 would hivvi asked him to wrlto a piece ln'.faf>iy ex- copt that ho wns u hlgh-priwcj pi-p- fcvslonni nnd therefore .uniinvjtri- lion to him would be mljcoifiitruod. I tried to crank him up 1 bi(i Louis snld he didn't want to pursue the subject. We parted on good! terms but Bromfield is not running for president. He cnn be as sflly and naive nn he likes and ho Moesn'l measurably hurt the United-States, although he might give aid and comfort to traitors operating pro- Communist fronts. But Stevenson wants to bo president and wie havu to be n ore dieting, 1 can't understand how people who boast of their education and brains can plead that they didn't know. It doesn't tako intelligence. Your nose knows. Friday's Schedule Philadelphia at New York —Kon- climty <5-2) vs Lnnler (7-12). Brooklyn at Boston — Lehman <0-m vs Wilson ill-ID, Pittsburgh at St. Louis —Bell (0-0) vs Mlzcll lO-fl). Only games scheduled. Thursday's Results Boston 0; Brooklyn 5 (night, 11- Innings) New York 5; Philadelphia 3 HI innings) St. Louis 1; Chicago 0 (night) Cincinnati 7; Pittsburgh 2 COTTON STATES LEAGUE (Playoffs) W L Pet Meridian 2 (I 1.000 Natchez 0 (I .000 Last Night's Results •-, Meridian 2; Natchez 0 Tonight's Game Meridian at Natchez The first time we ' recall the clc " and Michigan State's top point total was the result of its edge in points awarded for the lesser positions, as the Spartans received 77 first place votes to 79 for the runnerup Maryland team. Georgia Tech received only 15 first-place votes, but was well- mpportcd for a place high in the top 10. The top 10 with their point totals and first place votes in parenthesis follow: Michigan State (77) 1,720 Maryland (79) 1,096 Georgia Tech (15) 1,233 Oklahoma (10) 1,058 Illinois (7) 1,045 Tennessee (5) 708 Wisconsin (4) 534 California (2) 52G Texas Christian (1) 509 Notre Dame 482 SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION W L Chattanooga Atlanta Now Orleans Mobile Memphis Nashville Little Rock Birmingham 83 80 80 77 77 73 07 (ii 05 (19 71 73 73 7G 82 Last Night's Results AJlanta 10; Mobile 3 New Orleans 12; Birmingham 3 Nashville 3; Little Rock 2 .Tonight's Games Birmingham at Atlanta (2) Little Hock at Chattanooga Memphis at Nashville v New Orleans at Mobile. : State Gets $100 Million in Taxes LITTLE ROCK (ff) The uvernge state tax paid by Arkanans for the last fiscal year was per cent of the total income for 1951, the Associated Industries of Arkansas. Inc., said today. The average for the U. S. is 4-1 per ct.nt of total income. The state collected approximately 100 million dollars in taxes, the AIOA said. spread receiving something likr- national prominence was a couple of seasons back when the Southern Methodist Mustangs, who were crippled up, sprang it on Notre Dame in a big way In a game at Dallas. Came dadburn near beating the Irish with it, too, before Frank Leahy's lads came out of their trance. Then, last season, the Monies' near neighbor, Texas Christian, scattered its players around like n covey of frightened quail from September right through to the new year and, somehow or where, won the Southwest Conference lille. That evidently was enough to start a lot of coaches to thinking despite the fact that TCU wasn't able to beat any team outside Us own conference and caught :i 20-7 licking from Kentucky in the Cotton Bowl. The truth of the matter is the fpread will work only so long before opponents become immune to il and the fans begin lo yearn tor joint- genuine football. The coach who adopts it as his offensive mainstay will find thai it is sMving on manpower and thai he will need to expend fewer of his precious scholarships on ball- carriers. But, unless he is lucky, he nlso will find himself felting licked by scores thai will curl his hair and rouse tho alumni. It has long since been proved thai winning football calls for keep ing possession of the ball a majority of the time. A team which employs Ihc spread is gambling nboul 50-50 that it either will lose the ball or have Its,passer thrown for a big loss on nearly every play against a strong and alert defensive outfit. In the long run Oils proves ruinous. The only exception comes in that rare instance where a team has a passer who also is an exceptionally dangerous runner. In such a case the wide spread, used with |. ls .. l "gj discrimination, can prove a potent .^ "j' . weapon. Otherwise, it simply ain't full of oil money and a boast thl he would buy himself a pennarf lie even tried to buy the St. Lou Brown franchise In the Amerlci| League. For three years he shelled o| the cash, this Including some 000 paid to Charley Grimm, til ex-big league manager, who w| brought here three years ago pilot Dallas at $10,000 a sensor] fabulous minor league sat Grimm's club didn't do any bettj than the two before him — It fl ished in the second division. Buj nctt paid Grimm off on his thre year contract, settling for a if ported $60,000. Then Burnett said he couldri win going it independently— ' 1 couldn't get the players, becaul the chains had them. So he fpr.ml a working agreement with Cjcvi land. Ifjff L. D. Meyer, who had manag' one of his "farm" clubs in Pet .iifll .537 .530 .513 .510 .400 .450 .409 Texas, came in to pilot the club. Through the help of Clov land, Dallas wound up third la year- but lost in the playoffs. This season, with six players b ing furnished by Cleveland, amoi them Dave Hoskins, the sens,atio al Negro pitcher who has w,ori games, Dallas led the race mo of the season. Last night Eagles clinched the pennant fo: straightway leader by beating F Worth 1-0. Lookouts Are Within Game of Pennant By The Associated Press Pitchers were tho stars, both of the mound and at the plate, last ns Chattanooga got everything in readiness to hoist the lOriiMwtt. EtSIE MACK f »>lurw Hynrttftlt. ' »iw» *nd young Uoutor Jeremy lr»- I fcrt ttiquL to b* nwrrloU ii> tlio U IQWU o( Tli\iritoiil« when b««utl. WMltliy. c«lcul«llue Kv» ttomloy llv««. 8)11 hai r«- II hum let to *«ttk_ r«- d t« m 11 y. Cue* they had •dooittl vlcloua lull* «n orplum- community laadt»r». Many «ar In excels of *10,000 yearly, So\ oral are hlgH|y>*t\cct»*ful hu» band and wUo t*am». Uuit«d wnntit no "hot »het$. % *,,You «eed real e»tatt> 9xj>«rl«nco, biit you ihould live on <«• n**r a fflittln highway, own in »utomi» bile and bo roady to devote full time to UtttnR, »howln,i and *»|t» Jn« properly to folk* from all ovr « w* Itkt you and yow Ilk* us. we'll loach you. Write tor d». FARM AQKNCY M«(n Street. K«Ma S City MuswirL •W' it roduce* her to Nance, olub dance. N» ' MM IB? .. womw M Kv« II about ... bMttilhii n« up their CHAPTRR TEN ', after the Sttur- dtAee*. they ransacked trelor for leftover* and over milk and drumstloka, 9* this waa always the ot |hf evtnlRg, the How aha MO** Jeremy, ftlHf lit They ahumted M if (tNirlng the ha* Wi* 9$ «m»U t«4k. Jeremy'* . (MtAcfeWM WrCV^h th« nio*lor.« of »TpMit At* *W*» IMM) m&da their KopAv tft tMQili^l llftF* But MB eye*« »UU r*pt »Ad da*ed, were reveal-. Inf. Horrtned, thought, He 1 * me N »w| ktnaing Bve. cautioned bev» me. in to be married, it * M with Ita Mif eetheart neckine hcni-d the front door open artd close. Jeremy hadn't come up yot He vvua probably lounging on. the porch with » last pipe. He often did, usually when ho waa bone- tired and discouraged after a day ot plttlctw feuding with sickness and pain and death, aometltnatt Nanco threw on a robe and went down to join htm, offering her prodigal faith and love and optimism. But tonight she knew tunUnct- Ively that Jeremy did not want her with him. On the porch, Jeremy strucH a match and sucked it* flame into the briar bowl. No use going upstairs. He wouldn't sleep. U* thought ot Nance, and Winced. He had hurt Nanc* io- ntght, and be WM deeply regretful. Rut apart from the pain h«'d caused Nance, he had no compwoc- tlona, Tonight had had to happen, U WM a* unavoidable aa the drop when on* step* off the edge of a precipice, And «» uncontrollable. Sparka flaw M he knocked out hi* pipe on Uie porcji plUar. It WM going to take more than a lungful of amoke to qu*U this unre«t. Per- ha.pi he could waMi It out of him. H* wwt down the atepa w\d atarUd along the ttr*el The tning to dP waa to kwp the a&«Jiy*l« cilnlo*l. fiut Ut* mk«utf he of 8v«, d h. r He tiadn't ha tooU no crtdlt for that. H* wanudlo. Bve had e*p«cj,ed U, ' up to aontiteing. h» out Th»r*'» h«r. Ht* voice, VM. uat Tt«t Wk»r« bill h« h*awl Ut Tncn, incredibly, she waa coming through the lobby's revolving door and walking across the street to him. "Eve, for Pete's sake," he said when she was beside him, "what are you doing here?" She had on the dross she'd worn dancing, a Qlmy thing that clung and swayed. And fuzzy woolen bedroom slippers that made a stab ot crazy tenderness go through htm. I waa at the window." ahe said, "watching for you," So ahe had known, too, that he would come. And suddenly he knew why. Speculation aa to what kissing Eve would be Ilk* had grown In intensity until he'd had to and out. He could kiss her now. On the street, (ike this? No, this wasn't the time or the place, But that wasn't the reason he didn't now. The real reaaon waa that it he did kiss her, everything else In the world would be gone. Past, present, future, everything, j«remy felt shaken. A car cruised by, agap* with In- puUltwe eyes, He said Irritably, "It's two." "Yes, I know." "?«u trot w in then. 1 * "All right" She w«a football. HULL' UNCHANGED (P—I' Southern Association Krigcl stadium. pennant at All thnt is needed now lo give the Lookouts the championship is cne more Chattanooga victory on Atlanta defeat. Al Sima, reliable workhorse for the Lookouts, chalked up his 24th victory against nine defeats by taming Memphis, 4-3, on eight hits. The steady southpaw, who has won more games than any other hurler in the league, struck out five and walked three. Nashville pitcher Fred Sherkel's ninth inning single drove in run that gave the Vols a the 3-2 ti itimph over Little Rock. Sherkel gave up 10 hits in winning his third game, but finished strong, setting clown the last 11 batters in order. The Vols picked up three more double plays, bringing their total, WASHINGTON 1*1— No change] to 210 for the season. The old sea wan reported todaj* in the condition of Cordell Hull. The former secretary of state is still on the crltinl list at the Navy Hospital, Bethesda, Md. son record was 208 twin-killings sel by the 1940 Vols. New Orleans righthander Ed Wolfe drove in four runs with Meridian to Try Ace Hurler By The Associated Press Meridian will send the ace of staff, Bobby Harrison, to t mound in an effort to make three straight over the Natchez" dians in the third game of Cotton States League playoff night. Tho Millers downed Natchez last night behind the superb pitc ing of Jo Kopach. Dolph Regelsky and Rny Krui provided the Millets with t heavy stick work as Meridi made the most of six hits. The Indians have an uphill batij ahead of them if they are to i_ back into the playoff. But thej have a major factor in their favj tonight in their attempt to get 1he winning road—they'll be pla ing in their home park. The seril moved to Natchez for three gam after the first two games in Me dian. Natchez nominated Al Hctifeer go against Harrison. The Loire is the longest riv in France. d to a 12-3 victory over Birmipgha The game was ragged, Birmin ham making six errors to the Pe five. Atlanta batters got the range five Mobile pitchers and turned- double and triple to pace the Pels (hits into a 10-3 victory- SVNOl'SIS Nanct and youns Doctor Jeremy Iro- laml are about to bo married in I lie atnnll town of Thurstonla when beautU CUl, « " ' • • • - .. . comes 'cnlthy into . calculating Bve Romlcy their lives. Site has re- »dly meek. -DOM N*nc« know yovj came lo see me?" "No ... i waa Just walking." He didn't believe it. Nor dif ahe She smiled. "I wont mention it to her, if you'd rather *ot" 4t his silence. Kv* laughed softly. "A*o only a few day* ago you wen jtwcked when i ««M howeaty didn't pay!" She laughed again, went back acroa* the *t«et to hw hotel Jeremy ianuue4 hi* M* UUa hU pKfc«u. That w«* th» dawU of an Unfair toru*t about hMittfyi To~ Marrow he'd teU iNwet fttettt em- ^"teart. Hey) ««kt turned to this smnll hamlet to seek revenge on tho Ireland family. Once briefly In childhood they had adopted her, but because of her vicious little waya, had returned her to an orphan- nee. She conspires now to meet their son. the doctor, begs his help la the matter ot finding new friends, siucc »ho means to live permanently In Thurgtonln. Sorry for this lovely, lonely girl. Jeremy Introduces her to Nance. Then, at a country club dance. Nance wati-nei In thocked surprise as ICvc willfully begins weaving her spell about the doctor. U this strange, beautiful woman Intent upon breakmc up their romance? Nance wonders wretchedly •s »he observed Jeremy's restlessness. He know* thai •oiuctlunc like a tide has gripped him. Is pulling him closer, ever closer to Kv«. CHAPTER ELEVEN ELEANOR IRELAND sat in the conservatory with her needlepoint. The erratic staba ot the blunt* edged needle were Indicative of her mlnd'» imea»e. Today, her fancywork waa not having its customary soothing effect. Something alien and vaguely troubling had cqiua Into the house. Into every comer ot it. She did not know what It was, nor how to remedy it, Ktoanor waa not afraid of problem*. Th#y «h«Ueng«f] her Ingenuity. Looking back, she, realized, that adversities, great and small. na4 »dd*d richness and depth to n«r U(« with Saw and the ctu> ilren, Just M the drab colors of her needlework pattern served to point up ta« vivid dcaign. The one complemented the other. But an* liked to be able to put hex flngtr en UL» UUng goat awry, and (or once *h« couldn't. On the surface, everything was serene. The homwhoid had never run more smoothly. Nanca vrorktd as usual m the *tU» tvery 4*y. Jeremy was ao buoy he scarcely had time to snatch a decent meal, which was Uw way he Wted it. Preparations for Un wedding were proceeding without » hitch. So far, Sam seen}*d wa»w§r» of the element* of mwwfc, 4«l« §Mb vwually ao IS* 0 " 0 * ** '*J9B^^" mayb ahe w*f too tho telephone when it rang, filled the house with blasts of pipe smoke, and tramped up and down in his room when he should have been asleep. And yesterday, there had been the upsetting telephone conversation with Janet McLean. Janet was one ot Eleanor's oldest friends, and Bill McLean was Sam's crony on the Town Council. There was no cause for Janet to insert a sting yesterday, although it might have been unintentional, Eleanor told hcrsell loyally. Still, Janet needn't have mentioned seeing Jeremy In front of the Belvedere at 2 a. m. on Sunday. Surely Janet knew it wasn't unusual for a doctor to be called out in the middle of the night? "1 don't think this was a professional call," Janet had said. "Bill and 1 drove by on our way home from the dance, and there they were, Jeremy and this girl. She was at the club, in Jeremy and Nance's party, I believe." Oh, Eleanor thought. Jeremy's sore throat She had not been particularly amused by that Incident, but she carefully explained to Janet that the girl was new in town, a stranger, and that Nance and Jeremy were helping her get settled In her new house. "Have you met the girt, nor?" "Well, no." "She U unusually beautiful." The sting was in the touch of arch- ness, the significant tone. "OhT Eleanor had said coldly. Nance hadn't mentioned the girl'a beauty. Nor Jeremy. Eleanor heard a step al the door and called, "That you, Nance?" "Tea, darling,-' Nance said, and paused a moment in the doorway. "Come on in," Eleanor said. "My thoughts have scurried every which way and come to a dead end." Nance came in, moved a potted begonia from the window teat, and ml down. She clasped her hand* about her knee*. "My thoughts have been doing a litUe " (ahe aaid, worried, Ple*nor day week. Doctors work sevehj and half the night. There ought! to be a law!" <• Nance laughed, then quickly sobered. "It's not work tonight He's helping Eve arrange the furniture in her house." "Oh," Eleanor said sharply,, although she tried to keep her face expressionless, as Nance's waa.' "Mother," Nance asked suddenly, leaning forward, "did Fftthei ever go off on one of these emotional tangents?" "One of—" Eleanor caught, self up hastily. "Goodness, ot course. All men do, Is E tangent?" Nance nodded. "A dangerous one?" Nance gave a short, unamused laugh. "What other kinds ir« there?" "Several. The laat fling at wJW- oat sowing. The defiant. The clutch! at vanishing freedom. All pretty! harmless." ' "Perhaps. In retrospect." Eleanor thought, She wouldn^ be talking U out like UUa U «hJ weren't thoroughly frightened. 8h>| said gently, "Jeremy love* you, N*noe." "He said, not so long ago, ttmtl magic is fragile. Maybe he meant love." "Pont you believe ttl" _ aaid sturdily, "Love 1* Just about I the toughest thing there is." Art I she aaid, "What U this girl'* oamel —Kve what?" ' "Rotoley." -I don't like the name," Btttno Mid slowly. "It's ailiy, and ft prejudiced. I knew an Bve, onct I never bear the name wlthou wincing," "Maybe it haa few with U>» apple. Youkj .. |»», «tt*t'» wh»t I •«*. A« „„„,,. in her h«B4 Ob. I <m to a afafte! Oftly l—i don't like her. MoP She slid off the window moved to th* door. "I've t I th*t *Uey-c*t comp*ri*oo I Uw other day waao-t ao iwpt! w ^,. utakw m, wtsh i t*4 etowj, iiug with a that aherp ci*wa,» She mad, nwuon with h*ruaod and tttM Sopiembcr 5, 195z M0>j STAR, H.C-r' f» ARKANSAS •y Chick Youn* OZARK IKI us ALSO SIGNED 350 DOCUMENTS AND MAC? Six CONPEPE^ES WITH MEM8EPS AND FOREIGN AMBASSADORS. AND AT NIGHT HE SPOKE AT AN OFFiCiAu DINNER t>»,GWOOQ PROMISE ME XXlXU MEVEP I?UN FOf? SAYS HEPE THAT THE SHOOK HANDS WITH 2 r rCQ PEOPS-B AT A RECEPTION States' Rights Answer to Previous Puzzt« OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams! VIC FLINT HORIZONTAL 1 "Granite State," Hampshire i 4 "Buckeye State" 8 "Bean State," (ab.) 12 High priest (Bib.) 13 Vats 14 Bewildered ISPalmlike plants 16 Every three 'J years 18 Perfumed pads 20 Chalcedony 21 Rowing tool 22 Otherwise 24 Unite 26 Employs 27 Mimic 30 Navy officer 32 Inventor of • .logarithms 34 Soiled' 35 More boring 36 Male child 37 Disorder 39 Hearing '• organs 40 Father 41 Pale 42 Native of j largest ' continent 45 Cooked 49 Natives of ; "Old : Dominion i State" •,5l Hurry •-52 Bacchanalian j cry ,53Poker stake 54 Vase '55 Without CARNIVAL 56 Cape 57 Placed VERTICAL 1 Seines 2 Pen name of ^ Charles Lamb 3 "Badger State" 4 Aquatic W o s. S K O i» B O B 1 S A R A P A V NTs o * A R R E N N A P & A U T O N A W G» l_ 1 E e G G i E « O E M S B U E A tt S tr T V A R N 1 G 0 p B 1 IM G O N 5 S R A R e o e T bs l_ m K p A 9 E R 1 «T A C 1 S L_ A fi a 7 B >4 1 P 0 l_ V A N B B L. 9 A e 5 T b A R T & M e s 4> m 5 In 6W 7Fi 8D( 9Cc 10 Cr 11 Ai 17 "C ni N< CO i IZ IS 16 W 30 34 •M. U Vt 52 55 ammal jured ading b ill (suffl >g disca mtinent »air action >u ckname :w Jers« liege 2 ^b 'J'i 3 21 HH 19 Mohammedan 38 Amino acid wise man 40 Perennial rds 23 Makes a loan herbs v ; x) 24 Limbs 41 Decreases |: se 25 Nested boxes 42 Prayers 26 Beneath 43 Hindu deity 27 Shade tree 44 Mineral 28 Equal 46 Cereals ," 29 Makes 47 Ireland •of mistakes 48 Depression >y 31 Sign of zodiac 50 Girl's 33 Entreaties nickname 19 '10 M 13 16 'il 37 5 ib SO bi Sfe '•> iL Bl if 3& 1)5 1 ''//','/ Li 32 35 '•'//•, Ifc 7 zo .' ''.-' '• HI 8 IN •'///'f ?3 39 9 27 b| 5H 57 10 28 17 II 29 18 5 ONLY NEED THE OTHER GUV HAS FOR IT IS. SHUT UP SUCH BIRPSA-i THIS.' AWP.' 1 SHUPDER WITH HORROR.' IMACblKJE A MANJ COZIM' OM DEATH'S SHOU1.PER.' IF THAT MACHIME YA.MKEP HIM IM TO THAT PIT... OW, A PERFECT <3UILLOTIME.' HE'S BEEN PO21M' THERE FOR TWEMTV YEARS AM' I'LL. BET THIS BIRD WILL BE TH 1 CAUSE OF PUTTIM' A SAFETV DEVICE ON IT/ OUR BOARDING HOUSt With Major Hoople By .Dick Turner m MEATS HERE'5 YOUR *500, AS^ ^3 CER.TAIML.V T TAKE LITTLE C FUNNY BUSINESS By Herihbergtr HEADACHE TABLET MFS CO. SALES "Somebody's flooding the town with counterfeit! Anybody been buying meat acd not complaining about the prices?" SIDE GLANCES gy Golbroith ; "•£hank heavens for a lively political campaign!'' FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Blosser By Michael O'MalUy «n4 WHO PO M3U SUfPOSB PEACHES 1$ 5O BA6BBC \ONB WAV TO CALL AT T/WfHQURJ 1O.PINC» OP THE APTBRNOON" Clmr. mi I,, HE* 8.r.l«. Inn, XWASJTIOj Mrie 9'i WASH TUBBS GIG TELL6 WE VOU'RE P. QOOD^ X GET BORED WORKER,BILL. SAYS'WHEN YOU ) OOIN' MOTHIN 1 . |v\V TPsCKLE A JOB YOU DO IT WELLJ/ OiEj I fn ME.TOD. . GUYS WHO DO SI*/ QUB59. THBIR EMBReV TO TMB. / PtMJBd i I If» t • 1 ByLeill :IVIL, B^L 56PBCIKLLY TO CWHY. , WHY OOMCHIK 1 \to!«feB.«CH. ilk?" AND HER BUDDIES repv T. M. H>«. U. i. Pil. Oil. BUGS BUNNY JORWE-W WN ALLEY OOP COULDN'T I THE SECRET. 9TBERYOUKOL' CHRIS WELKIN, Ploneteer .'• ftfiKjJ iv y^r/J EH? YOU X WiA WBfJT WKON&, VANS. THE CK.BW 4HOVL.P WHEN THE HfNRY

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