The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 21, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 21, 1934
Page 8
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PAGE SIX' BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER Deputy Constables' .Charge Three Women and Two Men WilWiolalions ... A carnival, praised by city officers as "llie cleanest show here In a long time," was raided last ntglit by deputy constables, who picked up tlirec women and iwo men on charges o[ operating and exhibiting earning devices. These arrested- were: Anna Brooks, Malasiu Brooks, Al niak, Mrs. A! Grasmak and William McKamva. , Tlie five arrested arc connected vllh Mc£)Mlan's Shows, now showing at a South Second street lo- cation. They will probably Iace| (rial .In••municipal court this at-j ternoon.: : < Cash bonds of H5.55 were posted by the defendant, It being understood that the bonds will be forfeited upon failure to appear when the cases are called for trial. While;, the comity jail docket shows tiiat the defendants were jailed on charges ol operating gaming devices, bonds were posted on charges, of gnnilng'. A $45.55 cash bond allows for the following Jlnc and costs: line, $10; prosecuting attorney's fee, $25; municipal court cost, $2.75; Jail costs, $1.50; officer's costs, 5030, , . The show Ls 'the only one of three appearing here this week to pay a city privilege license. A circus and a tent .stage show have visited the town. The tent show, located on a North Second .street site, just oiiU-ldo the city limits, Is ..still here, while the circus played one day on the edge of Die city. The cotton season Ls attracting a .large number i of shows here. UMlde.s the three here this week Mother tent stage show Is slated o arrive here next week nncl another carnival and nilnslrel show riie reported oji the way here. Today's Markets New York Cotton NEW YORK, Sept. 21. (UP) — Cotton. closed stonily. Oct. ... Dec. ... Jun. ... Mar ... May July open . 1273 . mi . 1289 . 12D1 . WOO 1303 lilyh 1282 1294 1OT 1305 I'llO 1314 Spots dosed <mlct at low close 1207 1273 my 1290 1284 1284 1290 1300 12Q1 1305 1300 1300 1300, up 15. Last Time Way ain't.' 2:30, lO-Ufic Nile <>:«—Hl-Wc .A1AM WMST in NINETIFS' lien .Uluc Cmiioilv Musical—"Society Nnlcs" With- Ishimni .tones and 3ALBM, Ore. (UP)—Many 'por- ons have attended 71 state .fairs, lew liuve altentlctl thai nnni- ii-r consecutively. Albert' 'foxier jained tint distinction with the nlne oi the state fair this nonlh. New Orleans Cotton\ NI3W OHI.RANS, Sc|)t. 21. (Ul 1 ) —Cotton futiircK c.x))ciiciiccd n wider range totlny us/prices rcspamlctl lo linproyed pros|>cets of .settlemenl. of llie tcxllle strike ami lo the protests of tlie cooiKrntlves against tlie propasnl lo declare llic litink- lientl net Inojwrnllvc Hits mason, open liiBli low close Get 1273 W2 I'm 1217 Dec im IM4 IM2 1289 Jnn 1201 1208 1231 129U Mar. ...'... 1205 130:i 1292 1298 Mlly 1301 1308 12311 13W July ...... 1301 1312 1301 1300 uUs closed steady ut 1302, up 11. IIOSTON. ll)P) —A single reentry penult to the United States WHS. Issued here to two Canadians. Ttie applicants were Siinpllcio and l.unlo Cioiliuo. twins. •10-year-old .yianl- VI I'll Saturday Only MAT. nml NHM-^IOc - 2f,n :fpn^|||_^ EincGrci \m?\ OCIPH ZUKOE A Paroqiounl Picture wilft .RAND9LPH SCOTj; "GAIL PATRICK MONTE BLUE ,RAYMO^pJAnON ? Buck .Ton os So mi I Cartoon ROXY Friday & Saturday M.-iliiicc & Nishl—lOc -^(k A Thrill A Minute When You Kct< This l!:i r<l Killing, Two- 1'isfeii lighting Al;iu HILL CODY (Jlosing Siocfc Price* NEW YORK, Sept. 21! (UP) — Stocks continued tlielr slow advance for the fourth successive session in today's market, with Industrial issues the leaders. Gains ranged lo five points. A. T. and T. Ill 7-8 Anaconda Copper 113-4 llelh. steel 28 3-8 Chrysler 33 5-8 CiUcs Service | 1-8 Coca Cola 131 Gen. Am. Tank 32 1-2 Gen. Electric •.. 18 1-2 Gen. Motors 23 1-2 Int. Ilnrvc-otcr 28 3-4 Montgomery Ward 28 5-8 M. Y. Central 21 1-2 Packard 3 1-2 1'hllllps Pel 15 5-8 "Radio 5 5-U Stmnlons Beds 3 5-U SI. L.-S, F. ! '1-8 Standard of N. J 43 1-4 Texas Co 22 1-2 U. S. Steel 32 3-4 U. S, Smelting ' in 1-2 tmall and amounted to only 12,000 bushels with, cash demand small, Commission houses were on both sides of oats and more resistance to selling was shown than In wheat or corn. lard: Cash houses were rather persistent buyers of lard futures, presumably removing Ii e d g e a against wiles -to the domestic trade and fur export. Hayti Society-Personal Chicago Wheat MENACE' Sunday - Monday '\ NTTP—lOr ;!Sc Ac- Yon A Hrciith Taking, I'iist turn llvumu of tlic ( Outilnors. It Will Keep On I lie Kiljjc (if Your .CARTOON i Tin Tin, ,Ir. in "Woir .Dog" W. E. 111<:I1MONI> tt CO.'S An'KKlSOOS COTTON MiTTKK NEW pRLKANS, Sept. 21.—Till: col Ion ii,iiirket was very steady today ut fillylitly higher levcf-s, closing from 12 to 15 ]>oiiits atiove yesterday. The higher range of prlee.s wns apparently due for (lie most part on improved prospects for llic final settlement of Hie texlllt strike nncl to the protests of the co-ojicr- nlves afinlnsl tlie proposal to de- clnre the llankliead Ael Inojivrn- tlve tills season. Tlie weather map allowed sood rains fiilllng In Texas nnd Oklahoma, and the forecast calls for sliosvers and slightly eool- er wenlher in the caslern nnd central I)0ll5. Asserting a dim conviction llic linnklieiKl compulsory cotton control bill is uncomllliillounl, Senator Ilnlley, Democrat. North Carolina, urged administration officials to inkc immediate nelton. m a lev- ler lo Pie.sldenL Roosevelt, Uailcy dcclitrcd most of senators of coL- lon sttilcs who voted f v this nc i have learned it is working 11 hardship on the- cotton farmers and Joined with other southern members of congress petitioning Secretary Wallace lo lake whatever steps arc in his nower to end operation of tlie Hnnkhead Act. A private estimate issued today ndieatcs 2,963,289 bales ginned up to September ll>. or 1.056,403 for llie jicrloii from Sept. 1, to Sept. 1C vs. 3,102,121 bales ginned to same date last year. opon Sept. 104 high low eta? 1013-8 103 1--4 1041-8 Dec,' 103 1-U 1041-4 103 1-U 104 Chicago Corn Sunday •; Monday MAT. & NITK—lOc - 25c n? Rend Courier Mews Want Adj. opcii Ecpl, 71 3-8 Dec. 77 7-8 high 78 78 1-2 low close 7T 1-8 77 3-4 77 3-B 78 3-D W. E. K101IMONU & OO.K' rtPTKRNOON GRAIN LETTISH CHICAGO, Sept. 21—Wheat was easier .early, selling being Influenced by the lower Liverpool. At Ilia Inside prices were off about a cent from yesterday, but support was evident at times in the way of resting orders, holding any decline of Importance in check. Near tlie close the .strength in stocks brought in some buying and short covering, and final prices were! about unchanged from yesterday.\ Tin. 1 fact that cash premiums are bring well maintained with mills taking the offerings, was a factor in the steady mitlertone. Winnipeg was slightly'easier anil export demand small. The Liverpool innrkel was lower on ihe disappointing demand there fur foreign wheat and the rains in Australia which will prevent lur- thcr deterioration. Corn showed good resistance to \ pressure mid closed with \mlnipoil- ant changes. There were rejiorls of heavy frost In parts of Minnesota, Nebraska luVd Iowa, but for tliQ belt, as a whole temperatures did not go as lo\v last night as expected. Country olTerings were Mr, and Mrs. Robert Nelberl moved Monday from the Ronnie Grccnwcll home lo Mrs. J, W. John- sun's properly, across from t'he Baptist church. Mr.' and Mrs. Ronnie Grecnwell arc now occupying llielv home. N. G. McElroy of Cape Girardeau w.i.s heve Tuesday visiting friends and aUonding to business. Clare might of Montgomery City Mo., spent ths weekend here visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Shradcr. Mrs. li. D. Hayes is in C.iaffee, Mo., visiting her daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. D. V. Hopkins Mrs. Lee RJillllps or Swift was here Tuesday visiting her mother Mrs. Jim Alsup. Tuesday evening she attended a bridge party given by Mrs. S. Ii. Nations. Misses Kurie Durrls and Lavernc faster arc working In M. D. Amburgey's office at Carutiicrsville. Tiiey are driving back and forth lo work. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Glass are tlie parents of a 7 1-2 pound 'baby daughter, born Sunday. Mrs. P. L,. Kelly returned home the (Irst of the week from Chicago, 111,, where she altendcd a hairdressers convenlion. Miss Flora Hirscti spent the weekend wit'h friends. at St. Louis. 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E*« ussi'ori! foe most of ihe \aija<ion* in performance wludi are nmetliait-Jy pcrceplihle lo From a Report ty a / «—'"-eCrtemsst ^. / ,^ cturacteriiiics of improved rnotorfutl... lorsui>ctior ptiloim* ance. \olatilny." tditorial in an OiiMagaiin* 1 I Read and Use Courier News Want-Ads' S AM J AFFE LOUISE DRESSER Reel Musical Short with i\lilzi Ma>fair in "Policy Girl" "V7 • • . ..• ••-'' • - '. ' : "': • •.. Ion ride better--you drive tetter- •you j /fo/ i tetter in Knee Jetton CHEVROLET T HE Ownership Teal i3 simplicity itself. Chevrolet, llirongli any of its dealers, will gladly lend you a new car to drive over the same routes and in-ihe same way you drive e,very day. Chevrolet ia confident you will like the fn-edoin from jolts [hat Knee-Action brings—the restfiilncss of thock-jiroof steering—llic luxurious appointments of the hig Fisher body—the getaway of an 80- rngiiie—ihe smooth, sure action of raUe-conlrollrd hrakrs—the refreshed feeling yon enjoy when you arc through. In fact, Chevrolet Ixlievrs lliai the Ownership Tesl will prove lo your complete satisfaction that llie low-priced Chevrolet id ihe car for yon and yours. CHKVHOI.KT MOTOH CO., DKTH01T, MUHI. ,1 Ctnnnl .\fvfMi Valut ONH RIDE IS WORTH ATHOUSAND WORDS Shouse-Little Chevrolet Co. Blvtheville, Ark.

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