Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 4, 1952 · Page 18
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 18

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 4, 1952
Page 18
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» _ Septetnter 4. . —. WANT AD RATES AH worn Acs Art Payable In Advance But Ads Will Be Accepted Over The Telephone And Aceomo- datiort Accounts Allowed With Th« Understanding The Account Is Payable When Statement Is Rendered. Number of Words Up to IS 16 to 20 21 to 25 26 to 30 31 to 35 36 to 40 41 to 45 46 to SO One Day .45 .60 .75 .60 l.OS 1.20 1.39 1.50 .90 120 1.50 1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY One Time 7Sc per Inch 3 Times 60c per Inch 6 Times 50c per Inch Rat« quoted above ar«, for cor>- Mcutlve insertions. Irregular or skip- dote ads will take the one-day rate. All daily classified advertising copy will be accepted until 5 p.m. for publication the following day. The publishers reserve the right to revise or edit all advertisements of. fering for publication and to reject any objectionable advertising sub- fitted Initials of one or more letters, groups 01 figures such as house* or telephone numbers count as one word. The Hope Star will not be responsible for errors In Want Ads unless errors are colled to our attention offer FIRST insertion of ad and then for ONLY the ONE incorrect 'nsertion. Phone 7-3431 HOPE STAR Star of Hop* 1S9«; Coniolldated January Published every weekday afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. E. Palmer, Praildmt Aim H. Woshburn, Secy-Tret. At The Star Building 112.214 South Walnut Street. . Hope, Arkansas Alo H Woshburn, Editor & Publisher Paul H. Jones, Managing Editor George W. Hosmcr, Mech. Supt. M. Davis, Advertising Manager under the Act Member of the Audit Circulations (payable In ad- and neighbor- Subscription Rate] vance) By carrier In Hope ing towns — Per Week ............................. .25 Per Year .......................... 13.00 By mail in Hempstead, Nevada, Lafayette, Howard, anjd Miller courv One Month ............. .£.«. .......... 85 Three Months ........ ,' ............... 1.60 Six Months .............. .. ................ 2.60 One Year ................................ 4.50 All other mall — One Month ............................ 1.10 Three Months ........................ 3.25 3ix Months ............................... 6.50 One Year ............................... 13.00 HOFI ITAt, Mdf , fepttmJH-r 4,19 A R K A N S A S otARk 1*1 COVUH UP UNTIL AH H£Aft By J. R. Williami OUT OUR WAY By Michael O'Molley and Ralph Lane LIME THSC^feH ~C Aniw«r to Pr«vlou« Puitf*' LOOK AT THAT \ UK JUST JUMPS 1 i and Girls OKAV, MB TO oET (ZE-*rv. FVT ON VOUe A WELL, LOOk WHO'S THE EARLY OUT TO CATCH A^OKE THAN BUM/ &TIPPA MELPIW ME, AW YCLPO y WHEN SMC. -^ '•, AW' dlitrlct 9 Dlmlrtullv* of David 4 Chewed » Han product 7 tweet seeretloni 24 Baker* 408mnll plncori 25 Short iloepn 41 Eternities ItnJ/an ?7,Hlgb not«i In 42 Kimono rmmo Quldo'i icnlo *athci . IJLampwyi 28 Weathercock 43Lc»«c II Branch 20Wllo« • -H Singing voice 10 Pining , 31 florioui 47Pnrndl»c •»l-Symbol for 4.14 Klih r«« 48 Nome or a girl m ' 38 Correlntlvo 49 Disorder r , M <* of «Hh»r Bl Compel* point owlry girl 30 Declare 83 Summer (Fr.) WASH TUBES By Leslie turner TELL ME.CRMG, >VE5. IT THE ONLY WAV YOU'LL OOB&WT AMV KIP (OVERCOME TME PREJUDICE? W(V,MT TO FEEL. \ 6U5PICIOW5 OF ^ BOV LIKE BILLY! THNT 50WEOWB \& V WE CWO'T RF^M MISTYPE THRU VITALLYJKITERESTEDYTHE BOV SCOUTS OR YMCfc IW HE CM DEPEMP OM I WE ML WAMr THE APPROVM. OF THOSE WE RE5PECT..ANP BILLY'S NO EXCEPTION.'HE FOUGHT FOR IT AMONG TOUGH KIPS AMP PETTY CRIMINALS HE GREW UP WITH, IM THE v ONLY WW HE KNEW... X WITH HIS FISTS! AND OWCE YOU ESTABLISH A BOWD BETWEEN YOU! HE'LL TRY HARPER. TO WIN YOUR APPROVAL 1 . THEM YOU CAW REW.LV HELP HIM! THE woRgy WART .», ,..,„.,. j.:.,. ^ ,,^ With Major Hoople OUR BOARDING HOUSE DAN\E- p\ COL. HCR-ie'P IMTO A GHOST <&{ PLUMB 1H& DEPTHS OF 6AVJE MV Ml55U6'5 LtFe/-»-7\'VW EMOTlOMS VJlTHVOUR I'D LIK6 IT M06 1 DEEPLV/ ?} 0TORV/-»-AMt> 1HOU6H TO TAKE HER -S^ 1 HOLD FAtTLe-AX BATTLE -AX .^-^ESTeEM H!<5H£R THAhi FILLY RUMALICHC/M^VOURS-^HAK- ! NOHOV^ BOuTS AND HER BUDDIES By Dick Turner HI, 5US6/ WE PECIPEP > TO 'START AS4 ORCHESTRA <ZO WE'RE GONNA THERE'•& PLENTY TO EAT IN ANY HOUSE.BUT POJNT PETUNIA> TOLP BUGS TO KEEP U^ OUT OF TH' KITCHEN / y FUNNY BUSINESS By Honhborger ALLEY OOP .WOULD YOUR CARPET OBEY ANYONE EL6E WHO KNEW THOSE ANYONE PERISH THOUGHT Ut*W. VKNOW, GENIE, ' GETTIN' AN IDEA... ...BUT KNOWING HO\V \& OF NO CONSEQUENCE WHEN THE CARPET IO BEYOND THE RANGE OF MY VOICE' DON'T %ot j COUKOF; i KNOW HOVV ID \ KNOW HOW CONTROL VOLJR TO CON OH, SO YOU MANAGE IT WIT H VVOR03, EH? YE5.EFFENOI, VVORD6 OP MAGIC! tdedl tour—now if you happvn pap«r,. tt" %....,».. ....-•"-« •y QolbraUh gu olgarnt butti, blti of pnp«r.. .1 "I'm maklna; «xtra money whil« waiting for th« wif»— 1 * buying a hat Iv can't afford!" CHRIS WELKIN, Plonetcer By Michael O'Mglley and Ralph Lane WHAT CEV/N6 A&OUT? IT THAT MUCH FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS NEVEE/WINP HIM. SEN P TO ATOM ciry FOK CHKI* ' PONT TH6 PCANETEEE'S INSPECT THESE ANOTHER MARS EAKTH TRANv THE INSPECTOR — PIC?N'T6IVE CREW A CHANCE VAUE J WANT TO TALK TO HIM By Carl Anderson CLASSIFIED Adi Must Be In Office Day Before Publication Three Six One Days Daya Month 1.50 2.00 2.50 3.00 3.SO 4.00 4.50 5.00 4.50 6.00 7.50 9.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 Preii II. If n im for Rent VACANT now. 3 roohi furnished apartment. Close-in. Utilities paid. Oarage. Phone 7-4486. 14-U t'RONT bedroom convenient to bath. Within 1 block of Barlow Hotel. Phone 7-2143. 21-tf HOOM ftirnishecl apartment. Private bath. Klcctric box. No children. Mrs. Judson. 220 North Elm. 20-tf The Negro Community •y Helen turner Phone, 7-4474 Or bring Itemt to Mis* Turner at Hlcke Funeral Home Hitless Yanks Likely to Win Pennant By CARL LUNDQUIST The Band Mother's club of Yer-: ger His<.i School is sponsoring n! ouck to school tlnnco Kridny night' Sept. 5, at thy Ycrger lunch room.' Music will bo by Philnnder Smith ^Detroit SPORTS ROUNDUP By GAYUE TAUjOt, MODERN One bedroom apartment. Unfurnished. $40.. Phone 7-34U1. 2-3t FRONT bedroom. Nicely furnished. 303 South Pine. Dinl 7-0712 3-3t Tho Kinder Garden will not open Sept. 8, due to Mrs. Helen Flenorys absence, she was called to the bedside of her sister, Mrs. Joyce M. Shaw who is ill in Detroit, Mich. Mrs. Myrtle Smith ' home after spending SMALL Phono house 7-2357. on 23rd street. 3-3t has returned Severn 1 months in Wichita Falls, 'with her husband, A-3c D. C. Smith. 4 ROOM apartment. Private bath and entrance. Downtown at 318'2 E. 3rd. Apply Trading Post. 3-3t 4 ROOM house with hardwood floors. Garage. 1 block west of high school. Phone 7-4426. 4-3t Miss Emma L. Taylor of Rosston is visiting her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. George Taylor and family. 2 ROOM furnished apartment. Pri vate front, back entrance. Bath. Electric Refrigerator. '321 Bonner, Phone 7-5553. 4-3t G ROOM house, pasture, well water, electricity, >/4 mile from Old Fulton highway. Phone 7-3759. 4-3t •cond clots matter at it Mopo, Arkaniaf, of March 3, 1897. Bureau of Nafl Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dailies, Inc.; 1602 Sterick Bldg., Memphis 2, Tenn., 505 Texa* Bank Bldg., Dallas 2, Texas; 360 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago 1, III.; 60 E. 42nd St., New York 17, N. Y.; 1763 Penobscot Bldg., Detroit 2, Mich.; Terminal Bldg., Oklahoma City 2, Okla. Member of the Associated Pr«s§: The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of all the local news printed (n this •ewiooper, as well as all AP news) Mrs. Elizabeth Phillips of VV.iKh- injUon left Sunday to attend the weddin« of her son S«t. Jessie Phillips in Denver, Colo. NRW YORK .UP) - No Van- kce teair ever won a pennant after suffering a no-hit dofent, but this one may do it. despite being no-hitted and, one-hilled. Just a little more than a week after Virgil Trucks of last place pitched his no-hit, rto-run game over the Yankees, young Harry Byrd of the Athletics turned in a 3 to 0 one-hit decision last nifiht. Uut even while ho was mystify- ins; Casey Stengel's wondrous sluggers, the Yankees were moving another bin stride toward their fourth straight pennant, because the Indians were blowing a big 11 to f! decision to those same last place DetroiteiNi, With time rapidly running out, they wound up still 3!j games behind the Yankees, who sometimes don't hit at all and :ni other occasions just hit once. Byrd. who spends his off-seasons in a lo«jjinj! camp in Darlington, S. C.. kept the Yankee lumber inactive all night, except for a FOREST H1U.S. N. Y. I.fv--Pro. ftssinnal tennis as a blfi money JM'I position is as dead as vaudeville at the moment, nnd it is des- tin«l to remain so until either Frank Sedfiman or Ken McGregor, or both, decide to cast their lot with Jack Kramer on a world tour December. He doesn't say so, but we somehow get the tmpressfon every time we talk with him thnt he wishes he had remained his own master. If he turns pro now he will ba i a «on«r in his own country. The .liu-k now is the only promoter! Allssit>s would nev<%r '"i-give him. left in the field, largely because 1 A P«»fpssloni»l nthlete, In any ense, he is the only player in the pnckj* iops< " ot enjoy the stamtiiiR in who would HKUI-O lo draw bis '\ustr)«lln thnt he does in this money In n series of mntchcs j einintvy, and Sednmnn would b« doubly dnninptl us an Initmte, Krninev's best bet, probably, is to Kur,ranti'C the youngster American n series i-):;uiisl the two Austrnllnn artists. Kriimer is nllendlnR the Nation- Ill Amateur Chumpl( f nships niul Riving SeilRinun and McGregor a bi;: hello eneh time ho sees them, b\it l\o hns no hope of hitKljiug cillier plnycr nt least \mtll after they have helped defend the Dnvis CUP ill Adelaide next winter. They have h:ui his proposition for some < U'.lil months now and there's noth- iiii; more Kramer can do." "I've decided this iiiiioh," he s;iid. "in this game it's either Rot to In- somothinu bin or It's not world fuoliiu: with. Sure.' 1 could continue to bounce n round the country playing oi\e-ni|jht stimds with one of the' other fellows ami picking up a little steady money, but it's not worth while. I want citizenship. Mr. and Mrs. Lee .Cheatham, Will Moses, Jack Cheatham of Washington, Mrs. Eva Hood of Me- Nab and Orange Arnett of Hope accompanied Mrs. Emmaline Adams to Hot Springs Sunday. much us and Ken 1 do about intend to For Sale 40 ACRK farm. 4 miles south on Highway 29. See Roy Formby. 28-tf 50 FAT New Hampshire hens at 22 cents per pound. Arthur Gray, Ozan, Arkansas. 30-Ot AT reasonable prices. Registered Hereford Bulls, 12 to 18 months old. New location 4 miles north on Proving Ground Road. A. W. Biorselh, Phone 7-4082. S-1M HAY at the meadow. Mixed les- pedf/.a and second growth John- sdn grass. Also plain Johnson grass. A. \V. Biorseth, Phone 7-4982. i-fit NICE Fat hens. Mrs. J. N. Crnn- ford, Emmet. ]-3l FINE white face bull, 18 months old. Several good Jersey milch cows. Curtis Cannon, 7-220G. 2-31 NICE 5 room house. South Walker Street. 2 blocks from High School. Phone 7-4319-. 2-3t Chester and Thomas Jordon and Jimmie Cannon left Sunday to re-, sume their studies at Philander | Newhouser, Smith College in Little Rock. ' " Mrs. S. A. Washington, Mr. and Mrs. Elish Smith and family, Mr. and Mrs. G, D. Royston and family of Bowdcn, Mrs. Earnestine Harper and daughters of Gurdon. Mr. and Mrs. James Johnson of Camden, Mrs. Sarah Henegan and family of Prescolt, Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Richard of Texarkana, Mr. and Mrs. Paul.Bruce of Texarkana Mrs. Ella Calvin of Lockesburg, were all the house guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Royston on Labor Day. second inning two-base hit by Irvj Noren. He retired 22 batters in lo (i " il '"I! ">' not at all. and ;i row between Noren's doilblc and a ninth innifig walk to Johnny Mize with two out. Cleveland had no excuses in its defeat. Detroit took a (i to 0 lend but, the Indians broke loose with an light-run inning in the fifth. Detroit rebounded with four more in the sixth to go ahead to stay as starters Bobby Feller and Hal a couple of yesterday's heroes were bopped around like today's batting practice pitchers. Detroit whammed four homers, two by Walt Dropo, a grand-slammer by Don Kolloway in the big sixth and one by Jim Delsing. Jim Hcgan arid Larry Doby horn L'red for .Cleveland. Washington handed Boston its fifth straight defeat, 9 to 2 and the White Sox edged tho Browns, you know as what Frank do " A< to that, the only thing for sun.' is that Sedgman backed him- sell into a very awkward position when he accepted that $l2,(i(l(l wedding present from Australian fan;, in return for not signing up with Kramer immediately al'ler the Davis Cup matches at Sydney last 'Adequate Roads' Group Proposed LITTLE ROCK iffl — A state-wide "Committee on Adequate Knuds" will be proposed at a meeting nf the Arkansas Public Expenditures Council In Searcy tomorrow, John A. Rudlsill, executive vlce- Ipu'sident of the Council, snid tho i committoo would have as its main outlook a "continuous construction program — based on present and ti'ture needs supported by engineer ing appraisals and revenue stud ics." The committee would also help "in case street and rood officials in the state are laboring under im liquated and obsolete statutes. The committee also Would malu "every effort to hovo legislatloi r.dopted that would provide motoi transportation operation conststant with demands." 'Noogons Need Two Games for Pennant By MERCER &AILKY Attainted PrwM Vportt Writer II Chnttnnooga cnn win two more gnmcs, the Lookouts will clinch their first pennWnt since 1939. No other Southern Association club except Blrmlnghnm tins hnd so many penmuit-lean years. The Bnvons, firmly entrenched In last pli'.ee this senson, haven't won a (laR since 1931, With the pennant almost within their Ki'nsp, tho Lookouts are rrnlly hustling. They t-iimo frdm behind last night to defeat Mom- phis, 4-3, on Roy llawes homo run with two out In the 10th Inning, Kor Howes, who leads his tenm In VU'n, total bases, homers, nnd, ironicnlly, Strikeouts, It was his 10th round'tripper of the season. Memphis held a 3-0 loud when C'haUnnooffn went to bat In tho seventh. The Lookouts got one run m eaen «! tfm i««' innings to ptitl *vfen, came Ihrotigh In the fl Atiftnta knotke« Mfl the pennant "race wlU ing, larsely on the' formnnce of Clck Slnft hll two hom« run**", of the Cracker nm*'. : three ot Atlanta**, louthpavv Wade The PoU split a palit- mlnjthtim, winning . / 6-1 Ifter dropping th«i i7 'Pel Centorflelder Fri! homered In ench hl« total to 88. * "" The first game wa* with the Boron* Pel!), 1MO. Little Rock-«rupUd-l in the top ttfthft, 10th ville, 8'3. JohhMy' thruo runs wltlv hl8,j*ti double Into left tlelt 1 NRshville RellcMf mnclc his" 88th appeatnn wns chnrgetl with th4Jtt;«d( ninth nitnlnat 13 vlctdfifel Coal frnton JOOO. was, first ground of Yes B&B is the place to trade — Be we will save you money* People that every week since they started ing with us. CRISCO 1 to 0 in other American League Monies. In the National league, tho Dodgers stayed on top by eight i (jiimes, defeating the Braves, 0 I lo 5, on Jackie Robinson's rnnd biise-runnini; spree, while tho Giants edged the Phils, -I to 3, in 10 innings. The Cardinals defeated the Cubs. 1 USED White sewing machine $30. 1 used mattress, $10, 1 good Deer and Fox hound, $50. R. C. Powell, Rt. 2, Hope. 1 mile north east Rocky Church. Inquire at A. E. Powell. 2-3t 80 ACRE farm on Lewisville highway. 7 room house, gas, 2 wells, pump, 2400 capacity Broiler house. Clyde Sanders. 2-3t By The Associated Press NATIONAL LEAGUE W L Brooklyn 84 44 New York 70 52 St. Louis 75 57 Philadelphia 72 59 Chicago 06 69 Cincinnati 58 75 Boston 56 74 Pittsburgh 39 96 AMERICAN IEAGUE Pirates, 1 to 0. Cony Slaley turned in his Ifilh victory and his fourth over the Cubs for the Cardinal triumph In which the winners made all their runs in the first two innini's. Pen- nuts Lowrey drove in three of the St. Louis runs. '• Sam Mele ruined a two-hitter by Dick Litllefield of the Drowns when he . made one of the seventh inniiiK homer that decided^ n thiel with Saul R.or,ovin of the White Sex. who Rave up seven hits in iieoriiiK his 12lh viclory. Yesterday's Star — Harry Ryi'd, of the A's. who set down the New York Yankee:; on just one hit, 11 Scientists. Seek Fireball Mystery AUHJQURRQUE Iff)- Stni-fin?.- IIIK .sclontlsts arc holding sosslona In-re which mny. 8hod somo light on mysterious green flrebnlls which luivc slreaked across the Southwestern slcy in recent mouths. About 25 membors of the Meteor- iticiil Society are at the University of New Mexico for the group's l!Hh iinnuiil convention. More were ex IH'i-lcd to nrrlve today. Dr, Lincoln l.a Pa/, bead of thn university's Institute of Meteor- Hies, snld the scientists also will diy.cus.s probloms to be faced II nu-n ever board a rocket ship U Ih Notice Woodland Watermelon Garden. -BE bettor to your neighbors and you'll have better neighbors." Speaking of better, let's drive out and have a slice of real cold watermelon. Dick Erwin. 2 miles east on 67. 29-6t WILL NOT be responsible for any debts other than those made by myself. Roger Clinton. 2-3t PEA gravel, clay gravel, sand, topi soil, and fill dirt. Call Jesse Sinclair. Phone 7-2559. S-3-1M I LOTS, 50 x 240. Within 3 blocks, of . best homes in town. $200. Terms. $10 per month. T. N. Belew, 7-2642. 4-tf Lost LOST my little puppy dog, Monday morning. He is a little black Cocker 'Spaniel with long ears and white markings on his legs. He has on a little collar. Hi." name is "My Dog." but Daddy calls him "Rip." Cathy Feild, 403 West Division Street. Phone 7-2109. 3-3t Help Wanted New York Cleveland Chicago Boston Philadelphia St.. Louis Detroit W L 79 55 75 58 70 C2 69 02 T$ G4 79 89 55 44 Pet .050 .594 .508 .550 .489 .430 .431 .289 Pet .590 .504 .530 .527 .522 .410 .331 FOR OFFICE, SCHOOL OR HOME Friday-Saturday Only This Certificate Is Valuable I TUI8 rorllflrnle anrt «9c "ntllloa tho 1ii>arpr lo onf of our Romilno ImloMi uMlblo Ifi.OO fRI.F FlfiliRIt FOUNTAIN I I I'KNM. INSTANT T«.H!CH WU1TINP! NO MOI1B LKAKINCI NO MOItK HllAKINCil A lir.'Hino llunr«n(ue | will) cacti pen, U»« >lzti only fur Ifullca, inrn. in»-> nixl I;>I|H. Cul.oll.-l: Mitruuii, Urcy, lllu« ur a ruin. Wonted TWO dishwashers. -Apply ger Diamond Cafe. Mana- A-26-tf Georgian New Head of Arkansas College RETAIL saleman. Prefer one experienced in time payment sales. Write or call, C. R. Burnham, Magnolia Auto Supply, Magnolia. Arkansas. l-3t WAITRESS. Good hours Apply Gentry Cafe. and pay. 2-3t Instructions EARN $100 addressing or more per month envelopes in spare time at home. Send $1 for information and instructions. Shawmut and Company, Box 81, Dept. A-48, Arlington 74, Mass. Money Back Guarantee. 2-121 LITTLE ROCK M— A 32-year- old history professor at a small Georgia college is the new president of Arkansas College at Butes- ville, one of two Arkansas schools operated by the Presbyterian church. Arkansas College's Board of Trustees yesterday announced the appointment of Dr. Paul M. McCain to succeed Dr. John D. Spraginp. Dr. Spragins retired- July 1 after 10 years as head of thei college. | Dr. McCain has been professor] of history at Brenau College in jainesville, Ga., for the past two rears. A veteran of World War !I, he taught military history at he U. S. Military Academy for two years. The new president is the son of R. McCain, president emeritus of Agnes Scptt College at Decatur, Ga. r He received M. A. and Ph. D. degrees from Duke University. The, board also allocated $25.000 SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION i'H W L Pet Chattanooga 82 65 .558 Atlanta . 79 69 .534 New Orleans 79 71 .527 Mobile 77 72 .517 Memphis 77 :73 .513 Nashville 72 '76 .480 Little Hock 67 81 .453 Birmingham 61 (17 .412 Last Night's Results Atlanta 4; Mobile 2 Birmingham 8-1; New Orleans 7-6 Chattanoof-a 4; Memphis 3 (10 innings) Little Rock 8; Nashville 3 (10 innings.) Tonight's Games Mobile at Atlanta Memphis at Chattanooga Little Rock at Nashville New Orleans at Birmingham to bo unlireitkntilr for lite <]urlnc uUvcrtluIni; aale LIMIT PENS TO EACH CERTIFICATE Pound Can WASHING POWDER PEACHES HUNTS No. 2$' tons SOUTHERN STAR FANCY TUNA FISH Solid Pock !Can 1952 DELUXE STREAMLINE I Thta pon holtle 2009V mor« !nlt than any ordinary fnuntftln pen nn Ilif innrltot Ton rnn wrltn for tbrn« monthn I | on ono nilliiKl No rrpulr liiiin. HAH 1'UKSK I'll.I.HI! AND I'Jtllssini: HA U. Kvi-ry |ii-n touted nml Kuuru«le«a yuur» N^VI 'I'lllH I'KN currleH « I'autnry UunrunU-o Th« perfect Pen (or Students Add lOc for Mail Orders JOHN P. COX DRUG CO Dial 7-4616 or 7-4617 — BUY NOW FOR SCHOOL THE GOLDEN RULE FOR "BACK-TO-SCHOOL" NOT SOLD AT THIS PRICE AFTER SALE PEANUT BUTTER Peter Pan 20 Oz. Jar 49c Salad Dressing MIRACLE WHIP 47c Quart FLOI Gold Me 5-ibs. Beautiful Ptf^f with' each II BETTY CROCKER CAKE MIX Devils Food Party Cake 2 BiiW SALMON SEA (jgAST PINK Flat Cans DEL rv\ONTE BEANS WHOLE, No. 303 ; Cans DIAMOND -~ SOFTEX TISSUE Rolls*'"' Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate and Block Walnut ICE CREAM PILLSBURY Pancake Mix 2 20 Oz. OO Pkgs, OOC KEGHI Bottlp COTTON STATES LEAGUE \(Playoff) I Liquidate Any and All Type Businesses Farm Sales a Specialty MID-SOUTH AUCTION CO. COL. PAUL D. OLLER Auctioneer HOPE 515 N. Hervey Phone 7-5808 Let Me Help You Plan Your Sale Haul and Spread SAND or CLAY $1.25 Yard Pea Grave) Clay, Gravel and Fertilizer Available. RALPH SAUNDERS Phone 7-4683 or 7-3174 MATTHESSI4 Meridian Natchez Last Night's Result .Meridian 5; Natchez 1 Tonight's Game Natchez at Meridian . FOR SALE Home nrpwn recleaned and tested Slng'etary Pea Seed at Gentry Implement Company, 510 S. Walnut St., Hope, Arkansas. PMA ORDERS ACCEPTED. . | CHESTER MeCASKILL Attention Ladies It l« time to get out thp*e Pall Clothe* and bring your alteration* to. RUTH'S $HOP For quick guaranteed tervice NOTiCIKIPS with Insane Criminals Escape in Ohio LIMA, O. UW — A search was underway over a wide area today lor three inmates of the Lima State Hospital for the Criminal Insane who used two hostages to bluff their way to freedom last night. ' Hospital officals said the three Were John T. O'Bani, 51, of South Bend, Ind., a forger; John Auld, 33, of Toledo, Ohio, a robber and Michael Chepak, 33, of Youngstown, Ohio, a burglar. Dr. R. E. Busnong. Undent of the hospital, three men were "fairly ous." He said the convicts seized Peter Sellers, an attendant, and forced him to open a cabinet in the barber shop where they armed i themselves with straight edge ra- j zors. They then seized Miss Icle i Keating, a nurse in a nearby ward. I Threatening to harm the two i hostages, they bluffed guards to; let them out of the building and! put o{ the hospital gate. Once; outside they released the two hos t»f e* 9od ile4. a year to the college, and asked the Presbyterian Synod to a oUUion doilajrs for the • RICH IN IMMOY • *ICH m VITAMIN* • ilCH Hi HA YOU WHOLIfOMI •NUTHITIOUf superin- said all datiger- S«ryt your cWJd«*pUn»y of Mklwtit Vilomin 0 milk; tetti ihow that Kheol children who drink four glgtm of milk each day ore more ole/Tand «»«n>iv« than when they do not have it. Help your Children be betlw »ivdeni». Give (hem (he healthful nouriihmeot of plenty 0|MJdweiJ Vilomin D milk for strong ben»i, wind le«rt» on(f A^iby bodiei- Alwoyj hove plenty of MidwtK AM on hu^ieJd^l be«er food f tores everywhere. '•; ""' ' MWWWr j»MI¥-MM$tiCn COiVOUTION *&f«^ REACHES Winter Garden lOJOz. Can 19c FROZEN FOODS Vegetables All 19c Items 2 Bp»« for 35c v * Whole 4 SEE OUR LARGE DISPLAY SUPPLIES BEFORE YOU BUT PRODUCE DEPT. BANANAS 2 Pounds 25c GRAPES RED MALAGA and TOMPSON Pound HOME GRQWN SWEET POTATOES 2 HOME OKRA Ni«e and soft for JL Pound Pouotk MEAT PERT; TRAY, ft

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