The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 21, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 21, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE EIGHT BI,YT;iKVIU,E, (ARK.) CO.URII3R- NEWS FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER! 21, 1934 Papooses and Whirlwinds I on Gridiron Tonight Ray Mou roil Believes Southwest Tillc bos Between T.'.vp Favorites BV KAY MOHJUSON Head Coach. Southern Methodist Ihilvrollr DALLAS, Sept, 111. — Arkansas iKd Southern i.ljthodist liave been marie lavorites to win the Southwest Conference football championship. Arkansas, denied official vecot nition as the titlchoMer lost sensor. because of the pUiylng of an hu'll gible athlete, hiis Ihe same learn with (he. exception of II* great field general, Tommy f.furphy. The UV J. V. I'iW.NI) I nesnves sire: The a tiling lineup of llu> niy-Jcai)d]c, o. (HOi; Moslry, (ill. ^mr.l; | hcville Junior Papowes who open llooil. ti, (125); Rnillhi H'J.'i), Col- f hi>lr football scnson tonifiht al \in. n, (Iffli; Cllll, u, O',!OV, Alii- 1 lalcy Weld with Hie .loiii'sboro I'ldfjo. t, (ISO/; yulrs, t. iiaru:; Whirlwinds furnishing IhiJ iipiinsl-' IU';;h:ir:;t>, lih, <!:«>; Hi'iUli. I' 1 ', inn « s aniiouni'f'd tniiny by, U2!>i," v> jr. Couli JaiiK A e" PiKkell. I Wcilii'uwlay the I'aix.o.M? cniiijikL- .Ji At tlip Icrminnl posts will lie cd tlii'U' haul work with u Kmtf Danny Wurrington U-iO) and Ray .'crlmm'ntT>::t tin 1 iijj|ii'ri'rnv>- .-avkln tlSO). This is tlieir Jirst men. Although tiny ''- 1 "' I'nnslili 1 ''- j ear on the team. John Burns -My miUvclshed, liny nuido a B'J<"1; <Mlj, Juck Wilson (135), two light tliowlna. They will pn,bably run ut rusgcd boys, will hold down signals today and rest tomorrow 'In tackle position!. Albert Ridings prior to (lie garni 1 . iCH"jit- '115) mid n ron Walker (100), who Frank Whltworth, prominent lo- 1 are e\L Busy Season Looms Before Keiser Grirjclers TIGERS 1! Sons Play Under Same Coach. Who Taught Dad NASHVILLE, Tcnn,, Sept. 21 (U , l.oiiis 3 1-2 GMIHOS Be- hint! Nnlirmal Leaders; Yanks Defeat Pel mil Kt. Louis Ciirdlrnh with a victory yesicvcUy while the BUSY SEASON—14 KH1SKU, Ark.—Tie Kelwr high '')—oscnr Noel. Nashville hole! I Edicol luutball tram l s looking tor- ii«HWgcr, leiirnad fmiball tncliral waul lo u full schedule of [[aim's i!i'°"i Couch Dim McCiunin, no this lull. ' 'year:! HBO. lie v;.n a star luekle Alter pinyin^ Hi; Oaesola Semi-1 °" llle VuiMlerblll vanity. IIO!M to:lay tl;c Koiwr loam will! Nusl's ronK— Oscar, ,jr,, and liaysj Mil) hiivu 10 games on Its fall pro-, : "''" iryln<{ lor :i line posillon pram if (lira; open (InU'-j ars sue- " 1! ihc 193-1 Coniniudorc team .111- i'i'-sliilly liilcd. 'I-' 1 M:irl::'<l Tree will probably be inf-l mil-!' diirlns tii« season. 'iv.c scr.cdttle Icllosvs: Hppt. '1\. O>:cealn ut O5C?ola. Kip!. 23, Marked Tree at Marked v;fre l() ., p<llll! '-ii" rvr> ;,, 1]lv ' ,, , ; ' to make a slrong Ud cnl cfficial, will nci m refcrei-. ( . , , ., „, j cii( i^n Tin- for ihs \arsitj. will play the Other officials viil_ Dei D. R Brcs:-,^«>-^t''('. "Jli"''-'! 't-ad-u. rii. .fathi'i-'a old mentor, Me- guards will BCI under way "I 1 . • The snappciback is en- cion, umpire, . Dick I'cttcr, trusted lo Robert Baxter (155). linesman; Mas Lcgnn, licld The lull strawberry blond Bho has The ijawc been Jhnwing to an advantage in 7:30. early jivanic; with (ha seniors. Wimpy" Burns U3d), nn experienced bnll carrier will barl; itic frora quiitU'tba'ck, Slick churns; the Tigers (!;c Ani-'rk'uii circuit, defeated the Sazorbr.cks' first fame is with 1 the College of Ozarte- at Fayetteville en Sept. 29 Scut hern Methodist ]<K( only ono lelter man from a squad that real ly was better than the Scoreboard indicated. New enthusiosm lias been gendered by tl\e presence ot W Bell, fcniier Texas Aggie me.:' ,r, as line coach. i Om team vrill be Miill nrounA 1 Robert Wilson, one of the lincst backs in (be southwest, and Harry Shufoni, junior quarterback Many sports writers liave selected the Mustangs to win the crown despite a , schedule th?.t '.Includes .Louisiana Etalo, Oklahoma A. & M., and Fordlwm In addillon to six Conference game.-, and the us ual" pair of pre-Conferencc skir ralshe:. 1 ! believe it is u little loo early for that. ]>n! T'm certain (lint cnr bo>s Mill tij mii;iit\ hard i rol lo let their newspaper friends down. Meredith *H5) anrt Max Hutchlns (ISO), newcomers, 'Who liavc been Iccklpj, trod will occupy Ihe half pliers \i>h Robert Scolt (130), a hard drivin? youngster, completing the bcckfield at full. Tiic Cardinals rlt-leoled the Kos- (c:i DIV.V.JS •! IB 1 ami 1 lo C with CailftMi and Wrtlkcr linrlliij- the i'i.:icii:r. Cailctcn lield ih: Bruve> iU Hire.- hils in the or:cnci' and iujpliad sluiloni paint in i;cr teams at v. Many Uny to up whh 0:1 the Iwo Sou them WaiU Limit Rake; Op} 'position Is Certiun Curl litibijeil was nlmoit the whole tlic-.v as Ihs Giants de- IfealjcJ the Cincinnati ficds, •! lo 3 .. [iMiU;!:]] l:c^led Derrlr.zer iu ti iVIagnalCSjluii-liiis duel and ilruv? In jminfj run in ' ihe ninih In uct. f. r I.uxora ul Luxova. Ort. }2, open. Ocl. 10, Turrtll at Keis;r. Oct.' 20, VJilson at V«!son. Nov. 2. Turrell al Keiser. Nov. 'J, fluahc- al Hughes. Nov. Iti, cpsn. Nov. as, open. Hcv. 19, Marked Tree at Keiser uentarive). Oivi! Us Yntir Order for COAL now while delivery cost is the lowest. We handle lUd Atli, Monta- ivallo, Ark. Smokeless, Ncv; River, Manchester, Xeigler, Kentucky and DccK'sUd Buckwheat, ici- Mokeis. GAY & BftllNGS U. of. T. Juijiors Can jump Straight to Vols thnt he w 1 . i. • .T In his f\ : ./en •"let calll l >1 ' , l MEMPHIS Sept. 21 i UI'J—\Vhen lie (5 blessed with imitcrioT of „,„ eoulhern Dnsebitll aKnclallon ich liie 5«mc type he liad ut , ntc t a Uils (all, Larry Gilbert, pres- cntenary, tncludliii fnsi, darling 1( | ent 0 | i llc Hev; crlnnis I'sll- acks that slip Ihruugh quick- cnmp nll ,i Jot , j3 n j-,|. penlns hole;, niul forget to stop lhe chat'.wiooga " inti) they have .erawctl the go»l. Iimk( . „ t(rong 11J)|lcn i t,, | IW e tin- ine Horlon'ii first farmer Is likely c i, 1E5 A p | nyel . n nlit ,,,|,,,(i Irnm o bo a. dniigerous otii'. Its Initial jo [ O u ftll( ; n ;e ci.v; !! lo-.vneil .]i|icnont, the Bam Houston (3lnlo f rom a | x to lour. o inuidc Hie, Citdct stadi-| 'fiiomus u. Wnlkln.'i, piraicli'iit . l™v.nit(a, 1CNOXVILLE, Tenn., t-epl. L'l ill P)—v/l>iie most coaches in tile SuntlieaEtern conference only IcoX the | lui ward lo lootunll recruits from ln-:<>m; fres}jmL;ii squud. Majar BOD r -B- iHeyland, University of Tennessee. Til? Brcoklvn Dcd»ers defi tit..-:l i has t'.ra separate" groujis receiv- i'. 1 E^iltsbmgti Piruloj '.; It) i i:i i ing instructions In hid gridiron Miiun-.- v;us the \vliinUi I'li.i'iii.-r Gild Koyl Hie 'Inser. Tin' Phillies defeated thr Clil- nan Cubs !) to 1 in a. [jame rit Phlladelplilti. A ?i-(-run rally fig- rod in One t(|iind is In uniform at thci University of 'icnne^e?, Knox-1 villc, and the other at the Uni-i versity o( Tennessee Junior College, PliU victory, coming M llrti n, under ' the' In th? eighth iiminy. Cellini Ihi 1 winning pltclu'r iind Bu^h HIL- lOGer. Tln> II to Yankee:; Invited 7 In ii .iliigri'nu: Detroit. the '.':![; srii mulch • nl tl\n FOUIl M\\ M1MOKS Inte.ejt I keen Iu lhe Soulh- \\o«t Confeietice wlicic footbil followers don't tanw jusl what "niako of a case Hint opens will nen I eid coi liei at foui of tin Ee\rii memlici •school's Onlj tred lhom«c>i it Aiknn sas Mori j Jennings it Bnjloi and mi^elf "urvucd ihnkeuiis Jack Chcylgny, former lioiilcn ant of the lilo Kmilc Hocnic th» vjn ,eMh of Nolle Dime at Te\a* Homer Norlon, - of Centenai Collecc finio htis assume charge it lisas A A. M Uutc Afevei Ins been elevited fiom U- fre hmcn to the \arsily lliionc Eucceeiiinq Fmncls A. Schmidt, at .Tcxiss.ciirisliaii.' Jimmle KilLs, Uic Rice basietbill mentor his added the football burden tj Ills duties at yic Owl instyution Eepecinlh ne the cje? of Ie\n upon the youthful Oiie'viBiiy, who Is Introducing the Rockne stylo In a formci Wnrncr slron<»ho!d The Longhoriis vill tr\ their one Uo tl«cc tour sM(L tor the first time a"ihiil the iti"gcl le\ai Tech Miladoii, it LubboO on Scpl !' it lull be n stein test lech soitad" lire ilnay rotujh nnd uiilj and powerful Norton Ii driving his ^liirc o! attention at ti,\as \ t Al Ik \n rightfully lno«n us. n raoducei of i i vcic When J'tck Mcagher passed out'six clubs In the IIMMIH: would not nl the picture at Hice ast wlnler, liave a triiancc. iitls, who yained nutlonal fame ,Walking cxiilnlnctt Ibat How Or- j'cnrs ai;o as coach of llis.lcuns is o\viinl by rjlm-luml while' AlliiMis llliih Kchtml bnskclbnll Uhatlnniiogn Is the inim lor Wash- team and who played qunrteibackhnttoji and \viih that they hnv: on one of my Southwest iMclhoillst] unlimited backing v.-hlle the; oilier lennib uis Bivcn the job. | clubs do not possess i:ucl>. "They wtmid hav^ llu; best cf it 'i'i!-;rr.s mad? M. Tlic philruMphin Alhlotlc-; defeated (hi: ChlciiRti White. Sox (i tci r> nl Cliicnsii. Jimmy Fnxx l>!t lii'; 4:ii(] hiimcr of the season (ill his olrt lemnmule. lliyisiiis also hit. foi 1 the circull mid ncinuru got cno for ilie Sox. Mnrcimi was 111 1 , Dciryb'-'rry, direction oi former Vol Meiton end. A 55ontlior,f)!ern ruling hns recc;j iw.ctl llic 1 junior i:o!1^2 o;" i IKirt oi lhe .state university, per- milting students to [;o Irom Mar-j tin to Knoxville iind play "Hlg! IS" lootljall wilhout waiting lh?j year. i REAL Protection I'hone 191 CLAIUC-WILSON AGENCY General Insurance "We pay All Losses With a Smile" .lames n. Clark - Tinker Wilson BASKBALL OSCKOl-A HAUil'ARK OSCROI,A, ARK. London Crooks Find Firearms Easy to Obtain LONDON, crco ami <UP> — Ally London can get as many: revolvers machine-guns as lie wants — In resene strength. They get! 101 ' slx llien ifisoiis baptism against Loy- cl! «s A men 1-s a good one winch 111 New Orleans on cla's Wolves Sept. 22. Texas Christian has n sophomore, Sam Knugh, who may be the gives mnrc youurtflers n chunr ?, :ind I'm goin!? lo light any move which seeks to chanse It." years. .11 is slated that they know the cmt the losin" pitch?!'. \ identity of at least three bi? un- Tlis Clerclnnil Indians defeated; licenssd distributors of firearms. Washington y«)iilors C to ! i bin rnias on suspected hide-outs, so hol(1<!r was 111C wll1nitl B »"<' M .lie KNOWN AS THE BEST- TH£ BEST KNOWH 'I ''••' Game Called al 3:00 I'M Memphis Chicks . I.cnguc Vs. find of the year. He is being her- i v ch • ' QU1NCV, Mass. (UP)—Dr. Walter aided as a great passer and Coa itc.vcr can be depended upon to bntld a strong Icnm around him. Things have been suspiciously quiet it H. Worlhj' It may presage a 'coLbill storm . ... The Tin s tvcre dealt, a serious blow -in.(mining, when Dan Hnr- lon. a triple-threat fullback, suffered a broken arm that will keep .ilin out of action for several weeks. Baylor seeks ends lo replace Jim Petty and Frank Jaiue-s, who were an exceptional pair throughout the. i last two seasons. If capable wing-1 nicn me found, the Eears will be! df.iic^ions, r.i; usual. They Imve nl'.vays been extremely .trpulilesonic o mx teims - lurlsl, and John Ranisfcll. hislor- iiin-author, are ncigabors here. nt'ecntly they observed their 80th blrlhday ' anniversaries. Dr. Keiidiill attributed his loti- .vity 'to lilcloni; u'sc oi hard liquor and iobacco. Rams:lell siH-i )." th("i't>,t total nence made Jilni lecl so wcl as an octot'cnuriau. DGEOE9OTOBIQE MORSE & KIRSHNER ABSTRACTS C'ily it l r :trm Propcrlics. 'lille Service . Engineers Of Oweula ilnlfs 50c Chihlrcn 2Sc Colored Zx New Arrivals In Manhattan Shirts $1.75 and $2.50 NEW MEAD CLOTHING CO. 11 n itnmc "t ClovclaiKl. Mel Har-' far have fails:!. Irr M-IIS the winning luirler. fSarlj Most- of the 'firearms are of Av?rill got his 2!Hh lioiuur oi thai .American manulactmc, and are said i Cohen was th: loslna oil-| lo b3 smuggled in'by seamen. Large I also com; Irom France ; REAL ESTATE BARGAINS !20 »cv»s, 70 acres In culllva- Ic-n,. inak«s .from 1 bale to Uvo sales'per. acre, IMS b?Ucv Ilian sale (his year, 50 acres in wood, can te clearsd for not over $10 per :acro. total tax nboiil. $42 e-ich jenr slice oC ciop noi every, year, ptice only'J22 pi;: acre, about liaif cosh, balance tcnns. This Tand \vill certainly off without a doubt. Lociv ticn out'itie le\e" just scutn of BarflcM. neat po'l oflice, gm and store. 50 . acres joining corporate limits on toutli, one good residence and barn, bna concrat 1 potato house, this is an Iriea Place for o farm home, good for dairy or livestock, goD.i soil and will produce abundantly of all kinds ot-. craps grown here. This Is no speculation proposition, ,Diit if you have $1,000 ca'h to paj jou can buy It lor '5,000, assume 33.500 at 414% interest,.^Interest and principal in;3Q. jeorh, yon get credit for past ten year payments and pay $500 in one year. 2,000 acres'of cut-over t-,iu impro'ved land, outside of lei near-Tomaio.. Ark., thfe 1; > can be sold In large ov jr.. tracts pace from «" p r acre io $23 H^ts a ucll Uio^i\ fact' that lands in this location will not miss a crop more than cncs In 8 years, ami then" you can produce late corn. U pay.' " ,tU».«;han any land in our .county, and the taxes ate to:> low to count as expense against th6:'• lucerne , of the Iniul. Cnn give good . terms for rent casii payment. A GOOD HO\tr—21^ icr« high Etals of cultivation, n;nr tovnt, school ind iws! ortice on gcod road, nev\* four room tun'j alow,\ good jiciv barn and out buildings,: improvements cost ?1200 Cnn sell for $17oO one half, cash, terms for balance This place nil! hold your att-n floh if jou want to sotlle on a Email*farm. home. If JOU wint Inun hild or a home In town, MO have it (ho right price W. M. BURNS Grkiid leader Bldg Plionc" 212 "' No Other Shoes SURE WE LOOKED at THE OTHERS Come in today ami sccllic IS licaiilifulWnilhiiic J^jg^ colors. It conies in the popular satin finish for t * walls and ccUings; in scmi-glos-; N- J for woodwork, bathrooms anil kitchens. One coat of \V;illluile is usually enough. Utitcvon with two ooaliyon i-arl li:uij; pu:!urt\% the il.iy QlWl'l BRUSHES Pure bristles, set In. rubber i'A" Enimcl IliuJi. . *" t\'al] iinisli . . Call-inline UimVi 2(tC !>1..5U Steel Wool Cleans poW & pans ' easier I PURR TURPENTINE 5c Pkg : Gal.TT$UOO CALCIMINE, All Colors, Per Lb I2c We BoughtaTcrraplane 05 much for an automobile thai was not nearly 50 comfortable to iidc in and handle as my Terra plane. Perlormancc is creat; tlic economy is great. —WM.P. HOWARD. Rochester, ff. Y. . selected a Tetr.i plane, because Its lines. most nearly nrproadied an airfoil an J theicfore offered ihe least tcsisiance to tlic air. We have secured between 19 and20 miles p«r gallon on trips. — MR.C&MRS.PAUUB.EATON. Charlotte, N. C. Quick-Drying WATERSPAR ENAMEL Males il easy to beautify futnitiuc and woutJwotl;. Dries !n "f liours—one coat usuMly enough, 2* rich colors. 45, Tdouiincls of men liave said ihc sjmc iding s\lt< wearing their finl paif of PEDWINS. They're built to measure up.lo what m«n Hint in i\iQti--slyle^comfort anil economy,' ,Now's iVit'l unon juil new, The FAMOUS JOU Al'l'LEKAUM PURE BOILED LINSF.ED OIL . . .Gal, . . $1.10 Beauliful Viigh gloss PLASCO PAINT c lor intrimr or mictior siirf.iors. tini .50 Gallon UmmMiCREEN ENAMEL . . . Quart ... 70c White SHELLAC Gal. $2.00 Quick-drying, clear WATERSPAR VARNISH ••ir-v 9 '.•V l;\lt.l ilnr.lhEo. Fnr interior or r>!crinr li^e. \\'ill mil umiwliiii-.Dries ert nr fi<i. Vi-S-i'lon . ^Z.Jhi 12-Quart PAIL 30c Each Hubbai d Hardware Co. AITTUORIZKD PlTTSnURGU PAINT \GliNCY E Bought a Terraplane thoroughly satisfied willi your car, as U has )>eiEoi _ . till HOT Mitt I S« fc , and pil:«.—JIENRV M. McCONAUGHY, Soattta. Docs it pay lo lake your time about Inlying * car? Just ask Hudson and Terra|ilatic owners. Of the thousands of men and itometi icho have bought new Hudsatu and Terra- plana (his yeur, 5 out af every R looked <'l teveral other mnlie* of cart before they decided. They'll tell you how much you'll be ahead if you "don't buy any car too hurriedly," We'll !>e glad to show yon more owners' Blnlcments like those above, as well as sworn utfidavits to certify tlic economy and low mu IllTlrrmot.! 1*1 mircltl'W >=« JrlYtT. till HOT Mitt I my judgment I" puraiasme Ttrtaplnnt. I'd nevcrhavo irmance, economy, comtorl I.evelrrs like you lurnlsn. a car turn withoui Road . like you lurnlsn. Smoottiest tiding l'--e evtr' -E.A.CONKUNO.Crac/rnali upkeep cost enjoyed by owners of Hudson- built earn. You'll be interested, also, in the facts about ihe recent naiion-wide "Challenge Tests." Only one competing car dered accept u uidt open challenge to prove economy and performance—and icni Iffaten in every tesL The facts about Hudian and Terraplane are here at our showrooms ft>r you to ncu-more real brass tack information than you ever got about any c.ira before. Come iu and ride in these cars—drive ilium. Look at Ihe Prices ... Now Down With the Lowest HUDSON $ 685-TERRAPLANE'565 nnj HP ol factory for closttl modett Visit our thowreomt and see hundreds of testimonials an Ruggidneit, Long life, Economy and Performance AUTOMOBILE SALES CO. Main & Fifth Bly.lheville, Ark.

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