Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 4, 1952 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 4, 1952
Page 6
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' c 5t+:& l&atyp **' j iffMHPto'pii .,... tonnph for ' Mto cC«r!hy .truck «i *hal H* enlM the A>I«f HIM, convicted of for donylfi* »i* N» fttM* in ."Mr. «lovi»rt)K>n, you went wit tit way t« hirnt* mt?," thy told hl» overflow midlonc* ' at «uburl»An Shorwood, f*r>r« to your nlmJchly t Algnr Hilt h«» a rcptitd. irulhfulne«-fou nay Me- In n ilnr, for iT-yoti »«r McCarthy ho* mMjM^f* 1 - 7 I "" P""W> Wf Mfl iprcchl "You iWofo under oath lhat Al ICE! ore prepared to take care stUfG fertilizers DDT and parking room and cetrt oyr new location ess is appreciated, 310 €. Evidence in Libel 9HII WASHINGTON -<«•"• Attorney,* 'ft*f BPH, McCarthy (JVWI*i indicated t»id«y that an M«r6oiAri\ private It-tier will \>< i (>nmt> mnjnr »'vi- dcnce In the «pn»lor'» two million dollar IlijPl-filfitdrr suit nun inn' 8*>fl, Bunion (D-Omnt. But Edward B, Willlnmjr, one nf McCarthy's InWypf 1 *. dccllnci! u< IP|| mw*me>n. how he «ot n rrtpy of o confidential not" lf> r.'hnrtr'* BlHf»li<y Allen, H'-ntonVi ndmlnlnlrn- tivn tlsjlslfinl. Allen tttstiflod at n prMrlnl hriir-i Iflf yellofdiiy that th/' U»iu-r j him (n February from th«> pontofflcff marked "Oportpri mlntBkc," One «'nrt IIIK! been open, thi-n ntnplcd loRolrwr hit unUI. Robert FlemlnR, diwcrlbcd nil n | pclltlcnl writer for the MUwnukep Journal, wrote the note risking Allen'* holp In dotting mntcrlnl from fter HIM U n flr^at Amnrlrnn-yoti «ny McCarthy In uivamorienn. "Well, utter your record l» niv- cn the Amerlean people, If thoy wnnt yim, limy can hiwo ymi. I don't think they do." McCarthy's cnmpnlfrn wan de- Inyecl by major Hiirifory In July (ind lie htm been rt'eupanttlnK in Northern Wisconsin before tnkinx active pnct In the hot Mntc com- palRii, Hlu principal oppnnnnt In tlit Sopt. 0 primary (» Leonard Sehmltt, attorney, of Merrill Win., who hn* been holding radio talka- thon* In the stulo. "This is n (.'lose fljjhl," MeCnr- (by suld, "U In tin Important fl«ht to the finish, Lot me .unsure you I rt«ed your votes next Tuesday. I wi'tl them bndly." the file* ot « 8«f>*<* lnve«Ugnttn« McCarthy'* fltneii to continue :i* d «cn«J*r. Flemfn* »u««<?(rt*d thai the l*H*r In- <!i'*truypd. Rut Allen <ald he •till hfirt » copy ot It and ««id he thought ho criul'l prrxluce U ultmn w>'H coplrjsi of (i!hr?r «ofrc»pond- «tri( i' with Mllwii"^''" Journal vn\- ploycit which MrCnrthy'* hc«rln« wax mljmirned Indefinitely until Alien coulrt this correspondent 1 '-. Me sold It voluminous nnd icut- Willlum* road his copy of the >tl<-r dinmnltcaliy ol the end of a lonK hi'iirlnu, Thpn he laid t»| Thi-odorr Ktondle, one of Benton'ij <iU<irney«i, "There «oes your en»f." • f lcm!r>K wroUt lit WUH "Increus- j ItiKly iltJilr«,'«»<.-'l ' by the nttltudei of ii SctiiUt; rules RubconimUtc", I headed hy Son. Uilletlc <D-l;u,| which is ruriKlderlnK n resolution i by ItfiiUir) Hi-eking McCnrthy'x ex-i |,tilMi,ri from the Senate. , In order to Sfilvnfje "Tho Pro-! Jed", Kh mini' siud, hi; was "wim-j deriiiff what happens to the corn-j iri(lti'<-'ft files if they do nothing on j tin i-iise.. , . Could Senators Henn-1 inc.N ( l)-Mo.) or Momony (D-Okln)' be prodded Into Kitting material • tit least IOIIK enniifth for cxnrnimi-i tioti by an inler«8te<i bltl7.cn from, lor example, Milwaukee?" ;i'hi: Journal has opposed Me- C'lirthy's bid for renomtnotlon. lU'iikm charKi-'d that McCarthy's ciiinpaU'.n nxain.st Communists in ^fiVfniii.cnt has been marked by ft nnd, perjury and calculated d<>- nr.-lt. McCarthy Iheti accused Benton ot fidlowlnt! a pro-Communist while servInK in the state de- ipiriit. Tho libel-slander suit us from this and other phases Honton's critical speecheH. WEST BROS. CONTINUING OUR lay, • /' HOM STAR, HOPi, llni 1 of Holsuin !"*{**?» fe-'" f, t( - ' f Vf"**^ Ik,",. I'M * ) ln C HOISL'M UfWKD IAKERS HtiVt flavor for cure.,, to good with oth«r food* I .,. to right for appetite!] Boatner Gets New Job in Texas r'AWFlKLn, Cullf.. (UP) — MaJ. G"ii. Haydon 1... Iloalner, wno clcanud up Communist prisoner ui:iuriler:( on riot-torn Koje island. was on hlH way to a new assignment In Texas today. Iloatner arrived here from the Far Kasl last yesterday and said "There has been no recent troti- bio" in United Nations POw camp in Korea. lie said a systematic method of dealing with trouble-making prison- urs has been perfected. "There's been no organi/ed serious mutiny NliU'e Julie HI," he fii.id. Iloatner arrived at Travis Air I'orec bust; In a chartered military alt transport service plane, and left six hours later via United An'ljncs enruute to Los Angeles unit Sun Antonio, Tex., where he will vacation with bio family before taking over as deputy commander of the U.S. Fourth Army at Fort Sam Houston. In some areas of South America the praying mantis grows so largo that it attacks and vats .small frogs, ll/.ards and birds. 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Refreshments will be served. Wednesday, September 10 The City Federation of Garden, Clubs will have their annual lun-i cheon at the Barlow Hotel, Sep-' nber 10. All garden club mem-j •s who wish to attend pleas?' call your respective garden club president. i Mrs. Earl White Hostess to Circle 3 Wednesday Circle 3 of the Christian Women's fellowship of the First Christian Church met at the home of Mrs. Earl White Wednesday evening. September 3. Circle leader, Mrs. O'Dell Luck, opened the meeting vith prayer. After a short business meeting, the first chapter of the new study course was given by Mrs. Luck, followed by the closing prayer. The hostess served iced drinks. ice cream, and cookies to those present. After the social hour the met Tuos- 2 with the meeting to were n re- Roots * SAENGER LAST DAY WIDE-OPEN and RIP-ROARING! 9-930Z. BOYS BLUE JEANS Ideal for school wear. Buy enough now and save. 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Dr. Charles Hesterly Speaks to Nurses The Prescott District of the Arkansas State NurSe's Association met at the Buchanan Clinic, Pros-' colt. Ark.. Tuesday night. ' The present officers were reelected for another year. They: are: Miss Nancy Damage. Nashville, president. -Mrs. Max Kit-; chens, Kmmet, vice-president, • Mi.;. K'l/abvlh Holt. rV.ishville, , secretary-treasurer. I Or Charles Hesterly, guest! speaker, spoke on the "Toxemias: ot Pregnancy." . i There wen- ten members pros-i ent. Those attending from Hope, were Mrs. Maybellc Mcl.omoro,' Mrs. Ho«er Clinton, and Mrs. El-1 nier Mui-ph. . i Time for Cur few? id- Jhe L> \>ri Scott rini; offi- Core the Hevorond- Roliert ciatinu at Jhe double mony. The \>ride is th of Mr. nnd Mrs. James K. Bond! of Coffeyville Mr \\hite is the] son of Mrs.. William Kuiione White and the late The church Kxtracts from three letters, cull ed from among hundreds recel- ved on the snmc subject, show the this time- i laughter in(wsj , v of f oe i|nR on worn problem. "I MU Hi. n senior In high scool nnd 1 think that 12 or 12:30 on nn ho\ir M" Whil - ,'f lime ' nnd ' " link thnt l2 '"• ' was decorated with'! Satu.d,> nlRhts. and half ,,r „.,!,„, i......... i earlier on other muhts. a background of palms intersper sed with baskets ni white, glndi- olas and chrysanthemums. The altar candles and tapers in seven branch candelabra were lighted by Miss Claudme Shnpe and Miss Dickie Koliiiinn. Benefiel. orsanlsl, traditional wedding accompanied Miss rson who sang "O "I l...>\\. You Tru- before tho Mrs. J. H provided the music and Marylin Patt Piomise Me. ly." and "He-cause ceremony and "Tho Lord's Prayer" at the close. The bride was given in man-ingo by l.er 'father. Her white nylon tulle and lace over satin gown was fashioned with a fitted lace bodice with a portrait neckline ot scallops of the lace nnd long sleeves with petal points over her hands. The full tulle skirt was trimmed with luce panels and ex- Her i tended into a chapel train. i fingertip veil of illusion fell from i an Kliy.ifbcthian cap of lace over. | satin embroidered with seed] i pearls. She carried a white Bible j topped with an orchid and show- i ered with satin ribbon. Mrs. Virgil .Solomon of iJallas, .sister ol tne groom, was matron Miss Kleanor McGee was maid of honor. were Miss Jacqueline Lnnkiird and Miss Marylin Bumgarner of Cot'feyville The at- Impson—Ross Marriage Announced Miss Barbara Ann Ross, daugh ter of Mr. and Mrs. Burl Ross of| this city, became the bride of Sfc. ' Nat Impson, son of Mr. and Mrs. 1 ol lll "><"' and T. F. Impson of Plain Dealing,] 01 ' Memphis La., in a double ring ceremony i Bridesmaids pei formed in the home of the ol- t'iciatinj; minister, Reverend A. B. , Ferguson, pastor of the Main ! tcndants and candlclie.hlcrs wore Street Methodist Church at Colum I identical dresses of cotillion blue bia, South Carolina, on August llcl "*- M ' ta"Ptn fashioned with 19, at H o'clock. The bride wore a street length dress of white nylon over taffeta, fashioned with a fitted bodice and peter pan collar. The full skirt ended in a pleated ruffle. She wore while accessories and an orchid. Mrs. Wilford Berry, matron of honor, was dressed in aqua nylon with navy accessories. Cpl. Wilford Berry .served Sfc. Impson as best man. Mrs. Impson is a graduate of] Hope High School and Sfc. Impson j attended Hope High School before entering the Army. The couple will make their home in Columbia, South Carolina, where he is sta tinned, and she is employed. Miss Wanda Jean Chlnn Weds William Eugene White, Jr. The wedding of Miss Wanda Jean Chinn nnd William Eugene White. Jr., was an event of Sunday, August 24, at 2:30 p.m. in the First Presbyterian Church of Coffeyville, Kansas, with strapless bodices of folds of net and floor length bouffant skirts. They wore net stoles and Juliet caps entwined with pearls to match their dresses and carried co- "onial bouquets of pale yellow carnations with satin ribbons. The little flower girls. Ann Buflington nnd Mary Robison, wore pale yellow net dresses and feathered carnation tiaras. They carried has kets of rose petals. Ralph Saunders of Hope was best man. Ushers were Virgil Solomon of Dallas, brother-in-law of the groom, Dave llarrell of Lesv- isville, Bill Willis, of Camdcn. Al Williams of. Hope, and Phil Keith of Coffeyville. The bride's mother was gowned in nnvy lace with n navy velvet hat and her corsage was of gardenias. 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My friends tease me because their | parents let them stay out until 1 12:30 or l." "I am a working girl of 17, and give pail of my money to my mother for herself each week, though I do not pay board, I go out each night after 1 get home with my girl friend. 1 come home at !); if I'm half an hour late my mother yells and tells me that as long as I'm under her i roof 1 must be in no later than 9! o'clock. She also Insists that I tell her every single thing I do when I'm out and, though I do nothing 1 can't tell her, 1 would like to Keep some things to myself." Answer: The hour at which parents want their children home is not an arbitrary subject that can be dismissed with a simple statement of time. Many things should go into the consideration of a prop or hour for a teen-ager's homo- coming, but the one reason 1 would not consider satisfactory Is that "Anne's — or Polly's — or! Mary's parents let her stay out much later." Starts Vicious Circle This is the start of a vicious circle. Trying to keep up with what the other youngsters in a neighborhood do is a futile race,' and not to be accepted as an arg- umenti In the first two letters quoted, local custom permits far later dating privileges than I would •consider wise. For 10-year-old girls to come home habitually i'roni dates at 12:110 or 1 is too late. For exceptional outings, it could be permitted, but not every nitiht, or even every weekend night. The parents Vvho do let their daughters stay out so late do so, not because they believe in it, but because they are too easily coerced by their children, or by the ;ir gumeiu that "everyone else does U." If parents stuck together on the question, the argument would cease to exist. When every child is clue homo by 11, there can be no tears because one- must bo home at that hour while the others stay out until 1, Tedn-agei-s need a minimum of nine hours sleep a night — some authorities prefer t«n or eleven. REAL VALUE BUY HASSOCKS Two tone leatherette cover. 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Skin 0rlmf «y f vrnmtr f vnj TRY CHLOROBHYLL TAILETI fcttft 4 25 •7*5.. .1" 2s 15*1 53c PERFECTION HAND CREAM Lubricate*, tofton* as it cleanses... *• 3-a». iu. »2,»§ V»)ut! KITE FOOTBALL Ptbble-gzoia Cowbidei OiliolaJ weijbt 111 AT THE WHITE ELEPHANT A&Utf It'l . . . i . . .. .,:-.y t> - , ..> ,. . , .^ C p/f ( . should be well started bc/ore midnight, rather than running into the middle of the next morning. The third letter does quote what I consider an unreasonable attitude on the part at a parent. Apparently the girl doesn't date and her evenings out aru only with girl friends. For a girl who does not ha've time for recreation during the day, 9; 30, or even 10, is not on unreasonable curfew. Hove again, however, the x<rl shouldn't be out every night. Some evenings should be spent at home, for me sake ot family unity as well as lor the sake of ner own health. Parents certainly should know where their children so at night, should be acquainted with the company they are keeping, but I agree with ruy third correspondent that a teenster likes to keep some things to herself — if it's only the flavor soda she had. Keleased By The Bell Syndicate, Inc. ed with i\ lace cloth was cen- to red with • the tiered wedding cake decorated in white and delicate pink and topped with a miniature bride and groom, It was encircled with pink and white asters. Cutting the cake was Mrs. (Jcorije Meeske and serving were Mrs. Jim Baker and Miss Jodinc Sandon, The guest book was in charge of Miss Nancy Liebert. For travel Mrs.' White selected a black silk shantung suit with black and white accessories. She pinned an orchid at her shoulder. After a wedding trip to Colorado, the couple will be at home in Texarkana where Mr, White is employed. Out of town guests were: Mr. and Mrs. Louis Kleiss, Vic and Kathy Kleiss #t Borger, Texas, J. D. Morgan of Fprt Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Don Wade of Topeka Mrs. J. N. McGee of Memphis, Mrs. Steven Bwffington, Steven Jr. and Ann BuJfington of San Diego, Calif., Mr, and Mrs. AW. Soderberg ot Wichita, Mrs. Mae Hess of Springfield, Mr. and Mrs, Qgden Fiel and Roberta Fiel of Dallas, Miss Jean Laseter ol Hope, Mr. and Mrs. Marion Anderson ol Tulsa, Mr, Allison Shields, Jr., ol Texsrkana, and Mr. Vernon Poland ol Dallas. HOPE DRIVMN THEATRE 8. M«ln * . FRIPAV ^VIOIOUTUWJ" MEN'S DRESS PANTS \ Close Out. $6.95 value • '; LADIES DRESSES CLOSE OUT — $5.95 and $6.95 Drosses LADIES DRESSES CLOSE OUT — $8.95 to $10.95 Dresses •**lMMMMBM>>IMIMBB>M>B*»Mfll*l S2.00 .OOJ4.00 mm "Hoo LADIES CO ATS Dollar Day Special — Lodios Raygn Gabardine C»fU . LADIES SUITS Extra Special — Royon Gabardine, $25.00 valut . Six99 SHEETS ,.,.Typo 128 BOYS' SPORT SHIRTS Close Qur — Also Men's j-im^—, LADIES $1.98 GOWNS Rayon Jcrsoy „ ' ..«••. SHEER NYLON HOSE 60 Gauge :.. . *•. 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