The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky on June 20, 1935 · Page 9
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The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky · Page 9

Louisville, Kentucky
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 20, 1935
Page 9
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THE COURIER-JOURNAL, LOUISVILLE, THURSDAY MORNING, JUNE 20, 1935. t " lmmL "" - 1 1 1 3 AND FEATURES OF INTEREST TO WOMEN Mrs; Hieber Elected Head of'State Council Daughters of America Con-- ; vention Ends At I li Lexington. Th Courier-Journal Lexington Bureau. H Lexington, Ky., June 19. The thirty-third annual convention of ' the State Council o Kentucky, Daughters of America, concluded here tonight with a banquet at the Phoenix Hotel, honoring Mrs. Em-'jnai Hieber, Newport, who was - elected -.State councilor of the organization at a session at the hotel this "rnoming. . Mrs. Hieber and other officers elected earlier today 'were installed at ceremonies Ibeld at the hotel this afternoon. Mrs. Naomi Donovan, Louisville, twas elected associate State coun- eilor; Mrs. Gertrude Vance, Lexington, vice councilor; Mrs. Mabel ,Mays, Louisville,, treasurer; Mrs. ;Emraa Bower, Louisville, conductor; ; Mrs. Mary Maas, Maysville, , warden; Mrs. Margaret Grimmeis-seri, Ludlow, inside sentinel, and Mrs7 Gladys Beck, Louisville, outside sentinel. 4 Masonic Leaders to Attend League Picnic Hebbert Henderson, grand master, Kentucky Grand Lodge of 'Masons; Hugh Moore, deputy grand master; I. B. Ross, grand tenior warden; S. P. Alderson, grand junior warden, and James Garnett, grand treasurer, will at tend the annual celebration of the St. John's Day League Saturday at Fontaine Ferry Park. Invitations to attend have been sent Gov. Ruby Laffoon and Gov. Paul V. McNutt of Indiana. Swimming contests, a baby popularity contest, games and 5 music by five bands have been arranged for the entertainment cf those attending the outing. WHAT Fin TT min'T lO VYllAfviiNU Fine Stationery Engraving edding Invitations Announcements hi X f 4 ft 3306 (Jiilbertson On Contract Bridge By ELY CULBERTSON. 'Gooyrisht.) Hr. Culb-rtson will ta clad to answer Questions about contract bridge for Courier-Journal readers vilio send with their inquiries a 3-crnt stamped, addressed en-velope. Questions should bp mailed to him in care of Thn Courlrr-Joimial It Is to Lauffh. It is not very kind to laugh at: the misfortuntes of others, and for this reason I hesitated before using today's hand. But sometimes bridge games produce examples of genuine humor, and the deai below is one of them. It was! played in a casual game at Crock-ford's Club, a New York bridge club. One of the players held as nearly a perfect hand as most of) j us will ever see. He was first j - thrown off his course by an open-' K ing psychic bid, and in trying to) f recover he got his bidding tangl?d up and finally played at a part-score contract in his weakest suit, instead of at a grand slam contract in his best suit. South, dealer. East-West vulnerable. A 8 7 3 2 O Q 104 A 10 8 6 3 2 A 0 A K Q J 10 A K Q J 10 A 6 A. N W L S 9 6 S 6 4 K J 9 7 5 3 K 5 A B 4 7 7 5 3 2 0 8 2 A Q J 9 7 4 Look at the West hand carefully; you may never see one like it. It was unfortunate for West that he was not the dealer; by making an opening two-bid and receiving a positive response from his partner he would probably have succeeded in reaching seven no-trump. But Illustrated Dressmaking Lesson West did not deal; and South, a Furnished With Every Tattern. famous woman player, sensed the Cool cottons like handkerchief hopeless nature of the North-South lawns, dimity prints, chiffon seer- j hands and made a psychic opening suckers, shantung and linen-like ibid of one club PICKED FOR FILM CAREER A- f i - A, ' 5 J -.xV . - ' . .1.,-. 1 .' : v i ' r : ''nVJaV" ' - - Stars Say By MARY BLAKE. (Copyrlitht.) Gemini. If June 20 is your birthday, the best hours for you on this date are from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m., from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m.. and from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. The danger periods 175 AT METHODIST MEET. Special to The Courier-Journal. Winchester, Ky., June 19. Ap' proximately 175 youths are at Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, South, this week at Kentucky Wesleyan College. Inspirational services are being conduct- tending the fifth annual Young - People's Assembly of Kentucky j Methodist Church, Louisville. are from 6:30 to 8:30 a.m., from M 4:30 to 6:30 p.m., and from 10:30 until midnight. If you contact friends this day you may profit by it. If a woman, and June 20 is your birthday, you may be inclined to lire of an environment or fixed responsibilities. The child born on June 20 generally requires careful guidance in personal affairs. If a man, and June 20 is your natal day, you will succeed better if you do not have too many irons in thn firo Bom June 20 Helen Gould bnepara, pmuininropisi; josepn M. Wilson, architect: Louis W. T Weyth, jurist. : ivjj BELLAMY CLUB TO MEET, j r 1j Thn P.nn.imv rinK will mrt at 8 p.m. Thursday at The Tyler, i m Family Shoe Stars 220 S. FOURTH MR. I M PEEK, FormerlT Manirrr Shoe Dfn't. In Herman Ktrn ti Son Co.. Now Maaaxer humakr' Women's New Novelry Pumps, rrP&SA Ties in Not All Size lliv , and Low Htrli. 71' 5Ni 1JB Blue. White, Cray, Blonde, Brown, E!a:k n f I itrulT S1.9 ana Si 5J UaaBtr, SIHMARrRS, A jur ats :o s. rOCRTH (Associated Prei Photo. MISS MARSHA HUNT. Miss Hunt, a New York dramatic school student, was given a seven-year optional contract with Par a mourn even though she insisted she dfd not want a film career. Maniifddurers Class Ruigs and Pins 418-420 Mam Street Louisville weaves you'll find delightfully cool materials for this one-piece dress. Style No. 3306 is designed for sizes 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50 and 52 inches bust. Size 36 requires 3Ts yards of 39-inch material. Send 15 cents in stamps or coin (coin preferred) to the Pattern Department of The Courier-Journal. Write plainly your name, your address and the pattern number. Be sure to give the size you want. - The latest edition of The Courier-Journal Fashion Book contains " valuable material on fashions, beauty and health. The price of the book is 10 cents. No. 3306. Size Name Street Address State Permanent Haus Special I REGULAR $5.00 VALUE I Steam Oil -. PERMANENT Beautiful Pnsh-Uo WaTe CR0QU1GN0LE SPIRAL Wrapped From Scalp to Ends or Ends to Scalp Expert Operaters Alt Work Guaranteed Witn or wunon BLUE BIRD BEAUTY SHOP Ph.. t A 99 SI Odcb Evealnr By Appointment 325 Guthrie Street MWMW w WWWW 7 M West could have coped with this psychic attack by overcalling with two clubs, a bid which is forcing to game and which shows about the same strength as an opening two-bid. But West was confused by the array of aces and kings which faced him. and could not keep his wits about him. He failed to overcall in the opponents' suit, but bid only two spades. Since this bid, while strength- snowing, is not iorcmg, it was Good Taste Today By EMILY POST. (Copyright.) ! . A romnrnmiu Tn In viiaHnns. at me Samp IUT1C SO 11 SCCmS lO tw, tw. t ct woi me emphasizes the actual mean- nc! of the word "Home." The date up my mma soon wnemer my - ,-e . , . . party will be in the afternoon orjWUcfn S?p Jmberh 10 15 t..-;- ht .iti ,.Hess formal than the completely R0LLAT0R MAKE am mistaken in be lieving that an invitation which reads ''will be at home" is suitable fk . i r a x . oniy ior aiicrnoou r parties? This party P" i will be a big one ' but not formal, and correct but ceremonious "the tenth of September." For almost any semi-formal but pleasantly friendly evening at home I think this wording fills a long-felt want. very lucky for West that his part-! ha4ve fhnIts .V"" ' ner kept the bidding open at all. But the luck was still holding up, and East bid three diamonds, North having passed. West now realized his first over- call had by no means shown his! great power, and knew he should have bid the opponents' suit. To repair this error, West decided to bid clubs. "Three clubs!" said he. Alas, this could have made matters even worse; for, three diamonds having already been bid, three clubs was insufficient. But North could have rescued West from his predicament by calling attention to the irregularity; for West would then have corrected his error by bidding six or seven no-trump. North, however, wis not so kindly disposed. He merely passed. East decided West had a fair hand with a strong club suit, and that the opponents probably had the major suit strength, making game impossible. So East passed, too. South, sunremelv haDnv thnt the opponents had not reached al derstood that "At IT- II - . 1 iiome implies t . ? , 3 ball or large re- ; , .i..J ception. Isn't there hrmly Test. , somo compromise in the wording; of an invitation to a party of the j Dear Mrs. Post: Do you prefer that the request for a reply be written "II. S. V. P." or "R. s. v. p." Answer: Personally, for myself, I like It. s. v. p. very decidedly. But I think this is be cause it has been so long chosen I by people of best taste, much as' these same people have chosen (and still choose) small mono- But at the present moment "R. S. Tl ' i W t . . There is a new form, V 1 "--. tw- frnm T.nPlnnrl This-P1 are CHOOSing. ;crt TV1 in r.,',. ...-lM, rnn 1 rl : fe' !1 1 ; !'-l SHU SUlvtiiCl llCl be used at any time of day? Answer imported reads: Mr. and Mrs. John Smartlington at Home on Monday evening, September 10, from 8 until 10 o'clock. I find this a very pleasing midway promise of something obviously not formal, and yet not too informal. The little "a" modifies the capital "H" in "at Home" and s REFRIGERATION E A CTEBt 1 nd 1 bii AS THE WEATHER GETS HOTTER -a -,:i - : ' I j J , 'J " r Keeping Fit By J. V. BRTON. Jl II. ropvriht game (though of course not dreaming how ereat thp H really was), was satisfied to pass ' l5llll ana Jet west play the hand in her best suit. ' r And at three clubs, undoubled, : the biggest hand ever dealt in L. rocriioras was Diaved. Poor f f West! He did not even make his contract. .... t Five Types of Minunr. All over the world a dcter- finrt (ho rnnco nf mtfrnino nnr- ; ll J. . . V f . . . L.M-'V .... fc, . ...... . CLUB TO HEAR CANDIDATES. Elam Huddleston and Bailey P. Wootton, two of seven announced candidates for the Democratic nomination for Governor, have accepted invitations to address the Jefferson Democratic Club at 8 p.m. Thursday at its headquarters, 421 E. Jcffer?on, it was announced by Fred O. Sprowl, president of the club, which was organized recently. The other candidates will be invited later, Mr. Sprowl said. j sided headache accompanied with! nervous and oiner 01s- ; t rr) O n fa, 771 UUftL W. AND HOURS Mast be maintained or thousand of I oui-vill people will re Jobless KI YOU WITH IS? 4 3 V v; 1 j j "4 ErG!,fc" lL 1 t A ;1 V ', . a 5 . si Jr.. f; El PS mill 7 Eair terms n more to par. include all "charges" tBriM note. Every prlet BDlefl HI USED FUnlTlili REFRIGERATORS All makes, all sizes; reconditioned, in A-l $ j shape GAS RANGES Used; in splendid . f condition for cooking and bak- p ins . , RADIOS Cabinet and table mod- . els; fully guaranteed. Easy 4? terms ELECTRIC FANS Used and sam- B pies, good as new. While they last i DUOFOLDS Make full-size bed; used. Choice of several finishes , and styles RUGS Used and traded-in. Sizes of every type and descrip- $1 tion ' BABY STROLL.EKS unoice or it 'styles all samples while they last U DAVENPORT SUITES With library table and floor lamp. A real bargain mm BEDROOM SUITES 3 pieces bed, vanity and chest. Regular $39.50 $mJ values km Pay $1 Down Easy Terms ?4 We.r Market fiSs Exchange itora wo " is, mi mm but-of-Towa Charge Accounts Invited. rnHBB turbances. It has long been felt that overwork, worry, sluggish liver, sensitiveness I to certain foods inherited tenden-1 cies and other fap- tors entered into j the cause of mi graine. It is inter esting therefore to'i road of the work of i Dr. Pagnicz of DR. BARTON. Paris, who has done a great amount of research 1 work on migraine. j In the Medical Tress ho states that there are five general u j common typos of niyraine. The) treatment varie s according to the I type. (1) Migraine of digestive ori- igiii a diet that can be easily fol lowed should bo given. The only j fat allowed is fresh butter, j (2) Migraine due to sluggish-mess or other disorder of the gall- bladder and the liver Here a diet in which all fatty foods are j avoided is absolutely necessary (butter, cream, fat meats, egi? ! yolks, oleomargarine, bacon, cheese, pork, salmon, macKcrel, ice cream, whole milk. These are all excellent foods and shouid bo I eaten by the 1 est of us, but not j by ono who hns the liver typo of migraine. The treatment in this liver type is the use of small doses of Epsom salts before breakfast every morning, followed bv lying on the right side for three-quarters of an hour in older to dra;n the gall-bladder. (3) Migraine due to sensitiveness to foods In these cases the food causing the symptoms should be looked for meat, eggs, chocolate, starch or other foods. The patient must find the food causing the trouble. (4) Migraine due to some gland disturbance in the body (the thyroid, the generative and the pituitary). In these cases the gland extracts are helpful. (5) Migraine due to blood pressure and to nervous disturbances. Certain restorative drugs! rre recommended by Dr. I'agniez. While these five types are the definite types, some cases would appear to be of the mixed variety; that is, they are duo to more than one of the above five cause-. ft 1 , , r - -ii-iimi - ' 1 I - 'i 1. - li Wu a u 13 wa I t '.'7 . !l ik n W. 19 l '(Mi 111 U iTCiix ia iit Y : li ' ' ... rll f I li L - ' . : J 5IDEWALL5 - 3?c ih- -41 11 I W.tb e Withsit l.rt.r III ! ' 1 I I I 1 Entire Room I j CEILING INCLUDED a I II Yerdi MtcKin( Bordee " ' 4 Sing'e Ro!li Cei'inq ? l .. All New MercfcosdUo ' F BORDERS II I ... III !V II II Clearance Sidewalls ? -- ! If " THE R0LUT0R COMPRESSOR... A . . Smooth, easy, rolling pouxr is(e.iJ I g of th krrieJ b4kH.t-rih atrthn J C 5 (g j T ordinary rcrigi rater ) TIDiriivri.u Tl I. J f i !j HUFF FURN. CO. 1 New Albany. Ind. I! I ' A7ilW5lliA2J srovES aBTlum liiTliTfri MMMuiiiKiJiii ',1,, When purckaitd In preportlan with ferdtr AVERAGE ROOM COST I0. 1 1 2 Ft lift, a 14 N I Ft. I II Caillnf Nat IncUdaa' A. Norge Rolhtor Refrigerator answers the challenge of summer heat bj actually making ice faster as the weather gets hotter. Only a surplus -powered mechanism makes such performance possible. The Rollator -Norge cold-making mechanism is powered to make more cold than you'll ever need to do it on a minimum of current to keep on providing dependable refrigeration for years and years to comej Cabinet style, thoughtful interior arrangement, convenience features are obvious advantages of the Norge. Less obvious but more important is the mechanical superiority of the Rollator. For it is the basis of food and refrigeration economy savings up to $11 a month, reported by Norge owners. Before you shop for your refrigerator, learn the inside facts about Rollator ' Refrigeration. Before you choose, see the Norge. NORGE DIVISION BorS'VArncr Corporation, Detroit, Michigan r rj h KC(KtC?JLrt so-X-tt 525 West Market St. nMr' rUth and BUlh BU, 35 Stores In 6 State, STEWARTS K ELS ALU'S SUTCLIFrE'S CCURHi: 0- DOND CENTRAL FURNiTURS CO. UNITED HOME FURN. CO. JefiCrsonville, Ind. POMrSHC ANT) COMMTROAt RITWCT.RAT10N NORCE fUCTRIC XTASHfRS ANT) IROXTRS PROO-4TC AfROLAl'OK AIR I.ONW HONl'RS WIURLA I OR OIL IH AM K5 .viM.ti. uiuv.iMv.w :! i - ! : 3 i t 1 f' t I i 1 ! ! 5 I! f H r : i I! if i h i II II s f ri I j ii n i- S 1 2 f a i t ! 5 ' i f l! i- i i ! ?! 1 1 ii 5 i ! i I 1 i i 2 If If xzr

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