Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 3, 1952 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, September 3, 1952
Page 5
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MOPI STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS oo Fast of . Worrlwt thttt Oov, UP his smmu- to «o lliw ajh out In oVtoil hl» r>o PRESCOTT NEWS ..,„ Wednesday BrWf« Club will meet on Wednesday afternoon at 8:80 in the home ot Mrs, Dudley Gordon, Vrnyor meeting will bt»*ln nl 8 C, R, Ori»y, Mm. Gordon urid Mr«. UMI* flames S«pttmber 3-ft Little UB8UO Bftlt Carswell Air Base Left in Shambles Matthews Flattens Lowry in Fifth BOISK. Idaho i^~ Harry (Kld> Mntthcwu. the stylist Sonttlp heavy weight, flattened Tiger Twl Lowry I of New Bedford, Mass., in 30 src- orrts of the fifth round Mondny! Influences Clash in Vote in Nevada The other Democratic CHndidalo is Tom Mechling, 31, a Washington, D. C.. news writer until last winter. HI: has blasted al wnat he labels Mi'Carran's "dictatorial control of Nevada politics." Tuesday, September 2. U. S. Ships to Go Up Adriatic Sea tally Scrapbag ly The Associated Press FT. WORTH. Tex. Wl — Cnr«j n!«hl, winning hi* flritt fi«ht since! RENO ».<- Lawrence Ebcrt, a Winncmuc- McCarran, Elson-1 ca oil station owner expected to BELGRADE. Yugoslavia I-P—The U S. Embassy announced Tuesday a flotilla of American fighting rival on the GOP ticket ships will steam up the Adriatic Sea for a four-day visit to Yugo- .'. :<p| p.m. nn Wpflnondfty ovcnlnfl at the i play off gum®* will end their nen»(in with the flnHl Chureh of Nfaxareno. tlliJlo School tflHchorn nnd officer* , of the First BaptUt Church will „„„ tm» enrly ' m«mt Wednesday evening ot 7 o'- which opo/wl j tloc'R, Prnyor and Bible study win ewl of lh<> cum »ho n rueord; U> be a 1,W« m in Mr«t • »« few, »ny <•'«» >•"' weoks, uoitiiifnmo to »ny neldom Oov. political ICIscnliowcr in «<> known ihnn he l». ay feel H'st npce»»»ry ' with Uoth iwr proyer meeting and Olblo dtudy by Mr«. J, W. Hrndley, will Main at 7 p.m. «l Iho Flmt Church, Choir prncllco will follow, [ the jfoel that Hlrtce IIB'II Ho prenldimoy, h0 hns to mafto hi* i>o»lllon p only way he'd people H round V9 indlonteil thut the «en that he pr ,.,,."Up *te«m «n ho KOO» fttJ have plenty of souko in Him utrale if fiteviMiiie to th« mftln In tBUenhfiwer later t»koi a n tire H cinch "me, too." wen In both on won »»In8 Whether thu cnnd' J»y it on Uie lino w enrly Is pnHty good haven't laid ntuol inOot, the moat definite thing „ UJjjm has said «i far wa» j»»0rt?» ttotroU vpeoch •JO Htttly d««8P»to'l " T»(t-H»rtley Aot unit n fjt With a mlidtn- luboi* low M the real oumpnlgt -JBlnenhowor nets M"de »y Will) (tpoactuxi In tin mor« till thnn an o«in «t 7: Thora will bo prayer mealing at he Ch«ri!h of Chrlit Wednondoy nt Mr«, Oil Buchanan Hottest to Canattn Club Mciulji.TH of tho 1050 C(tnnMt« Club worn entertained on fhur*- lay afternoon by Mrs. all Uuch- niin nt the Lriwuon Hotel. Colorful arrnnjjemonli ">f winner ftnwero deconiUid the room nrrnnuad fur tho throu liiblo* of for Sept. and 5W) between tho HotaH nnd Beep*. Air Force Base was a shnrn- hn wns knyood by todny after a windstorm luatjcMno l;isl month. Rocky Marjhowcr and Taft influences clash j offer only token opposition. Flavia, beginning Sept. 11. The flotilla —including the 50.- night look n multl-milllon.dollnr: Quick counterpunches and n con- »wip« ' at America's power IonR.ran«t. , : ,titration of body blows In early i'necs today. ' rounds set Lowry up for the kill. '• The incumbents Republican Son In Nevada's primary election to sc-i Chief Republican contenders f or j 000-ton aircraft carrier Coral Sea, Meet U. S. House and Senate nom- j Nevada's lone House seat are Clif-lthe heavy cruiser Salem nnd_ tne destroyers Bralne. Mullany, Sloddard and Norman K. Perry — Is • ton Young 30 a Reno attorney who I boasts he was uno of Gen. Dwight One three • milliondollnr Ij;m Mrtthow* hnd him groggy at tho bomber wan destroyed, six othprs <'»d "f received mnjor dnrriHgc nnd sever' A* tl1P Knex »nd Je««ic» Bemli Rec«lv« Gump Awnrdi Kljox «nd Jt'»(ilc» Hr-lnls who' dr-trrmlncd exlrnl. Two hnve been npiinding the past two ) were ullghtly Injured, inl othor* wen- dumnncd to nn tin lurigpd ncro»s tho ring toward his airmen opponent nnd i plunged his month* Btlending camp In North i A civillnn, Mrs. W. C. Connor, "•' (lllff n cou l jle of times and Gt-orjjo Malonc and Democratic' Eisenhower's earliest boosters for Hop. Walter Baring, are con.sid-; the presidency, and Sain ArenU, tred virtually nssured of tx-nomi- 30. who supported Sen. Robert A. nation. Only about 50,000 of No-! Taft of Ohio for the presidential viida's 93,000 registered voters art-j nomination. Into the Tiger's expected to ballot since no state, Two other GOP candidates. Owen fourth. round opened. Lowry Matthews calmly Cnrollnn, hnve rclurncd to their home here. arid Knox both received 44. wn« killed when her luitomo- doubled up. A right upper . - bllo wu* (.truck by a iilgn board: nl ' |n ! t . Lowryt °" l hc , ncnnv ; aIs< ' blown down by the storm. Ten olhi Matthew* weighed 179 and Lowry top nwimlft from their rospi-etlvcj Cl ,;| V |]|nnn In the vicinity wore n-i hurt. c«mp. C'nmpor" letter the "Oriind froni OrnyiUoncj Camp for girl* tit Tulwlo, N. Carolinn tind Koux won lop donors, for his Irlbu In nrchvry, ulao tlu* craft uwHi'd and photography award from Camp Seijuoyn ut Wcnvur- Villti, N. C. Mrs, Guns McCiuklll. Ml«« Itltn McUasklll, Mm, Gordon Unnncr. Deity Dnnner, Ml*« Ann Hurt 178. It was the first time Lowry had Woodruff of Boulder City and Silas O. Turner of Las Vegas, have done little campaigning. High Boorc honor* were won by Mr*. W. F, Ucnmnn, Mm. Clyde Murth of Binning- lam, Alii. w»» » «uo»l. Mtfmbem prtmeht lnclud«tl Mr», linon Oeo, Mrs. H. L. Enton, Mr». E. M, Sharp, Mm. Loo Kltmey, Mm, Vt-r- htm Foro, Mr«. Loo Muntaonioiy Mf», H, J Wlliion, Mm. C. CJ. Gordon, Mm. A, S. Buchanan nnd Mr». Dommui, A dnlnty desdert courne wuit served nt thu coiiclunion of the KUIUCH ft Club Entertained By Mr*. J. H. MeMahen nnd other numiner flower* ",! tho home of Mm, J. .11, MeMahen on Thumdtiy nflwrnoon when Blui onlBi'thlncd tho mombem of tho '47 llrldRo Club. Tho hliih Bt'oiu nwtml wits won by Mrs. Dudley Gordon nnd other pflno by Mrs. W, 0. Wntklns. A dotuetiiblo sulnd course w«« served to Mrs. Chnrllo Scotl. Mrs, Bob Jtcynold*. Mm. J. T, Worth- tngton. Mm, K, It. Wurd, Mvn. Olunn Mnlrnton, Mrs. D. A. W»rr«n Mm. Jim Nelson. Mvi«. B, A. »V Lainnr, Mm. KMword Bry»on, Mrift .. . ,. . ,,,,,, , i IK I'M knocked out In more than 1001 C«|>t. Burton Wilder, bane public: • ,, uls Information officer, «nld several ' Thr T , Kcr tr|cd to rnisc , u n( j buildings suffered severe dam , |lP ( .,,,, nt of six bul hJ9 hen( , wag : ftgc when tho winds struck .hoi-tj „)„,.,, , ( , thc ,. nnvns . Hn was ncnr . 1> betoro darK. : , y , jti , nr | in(4 ()n n | s ncil( i wncn tnc i MaJ. Gen. mimuei e . Anderson.'; rHVroi' counted him out. commanding general of the eighth': "I know I can bout turn," Lowry Air force, estimated damage to ! n>bbt>d In his dressing room after pinner ut thc base nt 2:5 per cent. ; tlic fight. Tho Bill), which has boon called! M;itlhews told his wellwlshers ZTM^drHaTilum'nim, 1 motor' America's "atom bomb carrier." j aft,r the bout. "U was the body to Toxurk.im Tn 3^ y f ho ls lhc Ail I ''" rce ' fl lttr « Mt ' »«"««"l blows that did the job." to luxuiKaim inuuuny fin the bomber In service imd was' A crowd of about 7.000 watched offices pro at stake. The veteran Democratic Sen. Pal McCnrran is supporting Alan Bible. 42. Reno attorney and farmer state attorney general, for j nomination is Simon Conwcll, who > off ices the past decade, but hasn't his party's senatorial nomination. ! has been u candidate for various campaigned actively. Baring's foe for the Democratic! ' _. •_..*.!-.__ : ._ f J *"i_._ 11 i ' _ er: . J.L. under the command of Vice Adm. J. H. Cassady, commander of the U. S. Sixth Fleet stationed in the Mediterranean. r>< The cruise, a demonstration (*• Western support for Premier-Marshall Tito's Communist but anti- Moscow regime, was described by j the embassy here as a courtesy call. y HAL BOYLE METOWN. U. S. A. (ft— Trel- Mae Pceble. America's av- e wife, felt a little uneasy as entered the office of Dr. Alse Cortex, the celebrated psy- trist. ervously she sat in the waiting m studying an aged photo of a ball team hung on one wall. | Cortex had put it there for a j son. He felt his new patient 1 more confidence in him if they he had played left tackle for old Psychosomatic Univer- The doctor will see you now, Peeble," the nurse said in professionally cheery voice. rellis Mac hesitantly entered' other room-and Dr. Cortex j nediately took command of the on ' Star WtATMIR Arkansas — , little warmer tonight and dsy and in west and north lions this attcriitam,' , ,"" T»mp«raturs A *., High 81 Low At , "«., ? -! 53D YEAR: VOL. 53 — NO. 276 Stat of Hoe* 11**. Pr«tt 1*17 ConiolldoMid J*n. II, 1*1* HOPE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, 1952 M»mh«n TM A*Mtl«M fttu It AMNt Ivttift *f CjfnWlMt 1 MM. lft««e NtaMH,'S1< Wl — M*l A». Ntt PRICE 5c day. Mm, C. C. Mitchell tind Mls« Milrlliii Ann Mitcncll were 1 Tliui.s- dny vlfiltorti In Texurkunu. Dr. nnd Mrs, O. G. Hirst spent Thurndiiy In H, H. MeKon/.le, Jim McKetulc nnd Jim Uornlii motored to Lltttu Iloek Frldny for tho dny. Mr, tind Mr». Hubbiird hnd UN tholr KUUNt Ft'lduy, Mlna Thclrnn Drucc of LIUUt nock. ,T, II, McMohon was n Thursdny vlxltor in Magnolia. Ills little daughter, Ootny Juno, visited her urnndpiirontM, Mr. and Mrs OtM't McMahun, • W. C. HCCVCH luia returned from Texnrknnii whore h« wns the guest of III* son, Alton I(euv«s nnd fnm Jly. . Mr. nnd Mm. Johnny Hooks nnc dniifihtcr, Susie huvr returned from n ten dny visit In Ashdown nnd other points, lexlimed to curry 10,000 pounds i/f >om08 on n lO.UOO-mlle inissoln, Also dninnged as the 00-mile-pur tour winds struck the vicinity was he plunt of Consolidated Vultce Aircraft Corp., which manufac iurcR tho huge six-engine contlnuntal D30n. Alrcnift plant officials was disrupted and intcr- said the fight. The Uomnns usually made slaves of defeated soldiers. ictd. Wind blew the tail from one of lhc giant bombers nnd left it shat exten.tored in a ( ditch. Others were slvu dHinagc done to survicu docks; tstrewn about the ramps and taxi :it which the big planuH were scrviways of the base. 2nd Hurricane Swirls Westward in Open Ocean MIAMI, Fla. MV-Gusts of wind estimated at 140 miles per hour I were reported today in the severe ., . . ,, I Atlantic hurricane swirling north- i ?u° ,'•" . tcns . 10 "- madalm - i westward in open ocean 800 miles said the Without equal for heating efficiency. Only 24-in. from top- to bottom — flts into small space without excavation. Less. . . expensive to install a«d operate. Top heating efficiency and marked economy with available gas. SEE ITI HARRY W. SHIVER PLUMBING— HEATING PHONE 7-2811 QUALITY MEANS L^AdERSHIP! J^lpw Open for IJusiness In Our Now.-Location•.•'. 110 E, 2ND STREET tNoxt Door to Ponnoy'i) atch Wednesdays Paper For Our 0 OPENING SALE "(Dome Ip and RegUror — Nothing to Buy lading Saturday 5 P. M. '~ l *!> You do ««> hove to be present to win. Qftor PrUoi to b« Qlvon Away at Drawing, free attendance privet for oil. Okla/umta- PRICt Mr, nnd Mrs, Jnmes It. Harris, Mrs. \Vnndn Long nnd Mrs. Mtirthn Stetson tiro onjoyli.M n ton dny motor trip to \VunhlnnUin. D. C. Now York nnd Philadelphia. 'ny' Loornlw Is the guest of friends In Santa l''o. New Mexico. NOTICE *,{ >vy 'o Our Customers this opportunity to announce our f^ opening and closing. We ore C In ordtr that our omployees «\oy on Sunday and be with their N1NG SEPTEMBER 1, 1952 NEW HOURS WILL BE DAYS Close 7 p.m. toy Sunday hours W ill not Outline P%ts rJ*L*i. A >? ^ of Campaign I'ARACIOULD Wl — Jeff Spuek, tho Ht'inibllcan ciuidldtitu fur gov< i>ntnr, outlliuid u 5-polnt state re form program In his bid for a 2 party system in Arkansas hero yes torday, The a.Vyonr-old Frenchman's Ba you plrintttr nlso lashed Into Demo- orntlc administrations In Washing- 1 ton utul Little Rock nnd culled Gen, ftisenhowur, tho OOP presidential nominee, "tho greatest llv- UIR diplomat." Officially opening his enm»al«n for the governorship, Spock mudo u stnmu plyu to revitalize thu 2- party system by starting at thc stntu level. Ho mentioned his Democratic opponent, Nominee Francis) Cherry only twice—-saying he hoped ho would be «s lucky HS Cherry, who ulso launched Ma campaign with a 1'arttgould address, and described tho Jonusboro Judge us «n opponent of the 2-party system. Speck claimed that Arkansas U the only Southern state waging-a staUwldu OOP campaign and then fvomlsed that if the state voted Republican in November: "Th« Republican Party would bestow its attention and its favor on Arkansas to demonstrate to other Southern states that there is merit and reward In installing the 3-party system." Ha said the two-party system would "insure to the people of Arkansas that constant pressure would bo applied on the government at Uttle Rock, . .graft and «orrui>tion would bo eliminated." Outlining a reform program on the state level, Speck listed tho tallowing program: 1, A cenU'«Uw»d purchasing sys- U-m for all state departments and agencies. 1. Reduction, of state botuds mul commissions from 130 to 35, S. ReorgatiixaUtMi of public school curricula, 4. A permanent highway system that would embrace loll roads financed by a IVit c «*rt » mile vt* hlcle levy. He c«U«d the pwsent educational system a "disgrace" and referred to iiitw Arkansas rc«ds as "*) pound fell highways" he claimed a bicycle could tall through, • also attacked the national • • • •' ud Ux«s it wo will strvict Uckel, f« wid ealUwx adinux- the NATURAL GAS m now flowing through Texivs Eastern's new MLssissippi-Pennsyl- vunin pipeline at n rate of almost 380,000,000 cubic feet per day, bringing tho Company 'B total delivery capacity to over 1.2 billion cuuic feet of natural TEXAS EASTERN INCREASES GAS SUPPLY FOR HOMES AND INDUSTRIES AS NEW PIPELINE STARTS OPERATING New 791-mile Line Increases Company's Delivery Capacity by About 380 Million Cubic Feet a Day gns per day. The Barton, Alabama, compressor station (above) is one of six which have just gone into operation along the new line. It is a 7,500-horso- power centrifugal station. The nation's newest major natural gas pipeline started operating recently as Texas Eastern began deliveries through its 791-mile line from Mississippi to Pennsylvania. The 30-inch line, with six modern compressor stations located at intervals along it, is now in continuous operation providing additional millions of cubic feet of natural gas each day for homes and industry. Texas Eastern's part in the national economy increases with the capacity is now over 1.2 billion cubic feet of gas a day. Its pipeline network stretches some 4,200 miles in 15 states. In most of the states where Texas Eastern pipelines have been operating for years, the Company is a familiar friend and neighbor. Operations now extend into several new states as a result of the completion of the new pipeline facilities; in those states the Company will become a new "citizen" in the many com- THIS COATING AND WRAPPING MACHINE in a single operation applies a heavy coat of enamel to the pipeline and wraps it in protective layers of fiber glass and kraft paper. Scene shows one of the machines in operation during construction of Texas 'Eastern's new line. addition of the new pipeline to its munities where its employees now system. The Company's delivery live and work. med the distinguished mind ex-' cast o{ jyii arn j -r. "Lie down on the couch' ' The wc ^ hc [. bureau _ _ relax, please, while I go out tlopical disturbancc pl - 0 bably few notes to my, would cont inue the present course . ... ,. . , . , r.i^ 0 '' the next 12 hours, "with pos- 'rclhs Mae lay down, took oft siblo intensification." dictate a ise." shoes, sighed gratefully and asleep. She always fell asleep bn she removed her shoes, no iter where she was. Forward speed was estimated by a hurricane hunting plane at 12 to I 14 grilles per hour i Savage sustained winds of 11! dozed for a few moments,, milcs hou) . W( , rc rcgistorct i when Dr. Cortex returned shc| neal . tnc > idly scribbling on a piece of iS ( orrr) er. He quickly plucked it from • A] , ' snip pj n g in tho path o£ the hand, and read: hurricane-the second of the 1 sca- amburgcr, one pound head let-. son . was told to gct oul of tho way :e, pepper, two cans corn, froz-j in a nurry strawberries. What is the mean-. . . [ of this?" 'I just thought I'd make out my| »ccry list," explained , .Trellis ae. The psychiatrist looked annoyed ust what is your trouble?" he |ked brusquely. ij"Me?" said Trellis Mae, indig- intly, sitting up. "There's nolh- wrong with me. It's my hus License Numbers Lead to Arrest of Two Men Two men who gave officers plenty of headaches two nights ago have been taken into custody. Hope City Police announced today. Both men were traced through the license numbers on their cars. A. P. Powell Jr. of Stamps has postc-d bond on a charge of reckless driving following a wild chase Monday night in which he eluded city officers on a rural road. There is a possibility other charges will be filed against Powell. The driver of an auto which hit another, ran over a water meter, a bicycle and knocked off part of the Shover Street Dinette's porch was listed by City Police as Roy Shaw of Magnolia, formerly ot Buckner. He is being held by Magnolia officers on a couple of offenses committed there. Officers here seek him on a leaving the scone of an accident charge and reckless driving. Rd, Wilbur, I carne to see you bout." ! 'Your husband? This is rather Maine Is Site of Nixon's Campaign ROCKLAND, Me. —Sen. Richard M. Nixon moves on through Maine today on a campaign kick... off tour, pledged to make "Com- wrong with your imunist gubv( . rsiotl and f;orruption in government "the theme of every speech from now until the elec- usband?" "He moans and shouts in his leep." "H-m-m-m-m-m. Have you had ny, any,—cr, cr—shall we say, lartail difficulties?" "I'm glad you brought that up," id Trellis Mae, as she arose and on her shoes. "But it's a long w .ory, doctor. Do you want to lie own and rest while I tell you?" "No, thank you," said the psy- liatrist, blushing. "Just give me e main facts, please." "Well, I used to be a Republican, jt now I'm for Adlai Stevenson," iirt Trellis Mae. "And Wilbur. itd to vote the Democratic ticket, I ter as " tnc nemesis o£ Alger Hiss and other such miscreants," will Nine Cities Protest Phone Rate Hike LITTLE ROCK (/Pi — City attorneys for nine Arkansas cities yesterday won eight days in which to prepare their protest againsl Southwestern Bell Telephone Co.'s request for another rate increase The Arkansas Public Service Commission, ;il a preliminary hearing on Bell's plea for a $2.1 million rate boost, ordered the do The Republican vice presidential j If y on the request ot the attor- candidute began last night in Bangor what he announced as "the most intensive campaign in tho history of American politics. . ." As he spoke, Republican presidential Nominee Dwight D. Eisenhower opened in Atlanta, Ga... what Nixon said would be a fiii'ht- ing campaign for election and a chance to clean up "the mess to Washington." Nixon, presented by a toastmas- Ike, Arkansas Sei for Visit General to ON HISTORY MAKING TRIP — Gen. Dwight Elsenhower, OOP pretldentlal standard bearer, waves to well-wishers as he boards his "Elsenhower Special" at Idlewlld Airport In New York for the start of his history making political campaign Into the southland. The general will arrive at Little Rock this afternoon for an address at 3 p. m, — NEA Tolephoto jt now he's all out for Eisen- awer." What does he shout in his P?".,. 'Oh, he shouts things like, ttaboy, Ike! Give it to 'em, Ike!' ,d when I shake him awake and to argue with him, he says, w, let me alone,' and then starts lioring. It is maddening." wind up his second day of Maine campaigning with a Sant'ord ad. dress tonight. Before then, he, wiJ have spoken to Rockand and Auburn-Lewiston audiences. He is traveling by chartered plane. "I had hoped, frankly," Nixon said, at Banker, "that Communist subversion in the United States You wish me to cure him of would not be an issue in the ' Iking in his sleep?" inquired the|paign. I had supposed we were ental healer. all against communism. neys. An ' ..I legal campaign to block the proposed hike was indicated by the city attorneys in their statements to the PSC. The attorneys fought the company in 19, r )0, and succeeded in getting Bell's $4.6 million request cut to $3.2 million. O. D. Longstretch, Little Rock city attorney and chief spokesman for the protestants, told the PSC he wants to know how much money Bell spent in preparing its case for higher rates. In the last case, opponents of the increase protested the ^inclusiog o| : ,suph. cx_ : jjf.r.ses m Bell's" "op era fling 'costs. Bell claims that it must have an. other rate boost to net a fair return on its Arkansas investment. In it request for the boost, the company cited rising costs, par- icularly wages. MARILYN REALLY HURT — This Is the picture of Marilyn Monroe and two service girls that an Army major requested be killed because It might, embarrass parents of the girls. Marilyn, far from being embarrassed, said she was "really very hurt" because the Army didn't like the photo that was made at the Miss America pageant in Atlantlp City. Lftftio right: YNSN Frances J. -McDonald, Lonflmont, Colo., Marilyn,'and S/Sgt. Carol A. James, Plttsburfl, P^. — NEA Telephoto. Caudle Proves Interesting 7 as Witness By KARL R. BAUMAN WASHINGTON — T. Lumnr Caudle proved to be such nn In- tcrc.stinu witness at a closed door hearing yesterday thut a House investigating committee chairman remarked utter it wns over that his group "has u lot more work thnn wo thought we hnd." "We've tfot a terrific September ahead of us," added Rep. Chelf (D-Ky) aftor listening to Caudle for more than five hours. Then he expressed doubt his judiciary subcommittee, which has boon investigating tho Justice Department, will be uble to finish Us work by Oct Dumping Trash Property of Others Could Be Costly Many landowners hnvo com plained to Sheriff Clnud Sutton nnd Prosecuting Attorney Royco Wcla- enborgor about persons dumping trn.sh, garbage, junk and other wu.ste on property along public ronds. This Is n violation ot the luw nnd it Isn't necessary (or land owners to post signs or notices on their property to warn people. The flno Is not less than $10 and not more Hum $500. Tho penalty for dumping trash nn any public or private highway or road, including any portion of the right-of-way, Is a fine of not less thnn $100 and not more.than $200. Both Mr. Wclsonborgcr and Sher iff Sutton urged citizens to rcmom ber the penalties when dumping gnrbnge on tho property ot others. Storms Ground Planes Over Korea By MIUO FARNETI SEOUL, Korea M— A tropical I at 3 p.m. LITTLE ROCK UB Dwight D. Elsenhower, thunderous receptions in tho South, was to hit this capltol another Solid DofnocrtttU:,., " this afternon. -',!/ den, Eisenhower, first prfy tlul candidate o( u major pai stump tho South slnoo 19,40 Republican Wendell Wllklo spoke TCXHS, planned a brief Bpeqclv , Little Rock's MacArthur Park, Earlier today, Elsenhower at Birmingham, Ala,, In bourne stump tour of Dixie* , tcrdiiy nnd last night) he reccl 1 rousing welcomes In A.tlngtaL'0| nnd Florida. < ",\* < P Tho general was to 'have a two-hour stopover ifl Little t His arrival by piano'was schc at 3 p. m.; his departure foi'" East ut 5. ,,, ~ 'f i It was Elsenhower's second.vlai' to Little Hock, his first 'at a lltlcul candidate. And* htfW* *L f the tlilrd proaidcntlai'candidate actively campaign in Arkansas. 1048, Progressive Henry spoke in the state, and planned. Caudle, who was the govern- storm grounded U. N. wurplunos. today and lashed infantrymen on the Korean buHlefront with up to 3 inches of rain. U. S. Fifth Air Force hcadquar- tern reported only weather ocon- naissunce plutics took oft. Allied fighter-bombers bombed an 'airfield yesterday nour Slnurilu Normal Thomuu has a p p o a r o here, In his first visit to Little Rf) in 1047, Eisenhower apoko as guest of tho city's veteran zntions. At that time, ho' i,-.-,,, wasn't a candldato for any,puw office. . ., . t • Dwtoht D' i . r "'"S.V T' "Either that," said Trellis Mac, r I wan— to find a way to make start saying, 'Hurrah for Adin his sleep. That would be en better." Dr. Cortex looked troubled. "You know, it's just the other y around in my family," he re- arked. "I have been a lifelong emocrat, and still am. But my ife recently switched to Elsen- jwer. I am really quite worried >out her. "You know, I'd like to have you at with her—give her the ,man"s viewpoint on Stevenson." rellis Mae stared • at the psy- liatrist. "But Mr. Stevenson has raised tho issue. He has made light of the Communist threat. He kas demonstrated a shocking lack of understanding of this deadly serious matter. "He has referred to it not as a 'red herring' but as a phantom in our midst. "In Augusta on Saturday nifeht, I am going to talk about the Communist 'phantoms' and what they have done. 1 think you will be surprised." Nixon told a press conference Uc would nume names when and if it became necessary in discussing the administration's record. Ho 'You mean I came hero to. get) said he does not believe Eisen- iu to help me got Wilbur's mind: howcr will,deal in names and espu- f Ike, and now you want me to ;lp you get your wife's mind off e?" "Well—" began the doctor. "Let me out of here," said Trel; Mae. "I'm wasting my money." ciaUy will avoid direct references to Stevenson and Sparkman. Oklahoma Tire Supply Opens in New Home I Formal opening of. Oklahoma lire and Supply Company in the |rm's new location will be held tursday, Friday and Saturday, ptember 4-5-6, it was announced iay by Paul L. Church, owner JThe store is now located at 110 Cast Second in downtown Hope. 1 building formerly occupied by ke White Elephan't. Mr. Church announced that sou- lenirs and prizes will be awarded lee to visitors during the 3-day prmal opening. Cenrerville Church Singing Planned Centerville Church, on the Ross ton road, will hold special singing services Sunday, Sept. 7, starting at 7:30 p.m. it was announced to day by Sid Skinner. The public i invited. Lanza Out, Studio Closes Picture HOLLYWOOD, MGM's quarrel with Singer Mario Lanza reached u new crisis todny with the studio announcing abandonment o£ his new film, "The Student Prince." The studio said more than $700,000 already had been invested in the movie. A spokesman for La za said the singer expects the picture still will be completed. Reports circulated that the ac tor does not see eye to eye with those in charge of making the movie. Horseman Charged With Manslaughter WELCH, W. Va. Wi—A horseman who rode over and fatally injured an elderly man was charged will 1 manslaughter yesterday. State Trooper C. H. Otto saic the charge was placed against Hague Waldron, 30, of Avondale, W. Va., The trooper quoted Waldron as saying he admitted he was riding the horse last Friday night when it ran over Oscar Christian, 78, also of Avondale. Council to Fight Telephone Rate Increase; No Action Taken on Recreation Plan mcnt' a chjaf tax prosocutoi- President Truman fifed; film i" fri Another Stock Show Attraction \r,, Mrs. Herndon lock From Clink Mr. and Mrs. RufuslHerndan Jr. ave returned homo from Roches- sr, Minn., where Mrs. Herndon as been a patient in Mayo's Clin- Mrs. Herndon was reported to e "doing fine." IMP SHOWS ROUTE of the new 30-inch natural gas pipeline in relation to the other operating lines of Texas Eastern's system. lope Student Gets Degree at Tulene fIXJii IAST1RN TfcANSmiSSION CORPORATION ORLEANS, — Kenneth beal Miller of Hope received the Jachelor of arts degree from Tu- University here August 30 ler wag one of 131 to receive egrees from the yniverwty at Hope City Council went on record last nifiht as opposing a telephone rate increase for Southwestern Bell Company and backed up its opposition by appropriating $630 with which to fight the proposal. This action followed a detailed account of a meeting of various mayors and city attorney's held in Little Rock in which a master plan to fight the increase was outlined. Mayor Wilson and City Attorney W. S. Atkins gave the council an account of the meeting and the appropriation resulted. The measure was adopted. The figure $639 is based on 25 cents per telephone in Hope. The money will bo used to bear the expenses of attorneys to New York where argument will be heard. Mayor Wilson said today the city is not asking money from individuals but if they wanted to help out it would be appreciated. Proposal Delayed Mike Kelly of the Kiwanis Clul and representatives from othei civic organizations submitted arij ordinance to the council which cull od for creation of a recreation commission and provided for the appointment of a recreational supervisor for the City of Hope. But the council refused to takrt immediate action which was tho aim of the committee. However, Mayor Wilson appointed a committee — Howard Byers, C. W Tarpley and Thompson Evans — to work with the civic groups and see what could be done. The civic group also learned that it would be practically impossible to get the issue on the November election ballot. Refund Denied ' A request by Hotel Barlow for a refund of an electrician's fee charged for inspecting an air condition unit was denied by the Council. The Welfare Department's request for free parking space was .urued over to the Police Committee and a complaint from Will Porter about water running over his property was placed in the ands of the street department School Superintendent James H. Jones asked that the city underwrite __ the cost of reconditioning the lighting system of the football stadium — the amount to run about $5,000. The group voted to underwrite half of this providing the company from which the equip ment is purchased carry the other half. Arthur Sinyard Dies at Home at Rocky Mound Arthur Sinyard, aged 04, a resident of Rocky Mound community, died at his home early today. He is survived by his wife, three sons, Tilman of Oklahoma City, William of Vallejo, Calif., David Sinyard of Mcdford, Oregon; two daughters, Mrs. Daisy Devinny and Mrs. Edith Coins of Hot Springs and a brother, Andrew Sinyard of Hope, Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Thursday at Rocky Mound Baptist Church with the Rev. Coy Xurnwalt in charge. Burial will be in Macedonia Cemetery near Pat- ntll, •om his job as assistant attorney general last November, provided some information that was brand new to them, Chclf said. The chairman said thc discussion covered "a lot of cases and u lot of things." Rep. Keating (R-NY), ranking minority member of the 'committee, told reporters that some of Caudle's information "related to previous attorneys general," but he didn't elaborate. Caudle was brought into the Justice Department nl 1045 by Ally. Gen. Tom C. Clark, now a Supreme Court justice. Clark was succeeded by J. Howard McOrath, who was head of the department when Cuudlo was discharged for "outside activity." Today Caudle, tolling reporters he was "delighted to co-operate." stood by for another private session with the subcommittee. The time of his next appearance remained uncertain bpcauso pf a public hearing scheduled toduy into the recent ouster of a veteran Communists were Sl^flflju tiftld 41es north of the Western Front and would give Rod jot pilots a base within range ot tho front. Pilots reported 70 direct bomb hits on thc runway. They did not sec any Red planes, tho Air Force added. Tho storm battered Seoul during the night an It moved northward, An Army weather officer said wind gusts reached a velocity ot about 00 miles an hour. A U. S. Eighth Army staff officer said Communist probes and patrols have Increased across tho front tho past two days. Ho said thu Reds probed 13 times across tho front at Bunker Hill, Old Baldy Hill, the Pukhan River, Heartbreak Ridge and the Punchbowl. None of tho Red probes developed into more than brief skir* mlsnes. But thc biggest, Allied troops at an advance position near the Pukhan River last night drove off about 100 Chinese in an hour. The Eighth Army reported it Inflicted 10,032 casualties on tho Communists In August, about 1,000 more thun In July. Tho total includes 5,028 killed, 4,074 wounded m <f »M«**I i« i |*Wfl«»»*iff»>W just how solid the '•>! era tic South will bo in the No bor election. > . -' Tho GOP presidential nomfc was drawing huge crowds at o'V istop along his campaign *0 But none could say whether was duo to personal charm or', litlcal uppeaj—or, M combination the two. About 150,000 nors,pns „ to greet Elsenhower yostbrdaj Atlanta, Ga., Jacksonville,, and here In Miami. ' • " There woro prospects o| big turnouts today in Tampa, Birmingham, Ala., and , Rock, Ark.—the last stops on two-day, 3,400-mile' Journey 'f- Would Shear State Roads of 4,000 Miles LITTLE ROCK, W)—State Sen. Jarncs D. Johnson of Crossett says he will propose legislation that will remove som.e 4,000 miles of road from the state highway sys- Molly O'Day's widely famous "Dancing Deb«" Is another feature attraction of the revue which play* at the Third District Livestock Show here Monday night, September 2?. The "Pfbs" are "•- v*ry toVft^jSM^i why tW« xt^t Uv««lBfJ( &$t i -..in i— AI- faaa* BVBr uld h^r*. ~-^-T-T vr~g ( W^f^ ^»p* •W'w "»*v* lem. Johnson, a strong supporter of Chancellor Francis Cherry, Democratic nominee for governor, said yesterday the legislation will be considered by the Arkansas Legislative Council at its next meeting. The State Highway Commission can add mileage to the highway system but only the legislature can remove it. Johnson's proposed plan would: 1. Empower the Commission to remove at its discretion, and with permission of the Bureau of Public Roads, highways with a traffic count of less than 350 vehicles daily. 2. Establish the removal procedure identical to that used to add roads to the system. 3. Declare that an emergency existed and that the system "is so overburdened with low traffic- count roads and semi-private roads that it is impossible for the overall state highway system to receive necessary improvements, repair Justice Department lawyer, also for outside activity. But both Chelf and Keating said Caudle may be questioned again before the end of the day, They said they expect eventually to put him on the witness stand at u public hearing. Among witnesses called for today's hearing was James A. Mullally, long-time attorney In the Justice Department's Criminal Division, who resigned after his recent suspension by AWy. Gen. James P. McGranery. In addition to Mullally, the subcommittee summoned several other attorneys for questioning about laws and regulations dealing with conflicts of interests of attorneys who leave the Justice Department and take up private law practive. Caudle, 54 and now practicing law at Wadesboro, N. C., where he started his legal career, was affable, but not very talkative outside the committee room. "I'm here to co-operate all I can," he told reporters before entering. And he suggested, without any obvious trace of rancor, that they not forget to put in their stories that I'm the guy fired by the President." "I am going {a slay here until as he left. "I'm delighted to co- the committee 1$ through," be said operate." cfiiMji t of trying, New York through ijhe .SwHwj.,,,, Tho thousands who heard Else how«r spook burst' inw of " rebel yells when ho i Truman administration cover up a "mess" ot crlnjft-l corruption, , *» s They cheered when,he-,oaaiedJ "common woodshed- honesty" • government, and 'deplored "whole sordid story" ot Until the end of the last century little but the whim ot the victor governed the faj* mm w w cap* Mn. Shirley Tuktt Over Beauty Shop and 50 captured. U. S. Marines inflicted nearly 4,000 of the casualties in winning Bunker and Siberia Hills lust month, the staff officer said. In Tokyo, the Air Force announced that 23 of the 78 Communist targets made public early in August had been hit the past month. A spokesman emphasized that "since then tho list has changed considerably—with names of places added and subtracted," Civilians in the 78 Communist areas were warned by leaflets, radio or both to flee from possible bombings of Red military targets; "Spot warnings are given when they will not unduly jeopardize air crews," the spokesman said. "However, we don't hope to get a warning to every man, woman and child in Korea." in the Bureau of Internal Roven a face or'two/' _ T _ „„ tion and that " No Change in the showcasCJBilft'pMwi,.. ten goods ba.cic,,in,4h0~w«r any better, w *f *>' ' " ' And tho Ditrki Now H«9 Banking Scrvict DJERKS. (JIOvposHors In the Bank of Pierks yesterday got their 'first banking service since Aug. 18 when the town's b|pk, wa» closed because ol imQQfl ' thu Democratic Washington, tho better* ers »eumgd tfl lttte.'Jt t v plause wos apy measi Eisenhower • hammer ruptlon in drive Into it clear r ,, n would support him. He wound up ' ' speaking 'to ;| wore person». » ast night, t to hear m Miami. cheered ,_ Bank ol Boratjft ,. ed s,branch office tore, Employees ol ttw Mercb«»t» „,„ Bank at ft Smith fo4 tfeft *e»«rj£ana N»ttoft«l 8*nk tt» branch o«tee, Cart ' owner ol the Hpj»t!o L a TOOJ* permaoejot bn._ WOJ4W be establisiusd ifl . Southwest ArkajHWJ (OWQ Mr*, Op*l wont Ifce brilliantly tore to to, LITTLE! iy and maintenance from available lunds." The Americaa Kin«' 3e*uiy SJwp ia Hop« m Fr«et &«*& W4 .. h^r frjiffudiiff to vuili viK tJMrff **„_ ^ZT^a '"^ * 'L"*T. ^jT'* • 7^ ^ M'JV .mill' te

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