Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 2, 1952 · Page 13
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 13

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 2, 1952
Page 13
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Co«t oil nil>ii«i»tton to the MO PI IT •f:. ARKANSAS DISPLAY V*t pet p«r inon IISTAR r'jtf MHM (it wi*M «'•» m*H*r «t *M «' •» N* I, 1l*f. 41 «•• ' *t t|ptlon t notw, (papblt in ad- rl»f ' In Hoot And neighbor* ' In H«mpil«od. , itt* Howorrt, oral Mllltr coun- Lndl^Wte in., 809 Texot T rt/« au-ot responsible for than tho*a made FarlUnt VACANT now. S rwm fu npsttment. Cloi*.|ft, UtHHle* paid, Oftrfltfe. I'hone 1-4469, H-tf FHQNT toflrttWrt «o«V«rtU*iit „ Unto, Within I block o( Barlow Ifotgt. Phanc 74141 ai-tl 4 BOOM fflr^!Jih7d^i«rtn^ VAtK b*th. Kluotrlc box. No child* ten, Mr*. Judion. 220 North Kim, 80-tf 3 LARGK room» furnUhed apnrl- ment, UpiUXm, Private both. I'lmno 7-3174, wstor, electricity, pnMure, Phono '••378ft, *N MODERN One bedroom rtpnrt. mtmt, Unfurnlihed, |40., Phono to KnUblfah Unlfm*rti Method* of Purrhi»*ln« (or th« State Kffit (or Oth«>r i* It Kniettd by tdf 0*n*r«l At- limbly of tht «UU of Ark«nt«*; »*ctiOn 1, («l the thoft title for this Act •hull b« the Uniform Purch(i»ln« fan. ''b» The word* "dopnrtment (*), jnttltutlmi i*t. tmmoll <»), com- miimlon (»», or agency »«Kencli?»)" *her» nwd in this Act or the rule*, «nd procedure* pro- iturrftiiifirr. nrct Inter- nnd hnvc (lie «»mo pur- mulgitted pone und (c) The w»rd» "f'urt'hn»ing Official wh«n u**d In thin Act or the rule*, regulations, uitd procndunta 7-11401, a-at thi'rmindtr (hull .any individual, board, com rnUnion or council eharttml with the r««pon»lbll(ty fur purcluulnij «r ControctlnK for nny agency of tln> Stfltti Qovnrnmpnl, Section 2, PUHPOSE OK ACT, The purdff! of thl* Act U to e* For Salt 40 ACRIfi farm, 4 (Tilled noutl, on Highway 80. See Roy Formby, 28-tf 50 FAT New Haitipihira hens 61 22 ocmu per pound. Arthur Gray, Own, ' LUMBER for barn nnd fence. Special prlco. 20 acre* of land, Mi fullfi from city limit*, A. A. , Rt, 4, Hope. 30-31 condition. Good tiro*, Worth the price. J, W. Strickland. 30-;it AT roaaonublo pricoi, HoKlstorecif Itornford Dulls, 13 to 10 months Old, Nisw location 4 miles north on Proving Ground Rond, A. W, Phone 7-408S, 8-JM HAY ot tho rnendow. Iwixcd"1«* potlean and second growth John mm Krnsn, Aliio plnln Johnson Bra§». A, ,>V', Illorauth, Phono 7«40tl». l-Ot NICK Knt hertn. Mr», J, N. Crnn- ford, Emmet, i-at whlto fnc'o bull, 111 monthti old, Knviirnl Hood mlk-h cows. Curtis Cttnnofi, 7-a2(Xl. a-at NICK S room houte. South Walker Street, 3 blockti from High School. Phono 7-4810. U8KD Whlto sowing WO, 1 vised muttresH, flO, t De«r and Fox hound, »at), PowftH, nt. a, Hope, i mllo unst Rooky Church, Iiuuiir A, K. Powell. CKlACttUi funn on,l.ewl»vlUe h way, t room houio, ««», a pump, 3400 crudity, house, Clyclu SundorN, fl-flt The Negro Community •y H*l«n Turnar Phon« T-M74 Or brlno lUm« t« Miii T« M HloXi Funaril Hem* ;ttbtuh for tho ufroctitd nm-nc.'k>s of State of Arkanmu n Mlimdurd unlforni method of nurehn»ln«, Section 3, AGENCIES AFKKCT- ED, The provisions or thin Act ihnll be tipptlcablc to nil inutlttiiion*, bonrdx, conn ell*, commUiilotu, or other of Rtfltc Government; provided, however, that no p ( rovl»lon of thin Act shall be Interpreted to apply to tho Supremo Court, tho General Assembly, or to any unit of local government*. Section 4, PURCHASING AND CONTRACTING P R O C K DURIS. The following procedures shall bo usBtl by nny ond all purchasing or oontrttctlnu offloom In the purchnsi of nil materials, suppllex, equipment, insurance, anil other con- tractural »8rvlee»; <A) FORMAL, COMPETITIVE PUBLIC BIDDING REQUIRK JflENTS, In making purchase of nny of the following nnrned classun of commodities for which lh« e»ti muted total cost will cijual or ex coed $1,000,00, Iho Purchasint Agt'nt »hall prepare formal invi latlons to bid on proitcrlbed forms for clrculnrhiitkm to known com e supplier* of the parUeulai of commodity In tho trade area, Tho dOHi«nnt«l Purchitslnn Official ior the affected depart HHint shall then cause to be pub lltihod ill n cohxplcunus place fdi threw consecutive days In oni newspaper of statewide elrculo a lUitlce to the effect tha , ftt b$"proposals will be re $ve« by him, up to a time am to to bo mentioned therein, foi urnlihlnu the articles specified li bid proposal, The milieu «: • state that dutallcd lists [tnich articles are on office of the doslttnnt, Official, subject to IritttonfonY and l«.t, copies jitttne InvflPon to bid «nlly broad to pormUeompvtltlvi cotttln* within • eom iroup. mwlt v* Ch« Plymmith, etc., ANd Ir* nrlc* «t, Fufd, eall tor •1* or eight cylinder, I p»ii*fif«r, lour door ««d*n, not l«* than 114- rich wheelbft**, not l*i than 85 brake her** power mot*-, standard n»«chln. unit* of etc.) GROUP NO. It: Ho «jry, provided thnl ulni RAF Mttfi Swimi Iflf lUh Chonn«l DOVKR. England (/fl - Philip Mlckmin, 21-year-old Royal Air Force enllited man, completed an KngUnd-to-Frnncff chnnnel swim in 18 houri, 44 minute* today. Returning to Dover In a motor boat which accompanied him on' ior football team arc- reporting, the »wlm, Mlekmnn tald the Chan- dully to Coach John Pcarce In! Chattanooga 45 Juniors Seek Spots on Team Some 45 candidates for the Jun- By The Associated Press SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION W L Pel 1952 Horse of Year r-Crafty Admiral * CHICAGO, Sept. 2 (UP)—Craftl Admiral, a bay four-year-old sol ol Fighting Fox out of Admirall each mny be purchased u provided ncl wa» rough all the way across'preparation for the opening game! Atianti !»• tif.*tt !«.•* 4 » tt t toi^Ia.... 'I I. t t. _ *_._.»_ _ j. .. . *...*•..At.. .- [ _.. » »._!._• _ i »-» _ J»X_. ... ~ (*»HOIifc, ¥ , In Section 4 fB) below. (In purchntlhtf road nomenclature and it ihiill be sufficient)? br mlt competitive blddini mtnl generally comlni competitive price groud) clflcntlons |id to per- in oqulp- within a jftnd he took a severe buffeting, scheduled at De Queen on Sep-i "but I feel perfectly fit." tcmber 18. Coach Pearce in putting his char ges through the pace twice daily 13 Die IN MISHAP ond , lkc their bigger brothers will ACHEN, Germany, (UP) —Gov-| operate Iron the single wing. ernment and track officials Investl- The balance of the schedule: K«!od today Oermnny'a worst post- - - — -- • wur race track accident in which New Orleans Memphis Nashville Little Rock .527 Lady, could stand on his record td day and challenge the field to be a hjm honors as 1952's horse GROUP NO. 12: F«*m Implc iniMitu, both motor drive) and non motor driven, except f.nt «lni(l*j 13 persons were killed and 27, unit of any type of fiirm jnplofnent! others Injured. may be purchased n* Provided In Section 4 <B> below. GflOUP NO. 13: Farm fencing, etc. ols, wire OROUP NO. 14: Cemlnt, sand, t'ttvel, cruihcd stone, {Mag, bituminous matcrlnl*, etc.! GROUP NO. Ifl: Hardware. OROUP NO. 18: Paint j painters' The Investigators examined the' steeply-banked curve at Grenzlandj track where the speeding car wcrilj out of control Sunday and hurtled Into n group of spectators. Sept. 25 — Prescott, there. Oct. 2 — Nashville, there. Oct. 9 — DeQuccn, here. Oct. 10 — Camden, here. Oct. 23 — Texarkana, there, 30 — Open 0 — Magnolia, here. 13 — Nashville, here. Oct. Nov. Nov. GItOUP NO. 17: Plurrblng and and air conditioning equip' men! and Hupplii-s, mill supplies, L'tC, GROUP NO. 18: Electrldol equip- Tho mammoth, now extinct, Is! believed to be the only elephant' type which adapted itself to told climates. cncy purchase of supplies, equipment, or contractural services . , ,. . ,,,_,, j -u ment, ll«htin« fixtures, Hfrlgerat- wltnout competitive bids and with- inu ouulnment. electric writer rool- °i<t respect to amount of cost or ing equipment, electric writer cool <?ra, ventilating and cxhnant fnn«, i electi'lcnl xuppllei, etc., except thnt ulngl*.' unit* of equipment irnay be purchfiftcd an provided In Section 4 iBi bolow. GHOUP NO. 19: Acetylene, ox- ygon, carbide, welding equipment arid ((applies, etc. GROUP NO. 20: Solid Fuels. GROUP NO. 21: Lumber, mill work, Rash, doors, roofing supplier, etc. GROUP No. 22: Plate steel, reinforcing steel, structural steel, steel bard and flats. GROUP NO. 23: Merchant pipe, concrete pipe, corrugated metal, vitrified clay, cast Iron pipe, etc. GROUP NO, 24: Tableware and cooking, utensils, ovens, ranges and stoves. GROUP NO. 25: Fire equipment supplies. GROUP NO, 20: License plates, badgt'ti, inslgnias and medals. GROUP NO. 27: Construction Jobs not otherwise covered by low and fur which architects' or en plans and supervision are I Meridian There will be a baseball game Thursday nltiht at City Pork bo- twodn lh» Hope Cuba uiul « stitimj team from Proscott. A section will be re*.arv<xl for whim tantt. Dome tints it o'clock pirn. Admit Dion Is 35 nnd SO cunts. Misfortune Dogs BigAirshow DKTR01T Utt-The Ul-futcd Inter, national Aviation iCxuo»ltlon tslosod M* threo-dty vun at nearby Wayne- Ma torrcn* Airport tial downpour. by 111 l«ck from the uc> fllunlng, the prograpi of Army. Navy and Air Forco demonstrn* tlons came to on ttbifiipt halt in A sudden storm with driving rain, hail and winds upward* of SO mlln was dronchud Uetor» U 'could find holler, Tho field wni turned Into Aud many of th« plone« In n hour, the ciowd, *t T8.0W • *tatlo4\ary,j»xhlWt " dumaged. Iwry Wither*, buffeted »pectatOf iu» Khovv, was fettled by light- the itonn struck, Stove an, w-year-old operator of WUuvebago County Au'Wwt n«ar ko*h, \V"B, Hew to dramttic victory In sixth trophy Rw»- |r; ; **M»f «UWi, Ww r*d»r ob' upstate not used. GROUP NO. 28: Any natural resource extracted or removed on n royalty basis. ' ' . (B) PURCHASES AS , 8ULT OP INFORMAL TION OF QUOTATION? .1 chases of Items- • )n any .'of the clnsses .stiuwn- above which arc es- linuitfd aa-'orfst less than $1,000.00 in the- may be made by on roquost, and it tiiripu to be stuted „ , )^o»nl»*wlU be publicly opened and contracts award<td W thw lowest and bust bidder, prjou, tjunllty muL4uUv««ry tlmu being conWtJeteilJ (Provtdeitt, \\a\v, ,6v«r, 1« 'Ihe/eybntfCo^'any reason the low bid inoum be rejecletl, the PvlVohaKliiK Official *hull,'> It'in his opinion U be odvantaneouu to the' Stato, award tho contract to tho lU'Xt iownnt bidder, However, It In tho opinion of tho Purchasing Offlclul bids BUbmlttcd are nut In tho beat Interest Of the State, lu> inny reject any or. all bids and may thereafter rondvertisci for bids. Itcmii shown in the classes of cummoUiUos below »rt> Uwnc types of article* tho n«od for which can normally be nntlcluatutl In advance for n reasonable period of time, Cind, tluui, onublon the consoUdmion o( rotiulrcnieius for purposes of nccurintj the benefits of volume purchases. PurchualnK Officials in tho various ««onck>» will be held responsible «nd acoounlablu tor uiitlvMputlng requirements of all cummodltloji in Section 4 iA> for a period of not loss than thirty clays in order to »ecuro th« bonotlts of volume purchases, "Parcel- or splitting of purchases in order to ovnde this limitations to thli Act with r««pect to anticipating rtiqulramttnu aud competitive public bidding will be •cunsidci'vd a violation In accordance with Section 9 bfclow. Following aro the cla«««» of commodities fur which formal competitive public bidding hh«U b« »tcurcd whtsn thu estlmat- «i r«iutr«m«ntii would equal or es. ceed W.OOO.tW in cost; , QRQUP NO. 1; Office furniture •mi equipment, and household fur- nttuiv. 4 QHOUP NO. S: Clothing, shoes, hats, cops, dry goods, ond notions, otc, GROUP NO. 3: Paper bags, wrapping paper, proas-board car- tww, corji-ugated cartons, twine, paper towels, toilet, tissue and other pap*? products. OROUP NO. 4; »ru«s. hospital ipplies and „.,_... . .)plies. dental _„.„ etc., except that scientific. the designated Purchasing Official from thu lowest and boat bid received as a result of Informal solicitation of bids from at least threw prospective bidders. In addition, single units of xpfc- ifled items of equipment as' set forth in various classes of com- modulus is Section 4 (A) preceding may be purchased from the lowest and bo tit bidder as a result of in- fofft\nj solicitation of bids from at lonsv tJii'O.i,' prospective bidders. FROM M.ANU- STATE following "j*Jhj*« manufacturer distributor nf type of commodity when urgently needed for immediate delivery due to a bona fide emergency arising from unforeseen or unavoidable cauBCB, For the purpose of this Act, an emergency Is defined as: Any situation arising from any unforeseen cause wherein human life or State property is In jeopardy, or other emergencies defined aa such by the Supreme Court of Arkansas, is hereby declared to be an emergency within the meaning of this Act, and all such emergency purchases shall be subject to review and approval by the Board 1'Xtabllnhcd under Section 5 of this Act. Section 5. BOARD OF APPEAL ESTABLISHED. The State Auditor the Attorney General and the Governor shall compose a Board of Appeal to which any aggrieved bidder may appeal any deciston made by any Purchasing Official in awarding contracts under Section 4 (Ai of this Act. Notice that protest will be filed must be given in writing to tho Purchasing Ol- ficlul at tho time of the opening of the bids, and such notice shall be perfected in writing and filed with the.'Attorney General within seventy-two hours from the time the bids •were opened. In the event protest •tisjyie^l by, any bidder, awarding of coritVaCt. shall bo held in abeyance until said protect has been heard nnd adjudicated by'«ajd Board ot Appeal. The findings o t" tj met flip tird shall be final and shall be binding on all parties. Section 0. FORMS, RECORDS, AND AUDIT PROCEDURE. In order to secure uniformity of procedure, all necessary forms for purchasing, and contracting shall be standardized and prescribed by the State Comptroller and the State Purchasing Agent acting jointly, subject to approval of the General, Immediate ration and issu Brooklyn New York St. Louis Philadelphia Chicago Seeded Stars Matched in Tennis Meet . FOHEST HILLS, N. Y.. (UP) — Delayed a d;iy by heavy rains, nine seeded stars—headed by Vic Seixas of Philadelphia arid Frank Sed- gnian of Australia—shoot for a berth in the round of 16 today in tho U. S. tennis championships. Solxas and Scdgman were heavy favorites but three other seeded Americans were paired against ranking foreigners and faced a stiff fight for survival in their third Boston round matches. Selxas, who has breezed to a pair ot straight set victories, drew J«ck Tuoro of Roslyn, N. Y. Scdg- man, the dcfncding champion who has lost only three games in two matches, was pitted against Hal Burrow of Charlotlesvllle, Va. Seventh-seeded Hamilton Richardson of Baton Rouge, La., had a rougher stand to make against Luis Ayala of Chile, No. 11 in tho foreign field. Ninth-seeded straight clark of Pasadena, Calif., meets Kurt Nielsen of Denmark, No. 5 foreigner, and llth-seeded six Sch- wr.rtz of Brooklyn takes on Ken Rosewall of Australia, seventh in tho foreign list. Fourth-seeded Herbie Flam of Beverly Hills, Calif., is the only other ranking player bidding for a spot in the fourth round, playing young Bob Perry of Los Angeles. Gardnar Mulloy of Miami, seeded sixth, is a round behind and meets Hugh Ditzler of Berkeley's Calif., in a second round match. Third* Larson of San Leandro, round behind, plays Last Night'* Results New Orleans 4-1; Atlanta 1-2 Mobile 1-13; Birmingham 0-1 Chattanooga 7-1; Memphis 0-3 Little Rock .4-3; Nashville 3-4 Tonight's Games Mobile at Atlanta New Orleans at Birmingham Memphis at Chattanooga Little Rock at Nashville COTTON STATES LEAGUE (Playoff) W L Pet 3 80 65 78 68 78 70 77 71 .517 ihe'yVar." 71 75 .486) Tne Charfran stable star hun 66 80 .452 up his sixth stake win of the yet\ 60 80 .4111 yesterday in the richest handica Natchez 3 Greenwood 2 Monroe 2 Last Night's Results Meridian 8; Monroe 1 Natchez 2; Greenwood 1 Tonight's Games Natchez at Greenwood Meridian at Monroe .600 .800 .400 .400 NATIONAL LEAGUE purchased or the author document pur- chaslng;"trn*'tia < p'6"rs relating to the transaction, including bid proposals received, shall be transmit- :|eHdpd ( Art I CM, jalso W 83 75 74 70 66 56 39 L 42 52 57 58 68 73 95 Pet .644 .591 .565 .547 .493 .434 .291 Pittsburgh Today's Schedule Brooklyn at Philadelphia — (2- twi-night) Wade Ul-7) and Landrum (1-3) or Labinc (8-3) vs Rob erts (2-17) and Simmons (1-17). Only game scheduled. Monday's Results New York 3-1; Boston 1-5 Chicago 6-4; Pittsburgh 0-5 St. Lnuis 6-2 Cincinnati 0-3 Brooklyn nt Philadelphia, both gumos postponed rain iti history, the 25th running of i Washington Park handicap, thereby added $119,000 to make hi J952 earnings total $269,721, a fil urc to challenge any other horsf this season. He was clocked at 1:30 4-4, onl three seconds off the track record "He started loafing in the fin! eighth," Jockey Eric Guerin saiij "But he heard those others comln and he just started to move on h| own. "I never had to put a whi'pW him," Guerin added. "He's til gamest thoroughbred I^ever rode.l Owner Charles Cohen was r| licved of his scepticism by tH finish. "All the credit must go to h| trainer, Bob Odom," Cohen sa "I never believed I had as go a horse as this one, but Odom keij telling me he was. Now I belieM him." Crafty Admiral had more enough to beat a flashy field c n the rich mile run, whoch grosscj $172,400. Spartan Valor, owned William G. Hells, Jr., had wc| seven straight before coming Chicago, and was virtually a cj favorite with Crafty Admiral. Spartan Valor faded badly in t\\ stretch and King Ranch's To Mai winner of the Arlington Paif Handicap and $107,150, came quic| ly to take place money of, $25,0 two lengths behind the winner.^ Clarence Hartwick's Sicklel Image and K. G. Marshall's Co fee Money also finished fast to nl Spartan Valor 'and collect $12,51 Cor show and ?G,250 for fourth r| spectively. L 54 57 59 01 G2 04 78 87 Pet .588 .508 .539 .531 .519 .511 .414 .331 a second,rounder. against Ladislav hecht of New York. , The women's division is v scrambled because of the late .arrival of several youngsters from the national girls . championships juj(j!j^prn'ptg$ed bill both defending clffrppioh''Maureen Connolly of San Diego, Calif., and Doris Hart of Coral Gables, Fla., were scheduled for action. Miss Connolly drew Mrs. Elf Carrol! of Sea Cliff, N. Y., and the second-seeded Miss Hart plays prices contained In the maiufuctur> er's or distributor's established Net Stnto Price Lists without formal solicitation of bids: GROUP NO. I; Office machines, including adding machines, typewriters, bookkeeping machines, oulculuting ninchlnus, mimeograph machines, and tubulating machines. motion picture machines, photographic equipment, etc. GROUP NO. 2: Lamps, electric Ull types*. GROUP NO. 3: Bulk plant deliveries of gasoline, oil, greases, etc., when purchased at established lank wugon prices prevailing nt Hnu> of delivery. GROUP NO. 4: Canning machinery cans, etc. GROUP NO. 5: Tires und tubes and automobile batteries. GROUP NO. 8: Equipment repair parts. <O> NON-COMPETITIVE PUR. CHASES. The following types or classtfs of commodities because of their nature ore such that com- petitivo purchasing methods cannot bo used practicably, and designated Purchasing Officials are, therefore, authorlted to make such purchases without solicitation of bids: GROUP NO. 1: Books, subscrlp. lions to journals, papers, etc., membership In Trade and Professional Associations, etc., motion picture film, film strips, film rentals, etc., photography, photographic paper and photographic "Mac." a prefix of many Scottish and Irish names, is a Gaelic word which means son. ted to the State Comptroller with j Don-it Herbst of England. «"* certificate attached showing compliance with this Act and citing thn. uppUcublc section and paragraph of this Act under which the procurement action was taken. The S^ute Comptroller is,, authorized and directed to refuse .payment of any voucher covering a purchase which lias not been properly authenticated. All documents will be preserved either in original or on microfilm in the State Comptroller's Office for a period of three years. All such records in the State Comptroller's Office shall be public records and shall be open to pub' lie Inspection during all normal business hours. Section 7. OFFICERS AND EM PLOYEES PROHIBITED FROM CONTRACTS WITH OWN DE AMERICAN LEAGUE W New York 77 Cleveland 75 Boston fia Philadelphia (59 Chicago 07 Washington 67 St. Louis 55 Detroit 43 Tuesday's Schedule Boston at New York (2-day-night) Hudson (10-9) and Parnell (11-7) vs Gorman (4-2) and Blackwell (0-0) Detroit at Chicago — (2) Gray (11-14) and Hoeft (2-5) vs Grissom (!l)-7) and Dobson (12-9) Philadelphia at Washington — '(2-twi-m'ght) Bishop (2-0) and New som (2-4) vs Masterson (8-6) one Fernieles (0-0) Only games scheduled. Monday's Results Philadelphia 9-2; Washington 8-4 Cleveland 9-1; St. Louis 3-2 (sec ond game called end of 5 innings, rain) New York 5; Boston 1 (night) Detroit at Chicago, both games postponed rain. AMERICAN ASSOCIATION St. Paul 8-8. Minneapolis 7-15 Columbus 8-3, Charleston 7-2 Indianapolis 9, Louisville 3 (2nd Fights Last Night By The Associated Press BOISE, Uaho — Harry Mj] thews, 170, Seattle, knocked Tiger Ted Lowery, 178, New Be| ford, Mass. (5). BROOKLYN — Rocky Castellar 159%, Luzerne, Pa. outpointd Johnny Lombarclo, 153, Mt. Ca| mel. Pa. (10). Chicago — George Berry, 135'J Gary, Ind., and Norman Web| 138, Chicago, drew (8). 0-3 game postponed, rain) Milwaukee 2-7,. Kansas PACIFIC COAST LEAGUE Portland 10-G, San Diego 2-1 Seattle 9-9, Sacramento 2-0 Hollywood 9-6; Oakland 1-5 San Francisco 7-5; Los Angelfl 4-0 Fort Worth 3-1, Oklahoma Ci| 1-2 Beaumont 7-2, Houston 3-4 Shreveport 7-7, San Antonio WESTERN LEAGUE Wichita 5-3, Colorado Springs Denver 5-9, Pueblo 3-4 Omaha 3-11, Lincoln 1-2 Sioux City 8, Des Moines 3 e Mtck. DlilrihmKl by Kto« F»»lurM gynrtlttle. developments. OROUP NO. ?: Ail utilities and m<mu. eul, uud lnstru> and {nay b* purchased a* provtdlMi in Section 4, iD» below. GROUP NO, 5: Food stuffs, including groceries, bread, cakes, Wuwjies, i$»«U, dour, produc*, »*ttjk WMi 4wrjr products, etc. OWOU> NO. «: Feed for livestock, poultry, etc.; fertilaer. GROUP NO. T: Suaps, disinfectants, WKKfs, sweepJtt! compound. ^'-•-^ compound, solvents, and tarUl and cl NO. 8: Tow$l service. rvte*«,etc. methyl communication services. GROUP NO- S: S«rvke station deliveries of gasoline, oil, and r$-i lttt*d K«5lttS, ; GROUP NO. 4: Property Insurance, the rates for which are fixed by the Rating Bureau. < CROUP NO. S: Livestock and veterinary services. GROUP NO. «: Repair services nnd maintenance contract* on office and other small equipment. GROUP NO. T: Licenses, tees, and taxes- GROUP NO. 8: Miscellaneous items, such as eye glwes. f|is* teeth, $ho0 repair, drugs on prescriptions, X-ray services, freight Charges, demurrage, storage charges, etc. GROUP NO. i: Scientific, two- nical, KM) professional instrument*. eoutpmem, and supplies speciajaed to m»»W* and use and aot i*eolte«l in specifica- comm PARTMENT. Any officer, agent, employee, board member, or commissioner of any agency of the State is hereby specifically prohibited from having financial interest or personal beneficial interest directly or indirectly in any contract or purchase order for any supplies, materials, equipment, insurance, or contractual service used by or furnished to or purchased from th«K agency, department, institution, commission, with which such person is connected by employment or appointment. Section 8. SERVICES OF STATE PURCHASING AGENT AVAILABLE TO ALL AGENCIES. The State Purchasing Agent may render purchasing or contracting services to any other State Agency upon the application of that agency and with the approval of the State Comptroller und the State Purchasing Agent. Section 9. PENALTIES. Any person who violates any provision of this Act shall be guilty ot a mis- tion anwog m GROUP NO. 10: ----- from modity govert- SYNOPSIS Nance and young Doctor Jeremy Ire- lancl are about to be married In the small town of Thuratonla when beautiful, wealthy, calculating Eve Romley comes Into their lives. Siie liaa returned to this small hamlet to aeek re- vense qn the trclanU family. Once bi-lefly In childhood they had adopted her. but because of her vicious littla ways, had returned her to an orphan- aee. Sh« conspires now to meet their •on. the doctor, begs his help in the mutter of finding new friends, since she, means to live permanently In Thuratont*. Sorry for this lovely. lonely girl, Jeremy Introduces her to Nance. CHAPTER EIGHT JEREMY, driving slowly and scrutinizing the houses on hia side. was not listening to them, "Here," he said, pulling over to the curb. "I knew I remembered a For Sale *ign along here somewhere." Eve gave the house a cursory glance, rejected it with, "Too big." and Jeremy let out the clutch. •There's that little stucco bungalow on the Drive," Nance suggest•d. "Remember, Jeremy? The one w« Iooke4 at. Only we want more ap«e«. We've got five acres, Eve. We're going to have a garden and an orchard." "And dogs and kids," Jeremy added. tion. be punished therefor by a fine not to exceed $100. Any person who is convicted of * misdemeanor under this Act shall, for a period of five years be ineligible (or appointment to or •mployment in any position in the State service, »nd if he is an officer or employee of the State, shall fatten his office or position. Section io. SEPARABILITY. If any provision of this Act, or the application of such provision to any person or circumstance shall be held invalid, the remainder of this Act and the application of such provision of this Act to persons or circumstances other than those as t» *hteb. it is held invalid, shall not be affected thereby. U. Hp surprls , . CI.AUSE. The foitowia* Acts or of Aj!$a Sftetfeai t *nd t o Act Nance, stopped the surge of ex clUment that always came to her when aha thought of the house Jeremy would build for her. The stucco. Eve said critically, was peeling off the bungalow, and the frame house they showed her next waa, ah* aaid. Impossible with all tn»t gingerbread. "You'd tetter turn me over to § real *st&t* •cent," Eve said, after an unpro«t«h!e hour. 'Tm spoiling your evening." She aald It to both of them, but across Naflc* her eyes sought Jerenjy'a « iin •aid. IdimpuJalve* dttt* ou| m the lajfee Cor you'<| p» it, Or r|v«r, t" Nance nodded approvingly. "We keep swim suits in the luggage compartment all summer." "I have one at the hotel," Eve said. "We'll stop by for It." The lake was five miles out of town. It was mirror smooth and held the sky's sunset flames and the Inverted images of elms and poplars on the shore. There was a strip of beach and a bathhouse where they changed. Jeremy challenged, "Race you to the raft!" and Nance ran with him Into the water, then flattened and swam. Halfway to the raft, she thought, Where's Eve? She trod water and looked back. Eve was at the water's edge, crouched, dabbling her toes. Nance waved for her to come on, and continued after Jeremy. When they climbed on the raft, Nance said, "She is afraid." "Eve? ff she is-—of anything— I'll swallow my scalpel!" "Weren't you listening when she was telling us how she almost drowned?" "Only half comes." And here she Jeremy reached both hands down to lift Eve up beside them, She stumbled on the slippery planks, and Jeremy's hands stayed * moment on her shoulders, steadying her. When he let her go. Eve sat hugging ber knees, rocking her body slowly back and forth. Drops of watee. beaded her Fascinated. Nance watched the minute spherules slide tod merge and trickle down the smooth legs to tapered ankles. She (a beautiful, Mnua* thought And meeting Jeremy's eyes, she caught nun ahairisg the thought. A small bree*e cam* from nowhere, shook across the lake, corrugating the water. The imprisoned Images shiver**. Haas* fett » sudden unaccountable GfeUJ.. "Cold?" Jeremy «»ked, seeing bcr huddle into hcraelt ^^ smoke disintegrate In the grayinj twilight, felt the silence becbi unfriendly, unharmonlous. no unity. There was an inaulatinJ vacuum around the thought 1 , patT terns of each of them, and ••ill means of communication. Nancl felt isolated. "" Eve was a shadow in shadd now, nebulous, mysterious. was she? Nance asked herse>. Why had she come here? VVlt>yj6| all the doctors in Thuratonl*'?< might have fitted as well into! ruse of the faked sore throat, she chosen Jeremy? Coincident^ has an extraordinarily long but It did stretch credence to limit for Eve to choose by she chance the youngest" and the attractive of the town's medic men. She shivered again, and time she said, "J am cold. I'm i ing to get dressed." Moments later, with scarcely splash to mark the place of h immersion, Nance was swf upward through cool, ca darkness. She surfaced, gulped air grate-l fully, and looked around. The r|n was abandoned. Jeremy, acconw modating his masterly crawl oblj, Ingly to Eve's choppy side at was heading for the shore, __ Nance plunged her face into th« water and left a churn of whit water in her wake. At home, garaging the car, I Jeremy asked, "Like her?" I "No." The negative was un*| equivocal. Perhaps unfair. But! she couldn't at the moment modify I "Wny not?" "Oh, call it intuition. m» 4 She epoke crossly, and J «*red at her a moment, and Bk. wkrt la the herself ' with met , September 2, 1952 urrue WLCUM POWOSR ANDNOBOOV WILL EVER KNOW Cinema Star I i HdRlZONTAL VERTICAL ; 1 Cinema star 1 Algonquian :' —— Indian I Lfiughton 2 Poultry Answer to Previous Puzzle 1 8 He is an 3 Pewter coln$ accomplished of Thailand 4 Railroad 13 Bugle call engineer (ab.) ; 14 Oriental 5 Glasses gateway 6 Consumed 15 Agreement 7 Pace 25 Toward the 41 slow (music) 16 Gems 8 Coral islands sheltered side42 Youths • 17 Worm ' Policeman 26 Scottish -girl 43 Great Lake 1 18 Division of (slang) 27 Lampreys 44 Former i fh« P«IVV 10 Malayan 28 Nostril Russian ruler ' 9n rrL^cl tin coins 29 Clothed 46 Fewer ' nniit 11 Lubricants 30 Shade trees 47 Branch ! 9iinH! ( o 12 Get up 32Badgerlike (comb, form) zi inane 19 Bridal path mammal 48 Arrow poison 21 Irritate 38 Checked 49 Augments : 22 Ailing ;-24 Bargain ' events j 27 Principle J31Exclamation i of sorrow ! 32 Unit of | reluctance 133 High in '; stature 134 Bird's home 135 Malt drink ; 36 British ' streetcar i 37 Arid regions i 39 English city i 40 Scottish ! sheepfold !41 Gibbon 142 Permit i 45 Sicker j 47 Narrow inlet ;50 Malicious burning 52 He was born in 64 Feminine appellation i 55 Emitted vapor 56 Scorched 157 Sallies 23 Size of paper 39 Greater in 51 Individual 24 Grit size 53 Pillar 13 1? 17 ZN 31 y\ 37 HZ 50 SH 5b Z 25 43 3 2fc IT " ' ••: : 21 10 •%'/ 61 > 8 ''.• 38 4*' t 3Z 35 r Z7 '{'•' ' * sz £5 57 9 a ': •••'•', HI 8 If ife '?'/'. 39 9 Z4 33 36 •:^ : . ts .. 0 20 28 M7 II 29 H8 !Z 30 H9 z CARNIVAL By Dick Turner T. M. Btj. U. 8. P«t. Oil. Ccpr. t>S2 b| NEA Sirvici, Inc. "I'm going shopping, Elmo—just try not to think about it!" SIDE GLANCES By Golbroith v. OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Willlami VIC FLINT M- HUH» / T'PLAV FEP \ ELT?/ AM HOUP ' QUITE A NICE ME.WELt.IMys&ELF AKA VERY STUPII>"BUt l DIDWTHAVE \ MES«-,ALL OF NO MICE FISH A 'EM T^HTHER. I'M LEARWIM 1 DON'T TAKE THAT WHICH ISiSIVEMTOO FREELY-'ATS OMB I J. LEARNEt? TCW/.' SUPPKX LIKE S 6OMWA HAVE.' _c. T ..V»'.. u .;.y; °?.... THE CHEERFUL 1, PUNT/ I MSB NOU AS A V WHfcRB PETBCTIV8ANPTHB ) l& Hfr, NEXT THIN<2»1 WOW MY ^S *£•» YRUjSTrBP CHAUPPBUR 19.U HAKPBfiTVf AWtESTEC? POPT MURCT vso«.iry, rv\ HBRBr, TH& PAIL, J<^" ly Mkhael O'MalUy HIAAIP1 WASH TUBBS OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hooplc MtSTAH A^A30K,T; HO^JDV, ^^UlVv-VAe.COL. 6ACh<STf?ef CH/ MEET COL, ft MA30R/ K THAT IS IMDE6D TRUE , BACK-5TRETCH/J' AR^AlST|Ce M BATTLE-AX'S Dft^A WAS ^ * I TOLE HINVJf <5W€> THIS <4TI6ER DftME, AMD HER VJE GOT A M FILLY 15 PV ^V| WAS MV Rcf._ FILLY lrA"UV plDREAOMAUSHT/MOLD LlONi OF MAM O" WAR / V V'HAT 1 VJAMT4/_"TH£ TORP. AMIUY LihiE-s to Kt4ovi i5,WA6 — HE'D LAKJ HERDAfv\tl6ER.i TO SEE HE-R.SJ DANAE ?-«*lF SO i v YOU y//I'M DEEPLY '-' ^h^^^—i' VZ SUM/ si »T' WAS , ALIOM' THEN V I TH ' M K ME CfcN BECOME YOU THINK \ ABIDIMGCITOEM IP VOU'RE WIUW6 BILLY CAN BE\ TO TAKE THE PATIENCE WITH BUT IT ' LLT ' VKe 5£ T ."^ \ FI ** T »!fitt T0 UNPBR * WQULp I )*rM4DWHM-WM>EH!W BEGIN ?/THie WWl WWLB V0U AMD ^1 WBRB BBIMQ TAUGHT THB PKIMCIPLE8 AMD !OeM.S WHICH HC'tf LIVEP IN *WOTH6R W YOU HWJW.V RBMI2B KXt WORLD I* JUfiTr M&Wl FEEL PGFEWS BOulS AND HER BUDDIES My Edgar >3 M, »•«. u, i. r.i. < BUGS BUNNY FUNNY BUSINESS ^^ WOUUPN 1 ,1.1' , ALLEY OOP YEH, DOC, A MAGIC CARPET FLYINS 2OTH CENTURY 6K1E5 CAN , BE A SERIOU6 THING, FROM BUT WHATCHA. GaNQ \ TO DO ABOUT IT? i "It's tattooed on—it saves buying a flashy sport,ihirt!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Blotter MET?? HOUVCOV, I,...,.. HEY, \VAIT... U3OK,DOC,r WANTCHA, TO MEET..,,, CHRIS WELKIN, Ploneteer IVE OUT—'I'M OH YOUR. PARTY x wow .pTBR AMAIZ A, &)T ACTUAL HINIY

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