The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 21, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 21, 1934
Page 3
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FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 1934 BLYTHEVJLLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE'THREE. :;; Editor" MISS LOUISE DIXON MRS. RUTH CAMPBKLL MRS. BERTHA M. HARRIS MRS. EDNA K. CRABTREE MISS EDNA M. FERGUSON MODE RN-HO M E-N EWS Conducted (or (fail n«w«p*per in (to intefMt of iti women raiders by recognized tuUtoritici on all phuct oi boms intkini EUU* Ir-FLORENCE tXOtECK A Nourishim!; Salad .{'or Child and Adult DESEf TSUL Mrs. Thurn Suggests Recipes That Will Win Ap proval of Family tttu Friends In Hlytheville: Wr.en I um asked to plan a menu j .'or someone during the Cooking; School week, I wn tempted to say: "Look, around you at the market and grocery store and pick out the test things, put, them together nnd you'll have a good dinner." But many housekeepers see only the familiar focus, those which they ave: used to and which they have been: cooking lor years. j Wfcy no*' ' r y some ol the iin-i usual things, not only to give variety to the family menu, hut to K add pleasure to your own job of •' planning and cocking the meals? fet greens can hardly be called a rare dish yet many housekeepers never think of cooking the beet tops—Just the root, if the children won't' eat, spinach, try them with the bcter flavored beet greens. This is the way to cook them: For two pounds of the greens, use four tablespoons of butler and salt and pepper to season. Chop the washed greens, put In a kettle with two tablespoons of hot water, cook rapidly fifteen minutes. Season with salt and pepper, add the melted butter, and serve in a hot dish with the juice from tee kettle poured over. The greens should have the short red stems left on. These carry some of the beet flavor ami add a delicious quality to toe dish. Beet Greens and Itacun To tv.'o pounds of the greens have .ready two thick slices of fat ba- ,. con, and salt ami pepper. Slired the washed greens, plunge them 1s full of nourishing ingrecUenls; Aii«Hi>« Edkoni MRS, NANCY ROVE MRS. CEORCE THUHN MRS. EMILY M. LAUTZ MHS. J.TATSON SHOCKLKV MRS. FRANCES NOftTHCROSS Jellied Kice And CtiiTol Salad J hi' luncheon served before an nflermum of l)rldfii>, or it club Uni', need nol bo elaborate us U> li'unth. bul LMU'li eoiiix' should be delicious, nnd served In Ihc iniut nUtiicllvc rlilnn, with other avi'i'wurle.s new nnd inlercMluy. And don't forget a conlerplcco of flower or frul,l, or of Die nnmslni; new glnss [mils now so popular for liiljU 1 decoration. Omit the nimllcs nl luncheon; lie-long on the dinner inble lit nny nffnlr served near sundown or after, .Menus Cream nf Touuito Roup Cheese Crnckers Esrallopeil Tumi Plsli New Teas I'ear mid Grapefruit, Salad Small Holls llutler Tea or Coffee ' One- cii|) cooked rice; one cup of enUcil carrot; one Imlf cup of Bialcd pineapple; one package ol lemon tu'liithip; hot wnU'r according lo directions on package. When liquid Jelly Is cool, (mil h'fjlniilns to set, mid llic rice, (i i'u led ciirtol, iiticl pineapple. Sail llKlitly. Folil In one Imlf cup nuiy- lsi', .set In a mold or h>- molds. serve on lettuce wild mayonnaise or cooked dres,s- Ing. Tills mnki's ehjhl small molds. «ml melted chocolate. Add the mi- gar Bnuhmlly and tile corn.stiu'ch, which Invs Ix'cn stirred up with coW water, cook JH u double toller 1111- III l.ilck nnd sjiioolh. Add the vn- nllla. CliiK'oliilc Fuller li'lhif Two cups sugar; three- fomilis c'ti]) milk; two lapiaivs chocolate; ODD teaspoon butter; one half teaspoon vmillla. Plncc Iliu sugar, milk mid choc- oliilo ni 11 smice|«ui and stir over llw lire until the sugar Is dissolv- , lloll n-llftont, slIiTliiu until, when (estcd. u .son bull forma In water, neniorc Hie pan from KKI) AND WI1ITK SLAW Shave 1 1 red nnd I white cabbage very thin. Tako the center out of the red cabbage for the shavlnga" niul save tlic hollowed out, shell tor" ' llic "salmi bowl." Mix the cabbage with a boiled salad dressing In.,,, which you have sprinkled n few celery seeds. Ijullcr uiul vanilla, selj purs VW.CTMSUi SAI,AI> !i cup cooked green beans ," \d cup cookeil nsiiarajjiis It cup diced celery !-i cup sliced cucumbers ,,, 1-0 tenstxxm salt 2 tiiblesiiooiK chopped srccn pep- cold wilier, mid stir until thick 1 iiiKli to spreurt, 1 tablespoon chopped onion Vi cup l-'rcnch dressing. is about ten minutes longer. MRS. GEORGE THURN. Into boiling water, .and scald for three minutes. Drain. Mince the bacon and teat in a saucepan. When the bacon Is hot but-not, yet crisp, .add the chopped greens and seasoning. Cover the dish and cook slowly for twenty minutes. Or use salt pork, in place of the bacon. Serve hot with tile scraps of meat adhering lo the greens. Delicious v,'ith roast pork, or as part of a ,vegetable plate. - -\ BroccoM Hollandalsc Broccoli 'is' another^ vegetable viifch many housekeepers avoid, just because they have not cooked It before. But once tried most families demand it again. Wash it carefully, look over for insects and shake free of the" water. Plunge into boiling water and cook for twenty minutes. Add one teaspoon of salt and cook for five mituites longer. Drain, put on u hot serving dish, and pour over it the Hcllan- daise sauce made from this recipe-: One half cup buller; two egg yolks; one teaspoon lemon juice: one fourth teaspoon sail; dash of cayenne. 'Divide the butter in three pieces. Put one piece in the top of a double boiler with the. lemon juice and egg yolk. Stir constantly, add the second piece or butter at tlie end of five minutes, and stir until well blended. Remove from the - heal, Rdd seasoning and Ihe third pie:? of the butter. Pour over the broccoli. Fried Cucumbers Cucumbers, usually served raw as a salad, are delicious when ccokccl this way: Twelve thin small cucumbers: one onion; six tablespoons shortening; dttsh of ground ginger; sail and pepper to season. Pare and cut tre cucumbers in quarters lengthwise, slice the onion and -brown it in the melted shortening Add the encumbers and brown on all sides, season with salt and tap- per, cover the dish ami let cook through. Add the ginger autl serve Mulied Cucumbers '' Eight cucumbers; one onion; four 1 tablespoons butler; salt and poppe: for seasoning; one bay leaf. Peel and cut the cucumbers ii large pieces, put in a saucepan will a few tablespoons of hot water, add the whole onion and bav leaf, cov er and simmer until the cucum bers are lender. Remove tiie onioi and bay lent, mash |he cucumters season and add the bulter. French Fried Egpylan One eggplant; one cup thick to mato sauce; salt and pepper fo seasoning; dasn'of ground clove. Peel and cut the eggplant In two inch cubes, and dry on a towe Drop Into hot fat aud cook mil lieiit brown. Drain and remove t a hot serving dish. Sprinkle will sail and psppcr and clove. Serv with highly seasoned tom-.Uo sauce Red Cabbage and Tomatoes Five cups shredded cabbage; on half cup canned tomatoes; 'small onion; one and one half tea spoons salt; one fourth leaspoo pepper, shred and parboil the cabbage for ten minutes; drain, adc 1 the seasoning and tomatoes. Cook for ten minutes, add minced on- Tns materials needed for this crochet pattern are mercerized crochet, collon oize 30 in white, ecru. or bollfast color. A sletl crochel hook number 9 or 10. To begin, chain 6 pnd join into ring. 1st round:—Chain 10, * 1 double Ireble (thread over three times) In ring, chain 5, aud retreat from More Crochet for Needlewomen more times, then sliy) stitch to 5th stitch of chain-10 first made. 2nd round:—! single crochet in each stitch, join. 3rd round:—Chain 3, (to count | as 1 double crochet),,, .'chain 9, turn, skip 1 stitch of chain-9, 1 single crochtct In each of next 2 stitches, 1 double crochet in each of next 2 stitches, 1 treble in each of next 2 stitches, 1 double treble in each of next 2 stitches, skip 5 single crochet in each of next 2 next single crochet. Repeat from ' 7 more times (8 pyramids in all), mit double crochet after last pyr- mld and join 'in 3rd slitch of iiain-3. Break elf. 4lh round:—Attach thread to .p of pyramid, chain 2 (to count s 1 single crochet), * chain G, 1 rcble in center stitch of side of yramid keeping last 2 loops on cok, 1 treble in stitch in same Msition on opposite pyramid, No hostess can have too ninny dainty, luncheon. sets. This napkin is decorated-with ,an insert of crochet in a.relicella inolif which 1: a perfect, complement to line silver anil glass on n luncheon lablu' Use a line mercerized crochet cotton in white or ecru, ami follow the directions to make a luncheon set which will be a welcome gift to any woman who takes pride in h:r lublc. A|iuellxer of Tomato Supreme Grilled I.iinib chops Sweet Polalo Souffle Mclbu Toast nutlcr Aprkut Parfalt Chocolate Cookie Tea or Co I fee Cantaloup Halls Cocklall Poached Kj;gs in Nest of Rolled Rice with Cheese Sauce A:;]>aiauus, Butter Sauce lul Dread Ilulter Mnminliulc ilum Mousse- Knlatl 'nillco Nuts Coffee Appetizer of Shifted Celery and Anchovy Toast sirips Drolled .Salmon Stenks, nutter Sauce New Lima Ileiins Saratoga Chips Small Rolls llutler Chocolate Ice Crciim Pie Ten or Coffee Ctiorolillc Ire C'rram 1'ic To make the chocolate Ice cream ;)ic culled lor ii. k 't make a baked pie shell of your richest pastry, nine Inches acra'xs. liny or m:ikc one ami .n half lo two jilnts of chocolate Ice cream; hnve "ihrce cgK whiles ready and sl.\ tablespoons of aranulaled Chill In the whiles KUlJi Fill the cream. covering the entire surface. Bet, in a very hot oven at KM degrees, r for two or three minutes. Semi ut. '6ncc, culling Uie. pic at the - table. Enough for six. Ctram. 1'lc Mix :i-4 cup sugar, .2 lalilespoons flour, 2 tablespoons com • starch and 1-4 tenspoon salt. Add '2 beaten cj;g yolks and ?. cups scalded milk. Cook and atir over low, heal till thick r.n : l .smooth. Add nted rliul of l-'J lemon, nemove urn heal and chill. Have ready ikod pic shell and cover bottom ith 2 sliced bananas. Pour over ram niliug nnd top with mer- Such icina-; as these arc standard, useful, and widely ndiiplablc lo many lypcs of calvs. C'.mnnel Nut Irln^ One and ono fourth cn|« brown Migur; one half cup wale;; Iwo egg v.'.iSU-.s bunion stilt; one'tea- spoon vanilla; one fourth cup of white sugar. ISoll the! sugar and water until it threads. I'our Into Hie CBB whiles, iK'.illiig constantly. Add fee vanilla just before HID IchiR Is still enough' lo spread, Spread on the cake and .sprinkle wilh chopped nuts, Mwha Frosting- Six table.'jioons shortening; foui tablespoons dry cocoa; one lenspoon vanilla; two cups confectioner's tin. Bur; Iwo tablespoons warm liquid colfee. Illoiul the sugar and .shortening; Mi In the cocoa and beat well, add Ire ccifcc, beat, add vanilla, boat inilll all la smoothly mtxcil. (.'ream nillng Three fourths cup sugar; one Ililrd cup Hour; one eighth ten ,, , spoon sail; one teaspoon' vnivllui', in (he iiieiui above, olle „„„ ,,, ns]won , cmtm oxl ,, 1( , t . two cups scalded milk; two eaus Mis the dry liv,',i'edl™ls, iwlil lliu cjsgs. .sllij'r.tly bealeu and pour 01 erndually tho tcaldcd milk. Cook for fllleen mlnulcs in u double . boiler, stirring constantly mull ,.,„ , ., „ ,, ,, I'll'-'otonc;!, aftcrvl.irds oceiislonally li%!T^ ^^B S w » "Serr^-^: Uakei shell with the Ice ini,!,..,,,,^, cu ,- m tnreh- one teaspoon spread on iho meringue vaullla. SPECIAL SATURDAY ONLY .ovflly now hosu al n special pvitu. MI-STYi,K, full fnsliion- ixl- ami slieer. All the iiqw fall .shinies. ..35 .Hose 99c .19 Hose 89c B9ellose..75n 79e llose..65c LiiiiiL 2 pair V^'iiV^u." " " to il Clistonl6r The Ladies Toggery Doors Wont' of Kress' Heat the nud iuld tt.e cream eeping last 2 loops on hook, then hread over and draw through all loops on hook. Chain 6, single rochet in tip of next pyramid, and epeat from * around, ioiuiua in r.ain-2 first made. 5lh round:—Single crochet in ach ol.21 stitches. * chain 10, 1 double crochet in 6th chain from look, chain 2, t double crochet in amc chain, chain 5, slip stitch in ame stitch. 1 slip stitch in each 4 •emainiiig slltches of chain-10 tills forms a corner)". Single cro- •het In each of next 28 stitches, and repeat from * ending rounJ vith 1 single crochet in each of ast 0 stitches. Join with slip stitch. Bill round:—Chain crochet, 1 double crochet in next | sliced pinenuple, 1 pniinj of blanch- single crochet.- iRepeat frojn *. end- Jed aluionds, 1.-2 paund of fresh ing ..rOAintV with .- ehain-B. Join to ' marshmnlliVws nnd 1 pint of whlp- 4th stitch chain-G first made. ! ped cream. Cut the cherries into ,i. 7'h '.round:— 1 single crochet In ] Imlvcs, shred the almonds, qtinrlcr ' each stitch of previous round with j tlie marshmallows and mix all lo- 3 single crochet in each corner (•! gclhcr witti Hit' \vhlp]W;l cream and corners in all). a few tablespoons of mayonnaise. Use The Linen linen best suited lo these crochet inserts is a medium coarse Serve on lettuce beds. Kiiisin lircLid Mb: 2 cups graham Hour, 2 cup. white flour, 1 cup sugar, •! tea- simple spoons baking powder, 1 teaspoon 10, skip G. single crochet, 1 double crochet In crush; if not prc-shrunk, launder first then add tr.e crochet inserts and' finish the edge with crochet, as shown. Use mi hmclij-1 sail, 2 eijgs. 2 cups milk, 1 cup eon size napkins; also on table (walnuts. 1 cup raisins. Pour In J mats nnd runners; on dicsscr scan.'-1 | 0;l f pans lined with waxed i»|>cr es and tray cloths. ,] 0 t, lop with' whole nut meals. Let stand 15 minutes and bake 1 houi In a slow oven. FRUIT SAI.Al) Take 1 pint of shredded cabbage, next single croochet, * chain G, skip j 1 can of while ciierries. 1 can of single crochet, 1 treble in next' ~" ' — single crochet, chain G, 1 double crochet in HI little loop of corner, chain 5, 1 double crochet in next loop, chain S, 1 double crochet In iame loop, chain 5, 1 double cro- j chct in last loop, chain C, skip G single crochet-, I treble in nc.xt sin-! gle crochet, chain C, skip (i single Head Courier Ne\vs Want Ads. TAKF HOME A PACKAGE OF THEPFORD's PURELY VEGETABLE LAXATIVE Jus! Arrived! NEW GIFTS Practical gifts lor men, and a raft of clever little gadgets for the Indies. Especially suitable for bridge or rook prizes. We can't begin to tell you about them here . . . You'll jnst have to see them. All priced low! x 25c lo |2 PAT O'BRYANT JEWELER Expert Watch Repairing Beautiful BeniiUrul l)ecause of her cnrel'iil grooming . Yes, il's last season's dress . . . But modernized in our jiltei'.tlion do- purlmeiH 'a n d artfully renewed by our niasler cleaners. CLEANERS MATTERS TAILOKS DllESS FINISHEUS We ATC As Near To Veil ,\s Vour Tclcphdlic OUR ROUTE M E N WII.I- CALL IF YOU WILL ,1'hnne 53 Hudson Tailor Shop All Day Services FIRST HAITIST ciiunoii . Sumlny In honor of Ihc Rev. ALFRED CARPENTER, ncv; pastor, who has returned from n summer spent h> Enroiie, • Dinner served on Ihc grounds, Just Receioed a-New Line of Ladies Popular Prict FOOTWEAR An allrartivc new Pump '.hci'ui In blue kid or blank p.iltni. all dzcs a n ci wliiins. *4 .95 Tuck M.>.S A popular four-2yel5tte Tie wllh tucked vamp, black nr brown kid', (ioloiiial Puinp A beautiful high-throaleil pump wilh a newly arranged strap. Black or trown kid. HT.85 \ The noon Deli—(lie signal for re-fueling. Pond Is the fuel for the hium'ih body . . . and Green's' Pasteurized Milk is tlie. Kufestj and uiast ° nearly complete loud. Photic 1510-K! for dally delivery. Phone 1515-F2 MILK Kick, Wholesome, Safe Delivered Twice Daily GREEN'S DAIRY 1'itstenrized Milk ' Good Shoes and Hosiery in " Wonr-Evor 9 ' Aliiiiiiiiiiiii The Smiling Trio- u Wear-Ever Sauce Pans Treat yourself to the brightly b'leamlns. ff gB /U chceiful smiles of three clean new sauce- jfc TH M JJ uans. They'll he <!oUnr-savcrsformer.;. 'Set of three covers to fit, C,5c exlra. FOR THE SET OF THREE Also a Complete. Line of. Wear-Ever Aluminum Kitchcnware Hubbard Hardware Co.

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