Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 2, 1952 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, September 2, 1952
Page 7
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HOMftfAft, ARKANSAS Scarborough YffUks reoie Lead ICHLKR Pluvlun have At home; ol finnUflf in the I We and death mattr of wftr and deficit* and the! cffice in the Hotel Commodore, ye»-l from mall carriers under a hint clthln our mean*; lerday. carrying a brief et*e full that a Republican administration may in dacidlnf the American ptfWwwt thl« year, Jupiter Pluvliu in not nn Cfldloff plucked by the New igilikw* for th»lr »tr«tch BltW*i«h h* proved ta be ct« l W the world Champions H»ys Scarborough, the refugee from tha Boston lied Box. i ,*th« t*o eftffrtilnod it) Inert-nun the /Int-plnc* margin to inifi»« ovef Clnvflftnd Mondny. (irborough, purchnnctl lout wook fro(n tho H«d 8ox, handcviffwl hl» former mnt«* with threo hit* )nHt ni«htdSfj pltcttffilt the New Yorkor* to n'H-1 trlVJfftph, Mf. i. t*., othcrwlxo known n* Old M«ft Half), helped the Bt, «uU Drown* dvfput Clcvolnnd, 11, 1A the »p«ond eame of the doubJeheidflr ftf(«r th« Indians hud won the opener, B-2. Jloln halted .the nightcap for en hour, ftftd 18 mlnutM in tho bottom h»l( Of, the fifth inning with th^ 1 hotnn t#nm Urownie* ahend JRIdenhower ta| n« WM not pr«- rffcUn/j the oulroe of th« Election Wrw, 4, but he n<lf*4 that, what- f\er hi* future |t*tu», h« would not rc»l until lh* p6dtfi«r* of prlfflitfp nnd th(4i*itroy«r» of de- e*ncy nre bnnUpd frtitri th« nrt •Ion'* houne," In fl8»nllln« tl ndrntnlttrallon In hl» npfpth lire, the [iromlnfd to uhleth ntlll rnofo if llllcry—and noonble gald; "Today nnd Ufcorrow, here in the Southland, I Anil intonnlfy my attack agafngt ciruptlon Ift gov rnmnnt; ogi/lnilfte heudleftg pol- elo» thnt nultifMour thrift and rriisp our mivlnil by inflation; federal failure to live within a*aih*t wa»te of resources nnd our moftey; aRalntit artillrnry usurpa* tion and *el?.ure ot ixwer; against of document*, and spent more than (wo hour* with the general. Williams later tu-Kt newsmen he might fire them. Carlson named Kenneth T. Aft' derson, Democratic national com> d'uloyalty In the federal **>rvie#: (had stlpplled KIsenHOwef with j mitteemnn from Kansas, as author agalnut the whole tangled aggregn- c-nmpalgn ammunition and saId• , o ( (he letter. I think ydti'll be hearing from i n Emporia, Kan., Anderson re .itwi, srw o over IlltcnrU to Wyihln B welcome contribution tfWii the Intent HMfywoM tftml ot "movlw awhotlir w»n ai/fr." June bt|nn>h*r •w <Mf«M»r M ft <Innc*r, but not sevoffll yitttt ha* *ti« worn r«V««Un« outnu «* thli which «how« her «» n Broad wo* I *ur in vjuit U,V —: lion ot incompetence and expediency and bo»idom." Elwnhower Is due to visit Jac!<- gonville and Mlnml, Fla., later toddy and Tnmpn, Fla., Btrmln/sham, Ala., nnd Little Hock. Ark., tomorrow, One of his last cnllcrs In New York before n plane trip south wtis Keh, John y. Wllljnrn*. Delaware Republican who uncovered tax fcnmlals In the Internal Revenue Burenu, ; Wlllloms arrived at Elsenhower's this." Earlier in the day, Eisenhower j plied that there was "no Intlma- had told the biennial convention of the AFL National Association of Letter Carriers: "WlT>n I get sore I am really This comment came just after he heard Sfn. Frank Carlson. Kansas Republican nnd one of his advisors, tell the convenlton that a Kansas Democratic leader hnti sol- mode by'CdMson that: kited $100 campaign contributions 1 "Mo classified federal tion at all that any one Is going Tuetday, September 2,19S2 HOM STAR, HOPS, ARKANSAS in the Postoffiee servte* will discharged as * result ofMhe el tion of a Republican adpiinlst tion In November." [i Elsenhower said he ntnjtd a bor Day pledge of talmas to working men and womensbf f( icn, and added: "No one could say 1 wis fair] on the instant thnt the Republl SOCIETY Pnon« 74411 tttwMH I A. M. aM 4 P, M. to losa his job If he doesn't con- j party went into power, I sno to the Democratic party. I auf hori?e or condone any discha tribute "We. just wont to cite the information that If there is a change In administration it is very likely Democrats now In office will be replaced by Republicans." But Elsenhower told the postmen that he was a partner in a pledge of n hard-working civil service ploye, particularly one who has I do his work under the disadvaj ages of a postal mail carrier.' The general said he ihtendecl j abide by the Republican platfoj demand for more service with more employe'cries of mail. efficient p»«? frequent CK\ _. iovornor'i sulJ % £fe. "•jfll ^JirT'O Kpptont thi> 7fe#4 ' Wh ' BAWlMOHlfi tu d«ath and UUnl or 'Mm Ififttltapok Itkran, nutumobllo accident. - Si *"^ • A police magistrate onUrcd him ' |n j&U until a < grand-Jury cw* the ovldunctf, probably to morrow. l • , ills " wrwrtfnrrw)nt'9 fiyjs-rnjnute urnifllH>'*proilx>c<hl rK) 'ttstlrnouy HO there WHO HtUl ivo hint ot u moot borptl Denies Charge That He Beat His Wife WJvto ot W! - O. U< N«w York rfi»nng<>r, plrtide-d Innocent today to charge* be lu-ut hl« pt-rtly rain lot up, St. Louis in the fifth and the for three ninn In the the »txth to tnkc n A*' (ho Brwwn/i prepared to bat In Ihclf half of the *Uih, another r»lfl ptdrm broke find this lime wftk no letup. Tho three Wore wiped out ahd the «cor«« back to th« fifth inning With St. Louis winning, 2-1. Hafn washed out Brooklyn's •ettodUled twin bill in PhllmlMphlu but the Dodgem retained their hlnegBme lettd In the National I.cn- Run aa th* lecondplace New York dlnnts divided n doubleheador In Hoslon, The Hruvt-s come bnek to win the ftecoml gftrne ftl. uftpr the Qlantii hntt coiiturwl tint opimitr, 3-J. k ' In audition to w:i«hiiu( out the »Ch<>dilJ»4 twJh bill between tho Detroit TtHtrH und witltf itox in C'HIcitgo, tlit> rali\. which awi>pt tliu Ki.lt«r Si-abounl, furcfd the Yun „,-, ..,., 88>y«Hr.o»d Sunday iicV>6l UftclW and mother ot tnr«« dfenn «h«vftrl>U wUh hi* £t*i, did ttmt 'ofrj th<V Mtdw«*t/\»K«f» couldn't do . ... tia« the timing jrid th« 'nbttlly to ict « crdwd with hlM, bXtT'AU of his training U tho vougU nnd tnmblu uf h&me-qallinu, i fcr«S &,nd jpldrt' Sox to cull tiff tlu-lr two nUin-noon Barnes in Ni-w York, Thi< YtihtceeA, howovor, managed to »»lVftg« tomrthlng by playing ond (if the games In the evening. A crowd 6f 16,1(89 HOW the 34-year okl gem borough limit tho Red Sox totthtec HiU for his first victory in n 'Ynhltefe uhlform. Split* marked all other double ttftiuUrii. I'hlladi'l'phln's f o u r t h- ptucc 'Athte'tlc* won n lOlning Oil op*n«r from Washington but the fiteiiotor* e«me back to take the nlghltiap, 411, - ' '• CineIHnull'won ttio socoiul name, 8-3 t W\t>1- Ui<> St. tx>iils Cardinals hud'walked Off with u (IO, but the iMffetell -wHrn tho second gume, M. JCftHv Wvnn, tegistorcd his iiuh trUin>pli'Wine Indians backed him with; a 1 14Mt ftttne*k ugoiiiRt )os6r .qt>n«'. 'dv%i4«n ond '1'otriihy Byrne. TtjteJ'&Aifegieffl W Lulfe ICaster arid WallyWesUttko Mg>llg{vtnd ih« o take care iBtu're PMA rid fertMzfers ust, DDT and ffifr i$ ; n rsenqte. parking room and /^vy^oeation . tworun noinei,' In tho second Inhirtft pff Tom Lemo accounted for nil 1 * »»tod|Mm« rung, Sat- w«nt the curtniknl dU " Cohtlrj»W from Page One a mfcM in W«*hin«ton." tJWvutllOh told on Aug. 90 news cuw*r«bco that crime, corruption und rnujconduct ore "m e s s y Whtttvtr they are. and they must u<» tratilcattd. He also sutd tht HiQtt* tor wrongdoiuif ahowod hud, twen a mints lix intend to deal rwthlossly." he wilh cor declitred r »a|d in his text to- tfttd«Ht Trximan ha that the Democratic Vmust run on one is- of the atlministra- w ov»r fci^V^-.T W"^ ~ tf^ k » &39Vt!* ^ B, lIUi •*•? IrS \WH**& k ;«i .-* • »• points I am in it\j»nt with the oppo- '.owfer sutd, moanlnu and th« that mad* up of rti» Kxtravu- nance and liwmcteney; ol Incomue- t«nce in hl«h wlaces and in tow placet, « 64mip\ton such us m*U*» \A hlfvi our heads in *hjttt«i o| bunjiUiMf in our affairs »w*y tram him l to ,* prosecutors Jiad made a stflt»- his w*f*'« tteWd d*ad just ^lf in Uw exj» hAd fiven her no in. June. u tree, prowl few WV\'' -.' ^^!^ f A I W A Y •> FIRST O U A I. WE'Rt CELEBRATING! WeVe Been in Hope ror 31 Years! Final Cleonup! Odds and Ends SUMMER iRESSES SET FOR SCHOOL? NEW Gingham PRESSES •* '^ .''"-.i *, , • Ginghams! ... , • Broadcloths! • Lots of Colors! • Sizjes 3 to 14 CHOOSE TODAY ON LAY AW AY 2J8 V GIRLS 7 to 14 CORDUROY SKIRTS 3.49 A REAL PENNEY VALUE RAYON GABARDINE • 2 to 10 Yard Lengths! • Made to Sell For More! • Come Early for Choice! Yd. SPECIAL PURCHASE! 100% NYLON KNIT SLIPS 40 Denier Nylon! 4 Gore—Straight Cut! Wide Nylon Lace Trim! White or Pink! 32-40 3*00 PENNEY'S OWN FAMOUS Rondo - do - Luxe 34 CELEBRATE AMD SAVE! SPECIAL VALUES! HDAY PARTY [Calendar Tuesday, September 2 The Hope Country Club will en- Icrtain with game night, Tuesday [September 2, at 7:45. Hosts will pe Mr. and Mrs. Frank McLarty lid Mr. and Mrs. Thompson Evans [.The VFW Auxiliary meets Tuesday, September 2, at 7:30 at Uie iut. This is the first meeting of Jhe membership campaign. Mrs. Jenver Dickinson and Mrs. Jeff lillicau will be hoslesses. Shaddox— Frankt Wedding Solemnized In a chapel service at the Park Promises to Ban Filibuster Draw Smiles By EDWIN B. HAAKINSON WASHINGTON IM--Political cam pnign promises of nn effort to end Senate filibusters are producing Avenue Cumberland Presbyterian some knowing smiles from Senate Church, Memphis, Tennessee, August 31, Miss Normn Jean Franks. daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Clifford Franks, became the bride of Bob Shaddox, son of Mr. and Mrs Ogle Shaddox of Nashville, Arkan- Extra Feature 50 ONLY BRIGHT NEW TAFFETA DRESSES 3.98 9 They Look Expensive! • "Bright New Colors! • New Subdued Tones! • Choose Yours Now! • Juniors and Misses Sizes! Wednesday, September 3 (Circle No. 3 of the Chrislinn Wo- Ifnnn's Fellowship of the First Christian Church will meet Wednesday al-7:3U at the home of Mrs. Larl White. The Reverend George Colerhan officiated before an altar decorated with white gladioli and white asters. The bride, given in marriage by her father, was attired in n navy blue wool shantung suit styled with a full skirt and a rhinestone trim. She wore a pale blue veterans these days. They recall lhal it has been at tempted many times, most recent ly in UH9, nnd has invariably fall ed. Both Gov. Adlnl Stevenson, Dem ocratie presidential candidate, and Si-n. Henry Cabot Lodge RMass, a boostei for Dwight . Eiscnhow er, the Republican nominee, have penned up the filibuster issue dur ing tne current campaign. A filibuster is simply a protract cd deoatc or Inlk lo prevent a vote on a controversial issue. In recent years in the Senate this usually hat and carried a colonial bouquet has involved such civil rights Adlai's Sister Admits Liking PartieY By ELIZABETH'TOOMEY NEW YORK, (UP)^-Ell?.nbeth S. Ives Is well equipped to give famous WnshttiKton hostesses stiff com petition if her brother Is elected Bryan air forces b«s« ttt tcx*s, it would btt Wifc for puny SWVtotson to Wf fctotHt he were clsctwt. The pwlp«ct ly la excltlnrt to the governor's sla ter, but concern for Iw tempers her brother 'rccmnnof trtttle ftotj^f o wHtta>*wT ffijfHnf^ match bocauw ot a.',- IWson detected'JI tittle Rdck, 8*f," * finds. B , president. Friendly and gregarious, Oov. Your Choice of Colors! NYLON SWEATERS • Pull Over Styles! • Turtle Neck Styles! • Sizes 32 to 38! 2.98 BIG SELECTION OF WOMEN'S CORDUROY SKIRTS ' ^Thursday, September 4 ;.There will be a called meeting '•'F ., Ir A , .-,, , .„, , k^ooui two anu tni l luu a L.I/.UIIICI* of the Hope Music Club Thursday bouquct o , bronzc chr ysanthe. nlternoon at 3:45 at the home of, .„.._.,. Hnri „.„,. . ntln H hhnn of pink asters, tube roses, and maline. Her only ornament was u lavaliere, an heirloom of her mother's. Mrs. Charles Clifford Franks, of Memphis, Tenn., served as matron of honor. She wore a shot- field grey suit with mahogany accessories and carried a cr/onial IMrs. Jack Gardner, 314 Oakhaven Notice The UDC luncheon which was j scheduled for Thursday, Seplem- ' bcr 4, has been postponed indefinitely on account of the death of Mrs. C. S. Lowthorp, president of the club. *SAENGER THE MUSKETEERS LIVE AGAIN ON THE SCREEN! mums tied with satin ribbon. Charles Clifford Franks, ther of the bride, served Mr. Shaddox as best man. For her daughter's wedding. Mrs. Franks chose a navy crepe dress with navy accessories. She pinned a gardenia corsage at her shoulder. , Mrs. Shaddox wore a black tis sue faille ensemble with black accessories and wore a gardenia corsage. Following the ceremony, a smal reception was held at the horn of the bride's brother, 1305 Rail ton Hoad. The table was center cd with while chrysanthemums egisiation us anti-poll tax, anu-ra- ta; segregation or similar propos Is. Under a long respected tradition f unlimited debate, Senate rules low make it virtually impossible to end a filibuster unless at least 64 Adlul Stevenson's .'later admits she loves to give pnrllcs. All kinds of Hurtles, she snys, from the intl- "niiite gathering of friends that her IN THE PINK WITH GREEN Plains, 111., displays some of the "gvce being chosen queen of the Illinois Vcgo consecutive year, in Wille. 1H, of L)es InfT thnt rount.s" nftcr lo Week for the second brother prefers to-"protocol*r lions" which she thoroughly enjoys, i "We're both socially minded—wo like people," Mrs. Ives said In nn interview before sho> returned to her homo In Dloomlngton, 111. "Adlnl loves -music In the house and a few Intimate friends around him. He doesn't cure so much for the protocolar functions, but t like those too. H Is port of (Httcml atmosphere." •1 don't sco ho*'«nyono loving a person would retfiy wont him to be president." *h* laid. "What n responsibility for *ny mnn! bwt once your destiny l«ttds you to that door, you would be a coward not to tnke It. "I think my brother would moke n grent president. Wo always felt thnl Adlln \v«s absolutely different, even ns n young hoy. He was very just and very good. And so fur," she added,- "Ho seems to be hold- inp up remarkably well under tho strain." senators two thirds of the U6 white gladioli, and white tubo roses arranged in a cut glas bowl. Mrs. George Coleman server punch from a cut glass punch j bowl. Miss Charlotte Tarplcy, cousin of the bride, presided at th( j double tiered wedding cake. The couple left for a wedding are willing to do this and stay OH the job for long hours to accom phsh it. Technically, a test of clotureor limiting debate to obtain a vote can be obtained if 16 senators sign a petition. The difficulty conies in muster ing enough senators to approve wnat opponents always call "a gag rule." Usually Southern Democrats line up almost solidly against lecture and with the aid of 1& or 12 sena tors from other sections have enougn votes lo block such attempts. The Democratic platform this year in an obvious bid for Negro and olher minorily volesconlains trip to points of interest in Ten nessee. For travel Mrs. Snaddox wore a grey and winter blue ensemble. monmnsK HAYWARD PATRICIA MEDINA in NATU>*ICOIO« gome general slalcmenls about im proving congressional machinery lo assure majority action. It refers to both the Senate and House. Gov. Stevenson last week pledg ed that us president he would use his influence "to get the Senale to change its rules under which fill busters have killed civil rights EXTRA!! Football Winning Ways' WED. & THURS. Miss Linda Foster Weds Lawrence Albritton The marriage Foster and Lawrence Albritlon was solemnized in the First Methodist Church on Monday morning, September 1, at 10 o'clock. The bnde's parenls are Mr. and Mrs. Corbin Foster of Hope, -and* Mr, Albritton is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Albritton also of Hope. .Reverend Virgil D. Keeley officiated at the double ring cere mony in the presence of the immediate families. The bride wore a navy faille suit with matching velvet accessories and a white orchid corsage. Miss Gaylc Foster was her sis tcr's only attendant. Mr. Albrilton served his son as best man. Following a wedding trip the couple will make their home in ArKadelphia where they will at end Henderson State Teachers College. legislation." Sen. Lodge, emerging from a conference with Eisenhower, promptly accused Stevenson of a '(pious, ii insincere piece of double talk," hbting that Democrats had conlrolled Ihe Senate for 4 years and had done nothing aboul end of Miss Linda I ing filibusters. Lodge' now is ranking Republican Mrs. named Ives, affectionately nick "Uuitlo" by her orothor who is tsvo years her Junior, has had plenty of experience ns n hostess. Her husband, Ernest, spent 30 years in the foreign servico before Hixon Easily Wins Tennis Meet .PINE' • BLUFF (IPt-G, J. Hlxson of Ft, Smith, took the Arkansas Closed Tonnls Tournament till here ycslerdiny with an eftsy 0-0 win over Joe Adams of Kun doubles finals' by default' ot Freeman'* Injury* JThl matched against Freerrtaft SiHK Wnlkor. Little R06*«-r'"'«" 3 **" Jones and Luj Crook and John , ctlcvllle, 0-1, 0-4 in the so Indonesia had treasure* bor, all, sugrtr, splocs und fibers whtoft h been touched, soys the Nat Geographic Society, ^ „ land. Tho young; netmnn then paired with Charles Jones. Ft, Smith, to eo|i the doubles crown over two Jcnesboro contenders, Joe Emerson uicl Qlcnn Lane, Adams advanced to tlnnl piny BULLION ONE BIG GROUP! GHAMBRAY WORK SHIRTS Full Cut! Roomy! Blue Color Only! Nearly All Sizes! 87c * RIALTO • LAST TIMES TODAY • FtAMIMGr FEATHER TBCHNICOLOC.' *$ Valy*! »caiiop«a rchtnill* Sprtad I * ti B 2'" H N «- . . - I * So pretty In your bedroom! Pick fmb while, : * or your favorite color* ONE BIG GROUP MEN'S GABARDINE JACKETS • Not All Styles! f Not Ail Sizes! t Wgter Repellant Finish! 7.00 Indian Chief introducing himself to paleface visitpr, "I am Brave Eagle this is my; son, Fighting Bird; and this is my grandson, Super-Jet Bomber. —Henry Sommerville Submit jokes for this column and win passes to the Rialto. For every joke used, the person submitting it will be mailed 2 passes. Jokes must be limited to 50 words or less, and must be suitable for publication. Leave at theatre boxoffice or mail to: Rialto Theatre. on the Senate Rules Committee and a candidate, for scelection. If he wins and Republicans get control of the Senate, Lodge said that as rules chairman: "I will fight filibusters as long as it lakes to end filibusters. It never has been clone and I am the boy who syants to do it." \ Senale officials said Ihis probab ly would be a long, long time. They point out that even Ihc rule that allows 64 senators lo shul off de bate does nol apply lo any change jn the rules of the Senate itself. ' And veterans agree lhat as few as eight senators could conducl a permanenl filibusler lhal would prevent action on any legislation if Ihey decided lhal was Ihe only way to preserve present rules. GILDING LILY — Needling th<^ already attractive nifihl-club entertainer, tattoo-artist Willy Speigel In Hamburg, Germany, snys during his 50 years of skln-deico«<a.fing, W per cent.of his customers have been women. No matter fio.%'batffthe tunes, he could always depend on a lady's vanity io keep him in the tattoo business. DIX Troublemaker at W ;prk '••'•"• '>tdr™ Dear'Miss Dix: Until two'yeflrs.Mnj^ ago, my husband, and I had been] separaled for six years, due to' my illness. There was never ;»ny he retired, nnd they lived niul entertained frequently in such places us constantinoplo, South Africa, Scandinavia nnd Denmark. They were dividing their time between the Stevenson family home in Bloommgum mid farm in South Pines, N. C,, when bievenson became governor ot Illinois. "When 1 found thut there wus u use for me nt the mansion, we stayed there more and more," she explained. "Adlat scorns lo appreciate my being around." Presumably tho soft spoken blue-eyed woman will fill the same hostess role In the While House, If Hie Democrats win In November, though she snys, "it seems no presumptive-to talk about tin While House," The relief White- House hostess, she added, "would be n fascinating experience nnd n great honor." The governor and his sister bear n strong resemblance to each ! other. They both have long faces nnd slightly prominent blue eyes that twinkle readily wilh a friendly smile. They always have been close companions; "We lire a strangely United family, nil of us," Mrs. Ives said. "Maybe Hint's old fnsh- ioned. The Joke has always been that we adopted mother's church and father's politics." Their mo- her, brought up u quiiker, ( be- emjie u unlturlan after she mar- iud , nnd brought up the children n Ihnt church. As .Gjovwwwi Stevenson's 1 duties' have increased, .spuhave his. yesterday when top-seeded Jay HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE: a. Main A Country CiUb "Mr. Belvtdtrt Rings the B.ll" — with —V ' JOANNIDHUJ^ CLIFTON Will '•"•Va 4 i¥ &f W & NOTICE * j Although the Josephine Hospital is closed, I will still maintain my office in tho hospital building. ' ' ' ' Jim McKenzie, M. D; i popular You should be longer thnn able to got *' u " , , r h ., lhul Study Hum- conversation., svo whu ' ,. -!-%-.., OLUUV lll»-:u v,wn v .. t ..in «,.,•.., ... - question of divorce During my. ^ lh , ik( . U) dit)cusa i,u« : 1 ft b m c °W my US ' • y ,' ma ," V ' sides boys of course. .lt|id" leh'p tnfncd ctr*upartmcnt m Ihe eily. ( lhill ' i|bolll tiuvuS'^1)^^ IT_ ... „ r, t., tl^r. rt*-it-»i?+ot^i f«f\m iiritiv! 1 . .1 . r.4,\f. t .VA\ ' . He was m. the constant company .; Y1|l ., )bably | im l| of n couple who have been very •, ^ M _ l ^.^,..... , good friends of ours, lei s S all >i ma keks tit «iiine. H ^if will 1 sen them Marge and Bill. He WHS; ij| me ., K uirripr-d, • «ell'-jii(U|fesKed ci guest at Iheir home many limesj | vc j ope> \ j: can scud 'you a Icaflt nnrl f!ni-nl. n friend of Marce'S » 'i':..V," \..:.i ..„,. i,..i,,r,,] uinii and Carol, a friend of Marge's •SRS NOTICE I have purchased ELLA ADKlNS BEAUTY SHOP, and invite all my" friends to come in and se'e me. Mrs. Adkins will continue to, work with me. ' ' * < <i * * *"* Mrs. Lois Shirley Phono 7 -45H ' 'I ^ S«i ions. of • 'With some helpful hinls was also presenl on mariy of£j&f otl popularity, also a lisl of books more BO- Circle 3 of WSCS Has Meeting Monday Circle 3 of WSCS of the First Methodisl Church mfct Seplem- aer 1 at 4 p.m. in the home of VIrs. Ralph Routon wilh Mrs. T. S. McOavill as associate hoslcss. Mrs. J, M. Harbin, leader, opened the meeting with the Lord's Prayer. The song "Blest Be tht Tie That Binds" was sung in unison. The regular business meeting was held with Mrs. Charles Bryant acting as treasurer in the absence of Mrs. Curtis Urrey. Mrs. Ralpn Roulon gave the devotional using Acts 1^:1-8. Mrs. E. P. Stewart read a paper on "Fruit of the Spirit—Fellowship." Mrs. Sam Warmack gave a Labor Day prayer by Dr. James Workman. The hostess served punch anc cookies to sixteen members anc one visitor, Mrs. E. D. Galloway Aussies to Get New Governor General LONDON Wl— Official sources said today thai Brilain will name the 61-yeai>old chief of the Imperial General Staff, Field Marshal Sir William Slim, as governor general of Australia. The nation's No. 1 ranking soldier, who commanded Britain's 14th Army in Burma during World War II, will succeed Sir William McKell as the Queen's personal representalive in Ihe Auslralian commonwealth. The outspoken Slim will take up his new assignmenl in Ihe fall He will be succeeded as chjef of Ihe imperial staff by Gen. Sir John Harding, who now commands Brit ish, armed forces in Germany. Indonesia is the largesl Moslen country in Ihe world in lerms o people, says Ihe Nalional Geogra phic Society. i***"^ ] tnat wji^ije),, ymi to be Since my return, ,.we nave, uf |C i u b] u _ '<Q,. course, maintained "bur friendship I with Marge and Bill, and here is | Duar M j ss Dix: l -, m Vi yca ,. s my gripe. Whenever Marge calls ; old , mc , h . 1V( , quit( , a problem, on us, she goes out of her way. sometimes friends nt mine 140 to o bring Carol inlo Ihe conversu- nciH . l3y nm iiscinent parks and al- ion, recalling pleasant limes they t | ]Ol , Kll tri ,, n , is usually nil older all had together, etc. I resent; ]w . Ktin Wlth lnomi )ny mother will his, feelinK that Marge is lack-, nut , ol , )R , J;o PHYLLIS ng in good tasle, and am told Loming ana Going ents, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. McDowel _. and Mrs. Hftmer Fuller I ™* rtlter ' ^ ^™ y ^^ have returned from Dallas after hat I am unduly sensitive. No* j Answer: As usual, mom is tfarge has asked us to a dinner i You are much loo .young lo go to jarty which is to include Carol. I umiiseiiu-nl parks such as you men ; happen to have a legitimate ex-1 tion with eoinpanions your ov£( cuse for not going, but olher simi-l age. If then- is an older person ar occasions will arise. My hus-j presenl who vvill guuranlee lo band will probably never see Car-! look uftc.-r you, your mother might tor's. "- ! - ---'I ••• ' -:• It was-'Umnaing -to. ,nie to neec a sueretary,""sh'e l ,eKPlalinedV "At l«si-'.ihe-'«onXR»i'.l9n Jisuddenly fduhc old friend^ ajjdc, ralatlvcs writing JeUer.is-y'lfle k4»d>uofi.i-lclter,s you vvarit to answoi-lcarofullS-"" i\i®u& Wr.poi9*id''and talkative' in small" groups, but Inclined to bq shy if she's called on to.speak bu- fore u crowd. She prefers simple clothes, usually in navy blue or black, with an occasional spluuh of red, and shps typically fonimihc uncui-tainty over her hats. •/ "I've had expensive hats that were failures," she said with n igh. "My husband thinks nil worn en should wear sailors. But l! keep changing my mind. Maybe If I'd do something different with my hair I could go without a hat more." Her naturally curly brown hair, which she washes and sets herself, is pulled back into u soft bun at her neck. Since tho Ives' only son, Tiino- thy. 24, is a jet pilot stationed at spending a week with their' daughter, Mrs. Paul Schrgck, Mr. Sch- recK and family. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Conway have returned home after a week end visit with Mrs. Conway's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Babb. PERFECT FOR SCHOOL! BOYS' CORDUROY SPORT COATS '• N*#l • WED. & THURS. t Mr. L. A. Walker and daughter, Nina Gene, returned Monday night after a weekend visit with relatives in Fort Worth and Weatherford, Texas. Mrs. L. A. Walk er returned with them after spending the week with, her son. Thomas Thad Walker and family in Fort Worth. Mr and Mrs. A. M. McDowell and son, Wallace, of Fort Worth were the weekend guests of Mr McDowell's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. McDowell and Mrs. Mary Collins. Mr.- and Mrs. E. H. Alford of Stephens were the Sunday afternoon guests 'of Mrs. Altord's sisters, Mrs. C. C. Collins and Mrs J. S. McDowell. Hospital Notes Branch Admitted: Mrs. Exie McClellan of Fatmos. Miss Kathleen Walker returned Monday night after spending the weekend in Greenville, Texas, a* guest of Mrs. John Brooks and son, John Hobert Brooks. Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Urrey have returned from a visit with Mr. and Mrs. BUI Dorsey and Irvin to Dublin. Texas. While they were there they attended the rodeo. They also visited Mr. and Mr«. P. M. io Stephen- Ch«»ter Admitted: Mrs. Maud Jones of Hope, Rt. 4, Mrs. Elston Willis, Hope, Bt. 3, Mrs. F. W. Clark. RossUm, Mrs. Maxine Smith, of Hope. Mrs. C. S. Lowthorp, Hope, Mrs. Ruth I. Powell, Hope, Mrs. Herbert Rogers, Hope. Rt- 1. Mrs. Jim White, Emmet, Rt. 2. Discharged: Lee Norton, Hope, Herbert Dodson, Hope. M* *n4 1fc», p»ton cisrsi e* a ol again, if Marge doesn't go out let you of her way to arrange Ihese get-! ~— logcthers. RITA K. j Answer: To suggest thai Marge j is lacking in good tasle is to be! charitable. Her aclions suggest j a veritable snake in Ihe grass; who is oul lo make trouble. Whe- > Iher she is deliberately trying to create a romance belween liny; and Carol is open lo question, but j she certainly is taking consider'| able delighl in harrassing you with | her insinuations and reminiscenced | Try Direct Assault • | Her friendship can be tested with j a direct assault. Tell her that you' feel Carol has no place in your j husband's present life, and that. you would feel much more at' ease if Marge helped keep her; in tho background. A true fnuid most willingly co-operative. Since r>--ople who ^re themselves unhappy love to make olh-; ers share their misery, J suspect a riit in the lute of Marge and i Bill's marital bliss. Marge possibly suspects Bill of succumbing Vi '• Carol's charms and, to her own \ devious way, is trying to divert 'attention. If it is at alt possible to eliminate Marge from your j circle of friends, do so. IJon'i ; make too much of an issue uf the matter with Ray, however. Men can, contrariwise, head for thei very thing you are trying to have them avoid. but imch;j|ieroned — never! Released By The Bell Syndlcatu Inc. Among the Creations of None Are More Beoutiful^Thdh' FLOWERS "... • - - *~?~t They Speak for Man, Expressing ' His Deepest Emotions and Most ' Vital Relationships . , , LOVE HOPE GRATITUDE' fid As No Other Material Things. Con I ', Express Them ' ^ ^ i > • t , (Sponsored by Neff Brothers) "Sri r "TTI ^ AMERICA'S FAVORITE CHILDREN'S SHOES Sizes 8J to 12 . - $6.45 Sizes 12i to 3 . . . $6.9$ Dear Miss Dix: I am 15 years | old and a sophomore in nigh school. I'm a very lonely glrL When I'm out with a group ol girls I can't seem to join in the sation, though I try faajn of all, I haven't even had rny first! date with a boy. Boys just don't j apiece me. If J go on l&e this {'V ^e the most dinjfniieaf|*d girl ejc^nver- d; Worst

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