Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 1, 1952 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 1, 1952
Page 9
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ft ROOM furnished hmi»«, Dint Mldlebraodks 7-3761. vi the flflht to «rjiwm*mi of. J ^ w fttet eaunt M en* to oof. attention IfKOffKt 7-3431 ftm JJ^ I IMf by m«it*r i AlfcMM t, tor, ti (payable In od- Hop* and neighbor. I }H. nvrnidiB^Mi ncvwni* HawBrt, am) Mlllw coun* «:so ' a fifi 4 — ~~"' S fi >»J»"l«««> j loUit. ftsulico of rea Olek Wonttd for Sun m 14 VACANT now, * room fumtHitd apartment, CtoiMn, UlOtfte* p»ld. Oarage. Phone 7-44M, 14-tf bedroom convenient to Jjalh, Within I block of Barlow Hotel, Phone 7-3141 Jl-tf FHONT bedroom, Private entrance. 502 Hotilh Hiirvvy, Dial 7-371H. veto bnth. Bioctrle tiox. No child' run. Mm. JBlrn. Judnon, 220 North Orncery. ot Phone W-3t f<ArtOE room* fiirnlihed apnrt- rnent, Uuatnirn. Prlvatu b«th. Phono 7'31?4, 3fl.3t 0 ROOM.'•hpii«« < 1% mile* out. Well wnter, mlectrlclty, p«»lur«-. Phone 7471)9, 30-31 For Salt 40 ACHE fnrm, Highway 20, 4 inllwn «outh on oc Itoy Forrnby, SIMf 00 VAT New Hnmpohlro ben* at 42 dentil per pound, Arthur Gray, Qxnn, Acknniioii, 30-fli LUMJ1RU for barn nnd fAtioo, Hpo clnl prk'o. SO fitirfif! of Inncl. V mll« ffo»n_ city limit*. A, A, t Ht, 4, llopo. ao-Bt condition, ~daod lire*. Worth tha price J. W. Htrlcklnml. ,10-31 AT rt'uiionttblo pi'lcfl», Hereford JHllln, 12 to 1H month)! old, New location 4 rnile» north an Proving Ground Rood,: A. Phone 7^4088. '. SMM HAY at the mrailaw. Mixml leu* unti xocoiul urowth John- mm iinind, Almi pluln Johniiun A. \S, Ulurmuli, N1CI- 1 Knt Imnn. Mri*. J. N. lonl, l-St The Negro Community Amanda Frtomun left on Thunduy night where ihe will ru r lenohlng dutlo* In Once School System. Mru, Oonrldlne Miller ha» ro turned homo after upending the •unimer in Mexico vUltlng Jii>r hUHband, W. K. borrow »TAT«« M«rldl«n W L Pet 2 3 3 2 2 2 2 Rttulu fl, N»tche/. Monroe S, Meridian .1 Atlanta Now Orl«»n« MfmphU Mobile Nnnhvllle Llltle ASSOCIATION W L 19 M 77 87 77 M 70 .500 ,100 .500 ..100 Pet SeiztuBWs for Tennis Singles Title mVLM, N. V, cWP> Top-*e«I«J Vie R«i*ai ot Philadelphia b!d« for a berth in the round nl 18 In the U. 8. teftnlt tingle* championship today on a heavy {.floor Day ncbedute, straight «et Winner over Sidney Wood In the second round ypMerdny drew tall Jack Tuero of Ronly, N. Y., in hlf third round up, Frank Sedgman, defending cham pion from Australia who knocked .582 j off Tom Boyt of New York with ,539 the lot* of only two unmet yen- 78 74 70 05 71 74 79 00 84 .417 .527 ,521 .All) game. •4M Sid SchwnrU of Brooklyn, win- ttrday, wan matched againit Hal Burrows of Charlotteivllle, V«., B (i tiff opponent when he !» on his a*m*e New Origan* at Atlanta (2) Mobile nl Birmingham (2) Mtitnnht* fit Chattanooga (2) Little Rock at Nnihville (2) Now York CJflveland Boston Philadelphia Chlcnijo Washington St. I,on In Detroit W L Pet 7fl 54 ,585 74 5fl .5(!lt no 58 .M:\ 08 00 .531 07 02 .510 00 (13 .512 54 77 .412 43 H7 .331 Today'* Games Bontori nt New York (2) Phlliidelphln ot Wii»hlngton (2) Detroit nl ChlciiU" (2) Cluveltmd nt St. t,oul» (2) NATIONAL LEAGUE Brooklyn New York St. I^HllH Phllmlfl|)hln Chicago Boxtoti Cincinnati W L Pet B3 74 73 7(1 05 42 .(UI4 51 .502 511 5H 07 55 72 5(1 74 :ui m .500 .547 .41)2 ,4ft) .4.11 Today's Qamtt Now York at UoKton <2> Ilrooklyn nl Phlliulcluhln (2) C'hlpugo jit I'lUxInii't'h I2i St. I.milH ul Cincinnati (2> NATIONAL LEAGUE Now York 10 Uruuklyn U St. oulH 2, I'ittHbui'iih 4 JPhllndi'lphlu 0-4, llcmlon 1-0 Chicago 4-5 Clnclnnotl 2-0 AMERICAN LEAGUE Washington 10, New York 0 Cleveland-fl, Chicago 3 Boston 11-0 Philadelphia 1-2 D0tnill 4, St. Louis 4 AMERICAN ASSOCIATION Indianapolis 4-7, Charleston 1-U Columbia 0-7 Uuiiisvllle 0-0 Milwaukee 0-0 .Ht, Pnul 4-S : MlniR'iipolis !)-3, Kimsns City 11-3 nor over Don Thompson of New York in tho second round, was the only *«cd(!d American with a nio- jtir fight on his hands. Seeded llth, Sriiwnrt/, wax matched with Kan ,Ho*pwull of Australia, 17-year-old tee, who bowled over George Edl* ol Peekuklll, N, Y. » Fourth-Hooded Herble Flam of Beverly Hills. Calif., was matched tiitninat toll Bob Perry, star Los AriK«tc« youngster In another feature. Gardnar Mulloy of Miami, a round behind the others, was scheduled for a second rounder iiKiiinxt Hugh Dltzler of Berkley, Calif. Form prevailed again yesterday with Sol/us and Sedgrnan, favored to meet In tho finals, heading tho parade of favorites. Neither was In danger Although Sclxa# worked hnrd to down the • veteran Wood, 7-5, 0-3, 7-5. Sedgman routed Boys. 0-2, OVO. fl-0, I.owis Hood of Australia topped Harry Llkns of San Francisco in tho most bitterly contested match of the day, 4-0, 0-2, 0-8, 0-1 0-4, Maureen Connolly of San Diego, Cnllf., opened defense of her wornon's crown by routing Mrs. Gladys Holdmnn of Kamah, Tex., (10, 0-1. She meets Mrs. EUI Carmil of Sea Cliff, N, Y,. today and Doris Hurt of Coral Gables, Fin., dicw Don-It Horbst of England In the oilier featured women's match. Riegel Clings to Slim Lead in Pro Match By LOU BLACK WETHERSFIEr.D, Con. W) —A Slice Riegel of Tulsii, Mr*, W, V. Itulhartord U hor lister In Detroit, Mich, Mrs, lil>li Holt Of too Angoloo, C«Uf. Wtt» th4 VUPpQf iuo«t of Mr*. i.^ir* T* •MW w r'^'"TW Ift&W. tfe'....... vOf,,jwrtt» jQr4* IIH^^^.-..'. .». »wt Alfrud Yergor of Detroit, hus i'«turi>cd Homo «ftov ft vliit with at»t«r Mr». Wr* Twrnor in CwlU,, hl» ' pnrenti, Mr. Mrs, Tont Yor«oi % ip Fullcm «lator, Mv». Lnurn fiimdera in Hone. Kd WtlllBm* ha* rntwnitfd to hia homo lit Houston, Tsxtu, utter a vliU with Charlie Jefft»i-»on who .{ft ttl In « l«c«l luitpital. Mr«, M«ry Mitchell and ton Arthor of St. Louis, arc vUiting Mrs, Mitchell'* mother, anU other Mrt. Mattlo Tbo Rev. und Mrs, T. J. Mrs, Mattic Snndern, Mrs. Laura Sottders, the Rev. t. M. Mannitui and Mr», Annie \Vhitmor» luotorcd to 0»»u Sunday to vUit Mrs. Did*) Mo<u-e who Is IU. ; Circle No. 9 met at th* home of PACIFIC COAST Oakland ti-U San Francisco 0-3 Portland, !i4, Sncrnmcnto 1*1 Los AilBtMuH 0-3, Hollywood S-B Seattle ISrfl 8nn Diego 3-4 SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION Atlimta 0, Now Orleans 9 Mobllo ?, H!nnlii«hntn 0 Memphis 14, Little Rock 7 Nashville RQ, Chattanooga 4-1 TKXAS Fort Worth 8, Oklahoma City 7 Beaumont 7, llouston 0 Shrttvtport 7, San Antonio 0 7. DallhB '4 LopotWins, Yanks Hold Loop Lead By RALPH ROD EN EXPERIMENT FAILS—The Air Force, after long testing, has given up on the huge B-60 experimental bomber (bottom photo) •nd will concentrate full attention on the B-S2 (top photo), a faster, single, heavy Jet type. The B-52 Stratofortress is expected to replace tha current B-36 ns the chief atomic bomb carrier of the Strategic Air Command. SPORTS ROUNDUP By QAYLE TALBOT. NEW York WI — When Casey) Stengel nits down to make out his daily lineup there always Is an nir at fascinated expectancy among the Yankee players who are pulling on their uniforms in the big locker room just outside Casey's cubicle. The athletes know that their somewhat pixilntod pilot eventual- y will come up with a balling Arnold Okay, Bobcats Work Hard Daily Heartened by the news that Clyde Arnold will be able to play Coach Joe Ensminger and his Bobcat squad are working out twice daily" in an effort to round Into shape by the season's first football game with Stamps here September 12. The boys show lots of hustle, Ensminger said today In praising the work of Buddy Mosley, Richard Chism, James Cornelius, Barrel Porks Likely to Hove Best Team in Years FAYETTKVILLE UP) — ta as potentially one of the best versity of Arkansas football teams in history but also faced by per haps the toughest scheduled, <H husky Razorbacks trotted out thl; morning for the opening 1932 prac ticc session. Coach Otis Douglas will worK hi: squad picked from a group during spring drills — twlci a day in an effort to get ready fo _ ......... _______ _________ => „„.,,.. Messer. Johnny Tabor, alii Gentry the season opener against Oklal Miles Hipp. Jack and Jerry Jones/ " ma AiM in Llttlp n ° ck S * Tom Beck. Dick Lauterbach, Josso 2 «. I Duke. Ralph Wiggins, Jolm Keck For the first time in many years and Wayne JohnsOn. . These boys arc making our regular lettermen hustle and most of them will play a lot of football this season, the mentor said. Baseball's Arky Vaughan Drowns ALTURAS, Calif., Sept. 1 (UP— The basebnll world mourned the tragic death of Joseph Floyd Arky Vaughan today while preparations for the former National League sparkplug's funeral were underway in this tiny California settlement. The 40-year-old former shortstop for the Pittsburgh Pirates and Brooklyn Dodgers drowned yesterday at nearby Lost Lake at Eagles while on a holiday ville, Calif., fishing trip. the Arkansas menu doesn't Includi a « ame booked air -.T "breather" ° n successive Saturdays following lhe Oklahoma Aggie contest, the Razorbacks will take on 'Houston a coming power in the Missour Valley Conference; Texas Chris tinn; "Baylor; Texas; Misslssipp Texas A. & M. Rice Souther! Methodist and Tulsa. To meet this row of toughies the Razorbacks have 23 lettermen a sprinkling of other experiencei holdovers and some highly regard) ed sophomores and transfers The price of the squad is a dee •and talented backfield corps call the best in the Southwest Confe ence. What appears to be the lik ly No. 1 set of backs is made U] rf Lamar McHan, all All-Confe cnce do-.evcrything Halfbacks Buddy Sutton and Jac Troxell and Fullback 'Lewis Cai penter. Only at center are the without lettermen, and filling' tha spot adequately is Douglas' chic problem. Bill Wirner. a 45-year-old logger' The head coach hopes to star Oklu., clung tenaciously to a , : two- stroko lead today In n desperate (.ffurt to score his first "big Sine" In the major pro golf cifculv*- After brilliant rounds of 00 07, Hit'Kel dropped to a par Tlvyoa Kddlr Lopnt tho "junk man" U buck in buainotis toduy. And his myrluti stock of pitches may wvll *p«H u faui'Ui Ktruight American Louguflt peimunt for tho Now York Yankees. Lupat, hlndvrttd all season by ihoulder mlsorlo*. turned In his most lntpre«siv« p«rform«nco of tcrday, and the final day of the 72-holc 15,000 Insurance City Open finds the former West Point plebe u ml National Amateur champ 'with u 204 total. Hot on bin Skee's trail Is « surg- IUK Tod Kroll of New Hartford, N. Y., who appears to be bacji in top form. Kroll fired a 67 in. bis latest round for a 206 aggregate and many experts wore picking him tu overtake Hlugel by dusk to night. Everybody agreed that you can't count Connecticut's own Julius Boron out with only 18 holes to go, but thu National Open champ's 200—five strokes off the pace, looked llko too much of H deficit for this top gold. ,; Oddly tmoufih, Boros shot u 68 yesterday, his best of the four-day tourney over Wethvritleld Country Club's (1,504-yard course, but 'tho champ's putting was off, Thu sen thui'iUul favorite, thu former Hart- furd bookkeeper was followed by most of the S.OOO crowd. Should Riogt'l or Kroll (alter un dor tho pressure, there's Ed Oliver i ol turnout, 111., Lawson Little Monterey, Calif., and Eurl Stewart Jr. of Ti'xus, with 20«s. Boros, Bill Murkham of Rockville, Md., John Palmer ot Baden, N. C., and Art Wull of HonesdtUe, Pa., follow with Although he played erratically yesterday, lUegel insists, "I was Just playing a conservative game Memphis Takes Southern Spotlight By The Associated Press Just where is Memphis going to stop in the Southern Association? All first division positions are well within the grasp of Luke Appling's Chicks, presently In fourth place after winning six in a row order titter he has shuffled four | Yesterday they defeated Little the season yesterday in pitching I to protect my lead. My irons were the pace setting Yanks tu a 6-1 i clocking okay, but I wasn't getting triumph over the Wash \ good putting to go with U. There's ~ " nothing wrong with my game." Riegel was slated to leave the too today in a threesome with Stewart and Oliver, They \ver* to preceded U intitules earlier by Kroll «nd Little. or five samples around like n Mississippi River gambler. When Old !asc finally slicks his choice on the dugout post with a couple ot pieces of adhesive tape, they crowd around to read it like kids around u Christmas tree. Up to this point in the American' League race, Casey hns thought up some 65 different ways of arranging the first eight men in his jotting array. It is not believed that any other manager ever came close ,to equaling thik figure. With nearly a month still to-^grt; 'Casey doubtless will put it even farther beyond rea.ch. In getting" the Yanks out front and keeping them there most ; of I the svay, Casey has employed';a,I total of nine different lead-off batters. When one considers that the art of leading of is supposed to be o highly specialized one and that the average manager nii«ht go through an entire season stuck with the same No. 1, Casey's cat becomes eloquent. At one time or another Stengel's choice has been Phil Rizzuto, Gene Woodling, Hank Bauer, Billy Martin, Mickey Mantle, Irv Noren, Bob Ccrv, Gil McDougnld and believe it or not, Loren Babe. Each of them hns had n whack at sparking the Bombers' attack and none has, to this point, convinced Casey he is the ercam of the crop. Ri?./.u- to for example, never knows whether he's at No. 1 or No. 8 until he rends the news. The only regulars who have not found their name at the head of the list, up to now, arc Yogi Berro, Johnny Mizo and Joe Collins. It is not too surprising that Ml/e and Collins have been passed over, for neither is what you would call fast. But Yofii moves pretty good and It can only be assumed that Cusey is savins him for the stretch drive. In the fourth, or cleanup spot, which is perhaps the most import- nut and conspicuous job in the em- Rock, 14-7, nnd moved to within one game of third-place New Or- The Pelicans took a disastrous 9-5, beating by Atlanta and fell from a second place tie with the Crackers. Chattanooga divided a doubleheader with Nashville and had its league lead cut to 2'i gnme-s over Atlanta, 3'i over New Orleans and 4!i> over Memphis. The Geneva Convention of 1949 sajys prisoners,..must jbe giyen 4 e .' cent housing, nourishing food and the right to communicate their families. with and Vaughan's companion on the trip, also was dVowned when their fishing skiff overturned. A witness said both men attempted to swim ashore, but floundered helplessly and finally slipped beneath the waters of the lake about C3 feet from the shore. The bodies were later recovered some 25 feet from shore in 15 feet of water. "The whole sporting world lost a gentleman and a fine competitor in the death of Arky Vaughan," said National League President Warren Giles. "He contributed much to the National League prestige in ihe 14 years he played with the Pirates and Dodgers. I am deeply sorry to hear of his tragic death." Branch Rickey, general manager of the Dodgers when the spunky infieldcr played for Brooklyn, was "greatly shocked and saddened" at the ,"I feel terribly sad and shocked to hear of Vaughan's death," Rickey said. "He was a great ball player and a gentleman,".. A native of Clifty, Ark., Vaughan is ; survived by his widow, Margaret and four children. Mrs. scrimmages tomorrow. "The tackling dummy has place in practice," he said, " as long as the fellows we f every Saturday are playing keeps, wo had better get used tj hnrd knocks." Do.uglas is making no prediction on how his won-lost column .wi look at the end of the campaigr but admits "we should have mor stability and greater depth" last year,i when Arkansas won fiv games and lost five. "I doubt seriously that we'll i prove over some ot our perfor ances of 1951 — particularly Texas and Texas A & M gam — but we should be able to mate those games more consistently." Ridged by chains of active vo canoes, parts of Indonesia still among the wildest places earth. Blvlru Mom ct^inv and tako ' to protect their two games were served la ton lead over the Ciovetand conquerors of tho White Sox. cr»fty lefthander, a ai-«ume l«»t year, permitted only fiv« bolls to N hit to the out fictd, Mlk* Oarcta turned the ax!?*??** White Sox back on t.«vcn hits to hang U)> hit tTttt Victory for Cleve U«d. A) Ru#tM>, with U»U«1 b» oo two singles and dou and l»«rify Qoby with a two Homer, h**au>. led the Clev* lend »*s»Ult Ufttost Billy Ht«rce. thiJTcf-plttce Red Sax and U-l, A's th# ni*hlc»p ( 90. St. D^roit t«4. in the cir- took ft M9 step towards maul Gi hike It* h*Ui»a»- Cotton Stotts Ployoff D«adlock«d By the Associated Press The tour-team Cotton Slates League playoff is deadlocked with t ath team boasting two wins; Monroe topped Meridian 5-3, aud Greenwood dropped Natchn frl, last night. ' Greenwood Pitcher Tom Btgbam hurled three-hit ball. He bad a two-bit shutout until the ninth wh*n Al Heusser doubled to score Natch* Manager Troy UitcbeU. used four ot them tut e«ra ba*«* iu t»ki«* its second straight victory over the hfUteri, who won the first two of the series. tJw fust ib* PMls Uu» whUe Chicago &ud balvwd bill, the taking MM iirst o»e, 4-J, Tt» RedJSa* bwwed, w^». batting order, Stengel has .... ployed no fewer than six different players—Berra, Mantle, Bauer, Mlze, Woodling and McDougald. Generally it has been the Yogi man when he was in condition to play at all between breaks and «pr»ius, but there also have been days when Casey simply com{mined with his private spirits and SYNOPSIS Nnnco anil yuung Doctor Jcromy Ireland are about to bo married In the Binull town of Tlmrstonla when beautiful, wealthy, cnlculatlnc 10vo Romlcy comes into their lives. Sho has returned to this snmll hanilot to seek re- venf,'o on the Irolnnd (-a in I I y. Once tiriclly In clilldhood they had adopted her, but bocnuso nl her vicious little ways, hnd returned her to in orplmn- HKO. She conspires now to meet their son, the doctor, bees Ills help In the matter of rinding new friends, slnro Ip I ids. Thurstonia. CHAPTER SEVEN JEREMY took out his pipe, cupped its cool bowl In hia palm and looked at Eve. "Arc you going to live in Thurstonia?" "Yes, If 1 can find a house." "To buy, you mean?" She nodded. "1 don't suppose there's the remotest chance of renting one." He agreed, and she said buying was more permanent, anyway. So she, was planning to stay, he thought "Why Thurstonia?" he asked curiously. "If you don't know anyone in town . . ." "Everyone has to live somewhere." she told him. "Now don't tell me you stabbed a pin in •> map!" She laughed. "No." "You aren't, by any chance a registered nurse?" She shook her decided that his slugging catcher! head, and he said, "We're short "My fiancee Is svaitlng for me in the car." Eve gave an amused little laugh. "Does she,carry a stop watch?" The mockery stayed in her eyes as sho turned towards the bedroom; When she came out, she had on fresh lipstick and a hat. "I have an open car," he said dubiously, n^tfd«Kl a game or two at, say No, S in the order. nobody has yet ex— and Casey least of all -T why it is beneficial to keep a . - --- ^-«.^-v.v^..«> VV | «>VV:|J M big league battuuj order in a con *tont state of fUiv, there can seem, . - . .. to te little _ douot that ^ mana .! something about herseU to offer - g*r of the Yankees has something, i P 0 ™? clue lo n « •"ft* h , ere »» One even begins to suspect at i hotel ropw ' She dWn't. and he Hum that uu« strange man who touo « S"*?* talks in pig Latin has somethin u* other manager know * . back through the Van 1 *e* box scores, we were struck Monrtw poundod out 10 hit* tod &* something that mi«ht just be a coincidence, but likely is not. most *v«ry Um« that Casey has given his batting order a major *fe«kin»u|>, the Yanks have by winning two or three or four games in a row. Almost nt>ver has such an operation failed to jerk the cluo out of a slump. Britain's schools of law, caitedi__ the but* of Court. Jiav« UM» exclu- *"** «Mrri«bt to «kdiurt B»itu?h * y«r« to the bar. Th e ,,r'«" nc n?« n " to Uv ' P crmatl(! » tl y H shrugging at the wide-brimmed hat. Sh'e took it off. "Then I'll just tie something around my hajr." This time, she came out of the bedroom knotting a filmy scarf under her chin. Worn that way, It made her a Madonna, or a child. Yet her mouth was not the mouth of a child, Jeremy thought, and no Madonna ever had that look in her eyes. "Oh, lord," he groaned going down in the elevator, "I left my bag." "I'll wait here," Eve said In the lobby, "while you go up for it." Her eyes were laughing at him again as she gave him her room key, and Jeremy, feeling like a fool, strode over to the elevator. When he came down, ehe was gone. He was relieved and at the same time disappointed. This capricious seesaw between anger and amusement, exasperation and laughter had started tha minute he'd walked into Eve Roiuley*s room. He went out to the car. Eve waa lounging on the car door talking with Nance. She turned to him, held out bar band for her key. "We've Introduced ourselves," she told htm. Grimly. Jeremy helped her in beside Nance an4 shut the door, Undoubtedly, Kve already had played havoo with the reason for his return to her room. . (n that amu«e<J drawl ot her* she'd maj«f quite a • ing of it And tf aac* t wtth her *»» At sultry-eyed >miaM«! . »:. Oh, well, he thought a* he climbed. In behind the wheat Unreasonably bit <Ure-up if tr-, ritaUon slanted out »t Napce- What right bad ah.e to awume, Ju»t because he'd idiotically l$tt hla to Eve's room. tt*l , . . staffed at the hospital. It's the same In hospitals all over the country, i suppose. Young women these days don't see the Nightingale lamp for the bedpan." "I'm not a nurse." He waited for her to volunteer °»« ttema «* *"* t » kln < ** ** incredibly long straight little noae. A smooth, full mouth . . . Abruptly, be got up. 8b* Mfced quickly, "You're not angry with me?" "Of course not" •Then you'll help me get *c» quainted In townt" t "It you Ufce." "And find me a house T" "You'd better gel yourself a real estate roan," be began, then said * tveqtaf, be to the beaird ia do^natalra, ve jromirouad T*a< Jerewiy'f ttytae fiMI- denly dissolved. Naac* WM too s*u- siWe to put wrong fa«a on tttoga. Tftey turned off me dowvtMm nww atunwt into Uw> re»ld«uU*l *• *5*& "I^JL l9 f M **»* ^ ~— iwbt After M**> i lit "™^— * Jf*.''* y 11 1HJL m ^ta&l V *H l,lPf!>S«» DONfT BE SILLY LAWRENCE- MIND YOU FOR NOTHING-GOTALK TO CWDDV WHILE I GET DPESSED WAIT OUTSIDE, ) fc eAO BOY . t THINK buck's SMARTER THAN ANYBODY--THEV CAN SWIM AND WALK AMD FLY-AND QUACK: COOKIES FATHER WHEN XXI WERE f, ^ PlPTy GENTS IF vou'LL MIND ME_TWIS MORNING By Michel O'Maltcy and l By J, R. Willlami OUT OUR WAY Answer to Previous Puzzle Who Lives Where I 7HOU6HT YOU HATEP HASH.' WHV, EVEM THAT DRIMK \<S> HASH.' A FEW PROPS OUT OF EACH BOTTLE...TH'SAME WITH THAT SAWDIA/ICH--IT COULDN'T BS v. SOU HATE TO WASH A PlSH SO MUCH THAT YOU WOM'T EMPTV AWyTHIMO.' OH.1THIMK A LITTLE CREAM AMP A LITf US MILK. IM M1LK MAKE IT TAST6 BETTER THE SAME WITH THE SANDWICH/ ALISON THE Hei LOVtt? HORttONtAt I the lion's VERTICAL 1 They live in kennels 2 Revise 3 Denials 4 Fasten 5 Air (comb, form) 6 Foreigner to those.living in Mexico A MOST OP PACES, 4 "Only a bird in a gilded THROUGH VIC PLIMTS 12 Poem 13 Demigod 14 Indian coin carriage 16 Greek statesman 18 Railroad - depot 30 Century ' plants 21 Weight measure 22 Obtains 24 God of 40 Pieces of thunder quartz 25 Harness part 41 Move 26 Opera singer sideways Wlff MUSCULAR POlJNCilf/P5ACK-- CI.U* ENTBRTAINHK, WHO HAP PALLBN POB THt MAM,.. FHL . U. *. Pit. ON.) 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GET OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hooplo VJfrRE SOlMS TO WIND UP MUCH MOMEV AS, YOU COULO FIND IMA EGAO.tVJlGSS, OUR PUMDS AMD BATTLE -A* FeeD/-~ HER. mm HABIT (OF REFUSING TO 16 WELL SS3B10 ^ 41 Chemical salt 42 Fundamental 45 Printing 40 Begged 51 Self-esteem 52 Drove a nail obliquely 53 Ring 54 Profit AROUND THE TRACK J MO Ol^E WOOLO \ US A PlMT OF OATS FOR HER/ BOolS AND HER BUDDIES Hy Edgor M Rose OP \MILL6EE v\t cm AOO, .IT^vrioovo TRAIL A SET OP ViOWtl 11 OOCtttX \ft 55 These live in small hills of earth 56 Hireling 67 Golf mound CARNIVAL By Dick Turner BUGS BUNNY f WHKT'* TH' IPS* O I /VFTBR N\C WITH THAT l^ \( i v- T ALLEY CAT BUM H/V& POLLERIN' ME FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger ALLEY OOP WfiHT 0UWTH' /THEY'veSOTTHi WHILE OOOI.A. AND FOOZY A.STOUMD 6ECTION5 OF THE AI(2CRfr,FT-6fOTTINQ NETWORK. WITH THE FLIGHT OF THEIR (81 MAGIC CARPET, DR.WONMUG BRINGS ;i^l OOPON THE SCENE,., "Haven't you got something a little cheaper? This I'm celebrating is only $2.58!" SIDE GLANCES By Golbroith "This is our election year special—the old full dinntr pail ideal" CHRIS WELKIN/ Ploheteer FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Bloiser TH& ACTIVITY IF VOO WANT TO SB A ,AMAIZA f PBRHAK TUB TKAIIt~ fflSSf: us.' BOO.' ) aS*L!A«ia *PP* pf co»»gt w«4d K Vaughan late yesterday was Kerr's mortuary here whore body was taken and said funer services were planned fentativel for tomorrow. "1 envy you, having a H o m e Town." "Haven't you?" "No." "I thought everyone had," 'Nance said pleasantly. Eve stared straight ahead and said nothing. "Miss Romley is going to buy a house, Nance," Jeremy said. , "Oh, call me Eve— both of yi please?" "Of course," Nance said In her clear, happy voice. "And it must be Nance and Jeremy, if we're going to bo frfcnds. Eve told me," she said, turning to Jeremy, "about the sore-throat stratagem. Wasn't IS clever of her?" "Extremely clever," Jeremy conceded dryly. "I wonder, if she'd picked Carlton, If he'd have found it amusing ?" i ' . " Nance's laughter was gay. !'Ant drew Carlton," she explained u Eve. "Chief of staff at the hospital. I Grim, stomach ulcers, and absolutely no sense of humor! He'd have sprayed you with some obnoxious stuff and consigned you to bed for a week for wasting hta time!" "His valuable time, 1 * grinned. "Isn't your time valuable? asked Jeremy. "Of course It Is," Nance quickly. "Only, Jeremy sense of humor." Ai»d," Eve murmured, ulcers?" They laughed as the car went over a bridge, Eve turned back look down. She remarked, member the river." "Oh/ you've. lived here before!" asked in surprise. One summer, a long time ago,* The word* «$er» nostalgic, but tjm:l|»8ect|on. It was curt, n _ niwt drowned, once. In the river. Eve shrugged, fault, l felt the ?$ wa« my own wbole world waa me, t decided I'd make everyone »rry la we, w I jumped On tbe riter. T1»*B. suddenly, { taaew anyway. The only person I vat buriiag WM myself. 80 | to scream. A ma WM a»,_^ fee bank. He swam out and g>,, me. gveryooe thought it WM M accident."

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