Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 1, 1952 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, September 1, 1952
Page 4
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&' i K "• $ * \ " <•'* "' ruarsh ws^rs » feictoe fan itw Bavarian Atp*,,tlt« "Skyblawi," famow* Air forw «rjt<«, make a |pa«ta«ular sight In their diaro d«rJnf tji«lr thr*« jreart it) Jfurope, th*y will , th« Ihttrhatlonal- Aviation BxposHlon, In Detroit f* j,' ' v* * . ff * ^^._. >..n_ u '^kL - - "* '^ "• ^--^- -- tflft Rofk', Ar)<, PP^^IMrtK JI -to* rfH within *t destroyed hU and i)xty-on««pound, hung outtidft a ."• ; «li* .,l.n. !.«» ClMUivwe 'tm RUNNCRS.UP-Whet"ho«iery manufacturers hop* will become 1 a fad i» displayed on th* .Hgllywood actress Julie Adarn*. ,Her stockings, in proper won- artisan Hshipn, * feature .'• the name* of Ike and Stevtrttbh.; B« fomtaiiw votws •" ttW'o* Eisenhower Is Reassuring to NEW YORK Dwlght senhower today, assured ', tlon's federal workers 4t - the Jewish y tnd which a Democratic leader, ly sought $100 campaiipt jobs if Ue OOP won. £is«uhuwer addressed the fa the convention y S«pt««vfctr 1,19SI Nation's Cool Operators Set to Start Again WftSBUROH Mo»t of the cool operators prepared PRESCOTT NEWS A 1 I LovakiH * today to resume production shortly after midnight—the time set to end ft 10-day memorial holiday called by United Mine Workers Boss John A spokesman for the Western meet on Wedneiday aftefnoOn al Motffsf, ftptember f Circle 3 nf the church will meet on Monday even Ing at 7:30 in the home of Mrs. T. E. Logan with Mrs. Max Bryant as co-hoitess. Wednesday, September 3 The Wedneiday Bridge Club will Pennsylvania Coal Operator* Association, whose mines employ about »$,000 said some mines will call men out for (he midnight .shift while others are set to reopen at 7 a. m. Tuesday. The spokesman said there Is no reason to believe the men will not report. Lewis ordered his 475,000 cool miners on a memorial holiday that Started Aug. 23. He said the period called to honor victims of mine disasters, was also to give officials an opportunity to check safety rcg illations in the mines.*. The UMW welfare and retirement fund reported 41 miners killed in soft coal bituminous pits since early July. The holiday came in the midst of union negotiations with the hard (anthracite) and soft coal Indus tries for" new contracts. Lewis has informed both industries contracts wilt expire Sept. 30. The coal miners have long observed a tradition of "no contract, no work." The OMW chief also has In formed the federal government of the contract terminations — thus setting up the possibility of n nationwide cool strike at the end of the month. ' Lewis started negotiations with Harry M. Moses, president of the Bituminous Coal Operators Assocl atlon, July 24. He opened similar WIKs with Joseph E. Moody, president of the Southern Coal pro ducers Association, at the beginning of August. Last week, Lewis met with of fie late of the hard coal producers at 1 WUkes-Barre, Pa., The sessions elided; With a joint announcement that the negotiations will be con- tuiued in Washington beHlnnlng Wednesday. Lewis' demands on the industry have not been disclosed. Under the present contract the basic mini mum doily wage for soft coal min ers Is $10.35. Anthracite miners get slightly more. Some of the miners expressed displeasure at the holiday period which actually kept them out of the pits for only five days. -The holiday began on a Satur day, when the men seldom work, and included another Saturday two Sundays and Labor Day. Many of the miners were idle .during, the 55-day steel strike and y« hsrilly recovered, from the ncial effects of thut layoff. A .coal strike would not be par tlcularly harmful to the nation's economy unless it extended over u prolonged period. Producers say there is a good supply of fuel al ready above ground. Some esti mate the supply would last three months. 2:30 In the home of Mrs. Dudley Gordon. Prayer meeting will begirt at 8 p.m. on Wednesday evening at the Church of Nazarene. Bible School teachers and officers of the First Baptist Church will meet Wednesday evening at 7 o' C«r<UII Hull It Sfriotit ly III WASHINGTON — Cordell Hull, Nat KAnHOWSBURO, N. V. leader of American Jewish you says there Is rto jonflicf of Bailor, loyalties in their coneerh,'for 1 'feel. v -- ] Jewish youth share a loyal? [America and & pride in its Der former secretary of sUte, wfts extradition "with every oth «.»i»ti> in i. .uj u....i u.^i._« CFOJIC traaiuon wiui every ovn culture group and with every otn critically ill In the* Naval Medical Center at ftearby Bethesda, Md.. today. Hull, Who will be 81 on Oct. 2, entered th* hospital Pftday night for treatment of cerebral tRrom- boSls. He was placed on the critical list. • ' The aging Statesman served is secretary of stit* ili;tht'e< Roosevelt administrations and was <corf> ferring with Japanese peace erl- voys at the time Pearl Harbor was bombed. He resigned in Novernbe/, 1944, but served as a delegate to the United Nations Conference at clock. Prayer and Bible study wl?) S« h Francisco in 1945 antt wa's be«in at 7:45. ^ awarded the Nobel Peace Prize ill that year. •'.";• He had a long and distinguished career in Congress before joining Franklin D. Roosevelfs There will be prayer meeting at the Church .of Christ Wednesday evening at 7:45. Wednesday prayer meeting and Bible study by Mrs. J. W. Bradley, will begin at 7 p.m. at the First Christian Church. Choir practice will follow. • , ... : Mr. ahd Mr*. E Knelt Ct»x Entertains Canasta' Club , Members of the Blue Ribbon dan asta Club were entertained on Wednesday evening by Mr: and Mrs. Ernest Cox at their home on East Elm St. • ' "... The party rooms w^re .bright arid gay with a var'ity' 1 of mixed summer flowers. High score honors for the even-Ing weve held by the. ladies. At the conclusion of games ice cream and cake were served' to' Mr. 'arid Mrs. C. H. Moore, Mr. "and H. J. Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Gordon, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Den- rnan and Dr. "and' Mrs. A. S. Buchanan. the late Cabinet., SOCIETY Phone 744S1 tetween I A. M. Mtf 4 P. M, ^Calendar cltlten." says Rabbi Arthur Lelyveld, national director of t 'nai B'rlth HlUel Foundations. The feeling towards Israel, '• adds, is a personal and group i volverhertt in an idealistic adv ttire and stems from "a sense kinship to Israel's • Tuesday, September 2 ,,, The Azalea Garden Club will nave a call meeting Tuesday morning, September 2, at 10 o'clock in the home of Mrs. E. L. Archer, Jr., 1118 E. Third. 'The Hope Country Club will entertain with game night, Tuesday tTJivVeld 8D^ke'vMtVrday Ay^cptember 2, at 7:45. Hosts 'will W.ita£i l.3£h Youthr^Trl^ 6 Mr. and Mrs. Frank McLarty 5S2SJd' by'VNaUoKewl •»» **• •«« *«. Thompson Evans Welfare Board. the (Maying mantis was' belie) ed by ancient Greeks to nave su erhatural powers. Ugof Notice I The VFW Auxiliary meets Tues day, September 2, at 7:30 at the Hut. This is the first' meeting of the membership campaigh. Mrs. Denver Dickinson and Mrs. Jeff Millican will be hostesses. TRANSIT SYSTEM LOSES u, _^ ^ -, < •••• fcfc. rr RESOLVED fay the seno NEW YQRK-Ufr- The bOAr'd ,6'f of th'0 State Of Arkansas 1 and trsnifpprtation spj-s' the\cjty.'"s ;tran /; the House of Representritives sit",sy4tem werit''|z4,773i889xJStoi'thehvM«Joyity,:;,«£'Alt >the Ntembe LtiAJ- -1^. iti'L :' *tu — *t\ ^i.'_JLf*-','j''"'•" • " red 30 d Iri .trie- fiscal Veaf 1 'eftded-'jurft ij . > - -j., . - i » . k " '• *~; V* ', , -• '• •,•"'•;-:•;-'" v-:".; '!-.- ;V;" •&.,>•?•'•?'•:• AMENDM CONST.ITUTION ENT NO. 42 .. .. Each House ' ' IcarisaV/- artd Upon being sutim ( to' th|i, electors .ot t>e Statt* foi . feje-ctlbri : »f tfi< nbXt ft ' WASHmCTpVl UK•—The . Dfepartm«rrt today;, idehtlfilsd 13 mbre,,|^prenn Wa'r->casua.lUe'3'r(Elst' N'o.v'WO,);.' 6( the "totai;..^nSB • is» dfa'di 11 - wounded and battle zohe^' ^-injured 1 ini a Lego! Notice PROPOSED ' ' na- becoujea prt)8id<Sat he wlll-'ftelther ftuthorUe nor condone of civil servioij emp^pyeejr. ^;v The Republican pr«sldci)tltti,»pm- ln*e declared h« was "sore" r pe- situatiwt in lions frotn mail carriers witli-'^he admonition they might lose th«tr Hurricane Is Continued from Page One come, it was low tide. The howler knocked out power and communications for a lowland area with a population of about 250,000 and littered streets and highways with limbs and a few wires. The Turkish freighter Mardln, ruling at anchor, was driven aground in Charleston Bay and the roof of the pavilion at Folly Beach near here was folded back upon itself. Two men were killed when their car careened off the road during the height of the storm near Har deeville, S. C., and a lineman of the South Carolina Electric and Qas Co. was reported electrocuted by u falling wire. A Negro man was electrocuted near Swansea, en he tried to remove a fallen power line from his car. JJernard J. Olasov, president of the South Carolina Association ot Insurance Agents, said member companies had agreed the final damage estimate would be "considerably less than the $2,000,000 damage in the 1940 hurricane." Westslde HD Club Has Aufluat Meeting ... The August meeting of : the .West Side Home Demonstration 'Club was held on the lavfn of the home of Mrs. Bill Davis on W.ed'ne.'sday' afternoon with Mrs. Otis Langston assisting hostess. -. Mrs. Dawson Henry, president, presided and plans were discussed for the club float for. the - Nevada County Fair Sept. 17. ' [ ' Mrs. Roy Duke gave arr ihfbf- mative talk on 'Plans for the Fair' The hostesses assisted by Wanda Dail, Sue Keeley arid Belya Jo Langston served dainty 1 refresh- merits to the ten members during the social hour. ' ' , '• fO--41 r BE IT BESOLyfeb by the House of Representatives of the •< State/ of Arkansas and by the Senate; a majority 'trf All -. Plan* Completed For 16th Annual County Fair,'Sept '17-19 The Fair Board of directors have announced final plans- for. the 'l§th annual Nevada County Fair, Sept. 17 to 19 have been complete^ and arrangements are being made Id stage one of the best this county has ever had. • : ' . Officers and directors of the 1852 Fair are as follows: • '/ ; President, Ellis Stewart, vice- president, Roy Loomis, General manager, John G-ann, assistant manager, N'. N. Daniel, secretary treasurer, Jada- McGuire, 'directors Jimmy Nicholas, Gene Hale, Henry Whitten. F. A. Wren, Charlie Scott, Mac Rogers, Dr. A. W. Hudson, A. M. Rettig, Carl Dairymple, J. B. Ritchie, W. G. Tarver, la. O. Hagler, J. E. Smith, Mrs. Madge Burgess, G. E. Tanner, U. G. Word Sid Purtle, Vance Beasley, David. May, W. E. McFarland, Harmohd Russell, Jim Nelson, C. D. Bt-atton Russell Moberg, Jack Robey and Conrad White. election lor '• Repiresentatl v and' Senators, rT a majority of . t voting thereon,- at >such' . adopt • such- amendme sarrie 1 * shall become', a, part Jtf _•_' It t. ~'l I _ '_' •' ', • -_ • *V. . • . ''Ml- Wednesday, September 3 Circle No. 3 of the Christian '•man's Fellowship - of the First Christian Church will meet Wed- .n'csday at 7:30 at the home of Mrs. ,'Earl White. nolia, were week end visitors Hope. ' In Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Ross had as their week end guest, their grandson, Master Bill Ross of Magnolia. • , • Mr. and Mrs..J, C. Atchlcy 1 and sons, Joe Roy and Donnic, have returned from a weeks vacation in Roaring River. Mo., Mt, Magazine, Harrison, Eureka Springs, Petit Jean, and Hot Springs. Miss Minolta Berry hag returned from a weeks vacation-in Biloxi, MISS. • ,. .: . nospitoi iNotes Branch Mrs. London Yocom, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. William Campbell and baby boy, Hope. ,". Thursday, September 4 { The UDC will have a luncheon ,at the Barlow Hotel at 12:30 Thurs day, September 4. Hostesses will be Mrs. R. E. Jackson, Mrs. Geor- 'ge Wylie, and Mrs. A. E. Slusser. Corninq and Going Miss -Mary Esther Edmiaston 'and Miss Helen Marie Franklin have moved to Greenville, Texas, tHe-.Coh|Wtution' ; of the : :state. oC''A where Mary Esther will teach in kansiaj, : .j._fb-wit:" .' "•>••••:,:••; 'i - , .1 T'.SEGTlO^;i.,Cominf(la«loh;Creat *»••• Mefnb»rs: — ; powers'. .Therfe hereby ;creat*d. 'a :'- -State. .-Hjghw -.r Mrs. T. E. Brice and children, the public schools and Helen Marie %i will be the school nurse. Many Ark. Business Houses Close By The Associated Press Arkansas closed down business and took off for picnics, parades and politics today to celebrate Labor Day, the last of the sum mer vacations. Republican gubernatorial Candi date Jeff Speck formally opened his campaign in Paragould, the city from which Francis Cherry the Democratic nominee, launchcc ComrpLs'sion which shall pe v -With all the; powers and duties j Terry Wayne and Gerry, left Sat- '-Urday morning for New York City whcrc will leave via plane Elected to JRae.lv House Agreeing Thereto: •••'•' ; . ••;x : *''"^W!:: That the foypyir.lng'.isVh'ereby pr<^ posed:' "a "s an^, amendment 1 ., Axt "the Constitution' of the! State .'of Arkan. sas, ,4hd : upon being-, submitted :V? the, electors «f • the.: S;Ute-,' toi i at* p'rova'i'. or r&ection a^Vthe;;, next general •"' election for Representatives and Senator's, if aihajojltyvol ^he Ejectors .y,9tirigthe>eori A irii,sUc;h election adopt such arVieh(irnenti the same- shall become ? a- part' of tfie Constitution of tfte State .of Arkansas, to-wit:'- '•'";'•;••'•,.-• ; '.v> SECTION .1. That the. Constltu? tion of the State of Arkansas be amended modifying Section '19 of Article 7- and Section 3 or Arhend- m"ent' No. 24 of .said' Constitution, so 1 as- to-prftNflde tor ^fejecuoh; of' a. County Cl*r)c -ln : all of thjp- said ,, ;"T.he provisions fyofe- thje :'ejectiipn of fl 1 'Gouhty CleVk upon' a pppula- '41Xn i*H «1W "«' «Jh^ I«.«^.'A\^.. -« W «Y 1 —l^—'j " «1^J Q%K/. ;and . in .. such; 'c"a.sesV : the 1 Clerk may 1 bftv.ex; o Clerk <jf'. ttjjft 1 Probate Court of ' cOUhty Until ; 6tHerwise S fiirovlded b'j> the aweratAwemJjrr/'. 1 : V > : - Mr. and Mrs. ! A. B. Gordon had as their guests Wednesday, Mrs. Harry Moore and Mrs. Lyle Moore of Hope; . nial convention of the National* As* soeiation of Letter Carriers 8*>d was wildly applauded before, d«r- and after his brief speech. ' general said he hod came convention in Manhattan Centw, a larfe an»phith«att* downtown Munhatun just to 'hello". he declared that he hin\s*lf making a pcUtical "because when I get sore, Ctemocrats of having reduced postal servtee's efficiency, He it l» \K»r* elected J» would |«r a mwre efficient servic* nx(W* frequentt deliveries of The war time Allied le»d*r that every man who c«rri«4 ters va,s a friend of his. H* a«i4 he had b*«ft in the army too not to place Out mail c»Ji any <*h#r^aU that * bugl« spoke morning I decided to write to the people who work in America a pi«di*. In that pledge I said that If I have assigned to me for the l»xt tour years the responsibility ot filling the highest post in the l»nd, I am going ^to have one ambttton: That at the end of those years every working man woman in the United States will say, *He was lair'. v No one could say was fair if, on the instant that the Republican f*arty went into power, should •utHori** or condone any discharge of * hard working civil service *m(»loyee8 particularly one who ha* M do hte work under the disad- This Amendment- shall-Tle-llv fcill force and "effect upon and after its frddption. •'.<. APPROVED: Miirch, 30, 1051. • . Secretary/pf State ' - . May 5 thru tict. .27 Notice ,.--,— ...„ r ., .... .Corrtmlss.1 otvariy ot Its offjlcers'-brl^mplo^e to *strty; putJfxilVy ; ..arid efiectlV« the" regulitiorw -and law;?', relati id the' ;S,i«te' Highway-. Departrhe •3ECTJPH 2,, (9uailfrc^on» a h'WWUf !'«'*'^k'Aai« L ^«'^'U^*.UfckW_.i- ' .' .• k VA-'b. ; Brico, who is stationed tnere, Mrs^ BTnceuls ,, t , heuda " ghterf ° f Mr - " nd . 7 Mrs. H. W. Hatcher of Hope. They . were accompanied tq New York ; .J)y Mrs. Bernard s ,"Happy" Dunn. 6lntment Of MerHbers — Teti A-3c Raymond Clark and A-3c Office i?f FirstvConHnilMlij'iRobcrt Haley of Keeslcr Air Force his' successful race 1 . Cherry, who has Be sure to include hair beauty in your off-to- college preparations. The smart girl above is giving herself n new pin curl home permanent, I Its simple method copies her nightly pin curl I Job, and its automatic neutralizing process sets, I styles and curls the hair in one operation. Once' her hair is pinned, she turns to other before- .school musts like packing (top center). When the basic 45-mlnute processing time Is up, all that is necessary Is a brief water rinse. i> 5tt Sovltts Favor UN Roc* Iliut Her wueklnR is finished nod her curls have thoroughly dried. Before she leaves for the station she brushes them out into shining waves and ringlets (lower center). At Inst she Is olt to college, looking snwrtly dressed in her brand new suit, and sleekly cblffured with her curls fluffed softly bentalh the brim of her deep-crowned clot-lie (above). School dn.vs will be chic days tor this young woman, she rates top marks lor outstanding grooming. , MOSCOW lA — Tfee Soviet press voiced strong support today left In- dins announcement that she would M-tna before tho -n«rt United NB* Ions Assembly tn$ question of South Africa's treatment of her non-while population. "The rivclst terror of South Atrlcnn authorities arouses the wrath of the Jnternntlonnl public," sold Prnvdn, the Communist pnr- ty orfian. Observers hfito consider it car- tnln that tho Soviets will support Indln's effort to secure Assembly condemnation of tho South African ffoverriment's racial policies own pasts came to light, they would change tunes ml«hty fast. Unless sohiothlns like that hup- pens, thorn's nothlnu hiUch you can (Ui but ignore their idle Rosslp Released By The Boll Syndicate, Inc. said he will not campaign before the November general election, made his first public appearance since his nomination. He led a Little Rock Labor Day parade. Speck, a 35-year-old French- Mr. and Mrs. Tom Clark. Withitt 'ten 'days ifter tnifi: C019W> V Base, Miss., were the week end Ing bfttte General Assembly of tl vguests ot Airman Clark's parents, St^te'of .^rfcansal in the year-19 "' ' " ~ ~ th^e GoyertipT, by' ahd with \he I vice-- attd'-: consent:•• of--.the Seiia shall appoint five persons • who- a qualified 1 - electors of the State constitute the State Highway. Co miSsjbn-for terms of two, four, s pighf -and-< Jen y.eaf*. respectivej The' terms ;of the •persons, so ] pointed-sfoU be 1 determined.by lli .-and daughter, "*-'- fcojmifTvisrstoners to berappolnt ^t* :onj the. State at large | ifrpvir^ A-3c Autry Carlton of Kecsler Air Force Base, Miss., was the! : week end guests of his parents and friends. Mr. and Mrs, falter Locke Carolyn," ot Mag- era. \sh"all 'b>, ^RpOinted fr^m a sjrtijjle: Conjy'essional. Disti;|ct. .; .•fin' we.-.eyent oj! rejectipn by:t Senate of .'a', person who^e. nai has been so submitted, the -CJovi por-rsliall' wlth'lh five days after' : •- 11 "* '.of. written: n'otic>- f?pm . ttfiyior'the Senate: of ^sueti »n* sub'rtiW the,' npmel'of T .».- i ,- : '^pppjf)t<ee fa 'nfr sifch' ,v ahcy/.v In, they event ; itie Ooven ShOtild, within fivfe:day ; s- triereaj f Ml if-appoint or'fait io•'••s«b'mii i^e-' ; .$enafe v for- confirmation t| naine^oi ahy person; to be jappoi ed.'thfi.; Sertate shall proceed make 'the appointment- of! its o\ *SAENGER LAST DAY **£&$ Allen Gee and -Coy motored to RocKwell, Texas Sunday where they met Mrs; •Jf.-'-.'j; Pederson and- son, Davit)- Allen; of North Cowden, Texas, who accim- panied them home for •« visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gee. Miss Hazel Mattock and Mfs. S. C. Griffin spent Wednesday in Texarkana. . _ .. 1W.WSW- •' - • BE IT RESOLVED by the House of FtepepsefitatlVes-qf tfie;,--State of, .Arkansas and by ;the.Senate • of the State of ArHahsaSj a Majority of'All ihe M*i|>b*f;s;!:Elect« ed to Each House Agreeing 'Tjjeretok' . •. . V'. : -.-':- : '^'^' '.<• That the fqUbwlngJifi,-hereby pro- pojed as an amenainftnt.tithe Can- electors of the S^tate" -f ty iagprtfi qri^fpUw;-at;?!^/he^';,|enf Mrs. Horace Hale, Mrs. TOm D« woody, Sharon and Brenda were Wednesday guests of Mr. and Wr», Bob Archer in El Dorado. Mrs. Earl Gordon of Salem, Mp. has been the guest of her brother, Harris Powell and other relatives. Lt. and Mrs. Jim Hamilton of Brooklyn, N. Y. are the guests of his mother, Mrs. Weaver Hamilton. They were accompanied by Miss Mary Jo Hamilton who b*a bcon their guest. of » postal mail carrier. I »MUr* you that in the pledge that Sen. Carlson made to you, he has one partner and that means no nutter what position I occupy, private citiien or official. I will IINHMt for justice tad fairness." Mr, and Mrs. John PiUman «tn4 Mrs, C. F. PUtman imt«red to T«xarkana Wednesday for the day. R. W. Prewitt and chHdren «| TUlar. spent » part «f test as the gu«»ts of afr. «nd Harvey Bemu end oUvcr rtlaUves, Mr. wA Mw. iim Vancey w*r» , . tution ofthe S^te'ol adopted by the electors Statue at ^he General Elec. and conducted on th* eth- is fallows: November, amended te read . . . Terms of Office . iUpbn. the enpiaatkm the loregolAg tefrns of sajd Co. missioners, a successor Shall' . by ,thfc Go vet nor in The crazily wonderful story of that Lovable, Grinning, Foghorn . . . DIZZY DEAN. ,- r -,—-; •-.-.,:-,TT~- f °r .in SfectJlpn . for.; a: term of ten yeara, whjL !*rmt Of^ten:years shall fl\erealfl 111 ' each inember of the'Coi ' **••.' " • ' "" ._ •- • , _ J - ' - | -- . i. ^Removal /fill-Nit IIDANDAILEY-JOANNEDRU man's Bayou planter, says he is "out to win." GOP Mayor Pratt Remmel of Little Rock and Charles Black of Corning, a for mer GOP gubernatorial candidate, were to accompany him to Paragould. The Little Rock parade highlighted day-long festivities'in the'cap- itol city, where more than 10,000 visitors were expected. Several bands and delegations from each district local, represent ing the more than 40,000 members of the Arkansas Federation of Labor, participated in the morning parade down Main Street. • A barbecue was scheduled this afternoon at War Memorial Park, sponsored by the Little Rock Con -ti-al Trades Council, 'the Railroad Brotherhoods and Federated Shop Crafts. Another big celebration was on tap at Bull Shoals Dam near Mountain Home. After a speech, Sen. John L. McClellan was to throw a switch starting production of electric power at the big White River project. Temperatures were expected to soar into the 100's in the central and southern sections of the state. The Weather Bureau said showers and cooler weather probably would dip into north Arkansas today. All city, county, state and federal government offices closed for the long Labor weekend. U. S. Reopens Borders to Mex Cattle WASHINGTON W)-r- The U. S. today reopened its borders to Mex ican cattle and other livestock and to fresh, frozen and chilled meats. They had been closed since December, 1946, because of an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in Mexico. Secretary of Agrciulture Bran nan said Mexico now has been found free of the dread animal disease, thus making it safe again to import Mexican livestock without endangering this nation's multibillion dollar meat and dairy inj dustry. Officials said they expect "A few hundred thousand" head of Mexican cattle to be imported during the coming 12 months. But most of them are likely to go to ranges and pastures for further feeding and fattening before they arc slaughtered. By comparison, this country is c-xpcctcd to slaughter upwards of 35 million head of its own cattle this year. Lifting of the embargo comes after a long, uphill battle to eradicate the disease—a battle in which the U. S. joined with the Mexican government. The cost to this country has been estimated at about' 125 million dollars. £%" *41"i *fc,t*s^f )** Upiitsltt EL COHAOO the AirwraJV at OH Belt <3o\( ycsteulny and, champion will' iBti *CT Defending Chttmplon V lum of El Dorsitto 'afiirn Walter Kbel Jr., tfqt Eljlfln tmrt 1, In yesterday ! » round, Ebcl wiW luhi last year. ., „ t\, In n Second rcvfirsab ^8 Tony Bourn of H&jmeavifl. found himself A 8 and' 1-vl W. A. (Pinky)- " ' * poit, Ln. In other Kennoy "lihn'nlhg '~o{ * '$ dumped Davis LoVa ot 1 up, and, Gene Kcency-flf kunn edged Charlie, W5odnrd Mngnolln, 3 nnd .1. . Ebcl mat LOnnlng and plnyod Kueney In . this «a . mntchos, Finals were 1 carded | nftornnon. So, you see, your (riond is vor wroMK in Intimnlinsf thut ytm nt-i childish, tluniHh thnt is what luii would like you to think you are. Continue to stand firmly on your own principles, nnd you'll ovoid nil the heartbreak that comes to your weaker sisters. Dear Miss Dlx; When I was finite young I got Into serious trouble with n boy. Now, though I am older, and •everything Is straightened out, certain people delight in remembering the old Incident nnd constantly tense me n« bout it. Though the incident happened seven years ngo, these poo- pie won't let it die. J. S, Answer: There Is no greater lack ot charity than people like this display 'when they will not let nn unfortunate past die. SOITW folks tnko their greatest pleasure from hurling others, uud iippnrenl- ly this is tho type that bus made you u victim of their perfect memories. If an old event of tliolr NOTICE V .£ Although tho Josephine Hospital Is VJ* 1 closed, I will still maintain rfiy office In < - tho hospital building. .. t* ,-r.ii, Jim McKenzie, M. D,> ,J 150 Seat Jet Plane Is Being Planned . LONDON ':. \ffl- A major British airplane manufacturer says it is drawing plans for a airliner which would ISO-scat jet make the Day 3. 455-mile London-to-New-York At lantic ' crossing in less than eight hours The aircraft firm, Handlcy Page, Ltd., said it expected the plane to -,ave a load capacity of 50,000 jounds and to operate at a cost of about 1 1-6 U. S. cents per pas' senger per mile. A company announcement said .he non-stop crossing from New York to London would take 0'/ 2 tiours, while the westward flight because of prevailing winds, would take an hour longer. , . . l»«al. "A' Commissioner 'may , W^S/ by.the: Governor; -'ojily f sdine causes/ as apply -to ; oth In "The Pride of St. Louis" Joanne Dr.u models Jolene shoes and Minx Modes Dresses. Sold in Hope by ... Lewis-McLarty, Inc. . member* of SECTION U It belnf hiosf apparent that privately operated factories, industries, and transpor- - tatlen facilHiw are nee development of a JJE# the welfare ' :*<* Cpmm.is»ion should be Vemov< therefrom, proceed, when in S •Jon, tfi hear any and all eviden pertinent to the reasons; -for al- The member or mefh Removal »» so request Be glutted' to be hsartfln t matttr and (b be represanted b fore the SeHfct^ by legalTCoitns TOMORROW! LOUIS HAYWARO-PATRICIA MEOHU EXTRA! Chinese Protest Prisoner Treatment MUNSAN, Korea MV- The chief Communist armistice negotiator today protested the wounding of 1! Ked prisoners in a U. N. POW camp last Thursday and asked for an accounting. He said he had read of the inci dent in news reports. Presumably he referred to an announcemen by the U. .N. Prisoners of War Command that 12 POWs were in jured, none seriously, last Thurs day when guards stopped them from singing Communist songs i.gainst orders. His protest was in a letter de livered by Red staff officers at the Panmunjom truce talks site. It was forwarded to the U. N. commander, Gen. Mark Clark in Tokyo. The talks are in their fifth WOUNDED FLY DOUBLE-DECKER STYLE-In Korea, a Riant C-124 Globemaster of the U. S, Air Force's 347th Troop Carrier Wing carries nearly 100 woundSaHCJl's, The huge double-decker airplane can carry in one load .••wnjU;'would have required several of the smaller C-47's and C-54'sV. TKef wounded nrc flown to Japan \ from Korea for furthei*|pospitul treatment. HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE 6. Main & Country Club rd. LAST DAY "RETREAT HELL" .' Starrlna FRANK LOVEJOY RICHARD CARLSON NOTICE! We are prepared to take of your winter pasture I orders for seeds and fertilize.^! as well as Cotton Dust, DDT dn'd Calcium Arsenate. * > »I,M Plenty of parking room and loading space at our new location where business is appreciated; MONTS *•'# '$SEED STORE 310 E. 2nd McCarthy Will Not Charge Students WASHINGTON — Sen. Mc- e shaft be p^blUs and of tfie teBtlmony so hen epared and preserv _ irt of the Senate. ' A of evTdehce eltfer epesmoto snail not the 1 lotthol rules of .:«mp Uwte tf ., Senate, sitting; a« rn» -' Jteth Eisenhower and Carlson! toe Wednmrtey gwsu (rated with teis fi delegotton to the M « signal from WttHam C. Do- decorated with teis from thei<3«* -fr- «» H<«*- They ware »c- ABM delMntinM in «h» nnnvAn.I COTO|NIBlMl hOO»« by ]HU CW who i been their gutat. # cooveo^on gave thre* tor Cart- th* iauia of Court, were te. M4 "Football Winning Ways * RIALTO • Today & Tuesday • straight weeklong Thursday. recess, until £aj**WNer ,V^ tR ,-x «,<-':".''.u" io> JUIUM laWI ilUlKflltUK fomsnuciu Boy: Only two things keep me from being a good dancer. Girt: What are they? My two feet. —Aniu Kennedy. c Subinit jokes for this column and win passes to the Rialto. For joke used, the person sub- g ,it wul be mailed 3 passes. Jokes must be luruted to 50 words or less, and musi be suitable for publication. Leave • ~" ~- pr imiU to: Col. Charles V. Caldwell, Seattle today took charge of the U. N. Prisoner of War Command, succeeding Maj. Gen. Haydon L. Boatner, who quelled prisoner riots on Koje in June. Boatner is en route to the U. S. to become deputy commanding general of the Fourth Army with headquarters at San Antonio, Tex. Woman Held in Mercy Slaying Carthy (R-Wis) is not going to press charges , against three college youths he caught tampering with the door to his office. He accepted their explanation that they were just pulling a prank — "Only trying to take my nameplate off the door," McCarthy said. McCarthy added he would have duplicate nameplates made and sent to each of the youths. "I think they've sweated enough tor them," he said, referring to hours of questioning the trio underwent at police headquarters after McCarthy surprised them outside his office door Saturday afternoon in the Senate Office Building. All surrendered to him meekly while he summoned police. Washington police identified the three as Arnold Rubin and Donald Aronson, 18-year-old Harvard University students, both of Newton Center, Mass., and Robert I. Hammerman, 24, a Baltimore, Md., student at Dartmouth College. They were released. TUESDAY ONLY DEPARTMENT STORE FREE-LOADING IS DUCKY—From the air the back of this hippo in the Whipsnade, England, zoo probably looked like an island to the brace of mallard ducks. The hippo doesn't mind and the ducks enioy a free ride. DOROTHY DIX Conn. — A 32- year-old woman is held in connec tion wiih th,e gas death of her 72 Cooler Weather Follows Showers By The Associated Press Cooler weather, accompanied by showers, pushed south and eastward today as a dying hurricane worked up the Atlantic Coast. The hurricane has reduced it self to what the Weather Bureau termed "an active low pressure Objects to Wife's Clothes Dear Miss Dix: Tho subject <>1V shorts is one I have never sew! <•'»"<« In Our Big New Location One Day Only ...Tuesday 1 n.ysull have neithur y' : "'' i; I1IJ1 ' Ull! fl « ui ; c U) w(:ur . gannents, 1 could be uccused continuous argument! 0 * sour trapes in deplurmi! their clothing. I am much! ubiquity. Kvt-i. at that risk, 1 must Regular $1.95 END TABLES Tuesday Only $100 36" Fast Color PR I Tuesday Qn|y 4 yds, $1 discussed in your column. ThroiiKh, the warm months my husband unuj I have a about my . more comfortable doing housework! condumu Hie wearing of such 111 in shorts, or a sunback dress, but ; f "''"™l clolhuig in, lor instance, he objects strenously. He insists! church — and i have actually st-c-n that I wear a full complement ot| V ris ' CVW1 llldt>r worntn,- in church undergarments and a regular house i wearing slacks or shorts. around, whether j feunback dresst-B or pinafores, of dress all year working in the garden, doing house I work a mother the ttractive type that are now land, , , shopping, or picnicking. r, n I available all over the land, are ther of three children, in my! a different thing. They curtamly early 40's certainly have enough ; Provide coverage, are cool, corn- self respect to know when I an. ; £rtabK-. and 1 s.ec no reason why decently dressed, but don't icul! Rachul's husband should object to that I should be overburdened with! lhe ">, even under the conditions clothing for simple everyday tasks ' "*«= outlines. They are suitable fpr I inics hi and certainl for or trips year-bid .father who was critically, area." However, storm warnings tu witn .cancer. " i were m» between Block Island, Detective Capt. George Bisi said p. I. and the Delaware he ordered a 24-hour police guard at the Norwalk Hospital bedside Winds were expected to reach 35 of Miss Lois Curtis, overcome by ,45. gas fumes which police said killed her father Saturday. Coroner Edward E. Krentzmaa miles an hour, with squalls up to The Carolina Coast towns were mopping up today. Property damage was said to be comparatively said he ordered the woman held light, although no official estimates after what police described as a suictde note disclosed Miss Curtis may have killed her father by turning on all the gas jets on a kitchen range, then remaining in the house in an attempt to take her own life. ty wdw arrest oow op an open have been made. The cool front pushing down from the Canadian country brought seme temperatures in the high 30s in Montana and North Dakota. Forecasters said that the front U a stronjg one, and may move into Hisi said Miss Curtis is technical, the heated South, ft is expected to push to the •i Panhapdj* picnics, shopping.and certainly for RACHEL G ' "nything done around thu house. '; Rachel uecrno to have- a proper Answer: We are living in an era, perspective on the typi; o f clothe^ of the undress movement whitvi j she wants to wear, and on the eg- like most movements can be very; casions when she- would wear pernicious if carried to extremes., them. Friend husband's ideas are There is, however, a great cieai a trifle outmoded. However —air of sense in keeping cool through; ways the big however — if She hot weather and eliminating much; can't change his mind, she simply, of the burdensome clothing tbatj must choose between comfort and beset our forebears. In the privacy j perpetual bickering. of her own home or garden, a • -, woman should be able to .consult her comfort when it comes to dress; public appearances, even only at the store or s picnic, require considerably more discretion. Men's $1.50 TIES Tvesday Only $1,00 Good Figure Needed Shorts, pedalpushers Dvar Miss Dix: Three weeks ago I E tar ted ta date a boy from a nt-arby town. The last time I went out with him he wanted to pet, but I politely said "Hoi" Then he wouldn't even talk to roe, except to say "Grow up!" I like this boy very much and do , should be worn only by those who want to know if I did act cbild- are by nature endowed to grace ! isWy or not. JEAJf them — even »t that, tnere arc Ther^ j» no surar Men's $2. DRESS T*ft

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