Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 30, 1952 · Page 12
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 12

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 30, 1952
Page 12
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VACANT now, I room .apartment, p»W, Oarage, H-it 18.00 SIFIED DISPLAY IM IM Ma p*r WfiT ^•titwl'pfoiJt of »«to2 IlotoL l»hon« MIt3. 9 ROOM unfurnlih«d apartment, HMrdwood, floor*. Built-in fix* tuf<f*r Largo clo««U, 812 South spfuc*, Mr>. J, W> Schooler 3 room hou««, Utll- ltl«* pNld, Neif Uohooloy'l Btoro. Mn. J. K, Schooloy. Phono 74977, 23-Bt ^-3431 it STAR m *f MM Audit itlon Rotw (pavoblt In ad* k' In Hop* «nd Mlohbor- '»*- ' 11.0 (i.In Memp»leod. Nevada, Hwort, and Mlll«t cow LARaB furnfihed roomi. Utlll. tics paid, 121 South Fulton St. Phono 7-8M3, M-3t 5 BOOM 7.<W97, furnllhed houio. Dial 39-31 FRONT bedroom, Private entrance, 00* Boulh Hqrvey. DlHl 7-3710, 20-31 4 ROOM furnlihod apartment. Prl vate bath, Electric box, No child- ron. Mri. Judion. 220 North, Elm. ao*tf apartment. Apply at Mldlobroodki Grocery, Phone T-87B1, MODERN 3 room unfurnished a- unrtmont, Hardwood floor*, Close In, Cull John Yooum, 7-2445 or 7-30M after fl p.m. 28-et LAHOB rooms furnlihod apart' Pdvato bath. mont. Upstair*. Phono 7-3174. 80.3k 0 ROOM house, 1ft miles out. Well water, electricity, pasture. Phon« 7*3709. 30-31 For Sal* DINING room suite. Also oho stove and one heater. Dial 7-9707. 27*dt 40 ACRE farm, 4 miles south on Highway 20. gca Jloy Formby. 28-tf 8Q FAT Now Hnnipihlro hons at 22 cent* par pound. Arthur drny, Oiuin, Arkansas. 30-Ot FLOUR inckji, In lots of six, 91.00. Meyer's Bakery. Phono 7-401). , ao-u LUMBEll for burn and lonco, 8po- cial pcloo, 20 aero* ot 'land. H mile from city limits. A, A. Roger*, nt. 4, Hopo. . 30-31 CHBVllOLET ton truck. Good condition. Good tires. Worth tho price. J, W. Strickland, 30-31 knOfftrtd The Negro ' Mr«. Oi J N. DeruUo and daughter Terttlo LouUo loft thin week to visit rolattvo* and friends In Detroit, Mtch. _ , - Mti. BoHio Philtlps and Lcn Woiton of St. Louis, Mo., mosacra Bon and Charlie Wesson of Na«h« vlllo and Mn, Bc»«lo Stuart ot Oian were dinner «Ua»U ot Mr. and Mf». R, L.. Wiloy, , Want«d Apply ^ tw* Boston, M-U h«ad, Mrs. R, L, wtloy and Mls« Jim mle L, Maxwell of Blovlns will attend a Uomemakina oonfcronco in ArkudolphU on Friday, Aug. 28 MU» Maxwell roproionU th« New of America at U»U COnforonce, Johnnie Frlerson of Qroonwood MMM..ti Wt Mr . and MM, At-thw Frlorson. in Pat woi, to »go , by Of WvmrAJFj.'^itli,, "olid no'sl ?!*LP» ** «wrtni wtitout ut New Voffc *lphla n « 37 99 61 90 01 82 77 43 8(1 t, Pet M ,578 .670 .644 .fl; .820 .403 .330 K, Louis Detroit iATURDAV'O SCHBOULtt Cleveland at Chicago — Feller iar v* Brown (1.3), Wanhlngton at New York —Gum 0m (4.0) v» neynoldg (IS8). Boston at Philadelphia — Nixon »3> v* Fowler (1-2), Detroit at 8t, t,ouli — Hoeft (2-9) Vi Plllolto (O-l 1 1. PMIOAV'S RB8ULT8 Cleveland 4; Detroit 2 'Philadelphia 0-7; Boston 1-5 Uwi- night) 3; Now Yor,k (nght ' Only Samoa nchoduled NATIONAL LtAQUK Brooklyn Now York St. LouU Philadelphia Chicago Boston ^Inclnnntl PltUburflh •ATUROAY'8 8CHBOULB W York nt Brooklyn —Magllo > yg Rutherford (IM). Phllhdelphla nt Oonton — (2,twl- night) Mayor (11-12) nnd Crow <ll-12) v» Spahn (12-14) nnd Burdette (0-7). W L 82 41 73 »0 72 99 87 57 03 06 04 00 09 72 37 03 Pet .007 .903 .807 .040 .488 .430 .433 .280 ,* <4 , « • t - 1 Wtt»'»»ra* -Staloy (4«I8) v« Necclal (l-S). ^Chicago at Cincinnati ~Schultz (4-8) vs nnff«n»borgor (14-11). rRIOAV'S RtSULT* Chicago 4; Brooklyn I Only gnmo scheduled. COTTON 8TATB8 LEAGUE ( •' W L Wcrldlnn 20 fatqhox • j i Greenwood '11 Monroe , o 2 Last Nlflht's R««ulti Morldlnn 4, Monroo 1 Greenwood 5. Nntchcz 2 • SOUTHERN A880CIATON W L Chattanooga Atlanta (ow Orlouns Jomphls •toblle Nodhvlllo ittlo Rock Birmingham 77 77 77 74 03 07 68 70 72,: 71 89. 72 03 77 60 83 Pet, ,1000 .900 .800 .000 Pet. ,380 .938 .831 .814 .803 .460 .458 .423 Latt Night's Rtiults Momphls 3-ia, Little Hock 2-1 Nashviiio n, Chattanooga 8 2nd game, ppd-rnln, Now Orloons 6, Mobile 1 Atlanta nt Birmingham, ppcl-rnln Tonight's Qam«» Mobile at Btrminghnm Memphis at LittlO Rock Chattanooga nt Nanhvllio Only gamos nehotiuiodi AMERICAN ASSOCIATION LouUville M; Chai'loston 0-5. Indianapolis 18; Columbus s St. Paul 5: Kansas City 1 Milwaukee at Monnen polls, ppd, PACIFIC COAST LBAQUE San Diego 0; Seattle ,4 San Francisco <J: Oakland 4 PACiriC COAST UBAQUE San Dlojjo 8, Soattle 4, Portland 3, Sacramento 1 San Franclnoo fl, Oaklnnd 4 Hollywood 2, Los Angeles 0 TBXAS UBAQUR Oklahoma City 0, Tulsa 0 Dallaa 7, Fort Worth 3 Beaumont 1, San Antunlo 0 WBSTBRN LEAGUE Colorado Springs 4, Denver 1 Pueblo 11-17, Wichita ii-8 Sioux City 1-3, Dos Molnos 0-3 Lincoln 59, Omaha 31. Unknowns in Women's Nafi Finals PORTLAND, Ore. (* ~ The final mutch for the H>»2 Women's National Amateur Oolf Championship comei of today, with Honolulu's Mr*. Jacqueline Pung playing a demure, 21-year-old miss from Long Beach, Calif., Shirley McFed- t*rs. The two, brand new to tournament headlines, stroked their way into the title picture yesterday, Mrs. Pung defeating Seattle's Pat Lesser, 6 and 4, and Shirley edging out pert Pat Garner of Midland, Tt-x,, one up on the 20th hole The finalists collided nt 36 holes or less at the Wnverley Country Club with Us 8,323 yards off par 35-37—73 golf. Tee-off time: 11:30, EST. This Is the first national for the Long Beach girl, who stands S feet 10, weighs 142 and hits a good long bull. Its the third national for Mrs, Fung, who Is 20 and the mother of two girls aged 10 and 12. She *tund* 5-3, and weighs 210. It was a different Mrs. Pung who tec oft yestcdrday. Generally ''jolly, she was said and admittedly l-.urt. She declined to go into detail, STOPS CENERAL-At Camp McCoy, Wlf., Cpl. Bernard B. Waicher 4t Clinton, la., above.' was assigned to guard a road •rid ordered to let "no one"/ pas*. Along came a motor con- 1 voy carrying four full compa- 1 nlM. Corporal Watcher stopped it cold. Noncoms argued. Company commanders argued. Battalion officers argued. No dice, finally MaJ.-Gen. Ray Cam Fountain tried to pass. Still no dice. Someone checked Corpo-- ral Wascher's orders and found he'd been posted on the wrong road. After that, everybody,! passed and the general officially, commended the corporal "for the attention to duty and soldierly' qualities exhibited by you." ' and It seems someone she wouldn't say whom — suggested that she omit a little demonstration nhe's put on twice this •week, a performance asked for by friends in the gallery and cameramen. The performance? A few mo' tlons of the hula, done native style jiircfoot. 'I hud a heavy burden on my shoulders," said Mrs. Pung. Then, with "but and won." determination, shf added, I went out and played goli PRESGOIT tuftday, Au«utf 41 There will be a Young People'* Service at the Church of Nazarene Sunday at 7:30 p.m. The Young People of the Asaenv, jjy of God Church will meet on Sunday evening at 6:45. The Baptist Training Union of he First Baptist Church will meet Sunday evening at 6:30. The Youth Fellowship of the First Methodist Church will meet Sunday evening at 6:30. Dr. and Mrs. N. R. Nelson and Mr. and Mrs. William Gordon are sponsors. The Pioneer meeting of the Pres- Sytcrian Church will be held on Sunday evening at 4:30. The Youth Fellowship will meet at 6 p.m. Supper will be served by Mrs. Vcr non Fore and Mrs. D. W. Durham. Classes for Young People of the Church of Christ will meet Sunday at 6:45 p.m. Finals Pair Two Yonks in Canada VANCOUVER, B, C. UR - Lurry Bouehoy, a California glunt with a rolling gait and a word for every stroke, tangles today with quiet Bill Campbell la the finals of the 1M3 Canadian Amateur Tourna- wout; No matter which one reaches for tho prteo after the 3S-holo round this will be the flrtt time since 1849 that the Canadian title has loft the dominion. Dick Chapman of pine Hurst, N. C., won it that Up from Hu.nttrif.tQn, w. V»., to bid for th« championship, c«mp> sot himiolf a m»r«in yes- Itrday ov«r Simmy Ifrzetta of £««t Rochwtw, N, Y- in tho morning halt o| their MMvole soml- , th*r« on h« played it « «^Mft«eous try by fatted to clow the gap, Campbell tte • • .. wacWof the heights {or the first Um» to • ma|or tour- nw»t, had a towghw job dutpens- of methodical ltd Meister of i up, Htt walked «ud he chunking in the and was presented with a plon, taJeo4 aM h« k until »t NATO AIR OHEF-^ J.-Gen. Warren R, Carttr. USAF, will taka ovtr comnnutd of tha North Atlantic Tr*«ty Organiiatlon'a •ir force* in north«rn Europe. H* is a v«t«ran of 30 years' «xp«ritnca ia military aviation. SALONS LEAVE FORMOSA TAIPEH. Formosa art— Eleven U.S. congressmen loft Formosa to dny for Okinawa on tholv way to Korea, Rep. Dcwey Short iR-Mo) suirt during'tholr one day visit on this Chinese Nationalist island the congressmen uro seeking "tho an Says Farmers Blameless for Price Hike By OVID A. MARTIN WASHINGTON Wl — Any recent increase in the family food bill — now at a record high level — can nut be blamed on farmers, Agriculture Department officials said today. These officials cited a department report issued late yesterday which showed that the general level of prices paid farmers in mid- August was unchanged from'mid- July. In fact, farm prices have pone up only 1 per cent during the past year. Officials also pointed out that while retail food prices have been reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics to be at nn nlltime high, prices received by farmers arc at about G per cent below the peak reached in February of last year. The drought which affected wide •nrcas during July and early August had little if any effect on farm prices. Some government officials hr.d expressed concern that the dry weather could cause sharp ad vances in both farm and retail food prices. Officials said that if present gen' crally favorable weather conditions continue, total farm production would be larger than expected. This could cause a modest decline in farm prices during the months ahead. Thq farmers' economic situation was a little less favorable in mid August than in mid-July because his prices as a whole did not change, and prices he paid for goods and services used In farm production and in family living went up a third of 1 per cent. Quite n number of farm products brought prices below the level de Mrs. John Plttman Entertains 37 Club Mrs. John Plttman entertained members of the 37 Contract Club at her home on Tuesday afternoon. The ' rooms arranged for three tables of players were colorful with arrangements of golden glo and althca. The, high score award was won by Mrs. Frank Gilbert. A,,dainty dessert course was served to bridge guests Mrs. C. R. Gray, Mrs. Vernon Buchanan, Mrs, B. A. DeLamar, a tea guesl Mrs."J. B. 'Franks and to member's Mrs. Gilbert, Mrs. Tom Be< mist Mrs. George Christopher Mrs. J, B. Hays, Mrs. Frank Hal torn Jr., Mrs. 'O. G. Hirst, Mrs Archie Johnson, Mrs. D. L. Me Rae Jr. and Mrs. A. V. Regnicr. Center Recreation Club Meets The Center Recreation Club me on Tuesday evening at the club house for .the regular meeting and a watermelon feast. Olln Wells, vice president, pro sided over the business- meetin Charlie Buford was elected jec retnry nnd treasurer to fill th uncxpired term of Mrs. Horac Jones who is now residing in Sai Diego, California Athirtie Director* Guest* At the regular weekly luncheon meeting of the Preseott -Rotary club on Tuesday Je««e Crow, t pro[ram chairman, presented 'Coachs )oyd Arnold and. Julius Adams,of the Preseott High School", ..who were guests of the club The coaches gave a,brief* of tRe Curly Wolf prospects for this grid season. Arnold said, that ,45 rrten. had repocted at the.first meet last Wednesday. Coach Arnold Also showed a movie of the Risen -Osceola game of 1950, which was the semi-final 'or the state championship'Honors. Dr. C. P. Arnold . ' ' Head* Booster Club • ' At a recent meeting • of • the* Prescott Booster Club Dr. C. P. Arnold was elected president; W. C. Woos- cy, vice president; and Odell Garrett secretary-treasurer. (UHUndtrwoy , fit, DOftADO, tH - Milch' in tlie 27th annual tHl Self! Tournament for amateur* Jot derway this morning with a t corner from Loulsaina In the fa te'* role. itl \ To'xy flourn of ttaynesVllletftJU ired a'W-two under, par --.oVetl he rugged El Dorado' COuntryl Club course yesterday to taWI medal honors in the tourney. HIM nearest competitors had par, 71'.*. A sudden death play-off for t spots : in the championship f headed the day's activities, seven players who tied"'' to Qualifying rounds with 78's ing; •;.'••,•. - •>.• . . .... They' were Tom Wafsh vllle. Mlsa.,Cluff Hicks, Joe BcovL.. of Monticcllo, Tommy Clajlifson; oil irossett, 'A. A.' Oil of- Magnolia^ ?. E. McDonald of SmacfcoVcV all Slli ( .Tnurman. Pro Gib Sellers and Amateur Walter Ebel Jr.', of Hot "I" Mrs. Lucy Slifcr Of Hooks, .ToX. was the Tuesday guest* of Prescdtt 'ricnds. . . •" Mr. and, Mrs. Allen. Gee motored to Hot Springs Tuesday ^or? tRe day. ' . "'-'•,;• y ; . ' Dr. and Mrs. Jack •Harrell'and daughter, Amelia,'; H^vc'.'returned from a two weeks vacation^ in, Panama City, Florida.'- ' •''''"• ' Mr. and Mrs.' Harold L'eJWls'fahd Nancy" have bcen.^ the'-j g{iests"~ at, Mr. and Mrs.'••W.! .E; JdfdarHn S>ex- arkana. Prescott'•'•friends' *wi]^-.>V< glad to know :that, Mr. .Jordan Is recovering from .major, sutgcry. • Mrs. Ernest rJarheSon ,and, spi. Larry, Were- the 'Tueadayi g^iesti of relatives'in Waterloo •'.•••' i Mrs. Duncan Mitchell . anbfrdsiugh ter, Marcia Ann, have, returned, to their home in Little.. Rock; ifter; : a visit with her parents, Mr.', an< Mrs. Dallas Atkins;'. .'.. ' - shot a low ball score of 64-yoster- 1 day to win.the pro-am match, anl nual first day feature of the tourl ncy. ' ••> I pairings for the champlonshipl flight today: . fl - Paul Collum, -El Dorado, defenfl ng champion; ys. John Roundtrec| of Birmingham, Ala.. 76, Willis Watkins, • Con way, 73 ,vs,| Joe. Russell 77. • • . ; • Walte> Ebei Jr., Hot Springs'.'} vs. J6hn"T. Daniel, El'-Dora.do .77..I Bl'i> Henry, ; Little-Rock 73 vs.| Dick Gibson 77. . .Miller Barber, Toxarkana 71 vi.| John*Griffey, El Dorado, 73,1, y, jjv Kenny • Lanning, Rpllp, v Mo. SChuler : Dorado 77. "Howard Dennis, El Dorado j7a v^iwinncr of the playoff '.• '^''\ 'VJ . Toxy 'Bourn' 69 ys,' ;Barnip',0s rhih't,:'JoneSbbro ;76.' ' •..; '',;'• \- : '" s. COe, Magnolia ;74 vs. Jarrie: ,. :.. . •, . ,., H., B. ^Chapman 72 'ys Bbb.-'Ar'chj : en Memphis 77.. ,: W.' Meagher, x MagnoHa\.,7a v^-Mike Clifford 1 , Camden' - Billy Hugh Brown 71 vs; . Ch'tf ley ; Woodard, Manolia 76; ' ? Michael; Lake Village-. 73 Mrs. Ruby'Stewart of'E BOD wa was the guest Monday of-Mr.'', and winner of Mrs. Gordon Danner. • , winner 01 vs. Hugh' Brown, Little Rock 77l .Martin . Tenney,. Little JRopkV.7!l vs. Gene' keeney, Texarkaha, 77J ..Bob WaldrOn , El Dorado 79 ; y'sl idnnA** f^t *\\f*-^r\tt ' "• . ' " ." . I ducers' prices at or above the fair level, parity included cotton, potatoes, butterfat, milk rye, sweet potatoes, beef cattle, veal calves and lambs. Mrs. J. S. Crane' of Ozan is the house guest of her daughter, ,Mrs. R. F. Yarbrough and family.-. ; . The parts " Of a. properly., lubricated bearing do * not touch c^ach other, being se'parated .by- a !filrrt of oil. Explorer Comdr. Donald BV Mac! Millah, reports the National' 0eo| graphic Society, claims .that I friend left his pants on the iccf.of: Siberia in 1881 and they were foil' at Cape Farewell, Greenland^ 4 1884, Indicating the^ drift of polal Ice. source of problem*,!* the ' '-. SYNOPSIS Beautiful* calculating Eve Raymond eemcd alwaya to get what ahe wanted. {Qw'lt.WM a New York divorce and a ar«e money •ettlement from her hus- and.' Assuming the name of Romley, !*e . return* to the a m a IJ town tit •hurstonla. Here Nanc« Ireland, aoiited, daughter of the Ireland fan.ily. ilana to marry their * o n, handaome. younir i>r v Jerej»yV Ireland' p'nfe". JonK Uteae had b««n adopted ;by" _.,__ but bK»uafe of Her wicked ia*ai(e. Thle |d,r*tiirned her to th* rejection had embit- 'r^-r • —-^ -i -T-'ltl IRCftDfl Iffojn. », aerfwmy Ht swer to tho $<N question-how to c |o »' cd ^ ln w to bc Dually fair pull out of Korea and still suve to farmers and those who buy their - products. In this class were wheat, rice, corn, peanuts, tobacco, wool, barley, dry beans, cottonseed, flax- feed, oats, hogs, cgs, and citrus face." Stool alloyed with the metal co- lomblunv is now considered the bost metal to resist high hunt in Jet engines, fruits. Products which brought pro- SPORTS ROUNDUP By QAYLB TALBbT. NEW YORK <*) — What almost surely will so down as the social event of tho local ftstlc seoson was Une goln« away party given by the liUernfttiotJsl Boxing Club lor Its expiring matchmaker, Al We 111, who is going w to bigger and better things. No one w«s searched tor knives, watch by President Jim Norris of the IBC as a reward for his faith* ful services T o.v«r the past 3$ years. The occasion was n\arved wOy slightly by » remark of thi host, Toot* Shor, that he hadn't seen sa many thieves in one gathn ering Bincc his visit to W«mi is not going far; Monday Al wllj become tt« ager ol Rocky Mwcla>>o, >vho ha« a date ofl^Sjept. m wil* J«f*»y **» the hfeayy weight ••: ch»w Phil««lpdhla. Al onc« Rocky to his stepson, Marty WeiU. hut now has snatched back, just When the' pickings look good, In his speech to the festive free- leader* who came *Q *«e him off, WeiU took eo»fti»*n>-'« of the base runior that h» b»d not exactly re- s4gjo|»d a* matchmaker tor the IBC but haj been pu$h«d by Robert cb,aum»n of thv Athletic Comrois- had it that Christ- stuff note of scorn. "All I've got to say is that I feel I've done rny duty and would be crazy if I didn't stop doing it to manage the boy who is going to be the next heavyweight champion of the world. "I love you all," Al concluded, "even Mr. Christenberry." The chairman of the commission found it impossible to attend the party though he did send his rein eu. So did James Farley, a former commission head who pleaded a prior engagement with Adlai Stevenson, presidential candidate. Otherwise, the guest list might well huve been described as a Who's \Vho of fisUana, Nat Fleischer the renewed boxing authority and editor of Rin Magazine, elecited a few ill-man nered snickers when he made the bald assertion lhat "I'm very glad to Al quit his Job." but he pulled cut of that one quite nicely. "What I mean," Nat continued, "is that the great game of boxing n*«ds men like Al to thar« giving all his attention to such » great prospect as Uarciano. Boxing will get a lift from having him back as a manager." from there, fleiscaer wwt on to say a. number of good words for Billy Brown, W«itt'« former as sfetant. wtw. he announced, wtt) succeed Al a* m#M*JBft*ker. JBC Presid*nt Morris, it dffveiwed w»« Jier.jiBd now *he meana to •ee)t w>iM*hMd, She'f betoni* a" profei* alinal.tllu«rator, toe. A» wedding «ltti continue to reaflh them. N«ne« %nd J«JffJjy look oltaataUy forward to their weddinc day. 1 CHAPTER SIX IT WOULD be, some time, she knew, before ahe and. Jeremy had a place of their own. They had chosen the property, five acrea in the suburbs, and an architect was drawing up plans for the house, but Jeremy refuaed to be goaded into the panic of building which resulted in ao many Instances, he said, in poor Workmanship and the walls falling down about your ears. Until they had their own home, they'd continue to live with Sam and Eleanor. "W you don't mind?" Jeremy had aaked her, "Mind? We're lucky! No in- l»w problems." After dinner, Jeremy suggested that Nance accompany him while he made hia call. "Tea," Eleanor aaid, carrying her coff«« into tha living room. "Nance neada some fresh air. She'* been cooped up in the attic all day, and If you don't take her along with you. ahe'U sneak back up. You've don* enough for today, Nance, contract or no contract." Nance laughed and went out to the car with Jeremy. •This In nice." the aaid contentedly, aiding along the cushion a little cloaer to him. presently ahe aaked la*My. "Who \s the patient, JereniyT Someone I knowT" "Sore ftro*l." ha told her. "At th* Beleveder*-" "Never saw her, — 8»autifui?" lie ehucWad. Odd voice, 0* the telephone. Sort ot Jean-Arthurimh," "SoovetiBnee I almoat wuh you were tfolnf to be » pediatriciM!" got too much aenae to of my aick (emaJea> M hop* •* AM I know per* watt UuU a> patient to you * p«Jtiwt, Still," ao« w^uW be coi»<ortinf to know th»t •t 5AO »v w. etnargeaoy WM oome. not nUn* te muunli)* Mdcea ™*^^G^^*K^^^ ^wrw^Bj*"— • tha spring flood eoHtroto M^, recently) pollution. But'not to NaiftW me loved it, AHd the pewka tttitt Mn •"L^ &** *r waiting. Pll Just ak aa»J loo.; «t people." , i ' Jeremy weni through th* M- volving dooHf into ttwr lobby. At the Romley." The clerk consisted: a lU: "«tt," he aaid, and Jeremy, carrying hia black leather he«, erweed >r«r to the elevator. , "Sixth," he avid, iski A girl on SOS. V** ^ j***^"^' ^W *^»N^^'^V '^P^^Ht'^^T^ *^?*J?~T!'vf_^fj*!s* w^r-v^ with your UUl* Ireland, J^ ouMl «*d Jereiny mttal eaich, •t bar. s«i4 atoetly. stMhoy elUir slie ln«e«t«I.>,- /^L She. B>at«d bafkell oppo«tt*iURi| -"•- eo»A*. ll •Tn» * strm«ger in Wm.» fd. "And I Wa* lonely.- ' •afd. "NO, pl«a-«r She WM ai hint. "Xou doai't, at alL H- emba.and the chjirehea land th He grtane* tn spitf of hin •$1Mt9 the uaoal f»y, tei>^, But H airwk him t^at this hinia*tf. uai gipi. 8h« r d want the of 'cejpecUwitty without UM nneaa ef convention*, , "I lo«thi dtiltee tat down f«e4a. watched her, "89 I Indented the tor* ahe told tOjn ato/ , Amusement tugged at the «ent, ot hia W».yi t«U «ie whip an untruth aenrea one'a Pot* hattw Uaa «»»• truth, wa» >• tot-in* wt 'i^J^S^H^^Safc***'*

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